Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 16, 1919, Page 14, Image 14

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Acting Mayor Takes Steps to
Lower Costs on Market. .
Toasted Corn Flakes
as c origin al55 in their leadership today
as when the imitations first appeared
Arrival of rorf?atid9 Crr!oa4 , of
Army Tomaiors Expected
Early Next Week.
t : 1
I i X ft
Tt prfe f tTntf5 l dn for a
tumble in th public market this morn
ins Surb wan th announcement mad
l.t mht by Arttnic Mayor Bicelow
ater havin epent most of the day
lonktnr after details in connection
ih lowf rlnir prices of foodstuffs. How
fr quotations will fall was not indi
cated by the acting; mayor.
f am putttnjr. in considerable of my
tn coins: through the market," said
Mr. Bieelow. "keepinr check on prices
if h the marketmaster.
"The maximum price that- is fixed
each day by the marketmaster Is for
fr quality of coods, and we are aet
ttna; reports on those men who are
hold ins; an Inferior arade of aoodft for
Mile at maximum quality fl cures. There
mill be suspensions as soon as we ob
tain the evidence desired."
Market fHcea Below Store.
A comparison of public market
figures with those maintained by four
Portland stores was made yecterday by
an employe of the police department.
who was transferred temporarily t
- Mr. Bicelow's department for the pur
poj. This agent does not know the
marketmaster. and the marketmaste
is not aware of his Identity, so the com
parison was made without consults
tion. Thete fi cures show the public
markets quotations to be qu'te cen
ri,y under those of the other re
trie of the most interesting- com
' parisons yet made, however, is that of
public market figures with wholesale
prices, this showinc the following;:
:i lU - f; .11
r A -u -r 7 I
I tifrNiitr '--iiai,r-i')"-f ..... ... ..wZhtfsmmmm a
Orra.t Wulbra la aceae from Love Insurance," aonl photoplay walch tarf
tooif at the Star theater.
('ti.c .......
l-'nlatoe. .......
;rn bans ....
ltjr Wholesale
market. price.
.. .03 f .03 fill .03 i-;
.. . .02-3
. . .04 .03
.. -OS .OSftV .07
.. .51 .30
Xutter ........... .uH .(to
i'epper 13 .12 1-2
Toaaaloea Exaeeted Xezt Week.
Portland's carload of tomatoes may
arrive here the early part of next
week, according to City Purchasing;
.xent Mcintosh, who has received no
tre. from H. R. Casey, lieutenant
' colonel, quartermaster corns, and as
sistant sone storare officer, stationed
at Fort Mason, California. The messac
. i-aid that Libby, McNeill tc Lib by had
been instructed to ship Immediately the
26.000 cans of army surplus ordered
last week by Commissioner Pier.
Mr. Mcintosh has telegraphed to the
' shipping point for car number and oth
er data by which he hopes to hurry
the delivery of the tomatoes to Port-l-i
nd dealers who have agreed to dis
tribute the product free of charge.
- Portland railroad officials have signi
fied a desire to co-operate In every
way in facilitating movement of the
Yakima Valley Betterments for 1931
to Cost $2,2 15,000.
TAKIMA. Wash, Aug. 15. (Special.)
-Estimates of R. K. Tiffany, project
manager here for the reclamation serv
ice, for expenditures that should be
made in the fiscal year of 1921, call
for a total of t2.215.000. About f 2.000.000
Is recommended for construction of ex
tensions to the present project.
Maintenance costs in the Sunnyside
project are estimated at 125.000; on
the Tieton. ITS. 000. and S15.000 is es
timated for maintenance of the storage
' units of the project.
Included in the new construction is
the Granger siphon, which would bring
Immediately 6000 acres additional land
under irrigation. Work would also be
started on one or more additional irri
gation canals, according to Manager
.Tiffany's plan, and work would be par
tially completed on the Rimrock sior
age enterprise.
Majestic Mabel N'ormand. "A
Perfect 3S."
Columbia Lila Lee, "Rose o the
River." -
Peoples Elsie Ferguson. "A So
ciety Exile." .
Star Bryant Washburn, "Love
Liberty Robert Warwick. "Se
cret Service."
Strand Peggy Hyland, "Cheating
Circle William S. Hart, "The
Silent Man."
Sunset Mary Pickford, "MMiss,
and Fattv Arbuckle. "A esert
4 Hero."
I Globe Marguerite Clark, "Miss
George Washington
T the author of-"The Seven Keys to
Baldpate," Bryant Waihbur n's
newest feature. "Love Insurance," will
open today at the Star theater. Need
less to say having mentioned Mr.
Washburn's name the picture is a
The story is that of a young man
who was sent by his insurance com
pany to promote the wedding of an
American heiress and a titled English
man. His company having insured the
nobleman for a large amount should
the heiress fail to marry him, it is
necessary for its agent to hasten the
marriage if possible. But unexpected
developments occur when the insur
ance company's representative, him
self, falls in love with the girl. The
role of heiress is taken by Lois Wil
The cast for "Love Insurance" in
cludes several notables in addition to
Mr. Washburn. A prominent part is
taken by Edwin Stevens, who won
fame on the legitmate stage first in
comic operas, and later in vaudeville.
Eddie Sutherland, Just mustered out
from the service and fresh from
France, is also in the cast. The pro
duction was under the direction of
Donald Crisp.
Screen Gossip.
To arrange for the distribution of
photoplays soon to be released through
Goldwyn by the Emmlnent Author's as
sociation. A. L. Aronson, special home
office representative, and J. A. Koer-
pel, resident manager of the Seattle
exchange, were in Portland yesterday.
Mr. Koerpel has returned to Puget
sound, while Mr. Aronson left last
evening for San Francisco. The pictures
for which they were arranging are
from the pens of Rex Beach, Gertrude
Atherton, Mary Roberts Reinhart, Gou-
veneur Morris, Basil King and other au
thors, who have lately banded together
in an effort to have produced on the
screen real literature in a manner by
which it is better interpreted and not
Alice Joyce has rejoined her company
after a severe Illness due to exposure in
a rainstorm during the filming of an
important scene, and has gone to Ny-
ack to finish exterior scenes on "The
Winchester Woman."
J. A. McGill of the U. S. A. Theater
company, Vancouver, Wash., left a few I
days ago for the east, where he is I
working on a production project that is
expected eoon to be undertaken in
southern California. Mr. McGill has
been associated with John Kiggins,
former mayor of Vancouver, in theatri
cal enterprises in that city for several
- Marie Walcamp, who has starred in
serials for several years, is engaged in
production of a series of two-reel
western features, adapted to her riding
and athletic ability, under the title of
the Tempest Cody series.
Bert Lytell will be starred in the
screen version of "Lombard! Ltd." and
and will have Alice Lake as his leading
lady for the third time.
Marshall Neilan is negotiating with
the owners of dramatic rights in "Ben
Hur ," with a view to producing a
screen version of It.
Harry Houdlnl has completed the j
final scenes of his serial "The Grim
Game" and has returned to New York
for his theatrical tour in his handcuff I
work by which he won his first fame.
Anthony Hope's book "Captain
Dieppe is to have Major Robert War
wick in the star role in the film ver
James J. Corbett is in the east on a I
vacation after completing his serial.
"The Midnight Man," but will return
soon to California to begin work on I
feature productions.
otw cleicaM,
curvcL L&Anwce4, uAicA,
off 7ruun6 off -ffanuiza.
OX 2 t&t
These hot days Kellogg's Toasted Corn
Flakes is an especially agreeable food.
Light, satisfying, easy to digest you
can .have it at lunch at any eating
place just as you do for breakfast at
Our "Waxtite" package saves the
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fourth Carload of Stock Reaches
Ashland for Distribution.
ASHLAND. Or.. Aug. 13. (Special.)
A carload of cattle, pure-bred and sired
from the best shorthorn stock, has ar
rived at Ashland. The cattle were pur
chased by D. M. Lowe, representing the
Jackson County Livestock association.
and Elton Beeson, representing the
ccunty farm bureau. This is the fourth
carload of stock that has been brought
iiro the county by these organizations.
Th last carload was purchased front
the Gibson estate at oodland. Cal
Vrank Brown, president of the National
Shorthorn association, passing on the
snimal'te pedigree and testing the stock
The purchase was financed by the Citi
zens' Bank of Ashland and State Bank
of Talent, which will also finance in
dividual purchasers.
Details of Lat Hours of Lieutenant
Hodge Are Received.
CENTRA LI A. Aug. 15. (Special.)
Further details of the death in action
of Lieutenant Grant Hodge, a former
Centralta high school athlete for whom
the newly organized local post of the
American legion is named, are con
tained in a let&er received by W. H
HiKige. the officer's father, from Miss
Esther Karlow, a Centralia girl who
went to France as a research worky
fur the Red Cross.
The officer was wounded near Mont
faucon on September 27. 191S, while
fighting with the 39th infantry and
died In a hospital without regaining
consciousness. Miss Farlow enclosed a
photograph of Lieutenant Hodge's
grave in the oemetery at Souhesmea.
Citizens to
Vote on Bond Issue
!.500 for Work.
KE3SO. Wash.. Aug. 15. (Special.)
Organisation of local Improvement dis
tricts Nos. 27, -S and 29 were com
peted hv the council at the last meet
it, k when ordinances Nos. 214. 215 and
lis were adopted by that body. At
."the same time ordinance No. 217. call-
ing an election to vote 122.500 in bonds
tor the city's share of the paving im
provement, w-as adopted.
Kt Iso's policy tn the past has been
for the city to pay for paving the in
. tersections. The proposed Improve
ments will include paving of two miles
f streets in the principal residence
sections of town, and the construction
of sidewalks and drainage sewers.
Good Supply and Reasonable Rates to Be Found by Housewives Who Look
Carefully Over Displays Offered in Morning Hours.
.. Read The Oregonian classified ads.
BNNT change comes In handy these
ays and when a housewife can
ve the coppers by the tens and
twenties it pays to shoulder a shopping
basket and scour around among the
stalls in the public market on Yamhill
street early In the morning. High
though some prices are, a careful pur
chaser may find a number of real
bargains along the line.
Yesterday, for instance, when big cu
cumbers were averaging from two for 5
cents to 6 cents apiece, a woman had
stacked up a quantity of fine, large
onea she was disposing of at 1 cent
The only canning fruits in are black
berries at 10 cents a box. These prob
ably will go no lower, on account of
the demand from the canneries. A good
many stores at the present time are
selling them at two for a quarter.
reaches are coming in plentifully.
but this is too early in the season to
buy freestones economically for can
ning purposes. In about 10 days the
prices will be much lower.
An echo of the strawberry season
was to be seen in one of the stalls.
where a few boxes of small berries
were going at two for 25 cents.
Although about the cheapest good
tomatoes may be had at 10 cents
pound, a few fair appearing ones were
on display at two for 15 cents yester
Green peppers are now on hand in
great stacks and are, as a rule, bring
ing 13 cents, the top price. However,
the housewife may easily find some of
apparently the same quality at 10 cents.
There are lettuce heads and lettuce
heads, and they all look good. In fact
the only difference seems to be in the
size. The small apartment house cook
may find heads at two for a nickel
that will supply a delicious tit of salad
for friend husband and herself. The top
price for larger ones is 3 cents, but
there are plenty to be found for 6 cents
and at three for 10 cent a
In the past few days there has been a
marked decline in the cost of potatoes.
peas. eggs, corn, poultry ana lettuce,
Eggs, which were ba cents a dozen on
Thursday, were at 53 yesterday and will
probably remain at this mark over the
week-end. having declined 4 cents dur-
ng the week, very few of them are
to be found in the public market and
all are being sold at tne maximum
Potatoes range from seven and eight
pounds for a dime to 2H cents a pound.
The former are small, but of the. same
quality and Just the thing to boil with
Jackets on.
If you are lucky in your choice of
corn you will find it at 15 cents a
dozen, although big ears are selling up
to 35 cents. Thos' at the former price
are small, but full and sweet.
Good apples may be had at 5 cents a
pound, but there are a number of small
ones at three pounds for 10 cents and a
few that are excellent for cooking at
1 cents.
Saturday is always the big day for
eggs, butter and poultry. Hens are now
32 cents a pound and fryers 36 cents.
Beans threatened to disappear en
tirely from Yamhill street yesterday
morning when canneries phoned in of'
f era to take them by the sack at 7
cents. Farmers, however, decided to
keep them in the stalls where 8 cents
and 15 cents for two pounds are being
Evergreen Berries Plentiful.
TOLEDO, Or., Aug. 15. (Special.)
An enormous crop of Evergreen black
berries will be harvested in Lincoln
county this year. The Elmore Fish
cannery on the Alsace bay and the To
ledo Canning company of Toledo are
the only local concerns to can black
berries this year, but a considerable
tonnage will likely be shipped to out
side canneries as usual. Both the El
more and Toledo canneries are making
a feature of canning string beans, a
considerable acreage having been plant
ed for each concern.
Fire Damages Machinery.
CHEHALIS, Wash., Aug. 15. (Spe
cial.) Damagfc to logging machinery
and other equipment valued at 33000
is reported in the logging works of
the Lytle company near Porter. Thus
far the fire- has been kept from the
green timber, but it has been hard to
keep under control, despite the utmost
Much Grading Is Done, and Gravel
Will Be Laid Xext Week Big
Tractors Prove Economical.
TOLEDO. Or., Aug. 15. (Special.)
A gang of men and teams began con
struction work on the third mile of the
Newport-Corvallis highway under direc
tion of the county court this week. It
Is probable that a considerable portion
of the Lincoln county grading work
will be done by the county itself, as it
is believed that it can be done more
economically in this manner. The first
work to be done on this road was
started a week ago by Contractor Clyde
McMillan, who was awarded the grad
ing contract at 79 cents a yard.
The road has been definitely located
No Wrinkles
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llwfl if yo need color, a ry j
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i the cream ia oite dry: mad
Iter that tbe film ci U
Vowdcr over I
1 CREilE I
Your dealer has ELCA YA
and haM sold it for years.
Ask him.
In Jars at 25 & 60c
James C Crane, Sols Agmtt '
Crene Blcaya Eleavs Kouge
Elcaya Face Powder
118 Madison Are.. New York
If Schilling Tea is really
tea, common tea ought to
be called something else.
Schilling Tea is rich and
delicate and fine and in
vigorating. Common tea
is mostly tannin that they
tan leather with harsh,
puckery and bad for diges
tion and nerves.
Fine tea costs less per
cup than common tea.
Nowwhichdoyou think
is cheap and which is dear?
There are four flavors of Schilling
Tea Japan, Ceylon - India, Oolong,
English Breakfast. All one quality. In
parchmyn-linedmoisture-proof packages.
At grocers everywhere.
A Schilling & Co San Francisco
and preliminary surveys made on
almost the entire route with the excep
tion of the sector between Chitwood
and Toledo. Here two routes have
been proposed one by way of Simpson
creek, which is the present traveled
route, the other a proposed water grade
down the Yaquina river. The diffi
culty at present in connection with the
water grade seems to be the building
of a bridge at Toledo.
Work on the Toledo-Siletz road is
progressing nicely, a good portion of
the grading being done. It is expected
that they will begin moving Siletz
gravel onto the road next week.
The county court has purchased bet
ter than $17,000 worth of road ma
chinery this year.. Included in this
equipment is one Hall and one Federal
dumpbed gravel truck, two new Yuba
tractors, a couple of graders and much
miscellaneous equipment, such as fres
nos, slips and minor equipment. The
use of the tractors for grading as com
pared with the old method of horse
grading is more economical.
Tacoma to Have Parking Stations.
TACOMA, Wash., Aug. 15. (Special.)
In an effort to clear up the traffic
situation In the downtown districts the
Tacoma council is having prepared an
ordinance to permit the construction of
parking stations on vacant lote. The
ordinance provides for corrugated Iron
roofs for the parking stations which
may be built for temporary or perma
nent use. Traffic congestion and fre
quency of automobile theft made such
an ordinance imperative, city officials
Hotel at . Mineral Ready.
CENTRALIA, Wash., Aug. 15. (Spe
cial.) The Mineral Lake Lumber com
pany has just completed a new hotel
at Mineral, in eastern Lewis county.
Another improvement at Mineral is a
new hospital being erected by Dr. A. V.
Bridge of Batonville.
e iaieatuiiP"Ot'''tma?' ww
Ever since the early 70's Ghirardelli's
Ground Chocolate has been known and
acknowledged as the triginal Ground Choco
late the chocolate of proven purity and un
common quality.
As a beveraee h stands alone in taste, in
flavcr, in nutriment. As an aid in baking; and
' cooking you will find it indispensable.
To protect yourself against inferior subctitutes look
for the Ghtrardelli label on the GhirardeUi can.
Say "Gear-ar-delly"
Since it$z D. GHIRARDELLI CO. San Franciics