Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 11, 1918, Image 20

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1 You Are Invited to Flag Day Exercises at Municipal Auditorium, 8 P. June 14, Auspices Portland Elks,J,:::::;::';:
A Quarter Is
A Small Coin
but it looms big in the world war,
because patriotic Americans are
using their spare quarters to buy
Thrift Stamps and help Uncle Sam.
On sale Accommodation Bureau.
kirts. Cut to
' Measure Free
If materials are "purchased in our Woolen
Dress Goods Shop, Second. Floor, we will
cut plain tailored skirts to measure free.
We baste, fit and make ready to. finish for
$1 upwards.
We Are Superbly Ready With All
Graduation and June Bride Needs
Personal requirements and gifts of every good kind are best pur
chased from Meier & Frank's. Everything of highest quality at
lowest prices compatible therewith.
tMkmUtJL - ' .
Former Premier of South Aus
tralia Talks to Members of
Chamber of Commerce.
The- QuaLttV Stork or Portland
eaclv "With All Warm Weather Meeds
business Men Shown Ways in Which
They Can Do Most to Aid Nation
and Allies by Encouraging
Production of Shipping.
Hon. Crawfod Vaughan, former Pre
mier of South Australia, was the prin
cipal speaker at the members' coun
cil of the Chamber of Commerce at
the weekly luncheon yesterday. Mr.
Vaughan has been occupied for the
past seven months on behalf of his
government in the interest of develop
ing: trade relations of mutual benefit
to the allied cause and in visiting the
shipbuilding plants engaged in the pro
duction of tonnage for the United
States and other countries. During
the past week Mr. Vaughan spent some
time in the Puget Sound district, where
two yards are engaged in building
ships for the Australian government.
Hon. Crawford Vaughan, Former
Premier of South Australia.
These contracts call for 14 wood ships,
some of which have already been
launched, to be used in trans-Pacific
His address yesterday was chiefly
uevoiea to acquainting the business
men with the ways in which they can
do most to aid the needs of the coun
try by encouraging the production of
shipping of foodstuffs and encouraging
the spirit manifested by the shipyard
workers who are voluntarily assuming
individual responsibilities or making
sacrifices to aid the common cause. He
related how 1100 employes of one ship
yard at Olympla worked a full shift
or Decoration day and refused to per
mit any time to be turned in for that
day's work, making that as their con
tribution to the Nation's need of more
Products Similar to Orreon.
South Australia, of which Mr.
Vaughan was formerly Prime Minister,
is one of the six states of Australia,
of which Adelaide is trve capital, and
is somewhat similar to Oregon in the
diversity and character of its products.
Its exports are wool, hides, pelts, grain,
mineral ores and hardwoods practic
ally primary products.
"Australia has 6,000,000 tons of wheat
and 100,000 tons of sugar and only
awaits sips to help supply the needs
of the allied countries for these articles
of food," said he, "and the shipbuilders
who are giving their best service in
building ships are serving the ailed
cause well.
"When the ships are provided for
this transportation across 6000 miles
between the ports on this side of the
Pacific and Australia there is abundant
call for the cargoes that will supply
tonnage in both directions! We need
a. preat deal of your lumber, and can
exchange - some of our hardwood for
your soft woods. We can furnish iron
ore, 68 per cent pure -for your steel
plants, and from our great steel works
at Newcastle, New South Wales, can
etr.d manufactured steel or ingot iron.'
"By reason of our seasons being Just
the opposite to yours there should be
a considerable interchange of fruits
and agricultural products at all times.
"The Australian orchardists, both in
the growth of citrus fruits and the
staples of the temperate .zones, are
harvesting "their- crops at the season
when .fresh, fruits, are exhausted In
America. The islands of that part of
the world also afford a great variety
of needed products. A great deal of
ct pper is picked up" in the South Pa
cific Islands and comes to your ports.
Ours is not a country of dense popu
lation, but some of our neighboring
islands have many times our own
population. Java, for instance, has
39,000,000 people."
Captain T. Templer-Powell, speaking
on the "Humorous Side of Trench Life,"
gave . an excellent insight into the
character of the British Tommy,-as
witnessed by an officer in the first
year of the war, serving in Belgium
and at Tpres. With the happy faculty
of finding the amusing side of the
most trying incidents of the war, and
interpolatng the lesson learned by the
men at the front, the British officer
was accorded enthusiastic appreciation
toy the members of the Chamber.
Increase of One Cent a Pint Effec
tive Throughout City.
An increase of 1 cent in the cost of
milk sold by the pint by Portland
creameries became effective yesterday,
together with .. number of other rec
ommendations made by the City Milk
Commission. '
Among the new regulations for the
delivery of milk to consumers was the
abolishment of the, back door delivery,
Bubstltutnig delivery of milk at any
doorstep nearest the street- The cream
eries also discontinued the delivery of
1-3-pint bottles of cream, will no longer
exchange unsold milk and cream from
the grocery stores and apartment-
nouses and insist upon empty bottles
from all consumers each day.
Roast veal 15cBreast veal 16c
Rump- roasts 15cBeef pot roast ..16c
Boiling beef 15c Spup meat 10c
Hamburg steak 18cSausage 18c
Sirloin steak 20c iib beer steak.. 20c
Frank I Smith's, 228 Alder St. Adv,
jr 4
1 1MB
17 9
tine ' , ,,im . 1 I tt
"A Meatless
- Meal"
will be -the subject 'of Mrs. Louise
PalmerWeber's lecture-demonstration
in our Sixth Floor Auditorium
today -at 3 P. M. Ladies should
bring paper and pencils to take
down recipes. Questions cheerfully
answered. Portions served." Prompt
attendance is requested..
Mrs. Weber, who is "a noted au
thority .on dietetics and home eco
nomics, -. can be consulted free in
our Ninth Floor Grocery any day
from 10 to 12 and 3 to 5, except
during lectures.
I -The Rose and
- Peony Shows
continue today. The Rose Show
is store-wide, displays being made
in every department. The roses
were all procured by our employes
and arranged by them. The man
agement has donated $100 to be
distributed in Thrift Stamps
amongst members of the winning
The Peony Show, comprising
over 100 varieties from the Weed
Nurseries, is held in our Sixth
Floor Auditorium. Admission
New. Wash Dresses
For Summer
are here in wonderful variety,
and they are of utmost loveliness
and charm. All beautifully made
from finest materials. An inex
haustible selection in all the'
newest models. Moderately
priced. x ,
' Voile, organdy, gingham, linen and
crepe materials. Coat, vestee and the
new blouse effect, also surplice and
short-waisted models. With buttons,
bias bands, fancy girdles, pockets and
other smart trimmings. The color as
sortment is infinite. All sizes for
women and misses. ' A wide range of
$8.50, $10, $12.50,
$15, $18.50 and
Up to $35
Apparel Shop, Fourth Floor.
The National League
For Woman's Service
has wonderful possibilities for the woman who wishes to improve her
war-time efficiency. The league works in closest harmony with every
line of authorized Government activity. Its membership is open to all
who are desirous of serving their country in an -honorable capacity. The
service is voluntary. Every woman who can afford time for some part
of the valuable work that the league is doing should enroll without delay.'
Classes Now Being Formed
as follows. Some of these activities will interest you:
Classes in stenography, typewriting, office work, salesmanship,
telegraphy start Monday, 24th inst.
Classes in auto mechanics and driving start Monday, the 17th. A
purely nominal fee is required for these two classes.
Overseas Relief Work, making aviators' and sailors' kid glove jackets
and league bags, opened yesterday in our Auditorium. Join today.
. Uncle Sam's Kitchen for canning fruits and vegetables opens at Grand
avenue and Hawthorne Thursday, the 13th.' If you know of excess fruit
or vegetables, please notify the league at Marshall 4600 and the motor
division will call. , . ' "
Official headquarters for the league on our sixth floor.
Garden Hose
Now is the best time to select
your garden hose. Our stocks of
Goodyear guaranteed garden hose
are complete. We have this hose
in 25 and 50-ft. lengths, complete
with adjustable spray nozzle and
couplings. We quote a few of
many items and prices y
i2-in. Walrus Rub'r Garden Hose, 50 ft, $10.25
12-in. Walrus Rub'r Garden Hose, 25 ft', $ 5.60
-in. Walrus Rub'r Garden Hose, 50 ft, $11.00
34-in: Walrus Rub'r Garden Hose, 25 ft, $ 5.95
y2-mch Trout Cotton Garden Hose, 50 ft, $ 6.50
12-inch Trout Cotton Garden Hose, 25 ft., $ 3.70
s-inch Trout Cotton Garden Hose, 50 ft, $ 7.00
34inch Trout Cotton Garden Hose, 25 ft, $ 3.95
Steel Hose Reel, holds 50 ft -in. hose, $ 1.97
Wood Hose Reel, holds 50 ft -in. hose, $ 1.50
Something unusual in shirt sales. This silk shirt
sale is repeated by request..
The story in brief: Six weeks ago we. held a sale of
- silk shirts at $5.65. We do not hesitate to say it was the
greatest sale of its kind ever known. The buying was
unprecedented. But some of our good patrons were pre
vented by one cause or another from sharing in the sale.
We have received frequent requests as to when such silk
shirt values might be again available . This sale, which
begins today at 9 A. M., furnishes the lswer.
600 New Silk Sliirts
just received in a special shipment .are included in this sale, with
the balance of the fine silk shirts left over from our previous sale'
all at the one price
This means that you have choice from over 1000 beautiful shirts
of finest quality silks at a price which does not begin to express
their superfine qualities of material and workmanship.
Peau de Crepes, Broadcloths. Bengralines and Jap Silks as
famous for their wearing qualities as for their beauty. Equal to
the finest custom-made shirts, at a fraction of the custom tailor's
price. Plain, two-tone, multi-color and satin-striped designs. Many
patterns In complete set of three. All sizes In this sale at $5.65.
Silk shirts are In greater demand at this time than ever they're
Ideal for Summer wear. Don't be satisfied with less than three at
this extraordinarily low price for high-frrada silk shirts $5.65.
Men's Furnishings Shop. Main floor.
' tv:ti1s lift i
li -A t 4 1 r il ' ; W v i - if 1
. . , . ; .
.A -
Advance Notice to Wearers of
"Nemo" Corsets
We have just received word from the factory
that on and after Monday, July 1, 1918, the
prices on certain models of the famous Nemo
corsets will be increased.
Women who wear these nationally favored
corsets should supply their needs for months
ahead at Meier & Frank's during th,e month
of June before the inevitable advance.
We have an unusually large assortment of
the popular Nemo corsets in all the old fa
vorites, as well as several new models. Nemo
corsets are strongly made of serviceable rffa
terials. We have styles and sizes here to fit
women of all builds.
Our expert corsetieres will see that you se
cure the right model for your particular type
of figure. Today is a good time to supply your
needs at the following prices:
Corset Shop, Third Floor.
"Community'9 Plate Silver
For June Bride Gifts
It is hard to think of a more appropriate or acceptable gift
for the June bride than a gift of silverware. It is useful,
attractive, and, best of all, enduring.
We are principal Portland distributors for the famous Community
Plate Silverware. This silverware is very heavily plated with pure silver
on a hard nickel silver base. Guaranteed to give ordinary family service
for 50 years.
Our stocks of this silverware include such popular
patterns as the Adam, Patrician, Sheraton, Louis XVI.
We have most complete assortments of all pieces in
these designs. We quote a few prices in sets of six.
Teaspoons, $3; tablespoons, $6; H. H. medium knives,
$7.75; F. H. medium forks, $6.
You may buy single pieces of silverware or complete sets. Prices are
proportionately the same.
See our large special display of Community Tlate today.
Silverware Shop. Main Floor.
Basement. Fifth Street.
Furs Stored
in our perfectly refrigerated safety
vaults on the premises, where an
always below freezing temperature
is maintained, are absolutely se
cure against moths, dust, theft,
fire, loss or damage.
and repairing of Winter furs in
accordance with the coming sea
son's fashions executed now at
special Summer rates. Phone and
our auto will call.
Our Wirthmor Waists $1
We are sole Portland agents for the famous Wirthmor dollar
waists. Wirthmors represent the maximum of waist value it is pos
sible to obtain in a waist made to sell at this most moderate price
$1. Four new models just received go on sale today. ' The former
quality has been maintained the former price has been retained.
As always SI as always worth more.
Waist Shop. Fourth Floor.M
Yard 27c
1000 yards of good quality white
marquisette- Curtains of this ma
terial will combine serviceability
with attractiveness.
Wall Paper
Roll 50c
Wall papers suitable for living
room, hall or den. Imported El
lonbury silk fibre wall papers in
green plain and figured effects.
Limited quantity at, single roll 50c.
Seventh Floor, Sixth Street.
BOHN SYPHON Refrigerators Are
Scientific Food Savers
More food is spoiled through im
proper refrigeration than any other
way. Bohn Syphon refrigerators are
constructed according to principles
which are scientific, practical and ef
fective. They reduce food and ice
bills materially. They insure lower
temperature because of the rapid and
unobstructed circulation. AH in all
they are the most desirable refriger
ators made.
We have complete stocks of all
styles and sizes in the famous Bohn
. Syphon refrigerators. If desired,
Make Your Own
Terms in Reason
Sixth Floor, Fifth t?treet.
f-t'r I Mil
"ill w
i tfcik jiffs
" -.1 J " l 'j
615 :MH II Ml m:M.
i'ii iiiit'irLiiTrli'm'tr
New Leather
Purses at
Women's new leather purses of
good quality Morocco or Vachette
leather. The popular envelope
style with back strap. Prettily
lined with moire silk and fitted
with mirror. One illustrated.
After the quantity we have on
hand is sold there will be nJ more
of these purses obtainable at this
low price. We advise early se
lection. Leather Goods Shop. Main Floor.
"Tumulty of Camp Lewis" Is Pro
moted to Majorsliip.
CAMP LEWIS, Tacoma, June 10. A
promotion of importance was an
nounced at division headquarters this
morning- In the advancement to Major
of Captain Maurice D. Welty, aide to
Major-General H. A. Greene, as well
as acting chief of administration and
co-ordination of the general staff.
From the early stage of the canton
ment Major Welty has been spoken of
as the "Tumulty of Camp Lewis," al'
of the thousand and one details con
nected with the administration and
organization of the camp having crone
over his desk.
Major Welty received his appoint
ment to West Point from Pennsylvania
in 1906 and graduated in 1910.
With General Greene he came to
Camp Lev.-is in .August. 1917. Duning
his -service he has seen three years in
the Philippines.
Sot Lesser has paid 1200,000 for the,
rights to exhibit the Griffith war story,"
"Hearts of the World." In the 11 Pa
cific Coast and Mountain states.
. & :
Lents 'Disputants Shake Hands and
. Call -Off Hostilities.
District Judge Jones and Attorneys
W. A. Carter and Thomas G. Ryan, rep
resenting: the rival disputants, brought
about a happy settlement of a neigh
borhood row yesterday. The princt
pals on both sides were Induced to
shake hands, return to the their homes
and hereafter live in peace and har
mony. The trouble all arose over a nomadic
cow, the property of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Bruce, of Lents. The animal,
when released from the family lot. per
sisted in grazing along the parkway
bordering on the premises of E. J. Mi
htoney, a nearly .neighbor.' One day
last week, so the testimony showed,
Mahoney drov the cow Into his barn
and kept her jn custody, until Mrs.
Bruce paid an! impounding fee of II.
In tendering the payment, however,
Mrs. Bruce slapped Mahoney. who,
Mrs. Bruce s-nrore, laid severe hands
upon her. Vhen Mr. Bruce came home
from work aid learned of what had oc
curred he vent to the Mahoney home
and threatened his neighbor with vio
lence. Mahoney then appealed to the courts
and caused the arrest of Bruce for
threatening to commit a felony. The
case came before Judge Jones yester
day for preliminary hearing. After
hearing the testimony on both sides.
Judge Jones dismissed the complaint
and after a conference with the law
yers in the case suggested that the two
couples shake hands and decree the In
cident closed. This was done.
Yakima Drugstore May Lose Sales.
YAKIMA, Wash.. June 10. (Special.)
Mayor F. H. Ewect. of this city, an
nounced today that, as a war measure,
he would stop all selllnK of liquor by
druK stores if such action should prove
necessary to curb abuses of prescription
privileges by doctors and illegal sales
by drupffists.
M r Back's
The Original
Malted Milk
For Infanta and Invalid
Substitutes Cost YOU Same Price