Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 30, 1913, Page 12, Image 12

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ONE acre, near car I inc. in the highest state
of cultivation, with crop, chickens and a
nice 6 -room bungalow. The owner Is
"bound to so East and doe not want to
leave property. He will ieU or trade his
equity for a lot In Portland up to $1200.
"W hat have you to offer for this property T
N'o inflated values will be considered.
432 Chamber of Commerce.
FINE Bi-acre tract, S mile from $75,000
high achool. tn beautiful city of Ashland.
Oregon; all In jounf commercial bear
ing fruits, irrigated from city pipes
room house, small barn; can use modern
fcouse In Portland, $1600 to $4WU, Owner,
XEARLT xl r tn Camas. Wn:
in g ton. macadamized road,- mtg. $4Co,
years. 6 per cent; will trade equity as part
payment on a 4-room bungalow, PrJr
Piedmont district. Owners only. B
ONE new 6-ton auto truck, 50 H. P.. cheap
for cash or In exchange for acreage, lots,
or collateral, Portland or vicinity. Also
" one -passenger 2d-hand auto. Address
2K7 Cleveland ave. or phone Woodiawn
10 acres of good land near car line and
food span of mares, new harness and new
"" wagon for sale or trade for house and lot.
Call St. James, corner Grand ave. and
East Pine, room 20.
WILL trade H,HK Irvington home for
Southern California home; prefer Los
Angeles or Pasadena. E 323, Oregonlan.
Horace. Vehicles. Etc.
Horses, mules, ; vehicles' and nam ess,
Monday, September 1; Friday. Septem
ber 6, and every Monday and Friday for
the balance of the year. For this, our
openlnr Fall sale, w will have a car
load of Eastern Oregon HORSES and
MARES weighing from 1200 to ir00 lbs.,
from a to 5 years old all broke and
'sound. Also a large number of all classes
' of horsns consigned by different parties
to be sold on commission. If you are in
need of a horse of any description or have
one to sell, patronize our sales and we
will guarantee you satisfaction. Sales be
gin at 10 o'clock sharp, '
240 E. 8th st near Hawthorne.
Phone E. 6315.
Second-hand vehicles bought and sold;
new wagon 9hd auto beds made to order;
livery furnished to business parties at
special rat es.
420 Hawthorne ave.
Phone East 72. B ia60.
JUST received, car of - Eastern Oregon
horses and marea. 3 to 6 years old. 1200
to 1000 pounds; extra good quality, ail
broke and ready for service. The Murphy
Horse - Mule Co., 240 E. 8th au, near
Hawthorne, phone E. o315.
FOR SALE Pair mules, 4 years old, about
110O lbs. each; one steel gray horse, 1150,
4 years; aiso pure bay mares, young,
2SOO: can be seen at 334 Front st. Phil
TV A N TE D 2 y oun g mares from 4 to 6
years old; true broke, gentle; must weigh
over 1400 lbs.; for farm work. AN S15,
Oregonlan. " 4
NICE matched pair of black Shetland
pontes, stallion and gelding, young ana
sound, cneap, or might exchange Sot
horses. 14 Union ave., corner of Ash.
25 HEAD of horses from 1000 to 12O0 lbs.,
from $50 to $3u0. that must be sold at
once. 14 fUnlon ave., cor, of Ash.
FOR SALE One team well-matched mares,
weighing 2000 lbs.; owner leaving ecity,
will sell at sacrifice. 220 Russeli st.
FOR SALE One cheap farm horse, weigh
ing 130O lbs.; 3 first-class delivery wag
ona, 1 rubber-tired buggy. 226 Rtusell st.
FOR SALE Horses and vehicles of all
kinds; horses for hire. 239 Russell at.
Bait 8543.
6 WORK horses end harness, 1250 to 1403
lbs., cboap If sold by Sept. 1. 893 Water
' st.. near Harrison.
BEAUTIFUL Shetland and Shetland-Arabian
ponies for tale. W. T. B ink ley, Woodbua,
Oregon. -
SORREL mare, a good driver, cheap. Call
at Star Sand .Company. Barn No. 3, East
Pth and East Flanders.
FANCY driver, standard bred, family and
city broke, cheap. 1133 57th ave. WW
car. '
PASTURE for stock, close to Portland. O.
L. A S. Co. Phone Main 1410.
HORSES for sale at S8 East 7th st. North.
Pianos, Organs and Musical Instruments.
FINE piano for $3 monthly rent. Inquire
The Gilbert Co., 307 Stearns bldg., titn
and Morrison.
UrRIGHT Hazeltcn piano, almost new; will
sell for half Its value. J. S. Hardy,
Cordova Hotel.
WILL sacrifice upright piano for $Ki7. C. O.
Pick's warehouse. 2d and Pine sta.
Dogs, Siras iet etecsu
4 THOROUGHBRED blue greyhounds. Cali
Bud Anderson, 3o4 Y, Vancouver.
RHODES ISLAND RED chickens for sale.
Phone Woodiawn 705. 34U3 Fern.
8 GOOD inligh cows, fresh and coming fresh.
Durham, Holsteln and Jersey; big cows;
also pair of coming 3-year-old colts.' Take
Woodstock car, OOth ave. and 41st, 3
blocks weet. .
SPLENDID herd Hojsteia dairy cows; some
registered; a bargain. B 01, Oregonian.
Furniture for Sale.
COMPLETE furnishings for 5 rooms and
steeping porch; must sell before Sept. 1;
flat for rent; bargain. 400 ft Park st,
FtTRNITURE ofallVitInds in separate pieces,
bedding, shades and curtains. 307 Market.
A 45-h. p, 550-volt Crocker-Wheeler mo
tor, complete, with standard blade starter,
no voltage release and 75 -ampere over
load. L T. E circuit breaker, in A-l con-
uition. Aa areas room xva, uregonian Diag
FOR IMMEDIATE delivery, any part, 15o0
tons choice 54-pound relaying steel. Tee
rail with angW bars; delivery at any Pa
cific terminal or Coast port at very low
price. Jardinu Machinery Co., 444 Market
st.. San Francisco, r
One 125-volt direct current generator,
complete with field rheostat, ammeter and
circuit breakers. This machine Is in good
repair. Address -room 2tKi, Oreronlan bldg.
A 40-K. W., 500-voit Crocker-Wheeler
generator, complete, with field rheostat
and circuit breaker, in good condition.
Address room 2u3. Oregonlan bldg.
COKLLS3 engine, A His, 22x48; steam shovel,
Marion, 1 u -yard . bargains If you can use.
AO 817, Oregonlan.
Now Is the time to get a bargain in a
high, arade car. We want to make room
lor iui4 moaeis ana win sen the ioi
lowlng cars at very low prices:
it will pat tou to come and
Bee us.
1 191 3 "Michigan 40" demonstrator.
run 1:000 miles, . electric starter and
llghta 1
1 i12 "Michigan" 38.
1 lit 11' "Michigan" 4. electric llghta and
a tarter.
1 1112 "Michigan" S3 Roadster,
16th and Alder Sta. -
; ONE new 6-to a auto truck, 50 H. P., cheap
lor cash or in exchange xor acreage. lots.
or collateral. Portland or vicinity. Also
one 6-passenger 2d-hand auto. Address
1097 Cleveland ave. or phone Woodiawn
FOR SALE Second-hand truck, capacity 1
ton, -in excellent condition; new engine
suitable for express or general trucking
du sin ess. r 3-1. vregonian.
1912 SO-H. P. 6-pasenger. foredoor auto
in, A-l condition. Xor uale by owner: can
be seen and will- demonstrate at Union
Ave. Garage Co Union ave. and Wasco
nickel-plate, varnish, refinlsh, top' your
auto; take apart and put together In three
day a Portland Plating A Mfg. Co., id
and Thurman Bta Main 043. A 0-12.
1V10 WHITE gss car, detachable body, SO
horsepower, price $400; must leave town.
Write J. E- tii me, 711 West Johns st St.
Johns, ur.
5. P. JdAp.RlON. fally eoulpped. runs and
looks hie new; all new Urea, a big snap
for less than one-half price; sea car. Atl
4th street.
$ PER MONTH for storage on drained
automobiles in best fire -reals ting building.
- t;. r. jsmison et -o.. iiin ana laurmia
WANTED Small runabout or roadster
must be In god conditio, and cheap. F.
E. Mang'.s, box lft, Salens. Main 1W25.
GARFORD 40 for sale cheap or trade; In
perfect condition; nickel trimmings, fully
eqUTppeu. 1 aror no or moor i.ifid.
AUTOMOBILE to rent by city salesman 3
. or 4 days a week. Room 09, Oregon
IF YOU want automobile fire Insurance at
one-taix tne oio-iuie rate, seiepnona jiaon
biro - " ;
A otomobUw.
$5i0 (-Pass. Cadillac, nickeled, painted.
electric lighten, gooa conuiiiuu.
N. W. EXCHANGE. $1500 lot, nearly clear.
for late p-pasa. auio.atax. .10
Automobiles Wutwt
I WILL pay cash for a used 5 -passenger
auto; late model preferred; give particu
lars and lowest cash price. Q 311), ore
2-C'YLIXDER auto engine, l-h.p.. wanted,
or old auto would- do;-must be reason
able. AR Sl. Oregonian.
WILL exchange lots In Forest Grove, Salem
or Portland for automobile- no junk.
Chas. E -Hall. Forest Grove. Or.
WANTED A second-hand Ford . automo
bile. 314 E. Wash, st. East 5711. B 206. ,
HA.R LEY-DAVIDSON 8-H. P. twin motor-
cycle, in good condition; price $2v0; terms
or will trade for piano; give or take. Box
2.1. Monta villa a tat ion. c
BARGAINS In new and used motorcycea
Preer Tool at .Supply Co.. 311 Oak st.
Cook stoves, $i.i0 to $12; Jewell gas
range $7.50; Reliable gas water heater,
$3; 6-plece solid oak'dlning surte. consist
ing of u chairs, buffet and round pedestal
extension table, wax finish, all for $-14;
other din in suites as low as $ifJ kitchen
treasure, i,50; kitchen tables, 41: kitchen
cupboard, with glass door. hotel
dressers, $5; full-sue dressers, $J.M - to
SIS; good as new, golden oak frame,
$16.30; upholstered couches $2; sanitary
steel couth, with mattress to fit, $4.50:
Iron beds, an v size from II. 50 up; all brass
beds. $S.50 and up; all steel springs, $2.60
to $5; wire-woven springs, 75c to $2.2i;
large wardrobe. $:.60; cedar chest, brass
bound, $5; haUracks. $3.:; hall mirrors.
$1.5o to $4; solloak settee suitable for
office or hall. $6; parlor tables. $1 to $d;
library tables, $4.S to $9; ladies desks,
$S to $2u- room-slM runs, $&5o to 120;
common, chaira. 5oc; dining chairs, 73c to
$2.30; several large mirrors, $2.50 to $6-50;
all kinds of housefurntehlng goods, new
and fine second-hand; houses furnished on
the installment plan; no interest and
everything marked in plain figures; free
delivery to any part of the city.
13-647 Wash., bet. ltith and 17th ata
-Both Phones.
NOTICE to shoe dealers We have 5000
pairs of women's high-class oxfords and
strap pumps, all or a part at 25c, 87 Vie
and 60c per pair. Regular wholesale
$1.50 to $2.00. We need money. Phone
A 7S33. -
RUBBER roofing, corrugated roofing; save
about half. See us.
- Front and Main Sta.
The House of a Million Bargains.
SAFES, new and second-hand; low prices,
easy terms: safes opened, repaired and
painted. PCRCELL SAFE CO., and PORT
LAND SAKK tO., e Otn St. aiain oowa.
FOR SALE or trade, 25-foot, speedy launch.
lO passengers, IS H. P.: a beauty: fully
equipped. In perfect condition, W. H.
Crltet-er. Willamette, Or.
SAFES M osier Safe Co., manufacturers:
low prices, easy terms; safes opened and
repaired; bargains In second-hand safes
10$ 2d st. Phone Main 7676. .
SPECIAL bale on filing cabinets, oak and
mahogany: 40 per cent off. .Haley Desk
Co., 210 Broadway, between Taylor , and
Salmon. Main 687.
BAKER'S outtit for sale, with counter and
cash register; will sell cheap, phone-Tabor
TYPEWR ITERS, all makes. $1 to $05.
2b2 Stark st.
2)K "OND-HAND roll-top desk, two flat-to;i
' desks and 8 chairs. Biuhong Co.. 91
Park st.
ONE slightly-used water power -washing
machine at a bsrgnin. Tabor 4426. -
SHOWCASES, scales, etc, or will exchange
for stron buggy. Woodiawn: 1H42.
NATIONAL cash registers. Get my prices.
Povey. 351 Wash., basement. Main OOd.
5-FOOT roll top desk,"""f irst class shape, will
sell cheap. 11 4th street.
DISAPPEARING typewriter desk $lv. Big
low rug. sare. 5 chairs. 81$ Beck bldg.
FOR SALE CHEAP, 14-volume University
law book, good as new. Phone East 4101.
WANTED To rent or buy, pool tables.
Main Wl.
LEVI?! Hardware 9c Furniture Co., 221
Front st, buys second-hand furniture, estr
pets, stoves, ranges, hardware or tools of
any kind. If you have anything; la this
line, call Main IK) 7 2. :
Our buyer oaiii promptly.
FEATHER BEDS wanted to make Into
feather mattresses; paycasn; ieatner oecs
and pillows renovated. Phone Tabor 1433.
Folding Mattress Co., 11U4 Hawthorne.
WE want to buy 41000 worth of econd-
V-. ,4 f 11m I it fA (n tha nwvr AO a V a And
pay all the cash It Is worth. Williams-
nignesi price puu tor auc -cast-oCC
clothing and. shoes. Call Main
2US0. 234 1st St. The Globe.
WE buy for cash second-hand National Cash
registers anp, sen tnem on easy terms, .
J. Macau ley, &4 Burnslde au Phone Main
181ft, A 1 bio. - . .
FAIR DEAL W-e pay best prices for second-
band clothing ana iurmture. can asun
9272. 60 od. N- M. G He km an, prop.
Buyer calls promptly; estimates given.
1S4 1st. near Yamhill. ' Main 4773.
TWO tennis racquets: balls, net and side
poles; must be in gooa conaiuon. Auurjw
AD 322, Oregon Ian. - '
HIGHEST prices paid Jor cast-off clothing
ana snoes. jaaranan
NATIONAL cash-register, price must he rea
sonable, aiam ouo, a. awo.
V'E want $10,000 worth of second-hand fur-
nlture; hignest prices paia. peuwooq iosa
FORD AUCTION CO. pays most cash lor
CASH paid for hair combings. Sanitary
beauty i'ariors. iu yfium pma.
PHONE for the furniture buyer when you
want to sell. Main 43.
OFFICE furniture; will buy your second
hand office furniture. Mar. x-tio.
WE pay highest prices tor second-hand
doming. aa rnuas avio nam.
PRIVATE party wants some second-hand
furniture, c 3-, uregonian.
WANT to rent duck lake.. AD 324, Ore
rnMPKTEXT salesman, thoroughly erxneri
enced, in dressoods ana si. its. .Kouerts
Bros., 3a ana Jiornson.
WANTED Boy for grocery store, between
15 or IS years 01a. Apply cor. .it la ma
Market, Wet bide. -
penenced fruit pacaer to assist in snip
ping department. H an, cregonian.
MEN for hewing, ties; piece work; good
timoer; iu miiM irum rornauu. uvr
bett Bldg.
WANTED Good live men to sell diamonds,
watches ana jewelry on me installment
plan. Apply 2u7 Corbett bldg.
ADVERTISING solicitors, cash commission.
Clyde agency, block ixebange oiug.,
and Yamhill.
CHAJs'CE to learn to operata moving-picture
machine; , we can place tnree more men
in thvater. 417 Rothchlld bldg.
BOTS for errands and laboratory work.
Blumauer-Franit Drug go., bth and Juver
ett sts., Portland. Or.
WANTED Reliable man to do light work
for room and board, 2S1 basement, 4th
and Jefferson. i
AN experienced window-cleaner and eleva
tor man. Apply room 223 Beck bidg.
after V A. M. i
WA.N'TKD Thoroughly - experienced men's
furmsmng salesman, nooeru xiroa., aa uu
WANTED 2 young men to work as news
agent on passenger trains; casn security
required. Apply oo Johnson t.
SALESMEN and dlst. mgrs. for Oregon,
Nat. Casualty Co.. 501 Railway Ex. bidg.
PHOTO coupon,- beat offered, beauty contest
started. Cut berth Studio, Dekum bldg.
PHOTO COUPON agents, new winning con
test offer. Sarony Studio, 346V Morrison.
WANTED Klrft-class coatmaJker.
man. 311 Selling bidg.
A. .ip-
ERRAND boy wanted. McDonald AY Collet t,
tailors. 2W Wash. at.
WANTED Two ofrice boys. Apply it A K
Borntckle. Ellers Music House.
BOY wanted. Portland Trunk Mfg. Co.. 3d
and Pine sts.' ,
BOY wanted wltn wheel, drug store. 3b0
Third et.
WANTED 1 aash and door machine man,
ripsaw man. ,OTinwwi voor .o.
HARDER wanted for Saturday; wages guar,
anteed. 26u First st.
BARBER wanted for Saturday; $4 guar
anteed, zva jjwmsun mu
ERRAND boy wanted. In grocery store 2iZ
BARBER wanted for today. .3T33j E. Mor.
WANTED Assistant janitor and wife. Ap
ply Janitor Wheel don Annex.
I BOY about 17 a apprentice for glove lac
tory. Call ilain 7u30. -
Classified . advertisements, to receiye proper -classification
in the next day's issue of The Ore
gonian, must be in The Oregonian office before 10
o'clock at' night, except Saturday. :
v Closing hour for Sunday Oregonian will
be 9 o'clock Saturday night." '
Business office of The Oregonian rill be open'
until 11' o'clock at night, as usual, and all classified
advertisements for the next day's issue received too
late for proper classification; will be .run under
heading r j. y ' -. .
" ' ' "TOO JiATE TO CLASSIFY. H , . ;t
tOna of Many.) '
" Office Secretary Employment Department,
I. M. C, A,
Tour.g man. stranger, seeking employ
ment X20 nle total caan assetIf I P
you $3 for emploiment membership. I wui
have only tlo between me and starvation.
Secretary If you pay $6 for emplo
ment membersbip you will have the X. a.
C. A.. with all Its resources between yon
and starvation. .
Hesuit Young man Joined association.
In less than a week ha had satisfactory
employment. - . '
Hecord for six months ending June BO:
Calls for men from employers 1174
Foeltions tilled -
Our special employment membership
guarantees members will secure employ
ment or refund membership fee: gives two
months fuU and 10 months'- social prlvl-
All young men seeking employment,
especially strangers, are cordially invited
to consult with the Secretary of the Em
ployment Department. - -
Apply at BupL's office, ctu flooc, be
tween 8:S0 ind v:30 A. M.
OUR representative. Mr. J. M. ' Wei bora.
will be at the I'oruana tioiei aoyi. .
want five live men who. have confidence
In their ability to make good, to o-oper-ate
with on a proposition that will net
SlOO per week. Write him, direct, inclos
in g references ; Interview given only to
written applications. Flatum Plates Co.
of .America. 1 .
who" are looking for sieafy work whera
they can make a home. Plant In small
town 6t miles from Portland wants sev
eral men of this class. Wages SiL2o to S-L.
Pay to start. See Damon.
33 Chamber ot Commerce.
ft" AN TED FOR U. a ARMY, able-bodied
unmarried men between ages ot 18 and 88;
citizens of United btate. -of good cnar
ecter and temperate - bablta, who caa
speak, read and writ the English lan
luage. For lnformatlun apply to Recruit
ing Officer, Worcester bull dint. - od and
Oak iu., Portland. Or.
WANTED Tola road builder, M-60.
3 rough carpenters, $3-30.
Car tallymen, $2.75 and $3.00,
' 233 Couch St. -
YOUNG man. with reference, to solicit. Ex
perienced man will go with you and teach
you the business and assist In closing
sales. Big money In It and a permanent
position. Call evenings, 929 Chamber ot
Commerce building.
WANTED Three first-class aalesmen of
good ability to solicit sales. If you are
. not this kind do not apply; salary and
commission; must have good 'reference.
Eureka - Vacuum Cleaner -Co., Northwest
bldg.. cor. oth and Washington st. - '
WANTED Salesman who does not know
wl;at tlmd is: to present a proposltlos
which any Intelligent man will thank blot
: for; unlets you are in the $SUin-a-year
class, or better, don't answer. Address
A3 24, Oregonlan. "
WANTED Salesman for country work la
8. Oregon and N. California; liberal com-
, missions; experience not essential. If you
want something permanent and good ad
dress Oregon Nursery Co- Qrence. Oregon
WANTED Assistant dry goods man; must
be Arst-claas salesman, sober and a hus
tler; only experienced mea isped apply.
Address D. At. Kayberger, AlcMlnnvllle,
Or. .
WANTED Washman, first-class, all-round
washer, capabla of turning out high-grade
' collar and shirt work; good salary to
lirst-clas man. Elite Laundry Co., Vsss
couver. Wash.
WANT office hoy between 18 and 19 years
of agelsWBges $7 to start; a good oppor
tunity to learn a good business. Apply In
own handwriting and give phone num
ber. W 816. Oregonlan. ,
CITY ealesmon to visit all retail trade;
commission basts; article wtth merit and
' salesmen making money; give paone num
- ber; no trlflers. X 317, Oregonlan.
WANTED Pressor who understands press
ing machine; good Job for right man.
"all 211 W. 0th. Phone 136, .Vancouver,
' Wash.
WANTED Energetic." single young man to
- travel and learn a good-paying business.
Call to 11 and 1 to 2 for Mr. Gllham.
Caflton Hotel.
FILIPINO and Jap. for apartment-house
work; must have experience and refer
encev Stelwyn Apta.
WANTED A boy 1 to IS years of age. to
learn the cutlery business. Apply Honey-
- man Hardware Co., 4th and Alder sta.
BARBER wanted. 245H Yamhill.
GIRLS "wanted in paper box dept. Ameri
can Chicle Co.; experienced help preferred;
good wages. Cor. 14th and Johnson.
wanted Kxnerlenced cook and one who
will do general housework; good, wages.
Inquire 340 luth St.
WANTED Girl for general housework, fam
ily 4 adults. Apply 445 E. 15th st. North.
WANT E D--G irT help In amaU family.
415 riaisey. cast ,pit.
WANTED Experienced feeders and folders
on mangle. Apply international nary
WANTED Neat waitress la cafeteria. Call
4U5 liawtliorne ave.
Gi R L for general housework,
shall 1670 or A 17. .
Call Mar-
NEAT girl, general housework and cooking.
i'u tast near nuimuuf.
COMPETENT girl for general housework.
1J Juth N.. corner Kearney.
WANTED Competent girl for general
housework. 2sl E. 11th N. phone East 37.
WANTED Middle-aged lady for general
housework. 1'8 Waler il, South Portland.
2vlh Burnside.
WANTED Good cook. 3 adults In family.
M : ss Page. Vancouver Barracks.
WANTED -Competent girl to do general
housework. Apply 50 Halsey. cor. E. 11th,
GIRL. for general housework. Telephone
East 24t3. Kast ISth St., nar btark
WANTED A capable- girl for second-wora.
Apply at 721 Johnson st.
WANTED First-class sklrtmaker.
man. 811 Selling bldg.
G1RL wanted tor general housework. Ap
EXPERIENCED waitress wanted. Apply
tearoom, 4th floor, mas, vv ortmaa & iving.
GIRL for cooking and general housework.
704 Nortnru.
YOUNG "lrl to take car of baby. . 7v4
n on n nip et. - a
WANTED 5 extra waitresses at Council
Crest Tavern on Sunday; 23e an hour.
NICE gtrl or woman assistant In Beach
company's hotel. Apply 73. Irving.
GIRL for general housework. Inquire East
b02S or soi fcast zsta rortn.
WANTED Girl sewers for manufacturing
plant. Apply 14 nt st. n
GIRLrfdr general housework In small fam
ily, gooa wanes. m. nwjt w.
GIRL for general housework, phone Tabor
345 or call OtiO E C9th N.
WANTED Lady for delicatessen store and
cook. 11 N. 21st st.
NEAT young girl for upstaira work and help
wltn care Oi ennu. on avcrcn bu
EXPERIENCED girl for genera housework
, and cooking; gooa wages, c, .vexotu
Experienced In selling Women's Cloaks
ana butts. Apply- superintendent s on ice.
Ota -zioor, oetweea :jo ana v:au a. sl.
Apply at .SupL'a office, ta floor, be-
tveea 8:30 and 9:30 A. M. .
WANTED Largest farm paper on Pacific
Coast desires lady representative to secure
subscriptions at county fairs and farmers'
meetings during Fall and Winter; expenses
will not be advanced, but competent party
. can make over $1H per month clear; give
street and telephone addresses. Farm
Paper, box AK 816, Oregonlan,
PROBATIONERS wanted to lake nurses
training; applicants must be over 21 years
old; compensation first year 910 per ma,
Second yar per mo., third year $1S
per mo., including board, lodging. laun
dry. Apply to matron of Point Pleaaam
Sanatorium, Raymond, Wash.
WANTED Three young ladies of good ap
pearance and must have good voice, to
sing In griil; cabaret work Is very popu
lar and salary from $16 to $30 per we;
experience unnecessary. Call at Cabaret
Grill at 2 P. M. Walt a? Owena, stage di
rector. 23 N. Vd nU '
TURKS waitresses lout), S week; 2 wait
resses. 130, room and board, fare paid;
chambermaid. Si week; hotel cook. 4u
(city); second girl, $0; housekeeper, $0,
no obJtcUon to- children. 84 fer iftaah.
R. 7. ' ;
NEAT, orderly girl wanted to assist in
housework In small family: good home
and used as one of family;- If not a good
cook, want only a girl who desirea to
learn. Phone East 4i6tf. . .
WANTED Young ladv for billing clerk
and general of fee work; must use type
writer. Apply between 10 and 12 o clock
Saturday. Opera Mouse Laundry Co,
245 Everett st. -
WANTED A well educated girl about IS
years of age for-work in an office; no
experience required; amsll salary. bat
permanent position. C 326. Oregonlan.
YOUNG couple with child want girt or
woman fv housework; must have refer
ences: good borne, easy work. luaS
Vaughn streL
OPERATORS on custom pants, steady em
ployment; none but experienced need ap-piy;-best
of wages paia. S. Lowen. 2&i'm
eUark St. .
WANTED Five bright, capable ladlea to
MamnnimtA and li dealers: rail
road fare paid; $25 to $5o per week. Call,
Vclvetina Shop. "16 s wet land plug.
COMPETENT girl for general housework;
Scandinavian preferred. Phone Main 11V1
Take W car to limb st. Mrs. A. E. w.
Petrsoi HOS Raleigh sf.
STENOGRAPHER, steady position, saiar
to start, 5o. Reply tn own handwrit-
ng giving references and phone. AB
313, Oregonian.
WOMAN, neat appearance, wltn experience
Jn confectionery ana cigar swrw
-lunchroom. Address Pennington ec Co., bU
Johns, Or. t '
WANTED Experienced skirt and waist
help, also bright errand girl,-one experi
enced in shopping, call from 0 to 11.
Tracy & Copeland, 106 Columtia bldg.
EXPERIENCED woman for family second
work wnare cook Is kept; no wasning; -iu;
references. Mrs. Clark W. Thompson, Cas
cade Locks, Or.
MANY of the best families of the city are
registered with the Domestio Service Bu
reau for cooks, general housework and
second girls. 306 Central bldg. - M. 7B67-
COMpETENT salespeople, thoroughly ex
perienced in areas goous, buks, cium
suiis; muslin underwear and dress trim
mings. Roberts Bros., 3d and Morrison.
wa 'TED ExDerlenced woman. general
hmmAwnrif. famllt of 1 adults, all mod
ern conveniences. $30; Swedish or Ger
man preferred. Mrs. -Hall. "82 Hoyt st.
' Five girls to learn beauty culture; pay
while learning; position'guaranteed. 4vt
414 pekum bldg. Sanitary parlors,
GIRLS for addressing; must be good writers.
Answer In own hanu writing; staie k
end experience; salary 1 1.2 5-per day. Add.
' AT 821. Oregonian. - 1
bTENOGRAPHEKS with some experience,
m.-iHamtm -m m c tn SfATL hilt SfOod DfriDl'
nent position to right, party. Call 1U9 2d
ttAVTk-.n Ml1rllA.aeed ladv. to do house-
. work . In country town, amaU family. D
3g4. Oregonlan.
w a TRli ExDerienoed airl for genera;
housework. Apply 846 N. 32d at. Phone
Marshall 392 mornings '
WANTED 2 rood weavers to work on
carriage cloth and flannels. Bandon Wool
en' Mills, Eandon, Or .
COMPETENT cook and general work, no
wascing; ref. required. Call xnornlnga
only. Apt. 22, The titelwyn.
rxr a vtpt FTnripin-ed feeilrs and fold
ers in our Mat work dept. Portland Laun-
dry Co.. 9th and coucn. i
VA. TED Trimmer, milliners and appren.
tloes. Apprentices paid while learning.
Applv Lowengarv A Co.
WANTED Millinery apprentice: paid while
learning. Tifft's Hat "Shop, lid lutn, near
Aider. -
WANTED Girl for general housework in
small family; must understand plain cook
ing; good wages, n au. uregoniaa
wa ktkij Hflned. canable Woman for re-
. SEon;lb:e position. Vlavl Co.. ttO Roth
chlld bldrr.. 4th and Washington.
WANTED Experienced chocolate- dippers.
AupJy licaeia Confectionery-Co., 13 Lb, and
WANTED Neat young man to do work in
.cafeteria. 4uo iiawtnorne ave.
" i d;A. ojooa mfwy mfwy mfwy mfw
WAITRESS for lunch counter: room a
board. Apply at onoe. Union Jput Res
sua'ffs IjkDIFS AGENCY.
'Washington bldg., 27uVi Wash., room 85.
iear 4th. Phcne Main S3P or A agio.
WANTED Experienced
and office assistant,
$$u. T 2i7, Oregonian
permanent, s
0: helper.
city, "country,
Howe's agency.
270 1-2
WANTED Nurse fur night duty in hospital
In city; one nov airaiu oi wora. au
Oregonlan. ,' . -
GERMAN lady, age 20-30, as cook for 4
people; references required. Call at Mar
covetch. 426 1st, after 7 P. M.
WANTED Thoroughly experienced and
competent stenographer; saisry $12 per
week. Address AQ t4. Oregonian.
w amcii a s-irl to do light house wor
and assist In -car of two cnlldrea. Phone
Tabor, &4S. 1 .
GIRL for confectionery store. 135H 10th.
GIRL to do housework. TQ3 NorthrupsL
LADY barber wanted at J0 4th st
WANTED 2 lady bar ber a 1411 2d aL
WANTED Colored people who can sing and
dance. Apply on stage Bunday morning
at 10 A. M. Heillg Theater. -
MAKE money writing short stories; big
pay; send for free booklet; tells how.
Vnlted Press Syndicate. San Francisco.
Teachers' Agency secures positions for
teachers. 316 Journal bid. Alain 4A35.
FURNISHED suite and salary for Jaaitob
14 u Grand ave, -
WANTED Young men snd women to han-
aie aa eaucauonaL specialty oi
merit ; liberal proposition to right par
ties. Address at once, J So4, Oregonlan.
WONDER CLOTH metal polisher; agents
wanted everywhere. Christy. S32 Lum
ber Exchange bldg.
THB Mobler Barber College will teach you
the trade In 8 weeks; tools free; send for
catalogue; 20 years In the business; 3
schools, a lifetime scholarship given to
each student; special Inducements given
to ladles. N. 2d at.
OREGON Barber College taaches you the
barber trade In 8 weeks; pays you wni
learning; tools free; tuition reduced this
term- usert Instructors: positions guar
anteed; special Inducements to ladlea. 233
Madison su. i33 2d at.
THE .NEW ROOK, ISecfets to Success in the
Mail Order .Business, contains luiu.-.-tlnn
all mll nrdnr men should have. In-
Valuable' to the beginner who wants to
start right; 25c prepaid. Wm. Delta, Gales
.reea. ur. .
w i H .:!.Kj4j? opr:RATORri In constant de-
mahd. This coming vocation taught at
Y. M. C. A- AU the Year Round Day and
Night Schools; complete . equipment; best
on coast.
intinn' vnv i Parooi ik.-tat reoulres clerk :
salary IbOO to 12.K. Free book. Pacific
States School. McKay bldg., Porttana. ur.
SCHOOLS, 505 McKay bidg.. cor. 3d and
Stark sta Phones: Main 102d, A 41 JL
Also headquarters I. C. S. Fraternity.
GOVERNMENT Jobs open to men. women;
tl to $150 month; list positions free.
Franklin Institute, Dept. 527 F., Roches
ter. N. Y. ,
GOVERNMENT positions are easy to get. My
free booklet Y iWtf tells how. Write today
now. Earl Hopkins, Washington. D.C
September Id; confers degree LL.i Wl
Worcester block. Marshall 275L
E. B. U. SHORTHAND SCHOOL; positions
guaranteod. Worcester block. Mar
shall 2761. '
INTERNATIONAL correspondence achoois
lttfi, Third st. (near Morrison), rooms 7
and Phone Main 404b. A av4.
Instruction. GREGG BHUKiHAu, dook
keeplng. 404 Commonwealth bid. Mar. 425a.
WANTED Men, 18 to 45, to become Port-
lsnd mail carriers, oo to aiuu mourn; va
cation. AV 217, Oregonlan ,
LEARN to operate movlng-plcture machine;
good pay, easy nours. secure posiuuus.
417 Rothchlld bldg.
BIG MONEY mailing circulars for others;
Sena 0 tor copyrigniea. idiitucuuui. n iu.
Leitz, Gales Creek. Or.
2W 14TH BT. Mrt 3VM. lMRlt -
GIRLS Learn beauty parlor work. arn
money while learning. ol3 rtotncnua otag.
K.EI3TERS Ladles' Tailoring College and
school of 1recsmaklng. liJh litn st.
SHORTHAND, typewriting, 3-month course.
15 per month. 8tfJ inn it.
SHORTHAND speed drills, any system, day
ana night., Worcester out.
Boekkeepera and Clerks.
STENOGRAPHER, bookkeeper and general
office man, with executive, ability wants
a position. Have acted as private secre
tary. Good real estate experience. Age
42. No bad hablxs. Splendid re Terences,
W 817, Oregonlan.
VOL'NG man with several years' experience
In general merchandise and mail oruer
houM and best of references wants posi
tion as clerk, R 21, Oregonlan.
up books prepare balance and statements
Install systems. Gil lie sham, auditor, 414
L-ewis blag. iaranau ixj. .
POSITION wanted: married man. 32 years.
wants onice position or insiae wora; thor
ough business and office experience and
references. AF oio, oregonian.
DRUGGIST, 7 years' experience; registered
in Kast ; "loc ai rererences; wm leave city.
Ad areas C. A. Tracy, Portland, or., care
Y. M. C. A."
WANTED Office position by competent
bookkeeper, understands lumber ana mer
chandise business thoroughly. AR 315
EXPERIENCED bookkeeper and office
man wants position, can do some sten
ographic work. Address Y 31a, Oregon
desires oermanent nosltion. railroad and
lumber experience, city reference. Kast
EXPERIENCED retail salesman In dry
soous. clothing, men's shoes snd furnish
ings desires a position as floor walker or
head salesman; capable of. doing the man
aging -and buying or faking exclusrve
charge If necessary; Is So years old and
does not liquor or tobacco to any
form. Address AM 312, oregonian.
TRAVELING salesman with eight years
success, full road experience, desires po
sition with a reliable firm, either aalarled
position or expense account and commis
sion consiaerea , prcier r aeumif
gon or California territory. AM 311, Ore-
CHAUFFEUR Japanese, desires position.
nrivflt rar. two vearsr exoerience. d re
ferred good repair man. willing to do
family work besides; references. K 8-3,
Oregonlan. 4
POSITION wanted by expert furniture man.
middle-aged; a metime experience u
carpet and linoleum work; best ot ref
' erences. AK 821, Oregonlan.
STOVE repairer wants situation. 16 years'
experience, 6 years ref.. practical plumber
and handy at all kinds of general repair
work. 053 Morrison. Main 4.ta.
WANTED Position as locomotive engineer
or machinist with small road or lumber
company; am up to date and clean record,
expert on au. K. oregonian.
MARRIED man wauta position as Janitor
in apartment-house; o years experience;
can give the best of reference. O. P,
Groble. Phone Marshall 6031.
WANTED To deliver goods with my new
auto delivery for some responsible firm,
. by the day or week. Address J. bchoger.
pjstoffice box 3iJ, city.
CHAl.TFTEUR with 6 years experience in
Oregon. .Washington and California, wishes
position; best references, ar zlz, urego
nlan. - f
MIDDLE-AGED man. business experience
with fine, large horse, wishes position as
collector or any good Job. Woodiawn
SOBER married man wants steady work:
.Janitor in office building preferred. AS
13, Oregonla n. '
CHEF, reliable, first-class, wishes position
in private tamny only; references excel
lent. Y 3L7. Oregonlan.
CoOK. flrst-ciass, tall-round, wishes poel
tion; city or country; references excellent.
a 303. Oregonian.
JAPANESE boy, cook or waiter, has expe-
rlence. wishes position in private family.
Address George Tana, 644 Washington st
EXPERIENCED all-round bakera helper
wants position; can give rexerences. vv
314, Oregonian.
FLRST-CLAf 3 waiters furnished. Marshall
71W. A 4910, Portland Walters' Club, 14b
6th, Portland. Or. u. oeraia. manager.
hov 17 wants olace near high jchooL East
Side, to work for board and room and
attend school. S 24. Oregonlan.
CHEF. Al dinner cook and meat cutter.
wants- worK in cateieria or restaurant
steady, sober. Main 3.'.3tf. Heft.
EXPERT orchardlst, with best of refer
ences, wishes permanent employment N
2J5. Oregonian. .
CHAUFFEUR wants position, private, com
merclal or shop. AO 313, Oregonlan.
JAPANESE, wants contract to pick prunea
Main j02l. 2i'i tjurnsioe.
CoLOLED man and wife wishes position.
Janitor; best reference, ynone jaat t3.
COUPLE will rent clean inside room
' gentleman, 8. 443 Park st.
WANT a job aa milker on da;ry ranch. P
324, Oregonian. - '
Bookkeepers and Stenographers,
i;t)oL trustworthy airl would like a posl
. tlon doing general office work and light
bookkeeping; good references. O 318. Ore
YOUNG lady with 3 years experience wishes
position as eooaaeeper anu general oxxice
worn, ffriiwwu iv.
BOOKKEEPER, with eight years' expert
ence. good city reference, want position.
Main 4.4.
STENOGRAPHER, three years' experience.
wishes position; xawjera ur posiciana.
Main 2461. -
WANTSD Position mm bookkeeper, best of
city rererences. rimncyn wmawn j-j.v.
DrcM makers.
DRESSMAKING by reliable,
dressntakef. Tabor SS7.
hume or day.
dressmaking, reasonable.
307 ivta t. aiam tfas.
r i pa RT.T-" eraduate nurse wants position
with wholesale drug firm, representative
or manager; less tnan ) not acceptable;
references. Ah. aitf, uregoman. .
NURSE wants care Invalid, Ugt housework.
Ilonsc keepers.
WOMAN wltb gtrl desires position as house
keeper; no irlflers need, answer. hm
lt st., room 5, or phone A
EXPERIENCED cook wants place
private family; no washing; wages
phone Woodiawn ZS2u.
COLORED girl wants a position as maid.
Phone East 4-182.
BY refined. - educated woman, executive
Kiiir v miBisinr housekeeoer first-class
spariment, private horo-a, bachelors' quar
ters, widower's home; will go to Seattle
- vregORian.
WANTED Ly middle-aged lacy, manage-
n.f ritMrt hi rooming or depart'
ment house; thoroughly experienced and
t-st of c!ty reierence, Ar jiq. vrcgvuiu.
TWO worm n to cook for crew of men or
housekeeper and cook f"r several men on
country rancn. a.-n jio. uirsuaau.
w t- iiiv i inrienced cook, also good sec
ond girt Call Motiday not alter & p. m.
35 bacraroenie nrwi. guy.
MIDDEL-AGED. Christian woman wishes
situation keeping house tor respectable
gentleman. 'AC 31B, Ormrnilan.
WANTED Position by lady as csshier In
motion Picture ho use or restaurant. E
323. Qregor.lan.
VfnX( woman, well experienced, wishes
charge oi rooming-nouse.- x oio, vicju-
YoUNO woman desires position as assistant
in doctors or aenttst s on ice. Aaaren a
316, Oregonlan.
GOOD laundress wants day work.
East 25i.
EXi'ERIENCE'll mnnlcurlst desirea position.
AK oio, Oregon ;an.
LAUS curtains, draperies, linens la un dried
by expert. jaiiea tor, igoor on.
LADY caterer will do all kinds ot parsw
work. Phone Marsnau -zitHt
COMPETENT girl cook, with first-class ret
erences. fnone Marsnau su.o.
EXPERIENCED laundress wants washing to
take home, r-none csuit
WANTED For rent, bungalow la good d!e-
gonian. .
l-ROOM house with sleeping porch yard
adults. Address 14Z ciacaamas iu .
WANTED 2 bedrooms, 1 living-room and
kitchenette, walking distance, nest biae.
reasonable rates, o SJ1, Oregonian.
Jruraisuea .twoca
2074 -h 214V euk
Nicely furnished rooms, homelike, re
spectable, clean and modern; hot and cold
water, private baths ; bummer rates, S3
per week and up; special attention given
to tourists; give ui a call; you will like
It for you get your money's worth and
then some.
FOR Y. M. C A. MEMBERS iuxnlshed
roorss, reasonable in price; fireproos omm
Ing, vacuum clean trd, shower baths, swim
ming pool, clbb facilities; special ratea at
cafeteria, and Id other I eat urea. FuU par
ticulars at business office, cor. oth and
Tsylor sta.
llth. between Morrison and Yamhill R
" cently opened; every moaern convenience:
filenty of hot water ana neat; neauuiui
obby; ratea (4 week and up; with private
bath. 15.&0 week and up; transient rates,
75c and up. Free phone. Main 42 &.
HOTEL REN WICK. Ideal borne for busi
ness people; centrally locatea; eiegant
rooms; modern conveniences. Broadway
and Taylor, block from Portland Hotel,
opposite Orpheum Theater. Main 916.
HOTEL BUCKINGHAM. 61' Washington
St., Cor. Ella; elegantly- located, new and
modern, all outside rooms; week up;
with private bath week up; transient
163 10th: couple of fine corner rooms,
very reasonable rent; permanent people;
also splendid large room downstairs.
HOTEL SAVON, 131 Eleventh street New
modern brick building, steara-beated. pri
vate baths, hot and cold water, comfort
ably furnished; transients solicited.
MADRAS HOTEL, 12th and Washington
Rooms, $3 week; private bath. a week;
corner front suite, (5 week.
THE LARRABEE, 227 Larrabee Rooms,
Si week up; brick building, steam heat,
hot. cold water, bath, phone, electricity.
CENTRAL HOTEL, opposite pantages; mod
ern outside rooms, 2. oO up, with oata
$' and up. Cheapest ln the city.
HOTEL EDWARDS. Grand ave., E. Belmont;
rooms 12 mo. up; s-&o ana up witn
bath; absolutely respectable. East 328.
HOTEL. CONGRESS Beautifully furnished
rooms, with all modern conveniences. 6th
and Main.
THREE nicely furnished rooms on second
floor. 631 Hoyt St. Main 3787.
Furnlfthed Booms In Private Family,
BEAUTIFULLY furnished rooms, one block
from Orpheum; hot and cold water, elec
tric lights, open fireplace, etc; the height
of elegance and refinement; $3.50 per week
and up; everything new. 227 Broadway.
Phone Main- 3S4.
WANTED Some nice business men to oc
. cupy the lovely rooms in my new -mod-'
ern home every convenience; most de
sirable section of city. Phone Woodiawn
1429 for information.
NICE furnished large front room, electric
lights, furnace heat, two beds, fire e phone,
two men employed, $2 -week each.. 630
Davis st., 2 bolcks from Washington near
FURNISHED room In an apartment, pleas
antly located on West Side. walking dis
tance to business district; room suitable
" for two. Phone Marshall 4t7d.
NEATLY furnished large front rooms; also
single rooms with privilege of kitchen;
Nob Hill district; handy to 23d car; rea
sonable gates. 7S7 Glisan. Marsnau 7o4.
LARGE, well ventilated, nicely furnished
rooms, use of nlano. close in, gooa local
lty; la r lawn and porch. 25a -llth at.
Main 7F75.
AIRY, well-furnished room for one or two
employed people; central, reasonable. 6S6
Everett St. -
FURNISHED rooms In private family with
bath 36 to $&. Sellwood 4tH, Tacoma ave.
B :025. .
PLEASANT room, with bath, modern house,
desirable neighborhood, walking distance.
2tid Grand ave. N, cor. Multnomah. C 2VJ3.
PLEASANT sleeping room, privilege of siting-room;
rent 110 month; in a modern
flat. 164 14th st. Main
NICELY furnished, large, light, cl?n room;
strictly modern; furnace heat; 10 month.
32 Harrison.
PLEASANT sleeping-room, privilege of sitting-room.
v7 Vaughn st. Phone Main
$10 FURNISHED room tn modern steam
heated apartment, private family. Main
446 TAYLOR street, bright, attractive room
for gentleman, close in, modern, reason
able. .
PLEASANT front room, modern conven
iences; walking distance. 360 East 9th
North, cor. Broadway.
virp furnished, cheerful, front basement
room, electric llgnts. $1.50 week- 1.30
Davis. ' '
ht-AiTlFl'LLV furnished room In good
home: references; Ivub Hill. 73S Johnson
street., -
sm a i.i. BieeolnK-room. reasonable rent.
plenty of hot waitr, walking, distance. 651
jiirin. ,
NICELY furnished front room, a'-l conven
iences, $12 per mo. iia faoyt. cor. -o sv.
NICELY furnished rooms dose in. walking
dinstance; private lamij. 6 -J eat r-ara.
$2 WEEKLY Good rooi. good location,
attc. $1.5u. 12th iu
ROOM for gentleman, private home, 51 Lu
cretla st., Washington, near 2od. A 1955.
OUTSIDE rooms. $2 up; heat, bath, phone;
walking distance. 3'J5 12th street.
ONE furnished room in private family for
rent. Appty 2& ynn st..
jARGE room, double closets, sleeping porch,
running water. 745 Hoyt. Mar. 4753.
FOR ' RENT Neatly furnished room with
i,.. mf!v PHnrwt Marshall 3m;S
ONE furnished room, $2 week. 2S 32th
L'nf urnikhed Rooms
XHREB unfurnished rooms for rent. Anply
Lace House Laundry. irO N. 2uth mt.
Rooms With Board.
X residential hotel; large sun porch;
rooms with or without baths; home cook
ing; tap;e poara. m
TH E CALVA RD. 452 Morrison, cor. 13th.
W ll IUI Dlcu &vwua wvwtu. Mttl'
ern conveniences.
t-jis hazel Now changed to family hotel.
special Summer rates; ctrlctly home eooa-
ln f. S"V OU mv. ir iivno ivih.
Coxy rooms, with bath ; board if de
sired, attractive rates. 710 Wash. M. 8661
CHOICE rooms, elngle or en suita; first-ciass
tame. a -u.
CASA ROSA. 300 Jefferson st Large airy
iurnisnea rouu wu m
Rooms With Board.
American and European plan; near City
Park; convenla&r, to carline, y .
Washington at 23d st. '
Residential and Tourist Hotel.
Attractive rates to permanent and traaw
slenta Main 75SA
14th and Jefferson Sts.
An exclusive residential hotel; attractive
rates to transients or permanent guests.
Mam ''$S. A 3S.
Select Family Hotel.
Modern rooms, with . excellent table
board; very reasonable rates. 11th and
iimnni sts
ROOMS and board at the Calumet for $37 5
pr XXI uu i u , uuuuio nun pr itaie iiiu, 9
per month; rooms, European. $15 and up;
rates by the day and week. liO Park at.
Main 73O0.
3S5 Montgomery t., at West park Mod
ern conveniences; rooms with or without
bsth; excellent tabie service; reasonable
rates for regular ar.d transient guesta
rooms with board, use of sewing-room, II
brary. 510 Flanders. Mrs. E. N. Wilson, sup.
THE MANITOU, 201 13th st.
Excellent table, large, airy rooms; Sum
mer rates. "J" car at Depot.
LARGE, newly furnished room, with board,
suitable, for 2 or more; separate beds;
piano, home comforts. lil 11th. Main 63 SI.
BEAUTIFULLY furnished rooms and excel
lent table board. 374 park sc.
NICELY furnished rooms with board, rea
sonable rates. 167 llth st.
Rooms With Board In Private Family..
BEAUTIFUL room, suitable for one or two,
separate beds, modern, airy, corner house,
near Hawthorne grammar and Washing
ton High School, well ordered table, walk
ing distance, 120 Bast 15th, cor. Aider.
East G14d.
PLEASANT room, with board; easy walk
ing distance; very pleasant surroundings;
best home cooking; home privileges. Mala
S280. -
ONE front room, suitable for two; one small
room; board of desired. 331 Montgom
ery st phone Main 43S9-
WOULD like to give room and board to 1 .
or 2 children, near school. Call forenoon,1
C 2I4.
SUITE of rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
with or without board. 515 Morrison at. t
Marshall 4V23. '
WANTED Two nice young men, roomers
and boarders, at my house,. 5uo Emerson
st. Woodiawn 8"i3.
GOOD rooms and board, modern, close In,
472 Salmon St. Marshall 41:73.
241 2UD ST. NORTH--2 connecting rooms
excellent board; men preferred. MainJu7i.
NICELY furnished room,
22d. Phone A 4569.
board. 102 N.
FURNISHED rooms, with or without board,
490 Taylor.
NICELY furnished room; home cooking,
home comforts. Main bb'M.
COSY front room, with board, sui Labia
two; modern, homelike. Main 6485.
SJO FRONT parlor, for 2, modern con
veniences. b 17tb, near Everett.
ALL the comforts of home, walking dls
tance; borne cooking. 57 Trinity piace.
ROOM with board. 404 Madison sL, car. 10th.
Phone Main 2006, Miss Masses.
iutNG men to board and room, private
home, Portland Heights; nice rooms, line
visw. Call Marsnail 0ti4.
ROOM and board for 2 or 3, $4.50 a week;
ciosj in. Gu7 Clay st.
FURNISHED rooms with board; sleeping;
porch. 30 llth st- Phone A 1616.
FRONT room with board, near . 12th, in .
Ladd Add. East 4&42.
THE WASHINGTON, 6l Northrup 5 -room '
unfurnished apartment, with bath and al
modern conveniences. telephone, steam
heat, gas, electric light, etc. Take W car
to 21 st and Northrup. phones Main 437 d,
A 1133.
DESIRABLE 3-room apartment or 4 rooms
furnlfchea or unfurnished, arranged for 2
bedrooens; very reasonaole rent; desirabl
location, good service, outside roms, pri
vate bath, direct phone. SHEFFIELD
APARTMENTS, 72 Broadway, cor. Jeff'a,
North 2Uth and Northrup sta
Homelike fumisned 3 and 4-room apart
ments; outside rooms; balcony to every
suite; all conveniences; ref. Phone M. 117a.
Cor. 3d and Hail Cosy 2-room furnished
apis., buiidlng new and strictly modern;
ail outside roomm; h minutes to P. O.;
rates very reasonable. Marsbatl 4637.
GRANDEST A East Stark and Grand ave.;
new building, nicely lunusned; privata
p nones and baths, automatic elevator ;
moderate prices; walking distance. Phone
East 28.
KEELER APTS., 14th and Clay; beautiful
3 and 4-room unfurnished apartments, new
brick bldg.; electric elevators; references.
NEW VOKK APTS., nicely furnished, very
central, 2 and 3 rooms, large k itchens.
baths, heat, light and both phones; $i6
to $-5 per month; also siecping rooms.
East 7th and Belmont.
841 14th st. at Market.
New two and three-room apartments,
completely furnished; walking distance;
prices reasonable, phone Main 17otf.
NEW brick building, hot water heat, mod
ern, all light, 2-room apartments, large
bath, furntfhed and unfurnished, rent $-0
to $30; two blocks from llth st. 353 Chap
man, cor. Mill.
Everything, bed and table linen, all
outside large - rooms, privata bath nd
phones. - You must see this. Tabor 223.
. Elegantly furnished apt., six mo. .or
one year lease ; also bachelor suite ; best
of ref. required. Phone Marshall 3669.
20S 13th, near Taylor. Main 4795.
One elegantly furnished 5 -room apt.
One 5-room unfurnished ape
Nicely fur. and unfur. 3-room mod.
apts.: private bath and phones; walking
distance, $1& up. Phone East 2759.
LEEDS APTS. 2, 3 and 4-room furnished
apartments, modern and all conveniences;
absolutely fireproof; $15 to $30; also am
- gle rooms. 210 Market st.
SEE the Oerton Apartments furnished and
unfurnished, cheapest and best in the city;
private phone. Lath and electric elevator;
'no inside rooms; new manager. - Take
W car. 24 21st and Overton.
All outside 2 -room fur. apts.; low ratea
- Include free light, heat, private rhona.
S" or luth-st. car south. Main 1377.
Park sc. at Madison.
Modern 3 and 4-room furnished apart
ments by the week or monttu
S0O Williams ave.. nicely furnished ,
'and 3-room apts. Private bath and,
$20 up; walking distance. ' E. 3273.
MiiREDiTH Modern, neaiy renovated - .
room apartments. $20 and up; good Jani-
tor service; walking distance; references.
712 Washngton, opp-. 22L Main 7134.
:Third and Montgomery; new. mod erg
outstdo,' i urnisned J -room apartments, ele
vator; close in; $20 to $30. Main 1466.
GRACE APTS., 24th and Northrup, large
rooms, hardwood floors, phone, hot water
heat, veranda and Sleeping porch, vacuum
cleaner ; new and strictly modern.
39 Trinity piace, z. 3 and 4-room fur- '
nisiied apartments; private bath and tele
phone; modern
HAMliERSLEY COURT, 250 12th. bet. Main
and Madison, private baths, modern, close
to P. O. Bachelors" apts. cared for, low
prices; nicely furnished. Mar. 2v52, A 2T2S,
OLIVE APTS Neat and modern 2-room
apartments, homeiike. East 3lth and Bel
mont sts., $15 and up; one 3-room apart
ment, unfurnished. Tabor 2435.
STUDENTS, Attention; completely fur
nished, homeiike apts., centraliy located;
references; reservation by mad. 270 Lin
coln. .
HiSLOP HALL Hawtnorne and E. 6th sfw,
1 2 and 3-room furnished, modern apart
ments; service first-class, unexcelled ifcT
service, or walking d-siance. "
East 7th and Morrison sts. Very centrals
2 acd it-room apsrtmects. furnished com
plctely; private; from $2Q-to $21.50.
Union and Couch; new, furnished mod
ern 2-room apt., walking distance. $22-.
THE BEVERLY. Park-Yamhill, furnished
rooms. $2 to $3 week: transient &o and
si per cay; nice bhu w
12th and Harrison 2 and 3-room apart
ments; best service. pci-
BANNER Apartn-ents. 4Si Clay st. Modem
2 Si, completely furnlsned. $14, iS
and $-0. Marghaii o..
NEWLY furnished apt., very reasonably
janitor service. The Jackson Bungaiow,
434 llth at.
BRUCE APTS., 23th and Northrup; 0-roora
apartmVnt; larce. light rooms; excellent
location, phor.e Marshall 14Za. A 3179.
THE DAYTON Comfortably lurmshed mod
ern 4-room ept.. only $23. 5j2 Plandere.
THE LEONARD, 3-room apartments, mod
ern outside rooms. Cio East Main,