Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 18, 1918, Page 3, Image 3

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Americans Use Big Hotels as
Headquarters for Army.
Germans Ordered Make Time Con
form With That Csed by U. S. and
Troops of Entente Allies.
COBLEXZ, Dec. 17. (By the Asso
ciated Press.) Approximately 40,000
American troops have arrived at Cob
lenz since the advance guard reached
here a week ago. A large number
of these troops have passed through
the city, while considerable forces will
remain here temporari.
The people i f CJoblenz got their first
glimpse of American airplanes today,
several of the machines flying over the
Rhine toward the bridgehead boundary
and then returning.
The officers and clerks of the Third
Army arrived here this morning, fol
lowed by trucks loaded with equip
ment and office supplies. The largest
hotel in Coblenz, overlooking the Rhine
and the two bridges where most of the
troops cross the river,- has been taken
over as quarters for the Third Army
officers. The headquarters of the Third
Army are established in at government
building adjoining the hotel.
Hans Watch IT. S. Troops.
By noon the Third Army was in com
munication with the back areas by tel
ephone, telegraph. and wireless.
During Sunday various detachments
of infantry and artillery passed through
Coblenz on their way to Join the di
visions east of the Rhine. Churchgoers
viewed the marching rtroops with much
interest. Late in the afternoon the
third division, which has "been along
the Rhine south of Coblenz, marched
through the city, headed by a band,
each musician mounted on a gray horse.
The third division crossed the Moselle
north of- Coblenz, where it has taken
up a position along the Rhine in sup
port of the troops within the bridge
head. All the larger hotels here have been
taken over by the Americans for billet
ing purposes, as well as many of the
public buildings, which are being used
as offices.
German officers, who had remained
in the city to turn over war material to
the Americans, soon completed their
task and proceeded across the Rhine in
automobiles flying white flags to join
the German armies beyond the bridge
head lines.
Civilians Treated Kindly.
Throughout the sector held by the
Americans they have settled down to
what may be weks of occupation.
Ems and Nassau are two Important
towns which have fallen to the French,
who were sent into the American sec
tor, but Neuwied, a big Industrial cen
ter, and all the other towns in the
northern half of the sector are held
by the Americans.
The Americans have followed the pol
icy which- characterized their first
days of occupation. They have pro
mulgated no drastic rules to govern
" civil life and in every way have en
deavored to make the inhabitants feel
that they will not be molested so long
as they do not interfere with the mili
tary duties.
On this first Sunday the results of
this policy were shown. W,hlle the
people of Coblenz are still somewhat
resentful in their attitude, the resi
dents of the smaller towns evince none
of this hostility. Dressed in their
Sunday clothes, the Germans attended
church service and appeared surprised
to find among the congregations in
some of the places a few of the en
listed men.
In the afternoon the children in the
villages made love frankly to any of
the soldiers who would permit it, clam
bered on the trucks and demanded
their turn to snuggle into the seats on
the guns in the artillery parks. And
they were unreproved by their parents,
who smiled their tolerance. The older
among the men and women not only
made no objection to billetings. aa did
many in Coblenz and Treves, but fre
quently showed a desire to make the
men feel at home.
Brief Furloughs Sought.
Wherever bands were in action the
vo tiuwuea tne street corners to
listen to the music, instead of hurry-
J 7 r nomes' a situation that
did not exist when the invasion of
German territory was begun two weeks
ago. ,
Applications for leave of absence are
already largely on the increase, but
it is notable that the men are not
asking for permission to, visit distant
f,-? ;hbUt mfrely to "lake excursions
into the picturesque Rhine regions.
Tv th6ar,mSt V"y Valle ls rded
by the ruins of a medieval castle.,
Dec 16. (By the Associated PressJ-I
-.fK6.?' the American military au
thoritiU the clocks at Coblenz, Treves
and elsewhere in the occupied areas
were set back an hour on Sunday. The
change from -the German time was
made so that the clocks within the
bridgehead and the district west of the
River Rhine would correspond with
6 f.e.nch tlme used b th American
expeditionary forces.
Boche Trucks Used.
,J.JifCOr.tane Wlth tho term o the
armistice the Germans on Sunday turn
ed over to the Americans 1150 motor
trucks. About 500 of these have been
assembled at Coblenz and the others
In two villages nearby.
As rapidly as possible the former
German army trucks are being manned
Dy Americans and used to brine un
supplies. "
German built trucks, driven by
Americans, rumbled through the streets
of Coblenz on Sunday, but they did not
.-Utract much attention, the civilians
having become accustomed to the sound
made by iron tires rolling along the
bbled streets.
ports 300 In the city, with no returns
from the country as yet. St. Helens
Ports 300 from four district out of
16. Tillamook reports 350. Pilot Rock I
reports 301, Medford reports 279,
Baker pounty reports 2049with 35 dis- r
tricts hot heard from. Hillsboro re- I
ports 500. Lane County reports 1218. f
Bend reports 1050. Union County re- C
porta 8000, or 30 per cent more than A
last year's total. I
In the city campaign, Mrs. Katherlne X
MacMaster Mason, chief of the indus- X
trial division, reports excellent organl- fl
zation among the various plants, with V
100 per cent attained by several Among 9
these are the John Wood Iron Works,
Vogan Candy Company, Foundation I
shipyard and Ball Manufacturing Com- o
pany. - A
"The drive could not be going better , I
than it is," commented Mrs. A. R. Innes, J
acting campaign manager for Portland. J
"There are minor difficulties, of course, ' 1
for some of the enthusiasts do not scru- w
pie to chase a prospect Into territory , O
that is not theirs. But it's good-na- i
tured pirating, and we are smiling J fl
when we suppress it. Saturdaywill see c
all restrictions removed and the work- A
ers may glean wherever fancy dictates. ' 1
I have no fears for Portland in the Red J
Ctrcfss membership drive." J
The noon programme at Liberty Tern- J 1
pie today, beginning promptly at 12 I fl
o'clock, will feature an address by ,' O
Judge John H. Stevenson; a .solo, "The j
Stars and Stripes Forever." by Mrs. 1
Bernard Harry Henderson; a solo, 5
"When the Boys Come Home," by R- M- X
Madsen, with accompaniment by Marie I
C. Dooley, and the community singing j
or choruses by the audience.
Merchandise Bonds
A boon to the perplexed gift-buyer. You have
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(Continued From Finn Pare.)
detail, and even these are fragmentary.
Va'e reports 500 members. Burns re-
In the Absence of Doctors Nobly Gone
to War, After Influenza, the Grip
Those wonderfully useful medicines.
Hood's Sarsaparilla, Peptiron and
Hood's Pills comprising the new com
bination family treatment are warmly
If taken regularly. Hood's- Sarsapa
rilla before meals. Peptiron after meals,
and Hood's Pills at night as needed,
they are reasonably sure to keep a
family in health and prove to be relia
ble and always ready friends They
purify the blood, build up strength and
regulate the system. '
Get all, or any one, as you think you
need, from your druggist today. Adv.
Shipments to French Armies Reach
1000 Guns Each Month Ex
cess Howitzers Sold.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 17. Faced by a
programme of producing 2000 guns of
all calibers per month without disturb
ing the flow of guns to the allied na
tions or the Navy's prior right, the
Ordance Bureau of the War Depart
ment had achieved, an output of about
500 guns a month when the armistice
ended hostilities. By June of next year,
production would have been In full
These facts were revealed today by
Assistant Secretary Crowell, director
of munitions, in a personally conducted
trip to the new proving ground at
Aberdeen, Md, where all types of guns
were demonstrated for Mr. Crowell's
party and American-built tank-s and
tractors were put through their paces.
Mr. Crowell said the United States
had looked upon the allies as the first
line of defense when this country en
tered the war and formulated its mu
nition plans so as not to interfere with
the gun and ammunition contracts for
France and Great Britain. Many Ameri
can gun forgings and completed guns
have been poured across to Great Brit
ain and shipments to the French arm
ies had reached a total of 1000 guns
a month.
The needs of the Navy as the second
defense line also gave it priority and
the Shipping Board came next in the
list for steel and other commodities.
This placed the American ordnance
programme fourth on the list.
A striking feature of what was ac
complished, it was shown by officers
at the proving ground, was the fact
that in the 155-millimeter howitzeiu
programme an output naa oeen reacnea
that exceeded the estimated needs of
the American forces, even on the basis
of 4,000.000 men in France, and 600
howitzers were sold to France as ex
cess. The demonstration today covered all
the trench warfare weapons and the
field artillery. It took in also the first
public demonstration of the giant guns
mounted on railway carriages, solid
ranks of seven-inch, 14-inch and 16
Inch weapons hurling projectiles over
the range.
Wilhelm, Report Says, May Elect to
Return to Germany If Berlin.
Guarantees His Safety.
(Copyright, 3918, by the, Press Publishing
Company, Tho New York World. Pub
lished by Arrangement).
L LONDON, Dec. 17. (Special. A dis
patch to the Dally News from H. W.
Smith, at Rotterdam, says that "up to
Monday no note had been received by
the Dutch government from the entente
on the subject of the ex-Kaiser's pres
ence in Holland. .
A statement published then that he
had been approached with the sug
gestion that he would relieve the coun
try from embarrassment by leaving, is.
however, probably not without founda
tion, says the correspondent. Wilhelm's
welcome to the Dutch people and every
day since his arrival has made it plain
er that he may prejudice seriously the
relations of Holland with the allies.
The ex-Kaiser, it said, so far has
made no reply to the suggestion that
he should go and, indeed, his decision
is not easy. To leave Holland is one
thing, but it ls more difficult to know
where to find an asylum.
It has been said here that before the
ex-Kaiser left Spa for Holland,
Switzerland was approached but de
clined to receive him and there are
equally good reasons why the Scan
dinavian countries should not be lessj
"It may be that the ex-Kaiser him
self will elect to r-"urn to Germany,"
says the dispatch. d I hear it sug
gested that the Ha&ue government in
that case would endeavor to obtain
from Berlin guarantees for his safety."
ujtnanWcCIc & (So.
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In one of a number of executive busi
ness dispatches today from Paris.
X. M. C. A. Secretary to Direct En
tertainment of O. A.J C. Men.
Corvallis. Dec. 17. (Special.) The an
nouncement of the retention of Dr. D.
V. Poling, Y. M. C. A. secretary, ls
approved by students of the college.
He will be retained bv the Naiinnai
War Work Council of the association !
and will be in charge of the Y. W. C. A.
S10.000 hut which is nearing comple
tion. He will have an assistant. The
two men will arrange all manner of
entertainments for the men of the
school. A housewarmlng for residents
of Corvallis and for the college com
munity will be given upon the opening
of (the hut.
A feature of Dr. Pollng's work here
was '.he teaching of popular and patri
otic songs to the thousands of boys in
the S. A. T. C.
Portugal Elects Admiral Canto jr
Castro as President.
LISBON, Portugal. nc. 17. (Haras.)
Admiral Cantoy Castro has been
elected President of Portugal in suc
cession to Dr. Sidonio Paes, who was
assassinated last Saturday night.
NEW YORK, Dec. 17. Dr. Sidonio
Paes. the late President of Portue-al.
who was assassinated In Lisbon Satur
day night, was a minority president
and his policy of repression incited the
leaders of the majority parties against
him, declared George de Silveria
Duarte, former Portuguese Consul
General to the United States, in a state
ment today reviewing the political
situation in Portugal.
NEW YORK, Dec 17. Santos Fer
nandez, representative of the Portu
guese shipping board here, declared to
day that the President of Portugal.
Admiral Cantoy Castro, undoubtedly
had been chosen by Parliament "to con
ciliate all factions." Lacking complete
Information, he said, he believed Castro
vis now provisional head of the re
public and subject to & future election.
Business Advisers Approved.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 17. President
Wilson has approved the recent recom
mendation of Secretary Redfield that
business advisers be attached to Amer
ican Legations and Embassies as one
of the Government moves toward aid
ing in -the war campaign for foreign
trade. The President's approval came
Money Sent
to France by Draft
Drafts are safer than currency.
Consult Our
Exchange Department
&fie First
National Bassx
'" fl I
Books for Soldiers on Vocational
Subjects Gathered.
NEW YORK. Dec 17. Among the
passengers sailing on th White Star
liner .Adriatic today was Dr. Herbert
Putnam. Librarian ot Congress, who is
going to Krancsj to supervise a plan of
instructing American soldiers in voca
tional subjects through the distribution
of books of a technical nature, col
lected by the American Library Asso
ciation, of which Dr. Putnam ls director-general.
Other passengers included Henry P.
Davison, director-general of the Ameri
can Red Cross, who is going to Ver
sailles in response to a 'summons by
President Wilson; General A. Gvosden-
vitcn. Montenegrin Minister to the
United States, and Alexander Wlsch
negradski. member of the Economic
League of Russian interests in this
country, who are going to Versailles.
WASHINGTON, Dec 17. Secretary
Glass presided for the first time at the
Treasury today over a meeting of the
war finance corporation to discuss with.
D.rector-General McAdoo the question
or lending financial aid to railroads.
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