Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 08, 1915, Page 7, Image 7

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    Tim 3ionxrxG oitcgoxfax vi:i)ni:stay. prcrararTt . wis.
Mayor to Oppose Sitting by
Council Members as .
Jury in Hearing.
tr. .lf I a tore. Introtlsatioa by
Ilialretrdl rrrwns Ilalhrr
THen by IUa Provided la
y Mr. Pair' Krwtatioa.
Vire JmuMm are In (tare for tbe
rjiUr metie ef th Council Iht
Morr.icf, wb.a Comtr.too.r Ialir will
I'mpi to pal troh a rottioa
(!i.r( fir aa lBe.tictla ef th.
n(&ol ef administration of lb Oty
Ml" fvffli-a tr I'. M. H- trctlu.
Mr. t'!r b rpr'l kit rlni
r:!!R for an in..ttti.jn ef lr. lr
:! at iri to bedn Bt Woo
. wit te Co'iO'-il :Mtn a Jury.
T re-tioa I. ta outcome ef lb
f : .ttrrrd o a weea ao, whn Mayor
.l. anJ Pr M.rv-i:u.. ctsml4 tra
T. Hrrr. a fu'O'T.
r'nmmuMit't I'alr firt tntrdvd
en e-l.ia.-e ! cut IT" 1
err li I ov Tki ordinance U still
A t.e lnrl'.-t4 tr,!ar tht
. oiil f"r a thoroK lnTtl-ti-n
ef t'r. aod th li.alth
wr-- rri.l4 It w. coM-iflH
f.:r'r. It . h ran no tlmnt
ef ftirn.. la tha proposition of th
otiB- ii ttcisa? a a lirr. Ia.ti.-1 a
a maturity ef th Cooocll baa
t-.ti.-f..l proD f.I!n- acalnat tr.
V rctt'4 bacaus ef th 4imtl of
3 f - .rB4ft.
No chrt bar fcB ma4 aarala.t
T- V.r;il'. and Mr. tlr BT b
fl.-ia tit rrh da uatil Mondsr. wha
tn ln..trr'oo I th. no. ThT
lit !I wi the at:ntnitf atloa ef
IX It!"" l'ro. h . ar. not
wf tf. Mr.-lt.V "wl affi'. Ala he ! Utterly
r(n nr rUa to ha a lot of iu
'! rhr broucht a? aiat
T". M rv-l!'j. wlta no rpportanliy o
M prt to Mf thm. It y
f' n litilla. will
a' f r liintri'l pron o ll a
a ttrr
Mr. r-!r T fc tji norhtnc I"!
b oofair I tr. WUu.
-o'Ioir l a eopr ef lh rolilln
vbI.'b Mr. Vl9 pral to lae
Coinrtt th!a mofo'iis:
w- I- 1 l ' '"
t'" f -t ti 9r II rntarW IAI
ff ikA lv cr rtrB5. f4t
ii tn rr ' f f ,r
t. t'.if r r"'-f. i ! !
DVMrf Ih r .! t BB f-
i.--r m"!"B a t:i t Bmf mr
b I,,,,,,,,.! mm tt 1.1 wwif f li crit-
tt rit. tbrfjr II
,--. ). k th f'uvii f ''tr
r.f n. tt 4 ff)-iI lC:et U
MlHfalte.f. t f hll
... r..i M n4r. ImainMr II. I 1 1. Bl
':'- "
lulian Pp-r rabll-lwr lU-arrrIrd
Aftrr Cm I Plmljwl Oner.
TAi"r . n-AAh.. rc. t ((ip-iBi)
,li.mi twrtohai. yaolafal ltnr ef
I torrtr ItAX-BBo eqblihS la
l'"rt Ue'l. r.ttl bb4 Spn. ho
tr;l or a rhtrfa ef crtfr.ial ltl tom-y:i:i--1
ef tr ;iipp MiocHnl.
r J-nt the IUl Jli'l'ool Com
fmnr ef T.:oma. wb for toJy.
apr !! In fir1 wit II wltB
fi.i J.rTi4 ti.t t hr b4 bn
i! mlont A ar lnformlla araa
fi-l. Br. ar4 PrtoinL a 4ip
lr. rnal pro(iT ef forvlsa B p
j ri'i'-. wb rvorr!! Bad rla4
i t '' boB'i arcr pijj!BC not
''tfy. fortowinr M-b tn court ar-
ru'l tTi 4fn2Aat' !mqrrr
Mxxiinl trrttni r.rtn!nl ef wrlt-
tC BrtU-la ntlCBttBC Ihit UxiIBiHl
rponl for br In mcroal
f.cfori la VBor. H. C.. fpokaa
M Ti'"n. wi'b xM.-o be b to.
nacti't f r IK lsir-. an4 btallac
at etar loUtlon ef in law.
OperatkM ot Ma JM Addaasa I
o4 prnbablr.
ftfAC. t-. T. Mi.a Jb
At'-m ntMr will Bt be eprat4
n. lr. Jsib H. Ilrrtcb mU tartar,
la aaBBia4T tnl ta wi4iy
' afvvHBf: bbI ttImBt worbr
I nffrtaf front a bmorrfisc of th
IMutt nrl Hiji.lo ware
B'ii la cnnai'tta t dtrstB la
a''r ef br t:in.
"t roaaot Mf bow toaa (be wttt bo
BTr.t to rearn la tao it Ir.
rrru MM. l 4 Bo I. Icrtttr,
t eprt.
i.b4 ef ti At!m wre aa
citia wbcbr to Brpl tbo ia
rtfr r wsthr tb pbyslciaae d
! !.! eot l oprf a avcoual ef la
rbja ef t-b ai-tioa.
ttUrrlanlnatioe) ,cal( ImmlfntU
I Ovrs-J.
VrnK. t'r. T. 0arc taat
Immumii a r'4 for f'rt
c rilro irn ?ortt ioo tare ba
nl trona - tark to tb'lr 4t!B
t.on la tn t'oi'.-l Mt ea plow
triBe vr ctrvuieeu roq la
tia ef tb lo'rtf ronmrre tw
m.l y Wrta K. .trk,
rh f lntiTt jr ef lh ti4 ef la
dua'rtM sa.t mm!crti.o ef lb
lor Mai tabor l-;r?m.Bt.
a a tcoBt 4j4 lonsM Ml.
ttlL T b r.lrt I4bc
"to support romp!:nt. ftt4 rBt;y
wirb ta lnlrfc tommrc Commt-
mi ibat l ri rli Birtn Nw
terk wr olJuCf
acalBt Immlirttit
tlori ob Irtirral KallUInx IJkrty
to Mart by Jan.
mr.C',ixs x:wi tfRrAf.w.
i-nn. i. :. i;.prniatT llaw
Ur b aJi4 by ib upriB
ln arrBttt ef lb Trury lbl
run for tb teSttrt rublic boll4
Irg are aow w!l a4anr4 an4 will be
r for a4rtiRiorl in "brtjry.
Th Ub ar bio Jrawa by Ib
t-.o.ramBt arvbil. t aa4 wi:l call fr
a bviltnt lo root boi more ta I !.
'. B'jff :.-IBlly lf to l"0"""t"
o MM'tf fii-e. Ian4 offir. forlry of-
fi-o a4 Artvlt'4ral lfftmol a-
Do Your Christmas Shopping EARLY
Say this to us:
Show me the best, all-around suit for
my money; 'the most style, the most
wear, the most value. "Well show you
Varsity Fifty Five
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Everything in men's wearing apparel
for Christmas Hats, Shirts, Neck
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Underwear, Etc
Copyricat U SckaUaer Mam
Sam'l Rosenblatt & Co.
The Men's Shop for
Quality and Serriee
Our Temporary Location
266 Morrison St, Bet. 3d and 4th
What better gift a
to delight the family for years
if I
J There is certainly no gift that would give
greater pleasure to every member of the
household for many a Christmas to come than
a VICTROLA. These wonderful instruments
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The $100 Victrola
Shermaniilay & Go.
w J
Sixth and Morrison Streets Opposite Postoffice
oaf TUB t atll May I I .raal4
aa ta4l(loa That Hlaala
II Aaotaa.4. Or. Pec. 7. fppeclal.)
t'poa cobdillon that ba baU assicn
hi. Iraaa to a corporation to ba formed
un4r tb. lawa ef Orrcon. rhall com
ptrl tb. (tipulatcd bond and
c o nd i t .ipcrlmcclal testa a lib th.
wat.ra ef Hummrr and Abort Lakra,
(b. Mai. Iand Hoard today ared to
allow Jaroa l ef New York,
until May 1 before It aball finally can
cel tha IliH on th lakra.
to coBaldrratlon of lh four month'
itcnriun granted bint. Mr. Moore,
throucb bla allornry. C. A. Shrppard.
ef rortlaad. are4 to drroalt !
la truet. Thl amount, with lb lt.
04 which the New York promoter al
ready baa on drpoalt with Ibe Hoard
a a .ruaranteo of oo faith, .will re
vert to tbo elate If Mr. Moore falla to
n't the condition tmpoeed.
That Mr. Moor, will coiit to a
Isn bl ra to a corporation formed
..-j.. ik. i.r. o r Iht. aiaie. with re-
ponlble direclora wbo ar appro.d
by lh DoartL tbera la no auirinci
aa yt.
Wbea the tt Islatalore eonflrmed
Iba jBd Hoard" ra of th. lake, to
Mr. Moore. It wa pclrtr4 that b.
ehoald a it a a bond of Tb.
New Yorker fornlhd lU.tea In eah.
but waa not able to put up tba re
analrtinc 11 !..
Mmbr ef tb Hoard took th yw
that aolhr Mnion could do no
barm, etnee. thry aald. BO olher parti
Bppard clamoroua lo tak up th.
I.e. of tbo lakra.
Ilrllala Ilaa 33 War l'Unt.
lSPOS. !. 7. Ta M!Blatr of
maailiosa. laVd Lloyd ;eore. an
aouaree that ther. are now ::4 for
eramrBt cootroltrd mualtloo tab-
Via aft ArrrpUblr.
Ilolpoint FI Per
Whr taka
e h a acts
with tha
eld - fh
tor.i wax
wben y o a
can obtain
one of our
Christina Fntoons
maj turn?
: Ii;ht
Absolutely no danrr
Saml3 alumin
um, cannot taint
coffee. ftarU in
30 aecond-, at
t achat to any
lamp forkrt. ue
littla carrmt.
....$.1.00 and an
for auch a
fire: no
moke, no odor, no melting wax.
Why not
(omethinf in
structive, a
well as sim
ply smujing'?
Have you
ever conUJ
red the ad-
h yar.tares of
s" Jin alactric
motor over
the average
toy? There is no end of inventions
to be made by the small boy with
an electric motor for the motive
Price TtOf and l"p-
Stubbs Electric
32 Selections
See this beautiful Co
lumbia outfit today at
Meier & Frank's big,
new Phonograph De
partment Basement
Balcony I
It will be a magnificent
Christmas gilt lor ine en
tire family and on our special Club Plan of easy pay
ments, it is within the reach of everyone.
This exquisite Columbia "Mignonette A," as illus
trated, is an exact duplicate of the S200 machine, ex
cept a size smaller. The mechanism, the cabinet work
and design are the same. Plays Columbia or Victor
Kecords. . , ,
Finished in mahogany, Circassian walnut, waxed or
fumed oak.
Outfit, S11G.50 $10.00 down and $10.00 a month.
No interest.
Columbia "Favorite"
and 24 Selections
This splendid machine has
all the wonderful sound-reproducing
qualities for which the
Columbia is famous!
It is a large-size machine
without record-filing space. A
separate cabinet or albums
may be used.
Finished in mahogany,
fumed or golden oak. Plays
Columbia and Victor Records.
Outfit, $02 S down and 5
a month. No interest.
Columbia 'Leader'
With 32 Selection
r' i&t
FlnUhrd in your choice of five
beautiful woods.
It has the peerless Columbia sound
qualities, combined with exquisite de
sign and cabinet work, that makes
harmonize with any home.
Ample .space for filing records.
Plays both Victor and Columbia rec
ords. Complete with 32 se'ertlans ef
music, JflO S3 down and 5 a
month. Xo interest,'
.lai7 Ordcrti given special
attention. Write fop par
ticulars. Kaay Jerms,
deliver Talking Machines
and Records anywhere in
Oregon, Washington or
Idaho free of charge.
c ii ujr 7
aaVVVl'1-'V - 1007
1BH7 4
The FIRST Records of
Marimba Music
Marimba music is a new sensation to North American ears.
Favorite compositions played on the mari?nha assume a
new individuality the effects obtained are fairly startling.
This little-known Central American instrument was
first presented in the United States by the Hurtado
Brothers of Guatemala at the Panama-Pacific Exposition,
where it speedily' became one of the features of the Fair.
The Columbia Company is first to present its novel music
in record form.
The instrument itself, as pictured . here, is over twelve feet
long, and has wooden "keys" arranged as in the xylophone. It is
played in a manner similar to that of the better-known instrument,
but unlike it, each key of the marimba is equipped with a novel
"resonator" a triangular wooden tube that reverbrates with tre
mendous sonority as the key is struck.
Marimba effects are so far outside the musical experience of
all but globe-trotters, that in Columbia Double-Disc Records
No. A1832 and A1845, old favorites were purposely selected
to display the difference of rendering the first offering Suppe's
"Poet and Peaaant" and "Pique Dame," the second, Strauss'
"Blue Danube Waltz" and "The Three Jewels" twotep of
listen to these records and note the resonant, booming bass
harmonies ; the sparkling, vivid "trilling" as the scale is sharply
ascended; the new impressiveness or gaiety each passage gains in
this unique interpretation and you will feel the thrill of marimba
music at its best Columbia Kecords Alow ana i oj
are genuine musical novelties of extraordinary interest
CtltmUa Rtctrdt in U Foreign language.
The $110 Columbia Grafonola
with Record ejector.
Thu advertisement dictated t tie Dictaphone
New records go on sale the 20ih of every month.
-Heory Jennlna; St Soa Farallara Co-. Cor. Klfth
aad Waahlaatoa Streeta.
-Hjatt Talklna; Marhlne Co 350 Alder Street.
-Kllere Talkie; Machine Co., Broadway and Alder
-Meier at Fraak Cow, First Baaemeat, Fifth and
Alder Street.
I lpman, 'Wolfe & Co.
Keed-Krenrh Piano Co.. Cor. Tenth and Stark.
Columbia tiraphophone Co., 420-431 Washington.
Buah Jt Lane IMano Co., Corner Thirteenth and
Waahlnsrton Street.
Gravn Monle Co., 151 Fonrth Street.
,rhwan Piano Co.. Ill Fonrth Street.
Cleveager Moale Co., 125 Broadway.
SUth at Piae.
We Deliver.
Tbo 4?artmt b!ia cuoaCract
ca bta by Jus t.