Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, April 12, 1918, Page 4, Image 4

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Little Woman in Puritanical
Black Attire President of
All Russian Congress.
Tli-iory a Rrrolatlonlst Stands Out
!rn In Minds of Russian Who
.Ire Long Familiar With
Great Injustices.
Cpj right. ISIS, by ruklle Ledgrr Co' ro
llMb4 by Arraagemeal.)
Marie Splrodonova looks as if ah
cam from New England. Her part
tmnical tlatn black clothes, with ths
chaste little white collars, and a cer
tain air of . refinement and severity
about her. seem to belong to that re
gion more than to mad. turbulent Rus
sia yet she la a true daughter of Rus
sia and of the revolution. She Is very
young. Just past 1ft and appeara ex
ceedingly frail but aba baa the wiry.
unbreakable atreagth of maay eo -called
"delicate people and aha baa great
powers of recuperation.
Her history aa a revolutionist stands
out even In the minds of the Russians,
w ho are used to great Injustices. "Oh!
Fplrodonova.- they will say. -yea. she
Is one of our greatest martyrs." Then
they will tell you this story: h was
11 when she killed Lupjenovsky. Oov
ernor of Tambov.
iAipJenovsky bad aa dark a record aa
any official aver possessed. Ha went
from village to village, taking aa In
sane, diabolical delight la torturing
When paasanta were unable to pay
their taxea or offended him In any way
at all ha made there stand In Una many
hoars In the cold and ordered them
publicly flogged. He arrested anyone
who oared to aay that ha held a dif
ferent political view from his own. Hs
Incited the Cossacks to all aorta of
outrages against the peasants, espe
cially against the women.
Tmlem ef Ctrl Rvattlaa
Vplrldonova waa a student In Tam
bov, she wss not poor and ana suffered
no personal discomfort, but she could
not bear the misery about her. Ebe
decided to kill L,upJenovsk-
Ona afternoon she met him la ths
railway station. The first shot she
fired over his brad to clear the crowd,
the next she aimed straight at his
heart, and Splrodonova baa a stsady
hand aa well aa a clear head. Lupjen
o-vsky waa surrounded by Cossacks at
the time. They arrested Spirodoaova.
Ihea followed as hideous a pertorm-
anro aa ever occurred.
First the Coaaacka beat her and
threw her Into a cold cell quite naked.
Later tbey cams and commanded her
to teal t he namea of her comrades and
accomplices. Hplrodonova refused to
speak, so she had bunches of ber long.
Theauttful hair pulled out and was
burned all over with cigarettes. For
two nights she was passed around
among the Cossacks and ths gendarmes.
But there Is an end to all things; Hplr
odonova fell violently I1L When they
passed ber death sentence she knew
nothing st all about It and when tbey
rhartged It to Ills Imprisonment she did
not know. They eent her out to itlbe
rla tn a half -conscious condition. Nona
of her friends ever expected to see her
rain, ffhei the February revolution
broke out 11 years later shs came back
from Siberia, ready agaia to offer ber
life for freedom.
Ma re Worship Spirodoaova.
It Is bard for us in comfortable
America to understand the fervor of
people like iSpirodonova. It Is a great
pity that we do not understand It. be
tif It Is so tine and unselfish. I once
a-ked ber how aha managed to keep
b--r mind clear during all the 11 years
that the was in Liberia. I learned
languages. ehe said.
'loo see. It Is purely a mechanical
busineea and therefore a wonderful
soother of nerves. It Is like a game
and one gets deeply Interested. That
Is how I learned English and French."
No other woman In Russia has quite
the worship from the tnasaea of ths
people as iSpirodonova. She waa elected
presldeat of both the All-Russian con
gresses held In Fetrodgrad within the
last six months and she swayed those
mncresecs largely to her wilL At the
present time she Is chairman of the
executive committee of ths peasants'
aovlets and she is an Influential leader
in the Lett Not Lai Revolutionist party.
So1dlers and sailors address her as
' dear comrade" instead of Just ordinary
Ths first time I saw Spirodoaova waa
at the Iernocratle Congress. Orators
bad bean on the platform arguing about
roalltlon for hours. A hush fell over
the place when aha walked out on the
stage. Sbs spoke for not mora than
three minutes, giving a short, concise,
clesr argument against coalition. Ths
audience roared when she ceased and
cried "Bravol Bravo" In tba same
way that she can stir up her hearers
she can also keep them down. 1 hare
seen ber keep down the radicals when
a conservative speech was being made
that aha wanted spoken for one reason
or another sometimes because she
wanted to smash It when It was fin
ished. She will stand exactly Ilka a
bandmaster, swinging her arms behind
the speaker In gestures you are aura
mean "Put on the soft pedaL"
Leadership of Giants TtVeaSerfaL.
If she were not such a clear thinker
and so Inspired a person her leadership
of the physical giants would be ludi
crous. Splrodonova is barely five feet
talL She may weigh 100 pounds and
she may weigh less. She has bis gray
eyes circled with blue rings and soft
brown hair, which she wears In a coro
net braid. She worka on an average
of about It hours a day and everybody
In Russia pours Into her office at
-""tr' ?-.
' ... J -J' i V
V ' . - - . '.t -r
V" s'x
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j ftVt" '. ''
. -- S ft f - - -:- - ; :q
.;, v . -' . ?
- f J jf A, i. ... ... . ,-v..
r. - ft -" s-f5v.
i w r L ,
Corliss Laced
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Varicose Veins
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vesaedles, two etsek
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IS Court Seas re. Bsstsa. Jfasa.
Fontanka to ask advice. I used to go
there and stt and watch her and she
would tell ma Interesting stories. Ons
day I took In a Russian girl who be
longed to the Menshevlg party and
who, therefore, waa opposed to Spirodo
aova. She aat silent and listened to
her for two hours. When we came out
on the street the gin stopped and her
eyes were full of tears. "To think." she
said, "that with such eyes and such a
face aha should ever kill a roan! Al
ways until I saw her I waa opposed to
ber. but now I know she Is the great
est woman In Russia!" I believe that,
too. and I have great respect for Mad
ame Kollentat, The Bolshevik Minister
of Welfare; for Countess Panlna. whom
Lealne speaks of as "one of the cleevr
est defenders of the capitalist class":
for "Babushka." Madame StahU who
managea the violent Cronstadt sailors,
and for many others.
Sse-iaUst Army' la View.
The last time I saw Splrodonova she
talked to me aoout the war and the
cured at Brest-Lltovsk. She did .nail
have any faith In the success of the ne
gotlatlona and she was seriously work
ing on ths orgsnixatloa of what she
called a "Socialist army." "Wa have
made aecret Inquiries." she went on.
"and we know we will have enough
men: they will all bo volunteers; there
must be no compulsion.
rthe spoke sadly of the sabolagera.
especially of the Intellectuals. "They
consider the Russian revolution an ad
venture and they hold aloor. but the
Russlaa revolution is much more than
that, even If It falls for the present. It
Is the beginning of social revolution
all over the world: it la social revolu
tion hero in full swing." The whole
country Is taking part In It now. My
reporta coma in from ths remotest dis
tricts. The peasants are very con
scious and are making social changes
We talked about women and 1 want-
ad to know why more of them did not
taka publlo office, alnca there la abso
lute equality now and no one thinks It
Is strange at all lor women to ao any
thing that men do. In Russia today.
mora than ever, the refreshing attitude
of the whole nation is to let everyone
do. act and aay what he pleases, bplr
odonova smiled at my question. "I'm
afraid I am a bit of a feminist." she
confessed. "I will tell you my theory
about It. Ton will remember before
the revolution aa many women as men
ware sent to Siberia and exiled. Some
years there were even more. Now that
was all a very different matter. It
needed no particular training to bo a
martyr. Political careers are another
thing not at all ao fine. I think women
are mora conscientious than men. Men
accept political positions with readi
ness, whether they are sure they can
fill them or not. They are used to do
ing It aad so It doea not appear strange
to them."
Kaiser Will Have Colossal Task.
I remembered something Angelica
Balabanov onco said when we were
discussing ths same thing. "Women."
she said, "have to go through a tre
mendous struggle before they are free
at all, so that they take their freedom
very seriously, because they sacrflce
so many precious things to obtain It."
When the Bolshevlkl came into
power tbey took over the famous old
land programme of the Social Revolu
tionists. This brought about great
turmoil In that party. The Right
maintained that It was their pro
gramma and no one had the right to
stesl It. but Splrodonova and all her
lng only laughed. "What difference
dnei It make." she wanted to know.
ho lives the peasants their land the
principal thing is that they get It."
Thla waa one of the reasons that the
Social Revolutionists split and the
great left wing Joined the Bolshevik!.
The Left Social Revolutionists are the
only party in Russia who rise above
party and. personally. I have mora ad
miration for them than any party In
Russia. They are" bound to play a large
part when the first wildness of the
revolution begins to settle down, be
cause they are a reasonable. Intellec
tual party, led by soma of the purest
Idealists of all Russia.
I was not at all surprised today when
I read they have decided not to accept
the disgraceful German demands, no
matter what other party signs them.
The Kaiser will have a colossal task to
subdue their unconquerable spirits. I
would not ba surprised, either. If Splro
donova should become the Joan of Are
of Russia, leading her soldiers to bat
tle as well as through the difficult
msses of politics.
Tha day I left Russia Splrodonova
avve me her picture. the hates public
ity srad has stubbornly refused to have
a photograph taken. This one aha took
off bar passport. When aha waa signing
her name on the back she looked up
and aaid: "Never mead saying anything
good about me. but do ssy something
about, tha revolution. Try tb make them
understand In great America how hard
wa over hero are striving to maintain
our Ideals. "
. (Continued tomorrow.)
German-American Body De
cides to Dissolve at Once.
ThouFanda of TJaera Far
with th Port-0-Pa.on.M
With th aintvlleat. almplect and
mofft parfect of heart tux darlcea. Ton.
too. ca hear aerraoaa. lecturaa and
g-eneraJ conversation with tha Port-O-Phona.
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Socialist Candidate for Governor of
Minnesota Faces Severe Sedition
Penalty Bolo Paslia Still
; Informing: on Associates.
PHILADELPHIA. Ptu. April 11. The
executive committee of ths National
f.ormaji-Amerlcan Alliance at a special
meeting here today decided to dissolve
the organization immediately and In
structed the officers to turn over at
onco to the American Red Cross the
JS0.00S In the treasury.'
Announcement of the dissolution was
made by K. A- M. Scholtz, of Balti
more, attorney for the National body,
after an all-day meeting behind closed
It was also stated that dissolution
will become effective tomorrow, when
the executive committee will meet
again to act on certain financial mat
ters and obligations that will have to
be adjusted.
The 130.000 which waa by resolution
contributed to the Red Cross waa the
nucleus of a fund of S 100,000 that was
to have been raised, the Income of
which was to have been used to defray
the expenses of the business adminis
tration of tha alliance. It was an
nounced. TOPEKAV Kan.. April 11. At the
trial of Dr. Eva Harding. Ike Gllberg.
Ernest Newman and Professor George
W. Kleige. all charged with conspiracy
to defeat the selective service act.
United States Filstrlct Attorney Fred will surely follow."
Robertson, in Federal Court today, de
clared that leaders In the alleged anti
draft meeting at Topeka last Spring
directed the distribution of literature
similar to that prepared by Emma
Goldman and Alex Berkman.
CHICAGO. April 11. Mayor William
Hale Thompson, whose war attitude
has subjected him to much criticism,
gave a written pledge today that hs
would cause the arrest of any person
making seditious or treasonable state
ments. '
Protests Force Pledge.
The pledge was given as the result
of protests against a meeting of the
Bueker Singing Society scheduled to
give a programme in German.
CLEVELAND, O.. April 11. The
Waechter Und Anzeiger. a Cleveland
German daily, according to Attorney
Harold T. Clark, chairman of the city
war board Americanization committee.
may soon be converted into a United
States Government publication, work
lng for. the Americanization of Ger
mans in this country.
Mr. Clark said today he Is writing a
letter to A. Mitchell Palmer, custodian
of enemy alien property, suggesting
such a plan.
Mr. Palmer has written court offi
cials In Cleveland asking them to com
pile lists of all enemy property on
record. His letter Indicates this prop
erty will be taken over for the period
or tne war.
WASHINGTON. April 11. Further
disclosures of German propaganda in
the United States were made today
before the Senate Judiciary committee
Investigating - the German-American
King, the chairman, read a
letter from John F. Coar, In which Coar
said that In 113 on a visit to Germany
he waa Informed that no less than 36
German agents had been sent to the
United States annually for the six
years preceding his visit. The duties of
the agents were not mentioned.
While he waa In Germany, Coar said,
representatives of German organiza
tions asked htm to aid in furthering a
law in the United tatea which would
enable German immigrants "to retain
their supreme allegiance to the Ger
man Empire."
MINNEAPOLIS. April 11. J. O. Ben
tall, Socialist candidate for Governor,
wss found guilty on two counts of
violating the espionage act by a Jury
In Federal Court here today.
The maximum penalty provided for
violation of this act Is 2(1 years" Im
prisonment and a fine of $10,000. He
will be sentenced next Friday.
Bentall now is under one-year sen
tence In the Crow Wing County Jail
for obstructing the draft.
Ball was fixed at 10.000. Bentall
was charged with obstructing enlist
ments through an address he delivered
last July In Hutchinson, Minn.
PARIS, April 11. Bolo Pasha, con
demned to death for treason but grant
ed a reprieve of Indefinite duration on
his plea that he had important revela
tions to make to the military Judicial
authorities, entertains no doubt aa to
what his ultimate fate will be, accordr
lng to the Petit Journal today.
It quotes htm as saying to his keeper
on Monday:
"I will go to vlncennes, but otners
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cennes that French military executions
take place.)
Bolo is continuing his "revelations.
but the utmost silence is preserved In
official circles as to their trend.
NEW YORK,. April 11. The house of
bishops of the Protestant Episcopal
Church today accepted the resignation
of Bishop Paul Jones, of the missionary
province of Utah.
The house of bishops requested tne
resignation several months ago pend
ing an inquiry into Bishop Jones' al
leged utterances of pacifist senti
ments and his connection with "ques
tionable organizations."
t Vin-
Patriotism WH1 Feature Portland
Roalty Board "Luncheon.
This is to be "liberty loan day" with
the Portland .Realty Board. At Its
regular weekly luncheon at 12:15
o'clock in the Benson Hotel two Cana
dian officers Major Donald Sturrock.
of the 60th Canadians, and Lieutenant
James Warren, of the British Koyau
Flying Corps will be the speakers.
Snerial Datrlotic music will be pro
vided- by the Street quartet, composed
of Miss Ruth Agnew, soprano; Mrs.
George Hotchkiss Street,' contralto;
PirhHrd Robertson, tenor, and George
Hotchkiss Street, baritone. The quar
tet will give several selections, and
will also lead the realtors in the sing
ing of National airs.
Judge George W. Stapleton, of the
Circuit Court, will be chairman of the
day. The general public is invited
attend the luncheon.
The earth's population reaches
only ten bushels to the acre.
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competent and unskill
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Dr. A. D. Cage, Mgr.
326 Washington St, Cor. Sixth St.
Portland, Or.
Nineteen offices: San Francisco (2), Oakland, Stock
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