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i nr Anr-niai r r"rt
MM bftulAL UKUhHi
Booth of the highway commission are f
expected in Salem today to consider
business matters with State Enginee
House Will Take Up Measure
This Morning.
Uornoj -General to Rc Dim-led to
Investigate Validity or BHu-
lithlc Patcmrnt.
STATE CAPITOU SJalcm. I-eb. 17.
(Special.) As a pcial order or bust
ne:-s the S10.000.0u0 bond bill will be
considered by the house Tuesday morn
ins. By night It undoubtedly will have that body unless sometning un
foreseen .occurs. In the senate a con
stitutional majority have already
pledged themselves to pass it. accord
ing to gossip.
Senate bill ST. over which the sen
ate wranirled for a day and a half will
be automatically eliminated if a new
bill by the house roads and highways
committee la passed Tuesday. This new
measure goes straight to the heart or
the patented pavement question and is
supported hy almost the unanimous
!ouse membership. In brief, the com
mittee bill directs the attorney-generna
to investigate the validity of the bitu
lithic paving patent.
If the 'nveslisatlon satisfies me at
torney-genoral. that the patent issued
in 1901 to Frederick J. arscn has ex
ulrrd or that the patent can be beaten
i e is to .ntorm the state mgnwa com
mission and the .latter can hold as
blameless contractors who lay bitu-
.ithic and Infringe on the alleged pat
tnt and the commission and oitorney
trcneral will fight It out to the court
f last resort. Expense lor mvesu
tion and suits can be taken from the
ttatc highway funds. '
prrta1 Order Made.
If this bill is unacted It will not only
discard senate bill 7. but It will also
eliminate part of section 1 In the bond
bill and for this latter reason the com
mittee bill has been made a special or
der for the house five minutes before
the time set for the bond bill special
The committee bill popped up
soon as the house opened for business
Mnndav mornine when Graham, of
"Washington, offered the ieasure on
behalf of the committee. The commit
tee, explained Oraiiam, is not in sym
paihy with senate bill 67 and wants to
put it to sleep, but at the suggestion of
Representative Bean tne uiii. maning
it obligatory on the attorney-general
to. Investigate the validity of the
patent, offered the most logical solu
tion to the paving problem.
If the patent is valid, the royalty
must be paid, and if the patent is not
valid, then the state can lay bviulithic
when It wants and there will be no
further contention. Mr. Graham sug
gested that the bill be given its first
and second readings on the spot and
ihen brought up for third reading and
final passage or rejection. This was
the programme agreed to by most of
the members, and the bill was read
first time and was read second time
under suspension of the rules and
would have gone to third reading had
rhe committee Insisted. However, on
motion of Hare it was made a special
order. Only the voire of K. K. Smith
was raised against it. and he objected
to suspending the rules and sending
it to second reading.
Hare Waal feltlrmeBt.
In urging expediency on the bill, hare
contended that the question oi tne pat
entcd pavement should be determined
..ncc and for all. It should be dis
covered whether the Warren Construc
tion company is sitting in the game
with a pair of deuces or pot : .or whether
ihe comnanv mas gold-bricking the peo
pie of Oregon or whether it has a valid
patent. Knactment of the hill, he caitl.
would clear the atmosphere for the
oasage of the bond bill.
E. K. Fmith argued that the question
at issue does not center on the validity
of the patent, but on the method by
hich road contracts have been let tn
the oast. He charged that the commif-
tr. bill would befoe- the issue and he
wanted senate bill 7 brought out and
To this Hire answered that nothing
Is more fundamental than the chance to
.ve SL-aoo a m'le royalty on paving
and he said this vu a committee bill
and no one will get any political glory
cit of it.
Free- remprtitloa Waed.
Mr. Dennis, chairman of the roads and
highway committee, answered that the
committee has from the first aimed to
safeguard the road funds and to secure
pen and free competition. He asked
'or the safe, sober and sane consider
ation of the committee bill, saying it Is
not sky-rocket legislation, such as the
.-enate has had for spectacular effect,
nor a rubbish of words which no one
can understand.
How the house stands on the subject
can be deducted from the vote to sus
pend the rules to place the bill on sec
ond reading when of the 56 members
present were for suspension. The bill
could have been passed on the 'spot,
had the road committee wished to press
their case. .
Over in the senate a quiet organiza
tion process i under way and members
are signing up to support the bond
bill, irrespective of what happens to
senate bill 67. Senator Vinton, presi
dent of the senate, obtained small con
solation from his mass meeting at Mc
.Minnville t-unday. He informed the
gathering that he was there for in
structions, but none were given,
o laatrartlona ;lvea.
Presumably. Schurbel of Clackamas
'so( went to the Yamhill county meet
tng'for instructions, for he accompa
nied Vinton. .Messrs. Dennis and Haines
were also there. There was a strong
objection against the paving people by
the mass meeting, but that was aside
from the senate bill 67 proper, and
neither Vinton. S.-huebel. Dennis nor
Haynes received instructions. Conimissioners Thompson and
Measure Standardizing Salaries of
Multnomah Deputies Included.
STATE CAPITOU Salem. Or.. Feb. 17.
(Special.) The following- bill.
patosed the house today:
S. B. 11. by Ebtrhard Uniform tales act.
(bill later recalled by senate). j
S. B. 17. by judiciary committee To pro-
nitMl operations of ambulance cnasers.
S B. 10J, by Handiey Repealing act pro-
rifiinx for port of Tillamook.
a. B. 50. by Eddy Relating- to sitting- of
supreme court.
S. B. lus. by Smith Coo) Reiatinr to
assignment or DanK stock.
a. B. by Handley Empowering- coun
ty courts to buiid monuments for soldiers.
5. H. 0.1. by Hurley A bollshlnjc office of
superintendent of water division o. 1.
B. 107. by Bell Fixing- salaries of
or; leers or Ln county.
B. 14. by Bit lie r Fixing salaries of
o: i leers or i matins county.
J. B. by Multnomah delecatlon
Mandardizinc; salans of deputies and as
sistant s in Multnomah county offices.
i?. B. 743. by Multnomah delecatlon Re
lating to Jury lists in justice courts , of I
Multnomah county. -
s. B. 164, by Multnomah detention Re
lating to jury lists In diitrict courts of I
Multnomah county.
S. B. In, by commutes on assessment
and taxation. Relating to exemption of prop
erty from taxation.
ft. B. J SI. by committee on assessment and
axatlon Relating to delinquent tax no
H. B. 10. by committee on Jisherle
Rocue rivrr fish bill.
U. B. 16. by Schuebel increasing license I
fees of certain domestic corporations.
H. B. 14. by McKarland--Creatlng- city I
box in g commission?.
H. B. oM. by Mrs. Thompson To pre
vent pollution of aonrces f municipal water
Difference of Opinion on Meth
od Is Delaying Action.
Six Per Cent Limitation and Neces
sity for Special Election Dis
cussed a,t Conference.
STATE CAPITOL. Salem, Or., Feb.. 17.
'Special.) Should the legislature
make appropriations beyond the sum
which can be raised under the 6 per
cent limitation, or should various
measures calling: for these appropria
tions be submitted to the people at a
special election to be held In June?
These questions were the subject of a
conference tht afternoon in the exec
utive offices and no settlement has
been arrived at.
Opinion Is divided. Governor "Withy-
combe rather criticised the chairman of
the senate and ways and means com
mittee for not proceeding and-making:
the appropriations which fall under
MfLTXOMAH SALARIES SETTLED the general title of reconstruction bills.
This was resented by Chairman J. C
Smith, chairman' of the senate commit- I
tee, while Chairman Gordon of the
house committee asked for further
In the minds of one or two of the
legislators In the conference, it was
construed that the legislature was ex
pected to disregard the 6 per cent lim
Small Balance Remains.
The legislature ooencd with what
looked like a million-dollar deficit, but
the ways and means committee has
taken care of the essentials and' the
main needs of the state institutions,
and there is now a margin of about
1 1 00.000 left on hand. This sum
insufficient to carry out any general,
reconstrution plan.
Whitney L. Boise favored borrowinir
t30,000 from the $100,000 appropriated
lor the relief of soldiers and sailors.
HOOD RIVER OPPOSES MERGER the money to be used in working out
the land settlement bill. John H.
Burgard and Frederick W. Mulkev of
I'roposea creation or une ureal ron i the commission offered no strenuous
objection to the Boise suggestion, but
360 Morrison Street, Southwest Corner Park Street
House Passes Bill. Standardizing I
Deputies' Pay.
STATE CAPITOL. Salem. Or, Feb. 17.
(Special.) The question of salaries
for deputies and assistants in the
county offices for Multnomah county
will no longer bother the legislature.
as the bouse passed & bill today tand
ardixing the salaries for such posts an)
giving ine county commissioners power
to fix such salaries between specified
minimums and maximus for the various
This bill hr.d already passed the sen
ate. Two other senate bills from the
Multnomah delegation also passed the
house., these relating to jury lists, in
the Justice and district courts of that
19 Xot Approved.
HOOD RIVER, Or., Feb. 17. (Spe
elal.) Although sentiment aroused in
other parts of the state seems to have
ended the proposed move to pass a Din
in the legislature for merging into one
port all communities bordering on the
Columbia river. Hood River men have
been made wary, and any further ef
fort to arouse sentiment for the merger
will meet w ith a strong opposition from
Hood Elver men as a unit are opposed
to such a move, which they say may re
sult in a heavy tax for Hood River
without commensurate returns.
they made it clear thai they wish to
use a considerable part of the relief
money for some method by which the
sightless and maimed soldiers can
make a living.
The land settlement bill Is. aimed
to show that farming can be conducted
on business principles and be made a
success, but each farm unit requires
considerable financing, and only a
handful of soldiers would be directly
Passage of Patterson
mended to House.
STATE CAPITOL, Salem, Or., Feb. 17.
(Special.) Despite stiffest opposition
from the Lane county delegation, the
house this afternoon adopted a. majooity
report of the educational committee fa
voring passage of the Tatterson bill.
which makes the high school tlution
fund law applicable all over the state.
Lane county members insisted the bill
would wipe out the rural high schools
which have been established under the
county fund law.
Senator Eddy's Measure Acted Cpon
by House.
STATE CAPITOU Salem. Or., Feb.
17. (Special.) Delays In litigation
caused by a tie among the members of
the supreme court, etrch as tied up the
Mvcrs ill case, from 1'ortiand, ror
over four years, will be obviated in the
fViturc. hs the house today passed Sen
ator Eddy's bill, which provides that in
case of uch a tie it shall work as an
affirmative of the decision of the
lower court.
Limit Acts aa Brake.
It Is within the province of the legis
lature to make unlimited appropri
ations, but there is a limit as to the
amount of funds that can be raised hv
ADOPTED I taxes, and there is the 6 per cent limi
tation, which is a brake on obtaining
unlimited funriji In m o t imlimil. an-
Bill Recom- I propriations. If the legislature nas
bills appropriating money for $500,000
or $1,000,000 for reconstruction enter
prises the money will not be in the state
treasury to meet them.
Of course, the first warrants recei-ed
will be paid, but eventually will come
a time when warrants will have to be
stamped, "Not paid for want of funds."
That is one chapter of the situation.
There ia the proposal to submit to the
people at a special election the various
measures which call for an appropri
atlon. This would mean a delay of
quarter of a year or more at least be
fore the machinery could ,get into
action, and there is also the prospect
or tne people voting down the meas
Prompt Aetloa Necessary.
inis question or nnancing a recon
struction programme is now up to the
point where something must bo done
quickly. There are. as indicated, two
viewpoints, and the task next is t
harmonize or to compromise these con
Public Institutions hare been cared
for, but the rpecial demands have not,
ana ine reconstruction work comes
under the head of eperial demands.
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Care of Soldiers Suffering With Tu
berculosis Provided.
STATE CAPITOU Salem. Or., Feb. IT.
(Special.) Two new bille were in-T
troduced in the house today as follows:
H. B. 4M, by Dedman Providing1 for car
Inr for tubercular itoldierB.
H. B. 4. by Martin (Sabatltute for H. B.
41l. by Kequest) Providing for Oregon
on Oregon canned fruit and vegetables.
Public Hearing Called.
STATE CAPITOL, Salem. Or., Feb. 1".
-(Special.) Important reconstruction
measures will be gn'en a thorough
consideration at a public hearing to
be held at the capitol tomorrow even,
ini? by the joint house and senate re
construction committees. Chairman
Eddy of the senate committee an
nounced that a delegation of Portland
men will be here for the session on be
half of the movement for an early spe
cial election.
House Passes Monument Bill.
STATE CATITOU Salem, Or., Feb. 17.
(Special.) County courts of each of
the counties of the state may appropri
ate j000 from the general fund of the
county for the purpose of erecting
monuments in honor of the soldiers who
participated In Ue great world war,
under terms of Senator Handley a bill,
which passed the house today. It is
understood a number of the counties
will take advantage of the provisions
of the act.
it is possible to figure out increased
revenue sufficient to meet the recon
struction needs, the legislature Drob
ably will pass the necessary measure.
The state treasurer and other officials
are now trying to ascertain how much
of an increased revenue may be count
ea on.
Opportunities for 3Ien of Artillery
Corps to Make Captures Are
Indeed Rare.
Reform Commission Proposed.
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STATE CAFITOL, Salem. Or., Feb. 17.
(Special. A non-salaried commis
sion to investigate plans for legislative
reform and place the same on the bal
lot in X9i'0 for consideration of the
people is incorporated in a resolution
introduced today by Representatives
Childs and Graham of Lane. The com
mission would Include 14 members, rep
resenting various phases of activities
in the state.
To Lieutenant Phillip F. Murray,
Cleveland. O., and Master-Gunner
Church. Eugene, goes the honor of
capturing the only prisoner taken by
the 60th.
Artillery finds it hard to take prison
ers because they always go forward
after the enemy has evacuated. Lieu
tenant Murray, who has Just been
given command of Battery D. rode
on the first section. Gunner Church was
a corporal when the capturing stunt
was pulled off. He was discharged at
It was at St. Georges that Lieuten
ant Murray and Corporal Church went
out to do some reconnoitering work
preparatory to moving the guns for
ward. It was during the Flavel drive
of the last attack of the second
Argonne. "Fifteen minutes after the In
fantry had gone over the top we came
upon an overturned German baby tank
on top of. a treueh," said Lieutenant
tioing Into the trench we found a
20-year-old German boy shot in the
side. We took his glasses, pocketbook
and other souvenirs while he was
shouting Kamerad' and when the
stretcher carriers came up, turned him
over for medical attention, something
that Frits didn't do for us."
Ambulance-Chasers Jolted.
STATE CAPITOU Salem, Or.. Feb.
17. (Special.) Ambulance chasing
claims adjusters are put out of busi
ness by Senator Eberhard's bill, which
makes it unlawful for any person to
solicit personal injury business and
which passed the house today.
House Passes Vniform Sales Act.
STATE CAPITOU Salem, Or., Feb. 17.
(Special.) The house this morning
passed the uniform sales act coming
from Senator Eberhard and which had
passed the senate. This measure has
been adopted by a great majority of
the states of the Union. .
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Sidelights of Legislature.
STATE CAPITOU Salem, Feb. 17.
(Special.) A certain public utility
lobbyist, notorious for his tightness,
horned in at a table at the Marion
where several members of the legisla
ture were having lunch. The members
hinted that it was a very dry session,
etc, and the lobbyist rose V the oc
casion. "I bought a esse for $150 in Pert
land last week," said the lobbyist, "and
if any of you gentlemen want, I will
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on of the hospital association
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ay or may not have neta live aceo,
Jnsenr, E. ForesteL of the Union Meat
nmntinv i here keeninc an eye on the
nienmm-irarine bill. Alma Kats, who
doesn't want oleo mentioned in. ine
same breath with cow butter, nas aio
been scouting around.
A senate joint memorial has Just been
r,A!l In the house from senator J.
Smith. In regard to unequal representa-
tinn for negroes id the south.
"Tt seems to me that this is a airecx
star. In the face for the present na
tinn.l administration," asserted Mrs.
I vote aye, then, snouiea repre
sentative allasher.
Representatives today made their
way outside of two boxes of apples
presented by the Dufur Orchard com
pany, of Wasco county, mrougu xven
resentative Bolton.
Dr. Owens Adair 2appeared on the
scene ncain today In defense of ner
steriliation act, which is threatened by
rnul hv a bill of Senators IJimicK ana
Hurlev. Dr. Adair is moving toward
her 80th milestone, but is as active :
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The mother of tne steruiaiion om
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182,000,000,000 FKAXCS.
With Exceptional Xeeds in Sight,
Prospect Is for Deficit of at
Least Fifty Billions.
PARIS. Sunday, Feb. IS. The finan-
ial situation of France is being given
erious attention in the chamber of
eputies, where it will be the subject
f an interpellation at an early date.
Frances war expenses are expected
to reach a total of 182,000,000.000 francs.
with resources to meet it of loS.OOO,-
00.000 francs, showing a deficit ' of
4,000,000.000 francs.
In addition to the 24,000.000,000 der-
cit, there are exceptional expenses.
such as compensation o civilians for
war 'damages, which is placed in mod-
rate estimates at francs;
the cost of exchanging the German
mark currency of Alsace-Lorraine,
500.000,000 francs; the repayment of
bonds issued in liberated regions.
500.000.000 francs; demobilization
bonuses, estimated at between 2,000.000-
000 and ,000-.000,000 francs, together
with other exceptional expenses, which
will bring the estimated total to 26,-
000.000.000 francs and make the total
deficit 50,000,000.000.
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