Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 18, 1918, Page 18, Image 18

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Shoes Expertly
Dyed 50c
Kid, all kinds of leather
shoes and slippers dyed black
and made to look like new at
only 50c pair. This special
price for a limited time.
, Basement, Sixth Street.
All Motor Corps
Members N.L.W.S.
Members of the Motor Di
vision of the National League
for Woman's Service are
needed to drive cars in the
Liberty Loan drive Sept. 18-28.
Phone Mar. 4600 or A-6101.
Register Now for Madame Coates' Classes
Madame Coates, America's foremost authority, will again conduct the dressmak
ing classes at this store. There will be two courses one for beginners and one for
advanced students each complete in 15 lessons, personally supervised and taught
by Madame Coates.
The charge for the complete course for beginners will be $1.50, for advanced
students ?2.50.
Register today at our Notion Shop, Main Floor.
Plans for Securing Workers
Tries- Quality" StGhs or Portland ,
mtN.atcth.Ttnilnina .
. to Fill Shipyards' Needs Is
Topic of Conference.
The Keynote of Today's News Is--Values ! f
v I
Idlers Caught In Roundup Mast Ac
cept Steady Employment In Es
ential - Occupations, or Go
Before Draft Board.
Numerous plana for securing , neces
sary labor to fill the needs of the ship
7rds in Portland, in conjunction with
the contemplated roundup of idlers,
were suggested yesterday at a meeting:
of the special committee appointed by
Mayor Baker.
Release of employes In non-essential
Industries to work In the shipyards,
and supplanting of these employes by
either women or men not physically
lit to work in war industries; a survey
In the various shipyards to reduce the
number of men engaged In occupations i
within the yards that can be handled iK
by a smaller force of men or by using
mechanical or horsepower, and the co
operation .of all men now engaged in
shipyard Industry to work a full day,
thus eliminating the loafing which
tenda to add to shortage of man power
for use In building ships for the Gov
ernment, were considered.
Hcarat Day's Work I rare1.
' Fred L- Bourne, representing the
Metal Trades Council, told the commit
tee that vast number of men now on
the payrolls of the various shipyards
were not being utilised to the best ad
vantage. In the offices of some of the
plants, he said, as high as TO husky,
strong men were engaged who might
be well supplanted by capable women.
In some of the yards, ten to IS men
were used In shoving large- waste
wagons, where one man and a horse
would suffice; In another instance, a
large group of men were engaged In
turning a crane for the purpose of un
loading a large ateam engine from a
flatcar, where mechanical devices
would well work In place of the ma
jority of these workmen, and finally
that in the yards were many loafers
who could be checked upon and forced
to work honestly or sent into the mil
itary forces.
By utilising thla force or men. now
within the gates of the shipyards, a
partial solution to the problem could
be secured, according to Mr. Bourne.
Suggestions were offered by other
members of the committee for an appeal.-
which will' be formulated by
Mayor Baker, for the release of em
ployes now engaged In non-essential
work and the working out of the drag
net for habitual loafers and the men
who work only one and two days a
Reaasaa (a Start Soon.
The programme for the roundup of
Idlers and slackers has not yet been
completed, although the committee are
In accord on the general plan, which
calls for a number of plain clothes
police officers, together1 with several
Government officials and business men
to cast the net, bringing the men to a
central station, which will be selected,
and here to interrogate the men and
ascertain If they are bona fide work
men or are Idlers.
The Idlers, if they be of draft age.
will be given an opportunity of accept- ;
Ing steady employment, but refusal
will send the case to the draft board ;
for action. The workman who labors
only a portion of the week will be ad
monished that he must work steadily
or suffer punishment, and the bona fide
workmen will be released.
Men caught In the snare, who are be
yond the draft age. will be first given
an opportunity to accept employment,
but refusal or failure to work steadily
will ' result In prosecution In the
Municipal Court.
The United States Employment Serv
ice will be used in the nature of a
clearing-house, in connection with the
drive, although the private labor
agents offer of co-operation In the
drive will be utilized by the committee.
'And nobody knows better than Uncle
Fim that Frank L. Smith Is holding
down the price of meat to the con
sumer. T-bone steak.. lOc'Porterhouse stk 20c
Sirloin steak. . ZOclTenderloin stk. 20c
Hamburg steak 18cShoulder stk. . . 18c
Frank L- Smith's Is 22S Alder street.
Count Rerentlow of Berlin says: 'The
beginning of the fifth year of the war
la marked in a large part of the German
press by reflections which are over
flowing with resignation, melancholy
and whining.
ORPHEUM Show Tonight.
The Hun
With i w'
!!. TTV a ft ft
"Each Gear in
its own humidor
to your
and can't
break in
mi r.
Another Big MEIER & FRANK Sale for Men!
A Sale of 1200 Regulation
U. S. Army O-D Wool Shirts
Rejected by the Government Because of Slight Deviations from Specifications
Purchased by Us Direct from the Maker Whose Shirts Enjoy a National Repute
Wonderful Shirts
For Shipbuilders, Outdoor "Workers,
Sportsmen, Women's Outing Wear
Is the Price in This Sale
--.. -
The material in these shirts is of finest quality wool
flannel Uncle Sam wants only the best for his boys.
The slight deviations from the strict Government stand
ard will escape any but the most critical scrutiny and
certainly do not impair the wearing quality.
At our sale price, which is far below the worth of the
"garments, workmen especially can secure such values as
i i a - I : -1. : i. r - .1 1 i : r
is rarely uuiauieu m a &uuu laiciua aiiu relatives ui
6oldier boys can give them one or more for extra comfort.
Big. roomy shirts, full cut, well made. One-piece collar.
Reinforced elbows. Lined chest. Two larpe button-down
flap pockets with pencil compartment. All sizes.
Unmatched for quality and service $4.65.
Meier & Frank's: Men's Furnlshing-s Shop, Main Floor.
1 khMm
Tell Your Friends of This Good News!
A Wonderful Glove Sale
A Special Purchase Direct From the Factory
150 Dozen Pairs of "BACMO" First Quality
Lambskin and Washable Capeskin Gloves
For Dress, Street and
Every Purpose Wear
Good 32.75
$3.50 Values
On Sale Today at 9 A. M.
Owing to our exceptionally cordial relations with the great house of Bacmo
because of the tremendous volume of business we do in this famous make of
gloves we secured this fine lot of Bacmo gloves at a price which enables us to
offer, our patrons values that are nothing short of sensational.
There are white lambskin srloves with fancy ellk
bands or silk cuffs in green, gold, black, tan, purple,
light gray, etc., backs embroidered to match these
There are washable capeskin gloves In pearl, New
port, black, some tan and gray. These have novelty
tops and cuffs in contrasting colors, backs embroidered
n harmonizing snaaes. .
All of these gloves are In the wanted one-clasp style.
P. K. and P. X. M. sewn.
Sizes 5 to inclusive, but not all sizes In the
tans and, grays.
Every pair expertly fitted.
A remarkable opportunity to purchase gloves of
exceptional quality, style and service at a greatly re
duced price J1.98 pair instead of J2.75 to $3.50.
Meier & Frank's Glove Shop, Main Floor.
Windsor and Middy Ties
Of Silk Messaline and Taffeta
A large assortment of the popular Windsor
and middy ties. Small size Windsors in plain
colors, plaids and polka dots, 25c and 35c.
Large size Windsors in solid shades and fancy
colors, 50c to 95c.
Three-cornered middy ties in black, red and
navy, 65c to $1.50. Large square middy ties
in black and red, $1.75 to $2.50.
Collars 40c to 75c
Smart models in stiff collars for the school
miss. The "Paul Revere" is a large roll style.
There are "Buster Brown" and other models
for wear with school dresses and coats. .Some
have deep cuffs to match at 50c pair.
82.75-85.00 Organdy Vestees 82.39
Organdy vestees with trimming of Val laces, tucks and handwork.
Several show touches of color. Square and V-neck styles for wear
with one-piece dresses. .
Meier & Frank's: Neckwear Shop, Main Floor.
Mid-Week Notion Specials
Swiss Knitting Cotton, white, - f
No. 6 balls, 2 for 15tf, ball i-UL
Two-in-One Stove Polish, 2 1 r.
cans 2."i. can -LtlU
rT .
Two-in-One Shoe Polish, all
colors, 2 cans 2.", can....
Aunt Lydia Button Thread, f7
linen finish, extra strong, spool
Duchess Mercerized Darning A
Cotton, assorted' colors, spool
Dexter's Tatting Silko, in ecru, ' A
pongee and white, ball.
Children's Magnet Lisle Hose Sup
porters, black and white, 2 " pT
pairs 25$, pair -LtJC
Children's Columbia Waists, with
supporters, priced 2 for 40, OP-
each , iDC
Silk Taffeta Seam Binding, as-
sorted colors, niece Jy
Asbestos Iron Holders, as
sorted colors, each
Oilcloth Sleeve Protectors, with
elastic, black and white,
American Maid Brass Pins, 300
count, paper '
White Glass Head Hat Pins, -f A
7 inches, 6 on card J-VU
Gold Plated Safety Pins, 6 on - A
card JLJs
Steel. Key Rings, nickel plated, ?
Vanta Twistless Tape, white, 1
pink and blue, 10-yard piece Wl'
Sanitary Napkins, 6 in box, OP-
Ironing Board Covers and Pads, full
assortment just received.
Meier & Frank's: Notion Shop, Main Floor.
Just Received a Splendid New Shipment of
Wool Jersey
For Misses' and Women's
Fall and Winter Wear
Prices Begin at
and range upwards by easy stages to $50. A
wonderful assortment.
Plum, ' beetroot, taupe, gray, brown and navy
are the colors.
Overskirt, soutache braid trimmed and em
broidered models, some in plain tailored styles.
Excellent values at $19.50 or $50 or any price
in between.
Meier & Frank's: Apparel Shop, Fourth Floor.
Just Received A Large Assortment of
Moderately Priced
59c-$3.98 '
We have just received a fine se
lection of rompers for little ones
up to 6 years of age. Two styles
Made of serviceable materials in
plain colors, stripes, checks, combi
nations and plain white. Beach
styles, one-piece models with
bloomer knees and high waistline
rompers. Smock and featherstitch
Meier & Frank's:
Children's Shop, Second Floor.
Lace camisole points Piatt Val,
Point de Paris and Filet effects in
widths from 4 to 6 inches. Yard
25c to 85c
Laces 10 c
Imitation Filet laces in white and
the natural shade. Bands and edges
for camisoles and neckwear. 2 to
4 inches. Meier & Frank's:
Lace Shop, Main Floor.
Still a good selection in our sale
of scrim and marquisette curtains
at these special prices. A fortunate
"buy" direct from the manufac
turer permits us to 6ell these cur
tains at about one-third less than
they would be if purchased in the
regular way. This is the last day
of the sale better come early.
Meier & Frank's:
Curtain Shop, Seventh Floor.
Oxfords Will Be Worn
All Winter
For reasons of comfort and economy
Oxfords will be worn all Winter. Some
will be worn with spats as Autumn wea
ther turns into Winter. Some will even
be worn with heavier hose for befitting
occasions in place of boots.
We have Oxfords in a number of good styles for dress and general
wear. The practical model illustrated above is one of our
Cousins Shoes for Women
The skillfully arranged lines of perforation are very becoming to
the foot. Moderately priced.Meier & Frank's: Shoe Shop, Third Floor.
Great Domestic Values
Sale Cotton
Batts 10
These are our popular "Laurel"
7-oz. batts made of good clean
white cotton.
"Ajax" 8-oz. cotton batts, 15.
Good Cotton
Batts 25
Exceptionally good values at thi3
exceedingly low price. 12-oz. batts
made of fine long white cotton.
Fine Cotton
Batts 89
Full comforter size cotton batts
that are all quilted and ready for
immediate use.
Fine Cotton '
Batts $1.19
Full 3-lb. size quilted and plain
cotton batts that will make up into
large comforters, 72x90-inch size.
Good Cotton
Comforts $2.98
Comforters filled with good clean
cotton and covered with silkoline
in floral patterns. 72x78 inches.
Warm Cotton
Comforts $3.69
- Well finished comforters filled
with cotton and covered with ex
cellent quality silkoline. Worth
$5.00 today.
Fine Cotton
Comforts $4.95
Comforters filled with long white
cotton and covered with standard
quality silkoline. 72x90-inch size.
Sale of Bed
Spreads $1.59
Good quality honeycomb bed
spreads in an excellent weight.
Desirable patterns. size.
Sale of Bed
Spreads $1.98
Fine quality honeycomb bed
spreads in the popular Marseilles
patterns. Good weight. Full size.
Satin Bed
Spreads $3.49
Fine quality heavy weight satin
bed spreads with plain and scal
loped corners. Full size. Seconds.
Values of the Most Sensational Kind in This
Sale of Blankets
32-Inch Wash Goods, Yard
Standard cheviots, chambrays and ginghams in plain
colors, stripes and other desirable patterns. Manufac
turers' lengths from 2 to 10 yards. Worth 35c yard.
. Here is an opportunity
to secure good warm
blankets for Fall and Win
ter at prices in many in
stances LESS THAN
COST. Most of these
blankets are "mill runs,"(
but the imperfections are
very slight. Anticipate
your needs from the fol
lowing special groups (see
Sixth Street window):
Blankets $3.49
Good wool finished cotton
blankets in gray only with pink
and blue borders. Double blankets
in size 68x76 inches.'
Blankets $3.75
Good heavy quality wool fin
ished cotton blankets in plain
white with colored borders. Dou
ble blankets in bed size.
Blankets $4.98
A splendid assortment of heavy
wool finish plaid blankets in sev
eral color combinations. Double
bed size.
Blankets $5.95
Fine Australian wool mixed
blankets . in white with colored
borders. Size 66x80 inches. Spe
cial $5.95.
7 Exceptional Lots of Blankets
Standard quality wool finished cotton blankets in plain and colored
border patterns, also good selection of plaids. Regular sizes. Single
and double blankets to be sold according to weight. Special $1.98,
$2.69, $3.29, $3.69, $4.49, $4.98, $5.49.
Wool Finish Plaid Blankets $7.95
A large assortment of wool finish plaid blankets in pink, blue, tan
and grayJ With bound or whipped edges. Size 72x80 inches- These
blankets are worth $10.00 today.
Meier & Frank's: Lower Price Store, Basement Balcony.
Other Domestic Values
Fine Cotton
Sheets $1.39
Fine quality cotton sheets made
with neat welted center seams. Size
72x90 inches. Wonderful values
at only $1.39.
Good Muslin
Sheets $1.59
These are the well known "Ideal"
sheets made of fine quality muslin.
Size 72x90 inches. Worth f 1.75.
Fine Muslin
Sheets $1.79
The popular "Alcazar" sheets
made of heavy quality muslin.
With wide hems. Large size 81x90.
Sale Pillow
Cases 25
A final disposal of odds and ends
pillow cases in 42x36 and 45x36
inch sizes. Slightly imperfect.
3 Pillow
Cases $1
"Gold Seal" pillow cases made of
good sturdy quality muslin. Size
42x36 inches. Worth 50c each.
Sale Turkish
Towels 15
Full bleached Turkish towels in
a good weight and size. Limited
number. Just about present whole
sale cost at 15c.
. 3 Turkish
Towels $1
Heavy quality Turkish towels in
a large size. These towels are
worth 50c each today 3 for $1.
Good Huck
Towels 18
An extra special sale of huck
towels in a good weight. Plain
and colored borders. Size 18x36.
Fine Huck
Towels 29
Fine union linen and cotton huck
towels in 18x36-inch size. Slightly
imperfect towels of the 50c grade.
Good Quality
Toweling; 35
Extra quality Terry cloth or
Turkish toweling with heavy nap.
22 inches wide. Yard for 35c.
32-Inch Madras Cloth, Yard
This quality of madras cloth is unexcelled for men's
shirts, women's house dresses, etc. Beautiful striped
effects. In short lengths from 2 to 10 yards.
6for35 3for20
vs I