Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 18, 1918, Page 8, Image 8

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Officers and Soldiers of North
west Cited for Bravery.
Fearless Courage and Initiative of
Major William A. AIrd, of Ta
coma, Highly Landed.
"WASHINGTON", Dec. 17. The commander-in-chief
of the American ex
peditionary forces In France and Bel
rlum, in the name of the President, has
awarded the distinguished service cross
to the following: named officers and sol
diers for the acts of extraordinary hero
Ism described after their names:
Major William A. Aird. 348th Machine
Gun Battalion. For extraordinary hero
ism in action between the Meuse River
and the Argonne Forest, France, Sep
tember 26. to October 4, 1918, Major
Aird repeatedly reorganized the Infan
try on the left flank of his division see
tor, and by his sound tactics and good
judgment, kept the attack progressing?
against snipers, machine-gun nests, and
artillery. Ue personally on several oc
casions went forward to reconnolter
and then led the attack against the dis
covered positions. He captured three,
enemy 77-millimeter suns, and by'
sighting' through the bore, turned their
fire on hostile emplacements and machine-gun
nests, destroying many such
nests. His fearlessness, courage, and
initiative were an inspiration and ex
ample to those under him, and to his
efforts much of the splendid progress
on this portion of the field was due.
Home address, Mrs. Ora Belle Aird,
Ingleslde Apartments, Tacoma, Wash.
Personal Dansrer Disregarded.
Sergeant Ralph Kthier, Headquarters
Company, 361st Infantry. For extraor
dinary heroism in action near Gesnes,
France, September 26, 1918. Sergt.
Etiier, who was in charge of the signal
section attached to the attacking bat
talion, displayed remarkable coolness
and disregard for personal danger in
bringing the battalion telephone line
through heavy artillery and machine
gun fire to the ridge which was being
attacked, and there establishing com
munication with regimental headquar
ters. Home address, Dan Ethier, 14
South Date street, Toppenish, Wash,
Supply Sergeant Abraham Thord,
Company B. 361st Infantry. For extra
ordinary heroism in action near Gesnes,
France, September 28, 1918. Sergeant
Thord, although badly wounded, crawled
BOO meters under heavy shell fire to
deliver important papers to his com
pany commander. Home address, Nath
an Levine, friend, Rexburg. Idaho.
Tacoma Cook la Honored.
Cook Reginald Johnson, Company B,
S6l8t Infantry. For extraordinary hero
ism In action near Gesnes, France, Sep
tember 29-October 1, 1918. Under'heavy
shell fire, and badly wounded, he con
stantly assisted for three days in cook
ing for an entire battalion In the front
line. Home address, Lewis Johnson,
friend, 5110 Forty-fifth street, Tacoma,
Pharmacist's Mate Third Class George
Douglas Witt, United States Navy, at
tached to Sixth Machine Gun Battalion,
United States Marine Corps. For extra
ordinary heroism in action near St.
Etlenne-Arnes, France, October 6, 1918.
Pharmacist's Mate Witt displayed re
markable bravery and coolness In giv
ing medical aid to wounded marines
while going forward with the assault
waves during the attack north of Blanc
Mont Ridge and near St. Etienne-Arnes,
France, on October 6, 1918. Late in the
afternoon on the same date, while giv
ing first aid to a wounded marine in an
advance machine-gun post, he was shot
ind seriously wounded by an enemy
sniper. Home addre. G. M. Witt, Har
rington, Wash.
Ealem Man Takes Office Following
Resignation of Mr. Mulkey, Who
Was Elected for Short Term. .
ington, Dec 17. Charles L. McNary
was sworn In today as successor to
the Senatorial term made vacant by
the death of the late Senator Lane.
This is the third ad interim occupancy
of the term for whlch Mr. Lane was
elected. Mr. McNary was appointed to
serve until Mr. Lane's successor could
be elected. Mr. Mulkey was elected
and served until today, when his regis-
' nation took effect. Mr. MfNary again
was appointed ot fill out thee Lane.
Mulkey unexpired term.
Mr. McNary was assigned to all his
former committee positions, except that
on Indian affairs. He ranks below
Senator Spencer from Missouri, who
was assigned to that committee whil
Mr. McNary was out of the Senate.
Mr. McNarys Committees are Indian
affairs, public lands. Irrigation, manu
factures. Pacific railroads, Philippines,
, public helath and expenditures in the
Department of Commerce.
- French Sailors to Be Entertained.
SAN JUAN, Porto Rico, Dec 17. The
French cruisers Glolre and De Saix, in
command of Admiral Grout, have ar
rived here for a three days' visit. The
Government authorities are arranging
many entertainments for the sailors. -
Marshall Presides Over Cabinet.
WASHINGTON, Dec 17. Vice-President
Marshall presided over the regu
lar Tuesday Cabinet meeting again
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snowy wnsig:
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Pehi, Gustav, Everett. Wash.
Kraus, A. V Auburn, Wash.
Zeyen, William J., Rltzvllle. Wash.
Kins, Joseph, Seattle, Wash.
Brauer, Henry. Tacoma. Wash.
Peterson. A roe (SgL), Sllyerdale. Wash.
Towle, F. G. (Sgt.). Seattle, Wash,
Stanforth. Harry H. (Cpl.), Tacoma, Wash.
Clark, Earl E. (Cpl.), Sprtngdale. Wash.
Marsh, William H., Tacoma, Wash. .
Yancey. E. J Tacoma.. Wash.
Level. John A. (Cpl.), Davenport, Wash.
Parkhlll. L). U. (Sift.), Keno, Wash.
Linden, Albert. Spokane, Wash.
Uresnahan, Raymond, Colvllle. Wash.
Coyle, F. R.,- Vancouver, Wash.
Gebler. Al O. (Cpl.), Seattle, Wash.
Frios. Adam (Wag.), Walla Walla. Wash.
Wounded (degree -undetermined)
Hller, C A. (SgL). Seattle Wash.
Larrick. S. T. CpL). Spokane, Wash.
Sklllen. B. E., Monroe.' Wash.
Blalsdell, H. L. (Cpl.). Seattle. Wash.
Snyder, D. A., Genesee, Idaho.
Clink. Frank, Republic, Wash,
Mounded slightly
Strubba, Edward. Seattle. Wash.
Davis, B. L., Coulee City, Wash.
Lyons, Harry K. (CapL), Tacoma,. Wash.
French, Ralph W, Colfax, Wash.
Hickey, Harry A. Hartford. Wash, ,
Hadley, Jess B., Wilkinson, Wash, i
Klrby, A. L. (Sgt.).- Centralla. Wash,
Bjork. G. L. Snohomish, Wash.
Fleury. R. L. (Cpl., Bellingham. Wash.
Nvstrom; Alvtn L. Goldendale, Wash.
Zbinden, Charles, Walla Walla, Wash.
Colgren. Arthur C Spokane, Wash. ,
Missing In action
Bubblns. W. 8. (Cpl.). Ferndale. Wh.
Ruth. Albert J. (Cpl.), Seattle. Wash.
Kallsbexg. Oscati Tacoma, Wash.
Killed hi ae-Mon
Weeks. W. H. (SgL). Shoefeoaa, Idafea.
HuletL M. A-, Drlgga Idaho.
McMillan. Fred, Richfield, Idas.
led of disease
Allen, William II.. King Bill. Ida.
Wounded severely '
Brooks, C. F.. Hazalton. Idaho.
Chrlstensen. Roy A. (Cpl.). Payatta, Idaho,
Thomas. F. S.. Irwin. Idaho.
Lyons, Paul O.. Coeur d'Aleno. Idaho.
Mitchell. Robert J., Council, Idaho.
Freemanalbert, Lester (LL). Moscow, Ida.
Wight. Wllford. Molad. Idaho.
Prentice. L. A.. Buhl. Idaho.
Wounded slightly
Jenness. Herold (Lt). Narnpa, In a ho.
Vess. H. H. (Set.). Dubois, Idaho.
Stuart. F. C, Boise, Idaho.
Bullock. Clarence. Kooskla, Iflsho.
Hagers, Amund, Harrison, Idaho.
Bruegeman. Anton. Cottonwood. Idaho.
Cook. Frank. Pt. Maries. Idaho.
Nefsay. J. J.. Black Bear. Idaho.
Wounded (degree undetermined)
Crawford, O. W., Emmett, Idaho.
Hall. W. J., Emmett. Idaho.
Wounded, degree undetermined (.previous
ly reported missing)
Smith. Austin S.. Rupert, laano.
Aliasing in action . .
Paver. .1 T. Rarie. Idaho.
Thrall. Dewey O. (Cpl.). Cambridge, Idaho.
Killed In action (previously reponea miss
ing) Schooler, Irvta J.. Genesee. Idaho.
Killed In action-
Andrews. 8. E. (Lt.). Out, Ala.
Cole, Stern C. (Mus.), Whitfield, AhV,
Anderson. Montgomery, Ala.
Klng. John H. Tyler, Ala.
Betooks. E. T., Georglana, Ala.
Iiel of disease
Reddock, Ollle. Letohatchee, Ala.
Marshall. Earnest. Wlnfleld. Ala.
Jackson. Lou C, Marion. Ala.
Killed In action
Murphy. C. H. (SgL). eafTord, Aruv
Killed in action
Beumer. J. H. (Cpl ). Coal HTH. Ark.
Chandler, Joel L.. Nashville, Ark.
Died of dlHease
James. John. Lams, Ark.
White, James B-, Banner, Ark.
Killed In action
Delarlo, C E. (Capt.), Los Angeles, CaL
Burrows. C. A. (Sgt.), Ventura, Cat.
Baslne. John, Bradley. Cal.
McLaughlin, Cland F, San Praaclaeok Cal.
IMeri of wound
Narvles, Daniel, San Jose, CaL
Died of accident-
Statu. E. F. Lt.), Los Angeles, Cal.
fried of disease
Martin, John J, Los Angeles, CaL
Died of d lnease
Smith. Ehen L. (Lt.), Denver, Cole.
Pickett, Edwin P.. Lake City. Colo.
Killed In action
Lock wood, R. E. (Sgt.). Bridgeport, Conn.
Buckner, Paul, New Haven, Conn.
Berggren, Frederick V., Ansonia, Conn.
Died of disease
Gagun, Emll (Sgt.), Seymour, Conn.
Ferron, Frederick (Sgt.), Ansonls, Conn
Clark. James F. (Cpl.), Bridgeport, Conn.
Colano, Tony (Cpl.). Hartford. Conn.
Downs. Edward P. (Cpl.). Longhlll, Conn.
Barber, O. P. (Cpl.). Warehouse Point. Conn.
Walter, Victor P., Meriden, Conn.
Died of disease
Grace, H. G. (CpL). Panama City, Fla,
Killed In action
Adams. John W Omega, Oa.
Livelky. A. E Tallapoosa, Ga.
Died of disease
Jones. J. T. (Sgt.), Homervllle, Ga,
Clrghorn, F. (Mecti ). Sugar Valley, Ga.
Newsom, Lewis C. Tennille. Ga.
Mathls. Sidney J Ramburst, Ga.
Atkinson, Lonnie A. Lawrenceville, Ga.
' Killed in action
Crowley, S. L., Oak Park, ITL
Staeheli, Otto (Lt.), Chicago, TIL
Busey. C. B. (Lt.), Urbana. III. t
Lence, Loren (CpL), East St. Loula TIL
Hansen. P. A. (Wag). Chicago, 11L
Stade, Henry W Chicago, IU.
Llllvik, Charles, Chicago, 111.
Hansen, Elmer C, East Moltne, IU.
Jakubowski, Adam, Chicago. ' -
Grivettl, Peter. Westville. 111.
Nelson. A. W., Sycamore, IU.
Lucy, George, Chicago.
Jones. Curtis. Xenla, I1L
Died of wounds
Kozel, Eddie (Cpl.), Chicago.
Wiley, 'Clarence E., Toledo, IU.
Rolish. Stanley, Chicago, I1L
Died of !M-i-idcnt
Blckerell. Earl F. (CpL), Btark, m.
Died of cliMeaite
KUborn. Harland (Lt.), Casey, m.
Wright, C. L. (Sgt.), Peoria, III.
Wilson. Charles (Sgt.). Altamont. IIL
Stodghlll. C. O. (Sgt.), Johnson City, 111.
Zimmerman, Ramond. Chicago.
Williams. George (Cpl.), Barry, IIL
Lynn. John E., ChanUlervltle, 111.
Lundgren. Walter E., Chicago, 111.
Cavanaugh. Peter J., Chicago, IU.
Roy, Casey, Creal Springs. IIL
Bransky, Peter. Cntcago. 111.
Blom, Gustat H.. Chicago, 111.
Wlnanskl. Joseph, Westville, HL
Killed In action
Lockyear, M. S. (Lt.), Clrlsney, Tnd.
Allison. R. F. (Set.). Kokomo. Ind.
Voyls, Kent, Ellzaheth-town, Ind.
Rltter. John v., auddletown, lnL
Madar7 Clarence. Rochester, lad.
Gray.' Carl, Anderson, Lpd.
inea or wouna
Rellly, John V Knobbs, Ind.
Died, of disease
Johnson, L D. (Mus). Marshfleld, Tnd.
Bueli. Grace G. (Nursei. Roanoke, Ind..
Schilling. Carl, Acton, Ind.
Killed In action
Thorson, T. C Inwood, Iowa. '
Glss. W. A., Denlson, la.
Died of wounds m
Florman, Alfred C, Jefferson, la.
Killed In action
Martin, Leroy (Sgt), Baoden. Kan.
Harvey, Charles (Cpl.). Qulnter. Kan.
Reach. A. T. (cpl.). Mancnester. tvaa.
Sheoherd Ralph E., Deertleld. Kan.
Stockwell. Christopher Stafford, Kaa.
ied of wotinds
Sever. Noble E., Atchison,-Kan.
Hoffman, Aryle C Reece, Kan.
lied off disease
Mundell. W. T. (Capt.), Hutchinson. Kan.
Bates, Vernon K. (Lt.). Manhattan. Kan.
Chllds, Alonzo C. (Sgt-). Atchison, Kan.
Killed In action '
Stewart, Comer (Cpl.). HopklnsvlTle, Ky.
Wright. L. C. (Cpl.), Erlavger, Ky.
Mitchell, W. R., Danville, Ky.
Brewer. George, Wllhurst, Ky.
Died of wounds
Hampton. Elwood (CpL), Volga, Ky.4
Hall, John P.. Ashland, Ky.
Ball, Elbert, Henderson, Ky.
Died of disease
Bedinger. John (Capt.), Anohorage. Ky.
Thompson. Paul E. (Lt.), Versailles, Ky.
Hay, David P. (Sgt.), Campbellsville, Ky.
Larimore, J. W. (Mus.), Horse -Cave, KV.
Robinson. Joseph, Zelda, Ky.
McGee, Charles. Hickman, Ky.
Ckstle, Robert, Lowmeansvtllei . Ky. -LOUISIANA.
Died of wonnds
Bordolon. 'Lincoln, Bordelonvllle, La.
Died of dicane
Stewart, James (Sgt.). 'Monroe, La.
MAINE. . '
Died of disease I
Lunt, H. 8. (Cpl.), Chenyflelo, . Ma,
Killed In actios
Zlnk, L. C. (Sgu). Cockeysvllle, Md.
Dunkerly, M, L. (Sgt.), Halethorpe. Ml
Heinbuck, F. F. (Cpl ). Baltimore. Md. .
Gunther, Henry W Baltimore, Md.
Simms. MarshaJL Baltimore,
liel of disease
Wlland. Cyrus (Sgt.). Lonaeonlng, Md.
Sullivan. C. E. (Sgt.), Woodenburg. Mi
Brown. G. A. (Wag.), Warren, Md.
Killed In action
Marsh. E. D. Lt.)..Westboro. Mass.
St. Germain. W. C. (Mus.). Worcester.
McAnaugh. W. H.. Bridgewater. Mass.
Pomeroy, James L.. Cambridge, Mass.
McDonald, Archie, Ft. Falrchlld. Mass.
Musto, Angelo B., Manstleld. Mass.
McGraiL Frank, Worcester, Mass.
Died of woun ilm
Brown. L. C. (Lt.). Bridgewater, Mass.
Anderson, J. C. (Sgt.), Worcester, Mass.
Hartnett. "W. F. (Cpl.). East Dedham. Masa
Strong, Glaaford E-. Northhampton, Mass. -
Dieil of disease t
Prouty. Theodore lB, (Lt), Seltuate, .Masa ,
O'Nell, Gilbert W. (Sgt.). Gloucester. Masa
Foster, W. S. (Sgt.). RoJtbury. Mass.
NelL Ernest H. (CpL), Whitman. Masa
Campbell, John (CpL), Andover. Mass.
Killed In action
Fnrloag, H. A. (Lt.), Detroit, Mich.
Goebel, G. F. (Lt. , Jackson. Ml h.
Baynard. John, Pontlac Mich.
Brltton. G. H-. Plttsford. Mich.
OzdarskL J. S.. Detroit, Mich.
llrd of wounds
Ford. A. D. (Lt.). TpsllanU. Mich.
Ward. James CpL). Ionia, Mloh.
Asselln. Kmlle J. Calumet. Mich.
Died of disease
Joseflak. Walter John. Detroit. Mica.
Killed la action
Rathert. H. A. (Set.). Mora, Kmn,
GammelL W. ' 8. (Set.). Madison, Mhaa.
Gutofskl. Charles (CpL), Chaaka, Minn,
Olson. P. EL. Little Falla Minn.
Hsnnlng. J. B.. North MlnneapeUa Mtasv
Died of rtloeaa
Medlnnl. Charles (Lt.). St. Paul. lOna
Gallagan. B. J. (Sgt.). Minneapolis. Ubm,
Olsen. Joseph. EL. Cambridge. Minn.
Momb. Eddie C, Rochert. Minn.
Hertrlch. Ernest M. Hamburg, Minn.
Grothe. Martin. Pine City. Minn.
Godlesky. Konstantln, Minneapolla Minn.
Chriatansen. Lars J-. Grove CKy. Minn.
Died of airplane accident ,
Brooks. W. H. (Lt,), Columbus, Mlsa,
Died of d I .en i
Tnbervllle, Vernon, Osyka. Mlsa
Killed In action
Shurron. Jeffry (Sgt.), Koshkonang. Mo.
Gray. K. E. (CpL). Maryvllle. Mo.
Bennett. Carl L.. St.' Loula Mo.
Schooling, Clarence E. Clark. Mo.
Dandridge, Leon. St- Louis, Me.
Rueter, Fred F., Bland, Mo.
Wurth, Joseph, Jr., St Louis, Me
Falkner. V. A, Rolla, Mo. -
Died of wounds
Hootman.. Frank (Cpl.), Mlrabrie, Me.
Bmoot, Charlie O. Downing, Mo.
IHed of diwease
Lame. Ben V. M. (Capt.). Kansas City. Mo.
Broyles, Watklns A. (Lt.). Bethany. Mo.
Youngberg. C H. (Sgt ). Kansas City. Mo.
Walker, J. V. (Sgt.), Plattsburg. Mo.
Smith. O. O. (Sgt.), Gideon, Mo.
Wlsklrchen, Henry C. (Cpl.). Ewlng. Mo.
Lobban. James L. (CpL), Warrensburg. Mo.
Courtney, R. B. (Mech.). St. Clair. Mo.
Debouny, Thomas A-. St. Louts, Mo.
Brown, Charles, Norwood. Mo.
Killed In action
Pedorchuk. Fred P-. Great Pans. Mont.
Craig, P. F., Hllger, Mont.
Bolte. F. H Sidney, Mont.
Haughlan, M. F., Degrande, Monk
Died of wonnas
Llllern. Conrad (CpL). Portage, Mont.
Hasenauer. R. J. (CpL), Portage, Mont.'
Died of discMMe
Tucker, Frederick 8., Boseman, Mont.
Wounded severely (erroneously reported
died of disease)
Corblt, Harold F., Ubby. Mont.
Largas, Alvln E Belt. Mont.
Killed In action
Conley. Lsonard. Omaha, Neb. ' -
Died of wounds
Taylor. Arthur C. (Sgt.), Lincoln, Neb.
Died of dtHcase
Hagelin, Paul A. (CpL), Waho. Neb.
Slapnlcka. John. Southslde Omaha, Neb.
Scott, William H-. Lincoln. Neb.
Killed In action
Brown, R. R. (CpL), TJtlca, N. T.
Smart, D. 8. (Lt), Cambridge. N. T.
Morehouse. L. S. (Lt.). Fulton, N. Z. '
Klnne, F. N. (Lt.). DelhL N. T.
Connolly. D. M. (Lt.). Brooklyn. X. X.
Ruane. E. T. '(SgL). Cohoes, NJ Y.
Gles. W. E. (Sgt.).. New Tork.
Brlggs. R, A. (Sgt.), Blnghamton. 1. T.
Albrecht, George (Sgt.), Brooklyn. N. T.
Rosenwald. Andres (CpL), Brooklyn, N. T.
Gray, Robert (CpL). Brooklyn. N. T.
rolejl, J. J. (Cpl.), New York.
Dolan, B. L. (Cpl.), Lockport. N. T.
Carson. J. P. C. (CpL). Brooklyn. N.T.
Moore. H. R. (CpL), New York.
Miller. R, D. (CpL). Ballvllle. N. X.
Martin, L'-L (CpL). Lyons. N. T.
Maronex. J. L. (Cpl.). Buffalo. N. T.
Dunkel. Joseph (CpL), Corona, N. Tr
Bentley. R. E. (CpL), Horseheada. N. T.
Gero. F. A. (cook). Malone. N. Y.
Jack. J. D. (Bugl). Tlcondemga, N. Y
Battaglla, Salvatore, New York.
Sallsbery, Stephen C, Pyrites, N. T.
Hennessy, W. J.. Brooklyn. N. Y.
Cregg. N. A.. Perryvllle. N. Y.
Epstein. Morris. New York. N. Y.
Hagen, John J., New. York.
Trelano, Domenico, New York.
Wetner. Benjamin, New York.
Will". H. S. K.bnrf, N Y.
Patalano, Vincent. Brooklyn. N. T, .
Lynch. J. L., Brooklrn. N. T. -Clear.
J. F Brooklyn. N. Y -OllqulSt,
E. H Brooklyn, N, T,
Noonan, W. J., Brooklyn. N? Y,
Died of wounds
Mlnton, C. A. (Lt), New York.
Jagger, H. R. (Lt.), New York. '
McKevett, C. P. (Sgt.), Perry. N. T.
Burns. Robert (Sgt.), Cold Springs, jr. T.
McGraw. Charles W. (CpL). Herkimer. N. T.
Slelsky. Louis (Cpl.). Brooklyn, N. Y
Drago. Cologgla, New York.
Died from accident ,
Ronnon. Robert, Jr. (SgL). Elrrurford, N. T.
Reber. Charles H. (CpL); Brooklyn, N. Y.
Died of diHcane
Steinhllber. C. W. (Lt.). Watertown. N. Y.
Legos. Stephen (Sgt.), Blnghamton, N. Y.
Sullivan. E. M- (fgu). Brooklyn. N. Y.
Tomllnson. J. H. (Wgt. ), Brooklyn. N. Y.
G11L John A. (Cpl.), Ghent. N. Y.
Barnes. C. T. (CpL), Port Chester. N. IV
Schwaner. Harry W-, Brooklyn, N. Y.
McCloskey, John S-. New York.
Burke, James L. Oswego. N. Y.
Killed In action
Marsh. A. D. (Cpt.). Newark X. J.
KalLy. K. A. (Lt-). Glenrldge. N. J.
Maresca. C. F. (Col.). Jersey Cltv. N J
Carpenter. 8. A. (Cnl.). Milan X- t
Cieanulowicx, John. Trenton. N. J.
osapio. uiovanny. Orange, N J
Lloyd, G. E.. Wlldwood, N. J.
Cayton, Lee. Jersey City, N. X.
Murray, Peter. Trenton. N. J.
Died of wounds
Drabble. W. W. (SgL). Newark. N. J.
MangtalomlnL Joseph (CpL). Btranm, N.
Stokley. R. G. (CpL). Maplewood. N. J.
Douglass. Henry (CpL). Englewood. N. J.
'tea or accident
ord. Benjamha P. fLt-). XL Orange. W- J.
Died of disease
Mnndy, George W. fSgL), Plalnflela, N. J.
PlckeL Austin, Lebanon. N. J.
McOulra, James F, Jersey City. X. J,'
Lake, AlDheua O- Monsev. V
Caputl. Antonio, Summit, 'M. J.
NEW HMPfHnB' . ,
Killed In action . a -
BnraelL A. F, LitUetad; H. H,
Died of wnnndft
Mason. Gustavo, Bertln, N. H.
Died of dic.e
Whitcomh, B- D. fLt.). Charlestowa, N. H.
Killed In action-
Ortega, ManueL Peralta. N. Mexico.
Killed In action
Watklns. C. E (CpL). Haya N. C.
Stephenson. William Judson, N. C
Wal droop, Robert C-. Sylva, N. C
Dixon. D. C. Hlllsooro, N. C
Died of wounds
Harper. Don V.. Clarendon. N. C
Cahoon. Lonnie L, Mealo. N. C
Died of wounds
Clark. Robert E. (SgL). Greenville. N. C
rimpson. Samuel J. Fairfield. N. C
Parker, William C Kings Mountain. N. OL
Duprla. Roy, Macclesfield. N. C
Killed In action-
Will lama J. W Velva, N. D.
Died of wounus
Herring. R, O. Cayura, N. D.
I'te.l of diaease
Llghtbody. John IS, (CpL). Hazen, N. XX
Smeltxer. P. O. (Wag.l. York. N. D
Killed In BJ-ilnn, E. M. (LL). Oreetrrma. Ohio.
Boydmon, L. T. (Cpl.). Cleveland, O.
Beck, Leo C Columbua. O.
Wilson, Loren Leroy, Alliance, O.
Silverman. Marry E., Cleveland. (X
Hltner, Fred. ClncinnatL O.
Standlsh. James. Mantns. O.
SellardsL Harry. Springfield. O.
I.ovey. Frank J- Portsmouth. V
Woodruff. L. Wanhlncton Court House, O.
Helmea B. A Price H11L Ohio.
Belak. Henry. Akron, Ohio.
Died of wounds
Nettleshlp. R (CpL), Port JefTeraon. O,
Hans, Monsnr (cpl.). Cleveland. Ohio.
lled' of disease .
Vorhes, Lisle (Sgt.), Lebanon. Ohio.
Moore, G. S. (Cpl. ). Lafayette, Qhla'
Sneddon, Eddie, Alfred. O.
Olllmore, Delos, Orwell. O.
Founts. Oliver B.. East Palestine. O
Borges. Ben J, Mart sat eln. O.
Well. Anthony, Cleveland. O.
Died of wonnds
Gregory. Terrell W. (Sgt.), Frederick. Okla.
Newburn, Samuel II.. Canadian, Okla,
Hill, Luther F May, Okla.
Died i,f disease
Emlngton. John E.. Channte, Okla.
Brewer, Albert. Boswell. Okla. .
Beard, Charles L. Bartlesville, Okla.
Killed In action
Stafford. Charles (Sgt.). MeadvUle. Pa,
Wetmer. C. E. (CpL), Frays Landing, Pa. '
Tlley, J. C (Cpl.), Brockvllle. Pa.
Means, M. W. (Cpl.). Conneautvllle, Pa.
Ebersple, W. 8. (CpL), Mount Joy. Pa.
Babb. M. M. (Cpl.), Lebanon. Pa. "
Samkavrts, Anthony, Barnesvllla, Pa,
Sailese, Giuseppe, Philadelphia. Pa.
Pueatert, Frank. Clearfield. Pa.
Creno. Domenico. lirlstol. Pa
Mansberger, Charles H., Mlddlstown, Pa
Gaugler, Charles L, Northumberland, Pa.
Plosky. Harry, Philadelphia, Pa.
Heller, C, L Bamesboro; Pa.
Gallagher, L. J. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Iled off wonnde
Comlnsky, Peter (Sgt.), Seranton, Pa.
Miller, Joseph (Cpl), Hanover. Pa.
Metx. Frederick, Pittsburg, Pa
Pore m bo. Albert J., Summit Hill. Pa
Naylor, Raymond K., North Wales, Pa.
Died off accident
Phenton, D. T. (Cpl.). Philadelphia. Pa
Henkela. Paul (SgL), Philadelphia, Pa.
Died off disease
Kadlec, Thomas G. (Lt.). Pittsburg, Pa.
Bray, Arthur B. (SgL). Rlegelsvllle, Pa,
Wolf, psul Prt), Nstleoks. Pa.
Jal, simon-pure
in eating corn
flakes, taking in
to consideraxion.
FJavor, crispness.
and. texxxire, is
assured wKert
tine flakes are
to save cind conservcWhenyou eat
wheatbe sure it is the whole wheat
Dorft waste any of it. If is all food
Shredded Wheat '
is the whole wheat-nothind wasted
or thrown is anourishind
wholesome sulistitttte for meateggs
and other expensive fcods.No sugar is
required-si mply milk anda dash of salt
Fnlton. Frank (Sgt.). McKeesnort. Pa.
MacNeal. Arthur A, Philadelphia, Pa.
Harris, Charles, Pottstown, Pa.
Colleo, Domenico, Philadelphia, Pa.
Brown, Ira A Corsica. Pa.
Appleman. Clyde K. Roaring Springs, Ps-
Wheatley, tiary il. Scran ton. Pa.
Killed In action
Peck. Mylon Martin, Westerly. R. L
Cavanaugh. Michael J, Pawtucket, R. L
Bagalio, Kocco, Thornton, K. L
1 Hed of wounds-
Bedard. Ovila (CpL). Natlck. R. L
Killed In action
Tarrant. Tillman (Sgt-). Greenwood. B, C.
Ferguson, James (Sgt.), Westminster, 8. C
Frailer. Bom (Cpl.). Anderson. 8. C
Brand. Lloyd (Cpl.). Lamar. B. C
Moseley. Herbert. Will 1st on. S. C
Simpson. Anderson. Kelton, S. G.
Foster, Oscar M.. Travelers Bast, S. L
DstIs, Willie. Oswego. & C
Davis, Simon. Wllllston, 8. C.
Boyd. Tom. Ninety-Six. S. C
licd uf l incase
Herring. John K. (CpL), Balnnda, H. C
uam, l nomas A. (Cpl.), Branchvine, B. c
Bailentlne. D. w. (Cpl.). Ware Shoals, 8. C
McCoy, William B Charleston. S. C
Killed In action
Dngdale. R. M. (Was)). Sliver City. 8. D.
Thompson, Alfred M., Dnland. S. XX
Fortune, Albert T., Webster, 8. D.
Died of disease
Chrlstensen. Christian, Hurley, 8. D.
Abraham. Walter k, 6lonz Falls, 8. IX
Killed In actloo
Plunk. Eber N. Cram pa Tenn.
Cole. Emmett. Jonesboro. Tenn.
MUllgan. William H., Vonors, Ten.
Magness, Thomas H., Bmlthville. Tens.
Wlukler. B. W Pleasant Shade, Tenn.
Coins. G. C Jasper, Tenn.
Died of wonnds
Clifford. 11. B. (CpL). Bellebnckla Tenn.
Chenoweth. R. W. (CpL). Red Bank, Tens.
Maddux. Bmest (Bugl.). Nashville. Tenn.
Welsh, Thomas C-. Decatnrvllle, Tenn.
Merritt. Brennan. Woodbury, Tenn.
Keener, W'tlllam H., Seymour. Tenn,
Glllson.-John W Chattanooga, Tenn,
' Died of disease
Wacxoner. H. G. (Sgt.), Knoxvllle. Tenn.
Richardson. Blbert. Dixon Sptinga Tenn.
Llfsey, Thomas B., Tremvant. Tenn.
Hazel. Norman L, Memphia Tenn.
Bradahaw, Robert O. Burem, Tenn.
Killed In action
Tatum. Preston (Sgt.). Cunningham. Texaa.
Lloyd. J. G. (Cpl.). Henderson. Texaa.
Falls. Jett (Cpl.). Roxton. Texas.
Cay wood. Brodle. Rosebud. Tex.
Iled of wound
Weisshelmer. w. J. (Mai.), Eagle Pass, Tex
Died off accident
Davtdovicl. Osias (Sgt.), Dallas, Tex.
Plaid. Knight W. (Lt.), Dallas. Tex.
Died of disease
Modley, C L (Sgt.), Carrlno Spga, Tex.
Stoll. Jacob (Sgt.), Brenham, Tex.
Oestrelch. Joseph C CastelL Tex.
Auldrldge, Levi N, Goldthwalte, Tax.
Killed la action
Grant. 9. J. (Cpl.). Salt Lake. Utah. '
Died of disease
Camlre, W. J. (CpL). Barra, V.
Killed1 In action
'Anderson. W., Jr. (Cspt.), Rleimend. Va.
Hicks. J. II. (Mech.). Richmond. Vs.
Bleight. J. C Fredericksburg. Va.
Borslllo, Joseph, Newport Newa Va.
Boutchyart. Daniel. Falmouth. a,
DIUow. Henry. Clear Fork, Va.
Died of dlnrase
Ptover, John A, Stanntoa. Va.
Terry. Arthur P. (Capt.). Wythevflle, Va.
McKarland, Kills V, Tipton. Vs.
Havens, William B, Rural Retreat. Va.
Killed In action
Saner. Mike V. (Mia), Mound skills, W. T.
Hawkins. C. R-. Mannlngton. W. Va.
Stock hoff. C B Point Pleasant. W. Va.
I Med of disease
Wirt. W. H. (iat.). Menndrrnie. W. Va.
Ruth. Leo T. Parkersburg. W. Va.
KITled) In artloa
Beecber,. F. C Moquah. Wla
leled of wound
Mangari; James L (Sgt.). Pen-tu-laa. TVla.
Odermatt. August A, (Cpl ), Monroe, Wla
Butler. George. Reserve, Wla
Neet. August H, Edgar, Wla.
Died of disease
Wilcox. "Bdward (Sgt.). Portage, Wla.
Wllllama Otis (Cpl.).v.Ontario, Wla
Bell. O L. (Mech.). Torwslk. Wis.
Ryan. William M,. Orsen Bay. Wla.
Rndrud. Sever K.. Westby. Wla
Killed In action
Eades. Julius E-, Washlnrtoa, I. G.
Dievl of iliseaee
Ttndala. Philip (LC), Washington, XX O.
Marine Corps List,
Killed In action
Bckerlen, ttrnest T. (Marine). Balem. Oa.
Bied of woand
Keyee. Clarence L. (Marine, Anbnrn. Wash.
Fulwller. John L. (Marine). Spokane, Wash.
W oundetl severely
Ebert. Nlla A. (Marine). Mukllteo. Wash.
Taylor. E. J. tMarlne). Bryn Mawr. Wash.
Tltua, Prank J. (Marine). Spokane, Wash.
Died of wonnds.
Hooper. Harlow P. (Marine), Rupert, Ida,
'itinded eerely
Bailey. Thomas K. (Marine). Ooodlng, Ida.
Note. Rex J. (Marine). Jerome, Ida,
aw luka,
Killed In action
Mleika. P. L -(CpL, Marine). Buffalo, N. T.
Died of wounds
Relator, B- F. (CpL, Marine), Auburn, N. T.
Died of disease a
Head. Harry J. (Marine). TTtloa. H. T.
Tried of wonnds
Skldmora, Herbert (Marine), Harlan, Ky.
Died off wounds
Duteher. A. V. R. (Marine). ArTlng-tea. If. J.
Vandueson. R. (Sgt. Marine). Vlneland, N. J.
Tried of wonnds
Jonea Lyle B. (Marine). Cincinnati. O.
Died of wonads
Davis, Walter 1. (Marine), Man da, Tex.
Died of dlseaae
Dorhandt, Justin P. (Msrinel, Honston. Tex.
' The DIET
and After
The Old Reliable
Round Package
WKl'l0i-i rf
Hounded, nn determined, preiluualy re
port el died of diiienee .
Winton. R. W. (Cpl.). Guthrie. Okla.
Ecan. R. A. (Cpt. I. Newburg. N. 1.
iitlth. 11. M. (Capt.). Gretmburg, Pa.
Wolle. K. D. (Cart.), Milton. Pa.
MoKenna. A. J. (Lt,). New York.
Miller, Phlllpnus (Lt.). Davids. Pa.
Kooa. H. M. (Lt.). I'hlladelphla.
Broaan. J. R. (Sgt ). Hennessey. Okla.
Bm-tianan. Liwnuice (Sgt,). Chicago.
Burns, J. J. (Sgt.). Walpola. Masa.
Cabla. Joseph (Sgt). Temple Tex.
Kgdeston. A. J. (SgL). Albion, N. T.
Hendricks. R. S. (Sgt.). Mount Vllle, Pa.
Nichols. L. Fl. (Set ). Philadelphia.
Sanford. I W. (Sgt.). Albln, N. T.
Wsthen, W. C. (Sgt.). Berkeley. CaL
Williams. H. H. . UrnokneaL, Va.
Cleary. J. M. (gt. . New York.
Dahlgren. O. H (Sgt.). Klngsburir. CaL
Fagan. O. W. (Sgt.). Reading. Pa.
Kurnlval, O. M. (Sgt ). Hspldan. Va.
Jenklna W. L (Sgt.). Philadelphia.
I-alrd. A. L. (Sgt.), Klmlra. N. T.
Murray. T. J. (Sgt.). 1 .ester, i's.
Keld. Walter (Sgt.). Chicago,
Robertson. K. W. (Sgt.). Los Angeles, CaL
Sawyer. V. L. (Sgt.), Jones, La.
Schusker. M. ri. (Sgt.). Noy. Pa.
Spangler. Wellington (Sgt.). Buffalo, N. T.
Sniith, C I. (Sgt.). Baltimore. Md.
Symington. L. C. (Sgu). Philadelphia,
Iunford. M. A. (Sgt.). Akron lit, Mica.
MrIonald, T. P. (SgL), Phllsdelphla.
Myera. O. D. (SgL). Rutherford. N. J.
Nagengast. O. J. (SgL). Bayonne, N. J.
RJtr, R. R. (SgL). Allentown. Pa.
Smith. M. M. (Sgt ). Batavia. N. T.
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7s rt
Very Nutritious, Digestihlo
The REAL Food-Drink, Instantly prepared.
Made by the ORIGINAL. Horliclt process and
from carefully selected materials.
Used successfully over Va century.
Endorsed by physicians everywhere.
andet MOrliCk'STfaeOriginal
Thus Avoiding Imitations