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Acquaintance With Mother of
Los Angeles Slayer Admitted.
fear Felt That Yonth Who Killed
llnc May End Own Life
Insanity Plea Is Probable.
WASHINGTON". Julr " Senator New
f Indiana tonittht Imu4 the following
statement regarding the arrest in Los
.Qft!ci on & charge of murder of Harry
S. New. who says he la a son of the
"I have just this t say of the whole
deplorable matter, Jlore than 30 years
atco. whn I was in my 70s and unmar
ried. 1 knew Mrs. Rurger. There was
never at any time a question of mar
riage between us. Conditions arose
hM-h I did not care to dispute which
resulted In my dome; everything in my
power to make amends then and later.
Whatever I did in that direction was
ef my own accord and no one else had
onrthin- whatever to do with It. The
affair was ended 30 years aao. Since
mat time the people of my home city
Are the pest Judos of what my life
has been. I never have shirked any
responsibility and I never shall."
LOS AVOELES. July 7. Insanity
prehably will be the defense of Harry
. New, who ears be Is the son of
I'nited States Senator New of Indiana,
when he is placed on trial charged with
murdering Krelda Lesser, his fiancee,
at a lonely spot in Topango canyon
last Friday night, his attorney. John
Richardson, announced tonight. Mr.
Kichardson declared he was confident
New was not in his right mind at the
lime of the tragedy.
Mrs. Lulu rWKer. New'a mother, who
says she is the divorced wife of the
Indiana senator. Is on her way from
Imlianapolls and Is expected to arrive
some time tomorrow.
New was In a highly nervous state
In the city Jail here today. A guard
was placed in the cell with him. offi
cers fearing he might attempt to take
his own life.
An autopsy, followed by an Inquest,
will be held over the body of Miss
lesser tomorrow. At the time of his
ai-rest New told officers his fiancee
had Informed him she was about to
become a mother and Intended to have
a surgical operation performed. Sur
geons later examined her body and de
ciared this waa not true. The autopsy
will be held to settle the question.
v iTTzi "T-j ......
7 I r y- ' 'Je''w "
r 'J ir . v . . " - ill
-Sg :
Delay Is Necessary to Get En
gines in Proper Repair.
Tacoma Woman, Asking Divorce,
Declares Husband Digamist.
TACOM.V Wash.. July 7. (Special.)
On the grounds that sho is one of
three wives living. Mrs. Dorothy May
Kelly today asked for an annulment
of her marriage to Frank W. Kelly.
She also asks for her maiden name,
Misa Aibaugh. Her husband has two
aliases, she alleges. Fred Wallace Reports) that Trolxky's Co-Rcllglon
ana rrftnets . x c 1 1 1 K i u t r.
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Captured as a spy by Germans, sentenced to be shot, finally Imprisoned In
penitentiary where scores of women died about her and living conditions In
dcscribable. surh was the lot of Mrs. Margaret Fuhrman while In Germany.
Mrs. Fuhrman is the daughter of a Chicago publisher. She went to Ger
many to study art. She met the man she afterward married in Germany.
"Not only was I starved." says Mrs. Fuhrman. "but we were not allowed
to speak and had to work 11 hours a day mending gunny sacks."
Illack bread, a beverage made of roasted turnips and half decayed salt fish
is the food given them to eat.
Her divorce complaint reads like
plot of a novel. She alleges her hus
band has one wife in Alaska; an
other wife. Alice I'ettigrove, in Port
land, while he Is serving a term in
the Cnited States army disciplinary
barracks at Alcatrax, CaL
He was tried February 10, 1919, at
Camp Lewis and the complaint quotes a
paragraph of a special order, alleging
that he was tried for 'unlawfully and
feloniously" marrying one Dorothy Muy
Aibaugh. Kelly was a bugler in the
.'th company, 7th battalion, depot
brigade. Camp lwis. His sentence
read that he should be reduced to th
ranks, and be dishonorably discharged
and to serve the prison term.
IMs Aid Revolution Are
Declared False.
Injunction Sought Ajrnlnst Fedora!
Railway Administrator.
SAN FRANCISCO. July 7. The Call
forma Brrwera' Protective association
: hrouich it attorney applied here to
day In the United States district ourt
for an Injunction apcainst AValker D.
HlnrM, I'nited States railroad admin
istracor. who la neekini; to prevent the
railroatis from transporting beer of 2
per cent alcoholic content and under.
The attorney also Rave bond In $1000
each for I-ouis Ilenrich. president, and
Itudolph Sanet. manager, of the itainter
Hrewinjc company, for whom warrants
were tnsu-d last week on a charge of
illeical brewin. The date of arraign
ment was aet for Thursday.
Portland Police Forced lo Refuse
AppcaJ for Help.
M. Fell. 12-year-old son of a Ridffe
field. Wash., banker, was drowned In
!ake river, nrar his home, yesterday
accord in a to word received by the Port
land police bureau. The lad was play
mi; on a pile of railroad, ties which
were floating In the river, and fell Into
t lie water.
Krtnds of the family telephoned to
Portland for help. Police were unable
to assist thvm. because the accident
incurred outride the state.
F. S. Consul-General Quit.
YAXCOITVER. rv C. July 7. Oeorpe
N. Weit, American consul -general at
Vancouver, has resigned from the con
ultr service and will leave tomorrow
for Washington, I. . He was at one
time in charge of the American con
eulate at Kobe.
Tsi1 Tb Orecnn'nn classified ml.
to put off today's duty
until tomorrow. If
your stomach is acid
disturbed take
the new aid to digestion
comfort today. A
pleasant relief from
the discomfort of acid
dyspepsia. HADE BT SCOTT B0WRE
NEW" YORK, July 7. (Special.) A.
J. Hark, director of the Russian infor
mation bureau in the United States, to
day made public the lollowlnsr cable
from M. M. Vinaver. the recognized
leader of the Russian Jewry and chair
man of the central committee of the
constitutional democratio party:
The entire Russian Jewry struggles
acainst bolshevlsnv This Is true with
retrard not only to the bourgeoisie but
to the democratieftclasses of the Russian
Jewry. It Is sufficient to say that not
a single Jewi-.h socialist faction has
Joined the bWsheviki.
"The treat majority of the Jewish
population, including many of the poor,
are being classed by the bolshevik!
with the so-called bourgeoisie, and
every place where the bolshevik! rule
the Jewish population, not to speak
of very Insignificant exceptions, is suf
fering and starving. The bolshevist re
gime has destroyed the industries and
the trades and the Jewish population
which made its living mostly through
participation in the industrial and com
mercial life, is suffering probably more
than others.
The anti-Semites are using very
widely the fact that Trotzky Is a Jew,
but the participation of several Jews
among the bolshevist leaders does not
nullify the fart that the Russian army.
In 1 overwhelming majority, actively
struggles against bolshevism.
"The American Jewry would help
their brethren living In Russia very
much if they would help us In our
work of building up an antl-bolshevlst
democratic Russia."
portant factor in causing a deficit I
the operation of the railroads. Director
General Hines said today in estimatin
that the deficit for class 1 roads, those
having- at least $1,000,001) annual In
come, amounted to $36,000,000 In May.
The loes to tho government In five
months this year has been $272,250,183
for the large roads.
Other elements in the cost of unifle
operation of the nation's transportation
pyslem. such as the rentals of th
smaller roads, relatione with short lines
not under federal control, inland water
ways and the deficit In the express
business, will be the subject of a public
statement soon by the director-general.
American Sailor Bringing Score of
AYcNh Ilrldrs Home.
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I-ONPON. July . (Special cabl.
The last batch of aallors has left the
American naval bane for home via
liverpooL During their lonff etay the
men made many friends, especially
among the fair sex, and there were re
markable farewell scenes at the rail
way station in the early morning hours,
sweethearts and newly wed brides
having assembled in astonishing num
Captain Fitzgrerald. who was in
charge of the party, said the Ameri
can bluejackets were taking home with
them more than a score of Cardiff
bride:. Arrangements have been made
for them to Join their husbands at
Liverpool and travel to America on the
sante boat.
Carranza Government Trying to
Capture Slayers or Americans.
WASHINGTON. July 7. Acting Sec
retary l'hlllips of the state department
announced today that the American
mbassy at Mexico City had been in
formed that orders had been Issued to
th. Tampico military authorities to
make every effort to capture the men
who killed John W. Correll, an AmerU
can citizen, and maltreated Mrs. Cor
rell near Tampico on June IS.
L'rgent representations to the Mexi
can government were made last week
by the state department after news had
been recivd of the attack on the Correll
Doorcase In Freight Business Is
Blow to Government.
WASHINGTON. July 7. Decrease in
freight business continues to be an im-
Colorado Supreme Court Denies
Power of Utilities Board.
DENVER, July 7. Sole power to reg
ulate the rates of public service cor'
porations is vested in the people, the
Colorado supreme court decided today
in tne case involving" question of con
trol in home rule cities in this state.
Telephone, gas. electric light and street
car rates in Denver and other large
cities are automatically reduced under
tjie decision.
The decision was In the case of the
city of Denver against the Mountain
States Telephone and Telegraph com
pany and the Colorado utilities com
mission. Under it the utilities com
mission Is practically shorn of its
power, as most of the larger utilities
of the state are within the jurisdic
tion of cities operating- under home
Recruits to Be Taken During Trip
From Washington to AVest.
WASHINGTON, July 7. The first
complete military motor convoy to at
tempt a transcontinental Journey left
Washington today for San Francisco.
Colonel A. Owen Seaman of the motos
transport corps was In charge. It was
expected that the trip would be com
pleted within 60 days.
Sixty-three trucks, including ambul
ances, repair shops and kitchens, com
prised the train. The train was re
viewed by Secretary Baker and a com
mission of army officers.
The purpose of the trip Is to develop
a through route from coast to coast for
motor transport and to demonstrate the
practicability of long-distance commer
cial transportation by motor trucks.
Recruits for the motor transport corps
will be enlisted.
Railroad Brotherhood, at Denver
Meet, Adopts Benefits.
DENVER. July 7. A Pension fund
for members of the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, to
wmcn all members between the ages of
IS and S3 years are eligible, was voted
by the brotherhood in convention here
today. The fund will be created by
George K. Wark. vice-president of
the organization, spoke to the con
vention on conditions in the Winnipeg
strike district. He said only a few of
the members of the brotherhood parti
cipated in the strike and said they
were "dupes of radical agitators who
fomented the 'one big union' idea."
Wind Dies Down and Huge Cruiser
Swings Securely at Cables Big
Crowds Come to See Craft.
MINEOLA. JT. T.. July 7. The return
cruise of the British dirigible R-34
across the Atlantic ocean will not start
until shortly after dawn on Wednesday.
The proposed plan to get the gigantio
ship away at S A. M. on Tuesday was
abandoned tonight after local weather
conditions, which Included adverse
bumpy winds, made it impossible for
the dirigible's crew to overhaul the en
gines during the afternoon.
Without such overhauling it would be
Impracticable for the airship to take off
on her venture, as quantities of carbon
accumulated in the engines during the
108 hours in which the craft waa aloft
on the unprecedented journey which
ended at Roosevelt field here on Sun
day morning.
Tonight the R-34 swung at ease above
this flying ground, her graceful hulk
scarcely moving in the gentle breeze.
illuminated by great searchlights which
made her visible to thousands of spec
tators who had come here In motor
cars, trains and on foot to watch the
early leaving.
Alrahtpdn No Danger.
In contrast with conditions as the
darkness fell on Sunday, the dirigible
was not riding in danger tonight. On
Sunday she was suspended with her
nose pointed toward the ground and
her stern swinging at an altitude sev
eral hundred feet higher, in jeopardy
of being dashed to pieces on Roosevelt
field, sudden gusts of wind acting ad
versely against her broad surface.
Shortly before 9 P. M., the wind hav
ing died down until the atmosphere was
listless, a stream of water descended
from amidship. As this ballast left the
craft, the R-54 moved upward slowly.
From both sides, well forward, and
from the under surface, also well for
ward, three wire cables were connected
with anchorages on the ground. The
stern was left to swing with what
ever breeze might stir during the
night. There was no possibility. Major
G. H. Scott, the commander, said, that
the stern would rise as it did Sunday
night until her massive form assumed
at times an almost perpendicular posi
tion. It was explained that on Sunday
too much water ballast had, by mistake,
been emptied from the stern. Tonight
the amount of water ballast let go was
eaually distributed throughout the
Films to Be Censored.
Orders that all motion picture films
showing the R-34 be censored by navy
officials before they are allowed to be
exhibited anywhere were received here
this afternoon from Secretary of the
Navy Daniels. It is understood that
censorship was decided upon in re
sponse to a request from .British ortl
cials. It was assumed that British of
ficials suggested censorship on mill
tary grounds.
upheld conviction In the district court
at Portland, Or., of Carlos 1 Byron.
Byron had been found guilty of using
the mails to defraud would-be purchas
ers ef northwestern lands and was sen
tenced to serve 15 months in prison
and pay a fine of $1000.
Appeal had been taken, reciting that
errors had been made by the trial court.
Carlos L. Bryon is'one of a number
of people who were engaged In offer
ing to secure preference or prior rights
on the Oregon & California land grant
for a consideration.
Many of these locators were Indicted,
among them being Byron, whose con
viction was secured by United States
Attorney Haney shortly after he took
office. Mr. Haney's predecessor, Clar
ence Ia. Reames, caused the indictment
of a number of these Individuals. There
Is an indictment in Seattle against
Matinees especially
for the Ladies and
the Little Babies.
Business Session Approves Pro
rased Change In By-Laws.
Many Addresses Planned.
The 26th annual convention of the
Oregon State Dental association opened
yesterday at the North Pacific Dental
college with 200 of the most prominent
dentists in the northwest in attend
ance. The meeting was called to order
by Dr. C. M. Harrison, president of the
The morning session was given over
largely to business. Change in the by
laws was discussed, so that the president-elect
would assume office one
year after election. The plan waa
favorably considered. Other changes
were also discussed.
Dr. F. Ewing Roach of Chicago gave
the principal address of the day. He is
an authority on removable bridge work
and partial dentures. He will deliver
four more lectures during tne conven
tion. At the evening meeting. Dr. J. B.
Bilderback of Portland, child special
ist, spoke.
Captain L. G. McAloney, regimental
dental surgeon of the 148th field artil
lery, who has just returned from 18
months' service in France, was one of
the honor guests at yesterday's meet
ings. Captain McAloney passed through
the major engagements of the Cham-nagne-Marne
defensive, Alsne-Marne
offensive, St. Mlhiel and Argonne
The women's entertainment commit
tee under Mrs. W. C. Adams has ar
ranged for a luricheon today at the
Benson hotel for the wives of the visit-
ng dentists. This will be followed by
a theater party and automobile trips.
Among the sneakers .in the dental
and other professions who will give
lectures during the convention are
Major R. L. Benson of Portland, bac
teriologlst and pathologist, recently re
turned from , overseas duty; Dr. A.
Leland Le Gro of Detroit, an authority
on porcelain Jacket crown work, and
Dr. C. A. Furro of Tulsa, Okla. Clinics
and exhibits will be conducted by sev
eral of the leading Oregon dentists.
Saturday's A3 2
Crowds i$i!;t.S3gy'
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. Without Question
The Greatest
Picture Ever Made
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WASHINGTON, July 7. Weather
conditions will be unfavorable for
return flight of the British dirigible
R-34 during the next 48 hours, ac
cording to a weather report for
warded to the airship at Mineola, Long
Island, late today by the navy depart
ment. The report said threatening
weather would remain over the sea and
that head winds probably would be en
countered as far east as Newfound
NEW YORK, July 7. Purchase by
the United States of the R-34, the big
British trans-Atlantic dirigible balloon,
or its sister ship, the R-33, as a work
ing model for dirigible development
here, was urged by Henry WoodhoUBe,
chairman of the dirigible balloon com
mittee of the Aero club of America, in
statement Issued here tonight. Mr.
Woodhouse added that army and navy
aeronautical experts favored tho plan.
Model Alrahlp Wanted.
The R-34 or R-33, he said, could be
Craft Travel 50 Miles to Repair
Minor Defects In Line.
WASHINGTON, July 7. Airplanes
are now used for "trouble hunting1
along Panama canal zone telegraph
lines, the air service announced today.
seaplane piloted by Lieutenant J. R.
Duggan and carrying Major Prescott,
was sent from Balboa to San Carlos,
50 miles south, to repair a break, com
pleting the round trip and the task
itself in an hour and 50 minutes.
By horseback over jungle trails, the
trip would have taken three days.
(Continued From First Page.)
steamers to the orlnt, using vessels he
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Winther are
of the party, Mr. Winther being promi
nently identified with Norwegian im
porting and exporting, though for sev
eral years he has been directly con
nected with South American trade, hav
ing his headquarter at Valparaiso. He
left .here I nDecember, 1918, and after
investigating the newspaper print and
lumber markets here, will proceed to
Chile vie New York.
Food Big Demand.
"There are abundant finances in
in the Hilarious Comedy
also other attractions
45 Sailor Musicians, appear at 2:00, 3:30,
8:00 and 9:30 P. M.
Zasu Pitts, the feminine Charlie Chaplin, in
' an all-laugh comedy.
used as a pattern In building a larger Scandinavian countries now. but what
airship in the United States and as a they lack seriously is food," said Mr.
practice ship for training a nucleus of Larson, and to his statement there was
personnel for rigid airship service.
Heretofore the practice has been to
send a commission to Europe to study
the subject," Mr. Woodhouse said.
When the commission .was away the
rmy and navy administrations changed
and when the commissions returned
general assent. "Copenhagen is most
rn Europe. Before Hamburg can gain
she really controls the trade of north
active in a commercial way and today
its feet again as regards its commer
cial status I am satisfied Copenhagen
will be the distributing point for the
government during the war,
Rutherford was sentenced to i
prison. '
and Mr,
. term in
their reports were filed away and no countries of the Baltic, and that opens
action was taken. the opportunity for the northwest, es-
It is recommended that from now on necially Portland and Oregon, to supply
the policy be to bring the best possible present needs in various products, such
dirigible to the United States, with com- as grain, wool, cainned fruits and vege
Bridge Dedication Is Set.
CHEHALIS. Wash., July 7. (Spe
cial.) Chehalia business men today ac
cepted an invitation of a committee
headed by George H. Landes, of Mossy
Rock, E. D. Overstreet and others to
attend the dedication of the new steel
bridge across the Cowlitz at Riffe Sat
urday. State Land Commissioner Clark
Savldge, of Olympia, will give the
petent experts if necessary, to co-oper-
te with the American experts, in pro
ucing even better dirigibles.
"The army and navy authorities, like
the civilian aeronautic authorities, now
feel that the sure way of bringing this
ational procrastination to an end is
to purchase immediately a large dirigl
ble from Great Britain and use it as
model for the construction of a
larger one and to train engineers and
experts in this country
The army can finish the large
angar under construction at Langley
eld by- the end of next month to house
the R-34 or the R-33 and the navy is-
ready to construct a large shed at one
of the naval stations for future. rigids.
D. E. Presley, Champion Broncno-
Bnster, Thonght Suicide.
DENVER. July 7. Once the cham
pion broncho buster at the Pendleton.
Or., round-up, D. E. Presley was found
dead here today, a revolver by his side.
Friends said he had been despondent
because of a lung disease contracted in
the navy, which he feared would pre
vent him from ever riding a horse
again. He was 24 years old.
S. & H. green stamps for cash.
Holman Fuel Co.. Main 353. A 3353.
Block wood, short alabwood; Rock
Springs and Utah coal; sawdust. Adv.
STRATA TEA. A perfect blend.
Ceylon-Indian-Java teas. Closest A
Devtrs, Portland. Adv.
U. S. Loans to Allies Now Reach
Xearly Ten Billion Dollars.
WASHINGTON, July 7. The Czecho
slovak republio today received a credit
from the treasury of $5,000,000, making
total of 353,330,000 advanced to the
new government.
Advances to the allies have reached j east soon.
a total of ;9,459.5Z5,81, out of a total
of $10,000,000,000 authorized by congress.
tables, manufactured articles and scores
of things that only negotiations with
the men directly concerned in their sale
abroad can bring forth.
I've have told these men that iv
per cent of the commodities on which
they have depended on the world out
side of their lands to supply can be
obtained here, and bought direct with
out the middle man being considered
That has been an objectionable system
in their countries before, buying vir
tually everything through brokers. I
found canned' fruit on display, labeled
as a California product, and, inspect
ing the boxes in which they were
shipped, discovered they came from
Hood River. Chehalis, Portland and
such places, but the Scandinavian buy
ers knew only of California.
"When I produced data to prove to
them what we raised and manufac
tured, I gave them an Insight. Now, I
feel that it is up to us to convince them
that trade once established in Oregon
is dependable and by purchasing direct
they are following economic lines."
Japan to Be Fought.
In the shipping pool formed to take
home American products, as well as to
ship those of Scandinavian lands
abroad, C. K. Hansen of Copenhagen,
Blidburg Metcalf of Gottenburg, and
Mr. Sagan of Chrlstlania. are to use
their own vessels, besides shipments
being made on the vessel operated by
Williams, Diamond : Co., It Delng
likelv that many Scandinavian tramp
steamers will be sent to the Pacific in
the future.
County Ranch Inspected.
An inspection of the old county
rancn about two miles and a half from
the city on the Canyon road was made
yesterday afternoon by Judge Kanzler
of the court of domestic relations and
Cununings Party Is in Idaho.
SPOKANE. Wash., July 7. Homer S.
Cummings, democratic national chair
man, and his official party are continu
ing their trip through northern Idaho.
They planned to return to leave for the
Lecture to Be Given.
The Hope of Humanity" is the sub-
lect of a lecture to be given at the
PflMVirTinM IQ lUTAIMPn HeiliK theater Sunday afternoon at
V W II I W I W IS IM WW W I nillfc-fc I . V, 1nnh V TtiArfnrd-
Tha meeting will be free to the public
C. S. Circuit Court of Appeals ITp-rr Rutherford is successor of Pastor
. .. j,. . , I Russell as president of the Interna
noias eraici tn Bjron (.use. Uional Bible Students' association. He
siv T-RANfTTsro. Jnlv 7 The TTnited is the author of "The lnisnea Mvs-
States circuit court of appeals todayltery." This book was banned by tne
On arms and body of brother. Very
ore and inflamed and could hardly
keep from scratching. Clothes irri
tated very much. Used several med
icines but none helped. Sent for
free sample Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment. Bought more and only used
one cake of Soap and a half a box
of Ointment when he was healed.
(Signed) Miss Grace V. Btone,
Coburg, Mont., Feb. 10, 1919.
Use Cuticura for every -day toilet
purposes. Bathe with Soap, soothe
with Ointment, dust with Talcum.
Soap 2 So, Oiatmaat 25 and 60c. Taleaai
25c Sold throughout the world. For
ample each free address : "Cuticurm Lab
oratories, Dapt. H, MaMea, Maas."
jKjSstr Cuttcnra Soap ahaves without ma, .
Eyes Tested
Glasses Fitted
Broken Lenses duplicated.
Geo. Rubenstein
226 Morrison St, Near First
members of the" boavd of county com
missioners. The Inspection was one of
a series that Judge Kanzler has been
making to familiarize himself with the
work of the county along these lines.
the two things
that are hard to
get when you lunch
or dine downtown;
that is, until re
cently when we con
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a BIG HIT, in
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