Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 02, 1918, Page 14, Image 14

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Beaver Twirler Proves Too
Much for Local Batters and
Safe Swats Are Few.
4 S
3 111
110 20
IJs Fine Tosnpirr Holdi Visitor, to
four Scattered Hit, bat Blowt
I'p oJ Is Replaced by Klrwta.
Game Is Lost la Moth.
Awift Caws IMwnihnl Iimm taatls.
W. L rrt I W. L. Pet.
TAWurtr . 2 nrti Port'and ... O 2 .ee.
Ivemt ... 3 It -ipobane. . . 3 .no
Seattle 3 O lotto A Mrdm ..S3
llihitoT'l Hi lt.
' V-mT-r. 3; Portland. 3.
, T w,m a. 10; Spok ane. a.
, al!t. Ab.rd.eo. 1.
From a pleasant tfcougut of two
run Wad a tho eighth Inning to tba
cold gray grief of a one-run defeat In
the ninth was tha nnpleaaant portion
of tho Portland Buckaroo. yesterday
at the Viuihn-ilnrt lot. Tber were
outbatted. outwitted and tho biggest
Item that might be mentioned was tbat
Jhr were ont pitched. i
Jimmy Hamilton trotted out a young-
j'r named Henion. who looked no
Mrr than a minute, but tba way that
"bird" baffled the Buckaroo batters
waa a sight well worth seeing. Henlon'a
twisters were mystifying to the Port
HlTtnn r 4 S S ' Ttlrhla.r. .
V Kart d.l 3 0 Ol Moree.s...
Kslmon.e. 3 O 3 2 o Downey. e.
i'imm.( 4 11 3 o Alesan'r.p
Koee.... 1 0 001
Tta:s 33 5 : ir :i Totals. 34 10 37 15 4
rutted (or JtrKarland lo ninth.
Aberdeen V 0 O 1 O 1 . 1 A 3
Beam 4 .20.O03 t
Ituna. Heater 2. Kean. Kmsle. I.esrd. alar.
Phy. Carman. I,rboureau. Richie. Stole
baes. Lebourvemu. Mora. Two-tiaae hit.
Kindle. I.CDeurvreu. Haaea on balls, off t'a-
moal 1, Alemamler 4. Struck out. br Ca
moaal 1. Alexander S. Double play. Mora
to Carman lo Murphy.
Notes of the Game.
Car! new drew the undivided attention or
Maneser Hamilton, of Vancouver. In the
third Inning. Wllb Henion oa flret Hamil
ton, complained te Umpire Bedford that
flow was commuting a balk. but the
umps" couldn't sea It that way.
e a a
Harry Meyer. Bean Brummel traveling
man. divided honors with the fair fannsttse.
Meyer likes tba looks of the Hurksroos and
says they eagbt to "Hoead-lp to a last
e e e
Hugh MrOedle's pockets wars bulging ?
with the "Jits" ha collected ss the (air sex
passed through tba pass-gate and paid their
war tax. Tbere was only a haadfui of fans
st the game.
Elmer Joseph Cox. Backers, catcher, has
not yet accustomed himself to catching high
foul sella barb or tho plate. tie am a
merry-go-round yesterday on fttewart's foul
and then muffed It. Outside of that weak
aeaa we'll ssy he' Is the "old doughnuts."
e e e
every day except Saturday and Sunday la
Isdles day at Vaugha-etreet park. All the
women have te do la to pav tho war tax.
Two Already Desert Organized
Ball and Others Said to
Be About to Jump.
Ruckaroo Recruit Makes Leap, Fol
lowed Closely by Catcher Feuer
born; Bay Frowns on Attempts
to Induce Men to Leave.
Lowers rail to Support Pitcher and Are
I aable e Flad Quaker Twirler.
t arses Allewe Three Hits.
Istsrsrbabaatle League Staadlnsrs.
W. L. Pet. W. L. Pet.
Lincoln .... 3 looo Christ. Bros 3 3 .S"0
Jefferson ..3 0 ll Hensoa .... 1 1 .J1!
Wsahlasioa 4 1 .WW If 111 S O .""
rnnk:m ..S 1 .750 commerce ..0 3 .oo
batters, only two bit being registered Columbia ..11 .Soujamee John. 0 4 .0O0
off his delivery during ths time be was
on tho mound. Hamilton sent Glpe la to
bat for Henion In the eighth and there
after another lad who answers to the
nam of Kelly stepped to the mound
and allowed one bit and whiffed four
batters In the two Innings ho worked.
Carl Clow, the Let Pine. Or, young
ster, took, bis first whirl at professional
baseball when he essayed the role of
Buckaroo burler. Ho breezed along
Yesterday's latersrbolaatle Results.
Multnomah, Field Franklin. 6: J
John. L
test Twelfth ana Davis wasnington. i
Bill. X
There were no announcements yester
day of any further Jumping of organ
ised baseball players to ths ranks of
the shipyard's teams. Since the ar
rival of the Portland and Vancouver
teams In this city to open the Pacific
Coast International season a number
of promising young players have seen
fit to desert the ranks of organized
ball for more lucrative positions In the
Richard ("Dick") Mitchell, whom
Portland transported from Pasadena
for a trial, was the first player to cast
his lot with the shipyards. Bill Feuer
born. released bji Halt Lake to Port
land, has joined the St. Helens team
which aggregation Is captained by Ed
die Mentor, formerly with Oakland. In
the Pacific Coast League.
Mensor is now playing second base
and lining up the players for St.
Mensor. methods have not made any
hit with President Bay, of the Ship
builders' League, and be said when
asked about the situation yesterday
afternoon that as long as be waa presi
dent of the league he would not favor
the plan of getting men to jump tbelr
had an opportunity of seeing ther
Buckaroos lose In the final inning.
All three players are ready to don
the Portland spangles. Smith will play
left field today. Cliff Lee moving over
to right. Umlth Is a diminutive but
husky lad and Is said to be a corking
good outfielder. Morton and Arken
burg are right-handed pitchers, whose
services are badly needed by the Fort-
land team. If BUI Shoup does not start
pitching for Portland today the task
of trying to tame Vancouver will fall
to either Morton or Arkenburg.
Military Tournament to Be Staged
at College Tomorrow.
St. Louis Victor When Ball
Goes Over Cobb's Head.
OREGON" AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE, Four Hits In Five Trips to Plate Is I
Corvallls. May 1. (.special.) 'mere
Record for Afternoon Cleveland
Drubs Chicago, 6 to 5, and
Washington Defeats Boston.
will be a military tournament at Ore
gon Agricultural College on Thursday
night, which will really be a track
meet worked out along military lines.
It is planned to have a variety of races
and a few military movements put
on by the various organizations in the
There will be a back to back race. -May i.-nim me score
an enninment race an nhatacla, race . lied In tno tentn, two OUtS and TO bin
tug-of-war of battalion teams, a relay on second. Siller drove the ball over
race between battalions, a three-legged r-""" "V scoring iooin v.itn m
race and a standing broad Jump.' lie
sides this there will be a contest In
rifle assembling, with a man from each
run. tbat gave St. Louis the victory
over Detroit. Sisler got four hits and
a walk in five trips to the plate, stole
The Franklin High balltossers won I contracts with organized baseball for
their third start out of four In the I the Shipbuilders' League.
Interscholastlo League yeaieraay. ae-1 ,. - - i.
testing James John, to 1, on Mult-I , ... , . . .
nomab Field. nl .v. J ,
Ed Thompson, the Quakers' star ""f"-"" ws mui " ""-
twirler who has been striking- out on I era
have already jumped or
line a cnampiou ior seven inning a. ai- , . aro contemplating Jumping have me
lowing four scattered bits, but In the hl. ti i th2 bo? .te they arl going to He around
eighth be lost his nerve when a base w. "' to " th" Vcoch the shipyards and play ball once a
on balls and three bits, good for two "ci. ihmounS week, they had better get the Idea out
irnB";,,,K,,rn.,B "C,er" ,mTr ' Corn.Thm'.'hT.g- f their head-, a. every man who play.
down ,n ,h. nr., Bill TtAnZS slven tVtVZ J "
: Fisher -lammed th. ball against the hit' "nd vf-",.0.,. h Player, are said to ha-, been of-
renter field rence for a aouot. ana - Jame. John and also got rred asTiigh as 17 and 18 a day, which
; -cored on Lee s single to center. In l'tI .1.7101 oMy four ' of ths question, as neither the
: the seventh Sullivan walked and scored J;:,!0-.??? laB that to. rot waa managers of the teams nor anyone In
when Cog bit a long fly to Wolfer. i'.ibli- HI. tartmu.. made tSl the shipyard can pay such wages, as
t With a two-run lead .taring them w?h.cir ill theyar. setbyth. UnltedState.Gov-
race. There will also be bomb throw
ing for accuracy. -
company entered and a wall scaling base scored a run and drove in the
R. H. E-l R. H. E.
Detroit... 2 6 list Louis . . 3 9 0
Batteries Erickson, and Stanage,
Spencer; Gallia and Nunamaker.
Cleveland 6, Chicago 5.
CLEELAXD. May 1. Cleveland won
the last game of the series from Chi
cago. Coveleskle outpitched Cicotte,
but errors by Kavanaugh, Roth and
Wambsganss allowed the visitors to
score four of their five runs. In the
r..sin.i.... iei.u T - ninth inning Chicago had runners on
, - ' I . . . .. 1.1,
BCLiuu mil iiibi y 1 1 1 1 naLnouii nit an
easy bounder to Coveleskle retiring
the side.
R. H. E.I R. H. E.
Chicago... 6 9 llCleveland.. 6 114
Batteries Cicotte and Schalk; Cov
eleskle and. O'Neill.
Washington 5, Boston 0.
This Trade-mark on ewery
Lewis garment guarsntees
you quality. Look tor it.
League Contract and Sign. With
Foundation Yard Team.
William ("Bill") 6tumpf, former
Portland, Spokane. Oakland and Pitts
burg ballplayer, put In a real busy day
yesterday. He started th. fireworks
yesterday rooming when he Journeyed
to Vancouver, Wash., and signed a con-
BOSTON, May 1. Walter Johnson
held Boston to four scattered hits.
i.k .4....,u xri. rin.. I Washington bunched bits off Mays in
..-vw .. v-.-. . .
Schiewe. of 149 Porter street, this eitv. l" ioui m. geiiing nvo . ui.o
to play in the Matrimonial League. The ning. Hooper made three of Boston s
weddlna- waa the culmination of a ro- while Mclnnis scratched out the
mance of long standing and the happy
couple are comfortably domiciled at
apartments In this city.
In the afternoon Stumpf made up his
mind to jump organized baseball and
signed with the Foundation Shipyard's
baseball team to cavort at third base New Tork Kame postponed; rain
l J I 1 11 c i.l umiu liiu ht:(.iii il! nv Dm 1 11 i
fourth la the ninth.
R.H. E.l R. H. E.
Wash'ton . 6 8 01 Boston 0 4 1
Batteries Johnson and Ainsmith;
Mays and Agnew.
NEW TORK. May 1. Philadelphia-
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LEWIS KNITTING CO. JanesvUle, Wise 0,97)
drilling 'eight hours every day in the
big shipyards.
StumDf had a lona lournev across the
continent from Pittsburg, which club St. Louis Takes Game Through Hit-
released him to Oakland in the Pa-
In th. fae. In th. first half of the I .... , , v.i-i.. t.-,.. jh ernment.
eighth Inning. Jimmy Hamilton'. Beav- on Corn., .lightly In th. .lxth 9 ' th
Inning with two men on and threatened
to .core, but th. drive failed to go
Nygarrd mad. a beautiful triple In
the third inning, scoring Tucker.
Thomas knocked out a double, scoring
. ers got out their old hickory pole, and
tied the score.
J Vancouver scored tb. winning run In
th. ninth, when with two down and
bases full. Hitter "kicked" th. ball, let
ting Cook score. Tb. score:
Vancouver I Portland
Wolfee.m. 1 3 S ..Kibble.:... 4 S T.
Htm loai 4 1. S 0 rtaher.l. .. 4 110 It
.Jlenla.1... B 1 1 . O 4ulllvaB.IBV S S 1. ail .vle.l 4130.
Rreva.1. 4.1 a s Peterson,. I I 1 II
5-okta.l.. 4 .1 vi'.l.l 3.311
Cask.. 4 11 Itinera... 3.311
Hoeiale,c a . T I 0 lmpa7.r I 0
t.moa.s. 1 . 10, low. p.... 3 . 3 a.
Ulna 11. .OKlrwm.p.. 1 1 .
a,.iIT.- ... dfceuB.p... . . . .
Totsls. I? art 14 Ol Tot ale.. ST 8 31 li a
bailed for Henloa In eisbta.
sneowver ............ .......3 11
Hits 1.111. .a 1 S
Portland 1.....1. a J
KlLa 3......1 O I
HSU Oaok. Boslslo. OlDO. Flaher. Sulll
van jtruk out. bv Clew 1. bv tienloa 3,
br Kelly 4. Baaea a. balls, oft Clew 3. oft
kirala X of Uenlna 3. olf K-llv 1. Two-
.baeehlts. yiehar. Hamlltoa. KouMa plsr,
aibbia to Rltter. bacririce k ta Hamilton.
rwiaraow. t orn. Stolen baaea. Etswart. Sulll
va. Innlnss put-bed. H.alon 7. runa 3.
bi'a 3: flow T l-S. runs X hits : K!r win
y 1 -X m. s. hits 3: credit victory to Kelly,
r.iiaa reasonalbta for. Henion Z. '"in. 2.
irwta ; c Serve defeat to Klrwta. Time ef
atf l.U. Impira Badfoeti.
e rules of the Columbia
Willamette Shipbuilders League Is that
a man must work SO days for a com
pany before he can play ball with the
team. The rule was let down to the
McCormlck Company for a period of
30 day. so aa to enable them to get a
V v -1 m rrA KhevHer rannetl Ant an-
first-class team together. Tb. SO days
other two-bagger, bringing In Thomas, will be up thi. Sunday and hereafter
the Quaker, scoring three run. In the piayer inu saensur r mucr
third frame. Tbey mad. two In th.
first and th. other run In tb. fourth.
Bill Schroeder and Wilkinson played
a good game for James John.
The score:
Franklin I Jams. John
B It R E B R H E
3 3. o re7uTnsn,s.. 1 o o v
0 l Jower.3... .. 4 O 1 1
3 0 Ohm.S 4 0 0 0
1 W. BVh'der.L 4 0 11
. Kuiil.c... 4 O 0
1 0 VYulf.p 4 0.1
. a rook, i a . o .
O 1 H Sch'der.e. 4 O 1 1
0 O,wuktnson.r. 4 1.1
Tocker.e. .
Thorn as.2.
)ers.r. . . .
llobeon.S. .
rornw.p. .
. a a
. S 1
. a i
. a o
. a a
. a o
.. 4 .
.. . .
.. . .
Totals ...33 4 4 Totals 82 1 8 S
Pranklln 3 0 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 6
James Joha .01 000.0 0 1
struck eut. br Comes T. by vs ulf a. Ha.e.
I bulla, off TVult T. off Cornea 8. Slolen
basee. Tucker. 4. Two-baee hlta. fthrrder.
Sebroeder. Thomas. Toree-basa hits, 7-
.srrd. Lmplro. Hsrbtla.
Pitcher Touched
Safe Swats.
for 1 4
." TACOMA. Wash-. May 1 Tacoma
. won a slow and uninteresting game
from Fpokane today. 1. to Broten
.patched the full gam. for Spokane and
waa touched up for 1 hlta. walked nine
men and hit on. batter. Clayton re
lieved Menth In the sixth, when the
former weakened. Wright, of Tacoma.
averts a triple, double and three singles
In five times at bat. bcore:
'- Ssoaaao Tacoma
m m r;i B ft OAK
4 O'r-uble.l.. 4 . 1 S 3
. o Wrlshia, 4 4 .
. 0peas.L.. S 3 3 . .
1 taal un. S 1 3 . 1
1 O Stevena.s. 3 3 3..
1 eieubt.e.. 8 114 1
. 0- Wllaon.r. 4 13.
3 : tiorra.1.. 4 1 10 1 .
1 O Menth.p.. a 1 1 1 .
iarra.0. 1 . a 1
Totals 37 14 37 13 4
Onffea.5 a . 3
Ifollo'r.l. 4 3 8
Nira.m. 8 . 3
Var.h'Lc 8 t a
. fM.n'r.t 4.1
.Wall, at 4 1.
. eiaurs.r. SI.
e.hnota.o. a a a
B rot.o. p. 8 3.
I 1.34 1. 31
Tetsls 3
. Score by Innings
. svkane ...3.3.1 ft
Tacoma .13 1.31 HI
T Runs Msrshsll Towney. Walter.. Boars.
. Shonta. Broten. Wrteht 2. Speaa. Dsnlels
.atevens. Wilson. Hoffman. Xenth S. Innlnss
pitched By Broten. S; Itentn. 8 1-8: Clar
t.m. 3 2-8. Stalon bases Dsnlels Z Stevens.
Three-beee hits Wrlsht. V llaon. Two-baas
"K'te Wri(ht. spaas. Lanle:s. Stsvans. fac
' rtcs hits t'able. htevena Baao on belle
"Vf Proten S. Menth 4. Clayton 3. struck
'eut Bv Brotea 3. iieath 1. Double plays
' f'sble to Imubert to Hoffman. Runs ro
sooa.lble lor Brotea 10. Menth 8. Clay
ten. 1.
Christian Brother. Team Wins From
Out-of-Town Aggregation.
Th. Christian Brothers nine defeated
the fast Gresham boys yesterday after-
noon by the score of to 3. The game
waa played on the victors' ground and
was exceptionally fast. Brother Fa
bian', men not only out-hit tbelr rivals
but also outplayed them In every stage
of th. game. The Gresham boys made
only two hits off the delivery of Ores
sens and Jewett. while the local boys
were credited with nine saf. blows.
Childers. the Gresham star, was the
only on. of th. visitors abl. to solve
the delivery of the Christian Brothers
pitchers, and he acquired two singles.
Th. lineups or tn. teams are as fol
Christian Bros.'' Tom.
Whits s..
ftvsn ............. .c..
Broat 8..
Keating r..
Dunbar ..1 . .
Huno ............. ..I . .
Nelson 2..
K renter ...........m..
tlraaeens P..
A:.tork m.
Jewett p.
Pitchers Have Poor Week and 18
Slugger. Keep In Charmed Class.
SAN FRANCISCO. May 1 Jacques
manager may line up will bav. to work
In th. yards 30 days before be can play
Mensor was on th. Job again yester
day and Induced Catcher Pike, who was
to Join the Vancouver team, to play
ball for him. Pike was turned over to
Bob Brown's outfit by Los Angeles.
Teek May Jump. .
Eddie Teck, Inflelder who waa re
leased by Bill Fisher several days ago,
has been offered jobs at several plants
in the shipbuilders organization and
b. may decide to take a fling at the
gam. here.
It has been reported that the Corn-
foot Company baa been whispering tn
th. ears of several players In the Pa
cific International League, but Man
ager Charley Moore denied the asser
tion yeeterday and says that if anyone
on the Cornfoot team aproached any
ballplayers they were unauthorized.
- All of th. teams In th. Shipbuilders'
League are taking advantage of the
great weather thi. week and are prac
ticing hard, getting in shape for next
Sunday's games.
Oscar Johnson, th. lanky catcher,
who was released by Portland upon the
arrival of th. team here, has gone to
work at Supple-Ballln'a. and will do
the receiving for Supple-Ballin team.
There will be no shipbuilders' game
at th. Vaughn-street grounds this Sun
day, aa Portland Is at home. Instead
ther. will be a double-header in Van
couver and gamea at St. Johns and St.
Helena Th. Norwesco club will play
Grant Smith-Porter at St. Johns; the
Foundation league leaders will Journey
to St. Helens and meet the formidable
McCormlck team, and Cornfoot vs.
Clarkson-Standlfer and Supple-Ballin
vs. Peninsula will furnish the double
header at Vancouver.
ciftc Coast League. Bill breezed into
Los Angeles last Saturday night and
registered at the same hotel with the
Oakland team. Manager Del Howard
left a 7 o'clock call for Stumpf and the
rest of the Oakland players, but Stumpf
had a longing in his heart for pretty
Miss Schiewe, so he went the Oak man
ager one better by leaving a 6 o'clock
call and beat it for Portland on the
8 o'clock train, arriving here Tuesday.
ting of Hornsby.
CINCINXATL O.. May 1. The hitting
of Hornsby was the deciding factor Vernon Defeats Salt Lake With Ease by
in St. Louis' 10-lnning victory over
8-to 3 Score, Oakland Takes Fea
tureless Contest From Angela.
Cincinnati today. Hornsby scored
Balrd with a double in the fourth in
ning and In the tenth he led off with
a three-bagger and scored on Cruise's
sacrifice flv.
Cincinnati hit May often, but found mento overcame a lead of three runs by
difficulty In bunchinar their safe drives, scoring five In the eighth inning for a
Stumpfs intentions were to get mar- it was liberty loan day and the play- win over San Francisco. Gardner, who
ried and return to Oakland and play ers of the Cincinnati team subscribed replaced West, was never in danger of
with the Oaks, but he received such a I H2.850. Manatrer Mathewson leading Deing scored on. Six double Dlavs fea
flattering offer from the Foundation the list with the purchase Of $10,000 tured the game. Oliver, an outfielder,
people that no decided to go to work in 1 worth of bonds. I was signed Dy the Seals today. Score
the shipyards and play ball with the B, H. E. REE., R. H. E. R. H. E.
Foundation nine on Sundays and holi- St. Louis... 2 6 llCIncinnatl. . 110 2 Sacram'nto 7 12 2 San Fran ..4 11
days. I Batteries May and Gonzales; Eller I Batteries West, Gardner and East
and Allen.
Stumpf, who is 26 years old, said he
purchased J3000 worth of liberty bonds
before leaving Baltimore, his home, last
erly; G. Johnson, Seaton.
Baum and
Chicago 5, Pittsburg 3.
CHICAGO, May 1. After three post-
EVER 1 ponements on account of Inclement
Vernon 8, Salt Lake 3
Popular Player Silences All Doubt
ers by Work With Giants.
NEW TORK, May 1. When John Mc-
Graw brought Larry Doyle tack to the
Giants be announced that he believed
the popular Larry to be as good ; as
ever, and the fans, hoping that such
was the case, probably thought per
haps the doughty manager was a bit
too optimistic Reports from Marlin
earlier In the Spring indicated that
Doyle was In great shape and his work
in the games played to date has borne
weather Chicago and Pittsburg met in I Quinn had little opposition today. He
the final game of the series, the former I pitched masterly ball most of the way
ana veraon won without much trouble.
McCabe and Penner, the Salt Lake
pitchers, issued eight bases on balls
between them and four of them were
converted Into runs. Score:
R- H. E.l R. H. E.
Vernon 8 11 1 Salt Lake ..3 6
Batteries Quinn and Moore: McCabe.
r-enner ana i.oinick
winning. Merkle's home run, which
went into the left-field bleachers in
the third, scored the winning run.
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Pittsburg.. 3 9 0 Chicago.... 5 8 2
Batteries Carlson, Jacobs
Schmidt; Vaughn and Killefer.
Boston 4, Brooklyn 2.
Oakland 6, Los Angeles 0
LOS ANGELES, Cal May 1. The
Oakland team of the Coast League won
BROOKLYN. May 1. Boston broke
the tie for seventh place in the Na
tional League by defeating Brooklyn.
Muffs of flies by Hickman and John-
111 viio name, iiwcu iu unto nas uorne 1 . . , d . - . , -
out the statement of those who saw f?nl'7i?rl. S-?weJ h, .T5L""'."vf" fu"? from J?" Angeles
. ...... - 1 I.WUO.J , iuviu liio icnu 1 ii in o urst in
a sacruice ny gave in. uraves one
more in the ninth.
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Boston 4 9 llBrodklyn. . . 2 6
Batteries Ragan and Henry; Mar
quard. Griner and Wheat.
. . . Co
.. ... Ch
.. Johnson
. . Wlnlsrs
. Peterson
... Butler
him In action at the training camp.
Doyle is now slugging the ball at an
even .500 clip, and his blows have been
clean and timely. Also his fielding
has been. If anything, better than ever
Any regrets expressed at the trade
of Charlie Herzog and Jimmy Smith
for Doyle and Jess Barnes have been
silenced by the work of Larry and
the slim young pitcher in these first
few days of the campaign.
Philadelphia gam. postponed; wet
Iagle ie Meet Fred Gilbert, of Bead, la
Seaal-Wladap, i Slagging Match
I. Expected by Followers.
Jack King, matchmaker for the Cen
tury Club, which organisation is going
to stag. th. Al Sommers-Jlmmy Darcy
Foumler. of the Los Angeles club of
the Pacific Coast Baseball League, was
the leading batter of the circuit at th.
end of the third week of play. H. had I six-round bout at the Eleventh-street
advanced his average during th. aix I Plsvhouae Frirlsv niwht xt.w m i.
Alexander Pltche Good Ball and M7",?' ?!r o P'centage of 404 waxing enthusiastic over the boosting
Alexander rucrsrw wowi to 4J4. Farmer of Salt Lake, who led Portland fight fans are giving his main
Tightens ip in i-incnes. -",i'i"u m .. w doul Both Doys have started train-
It he sixth place among the regulars. I ins- for their i,irh n. v..
SEATTLE. Wash, May 1. Seattle Fournler ended th. last season under a hammer-and-tonas affair from trt
mads it two straight with Aberdeen 1 .300 per cenL I to finish.
hr. today, winning. S to S. Alexander n was not a particularly good week Sommers is' working out at the Co
oitrhed rood ball for tn. local team. I for th. nltohera. fls-ures ihoainr ih,i i.-m. ..i..i 1 ..w . n
while hi. teartimates consistently h t In 1( batsmen among the regular, were In .on and Marty Farrell. while Darcy is
lh. pinches K Aberdeen made two Prlt- the charmed percentage a. agaln.t putting in his hard licks at the Rose
ed rallies, but Alexander tightened up n th, previoo, week. city Club, where he boxes with his
brother, Alex, and Jack Graham every
Promoter King closed for two other
bouts last night which ought to prove
good new. to Portland fight fans.
George Ingle. Pacific Coast lightweight
champion, affixed his signature to a
agreeing to box Fred
and held them.
. Aberdeen I Seattle-
Vlt OAK.'
Bessrt s.. 8.8 a e Smala.1. .
Heat sr. I. 4 18 1. Leard.2..
Vcen.2.. 8 . S S 1 Murpbr.S
.7:ntie.m. 4 8 4 tOCarmaa.1
o.n'tl m
4 1 a
4 118.
4 310 1
4 ? ; 0
CAS CO - 21 to.
Clyde -1 v$ in.
C7uu.r.ery V C Inc. eMsiee.
Baseball Summary.
Veraon . .
Sslt I-aks.
Uaklaau. . .
Boatoa. ....It
Cleveland.. T
rhlraio.... 8
Washington 8
rsetflc Cast,
W. I. Pet. I W. I Pet.
IS 13 -Srto Sacramento IS la ai
is 13 ..vie i. Anreiea. ia i .441 1 set of articles,
ia li .ow sao arso.. 12 17 .414 Gilbert.
Clair Bromeo, th
.Ms st. Louis... 4 .4no I youngster who has
San Francisco
defeated Jimmy
-1V New Tork.. S S lo n... j.. .-a V. j t t
..-.'.1 Detroit. 5 K I "'."r"
oo. Philadelphia 8 8 .27 I Polnger. Willie Mnclalr and Frankle
lucner, em meet vveiaon '., ing.
Three other bouts to complete the
evening s programme will be announced
by Jack King tomorrow.
Lack of Rain Makes Season Slow In
Reaching Normal; Fish Small.
California, considered a paradise for
anglers, is offering thus far this sea
son, good fishing "in spots" only. Over
a large section of the state there has
been a heavy shortage of rain, which
has resulted in the streams remaining
exceedingly low. This has resulted in
reducing th. size of the fish which are
being caught. In many places the rain
Error, by Losers Give Game to East-
alders Who Also Garner 12 Hits
Off Johnson's Delivery.
The Washington High nine had an
easy time with the Hill aggregation
fall bas been approximately only one- and walloped them 12-2 yesterday af-
half of the normal.
W h .r. the rainfall iaa been nitrmal
the streams continue too roily for the ott color and mussed up many ground-
best results and it will be some weeks
yet before Ideal conditions obtain
along the inland streams.
Reports from Catalina Island, famed
for its ocean fishing, are favorable.
Mackerel fishing now is. good and a
few barracuda and yellow tall are be
ginning to be brought in by the anglers.
Good barracuda fishing now Is due.
Ex-Coaster Praised for Work
Gardens and With Willow.
ers that should have been easily caught.
Pitcher Johnson of the cadets, pitched
a good steady game and although the
box score credits Washington with 12
hits, many of them would have been
cut off with any kind of fair support
With the exception of the three-bagger
made by Miller, the hits made by
Washington were singles.
The Washington support was won
derful throughout the game, consider
ing the field they were playing on.
Sunny. Sundelief made a great running
catch of a hard fly in the third inning.
Emil Tausher, the clever little thlrd-
sacker of Washington, watched the
game from the stands. He h$.s been
With each succeeding day the con- nopplng. on crutches for the last two
viction grows that Miller Huggins week, and w, probabiy DO out for
made a ten strike when he added Ping tha remainder of the season. Tausher
Bodie to the New York club. Likewise without a doubt, the best third
tne wonaer grows mat aucn a piayer onri the heet runner in , Vi
was auowea 10 remain wa seasons in I leatry
the minor leagues arter nis iirsi en- with the exception of the second
gagement In the majors. For b' I and third innings, Washington scored
man ouio is remaraauiv imi, e-nu "u at least one0 in ali the other frames.
New Tork. 11 1 .PIT fMttsburs. . . 4 8 .444
Chics so.... T 8 .'no "t. Louis... 8 1 .417
Phllsdelp'a, T 8 .Mt Boston 4 S .SM
Cincinnati. T 8 .80S Brooklyn. . . 3 10 .1ST
rwrtsawd Bat lias; Averages.
Rltter..... S 2 .rm ri.her a 1 .1SJ
!.ea. ...... S 3 .37 Peterson... . . .0041 1
r.t e 3 Rspp...... 3 o
Kibble.... T 1 .141 Clow 1 e
Hulllvsa... T 1 .14.1 Klrwla.... . . .ce") I
usmpoey.. 1 1 .lu.tnoup . ,
Mow taw aerie. Mas da.
Vancouver. 3: Poetlsnd. 0.
Tacoma. 2; hpoksne, n
Seattle. 2: Aberdeen. ..
Wbers th. Teasas rhiy Today.
Vancouver at Portland.
Spokane st festtl.
Abacdeea st Tacoma.
W hers taw Teasas Mar Neat Week.
Aberdeen at Prt!se4.
V anrouver at Tacoma.
Cpokaa. at Seattle.
2 1 Morton, Arkenburg and Smith Here
From Salt Lake Bees.
The Portland Buckaroos were rein
forced yesterday with the arrival of
Pitchers Morton and Arkenburg and
Outfielder Lyman Smith from Salt
Lake. Thi. trio was released by Wal
ter McCredie. along with John L. Sulli
van, outfielder, in part payment for
Paddy Klglln and Jack Farmer.
The trio arrived at the Vaugh-street
park yesterday while the Vancouver-
Portland gam. was In progress and
plays the outfield with such good judg
ment that he more than makes up the
difference between himself and some
fleet-footed youngster.
As for bitting. Ping can slam the
ball about as hard as any right-hand
hitter in the game today, and he has
throwing arm that will take rank
among the best arms in the major
leagues. Bodle has been hitting the
ball hard all Spring, has played a fine
defensive game and is sure to prove a
Roblnson.s.. 4
Beige. c 4
Johnson, p.. 4
Boyd.l 4
Gallop.2 4
Parks. 4
Heyden.r. .. 2
Ball. 3 3
Psge,m 3
2 10
10 0
2 2 0
0 10
4 0 0
0 3 0
0 10
2 10
0 4 Mann.r.
1 lIHitchcock.l. 6
0 0Haar.l 1
1. lSunnevleaf,l 3
0 2Mlller.c 4
0 1 1 Regenouch.p 5
O OiDolp.m 5
O llClouirh.s 5
0 OjFltchner.3. . 5
Kidwell.J... 4
Totals ...82 2 - 10 Totals ...44 12 13 2
Struck out. by Johnson 6. by Regenouch 10.
big favorite with the New York fans. Bases on balls, by Johnson 4. by Regenouch
Miller. Double plays. Boyd to Gallop. Rob
inson to Ball. Tims of fame, 1:53. Umpire,
Race Winners Paid in Bonds.
White Sox Catcher in Class Al to I
Leave for Mare Island Sunday. BALTIMORE, May 1. During the
drive for the third liberty loan, the
CHICAGO, May 1. Harold (Rowdy) Maryland tracks are putting on one
Elliott, of Bloomlngton, 111., catcher race each day, valued at J700, which
with the Chicago Nationals, who Is In 8 paid to the winning owner In lib
class Al of the draft, decided tonight erty bonds. The successful Jockey alsd
to enlist In the Navy. recompensed in this manner. Turf-
He will leave Sunday for the Mare men at Havre de Grace are oartlculaxlv
Island Navy-yard near San Francisco. anxious to win these Government se
curities in spite of the fact that many
Phone your want ads to The Orego-1 owners, trainers and riders already
man. Main 7070, A 603a. I have liberally subscribed to the loan.
ning, driving Crandall from the box in
the fourth and being never in danger.
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Oakland ...6 8 OIL. Angeles .0 5 3
Batteries Martin and Mitze; Cran
dall, Valencia and Boles, Lapan.
Sportsmen .Easily Get Quotas in
Skamania County- Waters.
UNDERWOOD, Wash.. May 1. (Spe.
clal.) Fish in the White Salmon, Little
White Salmon and Trout Lake are nu
merous this year. 'Also fine fishing has
been experienced near the Northwest
ern dam, on the lake.
Many bave bad to stop fishing, as
they had reached their "quotas" as far
as the game warden was concerned.
Also, licenses are a thing one must be
careful of, as several have been discov
ered without them.
Soldier-Boxer Pulls New One When
He Purchases 185 Seats.
George ("Knockout") Brown, former
Chicago middleweight, now of Presidio,
California, who fought Willie Meehan
in San Francisco tha other night.
pulled a new one
corded Brown before and after his mill
with Willie Meehan has been revealed.
Something like 200 soldiers, all from
Presidio and every man jack a loyal
supporter of the Chicago middleweight,
applauded from the minute their choice
strode down the aisle and hopped into
the ring, all the way through the four
rounds and as he left once more for
the dressing room.
And here's how it happened: Fay
day at the Presidio post is not until
some time this week. Most of the boys
are "brokers" and there was sadness
as the day of the fight approached.
"I'll fix It, boys," said the resourceful
He arranged with Harry Foley, the
promoter of the show, for a special rate
$1 per soldier and then purchased
$185 worth of seats. These were ap
portioned to his friends, chiefly from
his own company, with the understand
ing that after payday the boys were
to shell out $1 apiece.
Not a bad scheme at all to bring your
own rooting section, even if you have
to finance it. And no wonder there
were so many cheers every time Brown
landed. '
Cincinnati Nationals' Leader to Help
Y. M. C. A. Officials and Sugg-eats
Hans Wagner'. Aid.
CINCINNATI, O.. May 1. Christy
Mathewson, of the Cincinnati Nation
als, will go to France If officials of
the Y. M. C. A. can convince him that
his services there in improving the
morale of the American troops would
be Indispensable.
Mathewson made this declaration
today after a prolonged conference
with Dr. George G. Fisher, internation
al director of physical instructors of
tho Y. M. C. A. Dr. Fisher assured
Mathewson he could convince him his
services would be Invaluable.
Mathewson asserted that he tnougnt
well of the idea of sending over two
teams from the big leagues to play
for tho soldiers behind the line. He
and President Herrmann will confer In
Chicago Thursday with r-resiaent
Weeghman, of the Chicago .Nationals,
and President Comiskey, of the White
Sox. on the matter. If the teams are
sent abroad Mathewson will recruit the
Mathewson suggested to Dr. lsher
that Hans Wagner was as popular and
stood as high in the estimation of the
American youth as he himself did.
Germans Supply Shoes.
NEW YORK. April 20. The German
government is now supplying the people
with ehoes. xne tierman r eoerai coun
cil has issued an order creating an im
perial board for the distribution of
shoes, eay German newspapers.
At last the secret of the backing ac-'nlan. Main 7070, A 6095
Phone your want ads to The Orego-
Almost as Common in Sum
mer as in Winter.
While the damp, cold, changing
weather of Winter intensifies the pains
and other disagreeable symptoms of
Rheumatism, it is by no means a Win
ter disease exclusively. Through the
long months of Summer its wandering
pains and twitching nerves are felt by
those who are afflicted with this dis
Rheumatism is a disease that Involves
the entire system. Its primary cause
results from the failure of the elim
inative organs, tho Liver, Kidneys and
Bowels, to carry out of the system
acids and refuse matter.
Not only is Rheumatism the most
painful of all diseases, with Its swollen,
stiff joints, throbbing muscles and
stinging nerves, but it is a formidable
and dangerous trouble. If its cause is
allowed to remain in the blood and the
disease becomes chronic, chalky depos
its form at the joints and they are
rendered immovable and stiff, and the
patient left a helpless cripple. Every
day the poison remains in the system
the disease gets a firmer hold. The best
time to cot rid of Rheumatism is in
warm weather; because then the blood
takes on new life and the skin Is more
active and can better assist in the
elimination of the poisons. External
applications may sometimes relieve the
pain temporarily, but they cannot have
any effect on the disease. The blood
must be treated before a cure can be
S. S. S., a remedy made from roots,
herbs and barks, is the best treatment
for Rheumatism. It attacks the disease
at its head, and by neutralizing the
acid, driving it out, and building up the
blood so it can supply nournishment
and strength to every part of the body,
it drives out Rheumatism permanent
ly. Being purely vegetable. It will not
injure the system, as do medicines
which contain Potash or some other
mineral ingredient. S. S. S. tones up
every part of the body Wy its fine tonic
properties. While cleansing the blood
of all poisons it builds up the appetite
and digestion and completely relieves
Rheumatism. If you are worried with
the nagging pains of Rheumatism, do
not wait for it to become chronic, but
begin the use of S. S. S. today and
purge the blood of every particle of
the poison. Write for our hook on
Rheumatism and any medical advice..
Address 410 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta,
Ga. Adv. .