Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 07, 1914, Page 7, Image 7

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Girl Traveling With Woman
Rescued in Time as Boat
Nears Los Angeles.
Daughter ot Rich San Diego Parents
Lured From Home Is Recognized
by Captain, Who Warns Her
and Sends Her Back.
SEATTLE, Oct. 6. (Special.) The
Btory of how a beautiful 19-year-old
Kirl. daughter of wealthy San Diego
parent, was rescued from the clutches
of a white slaver after she had been
persuaded to leave her home is recited
by officers of the steamship Governor,
of the Pacific Coast Steamship Com
pany, which arrived in Seattle today
Xrom California.
Credit for the safe return of the
younj- woman to her home in San Diego
Is given by the officers to Captain H. C.
Thomas, master of tiie Governor.
Mother Provides Clew.
A few minutes before the sailing the
frirl's mother, almost distracted with
apprehension, appeared at the dock and
sked that the ship be searched for the
girl, who, she said, had written a note
raying she was to go north on the
Soon after the vessel left port Cap
tain Thomas, from the description fur
nished him. recognized the girl and is
sued instructions that she be taken to
his office.
There Captain Thomas closely ques
tioned the frirl as to her plans. He dis
covered that the runaway not only was
totally unaware ot the danger she
faced, but was determined to continue
with her companion, who, officers of
the vessel say, was a woman of a type
readily recognizable by anybody with
worldly experience.
Truth Shokine to Girl.
The girl told Captain Thomas the
woman had promised her remunerative
employment in San Krancieco.
It was only after Captain Thomas
had explained to her the real motive
of the woman with whom she was
traveling that tlie young girl was
shocked into listening to reason.
After the purpose of the woman was
made plain to the girl, her effects, with
her consent, were moved to another
stateroom, which was occupied by a
girl friend, who happened to be on the
When the Governor arrived at Los
Angeles Captain Thomas, out of his
own money, bought a railway ticket
to San Diego and placed the girl in
charge of the steamship company's
agent, with instructions to see that
she boarded the first train out. He also
telegraphed to the girl's mother asking
her to meet the train.
Because the girl was of legal age the
woman was allowed to escape prosecution.
gravity system from the headwaters
of the north fork of the Newaukum. 14
miles away, was completed yesterday
Jlewnrd for Meachum Train Robbers
Xot Taylor's, Say Complainants.
I.A. GRANDE, Or., Oct 6. (Special.)
Indignation has been aroused here over
the action of Sheriff Taylor, of Pendle
ton, in claiming a share of the reward
offered for the capture and conviction
of the Jleacham train robbers. Taylor
has been awarded $1300 of the $3100 of-
fered for the capture of the two men,
'the remainder of the reward being
equally divided between jailer Bache
lor and detectives Booth and Powers,
the men who actually effected the cap
ture, while Sheriff Taylor and his pos
es were scouring the woods many
miles away.
Sheiiff August Hugg. of Union coun
ty, today declared that he was as much
entitled to a share in the reward as
was Taylor. I'riends of the three men
here have declared their intention of
preparing a formal protest against
Sheriff Tayior's action.
Reception Will Be Given in Honor
ot College Guests.
Corvallis, Oct. 6. (Special.) The
board of regents of the Oregon Agri
cultural College will hold a regular
meeting on Friday, October 9, in the
office of the president of the college.
Matters of importance will be taken
Following the meeting of the
regents, president and Mrs. W. J.
Kerr will entertain with an elaborate
reception in honor of the guests of
the college. All faculty members and
students have been invited to this
affair, which will be the first social
function to be held in the new
Dit-plujs, Carnival and Wild West
Show Staged at Goldcndale.
GOLD EX DALE, "Wash.. Oct.. 6. (Spe
cial.) Everything is in readiness for
the opening of the sixth annual Klicki
tat County Fair at Goldendale October
Exclusive of the livestock and agri
cultural display the amusement fea
tures this year will come up to many
of the larger fairs held in the North
west. A special feature will be daily
aeroplane nights by Frank Bryant, a
San Francisco aviator. The Arnold
Amusement Company has the carnival
concession. Spain brothers, of Pendle
ton Rouna-Up fame, are here. The race
horse stables are filling up with some
of the best running horses in the North
west. The Yakima Indians will attend.
Centralia to Celebrate Completion ot
-Vew tiravlty System.
CENT Ft A LI A. Wash.. Oct. 6. (Spe
cial.) Centralia will let the state
know October 20 that it has water as
pure as any to be found. A celebra
tion, to be known as Centralia Pure
Water day. is to take place in observ
ance of the completion of the new
local gravity water system.
The preliminary details of the dav
were worked out at a meeting held
last night by a committee of 40 busi
ness and professional men.
Committees were appointed and the
complete programme will be announced
at a meeting to be held Friday night.
There will not be an Idle minute
during- the day and everything will
be free.
Moon Anchor Being Put In Shape
and Stamp Mill Began at Tipton.
BAKER, Or.. Oct 6. (Special.)
Frank McCarvel, of Sumpter, has start
ed development work on the Moon
Anchor Mine at Cable Cove, having
taken a contract from T. Mehr and
Frank Degande to put In 200 feet of
tunnel. The tunnel is already in 150
feet Some shipping ore has already
been uncovered, but it is the hope of
the owners that the work now under
way will penetrate the ore shoot for
which it is headed.
The Greenhorn mining district also
reports renewed activity. At Tipton 20
men are constructing a stamp mill. The
West Side mine is shipping in limited
quantities, the ore being of medium
grade. Frank Roberts is milling ore
irom nis claim near the Snow Creek
mine. This Is the property from which.
a year ago, jvir. itoberts took a rich
pwwji vs ii n ii caused a sensation in
mining circles.
Checks Cleared at Spokane
Show Record Business.
Coast Banks Handle Many More
Payments Showing Inland lim
pire Transactions in September
Reach at Least $2,000,000.
Baker Cou nty Farmers Putting Aside
Crop While Prices Are Ixw.
BAKER. "Dr.. Oct R (Snoiol
Farmers of Baker County are storing
large quantities or nay. in the ware
houses at Haines and a large amount
of hauling is being done to the hay
center of the ftnuntv. PortlnH muFVuta
are reported to be overstocked, causing
B&irvme auiiness in prices, and farm
ers are counting on better conditions.
The Baker County hay crop is far
above averaere And th rmn fa eai .
be so large that in event it is not tak
en ultimately by the Portland market
it cannot all be fed to stock. The
Baker warehouses are already filled. A
few shiDments are beiner ranHp hv thn.a
farmers who do not care to take any
chance on advancing prices. Others
are shipping hay on contracts made
earner in tne year.
eoo Head From Train Near Sumpter
Are In Roundup.
BAKER. Or., Oct 6. (Special.) Aft
er nearly two weeks of incessant work,
Curtis Haley and A. E. Lucas today
completed a roundup of the cattle
which escaped from a wrecked train
near Sumpter last month. They drove
in on horseback with 200 of the cattle
which escaped at that time and scat
tered all over the hills. All but six
of the herd were found.
They turned the cattle over to the
Sumpter Valley Railroad today. The
railroad company has assumed liability
for the loss. It is said that the men
who conducted the roundup over a wide
area were handsomely rewarded.
Mills in Baker County Will Reopen
After Temporary Shutdown.
BAKER, Or.. Oct. 6. (Special.) The
Stoddard Lumber Company mills at
Whitney are preparing to resume work
within the next week. The mills have
been shut down owing to the falling off
of orders after the start of the war in
Europe. Large orders received from
the trade in America, however, have
caused a revival of the business.
Logging opeiations have started near
Whitney, a large number of teams and
men having been sent out under Joe
Neilson. the company foreman.
SPOKANE, Wash., Oct 6. (Special.)
Clearance of drafts and checks
through Spokane renresentine- pur
chases of grain in the Inland EmDlrs
amounted to almost $2,000,000 during
September. It 13 declared by grain
men and bankers to - have been the
largest amount of grain business ever
conducted in the city during one
. This figure represents only a part
of the actual purchases and sales made
through grain offices of the city. A
large part of the drafts were cleared
through Coast banks, local offices be
ing branches of concerns doing a gen
eral Northwest business, with head of
fices at the exporting points.
"Although definite figures are not
available, it is a safe estimate to place
ins monm s grain business at from
i,ouu,uuu to 2,000.000." says J. A. Yeo
mans, cashier of the Old National Bank.
today. "The clearances through the
city of grain money have been unusu
ally heavy. .
How To Get Rid of. a
Bad Cough :
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o It Quickly. Cheap and
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"h"ui "try nour or two. In 24
hours your couirh will ho ,..,, ,,i
very nearly so. Kven whooping cough is
ereatlv rpiiovOK) "
lbe above mixture makes a full pint
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gives almost immediate relief, ft loos
ens the dry, hoarse or tight couch in a
"".r, is really remarkable. Also
quickly heals the inflamed membranes
V - J t""-v pamiui cough, and
stops the formation of phlegm in the
throat and bronchial tubes, thus endin
the persistent loose cough. Excellent for
bronchitis, spasmodic croup and winter
coughs. Keeps perfectly and tastes good
children like it.
Pinex is a special and highly concen
trated compound of genuine Norway pine
extract, rich in guaiacol, which is so
healing to the membranes.
lo avoid disappointment, ask your
druggist for "2 ounces of Pinex,"l-do
not accept anything else. A guarantee
pi absolute satisfaction, or money prompt
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The Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Mrs. Carrie I. Sherwood, Candidate for
Recorder, and Miss Alice Adams,
for Treasurer, Make Speeches.
NEWBERG. Or.. Oct. 6. (Special.)
Representatives of the Woman's Repub.
lean clubs of Yamhill County met here
today to organize for effective work.
in behalf of the party candidates.
Ihe initial organization of the women
of the county was launched September
19 at a meeting In the Courthouse at
McMinnville. Mrs. Martin Miller was
chosen president and Mrs. J. G. Eckman
secretary. At that meeting presidents
and secretaries were appointed or the
various towns in the county, for New
berg Mrs. Clarence Butts was appointed
president and Airs. Ella Ivelty secretary.
Announcement was made today that
there is now a total membership of 84
women. In addition to the women, sev
eral men were present. Mrs. Butt pre
sided and Mrs. Carrie L. Sherwood, of
AlcAiinnviHe, candidate for Recorder.
spoke. She said she had often heard
the expression, "dyed-in-the-wool Re
publicans, but she did not consider it
was the duty of Republicans to not
vote for all measures calculated to pro
tect the home and benefit society. For
that reason they should all vote for the
prohibition amendment in Oregon.
Miss Alice Adams, also of McMinn
ville, a candidate for County Treasurer,
said that the women of Sheridan and
Willamina had not organized and she
asked those present who have friends
in those towns to write and urge them
to get together. She said that all narts
of Yamhill County should be working
ror the success of the Republican
party. y
Charles B. Wilson, candidate for
County Clerk, formerly postmaster of
N'ewberg. said that ho "had been raised
a Republican and that his ancestors
were Republicans. This, he said, is a
Republican year. Under Republican
Administrations this Nation has pros
pered. Henry O. Miller, of McMinnville, sec
retary of the Republican county central
committee, said it was important that
everybody should register.
Interest Keen In Approaching City
Election, but Candidates Few..
BAKER, Or., Oct. 6. (Special.)
Registration books for the approach
ing city elections, October 23 and No
vember 2, closed this week, and show
more than 2400 names on the ballot
This is the first city election at which
the women will have a vote. At the
last city election only 1500 votes were
cast, with a wealth of candidates in
the field.
Interest is keen despite the fact that
only the incumbents. Mayor Palmer
and Commissioner Henry are in the
race. This is due to the fact that
there is to be voted a proposed char
ter amendment, which would abolish
the city form of government and sub
stitute the city manager plan.
Masked Trio Trails and Hold TTp
Three In Vancouver.
VANCOUVER, Wash., Oct 6. (Spe
cial.) When E. D. Tlmms. cattle buy
er, of Seventh and B streets, this city,
and C. M. Smythe. of Gloyd, Wash.,
stepped off the cattle train in the
local railroad yards, en route from
Salem, Or., to Gloyd. they looked into
CapTTifbtHsriSchaflner & Mjtrs
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women that will be of interest to women.
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Northwest Corner Third and Morrison
the muzzles of three guns, behind
which stood three masked men, who
demanded everything of value they
Mr. Smythe lost fll.75 and a 21-jew-eled
Hamilton watch, while all Mr.
Timms had with him was an empty
pocketbook. The cattle men believe
that the robbers had followed them
from Salem and held them up at the
first opportunity, believing that they
had a large sum of money.
The money they had carried had
been paid for cattle in Salem. The
robbery was near the freight office in
the yards. The police and Sheriffs
office tried in vain to locate the robbers.
Baker Verein Opposes Prohibition.
BAKER, Or.. Oct 6. (Special.)
The Baker German Verein has adopted
resolutions declaring against state
wide or Nation-wide prohibition and
declaring that prohibition is against
the foundations of the American Re
public, which, the resolution avers.
grants to each and every man "per
sonal, religious and economic liberty."
Women Employers of Domestics Vse
Autos in Campaigning.
Many Portland women who have
hired giris or "maids" are performing
a patriotic service these days by tak
ing the domestics to registration
headquarters in their automobiles.
This movement it seems, originated
among some of the women, who intend
to vote "dry," but supporters, of the
regularly organized political parties
have heeded the suggestion and are lo
in g likewise. It is estimated that the
registration among women voters will
be augmented by hundreds through
this activity on the part of the women.
Pasco League's Fair Is October 9.
PASCO. Wash.. Oct. . (Special. )-
The second annual Industrial and Ag
ricultural Fair and Aster Show for
children of the public schools, under
the supervision of the Women's Civic
League, will be held in Pasco. October
9 and 10.
Californian Says He Tried to Get
Casdi at Vancouver to Go Home.
VANCOUVER. Wash.. Oct. 6. (Spe
cial.) John Harwin O'Shaughncssey.
the stenographer who forged and
cashed two checks on which he pro
cured $20 Friday night In this city,
Monday pleaded guilty before Judge
Back, of the Superior Court, to the
charge of forgery. He said that he will
be 19 years old in November.
O'Shaughnessey said he is a native of
San Jose, Cal., but had been employed
in Seattle and was working his way
back home, when he came to Vancouver
from Portland to forge the checks to
e-et morev to travel.
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