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Seattle Gets Only One' Hit, but
Scores 5 Tallies.
Free Trips to First Coupled Witb
Fielding Slips Slide Luckless
31 ac km en on Toboggan.
Pacific Coast Leane Standing.
W. L.. PC! W. T.. pr.
Tos Angeles. fi 48 ..V0 1 Sacramento .S2 58.473
Salt Lake. . -.'t 47 .572 Oakland . 54 63.4;:;
Vernon . . .66 iM) ..Vll) Portland ....48 63.432
San Fran 62 54 -534;Seattle 3I U .358
Yesterday's Result".
At Seattle Seattle 5, Portland 1.
At I-os Anjreles Oakland 6. Los A ft gel es 4.
At Sacramento Salt Lake 7, Sacramento 5.
At San Francisco San Francisco 5. Ver
non 2.
SEATTLE, Wash., Aug-. 6. Special.)
One lonely hit was all that Seattle
could grather off Portland, but that one
bin pie was enough to win the ball
Fame. Ray French 'was the lad who
delivered the two-base blow, and he
chose a time when the bases were full
for his little click, and the double beat
the bustling Beavers in the opening
ctrugrgle of the series. The score was
6 to l.
With their new pilot eyeing" the con
flict from the bench, the Rainiers
fielded and ran bases like a real ball
club. Charley Mullen's release from
Toledo was not received until game
time and the blonde manager will not
assume his managerial duties until to
morrow afternoon.
Rl fob era IvOe Game.
McCredie's pitchers, as Portland
twirlers are wont to do, helped Ray
French win the game.- 'Deacon" Jones,
Walter's first choice for the heaving
honors, filled the paths in the second
with two hit batters and a walk and
French did the rest. The youngster's
fc'am over third base was delivered
TAhen the count was 3 and 2 and took
ail the starch out of McCredie's boys.
Marki Score Once.
McCredie had squeezed a tally over
in the first inning, but wtien the locals
pot their three in the second, Claude
Thomas, who occupied the knoll for Se
attle, saw to it that Skipper Walter got
no more markers. Despite the seven
Beaver blows, Thomas threw his usual
brilliant game, and outpitched both
Jones and Sutherland, who relieved the
young t.wirler in the third.
Seattle grabbed a couple nyre in
the fifth, just to clinch it, some daring
base running, a brace of walks and an
error accounting for the tallies. The
Portland I Seattle
Fpeas.m. . 4
Wis rzil.3 3
12 1 OlC-n-g'm.m 2
1 0
0 0 2 2: Wares
3 0 0 4
lilue.l. ... 3
Farmer.l. 4
iKlin,2. . 4
Haker.c . . 4
Kader.B. . 3
Cox.r. ... 4
Junes. p. . 1
Su'rl'nd.p 1
Malsel.. 1
St h'dtr.p. 0
Koehiert. 1
0 0 6 21 Walsh. 1.. . 3
0 0 2
2 0 2
0 0 12
10 1
0 12 OiCompton.r 3
0 14 2 KniKht.l.. 3
0 0 5 SlLapan.c. 1
0 2 3 llMurphy,3. 2
0 11 o French. s. . 3
O 0 0 Oi Thomas, p. 2
0 5
o o o!
0 0 0
Totals 33 1 7 24 lOt Totals. 22 5 1 27 17
Batted for Sutherland in the seventh.
Batted for Schroeder in the ninth.
Portland 1 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 1
Seattle 0 3 0 0 2 0 0 0 x 5
Errors, Baker. Knight. French. Struck
out, by Sutherland 4. by Schroeder 1. Bases
on balls, off Thomas 3. off Junes 2. off
Sutherland 2. off Schroeder 1. Two-base
hi;. French. Double plays. French to Knight.
Thomas to Murphy to Kniprht. French to
"Wares to Knight, Baker to Sigltn. Sacrifice
hits. Blue. Knight, Thomas. Stolen bases,
Cunningham 2, C'omptoft 3. Runs responsible
for, Thomas 1. Jones 3, Sutherland 1. (.'harge
defeat to Jones. Umpires. Casey and Toman.
Six Bobbles Aid Salt Lake to Victory.
Score 7 to 5.
. SACRAMENTO. Aug. 6. Salt Lake
took the second game-of the series from
Sacramento, 7 to 6. Dal for the
visitors pitched a good game, allowing
Sacramento but five hits. The local
players displayed a poor brand of ball,
-making six errors. Sacramento used
.three pitchers. Varni, former Santa
Clara catcher, played his first game
1 tor Sacramento. Score:
Salt Lake
I Sacramento
IS K h (1 A
M ssr'rt.m 4 111 V Ptumpf.3. 5 0 0 2 2
Krs,2... 3 2 2 1 4 Midil t n.l 4 110 0
- Johnson. a 4 1 0 0 2 EWIred.m. 3 3 0 2 0
Rumler.r. 5 0 2 2 0 Wolter.r.. 4 112 1
Sheely.l. 5 0 112 0 Cripgs.l. . 3 0 0 13 1
. -M Ilig n.3 4 1 0 0 3 M Uafn.2. 4 12 13
. Fitzp'ck.l 4 113 0 Orr.s 3 O 1 4 7
Bvler.c. 4 O 2 8 1 Varn i.c . . . 4 0 O 3 2
-Dle,p... 4 12 0 1 Larkln.p. 1 O 0 O O
Prouph.p. 1 0 O O 2
Pinelli. . . 0 0 0 0 O
Crenpi,p. .0 0 0 0 0
' " Cookf - ... 1 0 0 0 0
. 1
t. Totals. 37 7 11 27 111 Totals.. 32 5 5 27 18
. Batted for ProugH in the seventh.
Batted for Crvspi in the ninth.
'Salt Lake 0 2 2 1 0 0 1 1 O 7
Sacramento 2 0 0 0 O 0 0 3 5
- Krrnrs. "Miillii-an Rliimnf :1 flrr Vnrni
"Innings pitched, Iarkin 2a, Prough 4 t-3
ram en to 6.
SeTenUi-Inning Rally Nettins o
v Runs Cinches Contest.
LOS ANGELES. Aug. 6. Overcoming
a lad of three runs. Oakland scored
five men in the seventh inning of the
fame with Los Angeles, taking the con
test, 6 to 4. A single, two infield hits,
, two errors and a walk succeeded in
.-bringing Wilie. Murphy. Bo line, Mitze
- and Lane home for the five tallies.
Oukland 1
los Angeles
xi it H O A
...ane.m .
0 4 0 Rates. m.
1 "J 0 1 Fabr'q u?.
0 0 a
t.; rover.': . 4
Cooper. 1. 4
tiiiisto.l. . 4
Wilie.r.. . 3
Murphy. 3 4
Bohne.i.. 4
Mitze.c. ."3
K'ik'b-g.p 2
O Kourni'r.l 4 0
1 10
1 oil O'Orawfrd.r 4 2
112 0 B.issior.r. 4 0 1 2 S
I O 1 2 K nw tv.2 4 O 0 6 4
1 t 2 S Ki:is,l 4 0 0 1 0
1 2 4 0 Neihoff.3. o 1 1 1 3
0 0 0 2 Pertira,p. 2 0 0 1 0
0 0 0 0 Crund U.D 1 0 0 0 0
J imes . . 1
Kremer.p 1 0 0 0 li
Totals 32 0 27 p! Totals. 33 4 27 IS
Batted for Falkenburg in the seventh.
Oakland o 1 0 0 0 0 ft 0 0
Ioa AnKcles 2 0 o 1 1 0 0 0 04
Krrors. Fabrique. Ken worth v. Stolen
toases. Fabrique. Two-hase hits, Guisto.
Crawford. Three-base hit. Crawford. Sac
rifice hit. Lane. Bases on ba'us. off Faik
enburg 1, off Pertica 2. Stfcick out. by
Pertiea 1. by Fa'.kenhurg 2. by Crandall 1.
by Kremer 2. Inntngs pitched. Falkenburg
Kremer 3. Pertica rt 2-3. Crandall 2 1-3.
Ivum responsible for. Falkenburg 4. Pertica
3. roubie pLays, Bassler to Kenworthy,
"Ntehoff to Ken wort h v t n Fournier 2 l .
tredit victory to Falkenbur. Charge de- to Pertica. Umpires, Held and ason.
One-Sided Slugfest Goes Against
Vernon Score 5 to 2.
' SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 6. San Fran
cisco again look Vernon's measure to
day, defeating the Tigers 5 to 2 in a
one-sided slufrfest.
The Seals opened the scoring early,
putting a run across in the second with
av two-base hit and a single. They
Three-base hit, Rumler. Two-base hits. Mc
Oaf f i Ran. Orr. Sacrifice hit. Johnson. Bases
on balls, off I-arkin 2, off Prough 1. off Date
5. Struck out, by l.arkin 1. by Prouph 1,
by Dale 8. Double plays. Origrss unassisted,
Proufrh to Orr to Griggs. Wild pitches.
Prouph, Dale. Passed ball. Byler. Runs
responsible lor, Larhin l, Frnugh 1. Crespi
1 rifllp ft T.eft t n tnvut Sa It T nlro fi Zi-
Umpires, Krary and Phyle.
came back again In the third and with
two doubles, a single and a home run,
scored four runs.
Corhan knocked the ball over the
center fiehier's head and under the
club house for four bases. Koerner
scored ahead of him.
Bill Essick agiin used all his avail
able pitching staff in an effort to stop
the Seals' hitting streak, but to no
avail. Score:
Vemon ft " I San Francesco
Mitchfll.s.. 400 2 2'Schicfe.m.. 4114 0
Ch'db'ne.m 2 0 O 2 O Kitzger'd.r 4 0 2 4 0
Meuel,3... 40 1 1 SZamloch.l. 41110
Borton.l... 4 1 1 11 SjKoerner.l. 3 1 1 11 2
High.l 4 0 0 1 OOrandall.2. 41111
Fisher.2... 4 0 2 1 3 Corhan.s. . 412 2 4
Eddinet'n.r 3 00 1 OiKamm.3.. 1 0 0 0 1
Cady.c 4 0 1 5 0 Baldwin. c. 30 2 2 1
Dell.p 1 O O O 1 Bromley. p. 3 0 O 1 3
Dawson. p. . Ill 0 O Codd'toc,3 2 0 O 12
Beck 0 O O 0 Oj
From me. p. 0 0 0 0 l
Devormerf. 1 0 0 0 0
Totals.. 32 2 6 24 11) Totals. 32 5 107 14
Batted for Dawson in eighth.
tBatted for Fromrae in ninth.
Vernon 0 0 O O O 1 0 O 1 1
San Francisc O 1400000 5
Error, Kaf im. Innings pitched. Dell 3,
Dawson 4. Stolen ba-s, Schick, Fitzgerald,
Fisher. Hon; e run. Corhan. Two-base hits,
Fitzgerald. Crandall. Zamloch, Koerner,
Dawson. Sacrifice hit. Chadbourne. Bases
orr balls, off Bromley 3. Fromrae 1. Struck
out, by Dell 3. by Bromley 1. by Dawson 2.
Double plays. Dell to Meusel to Bortom,
Borton to Mitchell to Borton. Runs re
sponsible for, Dell 5, Bromley 2. Charge de
feat to Dell.
Californian Fails to Show Former
Ability Rain Prevents High
Class Performances.
NEWPORT, R. I., Aug. 6. Six
matches, all of them championship cali
ber, were finished in the third round
of singles at the Casino tdday before
rain brokeupplay.
The only thing approaching an upset
came when Maurice E. McLoughlin of
San Francisco, former national cham
pion, was defeated by S. H. Voshell of
Xew York. 6-3, 5-7, 7-9, 6-2, 6-2.-
The last set was played in rain. Mc
Loughlin showed neither the fleetness
of foot nor the accuracy of placing his
smashes that once marked his work.
The points: Total score for the five
sets showed ISO for Voshell to 151 for
McLoughlin. Summaries :
William T. Tilden of Philadelphia, today
defeated W. M. Washburn of New York,
0-4, 4-, 6-3. JO-S in t h third round of
the Newport Casino tennis tournament.
W. J. Johnson. Philadelphia, won from
P. Burden. New York, by default in the
third round.
I. Kumagae. Japan, defeated Axel G.
Gravem. San Francisco, 6-1, 6-3, 6-1.
William M. Johnston, San Francisco, de
feated T. C. Bunuy, San Francisco, 6-1,
6-2. 10-S.
C. J. tiririm, t-an Francisco, defeated
J. C. Cushman. Newport, fi-4.
4-rt. fi-
f., . : t
; . . ,: ,, J .. !
'' '.' ,P- ' ' t
' : m-"-f - :"" .:,-': ; i
I- '' i
t1 ' - L ' $42.'- -mm- I
I I L ; Jl LJl t
; .1
t i ' ' WOKlOER. WHAT
THM "lc TE-ACH ; -v. TB NA.rAE.s of
j j
v' 1 1 1 ?i I
j V Li Q . TCo stu&v J Jb1 I
Cocky Cincinnati Reds Fall Before
Brooklyn Dodgers Cardinals
Trim New York Giants.
CHICAGO, Aug. 6. Ray Keating's
drive, which bounded through a hole
In the fence and went into the bleach
ers for a home run, with a man on
base, decided a pitching duel between
Alexander and Keating in favor of
Boston, making it two straight over
Chicago. Score:
R. H. E.l R. H. E.
Boston 2 5 OChicago . . . '. 0 3 0
Batteries Keating and Wilson; Alex
ander, Martin and Killifer.
Brooklyn 6, Cincinnati i.
CINCINNATI, Aug. 6. Brooklyn bat
ted Salee and Fisher very hard today,
while Cadore held the Cincinnati team
to four scattered hits and defeated
them, 6 to 1. Score:
R. If. E. R. H. E.
Brooklyn.. 6 13 2, Cincinnati . 14 3
Eatteries Cadore and Wheat; Sallee,
Fisher, Luque, Allen, farmer and
Win go.
St. Louis 8, Xew York 4.
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 6. St. Louis again
outbatted New York today and took
the second straight game, 8 to 4. Toney
was ineffective in the pinches, only
two of the locals 13 hits going for
naught. Jiornsby, with a home run and
a single, drove in' four runs. Sore;
R, H. E-l R. H. E.
New Tork. 4 9 OjSt. Louis... 8 13 2
Batter it s Toney and Snyder; Tuero,
Woodward, Jacobs and demons.
Detroit Hits Harper Enough to Save
Day Score 4 to 1.
. WASHINGTON, Aug. 6. Oetroit took
the second game of the series here to
day. Harper was batted hard at times,
while Leonard was effective in the
pinches. Score:
R. H. E.l R. H. E.
Detroit 4 10 2;Washgton. 1 10 3
Batteries Leonard and Ainsmith;
Harper, Zachary and Agnew.
Mayer Goes to White Sox.
PITTSBURG. Aug. 6. Erskine May
er, Pittsburg National pitcher, was re
leased to the Chicago American league
club today under a waiver claim. The
Pirates secured Mayer last season from
Philadelphia in exchange for Elmer
Field experiments in Ireland have
shown that liauid manure nrodiiPM
better hay crops than any other fer
Temporary Writ Restrains Ban
Johnson From Meddling.
Rnppert Calls Meeting Mondaj
Which Is Considered Beginning
of Ouster IMght.
NEW TORK. Augr. 6. Owners of the
New York American baseball club ob
tained a temporary injunction in the
supreme court here tonight restraining
President Ban Johnson of the American
league, the St. Louis and Cleveland
American clubs and all league umpires
from interfering with the pitchinsr of
Carl Mays, recently suspended indefi
nitely by Mr. Johnson.
The order, issued by Justice Luce, is
effective until next Tuesday, when a
hearing 'will be held to determine
whether the time shall be extended
pending hearing of an application for
a permanent injunction.
Colonel Ruppert, president of the
Yankee club, announced tonigrht that
invitations had been sent to all club
owners to attend a meeting here next
Monday. At this meeting, it was indi
cated, plans may be laid for an effort
to oust Mr. Johnson as president.
Toledo liclcascs Mullen.
SEATTLE. Aug. 6. Charles Mullen,
new manager of the Seattle Pacific
Coast baseball club, today was released
by the Toledo American association
club, which accepted a cash offer for
Mullen. Tomorrow Mullen probably will
appear in the Seattle infield.
Miss Fording Eliminates Miss
Schreiner la Record Match
t Running to 16-14.
TACOMA. Wash., Aug. 6. (Special.)
Phil Neer of Portland won his third
round match in the northwest tennis
tourney today when he defeated Bill
Taylor of Seattle, 6-2. 6-4. The Port
land boy is putting up a great game on
the courts of the Tacoma club. The
Portland doubles team, Neer and Smith,
also stayed above today by defeating
Fenimore Cady and Channing Wake
field, the crack inland empire team,
6-2. 6-4.
Miss Fording of Portland stayed in
the woman's singles running by defeat
ing Miss Schreiner, Seattle, 6-3, 1-6,
16-14, the longest match of the tourney.
Henry Graham of Tacoma is proving
the star of the tourney. Today he
bowled through Bob Wabraushek, Se
attle star. Marshall AlVen also proved
a surprise when he defeated Fenimore
Cady, the inland empire champion, who
was expected to be a contender up to
tle finals.
National Icarue Stand in g-n.
W. L.. Pct.j W. L. Pet.
Cincinnati. 1! 3(1 .74 Pittsburgh .. 43 4H .473
New York.. 57 30 .tir" Boston 34 52 .3i"
Chicago. . .. 4S 4J .533 Philadelphia 33 53 .3nH
Brooklyn . . 43 45 .500 St. Louis 33 55 .375
American league Standing.
W. L. Pet. I w. I Pet.
Chicago. . .. .vs 35 St. Louis. . . 4! 41 .544
Detroit. 53 41 .5rt4 Boston 42 4 .42
Cleveland.. 52 41 .55'.; Washington 3ft 57 .4ot
New York.. 50 40 .556 Philadelphia 25 64 .2bl
How the Nrir Stand.
A t Seattle 1 game, Portland no game; at
Sacramento no game. Salt Lake 2 games;
at Los Angeles 1 game. Oakland 1 game ;
at San Krancisco 2 games, Vernon no game.
Where the Tramn I'lay ext Week.
Oakland at Portland, Salt Lake at Los
Angeles, Sacramento at San Francisco, Ver
non at Seattle.
Beaver Batting Averages.
AB. H. Av.l AB. H. Av.
!gfn. . .. 415 123 .2 Speaa 21S 53 .243
wtsterzll. 342 lim .2H2 Maisel 177 43 .24
Karmer. . 21 'J til .2 n Maker 275 ti
Radtr. . .. 22 78 .27 Sutherland 50 10
Blue 443 120 .270 Penner. . . . 80 10
Oldham.. 128 22 .25tJ Schroeder. 11 1
Koehler.. 41 .247 Jones 5J ft
Cox 3.VJ H't .24
The Rainier Products Company relieves retailers and consumers of the neces
sity of paying Revenue Taxes on Rainier Beverages by paying all taxes thereon
direct to the Government.
Lang & Company, Portland, Oregon
Winners in State Competition
Expected to Compete at Chi
cago August 14.
Previous Winners of Woman's Tranhooting
IfllO Mrs. r. J. Dalton, St. Iouis R
IftlT Mrs. L. C. Vogel. Chicago 88 i
101S Mrs. H. Almert,
Chicago 89 i
There ia more than the u.ual amount
of interest manifested in the. woman's
amateur trapshootlng- championship
this year. 1
Heretofore the fair Diana with the
highest score in the grand American
handicap was awarded the champion-
diii j ituh ii. a. ne w vine ii aan i always
shoot from the same mark -and one
can't very well award a championship
in -i handicap race.
Therefore the female members of the
trappun brigade will shoot from 16
yards this time and make a real cham
pionship out of ' the race. The event
will be held on Auyrust 14 classifica
tion day in the prand American handi
cap trapEhooting" tournament. The
shootinsr will be done on the South
Shore Country club grounds, Chicago,
111. Each entrant will shoot at 100 tar-.
CTets. ' There will be two trophies.
There will also be two trophies for the
women who shoot in the grand Ameri-
can handicap.
The first woman to enter the cham
pionship event hails from Lima, O. She
is Mrs. T. Randall and lives at 316
North Scott street. This is Mrs. Ran-
the flavor
There is no mistaking RAINIER
SPECIAL once you taste it.
That unmistakable, very unusual
flavor enables anyone to distin
guish it from any number of sup
posedly similar products. No
other beverage can be like RAI
NIER SPECIAL because the
process is an exclusive one we
control the patents. To secure
you must call for RAINIER SPE
CIAL. Drink it when you're
thirsty. Order a case for home
"use to serve friends the soft
drink that really satisfies. ,
RatmlM Pnwlnrt . . 1 1 . tf a
MaRufaettmr ef Rainier Spwciai. Rainier Bock.
Malt Rainier, F aiaif Careai. Syr and Dcma.
4: ji
dall's first attempt in the woman's
championship and the prand American
handicap. About a dozen women have
bfct-n Bhnoting in the grand American
for a number of years, but Stony Mc
I'inn. ihe manager of the American
Trapshootinsr association, is confident
that with the renewed interest in trap
shooting there ,will be at least 25
women on the firing- line.
It is to be expected that all the
women who won state championship
titles will participate in the event
and there are a number of fair Dianas
who failed to win in the state titular
races who are expected to turn up in
Chicago seeking glory that is na
tional. Some 1919 womerftrapshootingr cham
pions: State and shooter Score.
California. Mrs. C. E. Groat. Los Ange
Iowa, illJS Emma Wetlleaf. Nichols.. 1"
Indiana. Mrs. W. M. Meyers. South Bend -'S'-
I ti
M Mrs Harold Almert. Chicago. . .
Idaho. Mrs. O. M. Jones. Boise
i ......., . i x r R Karb.r. Mlnne-
I apull.o .'.
Mississippi. Mrs. J. L.. uoggett, tirn
IXcv Jersey. Miss Alice Doerkin. Pater-
New York, Mrs. Harry HarTison. Roch-
-ter -
Nebraska. Mrs. W. C, Edmiston. Ralston
Oregon. Mrs. Ada Schilling;. Portland ..
Pennsylvania, .airs. J. n. iiruti. x-m-burg
South Dakota, Mrs. C. M. Buchanan,
Sioux Falls
Tennessee. Mrs. Curtis Kins. Memphis...
Wisconsin, Misa Ruby Dreyfus. Milwau
kee I Washington. Mrs. D. H. Boles. Tacoma
Vermont, Mrs. R. J. Harmon. Montpe
iier 261
24 S
Shot at 200 targets,
tshot at tarpcets.
tUfk-d a 20-eauice pun.
Shot at loll .tarseta.
"There are two points about
women's golf that have always stood
out to me as matters of great impor
tance. . They are the Inability to get
out of -a bunker at the first time of
asking, and a certain feeling of want
ing to run before they can walk with
regard to golf generally. Ladles never
seem to realize that when they
are unfortunate enough to get into
a bunker they must content them
selves with losing at least half a
stroke. Bather do they attempt to
make up for lost distance, with the
result that, instead of getting out in
one shot, they frequently play so many
that their interest in the competition
comes to an end tn that bunker.
"I have always found in women a
strange reluctance to hard practicing.
They seem to fancy that there is some
loss of dignity in practicing one shot
until they have attained a degree of
success. They all want to start from
the first tee and play perfect golf for
the whole '18 holes, without having to
go through the drudgery of learning.
As I have frequently pointed out to
women. It is obviously impossible to
play Chopin without having first learnt
the notes. Try to get out of each and
every bunker at the first attempt: It
doesn't matter how far out, but get
out, and when learning, do not expect
to know all that is to be known in the
first week. If the game coild be
learnt in such a short space of time,
and with 'the minimum of trouble, it
would not be worth playing., There is
ho proverb that links itself so closely
to golf as 'hasten slowly.' "
Catholic War Organization Bills
, Show lor Friday Night.
Two bouts will be staged by pro
fessional boxers Friday night at 8:30
at the smokerto be given under the
auspices of the National Catholic War
council at 243 Couch . street. Another
feature of the ring stunts will be a
comic bout. Dr. Vincent Montpier is to
act as referee. Music and feature films
will complete the programme.
Joe Little, in charge of the office, has
been active in placing a large number
of ex-service men in positions through
its employment bureau. Several hun
dred men call there daily and the free
library, writing desks and checker
boards are well patronixed. Special
free entertainments are provided on
Sundays Wednesday and Friday nights
and are open to everybody.
$3000 PURSE.
Double ti. Disappoints Followers in
2:12 Pace, Won by Tenna, an
Outsider in Iietting.
CLEVELAND. Aug. 6. McGregor the
Great, owned and driven by Walter R.
Cox of Dover. N". H.. won the S3C00 ureas
stake for 2:17 trotters, the feature
event of today's grand circuit meeting
at North Randall. Cox made it two
straight when he drove Mignola to vic
tory in the 2:07 class trot. Both horses
completely outclassed their fields and
won in straight heats at prohibitive
odds, their best time Deing respectively
2:084 and 2:86.
After winning the first heat of the
2:12 pace yesterday Double U.. the fa
vorite, succumbed today to Tenna, a
rank outsider, in the betting. Double G.
finished a poor eighth in the second
heat and Valentine was substituted for
Sturgeon in the sulky in the third heat,
but Double U. could not finish better
than fourth. Tenna's best time was
Gold Quartz was the third favorite to
award, finishing first in the 2:17 pace
in straight heats. Bella Chaffin, which
finished second in the first heat was
drawn after placing fourth in the sec
ond heat.
Gold Quartz's best time was in the
second heal, paced In 2:105. Sum
maries: - 2:12 class pacing
yesterday :
purse $1200: first beat
Tenna. b. m., by Rex Leon (Stokes). .4 11
Double G., b. g., by Silent Brook
(Sturgeon and Valentine) 1 8 4
Grattan Repent, b. g., by Solon Grat-
tan (Hedrick) 2 3 g
Nellie Rous, b. m., by Ante Ross
(Sweeney) g o 7
Harper, b. s., by ilcEwcn (Garri
son) fl 6 2
Oro Lou. Billy L&ndes, Admiral, Highland
Lassie. BiK Frank U. and Clul AloquetLe
also started.
Time 2:09'4. 2:10'i. 2:09';.
2:17 class pacing, purse JIL'OO:
Gold Quartz, eh. g., by Peter the
Great (Valentine) 1 1 1
Abbe Bond, b. m., by The Abbe
(Erskine) 5 2 2
Prince Pepper, blk. g., by Prince In-
sromar (Hyde) 3 3 3
Liberty, ch. g., by Oratorio (Palin.4 10 4
Silent Annie, b. m., by Silent Brook
(Crawford) n 0 5
Harley R., Bonlque. Auto race. Belle,
Chaffin. Willy Fay. College Boy and Jcannie
Castle also started.
Coupled. Palin entry.
Time 2:111,. 2:10 i, 2:12i.
The Press, 2:17 class trotting; purse $3000:
McGregor the Great, b. h., by Peter
the Great (Cox) 1 1 1
Joseph Guy. b. b., by Guy Axworthy
(Hyde) 2 2 4
King Watts, b. h.. by General Watts
(Whitehead) 7 2 3
Hollyrood Naomi, b. m., by Peter the
Great (Dodge) ...3 7 2
Zomidotte, b. m., by Zombro (Mc
Donald) 5 4 5
Sister Scott and Bitton Forbes also started.
Time 2:US. 2:0K,. 2:10.
2:07 class trotting. $154)0:
Mignola, ch. h., by Allcrtupi tCox...l 1 1
Peter June, ch. h., by Peter the Great
((Jeers ) '. 2 8 2
Peter cnenault. b. h., by Peter the
Great (Murphy) 5 2 5
Allie Iou, b. m., by Kinney Lou
(Ward) 4 3 3
Peter Coley. b. g, by Peter the Great
(Valentine) S 5 6
peter Billiken. Miss Woodhird, Early Dawn
and Alma Korbes also started.
Time 2:0ti'-i 2:07; 2:08.
New Jersey Town Ofrers $15,000 for
8 Rounds With Valger. '
NEWARK. N. J., Aug. 6. -A. purse of
$15,000 was today offered by the New
ark Sportsmen's club for aov eight
round no-decision bout between Johnny
Kilbane. featherweight champion, and
Benny Valger. the French champion,
who has been Kilbane's most persist
ent challenger. The bout would take
place Labor day, with two-thirds of
the purse going to Kilbane.
Grants Pass Bathers Frolic.
GRANTS PASS. Or.. Aug. 6. River
side park, n the banks of llogue river,
is a place of great attraction to scores
of swimmers. Last week a number of
swimming and diving contests were
held and it is proposed to popularize
the park by frequent events of this
character. The swimming events were
followed by a band concert.