Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, March 26, 1918, Page 20, Image 20

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from conference of hotel men at San
Kraoctsco. ar. at tha Multnomah.
Principal Agents Kayser Italian Silk Underwear Main Floor i
A. Brlx. of Astoria, la also at
R. A. Booth, of Eusene, la at
F. O. Young, of Eugene, la at
R. M Gilbert, of Salem, la at
n C A. Gray, of Salem, la at
tha! if
John Mase field
Here Thursday
Me wlU lecture on "The War
and the Future." drawn from
personsi experience at the front.
Municipal Auditorium. T h u ra
dar. March 23. at :15 P. M. Ex
change tickets Sic. &0c. 75c, .1
Book iihop. Fifth Floor.
Thrift and War
Savings Stamps
on Bale at our Accommodation
Bureau, Basement. A filled
Thrift Card, of 1 25c stamps,
with 14c is exchangeable for
a War Savings Stamp worth
J5 January 1. 1923.
at Multnomah Hotel,
March 28 to April 1.
Single admission, 75c;
aft ernoon or evening
course. $2. Tickets
Fifth Floor.
Army and Navy Shop
Main Floor Central
Here we have assembled for conven
ience in selection a great assortment
of comforts and requisites for our sol
diers and sailors.- Military insignia, lib
erty locket buttons, etc Packages
wrapped for mailing free. -
lb. ?
llelma Haknrl. of Astoria, la at the
J. Msrsler. of Waahouffa, la at the
Adverse Comment on Policies
of Spruce Producer Brings
Spirited Response.
F. need, of Jefferson, la at the
Mr A. X. Rinhrt, pf Vale, la at
THE Easter Store Par Excellence!
the Kltx.
Mr. A. C. Thoma. of Ptarton. la
rfbUhed Flzhf-Hoar Pay. It I
fraltl. Carlrr Pay of Prrtloa
I Hoar Period Men la
joj Lrfioa Satisfied.
Criticisms br an ttliiw of ffetimr
bano. Wash., of the pollutes and deci
sions of Colon! Brlce f. plaque, com
pander of the spruce-product loa di-
v I. too of tho 1 aitM State Jsna!l
rps with headquarters tn Port land,
rave elicited a spirited reply from too
la o reply to statements published
In (Pi Petr.ngQam paper Colon-1 L!jue
reiterates too d-cUrtIon that every
wnrksr In tho lumber Industry of tho
Northwest "is guaranteed tho Mm
P r tor tho eight hour he la to work
under he new arrangement aa ho bad
ba rvroitmt for too boor: defends
the aim of the Loyal Legion of Log
yers Umbrm, cite a genera
iaa of mnftdnce In "some of tho me
ho havo burn endeavoring to unionise
the lumber Industry." and flara those
who rrtt t-t Instead of co-operating.
?omt of tho pertinent and pungtn
statement of Colonel t Issues reply
ft tho IWlItntfham editor follow:
Cdttofla DtMy ladlratodw
Tveer laboring tiin nggd la th tuns
Wr n.itrjr la ti !.- fH- rthiet
firtaai day by hi -se
e- rtrjen. tnfwa) thle orftre. ami -ry sua
w end t i't4fniil the same pey
I. irii tnat bo to ! work Badr
t ,rrnrn.n k fcad
fiv lex, iurt If " know rr
nrt la fiMidii Ion to ot prwAltlna.
ir tuiv to tw ferine th matter to
r(fttt 9 tht artk-. ftad tbi ycxt ha
4n. Ntrhr hrt ya intiicat!
otnar raa w ap m4 ar ot orating
tnt irt Mm pv ;r a-h work
w.r iti-ftMing pr ktly for ia hour.
Th lval 1 toa f Legr0 and Latfi'
Wrmi wa tranisMt for tuaf on our'
u arm g hnvno to in lumber niB el
in ,4riNi thir iru and ttal irn
(rrmr t ihir H"frriimtii durtna tbit
mar-a-v an-1 is ant thtn In a aacrioil
rnitiofi la lntsr lh proluctlna thai
tl-t ha aarr Bobmtr from mmtr9hip
M a a llllng to a atma of loy
n4 avrvlrw la ht bvfmmBi; It haa not
n., Mirwt a ta Iba mam bar' af f II tat Ion.
Urr. ra;tc;oua or fhrtaa. and It ta aot
tnfn mat ih orsantaailon shall
W nftninf bat an op a patriotic aoctotjr
lilt iitf pr;y bavauaa of th war,
a CaanwUlMia asU4rd.
Tt a7 taat tb war oral aa pobttaaad
to -i-rl a rturtloa la w aaa tf in
T aaw anon la Ibo Lvoyal kaaloo, Torr n
of wnotm la lnvtta4 la orlac I h attaa
tfrt ( iht arric aar an r air diacrimina-
tin or tlawn af ajr boilattna, a
m( maa haa "araplaiod that bia
ava ftoMti riij-aMi.
on aaa that t.i la'ht hoor dr wj
w aa:f n;untart'T a or bawaoa of no
t rvtl" nit"iio on IS part of I ho m
(far an4 lat Ilia irtrn rafoaad tt Work
tar h xtr tl. I'armtf m U aajr Ih
I -i- am pi Tar fi:-l Tflttnljr?' ptacr lh aa
ir in m hand. knowing w bat mjr
a-lW "UI4
lnriHeriKM, aay fhat th AmHsn
rattorntiot. f Irwr ia tha forv that
kroeiarni aagi .aiht-h(ttr 1y. tth
to mt tht t am friv ramlitar with
t "i v an pfNM hat mr In-
ttmata knfiit f f'r th antir dia
Iff of t, .n Wiini'n.m than an
axhar man. a.,t 11 i m v firm rplnln thai
aaitbar I n A rnr .an Tr t nf Labor,
Rnr an v hr nr( w ulJ ha
b.'O! m' ftia aiit-fujr bat La,r.
a i -I i an r tut "ri'iat r. vvl f
ir h.i m"-n aftra ataavrat-m of k-fa-Uooa
(or an Ind-rmtta aucnbor of )tra.
haw-aUlaa I irary.
tt if a rtt that tb tght-btr day
Waa ar tllhl h ma. and 1 know Ibat
a-iUa fSm labivrTaf -nan apat up la af
ll a-, th (m wti: p prnhlhltlT an-J
Will ruTt tf radttriw af waata. b.-aua
H ieirnni -will at pw mo-a fr hnn
wr. an. ka.otnc t a prnv I ha rniir
or araitar npar.iora. It will aa Ihl I -
ar n( c m p-1 t t oparata at a loaa
Tara ta a -iatNw la m mlnt that th
"ir-tanr in Ifta laln cam pa and lumbar
anK!a waa ! par rant of what It ronld
ba. aa4 it m bt in mnrf rmmtd
lab will raaaa tn a'f -ln- and pro
Ittln i iho petlrtt Mfh will ran-lar It
aa.aat t run lata tha aama waya la
4 m-'a'a thai lia man ao nw rwairtrc.
w.-H- ar h aam aa tbay rocaivad Xor
tf hnaa w orb.
I ha ajri raprt nr th AmarVaa
7'a'tara'n I.aivr a ad particulartr It
bI '' Carwira.
(Wfwt I OaParmina! np nT tin f ar
tn i a ma pr- i: -j- a. bid aaral
cmi'tWM in h ri4tn wia ir. tm
par ant hi aat-rnia ai ih b'tq'r
af tf mr,-J r'anlarat of labor
aa !! a ai f irmm ml th lprtmat of
I atwr 1 am nf-lt at in haarty co-
parv'loa f Mr vm pa r and h : a
na'aa. w h ar familiar wtfn alt of oar a--t
ittao, and I ana fvtani a( thair ap-
pcival of wnat ha an d-oa.
To twpinfi f labor, aa wa aa a
pta.nrtr f Ih Uttortna Iran tham
flvaa, tn tha itimbvr Induatrr In th ra.'fftr
N rthwa. m :iattiar u.i:iat or not. havt
llltta nft.tnr in tn af Ih PH wFt
baa baa lwiifln t nntonta ttta lum
bar-trtaT In.lualrf. ttlth Ih.a na in nan
t rrrwcai bTnd daarrntnink that fha
a!l ! ua rrt I at! lin to beme
eiM a nHif l n whn lrOv war oaaut
Ia innni rw f or tha w r. and aoaul
rrt:flr tt hih'y nnp'nfl? and Mrr.
tI r darimantal t I ha lntaria of tha1
r..-arnmant al thla Itm fr 7ta. or my
aTtar mamnaf of an uthrr nraanttattnn.
t mmh to lab al-aota f .t l.I
.tan af Iaaar and l.umharnin firl tha
oar conditio t pinit that arajmatsacloa.
rtSlbl Aw AT,
if :1)
V - A 1 I V a . c
LlVeWaa.-o.-V4V a& L I - ft
Mr. Marr - Kim.
Mra. Mary Ann Klnjt. widow of
late Klchard n. Kin, died
March 1C at her home. 701 Et
Twenty-flrat street, at the aae
of 74 years. Phe had been a resi
dent of Portland for the past 10
Aa Mlas Mary Ann Hlnes aha
aa born In Suffolk County,
England. In 1141. At the are of
Si phe married Richard D. Klna.
corporal In the famous Cold
airearo ttuard. They rame to
thl country and madeahetr home
In Portland. Me. They later moved
to Kannaa and In 111! came to
this rlty. '
Mrs. Klnit la survived by six
daughters, two of whom. Mrs.
Hianche II. Halderman and Mrs.
Mary C. Smith, live In this city,
aa well aa three sons, nine Brand
children and two brothers.
the recent arrivals at the
Stewart, of noble, la at the K'ta.
R. IM!. of Seattle, la at the Palace.
A. Kerr, of Taklma. la at the Ben-
'harles Bryson. of A pro. Is at the
J. P. Scott, of Lewtston. la at -the
t. Fealason. of Hoqulam. la at the
Mrs. EL O Cross, of Salem. Is at the
O K. Pattereon. of Corbrtt. Is at the
J. C Marma.iuke. W. Sothrrl n and
II R S-h.INer of Sett!. refumire;
Pan R. Brown, of Spokane. Is at the
Frank Jones, of Salem, is at the
V. li. Hawkins, of Walla Walla. Is at
the Henson.
E. R Heath, of Saa Francisco, la at
the Oregon.
Anna M. Turley. of Corrallls. Is at
the rieward.
Mrs. TV. C. Brown, of Condon, la at
the Seward.
Mrs. Madison Cooper, of Wasco, la at
the Imperial.
G. M. Iyd. of Wakesburr, Wash, Is
at the Perkins.
F.d Heater, of Rltsvllle. Is registered
t ' the Oregon.
Ira M. Camp, of LaCrosse, Wash., ta
at the Oregon.
J. C. Powell, of Waterloo. Or Is at
he Washington.
Benjamin B. Robb. of Independence,
Is at the Palace.
J. l. MacVlrar. of Grants Pass. Is
at the- Portland.
John Hampshire, of Grants Pass, la
at the Portland.
Mrs. Jsmes Hobba, of St. Helens, is
t the Cornelius.
J. IV. rvarrah. of Grays River. Wash.,
s at the Palace.
George K Gibson, of The Dalles, la
t the Multnomah.
W. Norman, of Tacoma. la registered
t the Multnomah.
Mr. and Mra. A. Brough, of Rainier.
re at the Carlton.
B. W. SVI-on and family, of TamhilL,
re at the Perkins.
Mr. and Mra. II. B. Bodies, of Salem.
re at the Carlton.
John A. Lytle. ot.SC Paul, la regls-
ered at the Seward.
Mrs. L K Wuestnbcrry. a resident of
Vale, la at the Kits.
D. J. Allen, of Hood River. Is regis-
ered at the Perkins.
Charl lllghsted. of Columbia City,
at the Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Chappell. of Uma
tilla, are at the Palace.
T. P. Haller. of Iwlston. Mont, Is
realstered at -the Palace.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Foster, of Cor-
valiia. are at the Seward.
A. X. Ilolman, of Kune. Is regis-
ered at the Washington.
Charles Zblnden. of Mitchell. Or., Is
registered at the ImperlaL
Mr. and Mra. It. J. Johnson, of Cor-
a 11 is. are at the Perkins.
Mr. aeid Mrs. Archie , McGowaa. of
urna. are at the Benson.
Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Perry, ot Trosser.
h.. are at the Cornelius.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Massey, of Chi
cago, are at the Multnomah.
Mra. C. B. Williams. Jr.. a resident of
Pendleton,-is at the Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. Roland S. Eckles. of
Baker CjUsVsre at the Multnomah.
Char!, s A. Park, of Salem, la among
the recent arrivals at the Seward.
Mr. and Mra. I. P. Smith, of
Worcester. Mass., are at the Benson.
Wirthmor Waists $1
Here they are the new Wirthmor waists for Easter
and as neat, dainty, pretty and serviceable as Wirthmors
ever were and THINK OF IT
Still Priced at Just $1
If youv have never worn a Wirthmor, then by all means do come in
and make their acquaintance, for thereafter you "will save largely
every time you buy an inexpensive waietv Four new models just re
ceived go on sale today for the first time at $1. Here only in Portland.
Waist Shop, Fourth Floor.
British Exhibition
War Trophies
And Relics
This famous collection of tro
phies and relics from the battle
fields of Northern France and Bel
gium has attracted crowds daily to
our. Sixth-Floor Auditorium, where
the exhibit is open to the public
from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. under the
auspices of the British Bed Cross.
The British Fast
Scouting War Plane
is one of the most interesting of
the 500 articles included in this au
thentic collection of trophies and
relics. There are also Zeppelin
bombs, Taube and Zeppelin wreck
age, starlight parachutes, trench
periscopes, aero darts, French "75"
shells, hand grenades, gas masks,
guns, bayonets, etc.
Today is a good opportunity to
see this historical collection of tro
phies gathered in the war zone.
Lovely New
are here, in such splendid as
sortments and at such a wide
range of prices as will insure
supreme satisfaction to the
woman who chooses her new
Easter frock at Meier &
Frank's. We particularly fea
ture today a fine selection
At $35
Taffeta, Georgette, crepe de
chine and foulard materials, also
combinations of taffeta and Georg
ette. ""All the season's approved styles
Navy, tan, black, gray, plum and
flowered or striped effects.
All with dainty collars, many silk
embroidery trimmed, others bead
trimmed. j
All sizes. Most exceptional val
ues at $35.
Apparel Shop, Fourth Floor.
1 S)
Special 1 Corsets $1
Extraordinary values are these women's corsets at $1.00. A
special lot of women's corsets in low and medium bust styles with
long and short skirts. Lightly boned corsets, some with free hips.
These corsets are ideal for morning or house wear. Also included
at this price are a few models for misses. While there are all sizes
in the sale, there is not every size in every style.
Special 2 Corsets $1.59
More sensational values are offered in this sale of discontinued
models "American Lady" corsets at $1.59. Low or medium bust
corsets. Front-lacing models in high bust and long hip style. A
back-lacing style with high- bust and short skirt in small sizes only.
Other back-lacing models in low bust styles. All sizes in the sale
but not every size in every style.
Corset Shop, Thit floor.
22c Eden Cloth 12c
An extra special one-day sale of Eden cloth in white only. This
material is softer than muslin and is splendidly adapted to the
making of underwear of all kinds pajamas, night gowns, baby slips,
etc May also be utilized for pillow cases. 27 inches wide. The regu
lar price of 22c is reduced today to, yard, 12 c.
30c Outings, Yard 23c
An immense assortment of desirable outings in mill ends; the
lengths from 2M to 7 yards. This outing is in a quality suitable
for making pajamas, night gowns, etc Colors include pink, blue, tan
and white in pleasing stripes and checks. The regular price is 30c
yard. Meier & Frank's price today is, yard, 23c.
20c Sateens, Yard 14c
Fourteen cents is a very low price for sateens of such quality as
these. Mill ends of sateens in black only. Soft finished material that
is suitable for bloomers, aprons, underskirts, etc. 24 to 27 inches
wide. Supply your needs today at, yard, 14c, instead of the regular
price of 20c Second Floor, Fifth Street.
Jftcr every family ilinner
there arc nutritious bits
of left-overs sufficient for
another meaL Add a
snappy relish It's Econ
omy !
Tr 0wt. WOMccrrtltSMIM
The .Wartime relish.
Lccitlsut raisrtl(la Allow, fcat
I Blair, rrtiw-Raialas; sralattoa
Will B MMtrtrtr.
Easter Hats $7.50
The smartest new hats for Easter wear, delightfully dif
ferent from the generality of medium priced hats.
Large, medium and small shapes. Great broad-brimmed
sailors, demure pokes, dashing turbans, stunning walking
hats. - -."V
Black and colors hats for young girls and their mothers.
Some from our own skilled milliners, others from Eastern
designers. Trimmed with flowers and fruits, feathers,
wings and quills.
Millinery Shop; Fourth Floor.
Short Lengths
t -
30c Quality, Yard
Every Yard PERFECT
An immense assortment .of man
ufacturers' short lengths of the
best quality percale. All fresh,
new merchandise just received.
This season's patterns in light and
dark colors stripes, checks, small
figured effects, a few plain colors.
Suitable for women's and children's
wear, men's shirts, etc. Lengths
range from 1 to 5 yards. SOLD
BY THE PIECE ONLY at, yd. 19c
nter Alslff. Main Floor.
Lovely Are the New Styles In
Women's Sweaters
Dame Fashion more than ever
decrees the sweater as a most nec
essary accessory to milady's ward
robe. '
The styles for 1918 are dis
tinctively different from those
shown in any previous season.
Gay colors predominate more than
ever. We now have on display
many attractive new models.
A dainty slip-over style, like the
one illustrated at right, can be
made, at a surprisingly low cost if
one knits. The sweater pictured
was made from -Shetland floss, the
price of the yarn being only $1.75.
Free Instructions
Given in Knitting
In our Art Needlework Shop on
the Second Floor we have compe
tent instructors who will gladly
give you free instructions in knit
ting. Come in today.
Needlework Shop, Second Floor.
Books at Half Price
An admirable opportunity is afforded all
lovers of good literature to add additional
books to their library at just half what they
' would ordinarily pay. Included are books on
Your choice of our entire stocks of books coming
under the above classifications excepting only. 1917
and 1918 publications.
Book Shop, Fifth Floor.
The Home of "The Big Three" in Portland
Meier & Frank's Headquarters for
Columbia, Edison, Victor
I The picture shows three popular models of the three most
famous makes Columbia, Edison and Victor in the order
as pictured, left to right. We have all other models, too. See
them here side by side, hear them played, over and over
again, ask us anything you wish to know. Choose the one
you like best after leisurely comparison. Remember we have
all the records, too. If preferred, on any instrument
Make Your Own Terms in Reason
Phonograph Shop, Sixth Floor.
RiraUt!oru which limit profits and
regulate the distribution of frozen
poultry and ess bav just been pro. poultry for aa orlinl stow mmy Nctlvt i
mutKitd br ths I nited States FocW commU-ioo not xc4lng a per cent on tns
Administration and became effective i wt of the poultry nd st who; I-
yesterday. Oregton Kood Administration
o metal a. in maklnar public the new
rules, expressed the belief they will
tabtlUf the poultry Industry branches
by puttin their transactions on a Just
mercbandialns; basl.t, "will allow legiti
mate competition, but will restrict op
portunities for unfair price-raising
-.peculation. eliminate unnecessary
tradlna and otherwise discourage prac
tices that hare reflected abnormally
high prices to consumers.
These, in brief, are the new regula
tory provisions:
Tke nrnil atorar ef poultry la a cold
eterag mhAM mar ho aiowd aa ad-
nat to iwd m par earn;
at ealling fresea
n,hr or m .uoDllr OT DOI-ll ana insri-
tuttons may receive an advance over the cost
to each dealer tn tuch iroten poultry of ft
per cent. 1U per cent or 15 per cent, re
spectively. The eiorer of err In a cold-atorsge ware
hoaee may te allowed an advance of 6 per
cent over coet; a commission merchant sell
ing storage ga for an original storer may
receive rommtMtnn not exceeding 4 per
cent : a whleelr may receive an advance
of 4 per ent. and a Jobber selling in origi
nal package may receive aa advance of 6
per cent.
la selling candled storage esgs the actual
net candling lose la considered part of the
coet ; and Jobbers, suppliers of hotels and
Institutions, and reiiira operating ind-r
1tfnea. are allowed advances of in per cent.
Ing between dealers In the same class Is
strictly limited, and commissions and bro
kerage, except aa specifically allowed, must
be paid from the advances In cost, not added
to them.
Tost" shall be construed to Include the
purchase price, or. In the case of the origi
nal packer or shipper, the cost into storage,
plus storage charge. Interest on the goods
in storage end Insurance on goods In stor
age Incurred by the seller up to the time of
sale, but not to Include any other expenses,
except as above provided, as in the case of
candled eggs.
The new rules do not apply to traffic
in fresh poultry or fresh eggs. It is
pointed out that they do not specifi
cally limit prices to be paid for poultry
intended to go Into cold storage, but
merely limit profits that can be added
the products pass from the first pur-
with botn poultry and sgss. trad- 1 - "
Oregon Cattle and Horsemen to Hold
Convention April 23-24.
BAKER. Or.. March 25. (Special.)
The fifth annual convention of the
Cattle and Horse Raisers' Association
of Oregon will be held in Ontario, Or.,
April 23 and 24. The Ontario Com
mercial Club and the stockmen of Mal
heur County are in charge of the ar
rangements for the meeting's and spe
cial entertainment has been provided
for the visitors.
Speakers for the occasion have been
secured from different sections of the
as the Missouri River, and many sub
jects of interest to livestock growers
will be discussed and considered.
country, some coming from ss far east day-
Ad Club Pledges $100,000.
Subscriptions to the third liberty
loan in the amount of $100,000 were
pledged by the Portland Ad Club,
through its board of -directors, at a
meeting held yesterday noon at the
Chamber of Commerce. A committee,
under the chairmanship of G. W. 6tub
blebine. assisted by George Bowen, will
be appointed to make arrangements for
carrying out of this plan. Members of
the committee will be named at a meet
ing of the club to be held oa W.dnes-
Green Chile Cheese
for breakfast,
lunch or supper!