Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 24, 1918, Page 9, Image 9

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City Editor Main 7070. A o5
Sunday Editor Main 7070. A 60f5
Advertising Dspartment. ..Main 7070. A 605
Superintendent of Bulldlnc.Matn 7070. A 6085
ORPHETJM (Broadway at Taylor). Vaude
ville. This afternoon and tonight.
BAKER (Broadway, near Morrison) Baker
liaer. in -'The Spoilers." Tonight.
ALCAZAR (Morrison at Eleventh) Alcazar
Players. In "Mother Carey'a Chickens."
PANTAGES (Broadway at Alder) Vaude
ville. Three shows dally, 2:30. 7 and 8:05.
HIPPODROME (Broadway at Tamhtil)
Vaudeville and moving pictures, 2 to 6;
o:5 to 11 P. M. Saturdays. Sundays, holi
days, continuous, 1:15 to 11 P. M.
ETRAN'D (Washington street, between Park
and West Park) Vaudeville and moving
pictures; continuous.
ITRIC (Fourth and Stark) Lyric Company
in "The King of Bing Bong." This-afternoon
at 2:30 and tonight at 7:30.
On Sale at
Business Office. Oregonian.
Emploiment to Be Provided.' Pre
liminary conferences were held yes
te.rday by Captain James O. Convill, of
the Coast Artillery, former City Park
Superintendent, who has been sent to
Portland by the War Department to
aid in the reconstruction plan for re
turned soldiers. Captain Convill first
conferred with Mayor Baker, chairman
of the committee named recently by
Governor Withycombe to handle the
reception to Oregon's returning sol
diers. Captain Convill will take charge
of the work of providing employment
for the men who have left Oregon to
enter the service. Definite plans have
not been worked out, but the first
thing to be done will be the mailing of
a questionnaire to Oregon employers
of labor, in an effort to learn how
many Jobs will ' be available and also
If employers are preparing to give sol
diers their old positions. It is prob
able Captain Convill will establish
headquarters In the offices of the
United States Department of Labor, but
his work will take him to all parts of
the state.
German Aliens Hunted For. Johan
rua Paul Staps, a German alien enemy
who formerly lived In Portland, has
violated his parole to the Government,
and local police have been asked to
look for him. Staps landed at San
Francisco in August, 1914, after exten
sive travels in the Orient. He was ar
rested June 27, 1918. In the interval
between his landing and his arrest he
worked for a time in Portland. He was
paroled on condition that he work at
Yalraar, Mich. A circular to the police
says he worked there only one day.
Rernard Koedel, a coal passer in the
Navy, is listed as a deserter and the
police have been asked to look for him
Grace Memoriai. to Give Musical
Programme. A musical programme
will be given at Grace Memorial Church
tonight, Christmas eve, at 10 o'clock,
consisting of carols by the Junior
choir and special numbers. E. N. Strong
will sing "The Birthday of a King"
(Neidlinger); Mrs. Richard Mulholland,
"A Virgin's Lullaby" (Dudley Buck):
Mrs. Harold Bayley, "Silent Night,"
Shall Reign Forever" (Simper),
and "O, Holy Night" (Adam), with
soprano solos by Miss Edna Slater. The
choir will also sing "Gloria," from the
"Twelfth Mass" (Mozart). Mrs. II. C.
Day is director and organist.
Harold Love Again in Trouble.
Harold Love, a youthful Incorrigible,
three times relieved by parole from
sentences in the County Jail, was ar
rested again Sunday night at a down
town picture show by Jailer Roy Ken
dall who recognized him as one of his
former guests. Love was under suspi
cion for the burglary of his uncle's
house when about ?6, a revolver and a
watch were taken. He was taken to
the County Jail and held for investi
gation until yesterday morning when
he waived preliminary examination in
the District Court and was bound over
to the grand Jury by Judge Dayton.
Portland Hotel to Distribute Tots.
Christmas toys and candy will be
distributed to all children under 10
years of age tomorrow afternoon be
tween 2 and 5 o'clock at the Portland
Hotel according to announcement
made yesterday by the hotel manage
ment. A huge and gorgeous Christmas
tree has been erected in the lobby of
the hostelry. During Christmas after
noon there will be music by the hotel
orchestra especially for the Yuletide
revelers, big and little. The toy dis
tribution is an annual custom of many
years standing at the Portland Hotel.
Bat Rum Seller Set Free. Joseph
Ilorenstein, who was , convicted and
fined $500 in Municipal 'Court for boot
legging, was 'acquitted of the same
charge in the Circuit Court yesterday
when Judge Stapleton directed the Jury
to return a verdict of not guilty. The
court hold that the prosecution had
failed to prove a case. Horensteln, it
is charged, sold a quantity of bay rum
for liquor. The prosecution failed to
show that bay rum contains a suffi
cient quantity of alcohol to be classed
as an intoxicating liquor.
Clothing Thief Caught. Jack Swel
gert, charged with the larceny of a
quantity of clothing from the Ellwood
Poultry Company's store at Rockwood,
was arrested late Sunday night by
Deputy Sheriff Schirmer. It was re
ported to the Sheriffs office that some
of the stolen clothes were seen hang
ing on Sweigert's line. Swelgert
pleaded guilty and was bound over to
the grand Jury.
Prison Guard to Face Trial.
Charles S. Sheridan, former state prison
guard, who was indicted on a charge
of bribery, must face trial in the Cir
cult Court next month. Circuit Judge
Kavanaugh yesterday denied a demur
rer which counsel for Sheridan argued
during the morning. Sheridan, it is
alleged, ac6epted money from Fred A.
Matson, a-convict, to assist in procur
ing the tatter's release on parole.
Raspberries Harvested in December
It Is a widely known fact that roses
prow the year "around in Portland, but
it was recently learned by a number
of East Side residents that raspber
ries also may be picked from the
bushes here in late December. A thick
crop of the luscious looking fruit was
recently harvested from the bushes at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. Edmunds
12S6 East Thirteenth street North.
Widow N a m k d Administratrix.
Letters of administration on the estate
of Roscoe Rush Giltner, who died De
cember 14. were granted yesterday by
County Judge Tazwell to Fronia W.
Giltner, the widow. The estate was
said in the petition to consist of real
estate valued at $10,000 and personal
property value at $40,000. Mrs. Giltner
was stated to be the sole heir.
Wanted. One of the largest and
most modern bakeries in the city de
sires the services of a first-class baker
especially qualified in pastry and bread
making to take charge and manage. G
750. Oregonian. Adv.
Wht the Milk Cure? Ask the Moore
Sanitarium. An institution devoted to
doing one thing well. East 47. Office
08 Selling building. M. 6101. Adv.
Christmas Dances, Cotillion Hall.
Tonight, Prize Waltz.
Xmas Afternoon, 3 to 6 o'clock.
Xmas Night. 8 to 12. Adv.
The Bohemian Restaurant will serve
a. table de hote dinner on Christmas
day at $1.50 per plate, also a la carte
service as usual. Adv.
Christmas Dances, Cotillion Hall.
This Afternoon, 3 to 6;
Tonight, 8 to 12.
A Merrt Xmas to All. Adv.
Appropriate Christmas gifts reason
able. Portland Cutlery Company, S6
Sixth street, near Stark. Adv.
Frank L. Smith, 228 Alder st., will
Bell Studebaker truck, f 400. Adv.
Eight-Hour Dat Recommended.
Among the many other matters ad
vocated by the state consolidation com
mission's report is a recommendation
of an eight-hour day for all state offi
cials and Civil Service for the em
ployes. The only exception for the
Civil Service are the chief deputies.
The Commission also suggests that
there be an equalization of salaries and
wants to know why members of the
state board of chiropractic examiners
should receive $10 a day and examiner
in optometry receive but $5 a day. Also
the Commission wants to know why
the secretary of the state fair board
should be paid $300i a year and the
Food Administrator only $2000. There
are some features in the report which
promise to stir up the animals during
the Legislature.
Ten Autoists Are Fined. Ten per
sons wWe fined a total of $42 in the
Municipal Court yesterday for having
their automobiles improperly lighted.
Those fined and the sentences imposed
were: J. H. Goldstaub. $3; L. J. Win
ters, $5; P. Petters, $5; C. N. McMon
agle, $5; F. J. Breslin. $5; V. Edwards,
$2.50; James Frazer, $5: G. Saliday, $5;
H. A. Elder, $2.50. and C. Delfel, $4. S.
E. Huff was fined $5 for passing an
automobile at a street intersection. The
police had arrested about 100 persons
on various traffic charges, but most of
the defendants were allowed to go free
after conviction.
Epidemic Believed on Decline. Per
sonal observation of Influenza patients,
reports received from physicians and
the reporting of but 111 new cases of
the disease and 11 deaths' for 48 hours
past has made Dr. George Parrish con
fident that the epidemic in Portland is
on the decline and will soon be curbed
if the residents of the city will take
proper precautions. As an aid to stamp
ing out the disease, the Health Bureau
has announced that all new cases of
the influenza will be quarantined from
Dae In fnll (tla month.
"While peace Is near. It is nec
essary for the American people
to continue their expenditures on
the basis of a reasonable stand
ard of comfort, and to set aside
regularly and systematically a
portion of their Incomes for in
vestment In Government securi-"
ties. Continued economy must
still be our watchword."
Buy War Savings Stamps and
save for the day when your sol
dier boy comes home.
Invest your money In a Gov
ernment security at 47 com
pound Interest.
Encourage thrift by personal
example, and prevent expansion
of credit with consequent ten
dency to higher cost of living;.
Give War Savings Stamps In
stead of cash for Christmas pres
ents. Buy W. S. 8. to keep your
pledge which falls due In full
this month. Don't fall Uncle
Sam don't be a slacker!
State Director.
the date the disease is reported. In
the event that the physician fails to
report a case to the Health Bureau,
the quarantine must remain in effect
five days from the day that it is final
ly reported.
Chinese Lottert Proprietors Fined.
Judge Rossman renewed his cam
paign against Chinese lottery proprie
tors and gamblers yesterday. Imposing
fines totaling $590 on 13 prisoners.
Those fined and the amounts were:
Ah Louie, conducting lottery, $125; Ah
Ching, conducting lottery, $250, and the
following for gambling: N. Jacobsen,
$30; J. Glynn, $25: Sam Gerome, $10;
John. Cards, $25; H. Bailey, $10: C. A.
Myers, $25, C. Rood, $30, and G. Senunp
vich, $30. H. Henson. G. Lynn and J.
Smith were fined $10 each for visiting
the game. All were arrested by Pa
trolman Waddell.
Aliens Not Admitted. The United
States Civil Service Commission an
nounces that after December 31, 1918,
aliens will not be admitted to Civil
Service examination. Heretofore there
has been no distinction, but the war is
making a few changes in the Civil
Service rules as In other matters.
Henry Achille, 33, was arrested at
East Water street and Hawthorne ave
nue yesterday by Patrolman Schad on
complaint of G. F. McDougall, who ac
cused him of striking the 6-year-old
son of Mrs. Harvey Brewer. He was
chaiged with assault and battery.
Entertainment, dancing. Cotillion
Hall. Mon, Dec 30. Adv.
Dr. H. M. Hendershott, 1100 Journal
bldg, returned. Adv.
All Semblance of Sunday School
Picnic Eliminated From
"Spoilers" Scene.
Sunday was a wild afternoon and
evening at Baker Theater. "The
Spoilers" is known as a rough, red
blood drama and the actors so entered
into the spirit of the thing that after
the evening performances at least four
men reported minor injuries. The fol
lowing casualties were reported: Albert
McGovern, strained back and neck and
injured knuckle; Lee Miller, body
burned and arm badly scraped; Irving
Kennedy, cuts on arm, hand and face;
William Lee, both hands badly cut.
Stage Director Gilbert went after the
company roughshod at the close of the
matinee, saying the dance ball scene
was far too tame it was more like a
Sunday school picnic than the type of
living Rex Beach described in the
Klondike in '98, so when the third act
opened in the evening there was blood
on the moon, so to speak, and the
scrimmages followed by the fight be
tween McGovern and Millar became eo
realistic that . when it was all over
several actors were bleeding and bot
tles and mirrors, chairs and a table
had been smashed. Somebody had
stepped on the foot of the Alaskan
dog and he tore a perfectly good gown
Olive Templeton was wearing and
would have probably wreaked venge
ance on somebody in earnest if his
owner had not caught him in time. He
was tied up in the basement where his
howls added realism to the perform
ance for the rest of the show.
Jealousy, Cruelty and Desertion
Among Charges Alleged.
Jealousy and cruelty are alleged by
Sada J. Bowman, plaintiff in a suit for
divorce filed yesterday against Ru-
dotte Bowman, whom she married i
Portland, in 1913. She says her hus
band has attacked her frequently.
Practically the same charges are
made by Florence E. Brous against
Edgar W. Brous. former state prison
guard. They were married in Portland
in 1911 and have lived in Salem until
Cruelty and desertion are alleged
against AIno Taskila by Mary S. Ta
klla. They were married in 1904 and
have one child. Adelia Lahoie wants
a divorce from Adelord Lahoie o
charges of extreme cruelty. They were
married In 1888 and have four children.
She wants $60 a month in alimony.
Final suggestions in Gifts
that will be of daily use and
constant satisfaction for boys
and men.
Open this evening.
Neckwear, Gloves,
Socks, Handkerchiefs,
Bath and Lounging
Robes, Smoking Jack'
ets,Silk Shirts, Sweat'
ers, Knitted Vests,
Suspender and Garter .
Sets, Belts, Mufflers,
N i ghtwear, Under
wear, Hats, Caps,
Mackinaws, Slippers,
' Traveling Bags, Suit
cases, Collar Bags,
Umbrellas, Suits,
Overcoats, Shoes.
Any selection put up in
'Pretty Christmas Boxes
and Wrappers.
Morrison at Fourth
S. & H. Stamps Given
man, who is accused and is said to
have confessed to using Mayor Baker's
car on several occasions for Joyriding
purposes. Commissioner Bigelow said
yesterday that Evans had taken sev
eral soldiers and two girls on an au
tomobile ride one night last week.
"I do not desire to deal harshly with
Evans," said Commissioner Bigelow,
"but the using of city-owned vehicles
for Joyrides must end, and for that
reason this man has been turned over
to the District Attorney to appear
before the grand Jury."
Evans has been discharged from the
city's service.
On December 27 and 28. 1918, com
mencing at 9 A. M., I will sell at public
auction to highest and best bidder on
account of Lieutenant Harry N. Bow
ler, property offices. Bureau of Air
Craft Production, at Seattle Coal &
Fuel Company's stables, 1333 Weller
street, between 13th avenue South and
Rainier boulevard, Seattle, Wash.
The following, to wit:
Eleven (11) head work horses from
1300 to 1700 pounds. Six sets double
harness, 1 wagon, complete without
Also for account Slems, Carey. H.
S. Kirbaugh Corp.:
Ninety horses, 1000 to 1700 pounds, 16
sets work harness, 22 stock saddles
and bridges, 61 pack saddles, 8 Hum
boldt pack saddles. 21 wagons, com
plete without beds, and other miscel
laneous teams and stable equipment.
farmers and contractors should not
fail to attend this sale.
Owner reserves right to reject anv of
all bids.
Terms of sale are cash. 10 per cent
deposit required from all bidders.
B. LEVY. Auctioneer.
1007 American Bank Bldg., Seattle. Adv
Slacker Finds His Record Bars Him
From His Desire.
Because he had demanded exemption
from military duty on the ground that
he was an alien, Johan Haggstrom,
aged 28, a native of Sweden, was denied
the right of becoming an American citi
zen when Presiding Judge Tucker, of
the Circuit Court, yesterday dismissed
Haggstrom s petition for final citizen
ship papers.
Judge Tucker heard Haggstrom ad
mit he wanted to become a citizen but
did not care about wearing an Ameri
can uniform.
"Dismiss this case," thundered the
court. ."1 don't care to hear any more
of it."
Haggstrom is married and has one
child. He might have been exempted
from military, duty because of their
dependency, but the records show he
used his alien status to keep him out
of the Army.
Entertainment and Dance Planned
for January 15 at Auditorium.
A combination entertainment and
dance for the purpose of raising funds
for the welcome to Oregon soldiers is
planned for January 15 at the Audi
torium. In ohaxge of the affair will
be the united auxiliaries reception
committee, which Is working in co-operation
with the committee headed by
Mayor Baker in providing a welcome
for the boys.
According to tentative plans as out
lined by the reception committee, which
is headed by Mrs. G. L. Williams, the
entertainment will last from 7:30 to 9
P. M., when the dancing will begin.
Every effort will be made for a large
attendance. Extra attractions of all
kinds are promised by those In charge.
All Ready to Wear.
Men! I save you the high rent profit.
Come upstairs. Save your money. Jimmy
Dunn, 2d floor, Broadway and Aider.
We buy or sell. We advance money at
7 per cent to keep up your payments.
We loan up to 90 per cent of their face
value. Elwood Wiles Co., 231 U. S. Nat'l
Bank Bldg. Adv.
We wiffh to thank the Portland Musi
clans' Union. No 99, and also our many
friends for the beautiful floral pieces
and kindness during our bereavement
of our son and nephew.
We wish to thank our many friends
and relatives for sympathy they have
shown and for the many beautiful flo
ral offerings tendered our bov and
brother, Walter. FRED SOLE Y.
R. H". Warfield, Gus Emerick and
George Fifer Enter Picas of Guilty
and Avoid Standing; Trial.
Jail sentences Instead of fines were
given to R. H. Warfield, Gus Emerick
and George Fifer, accused of smug
gling liquor into Oregon in carboys
marked "acid." Despite the pleas of
the attorneys representing the de
fendants, the court refused to Impose
fines, declaring there were no extenu
ating circumstances. Mr. Warfield was
sentenced to Jail for three months, Mr.
Emerick for two months ant Mr. Fifer
for one month. Each entered a plea
of guilty to avoid standing trial.
It developed yesterday that of the 12
carboys loaded with liquor in San
Francisco, nine were filled with un
adulterated water when they arrived in
Portland. All the time the dozen car
boys were in transit on a freight car a
representative of the Department of
Justice was traveling with the ship
ment. United States Attorney Haney
states that someone In California
knew what was in the carboys and ex
tracted the liquor before it was loaded
on a car by a transfer man. Before the
whisky was turned Into water it was
worth, at current bootleg quotations,
According; to Mr. Haney, the ship
ment was the third that has been engi
neered by tho trio. The first was in
February and the second iu October.
The attorney for Mr. Warfield In
formed the court that his client had
craved for liquor and had aided in the
conspiracy only to satisfy his thirst.
Mistletoe and Evergreen Tree Also
More Popular Than in
Other Tears.
With ths supply of mistletoe, holly
and Christmas trees and boughs fully
30 per cent greater than ever before,
the demand for these holiday essentials
has soared far beyond expectations.
This was the opinion yesterday of lead
ing dealers, who wers facing a short
age in many of the usual green dec
orations, in which Oregon abounds. But
with all the demand, there has been
little or no profiteering, say tho deal
ers. Prices are about the same or slightly
higher than usual, though prices of
other commodities have in many
cases doubled.
Holly has never been present in such
large quantities, it Is said. This is the
banner year for one of Oregon's ban
ner outputs. Retail prices still are
around 60 and 75 cents a pound.
Mistletoe, too, has left the state In
good quantities, though thts product is
not so adaptabje to shipment.
This year the berries on both the
mistletoe and holly are said to be un
usually abundant and full. It Is the
best holly year ever experienced, it
is said, while mistletoe also Is good
in quality.
Klamath Falls Spaniard Arrested.
KLAMATH FALLS. Or., Deo. 23.
(Special.) Bootlegging in the fullest
sense of the word is tho charge
brought against John Rodugues. a
Spaniard, who was arrested here on
his arrival last night with a pint of
L (yjiLrim-.
v -
rlWrp ni ijp iff nltiraij Sit&x&mt,
urogfe iunmjttrp? auunw, attXrrmtti1 itx
ratridmttHii W lijgHra: front
in ij? nmtttuj; ratur ntaiji rapm
"spirits frumenti in each boot, mors
in his trouser leg and a good-sized
demijohn concealed in a crate of cel
ery which he carried. Rodugues had
been arrested the first of the week
and fined in Justice Court for having
liquor in his possession, snd seeing
him arrive from Dorris, jtst over the
state line, aroused the suspicions of
the officers. He declared he brought
In the goods as a remedy for rheuma
tism from which he suffered.
Portland Man to Spend Holidays
With Parents Then Return to Duty.
Lieutenant Frank B. Upshaw, who,
before going Into the service, was as
sistant manager of the Ladd Estate
here, is spending Christmas in the city.
He assisted in rectruiting the Second
Battalion of Oregon Naval Militia under
Lieutenant Harold C. Jones and was
mustered Into Federal service August
9. 1917, at United States Naval training
camp, Seattle, Wash.
Lieutenant Upshaw went into service
as an Ensign but was commissioned as
Lieutenant, J. g.. September 1. During
most of the present year Lieutenant
Upshaw has been executive officer of
U. S. Naval training camp. Seattle, and
at one time had some 600 men under
For Your Christmas Dinner
BEVO The triumph of all
eoft drinks, can still be had
at your dealer; if he can't sup
ply you we will deliver it.
THEONET Sparkling cham
pagne Grape Juice, Red and
White. The great dinner
and banquet beverage, all the
fizzle and sparkle of the
finest champagne. A flavor
too delightful to describe
aristocratic and dignified.
Quart and pint bottles.
"The House of Quality Beverages."
105-107 12th St. Phone Bdwy. 4072 or A 1004
"Dreamin' 'Bout Dat Great
Big Christmas Tree"
is proving to be the biggest song hit that Portland has
known for several years. Over 1000 copies were sold yester
day, and a second edition of 5000 copies is being rushed
through the presses.
If you haven't heard it sung or played at the Liberty
Theater this week, it will be cheerfully demonstrated for
you at any of these music stores:
Remick's Song Shop
Vouched for by Arthur H. Meyers,
for ye Keeper of ye Inne, whyche
is at ye sign of ye great Lanthorn,
at ye place where Broadwaye
crosses Stark streete, in ye towne
his Jurisdiction. Lieutenant Upshaw
is in the city visiting with his parents
during the holidays and will return to
duty at Seattle upon completion of his
visit here.
We wish to thank our many friends
for their kindness and sympathy during
the death and burial of our beloved
mother, Mrs. King.
Adv. MR. J. O. BOYLE.
Roast Turkey 60c
Cranberry Sauce
Roast Goose 50c
Apple Sauce
All the delicacies of the season,
Sterling; quality for less.
Sterling Cafeteria
-81 Stark St., Bet. 4th and 5th.
PLE JUICE Champagne
style refreshing and delight
ful a real Holiday drink that
will please everybody. Buy it
by the case put up in quart
and pint bottles.
NIA WINE without alcohoL
The Joy drink of no regrets.
Have all the fan without the
headache. Sparkling Red and
Sparkling White you will
charm your dinner friends
with this perfect table drink.
Buy it by the case or in
single bottles, quarts or pints.
Order Early We Deliver.
isV ' ft- .
COURTESY, comfort,
homelike atmosphere
at moderate prices,
whether for the day, week
or month.
Absolutely fireproof.
Centrally located.
Convenient to all earllnea and
points of Interest.
Refined n d vubitaatlal fur.
nlshlngs ckeerful and inviting.
Portland. Orea-oa.
The SEWARD Is s new. modern an
elegamly appointed hotel, possessing
one ot liie most beautitul corner lob
bies in the Northwest. Located at
30th and Alder sts.. opposlts Olds.
Wortman & King's big department
store lu heart ot retail and theater
district. Kates, tl snd up. Bus
meets all trains. "W car also runs
from t'nlon Depot direct to Hotel
SBWAKD. W. M Saward Pnn.
Visiting Buyers JJ
in Portland
Should jmsss. o
First Find . ra a.Hi;:
way to mmM
LiOme litis
. ComHiun, 1 resident.
II. K. Hetchcr. MaimKrr.
Turk and Aldvr. I'nnlanil, Or.
Spc iwl rates by the week or month.
446 Vahinrtn Street.
r-irr, airy rooms, elegantly lumljM. In
heart of retail and thtatr district. Strictly
modern, aboulutely fireproof, clean and quin
surroundings. Rooms without bath. $1.00.
lionmi wit rt bath, $ I SO and up. Our $1.i
rooms equal to any $1.50 rooms In tti city.
Our rooms with bath At $1 .10 equal to any
$2.00 in city. Special rates by week or
month. Best rooms tn city for tha money.
OTerlookinp the grand old Partflc
Ocean at Clatsop Bench, Seaside.
Oregon, la the ideal place to expend
the holidays. Kvery arranKement
has been made for the comfort and
pleasure of our guetls. Trains leave
North Hank Station at S:o0 A. M.
and 6:15 1'. M.
A Moderate-Hrlr-rd Hotel of Merit
Ksvat Morrison St. and Cast Sixth.
tt.OO I'or liar. Two In Room ti.Sn.
Pianos and Talking Machines
All other Musical - In
struments Ti.e paired.
I'oiished. Etc.. by
Kxnert "Workmen.
Very reasonable l'rieea
All "Work Juarsmei.
Kntrsnre 87 WaAhlDsT'a
V 1 ' WsKHBfc
- fianoa
v.Tij Pianos. P
" bl fr '
Ptanoa and rlaytr-
rloea reason
expert work.
Jlayfia Get
Cor. P.Ttb and Mnrriwm,
' reflnf&hed by a. new atid
better process for leas
money. Tuning and
act ion rerulatinjc.
3K aralnll M.
Piano liouKht, Ken ted. Sold.
Wanted Chairs to Cane
by School for Blind
Mar. Bonn or
Bast eooa.
Mr. J.F.Myers
Phone Your Want Ads lo
Main 7070 A 6095
'Ji Claw
' ' I Bldg.
1 i L ."..-uj