Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 05, 1915, Page 13, Image 13

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MONDAY. JULY 3. 1913.
Young men seeking employment In com
mercial, ciencal or Laconical lines, are in
vited to consuit the employment secre
tary. The service of this department U
free to all member. To non-mem brs, a
special inemursaip la issued, costing $
per annum, giving the service of the de
partment tor a year two months luil
privileges and a refund of the membership
lee if savUfactory employment is not ae
cared. T. mTcTjl. Al'TOMOBILE"8CHOOL,
Unusual opportunity. For particulars
rah at educational office Y. M. C. A. in
cluded in tuition cost is full Ass'n mem
bership to Oct. 1.
BRIGHT, unincumbered men. not afraid to
work, to accompany me on whirlwind ad
vertising" trip; curiosity seekers, time ab
sorbers and town celebrities not reu.uisi-
lioueu ; only live wires neea answer; give
te e phone for appointmeuu H bis. Ure-
COL LUG 1 graduate wanted for good, per
manent position vith large concern man.
uf acturing scientific instruments; must be
aM9 to demonstrate to schools and uni
versities; salesmanship ability not require!.
Giv full information to box O Ulb, orego.
WANTED Competent, sober gardener, ain
grl man, one familiar with truck patch
and flowers; I supply cabin, range and
die ties ; write, stating wages wanted ; the
position is a good one for th-e right man;
the piace is on Tillamook. Bay. Ad dree
F g25. Qregonian.
ABLE-BODIED men to qualify for positions
as firemen and brakemen; $1-0 monthly.
Railway, care Oregonlan.
BC'S wanted to join our P. J. G. Club; good
n,ney for light work. J. K. iiavely, "io
4th su
WANTED Competent girl for general
nouaework; reierences. oj j.otn sc., near
College; Portland Height car, ride to
Clifton sU walk 4 blocks east. 2 blocks
north. Apply mornings.
WANTED Young lady who would appre
ciate good name, assist witn nousewora
and children; small wages; must be fond
of children; give phone and aduress.
33 &iy, Oregonlan.
WANTED Experienced w oman for general
housework and plain cooking; two iu fam
ily; must furnish city references from last
employer; good wages paid. Call iiiil 12th,
corner Clay, Tuesday alter 9 A. M.
WOMEN as Government clerks, JTO month ;
Portland examinations coming. bampie
questions f red. Franklin Institute, Dept.
T03B, Rochester. N. Y.
FIVE bright, capable ladies to traVel, dem
onstrate and sell dealers; $25 to $50 per
week; railroad fare paid. Goodrich Drug
Co., Dept. Oil, Omaha, Neb.
ARTICLES; big pay; free booklet tells
how. Ad a re as United Press syndicate,
Kan Francisco.
modem business courses $5 mo. Positions
when complete. 801 N. W. Hank bldg.
WANTED Refined, capable woman for re
sponsible position. Viavi Company, 423
Pittock block, 385 Washington au
WANTED Experienced nurse for Infant,
with best uf references. Phone .Main bb4s.
Call 245 King at.
WANTED At 79 W. Park, -a good girl to
aoFist in the kitchen, $15 per month, room
and board. Call to Hi.
10 NICE appearing young women at once
to learn paying business: 514 Abington
WANTED Reliable, neat girl for 2d work.
References required, phone Mrs. Tift any,
Vancouver Barracks, v ash.
W ANTE D L adi e s to demonstrate residen
tial work, $2 to $4 per day Is maue. 55
Columbia biflg.
GIRL for cooking and general housework:
references. Apply 33 W. park.
EXPERIENCED girl for general housework.
Apply mornings, N. 21st st.
Typewriting. $o mo. 268 14th. Ph. M. 3a3.
BOOKKEEPERS stenographers and dicta
phone operators. 301 N. W. Bank bldg.
FIVE girls to learn beauty culture. 414
Dekuin bldg. Sanitary Parlors.
-GIRL for general housework. Call at 408
3-d st. North. Willamette liei?hts.
WANTED Girl cook for general housework.
Apply 7f5 Flanders st.
GIRL to do housework. 781 Marshall su
MEN and WOMEN to learn the barber
trade, earn from $15 to $25 per week; tui
tion reauced, paia while learning; positions
secured ; write for free catalogue. Ths
Maier System of colleges. Ad. 4-s N. 2d.
OREGON Barber College wants men and
women to learn the barber trade in 8
weeks; tools free; paid while learning;
earn from $ls to $23 week; new court for
summer; tuition reduced. '233 Madison.
WANTED 2 men, a giris for dramatic
sketch. AN M;, Oregonlan.
RAILWAY mail clerks, P. O. clerks, car
riers, exam, soon; parcel post demands
many more clerks; act at once. Pacific
State Schools, McKay bldg., city.
Uook keepers and Clerks.
YUL'NG man, out of business college, wants
some position in the ofitce corporation or
wholesale house); can act as assistant
bookkeeper; tan furnish good reference
. and fidelity bond; salary uu object, o
b-u, Oregonian.
BOOKS KEPT or audited evenings by bank
teller. g Oregonlan.
MlsceHaneo 0.
YOUNG chauffeur and mechanic, living at
home, wants to drive private; will work
for board and room till proven satisfac
tory. Main 5tiJ3 atter e o'clock.
ACTIVE, ambitious German, 21i, with busi-
ness ability, wants to start at bottom.
w here chance for advancement. N bl.
ALTOMo.BILi and gas engine expert warns
employment, repairing. AiD SJ5. Orego
nlan. ,' TOUXO man wants work as gardener; prl
vate family preferred; can give good ref
erences. AO 1U7, Oregonlan.
1HOROUGHLY experienced automobile me
chanic and gas engineer seeks position;
References. AR SWT, oregonian.
CHAUFFER with 3 years' experience wish-
work, private or delivery; good references
and good hablLs. Phone Marshall 1411.
CARPENTER Al, rough or finish, nltera
tions, general repairs; reasonable. Main
PAINTING. papering, kalsomining; good
work cheap by contract. Phone Seilwood 87.
GRASS and weeds cut off vacant lota Phone
Tabor t)5o2.
K.ALSOM1M1NG, painting, plaster-patching,
reasonable. Phone Woodlawn 2410.
SOLOIST Basso-can tan e desires position
with good choir. R tl2, Oregonlan.
NOTICE Japanese boy wants position in
family as housework. N ills. Oregonian.
CARPENTER wants work, screen window
and door work done cheaply. East 24tfO.
GOOD Japanese wants work, cook porter,
chamber, any kind. Q P16, Oregonian.
WANTED Painting by d ay or cWtVacT.
very reasonable. Phone East 1314.
CARPENTER wishes position by day or con
tract AD 904. Oregonian.
Bookkeepers and Stcnotmphcr.
STENOGRAPHER wants position; will work
half day or full time, temporary or per
manent. Call A S4Hc box j1 lUu. Orego-
REFINED, self-supporting girl desires po
sition as stenographer; also had experience
aj bookkeeper, references furnisned Mar
shall 7''7.
SHALL 481.
O1. K. stenographer, b. k. and dictaphone,
operator v. ants permanent or substitute
work. M. 2ft 1 7.
I ireMmskcrt.
FiFvST-CLASS ureesjnaker and lalloresa, b
oay or home. Mrs, summers. Mar. 4 14 4.
DRESSMAKING, work guaranteed! prices
reasonable. Main 780.
DRESSMAKING at borne or by day; stylish
and rapid. Phone D 1612.
DRESMAKIXG. $2.50 a day.
guaranteed. Tabor 4138.
BY practical nurie, fond of children, good
cook and seamstress, would assist witn
housework, references, city or country jvi
010. Oregonlan.
PRACTICAL nure wishes more engage
men ta ; best of references, pho Co
lumbia 198.
H" experienced nurse, more cases. Institu
tional work or will care for a child or in-
valid ; highest references. Main 723.
EXCELLENT housekeeper, neat, refined,
unincumbered, wishes position In good
home of widower or bachelor; no nonsense
L 823, Oregonlan
A WOMAN wants position as housekeeper-in
widower's home or an elderly lady, in city
1331 Eas; Division t Phone Tabor 45S7.
BY refined, nettled Easterner, good cook,
manager and icamnrs, neat and eco
nomic al. fond of children, capable taking
complete charfi small e-ta b.ishmenu
modet salary, city or country, references.
Phone Main 4 17.
MIDDLE-AGED LADY with good city refer
ences will care for your home while you
are away this Summer; or uilt accept a
responsible position in some kood home.
Address 574 Tillamook it
. i5-j
as housekeeper or chambermaid. '
M is- 1 1 a neon.
DINNERS, teas, parties, weddings planned,'
prepared, served Best reiereuce. Seii
wood 20U6-
VOL'NG woman wants day work, good laun
dress. or would take general housework,
evenings free. Phone Woodlawn 1&54.
LACE CURTAINS, draperies hand-laundered.
25c up. Called for and delivered. feeu-
COMPETENT colored woman wishes day
work or take washing home. Marshall
' 4564.
SWEDISH woman wants housework ; ex
perienced in housekeeping. 54 N. 23d sL
Marf hall 13'2.
GOOD hand lauudiess wants day work or
bundle washing. Tabor 4 275.
GERMAN mo man wants t take in wash-
i n g. C 2t4S. E ast 30f7.
HOUSE cleaning, lace curtains laundered ;
experienced. Seilwood 801.
MR. HOUSE OWNER: We can rent your
iiow-e. We do not opend 011 ren taj sisna
in your vacant windows to bring results.
We have tne people and get results, our
business is house rents. oee Bixby, In
tetstate Title bt Loan Co 513 Gerllnger
bldg. Main 2M1.
WANTED, to list furnished houses where
children are admitted, bee bixby, Inter
state Title A 1010, 51o Gerliuger bldg.
Main 2bol.
FURNISHED or unfurnished 5 to li-room
modern bungalow, Aluerta district. Taor
lurninbed Kooins.
West Park and Morrison Sts.
Transient and Permanent Guests.
A centrally located hotel with every
modern convenience; rooms, sin gift or en
suite, with and without private bath ,
moaeit prices, with special rates b tue
montn to permanent guesta
Corner 11th and Stark. $4 wm.K and up;
elevator, hot and cold water, steam heat,
teieptione connection in eacn room; no ex
tra charge for two In a room; room and
bath $1 day; transient solicited.
Eleventh, between Morrison and Yam
hill. Desirable downtown location. He
spec table and strictly modern. Rates $1
per day. $4 per week. With private bath
$1.3u per day. S5.5v per wtek,
Morrison st.. at loth central location;
Rt.Ui;i:kL.O RATIOS, due per day up; week
ly, . iJ.5o up; neat rooms, running water,
free prione and baths; steam heat,
YoUNG men may consult without charge
register of furnished rooms at Y. M. C. A.,
listing several hundred in all parts of tne
city, also tno& in the Association ouiid
735 ashlngtuu.
Family hotel; hot and cold water and
phone in every room; rooms without bam,
$l up; with hath, 1S up.
Modern, rooms single or with baths,
steam heat, electric light, individual tel
ephones, plenty of hot water. Low rates.
WANTED Roommate to reduce rooming
expenses; fireproof builaing. mower baths,
lnuvidual beds. Call or a duress Y. M. C
A. business oh ice, -
Northwest corner Stark and 11th.
Modern outside rooms, si weekly aad up.
Large g round -liuor lobby.
Modern; special reductions uii all rooms,
$2 per w eek and up. Alarsnall 2 bO.
HOTEL EDWARDS, Grand ava and E, Bel
mont Rooms slu monthly, up wita
private bath ; large, pheasant ioba, caie
in connection, Pnone East CS.
ast Morrison su, near Grand ave.
CleanUnas and comfort. 3 per wcit up.
Cool, comfortable, airy rooms, tree
phones, bath. week, s montn and up.
Uul'iL JllXOOa, 4TH e'f-. CORNER
HOTEL BUCKINGHAM. 652 Washington
St. New fireproof brick, all outside, rovias,
running hot and cold vt ater, private or
public bat ha. quiet and homelike; i.5u wk.
IF looking for quiu clean, modern rourna.
call X'Zt h-w Lartabee at; transient traue
wanted; rates very reasonable.
bL'HMAKK HOTEL, 17th and Washington;
(uxniaUed rooms, $1.5u up; modern, muIk
ing 1S1 stance.
hotel cordova. 2 11th at. strictly
modern; private baLhs en suite; rooms J
up. Main 472. A 4781.
HOTEL GRANT, 451 H Washington. Modern.
clean rooms, all conveniences; t.ov up.
MAXWELL Hall. 2u7 14 th ; strictly modern;
use of parlor; real home; 2 up. M. 115s.
lToTELNORRTsT633 Vs Alder Modern out
side rcoms, 9i per weea up
Furnifhed Rooms in Private 1 auiily .
LA KG E or single, beautiiul rooms, newly
furnished, electricity, phone bath. 4
VERY attractive, bright, little room, reason
able 2tiS 12tU st.
LARGE front room for one or two;
from P. O. 213 W. Park.
BEAUTIFULLY furnished room In good
home ; references, No HilL 7H Johnsou
FRONT suite, also front single room, rua
ning water. 745 Hou Marshall 4753. v
IRV'INGTON Room in new home. 1 blocks
to "I" or "H" car; home comiorts. .ast 4a.
LARGE front room, modern, private resi
dence. 254 North 20 th st.
FURNISHED room, close in.
Phone Marshall 2484.
35 12th st.
NEATLY furnished bedroom, talking dis
tance, phone, l.u0 per week. 4 jt oth u
Rooms WItli Boara.
A modern. FIREPROOF residence hotei,
American plan; on cariine; lu minutes
from business center; price In accord
with general business conditions.
23d and Hoyt ata. Maranall 88L
'1 HAN HoTEL-LlivL.
Washing ion at -3d st.
A charming family and transient hotel
of the hignest orcr; excellent cuisine, sep
arate tables extremely rcasouabe rates ;
worth Investigating. Main 154. A 70oJ.
An American plan Residence Hotel.
Suites Single rooms. Excellent table.
A 6211. Main 4611.
14th and Jefterson sts.
An excellent residential hotel ; attract Its
ratea to transients or permanent guesta
pnone Main H23, A c&&.
FAMILY hotel, rooms private bath, phone,
furnished firet-clas; must be Seen to oe
appreciated ; Summer rates, 10 up ; board
optional. 710 wasmngton. Marshall illo.
The Whitehall. 253 6th st., has a fine
table trd, modern rooms, sun panor, a
real home; reasonable ratea.
THE STRYKER 654 Couch, choice modern
rcoms. excellent table board. Reason a 01.
THE NORToN. 12th and Morrison: rooiba
and board or table board. Main v41.
Rooms With Board in Private Family.
LARGE room. bath attached. excellent
board, suitable for two. gentlemen ooiy.
reft-rerces required. 01 West park.
ROOM and board in newly furnDxhed home;
modorn: $-3 month. 434 Ml I. cor. 12 to.
Main 4140.
WOULD like one or to chi.rrn to care Ijr
in niy home at 45 E. 421 sL N. ; C. S.
preferred. Phone Tabor 41iL2.
ROOM and board Ln modern home; good lo
cation ; walking distance. Marshall 3019
201 16th.
NICELY furnished rooms In beautiful mod
ern home; excellent taole board. ftOu Haw
thorne ave. East 300 or B 104.
ALL the pleasures of country life Includ
lng borne cooking, combined with city
conveniences. 64 Lovejoy st. Mar. 6151
WALKING distance, quiet rooms with or
without boftid. 529 East Mill. East 5101
FOR business girls or students, $4 week up
"Anna Lewis7' Hall, 510 Flanders su
KOuM and bosrt!. wa.klng distance, modern!
Mai- 6t'7J. L32 lOth st
BOARD and room In private family, new'y
furnished. $25. 427 Clay st. Mar. 6Wfc4.
at w lum su
ROOM and board. J5 per month; Irving ton
district, rhoae Eit 6152.
Rooms Ulih Award In prlate I a mil.
LARGE front room, closet, running watar.
io ima.i room, running water mud sleep
ing poica; wa.klng distance; home priv
Jges; p.nno. Mwriimi Uti.v. 15 Morr.son,
I 'bono Marshall 4J3.
La KG E, beautiiul .y furnisned front rooms,
steam heat, wlth or without private bam,
modern and clean; separate uremrers ana
be J, excellent meals; cioi in. eay
J Jig d is ta nee. 3 u4 1 t h. Marsha. 1 54 4.
BEAUTIFUL suite cf rwiisi, for s.x you:.
men, 2 rnea.s. sleeping poreji:. hot saU
cold water, c.ose in, f : ne rate for Sm
mer. 35 1 1 th St., Mam 7 205.
ARE you liking for a home for the Sum
mer? Ct:i at 0 E. 20tn Nona, R C line.
Housekeeping rooms or board to refund
aduaa C a. preferred,
LARGE front room, modern home, close in.
all conveniences freo. bourd opiiusl.
r-asnnadle. 474 Salmon st. Marshall 4410.
Furaibe A pan meat ta.
6th and u.umbi tia,
S mtn. walk to Meier A Frank store;
nice surrour.aings; Just the. tuing for
Summer ; sinct.y modern 3 and 3 -room
furnisned apts., aii outside, witu Jr'rcnca
doors and baiconiea v
Day. Week. Month.
Rates reasonable. Marshal frlwS.
(Apartment Hotel .
Tentn and aaimon streets.
Rates uay, week, month, ear.
I2tn and lay lor.
Most modern apartments on the Pacific
Coast; furnished Complete.
Roof garden in connection.
Walking distance. Reference.
ONLY 118 to S25 per month or 35 to 37 per
week, completely f urnixued houskepiig
two-room apts., includu.g electr.c tlghtv,
heat, hot mater, bath, private pnone, new
brick blag.. 15 minutes trm P. o. Uncoio
Apts.. 4tn and Lincoln. Mam 13 1 . A 15.
Furnished or unf u niut S-room apart
ments; linen, silverware, private puoae and
bath, sleep. ng porch; nearest tne Cuiou
Depot of East slue apartments. cor
ner ClacKarnas and Ross st. .sjil fc72.
KLINE APARTMENTS 5 rooms, newly
painted aud icmooeied; prKos reasouab.e;
hot and cold tMr; Janitor service, a.l
outsiue rooms, litn and Gaan. Marshswl
apts.. $12 per mo. up; Jiul rebuilt, modern,
ciean, very desirabte; not and cold water,
htat. light, batn furniahea. Grand ave.
taq E. Washington st. Pnone East 444 li.
Cor. Park anu Taylor.
Handsomely furnisned J and 4 -room
suites; bet location in city ; reas-mabte.
CARLOTTA COURT Everett and 17th
New, modern ; steam beat. pr ate Lams,
laundry completely furnished 2 end g
iooiu apts.; lu rain, from ousiness center;
uvn carfare; rates moaetate; reierencs,
11th st.. corner HlL EieganUj fur
nished apartment; private pnone. bata
aad balcony potcaes; 13 and up.
444 Everett, bet. iuta and Ella sta; fur
hUned i-room ats.. ta or vritnout aeep-
ln, porch; modern.-
$20 monta up ; mouern J and 4-ro-"m
apartments; completely furnisned. lvj
North 2d, corner kturucy. Marsuail 2W4-.
Far st., at kaUjoa.
Modern 3, 3 and 4-room turuished apart
me;.u, close In; by wovk .or montn.
CLAlPOoL ANNEX. Elcveatn and Clay,
iwo rooms; Lgut, pleaaant asd well fur
nisned; talking cisLaiit-, $ii to t.uu.
Mailt s75.
I4tn and Coiumoia.
2 and 3-room aparimeuLS, furnished.
f ii st-Ci a . reasnau.e ratea. Main 73i.
WELL-F URN 1SH ED. Dest-arracged 4-room
apt. fur rent In Portland; ee ated site ;
southern exposure'; separate entrance, se
lect ncighoornowu. Mlo 2&0a, A. Hy.
UlsLOP HALL. corT East 4 1 h anu H a w
. thorue; 3 and 3-i oom ap;s;; private oatns
auu puone ; also s.ngi looms, h ,! iur
msnu; l2.5a up. puoue a.ast ftai,
UkTliK. E LE Y APTS. 3d Trinity Flace3
and li-rwunl apta.; llgt.t ana itiat;
baconie ; tc&ui; $l..u to 4 U. u . Mar
swa il ao.
3-4-xoom apis., thoroughly ruodara and
cTean; roof garuen, sand Doxea for cuii
uien; $Ju up. Conducted by oner.
THE C.arkelou, nn-e.y
apts., i&c.uuir.g heat,
J.tniior service, fauu i
a.ast 521.
furitah.d u-roun
atei, puouu sua
. Aiitn'. 1'houe
L-ttj. social hall, mouern mj ana u-ioor
f urtu and un: ufitiiaeu apts.. riior,bb:.
1HE CHELTENHAM xeautiful furnsau
2., 8 and 4-faoui apartiuenui, ioaest iae
ln city. Corner N. inn and Northiup.
THE LETA 5 large rooms, piano, beaut. ful
ly furnished ; v. a. king u istance.
porch. Mar. 2o. 4uu Lroadway.
20$ 16th at., near layior; Marshall 2324;
3, 4 and 6-rouru lurnis ad and ui.ur, ais.
Mouern luinntieu u o-roo.n saiiuiaau,
$U2.5' up; close ln. Main 24.
DKlCKaTOX, 448 11th; modern 2 and 3
ruoru apis.; excellent service, aaiaiug uia
tance. ju.a.rshaii wb. A 54us.
WELLINGTON ANNEX, 15ttt and Evarstt
1 vb o rooms, uewiy Xurnsiieu. haruwoud
floors, wa.amg distance; $j.5v. Ma.u 12 45l
4 a WEEK, and up, modern, furnished
apartments. Including gas and Ujiiu ixar
ridun court, iii 5tn au
NEW furnished apartments; concrete block;
and ! 1144 Union ave, N.
JACKSuN APTS., Union ave. and E.DsVis;
completely furnished; $i5 to 4,3. E, :i
MoDElCN front apt., 2 rot
month. 20 lOtu sc.
Hec. or
CAM AR, 704 Lovejoy Modern brick' build
ing; 2, 3-room apta. $lfc to $50. Mar. isll.
PAGE apartmenu. K. 3th and E. Burnslda
Eet Sit. Desirabie 3 rooms, furL.atifa.
ADRMAY TERRACE. 35 1 2Til Flrsl-Caa
in every rejpect, atiractit e rates.
JACKSON BUNGALOW f.-iooin. modem
1 at. heat, w alklng ctstance. 454 11th sU
HAMMERSLY' COURT. 250 l!ths7 Bythe
Ciay. week or month; mocern. clos to p.
O. ; reasonable; rcf. Marsiia! 2ut.
L'nfurnlslied Apstrtmenta.
ou Lucretia st.. 10 feet north of 2"M and
Waitu must beautifully located hlga-cie-apartnienta,
2 to 5 rooms, ail large outsice
rooms, apartment navtiy lurniand.
prices reasonable;' refoiencva rtuira;
see them beloie locating. Manager. Mar
rall 1513. -
Ionian court
lth and Couca.
S and 4-roum apartmeuta, large, runny
room a. all outside; private batn and tJa
phone In eaca; centra i. 2 7 ou tj 45.
700 DAVIS fiT..
Head of hang ht
Most - xnoaem and fashionable apart -xnent-hounse
lu i'orUaud ; aoso.utely nre
proof, "laree to 1-rooia uufurnianed apai t
menta. 325 luTll ST., near tay, 5 larxe r 00 a. s." oak
floors. front vera at! s, s.eepn.j-rc tl
rane, rsirigerstor, litji, hot wte. ouitt
ly modern, juat coiupieteu.
3 anu 4-room, wide hal.a. private vestiou.e,
pi; one and cath ; brlua ouidi:g; elevator;
references. Mgr. Mar, kli. javo.. Mar. Ulkl.
H AN T HORN E Al'Aitiil i.N'i a,2 5? lTas U
L ni urniancd a pat imt-K, mode a la
every respect; coe in. first-caaa service;
each apartment has a private uaiewny.
BRUCE APTS., 244 N. 25th C roooia, var-
sr. da, hardwood floors, ateam Lcau phooca
at.d janitor. Main 4utf3. A j17.
4-ROOM apt., unfurnished; 3 bedroOma ail
sunny, outside rooms, to porcaes, rafar-
encea. 7v Irving t. Mar. 1 . 4.
STEVENS i.PT.. large rooms, rroat
and oack private porchea, neat, hut waier
and pa one. 71 Nortnrqp. near 24tn.
ROSE FRIEND, corner Broad a ay and aef
ferson E.egant ucfuri.inned apa. tmauts,
first-class service, private phone; ref.
THE ORMoNDIS on f.-room
Zanders. Noo Hill. Ma.n iliL
PL 43$
THE AMERICAN. 21at and Johnson, 3, 4.
rooms, reasouahia Mar. 3.;0. A 24 7 4.
TH e" MARLBOROUGH. 31st and Flanders.
Lsrge. ilK-'t 5, 4-r. raaa. M. 7514, a 2ft.
4-ROoM unfurnished apu, aii outside rooms.
Nob Hiil district. CaU Mam 5L
FurnUhed or Infurnisued Apartment.
ROSENFELD APTS.. 14th and East Stark
BrRk bldg. and strictly modern; 3 and
4-room ap's.. large rooms, private phone
in eah apu ; reason a b.e rent ; ref er.noea
New 2 and 3-room turn, and unfu-n
Gllsan st. Pnone Mam 5..44 or A 5,Le
MEREDITH 3 and 4 -room apta, very reo
sosabe. 713 Wash., opp. 22d. Main 7134.
Tlir. CHETOPA. ISth-and" F anders ".. 3."7;
room apartments, furnished and unfurn,'
i-l'.uOii sutte, rnouern con enienccs, V est
Bide, 15 mm. waia postoliice, Ijv.
ti-jiii tent rtasonao.e. Au tlw. ui esQnian.
FURNISHED 5-roo:n apartment,
poi Cii, fcarage It desil ed. Ull Aiuiu4
Furnished or L nf uraisiietf ApsxlaieuU,
eig-bii Morgan ii.dg.
Furnished and unfurnished a parr meets
In a-i par ta of the ci; great arlety of
locations, si sea and pruea Our free auto
mobile at our service la voting any of
our apartissuta.
Main I'.IS. A 301S.
THE HAHKtR, crmr of 31st and irv;ng
t urmsned and unturnisneo a part men is ib
2. 3 aid 4 rsMinia fur-tory brica; elec
tric automatic t.cvaior. dtappearit.g bd.
t-ullt-lo buflets and writing Ceas. ptDty
of closet room. vacuum cteaner free.
Phor.e Marshall 2tL
Largest. 11.01 hom..k. liish-clavs apta
In city. furn;ned and ur.t uruished. '
sleeping puroiifi. aiking distance.
12;h and Harrison.
Finest apartrr.ent-house on Parlfle .nat;
beautiful location, strictly modern, w a.a
lnc d.siance. references. M. luwi. M iuJ.
1S Vista ave., off Washington st
3 and 4 rooms, with pn ate balconies,
unfurnisr.ed or furnished; high-Ciass
neighborhood ; best of service; reaa.inab.e.
THE ROYAL ARMS. l:h and Lotejoy
The iifest and mt up-to-date apta In
Portland ; hanl wood floors, baiconkt, etc ;
all mnti fr.n,1 iTlw 1 -.rinm 1 1 7 '.a 1
3 -room. $ 1i Marshall hil 1.
blocks to business center; bert location In
port .and ; t uraished and unfurnished ; ail
rente reduced Mtlnit4, A 3140.
THE EMERSON. 3 and"" 4-rom furnished
and unfurnished apts., new, modern; good
Iocs tlou. 114 YYUl.ams ave. Woodlawn
XI 7 5
GRACE A PA RT.M ENT, 2 4 th and Northrup :
B lsrge unf urn is tied rooms, s.eeping porch
and all motlern couvemenoes; on 3-rooia
furnished apartment. Marsaal luT.
M A NA CER. PI iONK M.VRo il A L L 1 1 0 1.
4 AND 5 -room apts., with sleeping porches.
Its E. 13m.. near Y'amhlil st.
REX ARMS 13th and E. Morrison: 3 and
3 room . Summer rates ; modern service.
THE WINDSOR :,S and 4 beautiful rooms,
furnished or not. E. 14th and VsmblU
KING-DAVH APTS" 64 King at 3 end 4
roomshighoans; refsrencea Mala 2053.
rlata. "
PR ETT Y corner f la t. unsurpassed location,
accessible to business nd churches, strict
ly modern. Tight, cool, clean, one week's
rnt free, open for inspect. on; owner, od
ltfth st between Davis and Everett.
FIVE large rooms, modem throughout, with
every built-in convenience and select
neighborhood; $25; one month rent free.
2U3 Eaat klst at., near Hawthorne.
-room ,
lower flat: furnace)
with hot-ater coil, .replace, tubs, faoes
'" " . - IvraillVJ i OWU SUU
mornings or evenlpga
MODERN k-room flat. Irvlngton, 3-family
b;dr., very rtasotiaole. Pnone Broauaay
2231. -
$12 A MONTH Nfaily tinted 4 room, clos
to school and cardne ; des:ra&:e location
Off den. Iti7 Sha ot. Wood .a n 202.
5-HOOM modern upper with aleeptng
porch; aa.king d. stance; corner East I4tn
and Madison; i'noT.e East 704.
!. WITH aicr, clean, modern " 5-room
lower: furnace, fireplace, Dutch kitchen,
et'-. I'a "t l'.'t :i at.d uav Ej u ?l24i.
RENT, bargain, nne upper flat. 172 Twenty-third, .lo una on ; $ 1 , forrrrn' $5.
C. il.K.ore.i. 2u4Kaliway Licaga.
3-ROOM upper flat, all t'.ght, can rooms,
modern, large attic 2od 14ta su, naar
DELIGHTFUL, corner, downstairs suite, gas
range, runumg aster, beauuful home; 15
mouth. 115 N. 2oL
$14 5o MODERN 4-room upper f at. n f'w
building, baaament, furnace, a.eepina-porcn,
a.d. 2 Upshur at.
MoDEUN 6-room;
Inquire 175 14th au 3-room house.
FOR RENT 5-room modern fat. $15
C ot :i. cor. Burn aide.
FLAT of 4 rooms and bath. 7IJ Hoi au
Inquire 130 Ml st. P.ioi.e Main 42 73.
MODERN 4 sr.d 4 rooms, rear City 1 ark,
re a so a s hie. M. V S .AJ 4 1 4.
MODERN ana 4-rooin flats very reaaoa
ao.e. Everett a:.. Wtt Side.
W EST SIDE. ooit 14th, near Taylor, $2?0
6-roum inodi-ru flat. East 2501.
Ai.v rooms, modern, perfect condition, fir e
piace. gas rang, garage. juat 1 1U7.
xurnishevl fbaia.
$12 COMPLETELY furnip.ied., includ
ing etcclr.cii) . water. 05 v A.otna ave.,
coi ner li.audvnai L car or Aitsuaippl avi
NKLLY furnished 4-room loaer f .au
car lire. 1 bu Helniont. Tstor laim.
S. S.
4-ROOM furr.lpliet.
1 noi.e East -Jo, coaip.ete.
ELi:GANTLY furnia-hed 4 rooms. Nob
eict iie.giboi hood. K. it 1 4. Creghis
5 -ROOM and bath, finely f uraishedT
luum heated. oo7 11th at
4 -ROOM, ni'xjfrn, tie kaisomtned. 53
at., - b'-''CS lroaua bild.o; $10.
5dd DROADV. AY 5-rooru furnished fla
u all
;no.:Tri : i(aui:ault r nt.
Housekeeping Rooms.
$1 lo 32.50 a eek, clean, furnished houae-l.ct-p.i.
tooms. tuiito.o fwr or 4, gaa
trvo tteaU auudr, oaui. ard. avast w.
-tr a (i va v . r. bautou. U" car.
LI' aii 51 ARK. Hofi;U i;th a. id a..n.k
Conpie:i; luitiinned huueke'-p.t.g ruiim.
1 1 ee a. elw. tr il, uK.eiu. liutu sj ui
41 E.V?r Molt Rl AON Furnished labu
rom nTikeiyii.; apartments ieawuaOe.
oiL.uAN lioi EL, 1st and Alder t urnisoTd
1 tuseaerp.Dt; ioouis clieap. tl-5vl uk up
a- L It N liH aD housekeeping rwuti. cUeap.
i.ainoif.go, 3d. cor Morissoa.
lloucepug lioouis iia A't ale latniiy.
DEH1R.VRLE housekeeping suite of il large
1 ooms a. d bata. entire upper f taU in r
f .ntu. modern home, i rcaaouable. 451
'1 11 11 d at.
TiiKilK f ai L.lh"il hounekeepitg ,nia,
e c-1 thitin iurnu.neu, laise ai raatwu
nj.t i 4 1 L ruoii ave. N.
; ha HI. r.. siiifc lu or en suite, nt a . t.n
tr.u. p.ionc, butii. vfctll ventl.ated. 4
M011 1011.
FRONT suite, runulhg water, phone, gaa,
(elect neiKiiborlioud. ouly $10 month. 4
2Ut St. No.
ti'.i mlki.m 1 sins te roo:ns. 4: to 314 1
t.-r iu..n:n; fiec baiu and p.ioue. 450 Yam-'
Mil. bttnii 12111 and lath,
CLEAN. ieaani front room, very res
Uc-nce iici;:Mbiliuuit, aa rane. bath, con
venient, met. th. 115 N. 2 3d.
LAHGE froiit roi!i.i, K::tn-n-Ui sun .ep
Ing porctt. a.o li.sic roniha; buuut-r
pi ice . rvli r. w--7 1 21 n.
3 NICELY furnished housekeeping room,
close in, fre Hgut. bath, p no i.e. $ E. Itu.
TWO larg"
4t2S c.i
f rint liouaekeeplng room a, bath,
y su
LARGE room, completely furnished for Lgat
housekeeping, no ClU.areD. aO ltb.
FOl R raoa.a funusaed or unrurnished,
vate rnooe l'd tath. pbona .et
slX-IttoM modern, new, electricity, furnace,
water hearer, larre jarU, excei,ent ca.i.i
borhood. five mln -tes wsla buinn ici
ter. Apply manager Cariwtta court, it'ta
and L . crett.
FOR RENT Two '-room houses, la gooi
t on 01 1 ion. e.oae to n 1. and oi4
factory, rent vtry raasonaLle. Phone bs.i-
WOO'i 1?SC
N i-. vV y-room niwd rn 51 1 E- 4-"d
st. N ; b. .lu;d tiHim, 2 battia and tol t,
all ionii.f ..ui; W..I lease vary rsonsble
to repon.i.e panlea. Call Tabor lu,
MODERN 6-r-om b"-.:s-f. fwly renovated.
waiKir. d.atanca. West S.ce 010 Nwr-
tnrup ai.
$"l4 CLEAN five-room house. ei-c trl--I:"and If 5 E- 2 th, tetai-en Auir and Want-
it: -:t"ii. r. att v ater xr-.
MDl.N'f 'f AJ!( KNiiiui ror couyl. bun
galow. 1 S acr Ititprov ed . fur t.aee. sas,
f.ower. frul".: 1 5 ino. K a44. U:rh auu.
M o 1 el 1 1 N , very
.'J atd 2 "
tit slra:.! 6-room t.jwk,
v n Ra,Mel , c.v.e in. Last
MoDEUN a -room houwa. good netgUborliood,
rea-M.naMe, good .t.r service, Xrutt and
yard. Phcne se;i5' 522.
5-RocM modern cottage, centra L in Sun
nyside; rent $15- Fur key prion Tabor
LOWER of duplex res. den ca 13:h and
Knot 1. lrvng:on. ro'-dern. Marahall ejo.
t Oil RFNT
irict. I'hoi.
nti I: out .
a mi ail v.i.
lr lag'.uii u.s-
BUNGALOW 5 room. oioUtra; $1;. tr
lac. V scant J ul a. VQ5 Liv inon. W-R cr
iC!l RLN i 5-room bunfrauw"w at I045 t-. ruia a. j twue a. iwa
JfcT THINK Only $14: 0-rootn bouse with
i.sih. 45 clay st.
0-R00M moclrn bo t. .
1'Jth and Alder
a . Titor 3 :.
o57 EVERETT. 0 rooma gas. e ectncliy. fur
iiacc. w j kit. g ilistance. 1'hone Et ?
"ROOM modern house. 711 Lovejoy, near
;2d. Inqairo 10 4th. Main 42 3a.
iOR RENT. . 5 -room cottage
fJitsn Pho 1. a East 3 S 10.
i-KuuM houa. nfe y H rl j ". KaM Taylor,
corN i;:h. Key neat clour. Ma.n 5'k5,
run svrvr.
8- ua f re you rot a pistca to live
to. Five tnmuua in our ofrice under our
tiw si stui equals a uaonta of praoaai
stArctnutf. We will shew vu any pro p
4eriy ou 1cq to see. o-ce Lnxty,
15 vrnngr bidg. Main oL
Lt-IKAbLfcl l-ruum Ow.n.g. Broad
way V wm i , f:rp.sce. (urtct, gaa, -t:;c.t,
ojoderti itMOLa rcL
t red s. n L.iiiLi. k-a First ic
heater. t'M'ti.eoi. cement lor.
tras, gas at.u e.cctri..ty. 722 kuiiauan.
I'hune Last J J.
Koviis. oil Htn si.. ner H.; st-.
r.ean ana ues.i afc: v. Kent 41. Key at
No. 4'n lith au I'arTiau, Wuiu a. Co.,
No -J st.
5 KuoI.-. No. 41 J, lltn. corner si..
!lrit-i.l ror,i:i,oa aud lot ;ion; rui I.O.
1 rr-"'n- U aTttir.s A Co.. lot! d st
1 ROOM hardwood floors, (.rtplaca, Tur
nace. - porch, gsraga, East
& t n. fceur lia tnorna k ttor-e East a
toK RENT Mouern S-roono hoose. .ot
i"iU. 1 blnrk from car line. akst Slua,
iii'or :.2l5.
4 RooMS. furnace, gaa, do flre
p.aces. aa.ttu.g d:stauoa. App.y 5 4 Mor
ta Iveut 3.
6-HOuil bungalow, fireplace, D Jtch
batii. uta tr a. I nous East M Id.
il - L 'Z i . N ;-r sont Lk use. r:nt $.5. tX-H East
Mh t. N.
lurnUlted iious
T-UOOM houi-e, beaufTTuily furuUhed. Men.
Xt ada pian, c w. il: g, itava.and
. ti ::.a. every thing lr hutne comiort ; no en. 6u5 E 5vth st. Richmond cat.
li wiuii-L Jitney, lu minutes', iu
o,un. Terms exceptional.
NICELY faruUtied 3-room bungalow for
leaso until .Nov. 1 or lunger, gas range,
haruwood floors, firep.aca, furuace, cice
baserr tnt, laau, rosea, saeet peas; adu.ts
"'ii-y. Lt.l 1 uesday. lcauruoct car. 53 to.
4 1 it Norm.
W ILL rent for one ear or more my home
ot tf rooms, situated in Nortn vaiern part
cf city, t om p. ete.y furnished with Ch a
ertn itrnnd pana, l trinu rut, antique
na h ok any ana osk fumr. ure. price su
niuntii. L oj7. otejoi.isn.
V.O.M PLE rtLY f ui r.Uticd home to respon
sible parties fh lCo city 1 ark; furnace,
lnrp'.a.i', fc-as and good ranges; ail uuiU-in
c iivi-nii nr e. pm-ne C 1J2
$-L M Y 5-roin I urnlied modern home.
ASts fe,ast Mii, ui-tr uawthorno, tor re d
v intbn' i art
ff non Taoor
S-H'juM fuinlshcd houae to rent for one
)ear or Jonicrr; ptarw and modern Conen-I'-nitj;
within a. aing clsianc of Pst
o: I ice. 131 East loth st. Phone East 5a. b.
il 1 R ACT1 V C 5-roum buaxalow until Nov.
1. ItraumAii cur, 5J5 E. 4lst su North.
c 177.
MY house for reiii d urine Mimmr. raason-
a.e: uiaoo, phone, modern. .loee in. good
location. Eat -45, tKo East Aider.
N 1. W L Y furnished modern bungalow. lawn
and t.ota. Phone Marsha! 1.0 or catl
L. ;nh st. South,
Col I P LEI ELY 1 urnlaaed 5-r.M-m cottage;
piano, victrola, sru, bummer uiontna. na
whiiureru i 5ih au Mam 51ol.
COMPLETELY furnished cottage, S rooms,
piano, on Roduey ave. Cail Rodney,
near Russell. Km $17.
4 ROOMS, large ard, flowers, close in. cor
ner; ery low tent to respons.o.e ism ..y.
lLRoaa, Marsha. i 1.5. a tass.
ELL-FL" KN ISH ED 4-rooiu, modern houa.
newly tinted. &it and oCtont. the pace
)uu a ant. See it. s oix. .a u 134.
liAWTHoRNE, 4-room house; oaner aauis
to kfp room. AC blfr. uricniau.
5-Rool bungalow, 1117 Grant; Hawthorne
r hichmotid car, 3Tth; garden. $-o.
ELEGANTLY furnisned modern 5 -room
lU ntr a .t ; plar.o. l2- E. client. SQ at-
PL rvN 1 U t- D cotisgv. ucliab. iixaiWh
Pftone M-ln 7ll. Ca?l 414 Cot.ege.
O-ROOM modern ho-M. palanu 344 Tll.a
iitaH at. 1' none Est U5u.
CoMPLtlTLLY furnished cottage. c.tao.
cosy. trulL 7i L. itu 9i. "w A car.
o- hut M cotta g. n.ce J, iwr
re.a July 1. l'!,npi Nlsii J't.t.
sttsincr Keaerta.
C A N N iN hLAv H a-1 e-roiu cottage a ita
spcli. ua ieeplt.g porvU. for Jco.
r our-rochn oui.gatow un sleeping
por !. bam ana .replace, lor Jui) ax-u
A u 4 1L
ua:.ip; 1 4x10 lent and cabin, all com-
fur.auO f ui uvncd.
M. it. m KAY. Eco'a. or.
GEARHAKT Modern 6-room house. Cot
ta sc av., completely f urn. shed, s.eep.iig f. replace, tiaiu; lor August, reason
adi reCt
A. II. LlrtnnLU -17 Northwestern Back Mais..a.l 4114. A 4114.
$oR RENT Modaro. completely fuir.ied
I-ioofiA iiuui at erattut w.i October I.
hit 4 tiouL.e bls; 1 o.ock from i.aisto
rium, rt:t $2" ; aju cos lui;sbad itM,
Phuae East t.d'J.
T liE V tea ut iOUf e. Canuoa Beach
r urc' except ..verwre. laile and
Led llu-n; icto.untuMtit l'l. nlnullou.
priwt.a Wuwa.u m4U, Mia IL A. Co.
R.o.a. r.
lu t or nii J rooma, wit it or ai'.hnui
t ard. iiivste hoaia. facing icaau, Ot-
ll.'toiy l(cated. reaaobal fur tao of
iti.ti lomcnui Moojki4. Main 4-bU, auoru-
PACIFIC VIEW BEACH cottages and tent
iiouacs for reuu Complete fur man d,
S4..d and $5 per week, t .au t?ec4u iish
1114. k ate oeos. Cad 14 aiocl svactkadige
btUi. ium a. 05.
Tllil ALLYN c;u, ou lius. la.ittg iun
at ffu., a :. ; has f .re, .ace. t-aut
r.J etcc t: lu ite ta. aa-u or A
2 7 A
to t-.V.-l Lt- M ay 0 Coi la s. on boat d, S
town. . iiria.y ni.uern. coiup.ia 1 ur
tu. co. Phone V2d.
FoU REN T 5-room cottage, 1 futnUhad.
coua house from boat d w a. a. Aa4axe lwl or Sell 'wood lis.
oc.ioiU c -1 or tent, tai uiaittil ietwai cl
te on tne r;:i. unoottutd viv.
p. iars:all 4i-i
sGiC RENT 7-rooin beach cottage, fur
i.ubo. t unning water and tatta . a'losa,
v au,. ocean irontage. I hone s.aat 4.
WtLL I n tailed i-r i.m not.. North
Reach. . oati vieu. rant m lor sasou,
rnuna Ham lulJ.
- l.uu M furniaud h home, facing o ea
for August, rcuui.aine ii.u Paou uuorn
lug i r ev eumga. Mata 4w:0.
5-Iu oM f urutshed cotisge. Gear!. art, 3-u
s-'SSou Jut and Augtt. t'ltou l'aoor
after 0 P- M-. or before li A, M.
SL ASIDE Mod.n Cottage, com.ete fur
i.:."id. ;r city luiivaniiULK. phone
Ma.n a7
a t ii.Si?'it.i) voLtaa, iarse aro. .S(t.
W at!natii. l'a: , l I'ukbit).
M5 Cortctl blcg.
FOR KENT at fceafcie. tx-rooni co: tae.
(.H'Kliif o ew., i-r a. 4 or part 01 c-a
it It.
rluied. A 4u., Malu
in ltd at tea v lea.
1 : pnone East 5. o.
LONG LtACH, W a t- IL 5-r oou furitial
lO'.'.nt. Mattt at4.
NEAT 5-room cottage at Ocean Park. Wash.
be. .wood 1MMX
MV Gjrrirt Co;taa. aar. Jcroft. for sea-s-n.
7 rooms snd rsth. 1'hone Tator 4le4.
4-KoOM SssMa cottage, fu. 11 la bed. $u pr
tasaoiu 11 2ol4. Fast 1$4.
SEASIDE toir.plaiel furnished rot tags,
ritooe: 1. g "vod i auon. Marshall Uac
SEASIDE Furnished cottages overiooklag for rant cheap, Taoor 4414.
MOL" NT ROOD auto gtags call any part of
c:t. Ma.n 351. A
7 "LOOM a U f urnthed cr 1 1 a g a Addrwsa
.N. itsrria ocoau l ara. Wash
blioP, i'x 440. north l.ght; Hawthorne
ave. dear oncga 11. N. Burpee, Mau
ak'hrl and offico rooms f r iwnt la ratal!
bu.ues ti:stricu C ss. oregumaa.
$ 1 it ? 1 -c. L. S dental tuil to iet. s..are ooe
4 sif rrei t.wn-rm aitA ; M
Ij. . cettiial ioest;cn iii bus. oistrui ;
r-ssoiau.e rcuis.. K 47, or. gwu.ea.
Kt UMlt b private office. $10 cuontu. a.o
ai;-turnahJ. oft.oau cheap lor two
tnonttija. at o.k Litania oidg.. al a-ia
v aitth..i slS-
W WL1.-1 ClNiSH;.D c.rate;
ukik iu u.. a sud I.". :3 woamber of
Of r k'tlS $19 wp. f ui offlcea and d
, rootn , ir .h tie . v er 1 rr aanat. I oc 1
lu3 s bus.eet corner. 30$ bai.aad bug.
tTAL HA N T very rhp
cMip run. 1 trao
Ua r.iio au
tar a. a
P ace,
oaa v
FOR SALE or fade. bry and ouBfte.
t.onr. ice (Mia iar.or ln conoecuoa.
Auurass bat II, Castle Hock. Vv ssa,
INVti-"i':. f iv ca partorsu.p n
grv,id buainos (tit mah ai,ar than
sg-a. Il 3"llumr-r Echt:ge.
Cli"C";'t Y- -eip ..lid Et locaTou.
fi-.iig .t."i iitv r.e. i.ut o aa.i. i.aat
I 5'. I Ce li L l.i ber . hr f
GEN" 1. MftKrl A NDIm: ar.j .imtrr jaro. a
ayig fi'i;ea ;tt iu:-3 to a u, wito
u r-r. A V '
Ai'OJL N r i.fkncia m jst i.e vat ci-
, ;ir ;ad m town. Iwtu.-a C .u Sen ruin,
40'j sh:ngtua sU
M r. RC n AX DIS1-; i""-e
11. Ccwil, V.T.
.or ae. si p.y Thus
$IMKvh OPhKllM1U.$.
Before closing deal (or -ca.led interest
ta esteb:tshed real aatate busiuasa gat a,d
Vlce f Portland Rea.:y Board.
$14 Chamber of totaiotrca hJ
Foti sale oit "IKADu
K.rat-c a meat market dtng good
rah t umsa locateo la goJ country
town. Ovtin oan tu)in( and ktii'-ng from
rou.ury. lur fartteulara addfva a 'a tao, Nrn. or.
LiuHT grocariea. ice ci earn and coufacilun
e;. corner, f.ue location, avear sta. at
f itura. Irv ir.g-rKnta. cheap rant , par
ticulars L. L, Ibooiitaos as Ca4 23 Mad
lut aiwt
PALINUR in busy sarage lo attend lha of
nte and look after ta bustnew. with a
c h4 nee to ara t he repatr roo of t he
Lu.uea ; go-d clauca lor ecuva ana a.
1 - o t al: ill Luisi ier Lirtiinc.
Hl.r-CLAti ariHfry. ctta stocs. t&voice
about $.f"0; tnou'.bly sae flooo. In heart
of c.ty with t"P- of l?t0v. country and
tity trade; want t ret-r. psrt caab, Lai.
a nee t A 2.rt. Oresoniaa.
OWNER w t.l icr:br on account of sic k
rsieteria tn live town, on Main au.
go-d busineas. ul Itivantory IHm-o, make
i.rirr for quick aa.a. AuJcn iC M. lit P,
5 1 y. :n st., l- w.stvn. In a ho.
HIGH -Cl-A .-vS and confecitonery lor.
irig 4au Amy car b business, central o
caiion; invoace atocS an) d.. ount AiturM.
-d te:ma. Call 315 LutnOer l it litre.
FC R SALE, or will exchanga for farmclty
property or acreage, a -cha:r barbr
ahp and 3 batxe doing good buaineaa
Owner wishea to retire, M, -o Oregonian,
MlAfPAl'tK Kelt SAl.E Oua of the" be. t
eu.pped and most up-to-aate p.auta 10
tae alle. At a bargsin if so.d soon.
a ciaret s av ;4v
M 1 LL1N KHY fixtures for sa.e or traae for
real stat; a. ready in a:or that mou.d
be sal iaoe. $.5d Mill hand.e, c will. or WAN 1 fc, D Party wuh a thoussnd
do'.isrs. snare In profile with or witnoui
rnrv, a atrl.-tlv high grade business.
2 N. V.-. Pairit Mtfr.
G KOCE K V. Lei it aU'n and confectioner .
2 livinr rooT.a. Kor ss'.e cheap, account
111 By owner. $4$ Ruise:i su
FOR SALE Saloon, one ofthe beat looa
tlons in the city; tf Interested, commu
nicate w?tn Bert Eepey. Pu Joseph. M J.
FOR SALE CoutacT lonery. good locatiu
doing buPinera of $..0 par day; $70o or 1
voice. sQ Washlnston st.
GKOc til V. Coi.rctlor.ery and reita urai.u
dotns goxi buinea, across from a big
school. 1 ail Columbia ikj.
i.t.-TAl HANI Snap. quick sale. doing
good business. Sc oung Gl!!e, 2
1 ha -n her of Commerce.
UA KG A I N Saw m ill. o 0oj capacity, logg;i
equ.pnicnta and tlai&er. AV 4 1. Oregon. a
BAHPEHS! Good Scbair shop foraa:e;i
cppne.non; cheap, ms 4th st.
BOiNEs orrokTinits wanteix
MANAGER of LlKh-cisss uaov lu-plctura
theaters desires position, or mil cor.siacr
part net sh.p in new project ; thorougn
knowledge of all branches of tan business,
including planning, designing, decorating
and -q u.pi ing. G ill. iinecoman.
PAltTV with caM lhes ruomir.i-liouiv
aIo grKrerr. See Young and Gi.le. 723
v .lann er ot commerce.
iMAl.L grocery or confernonery. $.idt tc
4 caah, any part of tit jr. Aii e2d. Ore
BARGAIN luarge bosrdlng-ho-.: for sale:
tertraity located, well furnished, hot and
co.d running water in rooms, f ut nit ur
firt cla; ow ner for. ad to sei or i-
ciianca on account of joung chi.d phone
A-.u-n t l - 1 I 4 Spalding bii:g.
Leading Hot el-A part meat -house Agent.
huh Pu er and Si ler Protect ad,
O.deac Kejiat't Agency in City,
foa-o w H.i;k OMi., otti ard MarntAR
$lh l'a H. $110 our lerma buys lo- room
f furniture, r ms rented, West
.i.le iocstion. Urge ard. a snap, Catl
lot ii. near f lark.
ht'VMJNu.Jl 'L.-E I-" rtHih.s; f.l.e, modern
houe. rent i;,iy $'.c. West r-lJe, line
trvwiey. matter; near furntMn; a t-arc a. n.
e-'t .t r !ni i I !-! 4tn t.
wrOAi h'Mri. centra y located. cn-ap
rem. tor .e at Dirgain or will -laat
partner. tall 55 North 6th.
bl'iiit.-T st. ap to Pvri.ard, 1 7-ioout nouse,
lesa t'.an l; f. Mars.ia.i 5754.
I.i "J.VI l N G - HOc E l-r tat a tJ rap, o a .er,
: hi ).
Lo t i iuri!ty inornlr.g on Prosuw car
. or oetweeo iticiu iy maa St. r. at au oepol.
a 0'imonj. oiai ana iuiquu.r troo. i.
I.lberai faward lor ttluro. v5 1'ilto.a
LOST On Sand y b"u. ard. bunc h of Ue s
with name attached; nnoer . tease u.vr
to janitor of E.cctric btdg.. or iha. E
w rnrr.
LoT A l-'inch of ka. owner's
m lur . attached itetur a 1-d 1 hirU
st R arri.
Lc I C I. lids sandal, brow a. N a. $. lott
ssiurda,. 5 I'J at d aud Aider. Tabor
H I" G.
Id f"i. ran.e Hcflrt t.x:avti;
KlrM-r phor Eat 1214.
Lo T n River r -a i. oi.e tire
and rn. Fli.der p. ease ca.l Isfor 4J17.
LOST I' breastpin. Reward. -AO 1-.
$-rope a la lavUaei.
IN T 1 i i tr:ct Court or the United Mta
lor tne D-strU-t ot Oregon :
in tie in a i ter of Machinery A Supply
Co.. bai-krupt:
Nv tea is herer y given thai the nader
s.gned. aa trustee in banaruptc ut tat
a L oeen titled c:tsta. w .tl re ; ea.4
t-.-s cp t- 12 uiiix r.oon of lr.ur;,
July . 1;15. at tr.e o't.ce of A. M. usa
nn. reter m tsnkrupicv. s.ty Noiti.
westera bank bui.c.ta lor a I of u.
m s c blue r . supplf'S. coout a area ana
n:r hi mi vl aa.d tauarupt estate, an
of wniCh la uow loai a at taw former
p.aca of bus.Se of ssM I ntiru;u, st t.
r irt and amni.l street a I'ortiand. Ore
gon. ini f U'n of tr.e same csu ie inaue
at any time to sa-id uaia and a.tao i
am:uat Ion of t ha iu v ant or at a.d I v a -tiou
t-o v e named. Ail t .us must te
c.'inpar. .ed by certified cliec k for lu per
rent of t :.e amount ld. niaie a vsMe to
the uit.leraigne!. and tne unuertg a.d re
serves the r.gtit to reject any ana a.l bids
Truttta In Far.kru p t c y .
SEALED propoaa a w;ii ba rce:ved at the
-if.ce of the uniia.tncd1 401 v'ourtnous.
Ui.t.: i: M. e?ne:s July 14 141. fr
ft.:.t!r.g of new Kernely School Bl!S
!,; be t'ineil tn room Joa, CurtOwuaa. at
4 P. M . Tnursiay. Ju.) 15, lrpo.t f
Is required ior plat.s and spev .f . at.ooa,
whic:. mar b obia.ntd at t he off rt of i
A. Nitamura, sept, cf Properties. 305
Courthouse. Cart ..'ied check for 1 per
cant of amount of pro;oia, paabla to R.
Ii. Thima. c h o- 1 t ie k. must accompany
eacn proraat. flard cf Dirwctora reaerkca
tne right 10 reject any and ad propoaa-a
Abated July 3.
H- H. TMuMAR, ftchool Clerk.
snd Mh LOP. Nil A BfELL.
TAKE NOliCE thai Gouriav. t Inter 4k
I.eem.i.g I eve iued a writ against you
for t re pa inent of two huuared and
I M ent i -f our doi.ara and seven t -f i v cents
7"'C d' on m pis".o -ur-r.,ard
front i r em and fvr in aa i of a
I ma:n rii hc.d ty them as security fr
tt.e ld rbU
lriiti ou enter a 1tput not witMn
t n . Mrki from th a i of tha iat ap
pears t.c ui I'll n's'oj, in p. .:i 1 1 1 ; m .
s.n jugment a(ant o u ty dafaulu '
ll;'u-.e r.'.t sr.t.uid be llisd at the Office of lb County uouru Vic
U'lU, lc c.
HAWVKT COMHK. reg1trv.
patad at Gloria. It. C. Julie Ji. IU.
K Hi Y mutbsg bonds at J not
v stn st.. lizard ofTrad o.clg.
FIHT and aevutid mcrttaa, also sel era'
l .'.erest in routrsrts putci.-C. Oregon or
W ash. Ii R Nob. Lustoer utena t.Cg.
W K buy
te. bonds and rron cgea Ftob
Ling. ;o N. w . Mag.
MoRTil AG K lost. . notes, contracts, mtga
l-urrho. Lewis a- Co.. 4 Ua o.Ug
Money te I.cmsb oa Real Late.
yiiV on hand for mortgage loans, mort
gage bought; no delay; m eat rale r red
a. W Ut.araa. $2i First SU
llO -o TO $io.C' at 4 to I per raat" HL
M urton. 31 7 Worcester bldg. Ma.n 43$.
Mc'NKY - amoui.U t- i fer s.i.u" W. lt
&e is a Co. 314 Raiding b.t.g
ANY Ailo
4.4 .
- N
-f Ci
lls:n:nord Mortg sga v
VAv. HlGA.n LOAN'S, 4 and 7 i til t N
LOl IS AUHO.N t'o. $"Q OAK i.
tslTfE M' 'N KV7ALL AjToTNrTi
il yr. l k a v. tao t ramof com
SO o n-niMion I Wo cr ieaa. A- R. Ciark.
IV 3 "pal'l rg blcg.
T : A. Prerg na de.ay. N Ml, oie
c niati
LOANS: ClTy. "i - : farm. 7 -
IHJRH K. KtAr-r-T CU Cham, of Com
Fit L ou o.-.a, r Midi ter:
con.V-'frs C - 20;-, Om a at.
Uv3t b.
I and Lt an.d. tbtlai, .u' S
iooey o Loan e-n Krai l.tale.
Any amouut I . o:u 5 per cnt to T per
cett on ti, .; j , j t 011 ! .
I:ncea and a pat I me m- ho a s; q ju k aci
s.ous ana favurab.c ir.t.a vlwh-D.
fiic-RL si Ccj., ,u..-4 Not t:.westm laaa
Maraltell 1 -V
Improved busies j uv.- y, 5 ' to
-r nu
Improved realdaave pror-erty. 6 lo T rar
improved farm propertj, 7 to s jar cenu
W i i 1 31 KU.ak.Lv a-O..
III Fitlocw l.ock-
mon e v T loan
li ILl'.NJ PL K Pes , r.KV rLLXl
littl c i N T It AC i , No C . ji, 1 i ON a.
coLi MiiiA lu ri a T:;tr cu,
-lt M'Ai.t'iNJ M.n..
TO L'AN AT 7 Pl ii CilT.
$2ooU. a.i.Kt. $..Mt. t4ca.u.
iAhl to 4 1 Jk.lOX'
On Port.aad Iittproeu Properly
Maae .on to
OOOlvsK l.L RRoa.. i-l L-ais nidi?
Any amount. lw tu-, j r i ti) closed.
Atuacu v e reiamert i',
A. ti. MKhti l. c
IT N vrtha nna 1-ai.a Plg.
Marsha. 1 4 114. A-all-v
MoNalT t kan on property In Laure)huri.
lrington. Koa City Pat a. ioauire.
Walnut Park. Piedmont and o -mttons;
low rales latereet , quicit aclluO.
R. W. Hagooq. 1 1 Joutnal btug.
MiNY to loan at 5 v to 7 per cent, Port
land tuiue and te:f1v.ts propart.
Fariu luar.k a: 7 to s per enu
lu4 I'd St.. ucar buara.
Lowest ratas. No Ceay.
C. D. ;IMONt.
St7 c'orbett Rt.g.
$ T o Loan in sun. to su.: ; bu. . -ing
loan lowest rates. W. G. btck.
Si 'si::r.fbtn.
5 TO 8 per cent monev s on b is;nes prop
erty. apartments, owe.iins. farms R, H.
iitosaout. 1UJ North e:e. n Bauia blag.
FlELDo a- H O N Y iiA N i T G AGE c o.
U'c R OVV.N I'M n
lt;5-lOJ EON bLL'O.
TO LOAN $4-.Uo tR LEcS.
k AP.lilNG roN.
0 4T1I PT.. ROAKD Or IRAl'K FLt1.
.E us twesy for losvus ou improved city
proi erty. to 3 per cei.t ; i-0 snd up.
Ce.-arw-Mnrt on Co.. -4 eon btcg.
6 To 7 p:.vate funds, see us firu Prompt
serv b e, tatr treatment.
A. K. II i LU 4J Unry li.g.
stov k Exchange blag.. i4 and Ya.ullt.
$tH). $100 and upward on ,mrirove real
ettate . fa v urab.e ter ais . r.o cc.a s, i
br.ergge Jonn bain, i-07 Spa.j.t.g t.di.
$l.iia To $-o,uvu private mo.e. U v.'ia ""farm and city mortgage'lo v.7".
A. Il laAKDlNG. cliA M. OF V. oM.
$1750 T LOAN
1 st. or 52o.
on real estate.
$. $-5u, $k-U $e-0. ;.o. $is-c lied
ciermaa Co., b14 Cr. a ru t ar of Cuiniuarca.
Money to iau-
L battel and Saiarirw.
ON riAiiONo.- AND jt.W ELIv r
We have one of Hie fi.t retatl Jaweirr
stores in the eft . A. iosn depsrt ment m
conducted in eon ner; ion w ua mmiv. a n.aa
lng business b I h IcT L Y tv-'A' a1.-Mi.iu,
al.:ei no sign o.-.sfinc lan tut;.
res di.sed it. front oi o.r slot, a I
merv' pleoged is held for period or
U mom its. lii; o cot in:erat is
tsid when due. vv are l'.v:.ed and ha
en eats ..;. d since N con:ec;.n
with any other loan ettablisdment m LU.a
5- 4 itnni;.n St.
blAliM-Cl HIU CO-
Oldes- eats blisi.ed salary loan eons r a r j
in vtrefioa. Re.iao.e rti::t;r terms.
Aus.ues str.ctiy Cwbf.Ccoiai.
Our wsll-known rpu:aln for square
d-a..i. g aod courteous i ra t :nut &u..c
tn pat la our best rcfeieuce.
LI t-Nt.l-
$rv la...T.g r:rtg
or van Ct. i ir i od at
at Ug-i taie.
an l'lani.'Dck, Auto, piano.
I'.ruu'. Lt v . a or
Mo. ore cies.
Pay b.k j per mouift r mora.
lteiei g ttr cent
OFFRTS Ai-. Ul u.1.1 I T.JVMC.
luiW UNU LoAN c . 1.1c i NM11
SU Prku n b! .fi . a1 ard W s : :ig ;on.
M . N A. Y A T - N v iZ.
l.H'l A L l-AlSuK iMt l;,?T
DiamordN Jewer, Musical 1 1 : i u.uenia
A.l Ple:ft 1 ie, J ui. ar.
.Tpna'.f Lc; i for Lau.ea
KLli i t'V. i ANV Liv-i.e.: .
$20 Lj:r Fa. I'1'- S:ar St.
WE loan money on diamonds at. vl jri.i, at
1 a.l th rates charged by b.wn tia
idart. 74 ad sU
WAN 1 CD From pritu-tpl d.iecU a $ -."-ca
lon at per vent fur a i a. tu a l;..i.y
Improved larm wiw.tii -o it..s of 1 oi t
l.ti.d. cu lu W tla.. telto 1.1 r, valued at
S2.0ffi. ft ltd patttg cod irUin tU tt.l
vsiue. lite .wt.i, who is t . i, m r a 1 1 e ;
w orta $ Jot.tKN. aitl 1 ) iiii o: e 1 1, a
loan. nt.Hti.ii It b-.l-eog. No couiittisatun.
Tele pUvn Maiu olu.
SF.Vr.-tAL HK f Mo K -.AcJl Tr saTe.
M oN. a V A.MKD Ii c: p :iu lpa c -c
i al g od Ion i on hanu; Va.ioa k.i..ut.
itei)i C a rudooiuiwc, l.uai.t-.a a..U
Morsan t ld.
W A N I c-D U'an of iti-o 1 1 oat private pait.ea
for Z ara at per ci.t on a on. and irop-
ert va.uea st iuu1, t.rst tnon g t a aud
Al mot a r:sa; Lo broaars AN t, u;
g xr.iio.
35.u. 3 Y 1-S . 7 per tent, W'st S.d Ircui&a
property worth $'V. 3-7 Nona Isth s
e-a-. ct4. loi l..;a. r.c: for
Ut4.t. i.vr fttaiLtvv. ta c lt.e i. j
. tL li tal I, U.hkUl mi;i4 U
e a.a. atu. Mu i.d tr so. .M.a
lu ui"liU.. C t.v tra .oiiicli, tu
j at :4HuiH tui -vl .1.1 a l.c a.utVba,
Uiu) a.stjswu oa ot.e .M
ttic .ea. a.e to .o Uct iMi.Kfai.-td awa
lU U (.a;. A.l t-C aui ottlcr caaeS u
k-e .ti.tsaia4.
j its. a tiiLLiPS A H A RM AN,
W s Sr. Ci. 1 Ails Al A 1 XV. liAl iC
:-i.v u i t.. a t;. .$4 si
-tti.a lea Ut.--'0 4. &a
bbt.Nu lit 1a rtf Owvil tot 5u oa
r as. n. " ...... .35s
aL au. uutwi uwa ...... c
Miiuuukt na.i ivii.utit o tr;c..
UuiUtM. c ut i-an . uj a:at. aatlc'-S
i. a. l'l c t..l. a. i.a. btHi
a arioi. 4vf-41 lthuiu aiia aa.
vaaufiuu. 1 lo
t kbk LT a llA.Nt-HLt.
Leading a g a- loup U-aaets, Store
ii uiu4tt ha. oo . a it, uc s lr out 3c v.p ,
Ua' ui - iuu(.uil. lace ana acw.
t; Mil ioei. U cott04i.S u.w uy ta Otasi.
ll l.rawa a . i.. i M 't i on. Main 5 s .
Clivcic. l'.a-s ileadac u.a. J..'.i.n,a
tou. o olti , tuuioiK a .a a : ', b.c
No lCiuiit, No u,-jowLa, t .ti l.-
t n o: I :s.cs, i..fcUioi), J an.
iawou at-t isti v iswoa Fra. 1 2
to a siUKtiu a.cua Dt. v . a, at.iuu.
c. a s a. N ti tlti. t:a.u-d ttuiD and msa
Mva, tituitkta lr i r.a ,,
1 uut ai a.uiav..a, ets-, UD bI-s. iaas
,.Aa a. cwttiic o.Ak&ia 14C; a.aY.u
- It. a u Ma.'sl.a.t 5.-3.
1 km v A 1"V MLi' to cUte pi.i b.ikbw
!!' urn. a r.a wa-..- n ,
4.-i.-. t- o a'to.ut.r. Jl.or.e fa.ii 4W
CZZTi i..- V lavRAloi:
ueua.a.a, la.a. a: a
ro.toc.j Mi -o. ' o
c p tt.a
trini laujM 1. Mir
l'l i.
at , i a
j. v u. a- d a s
,uHVV I u.A l.a4--d
w.irMj b-a-itei oittrt.t, i.
I j Xi 2v v Si . I ;
ia tiiat
crj . . - u
s aoct V
prvt V Aa s. eA5Aluiulk rtas ui for
pu -ad aa Utthiai 4toaika. .a ay -
aiia- Sta-vt-Nr. ia; turi.aj. a -uuwawd
aa-tt and c .a.l v o. an , a.'.nor w
f a. l. . - Aic i-w
Cilr i-LA' Aii
a a i4j .or
av:a. .a;.i.g. uom.. pai a
Saal.rt a. S . tu totu .
" MAit, or" Ov it cell Li .CuS."
ii usaty i ar..i 4v i,at l. g
5t1 tt. i A &AC. 1. at .eas ciij.'O,,.
5a l aa.a.a b.u r..o e x w pc .
uKAOlATK M ASKT;s1. trst Ti,fa d.v.v.
scalp aais was ge. 1 . o .a at ; t. spc U
cTaLM OF F! i coVhU'M)."" l.ojs"-." I
lific.i ."'4 Ls i 1 lirt sn
G-N T LL -d a-N Uai.uur l.i.i.;.o.
meaaag, 55c i.otnethl.d, 2- : M' a ,t.
u' " C bor eu nt: rsm ftl ft-i u.a.4
Cm babt.ta f ..-a. A wrvtifctata.
a4c'4V-a-o tv a --. r.a.r txov,i Mrs. JH
d ri..:. 4- iT,u"gf,.i": 5-
wiiiAcrhAc i 1C e ip. . c,satas awj
r.taj.i . 1 tr a :.... -. 1,1 a...
SA.Vi'. i l.t.N .-t.O SOj tc C l. Ift'S. H oo ta
: 3 a m it . i i
Ma.'- 5-b: sot. c r.;.. .j ar,.' i:
lk,r l. r:n. 4 '. Uju, na: ... r.
La c' N la p l.rtr.o.os a d cat d i .Jm -,t
.ti sc. i Luci Xs.B T54v
CliiRopcOY ar.1 :eetrtf tsT'iloc a
: 3.-o t. wc t r is.q u