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    VOL. Li IV. XO. 16, TOO.
Formal Announcement
Made to World
Requirement Is That Mexico
Z Be "Politically Pacified."
Dictator Says "Neither Mistakes Nor
Personal Interest" Will Inter
fere Deadlock in Media
tion Is Broken.
General Huerta is preparing? to resign.
He authorized his representatives at
the mediation conference to announce
today to the world that "neither mis
taken pride nor personal interest"
would prevent his withdrawal after
Mexico is "politically pacified" and the
government succeeding his is so con
stituted that it can count on the sup
port of public opinion in Mexico.
The Mexican delegates, in a formal
statement, revealed that they had been
Instructed from the first to inform the
mediators that General Huerta's per
sonality would not be an obstacle to
ward reaching: a peaceful settlement.
Internal Queatlon Insisted On.
They also declared in unequivocal
terms that the internal situation in
Mexico was "necessarily bound up with
the international questions," and that
this spirit has actuated them in coming'
to the mediation conference.
Coincident with the announcement 6y
the Mexican delegates of their posi
tion, the mediators tonight sent a note
to Rafel Zubaran, representative of
General Carranza in "Washington, re
plying to the communication brought
here last Friday by Juan F. Urquldl.
The mediators, in effect, asked Gen
eral Carranza. through Mr. Zuburan, if
the constitutionalists were' willing to
discuss Internal as well as international
questions, now considered inseparable
not only, by the mediators, but by the
American and Huerta delegates as well,
and If they were ready, to declare an
armistice with the Huerta forces so
that the "political pacification" to
which the Huerta delegates referred in
their statement might be speedily
ibrought about.
Deadlock in Mediation Broken.
These acts the Issuance of the state
ment by the Mexicans and the mailing
f a reply to Zuburan broke the dead
lock in the negotiations, the existence
ef which was formally denied during
the day by the mediators. It was
nevertheless authoritatively established
that not until the mediators withdrew
their original intention of ignoring the
Zuburan note did the American dele
gates consent to go ahead with a dis
cussion of the general peace plan, on
which substantial progress was made
In today's conference.
The statement by the Mexicans, pre
pared two days ago. but not Issued
until General Huerta had telegraphed
bis complete approval today of the
tentative plan for a new provisional
government, also carried the negotia
tions a long step forward, and an
atmosphere of optimism prevailed in
the mediation colony tonight.
Mexican Statement Given Out.
The text of the statement follows:
"In accordance with instructions
which the Mexican delegation has had
since the beginning of the peace ne
gotiations, its members declared at the
first full conference (that is to say,
in the presence of the mediating pleni
potentiaries and of the delegates of the
United States of America) that Presi
dent Huerta's personality is not an
obstacle to the reaching of a satis
factory conclusion.
"General Huerta is prepared to with
draw from the government on condi
tion that, at the time of his with
drawal, Mexico shall be politically
pacified and the government - succeed
ing his shall be such as to count on
the acquiescence of the governed and
on the support of public opinion, which
constitute the real basis for peace
end stability in any country.
Mistaken Pride" Kot In Way.
"it has been and is President
Huerta's wish to place on record that
neither mistaken pride nor personal In
terest will prevent his withdrawal,
once the above-named conditions are
The Mexican government accepted
the mediation of the South American
powers, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, in
a frank and open spirit and the Mex
ican delegation has been guided and
will be guided in all its acts by per
fect good faith.
"It should be unnecessary to say that
President Huerta gave the Mexican
delegation special Instructions not to
consent to anything which could hurt
the sovereignty of the Mexican nation
and to refuse a hearing in the deliber
ations of the conference to anything
which might be construed as an Im
position from the outside. For their
own part, the delegates would not have
accepted Instructions of a different na
ture on these points; but they beg to
state that hlherto they have had no
occasion to refer to them, thanks to the
exquisite tact of the mediation plenl-
(Concluded on Page .).
Kevolutionary Agents in El Paso
Surprised Any Doubt of Car
ranza's Attitude Exists.
WASHINGTON, June 2. On being In
formed tonight that the Mexican dele
gates at Niagara Falls had announced
the willingness of General Huerta to
resign once Mexico is "politically pact
fled." the constitutionalist agency au
thorized this statement:
"Anything coming from Huerta's side
will not be taken Into consideration."
EL PASO, Tex June 2. "Any com
promise with the Huerta government
would not be accepted by the constitu
tionalist party, according to opinions
expressed tonight by Mexican revolu
tlonary agents here when informed of
the proposition of the A. B. C. media
tors. While no statement was given.
General Carranza's frequent utterances
regarding this subject were recalled.
The leader of the constitutionalist
movement frequently has reiterated his
determination to accept no provisional
government in which the Huerta element
is represented. On account of tele
graph difficulties due to a storm in
Mexico, telegraphic communication
ceased tonight with Durango, where
General Carranza is.
Surprise was expressed by repre
sentatlves here that there should be
any question -regarding Carranza's
stand, in view of his recent note to the
South American mediators through
Rafael Zubaran Capmany, his Wash
ington agent, and the semi-official note
Issued yesterday from Durango.
L'Engle In Close Contest for Lower
House From New District.
JACKSONVILLE, - Fla., June 2. In
complete returns from virtually every
county in Florida Indicated tonight
that Senator Fletcher, candidate for re-
nomination, was leading his opponent,
John N. C. Stockton, in today's state
wide primary.
Available returns indicated that
Representative Shark man, chairman of
the House rivers and harbors commit
tee, would be renominated. The con
test in the newly-created Fourth Dis
trict, where Claude L'Engle, now Rep-resentatlve-at-Large
from the state,
was opposed by four other candidates,
appeared to be cloae.
Gunner's Mate in "Brig" Because of
Short-Measure Honor to Daniels.
ANNAPOLIS, Md., June 2. Because
he failed to count correctly, or In some
other manner missed the number of
guns being fired when Secretary Dan
iels was a visitor at Annapolis on last
Saturday, a chief gunner's mate at the
Naval Academy is in the "brig" of the
station ship Relna Mercedes.
The Secretary was here , to see
the Army-Navy baseball game. Naval
regulations call for 19 guns to com
prise the salute to Cabinet officers.
The salute fired on Saturday was one
gun short.
Mayor F'atvcett Announces Candi
dacy as Progressive.
TACOMA, Wash., June 2. Mayor A.
V. Fawcett, recalled three years ago
and re-elected April 21, In a fight he
entered, he said, for vindication, today
announced that he would be a candi
date for United States Senator on the
Progressive ticket.
He will not have to resign as Mayor
to make the race. Should he resign or
be elected the other Commissioners,
two of whom are now threatened with
a recall election, would pick his suc
Paris Dealer Announced as Buyer of
Part of Sackrvllle Bequest.
PARIS, June 2. It was announced
tonight that Jacques Seligman, the
Paris art dealer,( has definitly acquired
the late Sir John Murray Scott's art
collection, which was part of the estate
he bequeathed to Lady Sackvllle.
This collection was kept in the Scott
residence in the Rue Laffltte, Paris,
and is part of the famous Wallace col
$525 Swells Mansion House Em
press of Ireland $40,000 Fund.
LONDON, June 2. The King and
Queen of Norway have , sent ?525 to
the Mansion House for the Empress of
Ireland relief fund, which now amounts
to more than $40,000.
The Liverpool fund has reached $17,
Guadalajara Feels Two Sharp
Shocks; Xo Ixss Reported.
MEXICO CITT. June 2 Two sharp
earthquake shocks occurred at Gua
dalajara yesterday morning.
No damage of Importance has been
Vessel Gets Clearance
for Rebel Port.
Neutrality Toward Huerta Is
Openly Violated.
Attitude of , Constitutionalists To
ward Mediation Likely to Have
Important Bearing on Fu
ture of "Open Port."
WASHINGTON. June 2. Ammuni
tion for the constitutionalists of Mexico
ieft American shores from New York
today bound for Tamplco, while Mex
ican mediation apparently marked time
at Niagara Falls, the attitude of the
constitutionalists serving as the
stumbling block In the negotiations.
Information that the steamer Antilla,
which recently was fired on by con
stitutionalists outside Tampico, ' had
left New York with munitions of war
created considerable stir in Washing
ton. The vessel was cleared without
interference on the part of the United
States, much to the surprise of Secre
tary Bryan and other department offi
cials. Erabarco Is Held Back.
Subsequently it was discovered that
an order to prevent clearance of such
vessels had been delayed and that the
Antilla had procured clearance while
the Washington Government believed
steps had been taken effectually to pre
vent her sailing.
Up to the present Tamplco has been
regarded as an open port.' The United
States, however, has sought to main
tain an embargo on arms to Mexico
across the border and last Friday when
It became apparent that munitions of
war for the Mexican revolutionists
were being prepared for shipment from
New York, an order was Issued by the
State Department to prevent clearance
of vessels bearing arms for any Mexi
can port.
Delay la Not Explained.
For some unexplained reason this
order did not reach the proper port of
ficials until later today, after clearance
papers had been issued to the Antilla.
Iso embargo from American ports
was contemplated by the United States
until the constitutionalists captured
the port of Tamplco. Then It became
apparent that this Government would
be required to prevent shipments of
ammunition to the revolutionists in
order to preserve neutrality as be-
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p '-; '
v " i - -
Tbe Weather.
YESTERDAY'S Maximum temperature, 63
decrees; minimum, bi decree.
TODAY'S Fair; westerly winds.
Shipload of irmi sets off to rebels, despite
Huerta paves way for his resignation.
Page 1.
Rebels will not deal with Huerta. Face 1.
Stors tad's twisted bow made plain when
collier unloads. Pass 2.
Labor and farmers' unions excepted" in anti
trust bill. Pace r.
Watchman puts dynamite under Houston's
oinca. Pace a.
Food Imports Increase; exports decrease.
Pace 20.
Qlrl suspected in extortion plot lnvolvlnc
name of V. Lewis Clark, pace a.
Captain Griffiths- clerk testifies concern
in officer's methods. Pace 2.
Chambermaid marries riches; buys hotel to
discharge housekeeper. Pace 1.
Escaped "leper" appear In Washington and
Is Isolated. Pace 2.
Coast League - results: Portland IT. Sacra
mento's: Los Angeles 3, Oakland 0; San
Francisco s, Veuico 0. Page 1.
Northwestern League results: Portland 4.
Vancouver S (17 Innings); Spokane lO.
Tacoma 2; Seattle 2, Victoria 1. Page 15.
Vanlte Is victor over Resolute, in cup de
fense tral Page 16.
University of Oregon cinches conference hon
ors by defeating Washington State Col
lege. Page 14. ,
Ed Colllgau. Sacramento inflelder. called
East by Mrs. Colllgan's illness. Page 14.
Home run In 12th with bases filled breaks
up tie in Western Trt-State League.
Page 18.
Ritchie-Welsh fight called off. Page 16.
Pacific Northwest..
Jacob Furth dies In Seattle. Page 6.
Rancher killed, woman hurt in early morn
ing auto accident. Page 7.
Trial of alleged slayer of wife delayed at
Eugene- until June 15. Page 7.
Supreme Court rules city ia sovereignty In
matters pertaining to home affair.
Page 1. .
Queen Thelma and party take part In In
dian war dance at Pendleton. Page liO.
All Clatsop' County Joins in big Jubilee to
day. Page 6.
Commercial and Marine.
Excitement subsides In- prune market and
prices weaken. Pace SI.
Wheat advances sharply at Chicago on poor
crop news from Europe. Page 21.
Wall street stocks decline under professional
selling. Page 21.
Increases made every few days to fleet that
will use Panama Canal, page 0.
Portland and Vicinity.
Thousands make reservatons at hotels for
Festival week. Page 20.
"Church Gifts" is subject of address by
Kev. J. s. Kendall at United Brethren
meeting, page lo.
Dr. Nibley and Dr. Long bound over to the
grand Jury, page a.
Municipal shop Is called failure at Com
mission meeting. Psge 16.
Banks of country await anti-trust law. de
clare visiting New York bankers. Page 18.
The Mikado" to be presented by students.
Page 30.
Weather report, forecast and data. Page 21.
Count on State ticket completed. Page 4.
Judge Henry McGinn delivers "Tribute to
Judge fcihattuck." Page 16.
Official count of county vote for state of-
nces is yompieteo. Page 4.
Governor Clarke Expected to Gain
Iowa Nomination by 45,000.
DES MOINES. June 2. Returns from
1879 of the 3297; precincts in the state
indicate that Senator Cummins' ma
jority in the Republican primaries will
be very near 60,000. The Senator polled
76,143 votes to Savage's 40,327 In these
Reports from 79 counties out of the
99 give Connolly 7000 majority over
Meredith. Governor Clarke received
68,945 votes in 1879 precincts, Lee 30,
564 and Rowley 15,611.
The Governor's plurality Is expected
to reach 45,000.
New Anti-Trust Meas
ure Is Advanced
Strikes and Picketing Lawful.
Injunctions Limited.
House to Debate Regulation of Kail-
road Securities Ten Hours and
Expects to Complete Pro
gramme Tins Week.
WASHINGTON, June 2. The Clayton
anti-trust bill, second measure on the
Administration anti-trust programme,
was completed in committee of the
whole by the House today and laid
aside awaiting a final vote.
The Rayburn bill, placing the Issue
of railroad securities under the control
of the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion, was immediately taken up for
general debate.
Securities Bill Alone Remains.
The completion of the Clayton bill
left only the Rayburn bill to be acted
on by the House In order to complete
consideration of the Administration pro
gramme. Ten hours of general debate
are allowed on the Rayburn bill, and
House leaders will make an effort to
complete the final measure by the end
of this week.
When ' the detailed consideration of
the Rayburn bill is completed the three
new measures will be' taken from the
committee of the whole" into the
House for final votes.
Decrees Made Conclusive lSvldence.
As finally agreed on, the Clayton bill
contains provisions aimed against price
discrimination; prohibiting arbitrary
refusal to sell natural mineral products
forbidding sale or lease of goods con
ditioned upon the agreement of pur
chaser or lessee not to deal in com
peting products; making decrees In
suits brought by the United States
under 'the anti-trust laws conclusive
evidence in private suits against the
same defendants; prohibiting corpora
tions from controlling competing con
cerns by stock ownership and forbid
ding Interlocking directorates In con
cerns under Federal Jurisdiction.
Frmeri and Labor I'nlon Excepted.
The much debated labor sections of
the bill provide that nothing in the
anti-trust laws shall be construed to
forbid the existence and operation of
farmers' and labor unions, and that
(Concluded on Page S.)
BrldegToom Supplies Funds; Bride's
First Act as Proprietor Is to
Discbarge Housekeeper.
SACRAMENTO. June 2. (Special.)
Mrs. B. A. Cook, formerly employed as
a chambermaid at the Hotel Clayton
here, and who recently was married to
B. A. Cook, a wealthy man of Galves
ton, Tex. returned to Sacramento to
day, bought the hotel and discharged
the housekeeper, fulfilling a prophecy
made last Summer.
The housekeeper was an old enemy,
and when Mrs. Cook was employed at
the hotel she was constantly upbraided
by her.. One .day last Summer Mrs.
Cook, after a heated argument with her
superior, said:
"I'll buy this hotel some day and fire
Mrs. Cook left Sacramento last Win
ter and met her present husband. After
a brief courtship they were married.
"I want to go back to Sacramento
and buy that hotel and are that wo
man," Mrs. Cook told her new husband.
Ho laughed and said. "Go to it." and
accompanied his wife to Sacramento.
When the Cooks took possession Mrs.
Cook's first act of proprietorship was
to discharge her old enemy.
Melting Snow in Crater Cause of
Mount Lassen's Disturbance.
RED BLUFF. Cal.. Juno 2. Forest
Supervisor Rushing reported today that
the disturbance at Mount Lassen Is of
geyser origin and Is caused by the
rapid melting of the snow as It slides
down Into the fissures of the crater.
The large body of snow and the. In
tense heat cause an Immense amount
of steam.
The mountain gave out little steam
today, and it is thought the phenom
enon Is nearlng an end.
BONANZA. Or June 2. Sulphur
showers, accompanied by hoavy light
ning and rain, this afternoon covered
the ground and left a yellow scum on
pools. Mount Lassen Is 200 miles south
of here.
Electrics at $500, Costing $10 Up
keep a Month, Forecast.
years there would be in this country
more than 1.000.000 automobllM nnat.
lng less than $500 each, the upkeep
or wnicn will average abqut 110 a
month, it was predicted by Dr. C. 1.
Stelnmetz. Schenectady. N. Y.. todav In
an address at the annual convention of
the National Electric Light Associa
tion. Drawing a parallel with the bicvcle.
Dr. Stelnmetz said that automobiling
will soon cease to be a snort and thut
automobiles will be purchased merely
for practical uses.
Newport Men Say Perch Rained Into
Boat on Alsea' River.
NEWPORT. Or., June 2. (Special.)
While coming down the Alsea River.
Saturday, in a flat-bottomed launch In
which they had gone fishing, H. F.
Jenkins, Frederick Butterfleld and Jo
seph Patterson, of Newport, and their
guides were astonished to see it rain
fish, they said.
The launch passed through a school
of perch in a shallow place, and the
water boiling in the wake caused the
fish, to Jump and many landed in the
back of the launch.
Bull From Yellowstone on Way to
Join Washington Park Herd.
witmn a couple or days visitors at
the Washington Park zoo will ot tn
see a real wild bull buffalo right off
the range of the Yellowstone National
Park. Word was received yesterday by
Park Superintendent MIsche that the
big animal has been caught and shipped
by express.
He will be turned loose In the pad-
Uocks to pass the rest of his days. A
lively time Is expected in taking him
from his car to the park.
Business Men Decide to Have Dis
play on River Despite Ordinance.
VANCOUVER. Wash.. June 2. (Spe
cial.) The Council has denied the pe
tition of a number of business men to
permit fireworks in the city limits this
year, but the Fourth of July committee
of . the Commercial Club has found a
way to get around the ordinance.
The committee decided that the
limits end at the north bank of tie
Columbia River, so if the fireworks
are exploded on the river, no law will
be broken. A big scow will be secured.
Harvard Man Leaves for Seattle en
. Route to Seal .Colony.
BOSTON. June 2. Professor George
L. Parker, of the zoology department of
Harvard University, one of the three
men appointed by the Government to
Investigate the condition of the seal
colony in the vicinity of the Prlbllof
Islands, left for Seattle today to sail
June 8 on the revenue cutter McCul
lough. .
He will remain in tbe Bering Sea, un
til August 11.
Legislature Can Make
No Charter Change.
Opinion Given in Suit Involving
Portland Auto Law.
Supreme Tribunal Holds Ordinance
and Not State Statute Fixes
Speed at 'Which Machines
Muy Be Operated.
SALEM. Or.. June 2 (Special.)
That a municipality virtually is a sov
ereignty and is free from molestation
by the Legislature In home affairs, was
the gist of a decision by the Supreme
Court today. Justice McNary writing
the opinion, in the cast of Peter Ka
llch against F. C Knapp, appealed from
Multnomah County.
Under the opinion the Legislature is
prevented from passing any act which
would Interfere with a city In any
matter germane to the city's activities,
but Jt may pass a general law affect
ing a city charter or ordinance which
concerns the state in Its soverulgn
capacity. The opinion says the au
thority of repeal or amendment of
city charters or ordinances Is reserved
to the people through the Initiative
and referendum.
Cities Made More Independent.
Cities, as a result of the decision,
have far more ludependence than ever
before, and the number of laws relat
ing to cites which to a large extent
heretofore have cluttered the legisla
tive operations will be reduced to a
minimum. The passage of the home
rule act put an end to special city
legislation by the Legislature, but not
to general acts relating to cities. The
decision virtually puts an end to these
general acts.
Specifically the decision holds that
the Oregon motor vehiclo law, which
allows a rate of speed of automobiles
in cities of 25 miles an hour, does not
apply in Portland, which has ordi
nances limiting the speed to 15. or. in
certain Instances, 10 miles an hour.
Judge McGinn Overruled.
The plaintiff was Injured in an auto
mobile collision in Portland and sued
for $35,000. Circuit Judge McGinn de
clined to allow the city ordinances
regulating tho speed of automobiles to
be introduced upon the ground that
they had been superseded by the state
motor vehicle law. The verdict was tit
favor of the defendant, and the Su
preme Court now reverses that decree
and orders a new trial. The opinion,
to which Chief Justice McBride dis
sented, says in part:
"Admitted by all is tho proposition,
that but a single problem is hero in
volved, namely: Since the amendment
of section 2 of article II of the state
constitution. effective December 3.
1910. can the Legislature enact a stat
ute general in its application, calcu
lated to repeal certain ordinances of
the City of Portland theretofore en
acted pursuant to the powers granted
to the city in its charter?
"Abuses Prompt Amendment.
"To appreciate understandingly the
real inspiration productive of section
2 article II of the constitution, as well
as Its expected corrective force, is but
to recall the ills accompanying legis
lative creation of and Interference with
municipal charters which naturally
provoked a deep-seated resentment
among the chartered communities.
Tinkering with municipal charters be
came a most enjoyable pastime of the
legislators and a favorite ground for
their activities. To eradicate the
abuses too often arising from legis
lative interference with matters wholly
municipal In character, the people of
the state, by initiative action, en
grafted this provision upon the or
ganic law of the state.
"In the light of this condition the
constitution must be considered and
interpreted. Therefore, we believe the
people of the state meant literally what
they said when they used the expres
sion that The Legislative Assembly
shall not enact, amend or repeal any
charter or act of Incorporation for any
municipality, city or town.' This lan
guage admits of no other interpreta
tion than that the people purposed to
curtail the power of the Legislature in
all matters of legislation pertaining to'
the" creation of a municipal charter, in
its amendment or nullification.
General Acta Raled Aarainst.
"To yield to the thought that the '
constitutional enactment must be con
strued to Inhibit the Legislature from
committing a direct assault upon' the
charter of a particular city, yet per
mitting that very objection to be ob
tained by making the law apply gen
erally to all municipalities in the state,
is to close tho eyes to a full reading
of the provision and to license the Leg
islature to do that by Indirection which
It is expressly forbidden to do direct
ly. The argument that the ' constitu
tional provision means that the Legis
lature may, by general enactment, reg
ulate the Internal affairs of the cities
and towns of the state, but Is prohib
ited from passing a similar law having
reference to a particular municipality.
(Concluded oa Page e-