Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 03, 1915, Page 7, Image 7

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Managing EJItor Slain "OTu. A ev
Cuy Editor Mam ,v.a. A oxj
fcundar Editor Main 7 "To. A '&
advertising Lwpartinisl ,..lain TOTu. A
I'lty Circulation ...... .Mam . A e-:i
Composing-room Main "t'Tu. A
rrintini-r Km nm 7".i. "'0
.up-trLotenU.ot Bonding ...Hm JOIP, A -JVi
OAKS AMtt-EMENT PARK Varied tatw-
mnta. coecert band ana va-oae-niie.
pANTAiiKS lAldar at H road a a r I Vaude
ville- Ftrformancaa i.i-J. and 11:441
"Lxl-hEi-S (Broad war and Stark) Vaude
till, f crtonuancaa 5.A-J ul :1A
P. M.
Subacrlb wltfc the following; agents,
at year Dammar raaart. to aacura tha
moat prompt delivery of The Ora
Conlaa. City rates. aaboerlpUoaa by
mail ara payable la ad ranee:
Bar View K. F. JaiAssa
Bay Clsjr. Or k. r. Marcaor
Bay Oeaaa W. 8. ,
Brlcbioa. Or W. .
laraaa. Was taut B. amlta
Mlaaral bprtasa Ha
Columbia matt
Mra M. K.
Eroaa. Or 1. W. tr
barlaaldl U. C
Oaartsart. or .Mra. M. a. UUe-u
Loaa Beats. U. Mraaaal
Lake Lytw ftraak MUlar
Maahattaa traaa mUlor
Maaaaatt K. . KardoU
Mra-lrr. Or Ls-aia Ca
fcabcwttav Warn J
kraairt. Or. .......... .O. W. Mo
Oroaa park D. K. I
11,1.1 laka Park O. I. Ca
Kockaaay Baach rraafc MUlar
-raak MUlar
Or lark WiatHa
, Wash
Twt. Boraa. sraaa MUlor
Tlllan.b. Or -J
W aeaatr. Or . M. Cady
H ilh-aat oarlaca W.
Mna Shoemaker TO B Hosos-tso.
Arraupmrnta ara beln made by
Rantiat churches for a farewell to Mi
Jdna fhotmikcr to be held Thursday
In the Greshara Baptist Church. Ther-a
riti K anaakara from Portland and
anoctal music Is belne- arranced. Mi
ci.iibir will shortly tsk up actlva
nluionirr work In China, and will
laavo Portland August II for San Fran
and sail for too Orient Aucust
Si. She will spend a year lt the
language school at Nankin and after
wards will take up teaming in
normal achooL She recently arrived
tvm Na York, where she spent
year at Teachers College of Columbia
I nlrerslty. Mit stuaiea at int rum
v.raitv of California and tha Reed Col
We of Portland and has been, nttlna;
herself for the mission Held for several
r-irr-ara DtDtCITlOX PUtNSBD.
Tha new Swedish mission church,
located near Damascus, will be dedl
eatad next Sunday. Key. M. K. An
Person, genera missionary for the
Swedish Association for the Northwest,
will be present and assist In the dedi
cation. Tha other speakers will be
R. Theodore Uustalson. KM. -
Thoras and Re. A. Aim. of Portland,
and Key. J. Johnson, of the Swedish
Baptist Church at Haley. All the
services will be In, the Swedish
language. Key. Jonas Johnson, pastor
of the Swedish mission church of Powell
Valley. Is the acting pastor oi tne new
church. The services will take up moat
f the day.
M r A. PaarTT Off TO COMTKBtNCa.
J I w. Stone, aeneral secretary of
the T. M. C. A with a number of other
Portland secretaries, left last nlsnl in a
special car over the 0.-W. It- at N. for
Seabeck. Wash, to attend tne conier
ence of Y. M C. A. officials of the
Pacific Northwest. In the party also
were Claude A. Shaw, general secre
tary. Payette. Idaho: U M. Ellis,
ohvslcal director. Astoria, and J. H.
Kudd. a-eneral secretary, t Crande.
AmonK the visitors In the city yester
day was Dr. A. G. Studer. general sec
retary of the Detroit association
MrLWACKiB Road Ctosn. The Mll-
waakie road will remain closed from
Sellwood to Mtlwaukle at least for the
next ten days, owing- to repairs. On
account of the rains last week little
progress could be made, outside of the
delivery of material, but work was
resumed yesterday. The repairs re
quired are quite extensive, as the surface
of tha road was broken up badly and
several hundrd holes were worn, In the
Orsoos BtriLOtxo I-AirrD. "The
Oregon, building at the Fair is cer
tainly great.- writes Claude N. Ben
nett. of Washington. D. C. to Edward
I. Baldwin. Mr. Bennett Is head of the
Congressional Investigation Bureau
and is a lecturer of note. Ills best
known lectures are "The Panama
Canal" and "The New South." Mr. Ben,
tiett and bis wife stopped off at Port
land recently en route to San f ran
Mayor Rktuks Today. Mayor Albee
will return today from Seaview. where
he has been passing the week-end
visiting his parents. Captain and Mrs.
H. C Albee. The parents of the Mayor
are passing the Summer at their cot
tage at that place. H. E. Plummer.
head of the bureau of buildings, re
turned from Gearhart yesterday, where
he had been passing a couple of weeks.
He was accompanied by his mother.
Mrs. U. P. Plummer. and his two
daughters the Misses NiMa and Kath
erlne Plummer.
Orr less Intercedes for Team. At
the demand of Police Sergeant H. Carl
son. E. J. Sullivan, a driver for the
Golden Rod Milling Company on Albina
avenue, yesterday secured a second
team and driver to carry half the load
that he was endeavoring to move with
one team. He admitted that the load
weighed more than 7500 pounds, and the
officer- asked that the load be dis
tributed between two wagons, which
was done.
139.000 K stats Ltrr to Widow.
Alfred C F. Burkhardt. who died July
18. left an estate valued at $39,000.
according to the will and petition which
were filed In County Clerk Coffey's
office yesterday. The entire estate was
left to Mrs. Burkhardt under the terms
of the will. At her death It Is to be
divided equally among- the four daugh
ters. Mr. Burkhardt was a prominent
Dowk-akd-Outers" to DtKK. To
morrow will be a big day for the men
who are "down on their luck." for on
that day the Working Men's Club will
give Its big monthly dinner. Captain
J. G. McClelland, manager of the club.
promises a big treat. The club will be
open from 9 o'clock In the morning to
7 o'clock at night.
CoivOXKi. Wood to Speak. Colonel C
E. 8. Wood will speak tonight at the
Emma Goldman meeting at Turn Hall.
Fourth ami Yamhill streets. His sub
ject will be "Schmidt and Caplan." Miss
Goldman will also give a talk. Last
night she had as her subject "Miscon
ceptions of Free Love."
Method of Selectlaa; Bualaeaa Werth of
PabllHty Will Be Explained to
Merchants Tedar.
C. C. Parlin. manager of the com
mercial research department of the I
Curtis Publishing- Company, will ad-1
dress the members of the Portland I
Retail Dealers' Association at noon to
day at the Commercial Club. Tha Pro- 1
gresslve Business Men's Club has been
invited to attend.
Mr. Parlin says he is In the city to I
talk to food producers, . members of I
fruit associations, packers and food!
manufacturers of all kinds on the work I
his department of the publishing-
house has done In Its detailed study
of the food-producing industries
throughout the entire country; also to
begin a study here of men's clothing
Trealdeat WUaaa Seeaaa fa Have Made
Mistake With Taa Praad Flgkf
Speech," la Opiates.
W ashington. Broadway,
Near Broadway Near Washington
Today and Tomorrow
. Famous Stage Star in
One of the Wm. A. Brady series. Took New York by
storm when originally produced. Skillfully portrayed are
the corrupt politician, the crooked financier, a trusting
young woman, and a hero of brain, brawn and honest
convictions. All make good in their several ways. To'
see this great photoplay is a rare teat.
See Also the Clever Cartoon Comedy
"Colonel Heeza Liar Fools the Enemy"
Coming Thursday
VALLI VALLI, the Dramatic Star, in
Five Acts of Sustained Interest and Suspense
laiaaaa" 1 "' I I fi " 'if
"A- ar.f.-i4." .
at Lents Park at 8 o'clock. The pro
gramme follows:
March, "Regimental Pride" (Heed); over
ture "William Tell" (Rossini); cornet solo.
I selected, Mr. McElroy; descriptive fantasls
(Luders); comic opera, "ihe Firefly
(Frlml): characteristic, "Porto Rican -Dance'
(Mlaaud): intermexxo, "Korest Whlapara
(loacr); waits, "Dresma or Childhood1
(Waldteufell; grand National medley
(Lampe); finale, "blar-spangled Banner.
C C. Parlla, Who Will Talk at
Laarheaa at Chamber at Com
merce at Noea Today. x
War conditions In the Dardanelles
are pictured In a letter Just received
In this city by John Dltchburn. at
torney, from his nephew. John Crlch-
ton. a former Portland streetcar con
The letter, dated June :. has no pos
tage stamp, but la Inscribed: "First
Australian Division Field Postbffice,"
and near it is this significant message:
Passed. 3. Censor." The pages have
been mutilated.
I am resting In the trenches lust
at present." writes Mr. Crichton. "We
are not allowed to put too much In
our letters, as the censorship Is pretty
strict. As yon know, the Australians
have raised particular h In this neck
of the woods. We are looking forward
to another tea party, with bayonets for
spoons. I am newly back to the
trenches, before another spell of dirty
work, providing Johnny Turk gathers
up enough sand to try to drive us Into
the sea.
President Wilson seems to have
made a mistake with his 'I'm too proud
to fight' speech.
"If you could send me a copy of The
Oregonlan now and again. I would be
tickled, for I like to think of Portland.
By the way. we've got, or' rather had.
two Oregon men In- our outfit here.
One of them. Chambers, got laid out
who, snrapnei wnen we landed, and he
blown to pieces. Part of that
shell smashed my rifle. The other
soldier from the Pacific Coast is a Se
attle man. but he put In soma time In
Portland. Chambers wss a former
North Bank railroad man.
I gueaa everything In Portland Is
going along pretty well. In spite of
tha fact that Oregon has done dry."
You would die laughing If yon saw
me. for 1 have not had a shave for a
Mr. Crichton. when he was & student
and shoes, upon which his resesrch de
partment Is Just entering, and to de
liver addresses before the retail deal
ers. This programme is followed out
In all tha cities visited by Mr. Parlin.
Mr. Parlin says during the last four
years he has himself studied end lec
tured In 100 of the largest cities of
the United States, has done research
work In some of the Canadian cities
and has traveled over 125,000 miles In
his work for the publishing company.
In his extensive study of merchandis
ing he has acquired a store of valuable
Information regarding the details of
retail trade in all branches of Indus
try. and this Information Is at the dis
posal of all the retailers who care to
hear him.
Mr. Parlin says: "What information
I am able to give to the retail trade
I am happy to give, for the benefit is
mutual. The retailer's gain and the
Nationally advertised wholesalers whose
goods tne retailers handle are bene-
Mr. Parlin will be in this city but
two days and will leave for the south
Vaudeville Review
Fancy a perfectly sunshine bill bring
ing forth eight perfectly adorable
"shadows" and then add to this Wanda
Lyon, the "shadow girl." and you will
have a vague Idea of the unusually
good headline act at Pantages, this
week. In stunning hats, or coy little
bonnets, a winsome bevy of eight pretty
Dr. J. H. McCnrdy, V. SL C. A. Visitor
From Springfield, GIvea Address to
Bualaeaa Men After Hike.
Consistent exercise is the key to long
life, and 90 per cent of the deaths
among business men after 40 years of
age are traceable to nervous disorders,
brought about by too Intense applica
tion to mental work without the coun
teracting effect of physical training.
Fifty business men at luncheon at
the Portland association yesterday
heard Dr. J. H. McCurdy, head of
the physical education department of
the Springfield Young- Men's Christian
Association training school, - declare
that the span of life may be increased
several years by proper physical training.
'The Portland Y. M. C. A. has more
business men in its classes than any
other institution in the country In pro
portion to its population," said Dr. Mc
Curdy. "We have learned increased
business efficiency and production, but
In the last few years we have also In
creased our death rate among busi
ness men after 40 years of age. Exer
cise Is the antidote of nervous disor
ders, the key to longer life and the best
method of producing increased business
Dr. McCurdy returned Saturday wun
A. M. Grilley, physical director, from
trin to Mount Hood. In the party
were Peter Rypman, J. G. Wolf. V. 1
Farnham, J. A. Peterson. O. F. Peter
son, C Ji. DOdge. . v. Jicuusun, i o.
H. W. Jacobson. Charles Eckelman, Eu
gene Reuter, F. Steeble, Dr. McCurdy
and Mr. Grilley.
Reopened by Seward Hotel Co.
After four years under separate
management the Seward Hotel
Dining-Room is again under the
management of the Seward Hotel
Co. Hereafter an excellent
cuisine will be maintained at
moderate prices.
We serve an excellent popular-
priced business men's lunch from
11 A. M. to 2 P. M. Try it.
Sunday Table d'Hote dinner
5 to 8:30 P. M., $1.00.
YV. M. Seward, Manager.
"Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining''
Forced Continuation of Jaeger Bros.
Removal Sale of Jewelry
is announced. It's disappointing to the Firm,
but the Public benefits.
Every Article in the Establishment Now at Immense
Diamonds - Watches - Silverware
. All Go
The Noted Anarchist,
Fourth and Yamhill, Aug. 1 to 8
Subject Tonight, Xletsacae and War.
C. E. S. Wood, Chairman.
Mr. Gray was called out Friday niirht
at miamgnt Dy tne police to stop the
overflow of water from the standpipe,
caused by some disarrangement of the
connections which let the water into
the standpipe full force, causing It to
fill up and flow out of the top. Work
has been started on the new 24-inch
main that will run from the standpipe
to Union avenue.
m.M.n. Iti H.lnfv trrv U h.rln tfelal
... . r , r . ywa- "P o August, lyric act In au artistic woodland
was a conauctor on an Alberta I setting.
It isn't just the charming little plot
trolley car. and made his headquarters
at the Piedmont carbarn. He was born
near London. England, and last August
weni to see relatives In Melbourne.
Australia, where he Joined the Austral-
Ian army. Mr. Crichton Is a cousin of
Ann Swinburne, the actress and Amer
ican light opera star.
Private car "Portland" takes In two
noted outing resorts Bull Run and Es-
tacada. Leave First and Alder 10:30
A. U. Mondays. Wednesdays and Fri
days, hound trip fl.SO. Ask Ticket
Agent, Marshall 6100. A fill. Adv.
of the young artist (J. W. Summerhays)
seeking his inspiration in the forest.
nor the perfectly funny "darky" with
his huge dinner baskets and drollery,
nor yet the splendid scenic effects, that
signalises the sketch, but that every
one of the little gray fairies who dance
about their handsome "shadow girl" is
exceptionally pretty and graceful and
Is moreover the possessor of an un-
commonally good voice.
The closing song, "It's Going to
Rain." Is especially good with the real
rain falling and the thunder rolling.
Margaret Whitney Is their clever
director and she wrote the lyrics.
"The Victoria Four" are good singers
who infuse a sufficient
Divorce Suit Withdrawn and
Return of Fee Asked.
Six Hours After Artloat la Fliea,
John W. Cahlll aad Wife Klsa and
Make lp.
t7 IX hours after John w. Lanin niea
aj suit for divorce Dan E. Powers, his
attorney, called County Cleric Coffey's
office on the telephone.
I filed a suit. Cahill versus ianui.
this morning." he said. "I want to dis
miss it. How much of the filing fee
can I get back?"
'Divorcer' queried ueputy county
Clerk Wells, pulling open a filing case.
Yeah." affirmed the attorney.
amount of I war tin her lust now. Kissed and
ENGLISH PRIMA TXJXVt POES FORjcomedy In their act to make It popular I made up. How much can I get back?"
Mr. Wells figured it up and tow nim,
Pour, Col-jctt Nnva Dead. Hugh
Lynch died yesterday morning at his
home, (121 Forty-third avenue. South
east. He was born it years ago in
Polk County. Oregon, and la survived by
his widow. Mrs. Flora Lynch, and two
daughters. Mrs. Leila Pavla and
Maurlne Lynch, of Portland. He be
longed to the Cnlted Artisans, of Arleta.
and the Modern Woodmen of America.
Body la at J. P. Flnley A Son's ChapeL
fnxvooD Cmilpssx to Parade. All
residents on Lao avenue In. Sell wood,
between Kaat Thirteenth street and
fellwood Park, will be at. home to their
friends neat Thursday night from t
to 1 P. M.. the occasion being the cele
bration of the completion of the new
pavement. The children win give
parade la the early part of the evening.
and the residents along the street will
furnish music throughout the evening.
RoArM-nc Ftocaas 11 Psmussa
A definite programme for road Im
provements for 11 now la being
mapped out by Roadmaater J.- R. Yeon.
at the reoueat of the County Commta-
sionera. The programme Is to be com
plated and submitted to the Board by
lirtober 1 so It ran be fitted In with
the annual budget for the proper finan
cial allowances.
CntrxTT Roaps to Bb MARgzn. Coun
ty Roadmasttr Yeon and the Portland
Automobile Club are co-operating In
placing signs on all the county roads.
Mr. Yeon said be expected to take up
with the County Commissioners the
matter of placing conapicaoua sign
onaras on ail couniy road a as soon as
the hard-surfacing has been completed.
Ara-rr FtasT. Yellowstone Park
tour. !:5v- Complete satisfaction
guaranteed or money refunded. You
, can py more but cannot get better
service. Buy tickets at Salt Lake.
fgJen. Pocatello or Yellowstone, Old
faithful, permanent camps. Adv.
"Lrm rr Good." We carry a large
variety or little smokes. Just a few
whiffs. Bock's Autonettes. Vega del Rey
affevtlonettes are specially good. Slg
flchel at Co, 3 Third St. Adv.
Pa. D. II. Rakp. who has had a
very pleasant vacation, motoring
through California and attending the
great San Francisco Fair, will return
Wednesdsy, August t. Adv.
WA?rrct to lease, "well furnished
house: restricted resident district
family of three, references. AV 44.
Oregonlan. Adv.
OatEXTAt. Rugs wash-cleaned and
repaired. Cartoslan Bros. Main 1413.
Dr. R. T. STEAft.ts has returned from
the East and resumed practice. Adv.
Dr. DArroir, glasses, Swetland bldg.
Iaa well as interesting. These four men
are all good Imitators and have Irish
and Jewish skits, that are liked im
mensely. "Much Ado About Nothing" Is
one of the most diverting acts of the
whole bill. The parodies on the latest
ragtime make an unusual "hit."
rne uorann Highlanders In gay
I Scotch regalia and with cornets, bag
pipes, bens, songs and a number of
Scotch dances also prove entertaining.
Mint and werts. the tumbling come-
Idians who open the bill with funny
I Jokes and skillful balancing, are enter
taining. Pantages has an unusual week
with one of the prettiest headline acta
I seen for a long time.
Wary ?oZrj-on With
41 ' colson in &an?n?
Mary Robson. the English nrima
donna, who has been singing In Amer
ica for the last three seasons and who
111 be seen In Portland next week
1 Jolson In "Dancing Around" at
th Helllg. has just finished posing for
the celebrated artist. Maurice Molarsky,
nd a dashing portrait entitled "His-
panla" la about to come from that
artist's brush.
Miss Robaon Is a statuesque brunette
beauty, who served her apprenticeship
in such theaters as the Gaiety, the Al
harabra and the Hippodrome In London.
She will be seen here In the role of
Beulah Elliot In "Dancing Around." a
part which affords her the oppor
tunity for exploiting a beautiful voice.
That she wears Innumerable stunning
gowns to dress her shapely figure to
the best advantage goes without say
ing, for the Winter Garden musical
specialties are celebrated for the
beauty of the women and the lavish
ness of the dresses worn by them. Miss
Robson has been much sought after by
portrait painters.
Rev. Frank W. Gorman. "The Sing
ing parson, who Is the extra attrac
Hon at the Empress this week, proved
a big hit yesterday. His clear, sympa
thetic tenor voice, with its fullness
of tone, won the audiences. He sand
seversl favorites, among which were
"Absent" (Metcalf). Mavis and Mother
Machree. After repeated demands for
encores. Mr. Gormsn gave "Molly Bran
nlgan," a delightful rollicking Irish
song, which took the house by storm.
The singer put lots of true Irish tem
perament Into the rendition. Mr. Gor
man Is pastor of the Atkinson Me
morial Congregational Church. He has
appeared at many concerts here and
elsewhere. Among the audience yes
terday were noticed many of the
church people as well as music lovers
who are among his admirers.
A classic, too. was found In Maurice
Downey's playlet, "An Irish Arden." Mr.
Downey appears at Pat O'Brien, a sur
vivor of the Civil War. a member of
the Union Army, who returns after
60 years. His character work Is splen
did. A barrel of fun la SI Jenks. "The
County Sheriff." who reels off some of
the most delightul nonsense and auaint
drollery Imaginable. His make-up
and gestures and his screamingly
tunny aialect won storms of applause.
Lightning Jugglers are the Five of
iiud. smart lively fellows who send
the Indian clubs flying at too notch
speed and with accurate dexterity.
A quartet of good voices, delightful
entertainers are the original Broadway
Four. Harmony making is their partic
ular mission in life, and to it they
add mirth-making. One appears as a
black face artist and the other three
are "dolled up" In gray suits.
The Brlssons have a clever act of
equlllbrlstic feats. Good music com
pletes the bill.
Band to Play at Lents Tonight.
then hung uo the receiver.
"I wish they d all do that way." saw
the clerk as he busily snapped a rubber
band about the bunch of complaints
from which he had extracted that of
Cahill versus Cahill.
Portland Woolen Works to Prepare
for Possible Big Orders.
Although the Portland Woolen Mills,
located at St. Johns, has not received
any war orders for delivery to the bel
ligerents the officials of the company
ara intending to increase their working
force 20 per cent by October l. This
information was given out, yesterday
by the foreman of the St. Johns plant,
C. H. Carter.
We have our own Jobbing trade to
look after." said Mr. Carter, "and If
any unexpected large orders came they
would seriously interfere with our Job
Ing trade, and the Jobbers are our first
consideration. Just now we are doing
a nominal business lining tne orders
of this year.
The Woolen alius now employ 275
men, and run day and night. ,
Demand tade on Motorboat Service
Exceeds AH Expectations.
Postmaster Hageman, of Mtlwaukle,
reported yesterday that the motorboat
route established on the Willamette
River from the Portland Yacht Club
quarters and Magoon's place, a month
and a half ago, has already exceeded
the requirements of the Postoftice De
partment fixed for the first six months,
and Is now a permanent route.
It was not expected to make such
rapid-Increase In so short a time. In
one day last week, the Mtlwaukle post
master reported, the motorboat picked
up 450 letters, which is double what
was expected at the end of the first six
Interior Architecture Is Feature of
Store at Washington and Sixth.
The latest Ideas In interior architec
ture and coloring are worked out In,
the newly fitted clothing shop of Politz
Bros., which opens in its new location
on the southwest corner of Sixth and
Washington streets today.
An Impressive harmony is created in
the new store by the combinaton of old
ivory woodwork, cream tinted ceiling,
brown carpet and golden draperies. In
stead of the conventional glass cases
the wardrobes are arranged along the
side wails of the store and are fronted
with draperies of, silk velour material.
The color scheme is faithfully carried
out in every detail, even in the hat
A feature of the new store is the
main entrance on Washington street.
Distinctive window dressings are em
phasized by a background of light
colored leather walls.
A Real Bargain Jubilee
Many New Things of Marvelous Value for Today's Selling;.
Come! This Feature of the Sale Will Continue Up Until
the Hour We Move.
Articles, Values to $5.00,
50 c
Articles, Values to $10.00,
Sold Direct From Each Show Window at 266 Morrison,
Between Third and Fourth Streets
two grandfather clocks re
main. One is a regular $40
clock, 7 feet high, mahogany, best American movement,
and the first buyer gets it for $22.50 ; the other clock is of
antique oak, regular $30, and it goes for $18.
An Explanation Why We Don't Move
We want to move, but we can't. THE STORE ISN'T READY.
The improvements at 131-133 Sixth street are largely in the hands of
contractors for the holding. They have disappointed us lime and time
again, and now the city engineering office steps in and causes delay.
We do not wish to complain ii is not our policy, but we are sure
the next time we move (we won't unless we are forced to) every detail
must be in our hands,' and then We will at least non just where we
stand. '
It is now our intention to move Thursday, and we do not believe it
will again be necessary for us to offer an apology.
Series of "Excursions to Be Given So
AU Members May Go.
A moonlight excursion the first ol
a series of six to be held this Summer
by the firemen will leave the Taylor-
street dock on the steamer Grahamona
at 8:30 this evening with members
of the Portland Fire Bureau and their
friends and relatives. The occasion is
to be under the auspices of the Fire
Bureau orchestra, and Assistant Chief
Jay Stevens Is in charg-e of the ar
There will be music and dancing on
the boat all evening, during which a
trip will be made to the mouth of the
Willamette and return. The capacity
of the boat is 280, and It is expected
that the full number will go.
On other week-days coming five other
excursions are planned, thus giving
every fireman in the bureau an oppor
tunity to gro. There are 430 firemen
on the payroll of the city.
The 14-piece orchestra of the fire
men will furnish the music. The pub
lic is invited on thia.trip.
Company Dissolves and I'unds Will
Be Divided.
(Special.) At a meeting of the
Rodeo Amusement Association Sat
urday night In tne Elks' Clubrooms in
this city, it was voted to dissolve the
incorporation and divide the funds
among the stockholders.
Twenty per cent dividend was paid
on the stock last Fall after the third
annual rodeo, and an additional 10
per' cent will be paid at this time. It
was also voted to sell Square Deal,
Cheyenne, Pin Ears and White Pelican,
the champion bucking horses owned
by the association, and divide the pro
ceeds amoner the stockholders.
Xcw Main Being Connected.
Foreman Edward Gray is connecting
up the newly laid 30-inch water main,
which starts at East Fifty-ninth and
Fremont streets, with the standpipe in
Vernon Addition. As all the fixtures
have to be changed and several gates
I and valves have to be placed in making
Portland Park Band, W. E. McElroy I this connection, the work is somewhat
conductor, will -give a concert tonight slow, but wiU be completed next week.
All Fancy Summer - Weight
0 '17 POWELL ST. ' Q
0 European Plan $1.50 and Upward
Auto eus meets i nuns it oieamers m
MM 5Ch00I
I (For Boys)
- 21 miles south of San Franciaeo
We think that we rtr to our boys what
tboatrhtful parents win a. Our trraduates enter,
on recommendation, ln-titntious that admit oa
certificate and on examination (see pare 84 of
our catalogue) to Harvard, The Munacriusetta
Institute of Tecnnolofrr, and Yale, wboee ad
mission requlrementaare moatseTero. Send for
beautifully Illustrated cataloerue. which five
Dot only a very frood Idea of the spirt t and pur
pose of the school, ttut of ite equipment and Ita
attractive eohool home. Not bine- however, oaa
Quito take the place of a visit to the ehooL
W. T. KE1D, Head Master. Box M , Belmont. OaLi
A school for girla. Good climate,
low altitude; beautiful buildings.
Terms moderate. College prepara
tory and general courses. Music,
art, domestic science and physical
culture. Under the Episcopal Church,
but open to all. Rc Rev. J. B.
Funsten, Bishop of Idaho, president.
For catalogue address
Principal, St. Margaret's Hall,
Boise, Idaho.
St. Mary's Academy and College
Conducted for GIrl by tha SISTERS OF THK
LEGE COURSES Commercial, Domestic.
Science and Elocution Dep'a. MUSIC Piano,
Voice, Violin. Vlollncello, Harp, Harmony.
ART Water Color. Oil Painting, Chins
Painting, Designing. History of Art. Resi
dent and Day Students. Address Sister Su
perior. St. Mary's Academy. Portland. Or.
Mount Tamalpais Military Academy
The most thoroughly orsanlzed and com
pletely equipped military achool west of tha
Rocky Mountains Cavalry, Infantry, Mount
ed Artillery Sixteen miles north of San
Francisco. U. S. Army officer detailed by
War Department; accredited by the univer
sity, Stanford and other colleges. Twenty
sixth year begins August 24th, 1U15. Address
Accreaited to Colleges, (grammar and rnmary
grades. Fourteenth year. Catalogue upon ap
plication. Address Miss Harker, Palo Alto, CL
M6SJK.I a urn J If PU.-1H1IK-1. 9 'JV.Mia. Eli
Aror-rditpl to Cnll-PB-ea Kant and West. Grammar -nd
i runary leirtmente. Rend fr Illustrated catamionuvC
ITinclpal: Mary I- Lorkev. a. B.