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Return to Their Condition Un
der Roman Law Penalty,
Says Bishop Cooke.
Head of Methodism in Oregon in
Conference Sermon Denounces
"War Lords "Wlio Believe Earth
Subject to Their Sway."
"When the American woman forgets
Jesus Christ and the church of God
which raised her to her true dignity
as queen of the home and the equal of
man, she will become as she was under
the Roman law. when the wife was on
a level with her husband's chattels."
This is the conviction expressed by
Bishop R. J. Cooke, in his sermon yes
terday morning at the Oregon state
conference of the Methodist Episcopal
Church, held at the Centenary Church.
"All the suffragettes and laws of the
land will never prevent the downward
o 1 1 1 1 rtf tViA ii'mtia n nf AmHrn ftticn
ehe renounces the power which put her
on her throne," he continued. A con
gregation which crowded the pews and
etood lined against the rear walls
greeted the head of the Methodist
church in Oregon.
Paul's Word Are Text.
"The Blessings of Discontent" was
the theme for the address. The speaker
chose as his text the words of Paul:
"Brethren. I count not myself to have
apprehended; but this one thing I do,
forgetting those things which are be
hind, and reaching forth unto those
things which are before, I press toward
the mark for the prize of the high
calling of God and Christ Jesus."
Forget those things which have gone
before, be discontented with things as
they are, and press onward toward bet
ter things, was the admonition of his
sermon, emphasized by marked repeti
tion. '
"The builders of civilization were,
after all. the world's thinkers," said
Bishop Cooke, In beginning.
Thinker Held AVorld-Bnllder.
He went on to say in part: "Not the
man who bores tunnels in mountains,
or wraps railroads around the earth,
but the world-thinker is the world
builder. This is true if man is more
than matter, if he does not die and
mingle with the dust, but becomes part
of an infinite life with seraphs, angels.
archane-els and all the e-lorious intelli
gences that blaze and burn in the path
ways of eternity. We could better af
ford to lose Chicago, New York, San
Francisco, or any of our great cities,
than to lose any mighty truth contained
within the lids of the Book. We could
..... i . .. i . ...-.. i i .1 ,.
than the great thoughts that have come
to us from souls on fire with visions
of God.
"The world-builders have been the
great prophets of God, the Moseses, the
Isaiahs, the Jeremiahs, the great thlnk-
of the purposes of God in the world's
history; men of faith who believe that
tomorrow is better than today. But
foremost of them all stands this mighty
apostle of Christ, Paul scholar, thinker,
traveler, patriot, man of the world,
poet, visionary and martyr.
"Smv- ilnnir. PrlnMnl.
"Paul comes from the particularism
of Judaism into the unlversalism of
Christianity. He raises with Christ the
universal principle to save, not Jews.
rion I M fl hnrhurinnu n t d!i ifhc Hut- n
save sinners, wherever they are. This
man , who . soared into heaven" and
climbed the heights of God, still sees
.reaches beyond, and says, 'Forgetting
those things which are behind, and
reaching forth unto those things which
are before, I press toward the mark
for the prize of the high calling of God
in Christ Jesus.' "
Discontent spells progress, pointed
out Bishop Cooke, who went on to de
scribe how the dropping of leaves and
old bark from a tree is not a sign of
decay, but of triumphant life bursting
into greater bounds; how the little seed
presses upward the heavy sod for the
sunlight and air life promised It.
I. W. V. Kind Not Meant.
"How universal is this law," he com
mented. "It is the blessing of discon
tent, a discontent that makes for racial
betterment. I do not mean the fool dis
content of I. W. W.'s who have their
hand against everything, but rational
discontent that looks for the sweeter
and better in life."
The speaker next traced the growth
- - . ..... ,,u, uiovuiiicub. i 1 1 a u
'content of the family with its condi
tion, resulted in the formation of the
tion, he said. War received his atten
tion for a moment when he said:
"Humanity has suffered from unre-
r.i.nuu, ai luaub i j i an l, great war
: lords, who believe the earth is subiect
ito their sway. All history records a
struggle between the desire of people
for self-government and the exagger-
llcu egotism 01 lnnaiea rulers.
Progress Laid to Discontent.
It is a long way from the cave of an
cient times to the palatial home of to
day, pointed out Bishop Cooke, but dis
content did it. It is discontent, he said,
which has built up great business and
fortunes, and God has the same pro
gramme in religion.
In conclusion the bishop spoke of
now tne church had left behind the nar
froxr man-made doctrine that provided
" for the entrance of only a few chosen
souls into heaven and now was preach
ing a saner, sounder theology and of
a greater God. who "has not built us
for damnation but for salvation." The
, viumug pei uraiiun piciurea xne aeiignxs
, of heaven for those who had "reached
rorth unto those things which are be
The sermoa was preceded in the
- morning by a "love feast," led by Dr.
Fletcher Homan, president of Willam-
. ette University. In this interesting
service, which lasted for an hour and
a half, the venerable ministers in the
- congregation were asked to respond
with stories of their experiences in the
ministry. Many and Interesting were
the tales told.
K. A. Booth's Father Speaks.
Among those who SDoke was Rev.
Robert Booth, father of R. A. Rnnth.
Republican Senatorial candidate, who,
though 94 years old, told of his strug
gles as a pastor and the blessings which
t his work had conferred upon him.
" In the afternoon at 3 o'clock a solemn
ordination service was held, being con-
- ducted by Bishop Cooke. District Su-
perintendents Toung, Heath and War-
n . t v ... UU111I u no UCC&UUB, B.UU
Clarence r. xteese as ejaer.
"The saloon and brothel exist in the
umieti ouiies in spite or religious in
- fluences; drunkenness and debauchery
' of the Hindu." asserted Rev. John W.
Robinson, Methodist bishop for South
ern Asia. In his address last night, in
which he pointed out the problem be
fore Christianity in the conversion of
Converts Are Many.
"Henry Martin, one of the greatest
of missionaries, is reported to have
said: 'If I ever live to see a single
Hindu converted I will consider it a
greater miracle than the raising of the
dead,' " said Bishop Robinson, who
pointed to what has been accomplished
since this man's death. India now
has 4,500,000 Christians among the na
tive population, a third of a million, of
whom were converted by Methodist
missionaries, he said.
"India, with its fertility, its history,
its romance and its song has en
thralled the hearts and enslaved the
bodies of millions of the human race,"
continued Bishop Robinson. "The United
States east of the Rocky Mountains, ex
cluding a small portion of Texas, is as
large as India, but to have a popula
tion in that area equal to that of India
one must take the 100,000,000 people of
the United States, all the people of
England, of Scotland, of Wales, of Ire
land, of Germany, of France, of Hol
land and of Italy and compress them
into that area, and still there would
be less than India's 320,000,000.
Religion Held Need.
"The quality of a people does not de
pend upon the race or the environment,
but upon the religion that holds the
heart of the people. There is needed
the energizing power of the religion of
Christ to make the people of India into
a proud and great nation."
The speaker sketched with vividness
some of the things which must be elim
inated in India before Christianity can
fully enter the hearts of the people.
These, he said, are the caste system,
fatalism, low ideals of womanhood, im
morality and superstition. Some of the
information Imparted was doubtless a
revelation to most of his hearers, for
Bishop Robinson told, not of things
that are common in books, but of
things which he had seea and knew to
be facts.
"It appears to be a land sodden with
iniquity and with all the moral fiber
missing from its soul, but Christianity
can redeem it." he declared.
Rev. H. S. Wilkinson presided at the.
The assignments of pastorates in the
State of Oregon will be announced at
noon today. Many of the preachers
will find themselves in new charges;
others may find themselves retired from
active service. The business session
will begin at 8 o'clock this morning,
and the convention will end with the
announcing of assignments.
Sermon Thoughts From
Portland Churches.
IVE a good example for the chil
Lm dren, if you want to influence
them in the right way of living." said
Rev. II. M. Ramsey, dean of St.
Stephen's pro-cathedral. In his sermon
yesterday morning. "Two things are
necessary for the development of Chris
tian character. They are honesty and
clean - mindedness. The fundamental
thing is the development of character.
Not only what a man says, but what
his heart is. counts. Have a high pur
pose in life and live toward it. Be hon
est with yourself and with all men if
you would create the right impression
upon the young whom you would in
fluence." rT1 HERE isn't any such thing as a
X soul's standing still." said Dr.
Oliver S. Baum, pastor of the Calvary
Presbyterian Church, in his morning
"In order to grow we must have an
Ideal, a divine discontent that leads us
on to higher planes.
Given sin and growth means de
struction of character; given selfish
ness in a child and growth of it means
a selfish man who will get all he can
and will 'can all he gets.
In order to grow right we must
have the right aim. Make the dally
task the means of growth and you will
grow right if you let fall the light of
God on your task.
"The Christian is helped individually
by doing for others. God is waiting
for you and me to come up higher
where he can give us something to
glorify our lives as never before. If
our spiritual life does not grow it will
decay." . '
ITII Isaiah xxxv:10 as his text, the
Highland Baptist Church, delivered a
helpful sermon last night on "When
Smiles Succeed Tears." The Rev. Mr.
Elliott resigned his pastorate a few
days ago and but few opportunities re'
main for his Portland friends to hear
him. He said in brief: "The human
face is capable- of two opposite forms
of expression, smiles and tears these
two and their varying shades of lnten
sity. They reflect life's possibilities.
pleasant and unpleasant. From our ex
periences with our conscience we know
that sin causes pain and suffering. Evil
breeds tears. On the other hand God
cannot be otherwise than a happy be
ing, for holiness is Joyous. Christ spoke
of his joy and desired it to be made
full in his disciples, so we are not sur
prised that Isaiah's picture of the ran
somed of Jehova should be one of ever'
lasting joy. 'They shall obtain glad
ness and joy; and sorrow and sighing
shall flee away.
EV. FRANK I. PAUL in his discus
sion of "Riches" yesterday morning
in St. James' Lutheran Church said:
"The rich have a great responsibility,
If the health they possess is used in a
right way, for the good of their fellow
men and for the glorification of the
kingdom of God, then these riches have
been well entrusted. There is a won
derful opportunity for well-doing for
those who have vast wealth."
B'nai B'rith Starts Campaign.
Keen enthusiasm was manifest yes
terday at the first membership rally of
the B'nai B'rith, at the lodge hall at
Thirteenth and Market streets. Rabbi
Jonah B. Wise presided. Several com
mittees were appointed to gain new
members. The guests were shown
through the lodge building. The lodge
building is for the use of all, it was
announced, and is not limited to the
membership of the lodge.
Of 139,608 men in the battle of Waterloo
53.428 were killed or -wounded.
Rev. W. G. Eliot Hopes for Re
ligious Mobilization.
Pastor Asserts Cheap Substitutes for
Religion, Sham Redemptions
and Pulpit Vaudeville AH
Must Yield.
"Pulpit vaudeville, commercialized
revivalism and cheap substitutes for
religion must give way.
The day has come for a candid, in
telligent and brave readjustment of the
centripetal and centrifugal forces of
tne divided Christendom.
'The great European war does not
prove that Christianity has failed; it
merely shows the inefficiency of Chris
tianity's human agents."
Rev. William G. Eliot, pastor of the
Church of Our Father, yesterday
morning made these theological obser
vations in the last of his sermons on
"The Causes and Consequences of the
Great War," and flayed certain well
defined modern tendencies as "signs of
the times" of equal importance with the
lesson of the European conflict.
Rev. Mr. Eliot pointed to possible so
cial good to result from the war, if the
mental and moral reaction which the
war has stirred checks fanaticism.
Illustration Is Given.
"If the pipeline between Portland and
the waters of Bull Run were to be bro
ken by an earthquake and. as with San
Francsico, a large portion of our city
should burn up. we might rishtlv at
tribute the disaster to the failure of
the water supply. And yet we all know
mat ir we went to the place where the
pipe was broken we should find that
the supply had not failed at all." said
Rev. Mr. Eliot.
"It is true that this crash is a fail
ure of Christianity. But it is far truer
that Christianity has not failed at all.
If Christianity has failed it has failed
in the only way it can fail through
the failure of its human instruments.
'The consequences of this war are
not to be measured only In the stag
gering economic losses, nor In com
mercial dislocations, nor in wounds.
disease, deaths and sorrow. There will
be titanic mental and mora reactions.
not the least cf which will be in the
direction of religion, in the department
or r.ignest human concern by which
all other human interests are motived
and governed. Every deeper current of
our being, as by one impulse of a
power greater than ourselves, is being
moved, as the greater winds move the
deeper depths of the sea. If sufficient
number of people the world over an
swer intelligently, unitedly, we shall
have a mobilization in normal force
that statesmen cannot -and will not
wish to resist; we shall have a force
strong enough to abate the excesses
of victory and defeat; we shall have
at least partial triumph of these forces
which for many centuries have striven
for the rule of Christ in human af
"The earth existed long before plows,
waterfalls long before water wheels.
Do .not lose hope. Man shall yet find
ways to harness the spiritual powers of
God for the service of his purpose, for
the subliming of man s common life
and the redemption of his immortal
soul from the entanglements of space
and time and sin and death:
"Animal Nature Revealed.'
"This war is a revelation on a com
pellingly vast scale of what man really
is in his animal nature. It may in its
reactions become a revelation convert-
ingly effective of what man really is
in the hidden potencies of his moral
nature, in his latent capacities for free
dom, loyalty. Godlike pity and Christ
like sacrifice.
"With no cheap optimism, twin sister
of cheerful idiocy; with no fiat optim
ism which shuts eyes to the terrible
and impressive reality of wrong and
ill, but with a searching realization of
the facts, may we not believe that
good, overbalancing ill, not must, but
may eventuate? I fail to discover the
signs of the times if it is not true that
the mental and moral reaction which
the war has stirred will.. If fanaticism
is checked, be effective for social good.
It will lead to deeper and truer inter
pretations of Christian institutions in
their divers forms.
"A day of construction and recon
structlon, of deeper understandings
and deeper devotions is at hand. Mere
moralities and shallow rationalisms,
cheap social substitutes for religion,
sham redemptions. hoary supersti
tions, pulpit vaudeville, commercialized
mysticisms and commercialized revival-
isms all must yield if the present-day
revulsions and deeper motives are as
real and as great as I think they are.
The day has come for a candid and In
telligent and brave readjustment of the
centripetal and centrifugal forces of a
divided Christendom if the churches
are not to lag behind the nations of
the future. I ask no minimizing of
real and important differences. I ask
for no hasty pudding of concessions.
But we may well demand of each other
a truer discernment of man's deepest
and most tragic necessities; we may
well learn from each other how those
necessities may be most truthfully and
most effectively met.
"In what an age do we live! Was
there ever a time for the whole world
when every breath and thought and
deed of faithful souls was so indis
pensable to the era which is to be, and
which even now is in our midst?"
Clark Hearing Friday.
Marcella Clark announced last
M hi
Now, - Mr. Prohi -we'll : run this
school room today.
We don't intend to hurt you, but
we had to tie you tip so you couldn't
run away, while we asked a few
Us kids talked this thing over last
night and decided that we had heard
about all we wanted to of the kind
of politics you and your Pittsburg
Millionaires are trying to play here
in Oregon. I told Dad what we were
going to do and he gave ine a lot of
questions which he said Mr. Prohi
wouldn't answer. He said the Pro
his always make a lot of Claims they
never can Back Up and never tell
us about their Prohibition Failures.
Now, Mr. Prohi, why is it you
never have told us that at the last
election Maine came within 758
votes of rejecting its prohibition
law, after trying prohibition for
sixty-four years ; why don't you tell
the people that New Hampshire
tried it forty-eight years and re
jected it; that Vermont rejected it,
after fifty-three years; that Mas
sachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecti
cut, Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska,
night that the argument on the motion
hied by A. E. Clark, for a modification
of the divorce decree recently granted
him, would be resumed at 4 P. M. next
Friday instead of at 7 P. M. as an
nounced. In his motion Mr. Clark con
tends that Mrs. Clark has not observed
the terms of the contract signed at the
time the divorce was allowed.
Professor Boynton at Y. M. C. A.
Says Bible and Latest Thought One,
That there is really no fight between
science and religion but rather conten
tions between Individual scientists and
theologians, who, like most human be
ings, naturally like to finish any sug
gested argument in an attempt to "save
their faces," was the central idea
brought out by Professor W. P. Boyn
ton, of the University of Oregon, in his
speech before men at the T. M. C. A.
yesterday on "Science and Faith."
"We used to hear that the theories of
Against "Practical Politics "
Alabama, Iowa, Ohio, New York,
Indiana, Wisconsin and South Da
kota have all "tried" prohibtion and
all rejected it. Why are you trying
to make us adopt a law to make men
good when it has been so generally
Exploded as a False Theory by these
Splendid States in the East?
Why i& it, Mr. Prohi, that Tennes
see, one of your latest "Victories,"
is trying, right now, with the aid of
the United States Secretary of the
Treasury, to float $1,400,000 bonds
and has Fallen Down!
Why is it that in your "Model
Prohibition" State of Kansas they
are legally shipping in a million and
a half quarts of whiskey every
year 1
Why is it that we have $145 for
every individual here in Oregon to
every $100 in Kansas?
Why is it that Kansas ranks as
the thirty-second State in per capita
banking resources? As the forty
third State in savings bank de
posits? Why is it that Kansas has more
penitentiary inmates per population
than twenty-four other states if
Registration Books
(Paid Advertisement Taxpayers and Wage-Earners' League of Oregon, Portland,
evolution couflicted with the Bible and
religion but this claim can hardly be
made any longer," said Professor Boyn
ton. "There are two fundamentals to
all scientific spirit, a respect or de
pendence on facts and actualities and
the unity or consistency of the universe.
"Applied to the r-roblem of Christian
faith we must see the benefits of Chris
tian influence on individual human
lives. These benefits cannot be ex
plained except through the teachings of
Jesus Christ.
"Some criticise the Bible because it is
not entirely consistent, but how could
they expect different interpretations of
the same happenings to be absolutely
Identical? What accidental errors may
have occurred in writing the Bible do
not interfere with the credibility of the
Bishop Robinson Asks for Workers
Instead of Funds.
"The religion of India teaches the
sacredness of cattle and the depravity
of woman," declared John W. Robin
son, missionary bishop from India, In
Methodist Episcopal church yesterday
"The Hindu and Mohammedan re
ligions have many variences in 'faith
depending upon locality, but all agree
on the two propositions that the cow
is sacred and that womanhood is all
evil. Since it has always been true
that a nation naturally seeks the level
of its womanhood what can be ex
pected of India while this state of
affairs exists.
"While such lands as India are com
pletely out of tune with God it will
not be possible for "Thy Kingdom' men
tioned in our Lord's prayer 'to come'
to this earth. Not only that, but depre
dations of women have their material
effects upon the welfare of the nation.
In India, according to the standards
set there, the woman has no soul, no
niind, no morality and therefore wom
anhood has no spiritual. Intellectual
or moral standing. Unless the women
of India as a slave submerges her
identity into that of her husband, there
can never be any place for her in the
Hindu heaven and then only as in
cidental to the man.
"In spite of the strenuous efforts of
50 years on the part of England and
the splendid service of missionaries
from the United States and elsewhere,
leBs than one per cent of the woman
hood in India can read or write."
Without going into the details of
child marriage, enforced widowhood
and other miseries. Bishop Robinson
outlined .what is being doa to
Prohibition Prohibits?
Why is it that Kansas has more
Juvenile Delinquents per populatiou
than twenty-six other states?
Why is it that Kansas has more
Feeble Minded per population than
thirty-one other states?
Why is it that Kansas has more
Homicides per poulation than twenty-two
other states?
We want an Answer to these ques
tions about Kansas, Mr. Prohi, be
cause Kansas is the Only Prohi
bition State you Dare to Brag about.
Why is it that Practically Every
President of the United States from
Washington to Wilson and includ
ing Lincoln, Taft and Roosevelt, has
publicly declared against a Prohi
bition Law ?
Why is it that you Keep Telling
Us People in Oregon that Half of
the United States is in "Dry" Terri
tory, when the internal revenue paid
on whiskey, beers and wines is in
creasing over Ten Million Dollars a
Year and the Consumption of
Whiskey, Wines and Beers has
Doubled in the Last 13 Years?
Why is it that Taxes Begin Soar-
Close October 15th
Christianize India. He described how
the missionaries work to spread the
sunshine and cheer of the Gospel, what
great work is being done in the hos
pitals of India and in the boarding and
day schools.
"We can clothe, educate and feed
one girl in one of our schools for 25
a year," said Bishop Robinson. "But
rather than receive' a donation of
$10,000 to carry on the work in India
I would like someone present to offer
a daughter to devote her life to mis
sionary endeavor in India, for I con
sider that of more importance and
Rose City Park Congregation Breaks
Ground for Structure.
Ground was broken yesterday for the
new Rose City Park Methodist Church,
corner Alameda avenue and East Fifty
eighth street, by Rev. W. W. Young
son, the pastor, and Rev. H. Piatt, cor
responding secretary of the Board of
Home Missions and Church Extension
Society, of Philadelphia, Pa., and others.
These exercises followed the regular
morning services at the Rose City Park
clubhouse, when the entire congrega
tion went to the ground-breaking cere
mony. Rev. Mr. Youngson. who has
been pastor since the congregation was
organized, turned the first spade of
earth. Then Rev. Mr. Piatt took the
spade and others in the congregation
shared la the honor of turning over
the ground for the foundation of the
new building. Mr. Youngson and Mr.
Piatt both spoke briefly and a hymn
was sung.
It is planned to build a foundation
and put in a large basement tor the
immediate use of the congregation and
later complete the structure.
The congregation was a year old last
April and today has ISO members, a
Sunday school with an enrollment of
234 children, with an average attend
ance of nearly 200. The church owns
the site at Alameda avenue and East
Fifty-eighth streets, valued at $3250.
free of debt. At the meeting of the
Men's Bible class last Friday night $100
was subscribed toward the new build
First Presbyterian Attendance 611,
Showing Gain of Nearly 100.
"Rally Day" was observed at the
First Presbyterian Sunday School yea
tardr. Xfaa attendance was 11. almost
iug the Moment that Prohibition is
Adopted and why is it that Realty
Values Begin Tumbling, Thousands
of Men and Women are Thrown out
of Employment, Incomes Begin Fall
ing Off and General Stagnation
Sets In?
Why is it that Governors and
Mayors in Prohibition States and
Cities always talk Against Prohi
bition after they have Got It?
Why is it that you never say Any
thing about the Blind Pigger and the
Bootlegger, who skulks through dark
alleys in plying his Traffic?
Why is it you Never tell us any of
these Things, but Only Appeal to
the Emotional Side of Men and
Women ?
If Prohibition is Practical, if it
will Actually Work Out and is En
titled to the Dignity of being put on
the Law Books of Oregon, why don't
you ever tell us about these Things
that aren't Practical and that don't
Work Out ?
Do you think that we adopt
All Freak Legislation that Comes
Along? Do you think you can make
a Goat out of Us Oregon People?
100 increase over the initial attendance
of last year.
The exercises were opened with a roll
call by classes followed by a compari
son of attendance by Lindsley Ross.
Plans for the ensuing year for Sun
day school work' were explained by
Professor Ewing.f
Rev. John H. Kbyd spoke on "Import
ance of Bible Study."
Fifty-two prizes for perfect record in
attendance were given.
A chorus of the adult Sunday schoott
department under the direction of J. A.
Finley will have its first rehearsal
Wednesday night The chorus plans to
give the "Messiah" at Christmas.
A servant In Berlin cleaning out a baain
In a laboratory threw down the sink water
in which had been placed $5000 worth of
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for this advertisement Sept. 80. 1914.
THINK to send me your magazine sb-st-riptlons
before it is too late. After No.
vember 10, lt14. all magazine clubs will
be advanced from 20 to oO per cit. Cor
rect solutions mailed with magazine sub
scriptions will count double,
Tobacconist and Newsdealer.
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btation f ortliuicl Oregon