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Children Cry for Fletcher's
r Tninrn
Umatilla Men Wager $1000
That Mr. Stanfield' Will
Win Senatorial Race.
Cnrrnr VUtlitromhe and L. J.
fclnipon Claim Substantial Gain
Ira All ran of Slate Will.
. lam Adam Goes South.
Headquarters of th rival candidal I
for Senator and Gurtrnor furnish all I
necessary proof of the nea approach
of Fridaya primary election. Tbe of-
f fore of eat a aapirsnt Is experi
encing a strenuous campaign-end. and
th last-hour appeals to the voters ara I
almost touching. Sims Interest Is be-1
ins; shown by tbe voters, and activity!
la reported in bet tins; circle.
The first substantial bet on thai
Senatorial race was placed yesterday,
when J. N. Hurreit and W. L- Thomp
son, prominent Umatilla County busi
ness men. wagered 1100 at even
money on R- N. Stanfield. Tba Me-
Nary end of the bet was taken by Or.
-. ,.'t'-" " t... j "
- i' i -'i
.- ?r---"..-S-'. - -V.-
1 I-- '. - r Vs: .; r-'avii..
Printed Tickets, Indorsina
Candidates, Puzzle Faith
ful by Lack of Agreement.
rAVIG MACHIERr AT foot op east alder street ready to start repairing bad streets.
With tha sstabllshmenr of a munlrlna! navinar ninnt. Davlna- reoalr work throughout the city Is to be started at once.
Waller itruce. of this city, a cousin of j The new plant, representing an Investment of approximately $10,000, has been completed and already has turned out not go wrong when It cornea to voting;.
'Lemon" Ticket Indorses McXary
and Moser Perry Tiekct Says to
Vote for Stanfield and so Does
Dr. Davidson Buchanan.
Printed "tickets." bearing; the names
of various candidates indorsed for
nomination in Friday's primary elec
tion, have made their appearance.
Foremost among; these printed indorse
ments are those circulated by so-called
patriotic organizations, more generally
denominated the "A. P. A." But the
"patriots" find themselves badly con
fused owintr to the appearance of
three separate tickets. Of the three.
two make indorsements for nearly all
of the offices but differ as to candi
dates in a number of instances. As
result, many of the recipients of
"tickets" are trying to find out "who's
who" in order to make sure they will
The Kind Ton Have Always Bonght has borne the signa
ture of Chas. II. Fletcher, and has been made under his
personal supervision for over SO years. Allow no one
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
Just-as-good" are but experiments, and endanger the
heal tli of Children Experience against Kxperlment.
What is CASTOR I A
Castona is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
proric. Drops and Soothing- Syrups. It contains neither
Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. For
more than thirty years it has been in constant use forthe
relief o! Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and
Diarrhoea; allaying- Feverishness arising- therefrom,
and by regulating: the Stomach and Bowels, aids the as
similation of Food ; givine healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years
tmc ctirraoa eesjaaav, new voac errr.
Senator SJcNary. and a anaa named
-raith. Tbla Is tba only bat of any
consequmra that haa been . reported
tier- on ths fenatorsblp.
VVithtroraba headquarters announce I
aa abundance of coin that ths Governor I
I considerable work. une 'he "tickets" was printed by
The plant, situated at the. foot of East Alder street. Is centrally placed, so that molten asphalt can be transportea authority of w. O. Kmon, 1J3 ueia
by motor truck to any part of the city. A crew of pa vine; repairmen has been, selected by City Commissioner Barbur I ware street, who says he is the sue
and City Engineer Lauraaard and-will be kept busy from now on. I cessor of Dr. Davidson Buchanan, an
Commissioner Barbur says the worst streets will be repaired first. There are many main thorougnrares wnicn nmate of the Patton Home and long
ara heavllv traveled and ara In bad condition. The cttv havinnr taken over the maintenance of most of these streets, will (he recosrntzed heart nf the A. P. A's.
will win. but only a few small bets I do the work at once. Great difficulty has been experienced in getting this work done by private contract because of the Lemon indorses C .L McNary for United
on lha Governorebip have bea made, excessive cost and the unwillingness or the private plant operators to atart their macninery ior oniy a aay or iwo run.
and most of tbero were based on tba One of ths first tasks of tha new plant will be the paving of the north half of Terwilllger boulevard. This work
order in which two or mora of tba mast be don this year. In accordance with an agreement by which the city was donated the right of way for the
sit candidate will finish. On bet ot boulevard.
ft) to t'i waa mad yesterday that I Tba paving plant has been made up of parts of second-hand plants. The city has purchased the various parts
Mover would not finish better thaa I and assembled them on tha East Side water front within easy reach of the supply of sand, gravel and other materials.
third. Another small bet of IS to 1
States Senator. Another bears the name $200 Puppy Among Receipts Reported.
of captain J. E. Perry. 324 Mohawk
w Suggestions for Event
Are Solicited.
on W I thy com be aa against Olcott was
a-so reported.
e -a
After completing a tour of the entire
s'ate. embracing all sections, Senator
Walter M. I'lerce. candidate for ths
Democratic nomination for Governor.
ma quoted at alem yeatcrday as pre
dicting that Governor Withycocjbe
would win the Republican nomination
easily. Senator I'lerce Is reported to
have said that his study of political
sentiment In all parts of the stat con
xmcra htm that Governor Wltbycomoa
'is far ahead of all bis competitors for
the Republican nomination and that
his strength is growing dally.
Tha frlenda of Governor Wlthycombe
say that thla prediction la made la the
fac of Senator Pierce's utteraac be
fore the Portland Realty Board re
cently when ha la said to have admitted
to the vartoua candidates present that
he wonld prefer to run against any
candidate other than Governor Withy
comb at tha general election la No
vember. More optimistic reports cams pour
ing Into Simpson headquarters In the
tielUng building yesterday from all
pjrts of the state.
Thes are excerpts from soma of tha
letters received yesterday:
Ktmpeoa will go over tha top la La
"Mlmpson will run at rone In Clatsop."
-btraw vol In Nevarstill shingle mill
Willamette Valley and Southern Ore
gon points, where ha will devote the
concluding days of tha campaign to his
candidacy. II is leaving to his friends
tha management of hia campaign In
this county. It will b directed from
the Adams headquarters, 414 North
western Bank building.
Fred A. Williams, of Grants Pan.
candidal on the Republlrsn ticket for
Public Service Commissioner, is at the
Imperial Hotel, having com to this
city In the Interest of his candidacy.
Mr. Williams Is a life-lone Republican,
chairman of the Republican County
Central Committee of Josephine
County, and Is also president of the
Josephine County Council of Defense.
Ha bss resided at Grants Psss for ten
years, and during that time has prac
ticed law In that city. He Is associated
In the practice of law with George
W. ColTlg. who waa a member of tha
first Railroad Commission In this
Robert C. Wright, candidate for Cir
cuit Judge In Department 4, says that
his sppeal to the voter haa been sim
ply the offer of a fair and square court
without any politics In It as the
consideration for the vote. He believes
It Impossible to promts mora and he
nays ha Intends to promise nothing less.
Mr. Wright says ha haa promised no
support for or against any special laws.
Interests or anything els which a
Judg haa nothing to do with, nor
very man but one voted for Hlmpson. ik, m p0altlon on any question which
and he r.f used to vote at all. I amounta to a decision before the case is
"Clatakani la atrong for Simpson
"I believe Simpson otanda mor than
an even chanr In Clatsop County.-
Astoria business man.
-Vou will get a big vot la Umatilla
"Running strong In this part of the
stat Madras). Traveling salesman
eava Central Oregon Is for Simpson."
"Tha rood. Imnreaalon vou made her
(Vale still grows and reports come I Med ford Democrats have, Indorsed the
from all over the county of your candidacy of Dr. J. W. Morrow, or tnts
heard In court.
I Med ford Democrats Give Strong
Reason for According Support
W. E. Crews and a score of the
"Simpson la running Ilka a scared
wolf in my section of tha state." C P.
t"i'at" Mahaffey. business man. of
"Simpson Is running strong la Cen
tral Oregon. Our people are Inclined
to follow the lead of tb National Ad
ministration In aummoning to Its aid
the ablest business men In the Nation."
J. x. Williamson, of Prinevtll.
city, for Democratic National Commit
teeman. Tneaa gentlemen baa thel
support of Dr. Morrow on the fact thai
he Is not only 1(9 per cent American
but 10 per cent Democrat, as well.
Their statement. Issued yesterday. Is
headed. "Why the Democrats should
support Dr. J. W. Morrow for Demo-
ocrattc National Committeeman,
bears tha following signatures:
J. J. Frephy
J r. Redd?
Wood. Jetter
Thorn. Pankey
O. J. Fatten
(t erse Hershbarcer
W. C. Crewe
J. E. BarkXoll
"When t cornea to history and prece
dent. I find tbat at ao tira la all his
tory haa an boneet-to-goodncsa war
Governo like James Wlthycomb bean
defeated for re-election. Governor
Wlthycomb has slways had solid sup-I Ceo. P. Mima
port among tha law-enforcement ele
ment, has been a decided favorite with
in women voter, and also exceedingly
popular with tha farmers of the stat.
among whom he mingled Intimately
during the 14 yeara be traveled over
Tie slat while head of experimental
wrk at tha Oregon Agricultural Col
lege." remarked a political prophet In
the lobby of th Imperial Hotel tha
other day. as h offered to plac a
cvod-sljd bet on Wlthycomb against
tha field.
"With the elements of th elector
ate behind him four years ago he car
ried 23 out of tha 14 counties of tha
Sam Medendan
Joe H. Beekmaa
B.ake Ralriaia
I. W. Berry
Otto J.ldnesa
RossO ftVhl.fferlla
W. E. Phlppe
J. W. Mitchell
Candidate Promise Stale Clean and
Efficient Administration.
SALEM. Or. May 11 (Special.) L
J. Simpson, Republican candidate for
Governor, delivered tbe '."Irst political
address of th campaign heard her to
a crowded bona at a local theater to
night. He was accorded an ovation.
Mr. Simpson declared that he expects
to receive tha nomination for Gov
tate over aad above each and all of the feraor next Friday and asserted that If
other seven candidates. la addition to I elected b Intends to wipe out politic
his usual strength he now baa th
prestlc of being on of Jh most popu
lar war Governor In th United Statea.
ton can't fool m with aay of this
eleventh-hour brass-band stuff. My
money stays ea Wlthycomb."
Supporters of T- D. Cuslck. of Albany,
Republican candidal for Stat Treas
urer, are much encouraged by tb opti
mistic ton of reports from all parts of
th stat. Mr. Cuslck Is not only quali
fied by business experience for th of
fice, but he haa aa Intimate knowledge
of atate affairs, gained front a eervice
of two terms In th Stat renat. Vot
er apprcciat th need of practical
business met on th lat board and
ecognts la Mr. Cualck a candidal who
la stat government and devot his ad
ministration to " th development of
Oregon. He declared that his assertion
did not neceaaarlly presuppose that h
would clean out all th men now hold
ing nubile offlc tinder th Governor,
but that h would make vry effort to
plac th moat efficient men h could
find In appolntlv positions. Mr. Simp
son generally followed along th line
of his address given In Portland.
He was accompanied to Salem by a
number of Cooa County voters, and
whll here met a large number of eltl
sens of Salem and vicinity.
8unnylde Holds Wilon Rally.
"Mora than II. 000.00 of th taxpay-
' w,on.w will K imiiI h (h. rniti,!
possesses th necessary qualification. ComjnlMlon.r, of Multnomah County
next year and th people ahould elect
successful business men as Commls
mlssloners." J. T. Wilson, Republican
candidal for Commissioner, told an
audience at th 8unnysld Congrega
tional Church last night. The rally
was arranged by neighbors of Mr. Wil
son la the Sunnysld district. Resolu
tions Indorsing bis candidacy wer
Monday noon a luncbeoa waa held
at ths Multnomah Hotel by the Wlthy
comb supporters. The meeting was
sa enthusiastic and well-attended on.
Senator Olson. manager of the
Wlthycomb campaign, gav an outline
of the reports received from all over
the state, showing that Governor
Wlthycomb' support Is uniformly
strong throughout th state.
Several other speakers made reports
npoa conditions In different part of
tha stata and th meeting wound up
by verybody singing th "Star-Spangled
Plans were laid for a whirlwind fin
ish to th campaign
a a
Th concluding Simpson rally of th
campaign will b held at th Eleventh
street playhouse tomorrow night. I. J.
Mmpon. candidal for th Rpubll-I
raa nomination for Governor, will be!
the leading speaker and will again ad.
drrsa th people ea development and
th Ideas which he ha advanced I
reasons for his election at this lira.
The Pimpoon-for-novernor Ueaxu also
Invites th legislative. Judicial and
county candidates to mak thr
minute talks following th address by
Mr. s-imrson.
Wtlllsm Adams. Cl'r Tressurr and
randldst for Stat Treasurer on th
Republican ticket, left yesterday for
Police Interrupt Game and Take
Participants to Station.
Policemen Hunt and Martin, of th
war emergency squad. Interrupted a
little gam at th "Walters" Club."
Sixth and Washington streets, late last
nlshl and brought to th station th
following alleged gamesters: A. J. Bill
ings. A. Guatenson. B. Lawle. J. B. Day,
Sam. Ross. Albert Toung, James Wood
and Charles Raft.
With th exception of Billings and
Guatenson sll of the men were released
upon producing fla ball money. Hill
ings and Gustenson were required to
furnish bonds of HO esch. They are
accused of conducting th game.
Read HarUy'a article, pais I. Adv.
Reaablteaaa Rrpreaeatlag All Parts f
State CBBKead I-a Graade
Man fr Peel t lau
Mor than a score of prominent Re
publicans of the state yesterday Joined
In a strong Indorsement of the can
didacy of Bruce Dennis, of L Grande,
for Republican National Committee
man. In commending the candidacy of
Mr. Dennis, thes Republicans refer to
his ability as an organiser and his
stsndlng aa a cltlxen and newspaper
man. The Indorsement, which Is ad
dressed to the Republican voters of
the state, follows:
To tbe Republlcana of Oregon
IVe. the nnderslgned Republicans of this
slste, recommend and urse that all Re
publican, voters support and voto for Bruce
leanls for Kepublicsn National Committee
man at the' primaries on May 17.
Ilia active and untiring Interest in Rennh-
llcaa politics, coupled with hla ability as
a convincing speaker snd sn able writer,
prompta us to appeal to th voters to elect
him as National Committeeman,
As sn orssnlser. Mr. Dennis has n rover!
his ability, having organized and managed
to a euccessrul termination a number of
aiate-wlda campaigns. With strong
sanuad opposition aaalnat him he collected
the good roads advocates Into one bodv
and carried the election which gave to this
state 11. first constructive highway legis
lation. When Oregon needed a State Coun
cil ot Defense he waa called to organise It.
and the effective work of that body with
ita wide campaigns of education paved the
way for Oregon to be first In her war work,
Hla standing aa a cltlsen and aa a news
paper man is well known, and we sincerely
believe that In hira the Republican party
of Oregon will bav a live, energetic leader
who will not only be eminently fair
every member of the party, but who will
also give to the party that life and ac
tivity which modern politic, needs and de
Signed: Daniel Boyd, delegate to last two
Republican ' National conventional W. L.
Furnish, or Multnomah County: J. H. Peare.
chairman Union County Republican Central
Committee: Marlon Jack, Republican State
l antral Committeeman of I matllla County
Thomas Thompson, Republican Congres
sional committeeman of Umatilla County:
Frank Curl, chairman I'matllla County Re-
puDiican central committee: T. J. Mahonev,
stata Central Committeeman of Morrow
county: William Poll man. of Baker County
Drew Barnum. State Central Committeeman
of Hherman County: Jay Rowerman. of
Multnomah County: Grant Dlmick, of Clack-
amaa County: F. 8. Bramwell. of Josephine
County: Ed Wright, secretary Public Service
lommlsslon: n. r Kennedy, of Multnomah
County; Fred R. Uroes. of Multnomah
County: W. Lair Thompson, of Multnomah
County; Max Dueddermann, of Multnomah
County; iw. J. w. Donnelly, of Gilliam
County, and many others.
building, who Indorses Stanfield, while
the third was published by Dr. David
son Buchanan. 975 Michigan avenue,
who appears yet to be active, despite
the Lemon ' claim to heirship. The
Buchanan "ticket" Is known as bulle
tin No. 10. It is a small leaflet and
urges all "patriots" to vote for R, N.
Stanfield for United States Senator. It
includes no other indorsements.
Controversy Has Developed
To further add to the confusion of
Reed College Reconstruction Course the "patriots," a controversy has al- Mike Baldwin. ' The puppy is said to be
ready developed between Lemon, Bu-1 worth S200
chanan and Perry as to the genuine-1 Mr. Miller has fed the puppy on
ness of their respective "tickets." I goats' milk and it is said to be one of
"This ticket of preferred candidates 1 the best-bred animals on the Pacific
Is Indorsed by the American Patriotic Coast. In making the donation Mr.
League, whose bulletins were pre-1 Miller told Red Cross officials that
viously signed by Dr. Davidson Bu- I Airedales could be trained to hunt out
helpful suggestions during th closing
days of the campaign.
Proves Popular.
Donations for the Red Cross auction
to be held In behalf of the second Red
Cross war fund are already being re
ceived at Liberty Temple.
Max Miller, a breeder of police dogs,
ambulance dogs and Airedales, was the
first donor. He presented to the auc
tion committee a 6-weeks-old Airedale
puppy, a half-brother to the 'amous
Applications from states t throughout
the territory west of the Mississippi for
the Reed College Summer course arid
tion-aides have been flooding the col- I vnuso auinurneu tuccessut i wounaea persons ana inus do servico-
lege office since th announcements I - -emon, assens air. wraun in able m war.
were mad a comparatively short time I conspicuous type on the face of his Mr. Miller-yesterday presented to A
pnniea ickbl i m. Griiiey, or the x.jii. tj. a. war serv
"Any other use, or my name at tnis
period is fictitious," Dr. Buchanan
warns the public in his printed "ticket.1
And there you are. But here enters
The eagerness of well qualified wo
men in western states to enter the
Summer school and reconstruction work
has made it necessary to limit the
number admitted to the latter cou
ice, a brother to the Red Cross dog to
be used as a mascot at Camp Lewis.
On behalf of the Arleta auxiliary of
the Red Cross. Mrs. A. B. Holliday pre
rug or wall-piece
Oregea Repswtarlv's Effort la
Behalf f Soldier aot Frgttea,
Say Manager MeCatchaa.
With bis own office fore at Wash
ington, D. C, working night and day
aad with the assistance of two xtra
stenographers whom he bas employed
at his own expense. Representative C.
N. McArthur Is bending every effort
to snswen the heavy volume of mail
received by him from the Oregon peo
pl during th past; few weeks. But
It will be Impossible for all of these
letters to be answered before election
day according to a telegram received
yesterday 'by H. 8. McCutchan, man
ager ot th McArthur campaign com
Representative McArthur bas re
ceived mora than 20i0 letters during
th past two weeka from men and
women throughout Oregon, who not
only take a deep interaal la hla can
didacy, but who likewiao appreciate
what he has done for th young men
whom Oregon hss given to her Na
tion's colors," said Mr. McCutchan.
Th men and women of - regon are
not unmindful of his untiring and
successful efforts to bring about a
needed betterment of thiall service
for soldiers and sailor, both in this
country and 'over there.' They also
appreciate his good work In expedit
ing tb sending out of allotment money
from men in th service to their de
pendents at home.
Included in this heavy volum of
mail are many letters from men and
women of this district, who ar pledg-
ng their unsolicited support of Mr.
McArthun during th present cam
paign, and we, her at home, feel con
fident that he will roll up a magnifi
cent victory at th primary election
next Friday."
Mr. McCutchan added that the com
mittee holds out a welcome to all of
he friends and supporters of Repre
sentative McArthur to visit the cam
paign headquarters, 110 Northwestern
urse. also the redoubtable CaptalnaPerry and sented a magnificent
For the second course in training aides "ts up tne claim that his ticket is composed of red crosses, stars and
to rehabilitate disabled soldiers. begin-llne on'r genuine memorandum ior me I stripes intermingled
nar June z. t women nave already I ""'""" "l i""""" o,. Jr you nave an laea ior a new or
been admitted. Out of this list of 1 ne Oregon federation or I'atnotic noVeI feature for the auction write it
candidates. Orec-nn and Wnshlna-trm I Societies. Inc., has caused this bulletin ... .nri moil if tn the auction commit
each have 24 representatives, California J be lsfued and BlKneri y Captain J. E. tee at the Liberty Temple. A prize will
eight, Idaho four, and one .each from I f . ' ,u""awR uuaing. ino dui- De sjVen ror the best suggestion.
tti,,, v iiLnci ia kcii uiite nuuuui (.lie
signature attached hereto," announces
Captain Perry on his printed "ticket.'
So, what Is the poor befuddled "pa
trlot" to do?
Lemon Ticket Distributed Sunday.
The first of these "tickets" to appear
was deposited on the doorsteps of
many houses throughout the residence
districts In the early hours of Sunday
morning. Later in the day It was dis
tributed from a number of the Prot
esiant cnurcnes or tne city, it was
addressed to "patriots." and purports
to have been issued by the American
Patriotic League. It is signed by Mr.
Lemon. The text of the "ticket" ex-
nlaifla trttafr V aa lni1ntaAmaritavnaaa ma)a
hv th lalr., "without hvino- k.rt" To confer on the housing and trans-
the consent of the candidates Indorsed. Portation problems Incident to the em
Nevada. Montana, Wisconsin, South Da.
kota, Iowa and Colorado.
Commissioner Anks Tbat Fishermen
Be Allowed to Use Xets.
A second appeal that fishermen at
Oregon City be permitted to use their
nets in taking the tons of salmon ac
cumulating below the falls in the Wil
lamette River because unable to make
their way over the fish ladder was sent
to Governor Withycombe yesterday by
City Commissioner Dan Kellaher.
Mr. Kellaher. who Is In charge of
the Portland Municipal Fish Market, Is
interested In this proposal because he
has been offered without cost one-half
the catch for distribution to patrons of
the market or customers out in the
state, at his discretion.
"If the Governor, as official head of
the Fish and Game Bureau," com
mented Commissioner Kellaher, "will
only grant the request we would be
Because of Honse Shortage In -Van
couver Many Employe of StandLfer
Company May Reside Here.
The so-called Lemon "ticket" indorses
McNary for United States Senator,
Moser for Governor and Hoff for State
"We trust the people," reads the
Perry "ticket" which appeared yester
day. "The Oregon Federation of Pa
triotic Societies, Inc., composed of duly
elected delegates from respective pa-
ployment of 3500 men in the new plant
of the Standifer Shipbuilding Company,
of Vancouver, J. W. McCloy, transpor
tation expert of the Emergency Fleet
Corporation, arrived in Portland yes
terday for conference' with Fred A.
Rasch, transportation expert of the
Public Service Commission of Oregon.
The Government has already spent
trlntln organizations, have faithfully $1,500,000 on the plant of the Standifer
able to supply thousands of families and Impartially investigated these can- company ana is reaay to turn out steel
with salmon to eat and can at a price
so insignificant all can buy."
Systematic Giving Proposed i
Method of Meeting Allotments.
didatea and have by unanimous vote ships in large numbers. The number of
indorsed these men as the best quail- men who will be employed in the plant
fied to meet the needs of the public. I cannot De nousea in Vancouver at pres
ent, ana tne representatives or tne
Perry Ticket Opposes Beverldge.
final decision will be made by the
Emergency Fleet Corporation.
Frank J. Miller, chairman of tha
Public Service Commission, has co-operated
with the Fleet Corporation in
every way so as to get the most effi
cient handling of the transportation
Xarcissa liemirez
Drugged by
Says She
OGDEN, Utah, May 13. Relating a
story of being drugged, kidnaped and
placed on a . train at Ontario, Or., by
two Mexicans, whom she charges with
conspiracy to defraud her aged father
of his fortune and land holdings, Xar
cissa Sussella Remircz, 13-year-old
Mexican heiress, of the Oregon city.
was detained by the police here today
on Information from Oregon. She was
In a dazed condition when found in the
Union Depot today.
She charges the Mexicans with
plotting to kill her father and com
pelling her to marry one of them to
secure her father's fortune, which had
been willed to her.
Red Cross Appeals Made at All City
Four-Minute speakers of Portland re
sumed their efforts last night, talking
before theater audiences on the Red
Cross war fund. This will be the theme
of their talks throughout the week.
The schedule of speakers, aa given
out yesterday, follows: Orpheum, W. F.
Woodward; Pantages, Walter H. Evans;
Baker, Estes Snedecor: Liberty,
Thomas F. Ryan: Lyric, Thomas H.
Hayes; Columbia, Hugh Hardnian; Sun
set, Omar C. Spencer; Star, Dr. A. M.
Webster; Hippodrome, W. F. Woodward;
Peoples, Dr. William Wallace Youngson;
Strand, Omar C. Spencer; Circle, Hamil
ton Johnstone; Majestic, Hamilton
Emergency Fleet Corporation and the
SHERWOOD. Or.. May 1J. (Special.)
A big patriotic meeting will be held
nere ednesday night for the pur
pose of getting under way for the Red
Cross drive. Th plan is to hav tha I VC ', ci,v, - cne.r,.e ... o- ir,t
people agr to a regular monthly pay- Kd",.ard F. Smith; Wilson T. Hume for
ment of an amount they can afford and f,it T,irie;e. Denartment No. 4. as
keep It up until the war ends.
It Is hoped to enlist every man.
woman and child In this systematic
way of assisting in the war measures
and eliminate these special drives that
are coming ao often.
Th various measures, such as Red
Cross. T. M. C. A,, Salvation Army,
K. of C. and others, will ec.-h b ap
portioned th amount they ask from
Sherwood from this fund.
The Perry ticket makes no Indorse- public Service Commission are trying
to work out a system of transportation
which will bring the employes of the
plant to Portland with the greatest
possible efficiency.
Two plans are under consideration.
One provides for the operation of
limited electric trains over the line of
the Portland Railway, Light & Power
Company, by which men living in vari
ous districts of Portland can be sent to
their homes without stops on the way.
The other plan Is to run steam trains
over the Southern Pacific and O. W. R.
& N. tracks, stopping at St. Johns,
Albina, Oak street and East Morrison
street. The reports and recommenda
tions will be made to Washington of
ficials after the conference and the
ments for National committeemen.
Representative in Congress, Attorney-
General, Circuit Judge, Department No.
2, and recommends only one candidate,
Rufus C. Holman, for County Commis
sioner. It also differs from the Lemon
"ticket" in that W. W. Hall is indorsed
for County Clerk, as opposed to Joseph
W. Beverldge; E. H. Collis for County
Auditor, Instead of Sam B. Martin;
Election Board Official- SuggeMs
Salary Donation.
Patriotism of Portland citizens who
serve on election hoards next rriduy
is under challenge. Glenn Barnett,
ember of the board in precinct No.
44 H, is the challenger.
'There are mighty few people in Port
land," declared Mr. Barnett last night.
who need the X3 paid to election work
ers. If 60 per cent or tne board mem
bers will donate their day's salary to
ome patriotic purpose, I don t care
which one, I will not only give my $3
but will add $6 more. I hope very
much this offer will be met, for it
would mean several thousand dollars for
deserving war activities."
Clackamas County Resident Dies at
Home at Age of 75 Tears.
OREGON CITT". Or, May IS. (Spe
cial.) Phillip Baker, on of th old-
time resident of Clackamas County
and Clvli War veteran, died at the
family home at Stafford Sunday.
Mr. Baker was a native of Penn
sylvania snd was 7s years of ago. He
enlisted at Philadelphia at the break
ing out of the Civil War, and served
during the entire war.
He is survived by th following chil
dren: Henry, Mark and Fred Bakers
of Stafford; Miss Minnie Baker, of
Idaho; Mrs. Julia Gentry, of Vancouver,
Wash.; Mrs. Annie Jacobs, of Oswego.
The funeral services are to be con
ducted from th family home tomorrow
afternoon at I o'clock.
against A. W. Orton, Of the candl
dates for State Representative, the
Perry "ticket" Indorses Ralph A. Coan
and D. C. Lewis In place of F. G. Haas
and R. A. Nielsen, whose names ap
pear on the Lemon ticket. Otherwise
the same legislative candidates are in
dorsed on both tickets.
Two Tickets Given.
The following Is a complete list of
the indorsements appearing on th
T.emnn ticket: '
12 Dennis, Bruce
18 McNary, Chas. L.
21 McArthur. C. N.
24 Moser. Gus C.
30 Hoff. O. P.
35 Johns. Charles A.
37 Brown. Geo. M.
3S Churchill. J. A.
3l Dftlislel. Wm. A.
44 Williams. Fred A.
47 Schaefer. J. B.
49 Morrow. Robt. G.
52 Orton, A. vv.
..- Carter. William A.
l Reed. Sanderson
62 Banks. W. W.
65 Lofgren. D. E.
9 Atkinson. Dave
T3 Bonebrake, P. O.
J. E. Murray, Lacking Ambition, to
Act as Jail Janitor.
J. E. Murray waa arrested by the po
lice, last night and taken to head
quarters where ha gave a few bits of
philosophy In his talk at tbe desk.
"I have no ambition," he said.
"r believe," he continued, "that the
world owes me a living and that the
county should tak care of me."
Last night the man of no ambition
slept in a cell. Today he will assume
his duties aa jail Janitor. It is figured
that hia latent ambition will revive
after a few days of "swamping out" in J
the corridors and that ha will lose the
Bank building, at any time to offer idea that th world owes him a living.
79 Gordon. Herbert
HO Haas. F. G.
82 Herrln. D. C.
K7 Kubll, K. K.
80 Lynn, Walter G.
t McFarland. E. C.
95 Nellsen, R. A.
Pettlngell. B. E.
t8 Richards. Oren R.
99 Richardson, J. G.
103 Bailey. A. A.
108 Holman, Rufas C
114 Hurlburt. T. M.
115 Beverldge. Jos. W.
117 Lewis. John M.
119 Martin. Sam B.
120 Bonser, R. C.
123 Smith Edward F.
124 Petersen. Mark W.
The candidates indorsed on the Perry
ticket follow:
For United Statea Senator 19 Stanfield.
Robert N.
For Governor 24 Moser. Gus C.
For State Treasurer 30 Hoff. O. P.
For Justice Supreme Court 35 Johns,
Charles A.
For Superintendent Public Instruction
38 Churchill. J. A.
For Labor Commissioner 39 Dalziel. Will
iam A-
For Publlo Service Commissioner (4 Will
lams. Fred A.
For Water Superintendent 17 Schaefer,
J. B.
For Judge Circuit Court, Department 4
B0 Hume. Wilson T.
For Judge Circuit Court. Department S
55 Carter. William A.
For state senator 61 Reea. banaerson.
For Senator. 14th District 2 Banks.
W. W. v.
For Representative. 17th District 03 T.of
gren. David K.
Representative. 18th District 69 Atkin
son. Dave; 73 Bonebrake. P. O. ; 76 Coan.
Ralph A.: 79 Gordon. Herbert: 82 Herrln,
D. C; 87 Kubll, K. K. ; S8 Lewis. D. C;
HO Lyon. Walter G. ; ill McFarland. E. C:
94 Pettlngell. Elmer E. : !' Richards, Oren
R : 99 Richardson. Joseph G.
For County Commissioner 108 Holman.
Rufus C. -
For County Clerk 116 Hall. W. W.
For County Treasurer 117 Lewis. John M.
For County Auditor 118 Collins. E. H.
For County Surveyor 120 Bonacr. R. C.
For County Coroner 122 Smith. Earl.
For Constable 1-1 Petersen, Mark W.
Worker Falls From Scaffold.
Fred Barks, a shipyard worker, was
cut and bruised about the head whan
he fell from a scaffold at the Supple &
Ballin shipyards at 11:45 o'clock last
night. Barks' home is in McMinnville
and he is married. Mr. Barks was
taken to the Good Samaritan Hospital.
Red Cross Meets Wednesday.
Mount Tabor Presbyterian Red Cross
Unit meets every Wednesday for 10 to
4 o'clock In the Glencoe School, East
49th and Belmont streets. All women In
the community are Invited to do their
Wednesday Red Cross work at this
place. '
costs many a man his job
No matter how efficient a man may be, if he has
an ugly ikm-eruption, there are position in whicL
he cannot b tolerated. He may know that it is not
in the least contagious, but other people are afraid,
they avoid him, and he must make way for a man
with a clear, healthy skin. Why ran this risk, when
Ointment and Reiinol Soap stop itching and
, clear away eczema and similar humors to
quickly and easily ?
All druggists sell Keslaol Oiataient and Resinol Snap.