Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 12, 1914, Page 24, Image 20

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NOTICE! This Store Will Be Closed Today During the Fraternal and Military Parade to Enable Our Employes to Witness the Great Spectacle
A Festival of Bargains Awaits You Today-at
Meier :k. Frank s 1271st Friday Surprise
A Visit to Our "Temporary Annex," Sixth St. Bldg.- and Main Bldg., Will Astonish You With the Unusual Bargains Here Today!
Our Main Building to Be Wrecked Next Week Thousands of Final ".Wind-Up" Sales Are on Tables First Floor, Main Building
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
Men! Two Fine Shirt Specials
$1.00 to $1-25 Bins Chamhray Golf Shirts, 7
Made in eoat style, with either stiff attached cuffs or detached. Either
plain or pleated bosoms.
Mercerized Soisette Golf Shirts,' $1.15
With soft French cuffs, negligee and soft-pleated bosoms. White,
elf -striped, fancy figured and diagonal striped Soisette.
Temporary Annex, Fifth and Alder-St. Entrance
t Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
Boys' Corduroy Knickerbockers at 79c
Sizes 6 to 17 Years
Two hundred pairs of these sturdy Corduroy Knickerbockers go on
sals Friday at 79. We know the rapidity with which these garments
will sell, and would advise early selection. They're splendidly made
and finished and come in sizes for boys 6 to 17 years. Friday only, 79
Temporary Annex, Second Floor
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale v
Odd Coats for Boys 12 to 17 Years, $1
There are 112 Coats in the lot 73 in double-breasted style and 39
Norfolk Coats. The greater part are all wool; the others are 10 per
cent cotton, making them extremely serviceable. The sizes range from
12 to 17 years inclusive. Light and dark colors and a variety of serv
iceable and desirable materials. Well made and finished. Coats that
will afford the deepest economy at the price asked. For l AA
Friday only . ipl.VlU
Temporary Annex, Second Floor
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
$4.50 Cut Glass Fern Dish Friday $2.25
Beautiful clear Cut Glass Fern Dish, in the popular Buzz cutting, with
nickel-plated lining. It 's an unusual Surprise to have the privilege of
purchasing such a handsome Cut Glass Fern Dish, worth $4.50, for
only $2.25. Fourth Floor. Temporary Annex
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
H Smartly Trimmed Women's, Misses' Hats U
Friday Only $3.75
" Worth $5.00 to $9.50
Midsummer model Hats, including a splendid assortment, of
Panamas for misses' wear, and the fashionable bandeau effects.
Hats suitable for women and misses, and for all occasions, in
a diversity of attractive shapes and braids. Trimmed in rib
bons, flowers and other novelties. This is a special offering for
Friday these Hats selling regularly at $5 to $9.50 reduced to
3.75 All Untrimmed Hats Friday at Va price.
Second Floor, Slxth-St. Building
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
Carpet & Linoleum Remnants Reduced
Ingrain Carpet Remnants 2 to 8-yard lengths, to close out, yard, 25
Axmlnster, Brussels and Velvet Carpet Borders 1 to 1-yard lengths,
to close out, yard, JSO and 75.
Japanese Matting Remnants 2 to 10 yards long, to close out, yard, 1O0
Printed Linoleum Remnants in various lengths, to close out, yard, 37
Inlaid Linoleum Re mnajits vari e ty of patterns and lengths, yard, 65 $
Temporary Annex, Seventh Floor
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
Children's 35c Aprons for Friday Only, 15c
Highly serviceable for the "Play Apron" are these little Aprons,
neatly made of percales and ginghams, in dark colors, bound with white
and colored bandings. They're made in the convenient and popular
"slip-on" style and come in sizes from 4 to 8 years. Regularly sell
ing at S5c. Special on Friday, 15. Second Floor, Sixth-St. Building
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday
Surprise Sale
To $5 Brassieres $2.59
This is an exceptional Friday
Surprise Sale. Fine, well-made
Brassieres of crepe 3e chine, Ital
ian silk and allover lace, in hook
front or cross-front style. Ordi
narily selling from $3.50 to $5
each. Priced for Friday 552.59.
Fifth Floor Slxth-St. Bids.
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday
Surprise Sale
$2.25 Crepe and Lawn
Kimonos Friday $1.08
Serpentine and Plisse Crepe Ki
monos and splendid Lawn Kimo
nos. Made in empire or coat style,
with raglan sleeves. Ribbon trim
mings, in pretty, harmonizing col
ors. Fifth Floor, Sixth-St. Bldg.
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
50c Pompeian Massage Cream, jar ....29$
25c Bathasweet Bath Powder, two boxes ...25
25o Squibb 's Violet or Carnation Talcum, two boxes.. 25
50o Canthrox, the box 29
Four ounces Squibb 's Fluid Extract Cascara-Aromatic, bottle.... 25
FREE with special 25c Tooth Brush, 25c package of any Tooth
Paste or Powder. .
Meier & Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
One Hundred New and Modish Suits
Go on Sale Friday at $9.98
A Wonderful Price Concession for One Day Only.
Plain tailored and semi-fancy tailored Suits, fashioned' of splendid grades of
wool poplin, wool crepe, serge and gabardine, in Sizes 14 Years to 42 Bust.
You may select plain tailored Coats, with notched collars and small revers,
set-in sleeves and semi-fitted backs, button trimmed; or fancy Coats with flare
ruffles, or semi-fancy effects, belted backs, standing collars of pleated silk.
Skirts made in the newest and most desirable . styles. All the season's high
colors, as well as practical shades of navy, tan, wistaria and black. 3our are
illustrated. There are many other styles. Friday's Surprise Price for these
Splendid Suits Is $9.98 " . Furt. Fi-r-st-st. bii-.
Meier & Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
H Surprises at Embroidery Counter!
1 $6 to $9 Semi-Made Robes $3.49
EE Embroidered in white on white, pink, laven-
. der, blue and tan, in handsome designs. 2
EE yards of 42-inch flouncing, with banding and
enough material to finish the gown. Kegur
laxly selling $6 to $9 just 'for Friday these
Semi-Made Robes $3.49.
First Floor, Sixth-St. Building
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise
Amber Bead Necklaces, Friday 35c
Friday we're going to sell these popular Necklaces
at a surprisingly low price, even for Friday. The
widest diversity of size and style some in combination
with jet; others combined with turquoise, purple and
cherry-red beads. Another style has jet tassels, and
still others have attractive amber pendants.
See Sixth-Street Vestibule Display of These Handsome
Amber Necklaces on Sale Today 35c
First Floor, Sixth-St. Building
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
$1 Feather Pillows 79c
Good durable Feather Bed Pillows, regulation
size, excellent for seaside and camping. Cov-
ered with blue and white striped A. C. A. Tick
ing. Special on Friday, each, 79J.
Ninth Floor, Temporary Annex
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
25c Colored Scrim 14c
New Scrims of firm texture and of reversible
colors, with white, cream and ecru backgrounds.
Wash very nicely. Usually selling at 25e the
yard. We 're offering these dainty Scrims on
Friday only at, the yard, 14J. Ninth Floor
win v. myykw
Meier & Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
Nainsook and Crepe Gowns
Nainsook Combinations
Regularly 98c
Each-Today Only, 69c
The Nainsook Gowns! are cut very wide and full.
Prettily trimmed with lace insertion and em
broidery medallions. Made with dainty butter-
, ily sleeves and three-quarter length sleeves. Just
as illustrated. Regularly 98c. Friday, 69
The Crepe Gowns! Soft Plisse crepe, full cut and
perfectly made. Daintily trimmed with con
trasting colored 6ilk braid. Exactly as il
lustrated. -Regular price 98c. Friday, 69c
The Combinations ! Fine nainsook, trimmed with
fisheye lace, combined with embroidery beading,
ribbon run. Waistline with narrow ribbon-run
embroidery beading. Drawers lace trimmed.
Perfectly made garments, always selling at
98o, Friday, 69tf
Second Floor, Sixth-St. Building
First Floor, Sixth-St. Ball ding
Candy Surprises
70o Victoria
Friday, lb..
48 c
Friday, lb
B0o Milk
Friday, lb
tJ nirit, -Halm
Mat Building
Rose Festival
Dairy Lunch
Boom. Located in the
Main Building
S a n d w i ches
and -popular -priced
served daily.
Store Conveniences
For Visitors
Free Check Boom
Basement, Sixth-St. Bldg.
Best Boom
Second Floor, 6th-St. Bldg.
Free Telephones
Throughout the buildings.
Accommodation Desk
First Floor, Main Bldg.
Free Nursery for Children
Fourth Floor, Main Bldg.
7th Floor, 6th-St. Bldg.
Personal Shoppers
Mail Order, Ninth
Floor, 6th-St. Bldg. .
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday
Surprise Sale
In 25 Different Styles
Friday Only at 95c
Lovely new Midsummer Waists,
made of plain and fancy white and
colored striped voiles and cotton
crepes. They're made in the new,
simple styles some hemstitched,
others finished with natty tie at
the neck. Long and short sleeves
and modish low collars. Twenty
five styles to select from.
Friday Only at 95
Fifth Floor, 6th-St. Bldg.
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
50c to 75c Fancy Ribbons Only 25c
5000 yards of Pure Silk Ribbons, purchased by our Ribbon Buyer at
New Yorlc 6hown for the first time at this Surprise price. They're in
widths from 5 to 7 inches, in an immense assortment of light and dark
colors. There 's a wide variety of rich jacquard patterns beautiful Dres
den effects, stripes, plaids and floral designs. 50c to 75c Ribbons
priced for Friday only yard, 25. First Floor, Main Building
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
$1.50 & $1.75 Long Silk Gloves 98c
Full 16-button length Pure Silk Gloves comprise this Friday Surprise
event. Two popular styles are shown in fancy Embroidered Gloves or
the new tucked style. These Gloves are from one of America's fore
most manufacturers. All have double finger tips, and there's a com
plete range of sizes. Practical and "dressy" Gloves usually selling at
$1.50 and $L75 Friday, the pair, 98 First Floor, Main Building
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
$3.50 Silk Parasols Special at $1.98
$4.50 & $5 Silk Parasols-$2.69
A very special purchase of high-grade J3ilk Parasols brings to you this
remarkable Friday Surprise Sale. There are more than 1000 Parasols
included in this group, and a wider range of colors and color combina
tions would be hard to find. You'll also see a diversity of new and
popular 6tyles in Parasols reduced on Friday onlv. Usually $3.50, spe
cial, JJX.9S; usually $4.50 and $5.00, special, $2.69
First Floor, Main Building
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
1 Women's Sweaters at Half Price! 1
Regular Prices $2.00 to $12.50
I Friday's Prices $1 to $6.25 j
Strictly all-wool Sweaters staple and novelty styles, belted,
half belted, eutaway, coat models and regulation Sweaters.
Every desirable color staple and seasonable shades included. EEs
s Because of these deep reductions no exchanges, no refunds. EE
EE Friday only, $2 to $12.50 Sweaters for women and misses E
EE will be sold at $1.00 to $6.25 Fifth Floor, Slxth-St. Building EE
1 iiiiixiiiixiixiiiiisiiiJiiiiiiiiriiiEiiiiiiiizisiiiiiiiFiiiiiiiiiiiiTirsiiiiixisiiiiEiiiniif
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
6c Hemstitched Kerchiefs, Dozen, 30; Each, 3
Women's Kerchiefs, in plain white, with hemstitched hems. Excel
lent quality. Full size.
10c and 15c Embroidered Kerchiefs, Dozen, 50; Bach, 5
Women's fancy Embroidered Kerchiefs, in many designs. Fine
and sheer. Full size.
Limit, Three Dozen to a Customer' None Sold to Dealers
First Floor, Main Building
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday
Surprise Sale
Underwear Surprises!
Women's $2.50 Glove Silk Knick
ers of extra fine quality, in black
and white only. Regular sizes.
Unexcelled for service. Special
for Friday's Surprise JJ" QQ
Sale, the pair pX.OI7
Kayser's 35e Lisle Knit Vests
with fancy crocheted lace yokes.
Special for Friday s surprise oe
Second floor SLxtfc-St. Bide.
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday
Surprise Sale
Two Hosiery Specials
Women's $1.60 Silk Hose In tan
only. "Kayser" or "Fleur-de-Lls"
brands. Pure silk thread Hose, with
double knit tops. An extra large
supply to clean up. Friday, QC.
the pair Ii)C
Women's SOe Imported Silk Lisle
Rose full fashioned, with double
garter tops and soles. In black and
tan. Our own Importation. Priced
lor Friday, three pairs, 1(5X I OC
. ................. v.
First Floor, Main Bids;.
the pair
Meier ft Frank's 1271st Friday Surprise Sale
lot to a customer. Special Friday
only nine pounds &0; 20 C 1
pounds..... 9 !
Bine Ribbon Batter Fancy Ore
gon make, roll...... .i 584
Challenge Coffee 4 lbs. SI; 2
lbs. 554: lb 284
Cream of Wheat Popular
cereal, package 154
A 9 m a n YVhtt in.n Usual
"Economy" Naptha Soap
Aaparaa-na Tips "Hatchet"
brand; doz. cans SL.40 can 12 H 4
Good Brooms F our rows of
sewing-, each 354
"Old Dutch Cleanser Ideal
cleaning powder. Two Cans 154
Challenge Ceylon Tea Lb 294
Batternnt Butter Well-known
brand, roll 5T4
Snlder'a Catsup Well-known
brand, bottle 204
10c cakes, THREE FOR
Pure Food Grocery, Basement, Sixth-St. Building