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trapshootera in attendance, won eight
trophies over a period of five days'
shooting in many events and competi
tions. Wright's winning of this seemingly
large number of trophies started an
agitation for a new schedule of award
ing trophies In which shooters voiced the
opinion that no one should be allowed
to win more than one prize in a tourna
ment. What will become of the agita
tion begun there and since continued
remains to be seen.
It is all very fine to exDrss such
Portland Boxer Takes Part in
Who Will Meet Big Champion?
Overseas Matches.
lofty ideals about one trophy to a tour
nament, but it is doubted If the shoot
Latest Ring Query.
ers who voioed them would want to be
limited to the winning of one trophy
if the opportunity presented itself for
them to win more than one.
There wouldn't be any sense in shoot
ing through a five days' programme for
the shooter who won prize the first
day.. Very few tournaments, howover.
run five days. Most -of the tournaments
are one and two-day affairs, but there
Johnny Beckett Is Mentioned
I'o-ible Aspirant for World's
Championship Title.
usually are two or throe events on the
Willie Meehan, Favorite in Sportln
smallest programme.
It is only right and natural that on
Circles, Looms Big as Title
Ralph Gruman. best-known and most
popular boxer developed in Portland in
several years, arrived here yesterday
after serving; more than two years with
he United States army. 18 months of
the time being spent "overseas." Gru
man arrived in New Tork on June 25.
From New York he was sent to Camp
Mills and thence to Camp l.ewis. Gru
man received his honorable discharge j
Saturday at (.amp Lewn ana lelt in
ranks as a sergeant.
Gruman rnlimed at the outbreak o
the war and was sent to England with
the l!2d infantry. He was transferred
to the military police a few months after
arriving overseas and served to the las
in that branch of the army. Ralph had
many thrilling experiences In Kngland,
participating in about li ring battles
with as many good boys. He has been
bothered with a bad knuckle on his
right hand and the outcome of the in
Jury will determine whether ,he will
- once again enter the ring and try to
rrach the top of the welterweight di
vision or get Into some business and
settle down for good.
KaaraJe Jajnreel la Bostt.
Gruman hurt his hand several times
n bouts in England and Is to have an
X-ray taken of his injuries. If it can
be mended and he- sees any real money
In the fighting game he will don the
padded gloves again. Regardless of
Suture plans hs will rest for a month
or so.
The Injury to his right hand kept the
Portland boxer from entering the inter
allied boxing tournament in London
after he had qualified to represent his
division in the semi-finals. Although ha
titd not box in that tournament Gru
man took part in f number of other
Hirri, (wo U intuit uciiik m ri.tivs,
In which he won his matches.
During most of the time Gruman was
stationed near Jondon and spent much
time In the world's greatest city, com
ing in contact with and meeting per
sonally all of England's best boxers.
Ragliah 1ghera Reviewed.
In speaking of the Britishers Gruman
has to say: "Johnny Bashman. Johnny
Keckctt and Jimmy Wilde are the three
best men that Great Britain boasts of.
Kashman holds the welterweight title,
Keckett. the heavyweight champion
ship, and Jimmy Wilde, the flyweight
title of the world. Wilde is the marvel
of the three and Is a great boxer, but
1 saw Joe Lynch, American bantam
weight, hand him a terrible lacing at
the National J-portlng club In London
only to have the decision ruled against Lynch floored him In the first
round, the clever Englishman missing
repeatedly. Nevertheless the referee
cave the verdict to Wilde.
The London papers were unanimous
In saying that Lynch was entitled to a
draw and Bom went ao far as to declara
ihat he should have had the decision. II
do not think that there is a man at hi
weight In the world who can trim
Wilde. Wilde never scales over 10
pounds when In condition.
Basham Held Popular.
"Johnny Basham. whom I saw fight
a number of times is a good mixer and
a popular welterweight champion
Kngland. He holds his own with all
comers but 1 do not think that, he would
be able to defeat the best American
Gruman also saw Johnny Beckett,
English heavyweight champion In ac
tion. His name is now mentioned as a
possible opponent for Jack Dempsey.
Sneaking of Beckett, uruman saia
"Beckett Is a big, strong hardhitting
boxer and depends upon his punch and
aggressivenr.s to win. He Is not overly
fast and I think a man of Dempsey s
sueed would put the skids nnder him.
Beckett however, is not a chump and
will be backed by the English boxing
followers no matter who he meets,
aairriras Mosey I'lratifsl.
Gruman adds that the American box
era In London are cleaning up regularly
lv betting on the horse races ana lights.
old Eddie JlcGoorty is knocking them
lown every week In London and is a
In card.
"The National Sporting club of Lon
don, where all of the big fights are held
in a national Institution." says Grumajl.
"The boxing game in England Is on a
high standard and shows are attended
by men. women and children. The
bouts are on the square and the fans
always get plenty of real action for
their money. The English demanu mat
the fighters break clean, which results
in many fast bouts and not half wrest
ling matches."
while In England Gruman also met
Eucene t'orrl. the famous refsree and
other well-known sporting personages
. sneaks very highly f the all-
round sportsmanship of the English
ft. k-
v. ' - .it" ...
Ralph Grwsaaa.' PSTtlaad boxer,
who has retaraed aosae.
should be limited to the winning of one
prize in any one event, but if there are
two events on the same day and one
shooter is good enough to win a trophy
in each there Is no reason why he
shouldn't get it.
Champion Lightweight Sees Fortune
In Playing Slock Market.
Benny Leonard, world's champion
lightweight, has longed for other fields
to conouer. according to word received
from the taut. He is going to get his
wish. The premier boxer is going to
match his wits the solons of
the stock world. I nlcss he is well
e.iuitned financially he Is going to find
the task a difficult one of blocking.
parrying or sidestepping deals when
the markets start to go against him.
It will be a new experience for Leon
ard, and he will doubtless pay for the
exneriment. He does not know now-
many friends he actually has until he
mingles with the stock market crowd.
He will find it no trouble to be sep
arated from his money.
With the announcement that Leonard
is going to take a fling at the stock
market is coupled a statement that he
proposes to retire from the ring.
It has been two years since Leonard
annexed the lightweight title from
Freddie Welsh. He has not defended
that title in a regular ring battle at
the stipulated lightweight limit, which
In this country is 133 pounds ringside.
The American public has been very
kind to Leonard- They have allowed
him to collect a fortune in limited
round contests where no championship
was at stake. He has merited all the
attention which has been showered
upon hlr.i. because he has been a credit
to ths sport.
New Schedule of Awarding Trophies
Under Consideration.
In f h. Fin.httr.t fV C transhootlnr
tournament, Frank S. Wright of Buf-
New York stale, shooting in better
Jimmy Branson, Y. M. C. A. Boxing
Promoter, Writes Interestingly
of Fights' Over There.
PALACE DE GLACE. Paris, June 17.
(Special.) "American boxers and
boxing promoters may well tako lessons
from the way the boxers box and the
promoters promote, here In the. A. E. F.,M
said Jimmy Bronson, T. M. C. A. boxing
promoter, after SO rounds of brisk
fighting had been dished out to the
howling doughboys at a "Y show here.
Th Yanks training for the inter
allied meet gave an exhibition, and
he milling between Yanks and French
was exciting. Bronson, considered the
lasslest referee In the entire A. i..
was kept stepping, and after it was
over he sat and talked with several
cronies over a dish of ice cream at the
"Y" cafeteria.
"I have learned some things her
that are going to be of value to me
when 1 get back to promoting at horn,"
remarked Jimmy. "Jf every boxing pro
moter in America could have been over
here he would be able to go home and
aid in the great ring revival that I
think is coming."
Bronson says that the day of big
purses for champions and meager ones
for the little fellow is past. Of course,
he believes that the champion is worth
mora than the novice, but he also be
lieves that the promoter should work
for the so-called starter, the under-dog
of the ring. Bronson continued.
"Boxing in the army and navy camps
at home and In the A. E. K. has started
a great wave of enthusiasm for boxing.
and boxers and thousands of new box
ing fans aro the results of the hun
dreds of shows the Y. M. C. A. has
staged over here.
" "Y" and Red Cross girls who never
saw boxing at home have seen scores
of bouts over here, enjoyed them and
are hoping they can continue to see
them when they go home. But the
home clubs will have to do some re
forming, and the spectators and the
game will both have to go through a
renovating process if these fans ar to
be retained."
It was not so many years ago when
the boxing fans were wondering if there
4 I ever would be a man who would be able
i to defeat Jess Willard and wrest th
world's heavyweight crown from hi
brow. These doubts were dispelled when
soma of the "experts" would come out
periodically with a story to the effect
that big Jess was a super man and
would retire undefeated. Hut at last a
fighter developed who not only took
Wlllard's measure but gave him the
most terrible trimming In history. This
person is jacK jjempsey, the new heavy
weigni cnampion.
The question now occupying the minds
of the fistic followers is whether there
is a man who can beat or -who has
chance to stand up against Young
jaca a np-irearing punches.
The crop of heavyweights now is no
better than four or five years aeo.
Dempsey is the only one to soring ud
wno nas snowed any class outside of be
ing an ordinary stand up and put out
your mitts heavyweight.
Would-be Fighters Plentiful.
Summing up the heavyweight situa
tion the most formidable of the lot ao
pears to be Fred Fulton. Bill Brennan,
rsniy MisKe. Willie Meehan, Georges
Carpentier, Joe Beckett, and one or two
others. There are a hundred others
of about the same caliber.
Dempsey knocked FvAton out in
round. Bill Brennan In four rounds and
holds a decision over Billy Miske and
w line Meehan. Joe Beckett is the heavy
weight champion of England while Car
pentier, the Frenchman, holds the Eu
ropean title. Beckett has never done
anything to stamp him as a world
beater and it is doubtful if he could
stand the onslaughts of Dempsey for
many rounds. Georges Carpentier is in
the same boat as Willard. He has been
out of the game for nearly four years,
only weighs 180 pounds and Is another
man who never fought many tough
heavies during his career.
Meehaa May Fight Champ.
Willie Meehan, the fistic enigma of
the country, a short fat battler who by
some hook or crook managea to stay
the limit with the best of them and has
won a decision over Jack Dempsey over
the four round route and will no doubt
be boomed for a battle with the latter
now that he is champion. Meehan was
credited with a decision over Dempsey
In San Francisco about six months ago
after four rounds of fighting. Some of
the critics thought that the bout might
have been a draw while others sided
with the referee.
Meehan has fought Dempsey four
times and has always held his own, but
in a bout of 10-rounds or more he
would probably be butchered beyond
recognition. Mehan fought Miske in
Milwaukee several weeks ago and al
though he stayed the 10-rounds he was
beaten to a pulp.
Billy Miske. the rugged St. Paul 175
pounder has met Dempsey on two occa
sions, both bouts going the distance, 10
rounds. One was considered a draw by
the critics and in the other Dempsey
received the popular call.
Foltosi Through, Is Guess.
Fred Fulton is through in this coun
try for some time to come while Jim
Coffey is another who would not last
more than a round with the champion.
There are several colored boxers, in
cluding Harry Wills, "Kid" Norfolk and
Joe Jeanetta who would be glad of
chance to give Dempsey a real fight
but it is doubtful if he will fight
negro. Other heavyweights may spring
up as at present there is a crop of
youngsters being touted in various sec
tions of the United states and some of
these may develop into contenders for
the champipnship. Dempsey will be
grabbing off some big money In the
theatrical game while the promoters
will be figuring some logical opponents
for the Colorado cyclone.
' II M l
""H l
o. "
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Ollphant .loins Atlanta Club.
COLUMBUS. Ga July 7. Lieutenant
Elmer Q. Ollphant, star football player
of West Point, has joined the Atlanta
club of the Southern association as a
pitcher. Ollphant. who is stationed hers
at Camp Benning. is on a month's leave
and expects to play most of the time
with Atlanta.
rhone your wants ads to The Orego-
nlin. Main 7070. A 95.
Crack Swimmers Expected to Enter
in Northwest Meet.
VICTORIA. B. C, July 7. Crack
swimmers from Pacific slope points
from California to the Yukon aro ex
pected to compete in the Pacific north
west amateur swimming, diving and
water polo championship tournament
to be held on the banks of the gorge
here July 10 under the auspices of the
Victoria and Island Athletic associa
tion. Several present tltleholders aro ex
pected to be here to fight to retain
their honors. Among them will be
Miss Thelma Payne of the Multnomah
Athletic club, Portland, Or., holder of
the national diving championship.
Checking Up of Gate Receipts and
Attendance Will Probably
Be Completed Today.
TOLEDO, O., July 7. Jess Willard,
dethroned heavyweight champion of the
world, tonight is on his way to Law
rence, Kan., home and permanent re
tirement from the ring.
Willard, accompanied by his wife and
two personal friends, began the long
motor trip late this afternoon. The
defeated champion is making the trip
in a seven-passenger car he purchased
here during the training period. Wil
lard expects the trip will consum
about a week. The swelling over hi
left eye had entirely disappeared and
the only marks he bore was a slight
discoloration over the eye and a cut lip,
The task of checking up the gate
receipts and attendance of the Inde
pendence day battle proved so stupen
dous that Promoter Rickard announced
tonight that the official accounting
would not be completed until tomor
Rickard, however, estimated the re
ceipts would not exceed $500,000.
Allegations by William O. Rocap,
sporting writer of Philadelphia, that
there was collusion betwen Klckard
and Willard in promoting the cham
pionship match were investigated to
day by the Toledo boxing commission,
under whose license the contest was
staged. The commission gave Kickard
a vote of confidence and invited Rocap
to present any evidence he may have
to the commission, of which Mayor
Schreiber and C. H. Wall, director of
public afety, are members, and
adopted a resolution declaring It had
been unable to find any evidence of
collusion; that the contest was con
ducted squarely and honorably, and
that Rocap be notified to present all
proofs, if he has any, to the commission
within a week, or "forever hold .his
The refusal of the Ohio board of
motion picture censors to allow pic
tures of the contest to be exhibited
caused disappointment here. Hundreds
of persons waited outside picture thea
ters hoping that the picture would
finally be approved. Frank K. Hall of
New York, who, with Rickard and Wil
lard owns the picture, said $200,000
would be lost in Ohio because of the
board's action.
Quail Numerous in Clackamas.
There are thousands of Oregon
mountain quail on tho upper Clackamas
river, according to J. H. Hogan, special
deputy game warden, who has Just re
turned from that region. The quail
were almost extinct for years, but un
der the game protection laws they are
coming back in great numbers. Mr.
Uogan will leave soon for the Mount
Jefferson country, where he will spend
some weeks.
Bankers' Teams to Clu.-li.
The Northwestern National bank
team will meet the Hibernia nine this
evening at 6 o'clock on the Vaughn
street grounds. On Friday. July 11.
the Northwestern National wain will
play the U. S. National at 6 P M. at the
Vaughn-street grounds. These are the
two last games to be played by the
Northwestern National In the Bankers'
leaprue schedule for 1 01
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