Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, February 15, 1916, Page 12, Image 12

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Beavers Arc Clear of "Dead
Timber and Almost
Ready for Camp.
Oatrirl.W ib4 Plu-twr .rr Marly to
fw A.llrj IWtnrf Tralalnr
ISa Hllrb Work
Ivral 1"T Smharaa.
rr r.oon tatvcftt.
.,:. ,ni and eUettor war
a tout welcome tafcolc plarue
around trie roriland Coast Uf H
haadiaartar. It waa W. W. M.-erede'a
bui. eoatrart-malltnc dT and fc "ade
a bi arterwoon of It.
H.ailri natlina- eontrne'a to all of
ki. dimon.l star, tb Port
land mnal- c.oead aJ for trie
aala of .! partua. flrat tmo, to
Ulrntlftflia A 1a.. da" of the
rwutnern Laua. and formally d;av
Boaed af OB" fcoMout ht raieasing; out
rust trtd Cariara. catca-r.
Rmm Malta r Way.
T--. rfi II rf-r-toD. waa maitad a laat rldy. but V. W. MrVTadla
kept fe to Himself until vester-
t...irk-. aale to 'rmlnaaro waa
aa outruhl altalr. I'or " Wait
. !! Baa ba-a trylo to pedd.e
ie,-a la a trad for Meuaal. out
fielder, but rUrmloa-ham finally turned
k:m dowa and ta aale to. ."""-
Portland etu la now elear of all
the ao-ealled "dead umoer. It baa
a a a atraaooua houaa-clanina" 6
..i no.t tftorouah. involvm aura
tra aa Hal.e aad Covalesaia and each
f.-..r att:i!a aa Iav!a. ani
Kmm. Writ-. Cartiaie. :aoa a
Bhraeaea wtr Head? faaa.
Mth tha adittion poattty of another and pitcher, the Ilaavara ara
r.ady for "Erna" ramp. Ft'lder Jone
baa rtentv of niehrs under him at st
Uula ill Walt M-Oodla fiaires It
li bo a rtaca to obtaia plenty of a-ood
la artlata If ba finds tola preeent
rr?a balow par. Ha may al rra a
tro4 cat'bar abojl cam?-6raim
fwt af tho yutara en tha Tort-
land rotr already Inkad t.ialr
rentra-ta. aa It waa not tar to
wa.fa mora atamra oa tham.
I n.Kii.d acMtaa ara: ihr. Noroa.
hthorva. Ward !p. fi'impt. Joulb
worth. Who. Vauiftn. llo.U'kT and
MkMa ftaal tlaa intra
5oma liftla bitra already baa ar:o
btaian ta o-al maanat.a and Allan
p.t oroo, tba tt. Louia p.t. hr. Ar
ctftint to J'Jdao M"rdia. ha offral
fintnoron It'i mora thaa ha waa rr
rrtrina' front ft. L4ua. ! Hothoroa
llraph'i buk a demand for an la
rM af t4ia or bla ana jor Iracua
will not wavta mx-b tima orar
m. aai.t trraldal M.Cradia. -If h
tioa t want t" roma at t'oaat Laairua
ari. ba ran atr la tha lul."
Aotioroa la a "" fallow. IX yaara
old. acl ia MUforl U. A-rotd-
na? t Samurl sm:th. aportina: alitor of
tho Wh i-.iu lcia. Joi.mron i. a alocky
tad and a "ol bactar and fl'ldrr. Ha
waa ta4 aa pm.b blttar oa numrroua
vmIou laxt ar at W if Mia. ila
ana a paulinr aid-arm dal ry.
fothoroa apaU'd bla aatna utbara
laat ar. bat orllrncly thia waa not
rorratt for ha awttrhad to Sothoron aa
aoa aa St. Louia puld bira back to
tia b.f lima.
Irxxi; TDMS TITI.K ruv o
Thrry I nlrantaUIn I'larra la llnnnii
Ilcforw Srml-Ilnala.
NKW TrHK. l ab. li. Tbraa matehaa
ruld trdy aa tha pUrra won tbalr
plaraa In tha round bforo tb aaml
f'nala of tba National Indoor tranla
rhaaiplon.hi hr. W. C. Ormnt.
Oor Klrc. A. II Mann. Jr.. IT. A.
W. att. W". M. W aahburn anI O. A.
Walkar. Jr. ram throucb to atand
wttb K. Llodlay Murray, who adtanrrd
to tha round on f-iturJjy
''.rant, flra tlnaa hoM-r of tba hon
or, racurnad t hta old form, drfaat
lie K Howard Voahall. of Hrooklya.
T-i. i-T. Kin, tha Columbia I'nl-
rity champion. pUyxl with rn.ny
aad bla ft ccntruta.1 to tha dowa
fall of tiaora O. W asnar. tha fluffalo
atar. at f-4. 1
Mana. formar Tata captain. arnvr4 too
T..ojrrf'il for It t Tarhrr. Harvard.
iwd and won at 1 :-. t-7.
Lower i:irr IVall Towrr tarry Off
Honor. If it It.
C1Tj.K.XIK. Or. rb. I u i .-rv'-Ciai
1 n tha raataat and moat Inlrr-
itm in plyd In tho lower
J u m o r Kiy.r I.aua thi aaaaoa. tho
ACon liUb ! hool qu:n'.rt dafCcrd
tha total tiy hare Kxurtlay avantne.
l-t. Tha oma. whl-b waa haru
f 'uaht from atart to fiBta. waa playad
b-for tha larcaal crowd of tba aon.
ahout 2" fana balna In attanUanra. uf
tha about 1') w.ra Attoria reotora,
who acrompanlr t tha tram bra.
Tha Clataaaaia p;yra led at th
of tba fir.t haif. l i
Sima waa ailr tha tar of tb cm
f-r tiio doaa rur acrccatlon. whtla
i; rtn ant I. Van played a whirl
wtad tn f r tha loara.
sior ri-w ;
Uhin;lna Mltr and Idaho .Mo to
Ho lr on Toar.
Ml. fl. Mont, rh. II lrr'al)
Tha I'ntrrraity of Montana baakrt
ball tram will ma t Rodmii L'nlerity
In rptikiiM tomorrow n:ittt. for th
ffrt of a arrla. af two fm.a. lu-for
r"Brninf to JlinnuX Montana all
n-t Washington jitata Coi.'f la fu'.l
ma. and tha I nliarltjr of Idaho la
r ..-ow.
Montana ptar-1 Wajihlnctoa State
rol!aaa la Mnaoula laat wa. nt tha
ftrat Kama by a acora of 3i to J I. mr1
woa tho eacoad amo by a a-or of ji
to both (tmi wer hotiy coa-
57diratf la rColaiinc for Tar
rftaac of IUII Clab.
ST. LtI.. Fb II Ncotlallona for
the porchaao of tba St. Louie .National
fcy a loral ri.tkt ara balnc Con
d ctl by a local ralty flrm. a'cordlnT
r y ma aoaoua-mit lo-y by Henry
It Wcl.'l. a mamber of tha ilrm.
Mr. H'll a H that tha necotla
tiena tartd with a proportion by tba to buy tba real eatalo ho d
of tha club. for hia property
t 1 '.. waa offered. Mra. .'hurlr
Uriuen. hweer. waa unwllhnc to a II
tha real ate ho! I ns only.
Mr. Urtttoa aehrd l4".ea for.tb.e
rltifc and It realtv tioMinc. Tt local
tndl'-ate rnreented by tha real eatata
Arm li n:in( to par I";".. Tner
l h aeaoiitiona etand todar.
Mr. Welaala would not dnwlnsa the
nmi of the m'D la tha arndtrata. but
i;rpi conn4-ar that lb deaJ would
CO IhtoJih. .
nskr.TllI.L lT:itlT KF.KN
Kare la t.raj Harbor Irajrne Ia
Clooe With Tlirrc? Trama nnnrlMHl.
Arirr.nKr". h. b. n 5p.
rlaL Keen Inlaroat In basketball la
brmc ahowa hre. Intrrat cntartnar In
tha samee of tha a;raya Uartor Ivaakal
ball lagu. whlr-h la composed of
Abar'laan and Hoqulam rlul. Mooeo
el'ten, of Abard'an. until laat week,
waa undrfaatad. but waa beaten by tha
Naval Militia, of Abrrdaan. and th
Moqulam T. l. 1. A.. o thaao thrao
Allaa Heikaraa. iee r art Lead
Hlahl-llaad ntrhar, Vt ho la
Moeklaa- at aa tract.
team now ara nark and neck In tha
rare for tha Incut l-a.-rMp.
Th Aberdeen and Hoqulam ITIarh
A-hout aro to meet In aetrral aamra In
tb near future.
1 tunr. BRif. oit rrRK or
AriRtNTa at t)Hi:.o.
tark IWaaek Will Pal a.aad Tbrwaaa
l.lskl Work far r 1f
I a per f laaaaara Try Oat.
lNIVERSITT or Ol:K-;oN. Euceno,
IV b. II I5perlat. With th advent
of th firet rral baeeball weather to
day between 10 ar.4 2i aaplrant for
tb !! unlvralty nln bruahrd th
cobweb off their uil. cot out ball
and ajloy and after a little battlnc
rrlntrd around th diamond and par-
formed tarloiu atunta to atl-fy Urn-
purariiy their ancuieh for th Kama.
Coacn llajjrh had dealcnated a little
niuor work for today when he aent out
hi call, but all th better waa tha
warm outdoor, -flay ball whll th
oa ehlne waa tha alocan. and th
coa'h made hi inatrwcllona brief.
ia- warned hi ol 1 men. 11 of
whom are after tba pu. her'a Job. not
to try to throw any curvee today. Th
atuad waa aant out upon th old dia
mond oa th lower corner of tho ca m
p u. th acena of man y brilliant battlea
la th paat. Th entire weak will be
ured la )tit Kettln limbered up.
Uoet of th man out thta afternoon
wer upper-clamera who will try to
wla resular place on tha team. Many
free h men hare aicned and will com In
Iron a- for net year. To that ond
Iiri4ek will roach them rtsht alone
with th varalty.
Xurreea Ilea with th work or tha
old men in col'ec and eurh new ona
that ara not freahmen. for th green
carper are ruled out thla year.
Mora than 44 aro expected to Join
th aiuad thla weak. Th Inter-claea
basketball aerlee la endlnc. and thla
will put mre anplranta on tha field.
Tba freahmen eoon will ba placed
acalnet tha reculara In practlc fame.
D:i. to ii:rT fiort n- tTr.t
Walter Miller la Da Prellaalaary Trala
lag la Mi Fraa4aew la t'aew
O'laaaell Here.
Word received yeterday from
Cnartey Cutler and Walter .Miller, th
wreatlera who are In San Francisco,
la to tha ffct that Cutler baa prac
tically cloaed a match for March with
th winner of the Gotrh-Santel match,
which take place at !in Francisco
tr'rbruary ii.
Culler and Miller received th eour
te.y of the Olympic Club In fn Fran
rlaco through KJdie t;rane. th well
known refer', and a III do their train
ing there. They aay that th weather
I the be.t ever down there and that
Vllll-r la wearing a b'ummer aull of
Miller will do hla preliminary train
ing at the Olympic Club for his cham
pionship match on February 2 9 here
with Kddie OConnrIL
I ndr tha term of th contract be
tween GU'h and Kaniel for their mat. h
al ian Franctaco February 13. tintrh
la to throw tha German twice In one
hour. The same pair bsve met twice
on previous occaeton. In 1 hicago. back
In 14 when Gotrh waa at the top of
hla form and fantel Just a-coming. the
champion threw Ad within the li
minute limit.
A fw month later they were signed
for a 5-mlnute match, but Gotrh
fail'd to move a fall over bia opponent.
hantr) has Improved since that time
and figurce that he haa a chance of
making a great showing. a,
swi.nisii h:am miaixiixgks
Football .rlatlon Tram Offer to
(one llrrr.
PTOCKllOlJa. F-b. II The Swedlxh
Football A-utce latlon haa Invited the Foothall Asaociatlon to play
a match In rweden pen Summ-r. If
IMa ta Impoeaible a rwedleh football
team will go to tha I'nlted estates, ac
companied by an athletic team.
Ira Nelson Morris, tha Amerlccn
Mmtnter to wedrn. In a statement In
a btockholm newspaper, etprrsaed en
thusiasm over the prospec ts of an ath
letic meeting between the associations
of Fweden and tba aseoclattona of
' Hutch" llrandl to l lclit llrrc.
Charley ("Iut.h" llrandt. a New
Tork llchtwrlfht under the manage-
ant of W I'l Ijsd'lla. of tha four La-
d-lia'. comedians at the Kmpre.a Th--
tr thla wrk. wi'l be In Portland for
a mat. n with some of the local light
weigbts in the near future.
Howard Is Sure He Will Land
Protege In New York With
String of Victories.
Xo Limit U S-t lo Wrlctit and
All Comer Will IW Met lit
icartllcwa of Tlwlr Kipcrlrnr.
Itrmrr IVwIarrd In l"jut.
Can Jack Dillon or Mike Gibbona un
maak tha -maaked maryeir
ham Howard, who waa In Portland
on., time ao with Frank Kartnor. the
numnor. Waah.. Ilaht - heavyweight.
want to know. arn la at prcaent In
ran lanclco aeeklnir matchea for hla
myatrrlou protese. Ho aaya that tne
fishier will reveal bla Identity If he la
Acrordlna- to Howard, tha maaked lad
la a mUllonalrw tlmberman'a ion and la
from Portland. Or. He aaya that he la
a a-reat boxer and la wllllna; to take on
anybody In the ring, weight or repu
ration not counting.
. It la Howard a Intention to atart hla
protege otf In Man rranclaco ana worn
hla ay back to New York, which city
ha confident r expacta lo reacn unae
feated and with a record of vlctorlea to
hla creJIL
I akaowa riskier eUa 1CM.
Tha unknown fighter weigh la
potircle. Hla dlagulao coneieta of a thin
ruhixr muk. which he will wear In
public at all time until he meeta defea
In -the ring, when he promlaea to re
move 1'ia maxk.
Howard aaja'that the unnaklng
will aurprlao many people, but Inalata
that the) eklll of hla protrge wtll make
th data a dintant one. He la willing
m hnt nv man In San FrnnWaco. eape
el. Me rhooimr Bob McAUIvter and
Charlie Miller.
a loiter written on an elaborate let
ter head and Incloeed In an envelop
Portraying the "marvel'- waa received
he a conula of Howard's frlenda In
Portland yeaterday. It read aa fol
-San Franclnco. Cal.. February 12,
1 Tha young fellow I apoke to you
about In Portland recently line minion
m irm timherman'a aonl I going on
tour with m aa a makd marvel. He
will meet all comer. That la lor
while and then we will work Into
match with one of the top-notchera.
Hla- aarprlae la Prwaalaed.
Tki. bov I even better than
thought he waa. Ha will prove to be
he hizreet aurprlae of tha year.
-Wa open a week' engagement at
the Pan lair re February 10. meeting all
comer. Will write you more ""'
thU fallow when h geta through wun
Hob McAIIIater. then I will have a good
line on him.
-Fr.nk Farmer boxes Jeff Smith or
Gua Christie at Eau Claire. ia.. I co
ruarv S. He la lut about there now
If Fmnk wlna decKively I win onm
him bark and tour the country with
both h and the "marvel. iirgara
to th boy.
floward left Portland about 10 daya
ago. bound for l acoma. nn
Frank Farmer, who boxed Al Homere
her a while back. He went from Ta
coma to an r ranciecw anj
Portland that Farmer left Tacoma tne
ame day bound for Kan Clair. Wla.
It la thought here that rarmer ia tne
"masked marvel."
Baseball. Football, Boxing,
Persona! Touches in Sport
WOMF:V of New Tork have become
Interested In wrestling- since th
game waa revived there by an Inter
national tournament. Each night that
bouta are held at the Manhattan Opera
house women, elegantly gowned, attend
and atreeta In the vicinity are lined
iik. llmoiislnea.
When Joe Stechrr appeared in new
Tork for the first time, meeting th
masked marvel, there were 2000 women
aoiong th U00 pereona at the maun.
Th.t California's football team will
fc a.en in Eastern or Middle Western
competition on Chrtstmaa day Is more
than a remote possibility. Thla much
as Intimated recently by Graduate
Manager Johnny Stroud. One of the
following taama may be seen on that
day In California: Georgetown tnl
vrrsity. Michigan. Illinois. Minnesota
and the L'nlveraity of Chicago.
There Is serious talk at Pullman.
Wash to the effect that Washington
Ptate'a team will meet the l'nlveraity
of lUttaburg on New Tear'a day.
e a a
"Oaky-wow-wow" -war 111 ba dropped
from the l'nlveraity of Washington's
Hat of yells. Thla waa the unanimous
decision made by the rootera at the
-pep" rally In th varslty'a gymnasium
the other night.
Tell King Hcrrlrk waa rl'ased with
ti vote In the matter of the old yelL
He said that California originally
brought it to the Coast: that Stanford
uses It. and that all of the high schools
In the Northwest follow tne example
of th University of Washing-ton and
copy It. - ...
Figures on Penny Kauff. Fed star,
who ha been signed by the New York
Giants. Indicate he has his troubles
against left-handed pitchers. He bats
Eddie Plank, of St. Ixul.. waa the
best Federal League aouthpaw last aea
eon. and he held Kauff to a .117 aver
age. Kauff batted .417 against Dave Dav
enport. St- I.ou!s right-hander, and .172
against MrConnell. Chicago right
hander. Plank. Davenport and McCon
ne wer the league's leading pitch
era. Kauffa average against the three
waa .111.
a a a
Cnarlr O'M'ara. who waa tried out
ta the New Tork American outfield
Ust season and didn't Ilka his .sur
roundings, baa signed a l;rave con
tract. a - a a
Jimmy Callahan, new manager of th
Pittsburg Pirates and who ram. within
an ara of being tha manager of the
l.o Angeles Pacific Coast I-earue team
thla aeason. aaya h may have his play
era practice without glovea thla Spring.
l"a!lahan aaya soma players ara too en
thusiastic after a Winter of reat and
cut loos before they aro ready, run
ning the rlak of putting their arms out
of business.
If playera aro forced to play without
glovea they will slow down, aaya tha
Pirate chieftain.
However, one cannot help bellere
thsj thla la "nut stuff.
a a a
r.ecently Kid McCoy put on a Mack
ma-k and tried to make a "come-back"
In the ring. In iloston they have even
a strsncer rase. It revolves around
James J. Corbett. Ha has been boxing
In amateur bouta. and. although he haa
not been wearlus a mask. James J.
haa been fighting- under an assumed
name, says tho Brooklyn Eagle.
Hut It haa all been x expoaed. The
New England Amateur Athletic Asso
ciation haa been on the Job and has
told Jamra J. Corbett that he can no
longer go masaueradlng around the
country aa "Joe McDonald."
Someone told the association ,lhs.t
Jim Corbett had been entering amateur
bouta under the name of Joe HcDon
aid. Th committee did not believe
the statement- To settle the rumor a
meeting waa held and Jamea J. was
eked to drop In and explain the sit
uation. Corbett arrived and brarenly pleaded
guilty. He atated that he had been
entering amateur bouts under the name
of Joe McDonald, aa he thought that
hla own cognomen waa too well known
In the fighting world.
The committee was shocked. Such a
thing waa paat belief. It bad to end.
Jack Grant. Oaa af the Beet
Kaowa lleferees oa the Pacific
Coast. Waa Will Officiate la
the Tare Mala Eveata at the
Itawe City Athletic Clab To
night. anld the committee, and at once or
dered Jim Corbett to fight under his
real name.
oh. by the way. the Jamea J. Cor
bett who waa on the carpet Is not Gen
tleman Jim. the former heavyweight
champion, but modest Itoston ama
a a a
Juries Kenesaw Mountain Land Is Is
one of the big. real friends of basebalL
Knowing the aystem of organized base
ball, while necessary to the game, atill
la In many waya illegal, he held -of f
hla decision in the suit recently ended
In which the Federal League waa the
plaintiff against organized bail, hia far
seeing wisdom telling; him that aooner
or later the causa for action the Fed
eral promotion schema must collspse.
And that came out as he foresaw, w ltn
the anti-trust suit dismissed he has ex
preased a hope and a belief that the
gam he haa loved aa a fan for 30
years will again prosper and ba free
from the attacks of would-be wreckera
for yeara to come.
"he Pittsburg Pirates have returned
Outfielder Paul Smith to the Montreal
Hoyals. Smith was taken on la the
draft lost Fall, but Manager Callahan
decided that ha would ba of no use to
the Ptrale.
taaferd Alaa la aa Title
New Pacific Caaat Caafereare
Depeada aa Toar.
KGE. Corvallls. Feb. 14. (Special.)
The fast-climbing- O. A. C. basketball
earn left today for California for a
wo-R.ime aerlca with the University
f California and a couple of games
with Stanford University. Upon the
outcome of the games at Berkeley Frl-
y and Saturday nights depends the
warding of the first basketball cham
pionship In the new Coast conference.
lifornia and the Aggies are tied for
he lead and the coming scries will
wind up the conference season.
Following a series of six brilliant
victories, three of .them over the Uni
versity of Washington quintet, which
waa too strong for California on the
Llerkeley floor, the chances for an Ag
in victory are encouraging.
Seiberts. Freidman and Rlakeley.
forwards: Blagg. center, and Mix, Low
nd Johns, guards, were taken on the
rip. Low is a freshmun and Ineligible
o play against California, but will be
srd at guard In the Stanford game.
Hlakeley has a bad ankle, the one be
urt In the Idaho game.
The team will play Medford and Ash-
and High Schools on the return trip
rom the South.
Shift ta Great Falls Will Be Made
Only If Public Seatiaaeat Is
Agalaat Sport Daring War.
VANCOUVER, B. C, Feb. 14. 'X'n
lesa there la o decided expression of
ublic sentiment against a continuance
f professional sport during the period
f the war. the Vancouver baseball club
will operate right here In Vancouver
his coming season. said - President
Bob Hrown, of the Vancouver North-
estern League Club today In discuss
ing reports that th Vancouver club
might be transferred to Great Falls,
'Reports to the effect that I am
considering a sala of my playera and
looking for a managerial berth else-
hero are manufactured out of whole
oth. As far as Great Falls la con
cerned I have not been approached
ltd any proposition to move over
there and have not given the rumors
o that effect one minute of serious
Some sentiment against professional
port having evinced itself Brown has
for some time past been quietly feeling
out th situation to find out how
rone It Is. but he has failed to
cover that It Is serious enough to
nterfera with professional baseball.
Offer to Moot Winner of Mandot
Dundee) Ilout Is Accepted.
NEW ORLEANS. La.. Feb. 14. Fight
promoters today closed arrangements
with Freddie Welsh, world's light
weight champion, to meet the winner
of the Joa Mandot-Johnny Dundee
bout, to be held here February 21.
Welsh will receive a guarantee of
113.000. they raid. The fight will take
place In New Orleans on March and
will be -9 rounds for Ibc title.
Xv ( )
" t
Fox and Mascott to Meet for
Featherweight Title.
Aolo Gordon and Jockey Bennett
Will Clat-h at Rose City Club
at 115 Pound-) Trarabitan
Will Mix Willi Cross.
Tonight's card at the RoseeCity Ath
letic Club looks like the best held in
Portland for aome time. It is well bal
anced, having a' couple of bouts In
which there should be speed to burn
and two more that should give the fans
a taste of mixing. There will be five
bouts in all.
Jimmy Fox and Billy Mascott will
mix for the featherweight champion
ship of the Pacific Coast. Fox Is her
aided as the best boxer turned out in
San Francisco since the palmy days of
Abe Attell and is the present holder of
tne coast title. Mascott ia the feather
weight champion ot the Northwest, ai
he defeated "Tex" Vernon here last
November. Vernon previously held the
Abie Gordon, the idol of the Portland
newsboys, clashes with Jockey Bennett
at m pounds. Able will be out
weighed about ten pounds, but hopes
to keep dancing around and pecking
away at the veteran enough to get a
decision. This bout will settle the ban
tamweight championship of this sec-
lion of tho country.
There has been considerable interest
shown in the Valley Trambltas-Leo
Cross affair. They are 158-ppunders.
Cross has considerable more 'experi
ence than the Portland Roumanian,
but Valley expects to offset this by hia
Bill Grant and Jack Allen, 140-pound
boys, win meet In a return engage
ment. They fought a six-round bang-
up draw before the Evergreen Club of
ancouver, ash., a wee or so ago.
The curtain-raiser was originally
scheduled between Earl Zimmerman
and "Toughy" Wing at 115 pounds.
Zimmerman is ill, however, and "Kid'
Weston or some other good boy will be
a a a
Jack Grant, who refereed bouts In
Portland in the '90s, will officiate in
the three main events.
Grant's name has been prominently
mentioned as referee In many impor-
atnt bouta throughout the entiro coun
try, th'e most notable event being the
(Jans-Nelson affair at Goldfield. Nev
in 1906. lie waa practically chosen to
referee the Ritchie-Welsh match, which
was acheduled to take place at Van
couver, B. C. three or four years ago,
but was called off.
Grant has a reputation throughout
the entire country of being one of the
most impartial and squarest referees
in tha business.
Ralph Gruman will referee the first
two bouts. Jack Fahle will keep time
and Leo "Frisco" Edwards will an
nounce. Manager Fred T. Merrill has an
nounced that the curtain-raisers w-ill
start promptly at 8:30.
a a a
Lawrence Duff, for-ner Multnomah
Athletic Club wrestler. Is contemplat
ing taking up the art of fisticuffs.
Frank Renlck. former boxing Instructor
of the Winged "M" Institution, will
take him in hand. Duff will weigh
about 162 pounds when in shape. He
recently returned from Pendleton,
where he has been residing fcr the past
two yeara.
a a a
Charlev White, of New York, un
doubtedly will be the referee of the
Wlllard-Moran bout scneauiea ior
March 8. Jack Skelly haa refused to
act because both Tom Jones and Ike
Dorgan had criticised his worn, uorgaa
is looking after Moran's interests,
a a a
Manager Fred T. Merrill says that if
he doesn't hear from uiuy "eons
pretty soon, he will substitute Komeo
Hagen, the Seattle middleweight, for
him In a bout with tari -Mieous as inn
main event of a Rose City Park Club
show February 22. Hagen is in Port
Reverting of ex-Beaver Dy i-eace
Pact Prevented by Sale.
PITTSBURG. Ta.. Feb. 14. The Kan
sas City American Association club has
purchased Claud Berry, a catcher, from
ih. TMttaburir Federal League club, ac
cording to an announcement here to
day. The purchase price was not made
public. Berry was once a Pacific Coast
League player... i
Berry Jumped from the Portland
Coast club in 1913, after one season
under Walter McCredie. He caught ex
cellent ball for the Pittsburg Feds, it
is said, although he did not bat strong
ly. His sale to Kansas City removes
the possibility of his being returned to
Had Pittsburg released him outngnt
he would have reverted to foriiana
under the peace agreement rules.'
Clianipion'a Battle With Moran May
Have to Be Postponed.
CHICAGO, Feb. 14. (Special.) For
the second time within ten days Jess
Willard has been forced to abandon
training because of illness, and it is
feared that the $47,000, ten-round bat
tle with Frank Moran in New York,
scheduled for March 8. may have to
be postponed.
The heavyweight champion was
scheduled to resume training at th
Chicago Athletic Association today, but
he did not show up. It was learned
that the champion is suffering from
another attack of the grip and has
been forced to abandon training tern
porarily. It waa only on Saturday that
Willard had recovered sufficiently
from his first attack to do any work.
Tex Rickard, the promoter, is going
right ahead with arrangements to
stage the bout-
Simon Klordalil, Presidcat, Names
Committee to Lease Range Site.
EUGENE. Or.. Feb. 14. (Special.)
The Eugene Rifle Club, a civilian or
ganization for National defense being
supplied with guns and ammunition by
the Federal Government, neio its an
nual meeting last night. Simon Klov-
dahl waa elected preside.nt for the en
suing year. Other officers were elected
as follows: H. C. Watson, secretary;
B. B. Brnndage. treasurer, and W. W.
McCornack. esecutlve officer.
W. W. McCornack. w . L ivlncald and
John Vale were appointed a committee
to lease a tract of land to De used aa
a rille range, or make arrangements
for the use of the Oregon National
Guard range south of the city during
the coining Summer.
The Eugene Rifle Club was organized
as a result of interest aroused by Cap
tain R. W. Collins, U. S. A., who haa
been on detail with the Oregon Na
tional Guard and who has Just been
relieved by Lieutenant William Shlpp-
man. The Coast Artillery Corps gave
a military ball in honor of the two
officers and their wives at the Armory
Friday night. Captain Collins returns
to the regular service.
Hunt Club Will Hold Closed Event
Before Contest on February 22.
Harry Kerron, master of foxhounds,
of the Portland Hunt Club, has an
nounced that a closed paper chase will
be held next Saturday. On Washing
ton's birthday the usual open chase
will be run for a silver trophy offered
by Natt McDougall.
The chase which was scheduled for
New Tear's day and postponed several
times on account of the weather will
not be held for a few days, because
some members of the club still think
the weather unfavorable. The date of
the New Year event will be announced
Uncle Sama Will Play Victoria Septet
la Seattle Arena Team Starta
North This Morning.
Pacific Coast Ice Hockey Standings.
W. L. Pet. Fur. Agot.
Portland . ,
Seattle ...
Vicurla . .
Totals. . .
...30 SO
244 244
Next Games.
Tonight Portland vs. Victoria, at Seattle,
Friday Seattle at Vancouver.
Friday Victoria at Portland.
Another attempt will be made to get
closer to the 1915-16 championship of
the Pacific Coast Ice Hockey Associa
tion by the Portland Uncle Sams to
night. They leave early this morning
for Seattle for the battle with the Vic
toria Aristocrats in the Seattle ice
arena tonight.
The contest originally was slated
for Victoria, but the military authori
ties have taken over the ice arena
there for the troops to drill. No more
games will be held in Victoria this sea
son accordingly.
Manager Savage and nine Uncle bams
are slated to make the trip, although
'Moose" Johnson is under the weather.
The big defense athlete was injured se
verely in the l-to-0 victory over the
Vancouver Millionaires last Tuesday
and he clearly showed that he was off
color in the game against Seattle last
Friday night.
The Uncle Sams returned home with
an 8-to-4 defeat charged to them at the
hands of the Metropolitans. Three more
games are on the schedule for the Port
landers and two of them must be vic
tories in order to win the champion
ship of the circuit. A win tonight will
make the 1915-16 race, so that there
will be no chance for the Oregonians
to obtain less than a tie at the end of
the regular season.
Victoria always has been noted for
giving the Portlanders a hard run for
their money each night. That the Aris
tocrats are in line to put up a great
match tonight can be taken from the
7-to-6 victory of the Vancouver world's
champions last Friday night. It took
11 minutes of overtime to set down the
tailenders and then it was when but
six of the losers were on tho ice.
Victoria will be the attraction in the
Portland Ice Hippodrome next Friday
night. Manager Savage has made ex
tensive preparations for a large attend
ance. Tho Uncle Sams will return to
Portland early tomorrow morning, ac
cording to present arrangements.
Game In Eastern Oregon Faces Cold
and Starvation.
Only In Eastern Oregon are game-
birds now in danger of dying from cold
and starvation. Reports from the
game warden's office say that all of
the snow In the Willamette Valley
and in Southern Oregon has entirely
disappeared. In the eastern part of
the stale, however, the ground is still
covered and It will be necessary for the
farmers In that section to continue
feeding the game tor some time to
Thanks to the farmers in other sec-
ions, few birds suffered severely from
the cold spell just concluded. Few
pheasants perished. Quite a number
of quail were lost, however. Quail
perish easier because of their tendency
to squat in the snow and refusing to
hunt shelter.
Club Presidents Decide on Size of
Schedule for Season.
LINCOLN. Neb.. Feb. 14. Club presi
dents of the Western Baseball League
at their meeting tonight definitely de
cided on a season s schedule ot lal
Frank C. Zehr.ung. of Lincoln, the
new leagua president, who occupied
the chair at today's sessions, said he
had not yet received the league records
from his predecessor. Morris L. O'Neill.
Frank IsbelL of the Des Moines club,
said there would bo no trouble in ob
taining the records and that O'Neill
was ready to turn them over at an
early day.
Most of the club owners declared
their teams were practically made up,
and they anticipated a successful sea
son. Indians Get Outfielder Chappell.
CHICAGO, Feb. 14.-r-Outflelder Larry
Chappell will be sent to the Cleveland
American League tearri within the week,
it was announced here today. The
. T PSJ ara learning the truth ahont
1V1 ther ara miking about W-B CUT
Jeer W. W-B CUT aaers ere. (lad to
know bow different from the old kind: how mach better it aatiafiee. Get a poucn trot
roar dealer. Yoa can tell by a quality teat that it is Car Totaecm Cktw.
"Notice bow tha aalt bring! out tha rich tobacco tarte."
Hade by WETMAN-BRUT0N COMPANY, 50 Unioa Sqnare, New Tork City
which is interesting in the first
place because the Suit is so classy and
superbly tailored. But when you hear
that this man has been out of a job
for several months you'll sec at once
that there's more to this than appears
at first.
It is just this: . HE BOUGHT HIS
SUIT ON CREDIT and started to wear
it after he had paid a small fraction of
its price at C H E R K T'S CREDIT
When, the other day, he found just
the opening he'd been looking for, ho
knew he couldn't be really "fit" to
undertake the work without a natty
Suit, Of course, that didn't bother him,
because he knew about CHERRY'S,
and that's where he got fitted to tho
pippin ' he's wearing today.
They'll be glad to see you at that
popular shop on Washington street and
show you all the latest styles and fab
rics in clothing, both for men and
women. The number is 389-391 Wash
ington street.
Members Portland Oateopathlo
Barrett, Dr. II. Lester, 419 Morgan Bids.
fhona Mala 42D.
Howland, Dr. I.. 915 Selling- Bldg.
Mala 2211, A 2229.
Keller, Dr. William G., 808 Taylor St.
Fhones Malu 344. A 3444.
Lacy. Dr. H, N., suits 801 Morgan Bids.
Fnones Marshall lhbs. Tabor 4278.
Leonard. Dr. U. 1 ., 757 Morgan 1-ldg.
Phones Main 7U0, A 1700.
Leweanx. Dr. Virginia V., 612 Morgaa Bldg.
Phones Malttj 14aJ, Marshall 4033.
Moore. Urn. F. E. and II. C. P, 003 Selling
Bldg. Main 6101, A 2466.
Korthup. Dr. . K. B.. 808 Morgan bide;.
Phones Main 349, East 1028.
Walker, Dr. Era S.. 124 East 24th St. North.
Phone Kast 5H32.
sending of the player to Cleveland by
President Comiskey, of the White Sox,
is his final payment for Joe Jackson,
purchased last Summer from the Cleve
land owners.
Baseball Merger Is Allowed.
AUBURN, N. Y.. Feb. 14 The merger
of the New England League and East
ecu Association baseball clubs, under
consideration by a committee appointed
by the National Association of Profes
sional Baseball Leagues, is allowed in
a decision made public today. The com
mittee finds that the' two component
interests invested property riftht and a
genuine public demand force the con
clusion that the best interests of base
ball will be conserved by allowing tha
licvy After Peace Advocated.
WELLINGTON, via London, Feb. 14.
The New Zealand government has
recommended that 50 per cent extra
duty be levied on all German oodd
after the war.
Feat h erwH trh t
Three Mala Kventa
Pacific Coast Champion,
(Frisco's favorite)
Northwest Champion
(Pride of Portland.)
JACK GRANT, Referee.
Moran's Measurements
Better Than Willards
except in height.
Our Suits
to Order. .
are better than you can secure else
where for the money.
Huffman & Grant
S. W. Corner Broadway and Alder
Icfe Collars
2 for 25c
CEO. P. IDE i CO., Ifikars, Tray, I. T.
chewing tobacco
Right and left
i Chew. aw car.
Chewing the Real Tobacco Chew. sa cat.
tell the good new. to rriend.-becaojie ther
,!" T I a "If t
new f-f v.
laundered taJjf
with JLffT-'
and CT?
buttons W