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    THE 3IOK.NING OKEUOMAA, TllUKSDA 1. ALtiCNT 151. 1913.
;en Competition Results
War Among Dealers.
test Quotation Is 4 Cents a Pound,
I but Lower Values Are Expected.
Hot "Weather Demands
petition amonp banana dealers is
"ly to result In iom lively price cutting
I m which the public expect to set the
lefit within the next few days.
Iv fresh shipment of bananas U due here
Friday and lower prices are expected to
60 far any price cutting that has
3D done U purely local and In a small
hy. but It is expected that there will be
l-ne excitement next week on the arrival
a rood. lot of low-priced fruit from New
I leans.
Ixhe trade here in recent years has been
Vng a medium -si xed bunch of medium-
ked bananas, but as they can"t get enougn
I that trade to make an Impression oa tne
a.rket it Is probable that the traae wm
back to the old-fashioned large-sixea
laches so as to have fruit to "throw to
Is birds'
I Bananas are selling; today at 4 cents a
und. with prospects of a further cut vary
I Yesterday's warmer weather resulted Id
l-ne lively business along- Front street.
latermelons were in better demand a
Ievioua quotations.
Peaches and tomatoes continue scarce and
tlve. Grapes, outside fancy Malagas, are
I re or less neglected. There Is a wide
ngm In Malaga prices, some stock from the
nperial Valley being very soft and selling
nominal prices. On the other band some
I tra fancy stock from Fresno County brings
I e top quotations.
I A small shipment of extra fancy grape-
Ijit of tbe Florida variety was received yes
rday, and sells at J 5 and $6, according to
k. Other sorts sell down to $3.50.
cent Drouth May Cause Steaka to Sell at
50 Cento, esy Packers.
I Chicago packers declare that the retail
ice of beef will go to unheard of figures 1
I xt Winter, as a result of the recent
I outh in the Middle West.
I "Forty cents a pound for the choice cuts
Isms a certainty, 43 cents is a probability
i.d even SO cents a possibility before
ring declared a packer's representative.
I The corn killing drouth in Kansas and
Southwest has deprived the cattle rais-
r sections of feed for their stock. Fod-
I r remains, but the corn Itself, necessary
fatten the steers for the market, will
l:ve to be shipped Into whole sections of
I untry that are naturally grain exporters
an expanse that precludes the Idea of
I y great profit making- by the cattle-rals-
1 3 at anything near the present prices.
For ten days a steady rush of cattle to
e big livestock markets of the Middle
est has been fn progress. A great cattle
l-ortage, Is a certainty within a few months.
lockmen declare.
Cattle receipts In the Western market
Irnt became above the normal when tbe hot
rather killed off pasturage. Western
Krcners saw a light crop of hay and began
l ipping carload after carload of steers to
hlcago, Kansas city and all the other
teat markets. Then the certainty that the
prn crop would be a failure in many sec-
Ion s sent more thaln loads o feteers into
forth west era
Growers Give Schedule
Consumption of Products.
Seasons for eating apples have been of-
dally named by Oregon-Washington apple-
rowers as follows:
October and November Jonathan; bril-
lant red; a splendid family sort; Juicy, rich
Ind vinous.
October. November and December Grimes;
olden yellow; an old-time favorite; tender
Ind spicy, with delightful aroma.
November, December and January Spits-
n berg; bright red; the aristocrat of apples;
I'isp. Juicy; dejlclously rich and fragrant.
November, December and ' January De-
clous; dark red; the latest favorite; sweet.
i.Udly touched with acid; fine and melting.
December. January and February stay-
ian; rich red; an improved Winesap; very
ender with rich sub-acid. ,
January, February and March Rome
I'esuty; red striped; the champion baker;
- rightly and pleasant.
February, March and April Yellow New-
own; greenish yellow; the best late apple;
I ne flesh with refreshing high flavor.
February. March and April Winesap; in-
nsely rich -red; very Inviting.
Grain Receipts Not so Heavy.
Portland grain receipts are maintaining a
omial basis pending the movement of
ie season's crop. Arrivals, however, are
I clow those of last year so far as the wheat
Iepartment is concerned. Barley, oats, flour
nd hay are running above last year's level.
Farmers are holding out for higher prices
Ln4 It is believed that they wilt get them.
ri:ere has been a strong undertone favorable
to the bull element in the last few days.
j.ittle business Is passing and quotations re-
iain fixed at levels established more than
week ago.
Carload receipts, as reported yesterday
I y the Merchants' Exchange:
Wheat Barley Flour Oats Hav
llonday ' 71 14 o 13
l uesday "t 4 4 4 10
IVednesday .... 37 4 g
ear ago 4, 2 4 1 h
Reason to date.rtJl 0r 114 :;
' ear ago 74 ;;ui III 342
Virtue Sells Peach Crop.
WEVATCHEE. Wash.. Aug. One of
lie big peach contracts of the state vn
isde recently when George A. Virtue coo-
-acted the output of his big Moses Coulee
Irchard to the A. . Baker Fruit Company,
f Chicago. Under the contract Mr. Virtue
I ereit es Zb cents a box cash In advance.
hnd the company officials believe thry will
e able to realise 60 cents a box for the
flipper. Mr. Virtue estimate his crop at
-om V to SO carloads, about half of which
r. re Elbert?.
Prune Estimate Made.
The Nt-w York Commercial sizes up the
dune situation as follows:
"Our advices from the Coast are that the
?13 crop will not exc-ed 43.CW tons, of
hn:h fully ae.Outf tons have already been
jld to European buyers. It is difficult at
his time to estimate th quantity sold to
f ) trade throughout the United States, po-
Insttc requirements 'are from 75,soo.OOe to
OA.0i0.000 pund annually. The tonnage
ii'a year Is practically the same as tn 1910.
'urchawi up to date have been small in
omparlson with trade, requirements.'
Hide Markets Inaetlve.
Quiets prevails In hide circles, both !o-
ily and in the chief commercial centers of
he country. According to New York brokers
l aoners continue to hold aloof from the com-
I--on dry hides and no sales ef Importance
er noted last week. But the market re-
l eaned a firm tone as stocks are moderate
ind mountain Bogotaa were maintained at
;e. No change occurred In either the wet
t the dry salted hides. There were no new
llevelopmenu in the city packer market.
trading being reported quiet at steady price.
Bank Clering.
Bank Clearinc of the Northwestern rlHes
I ester day were as follow:
rl rin em Tim ltnrf
IPcjrUand .....v...:.....ti.721.a
Seattle M43.J77 ;S.007
Ticomt 41.531 ;.
Spokane SJ0.S37 t.2l
Grain. Hour. Feod, Etc.
WHEAT Track prices: Club, 7 "?:, 83c; forty -fold. 780c;
Kvuian. 7o; fife. 71c; Valley, boc
FLOIR t-atenta. s.7( Pr barrel:
straights. S4.10; exports.; vallsr.
94.7U; graham, 4.bu; wbole fletu
OATS No. 1 white. 2T par toa: new.
$24.0u per ton.
CORN Whole. M; cracked. 3S per ton
MILLS TUFFS Bran. J4.J0 pr toa;
shorts, ,20.50 Pr ton; middlings, $31 par
BARLEY Feed. $:4I4.3 per ton; brew
ing, nominal; new feed. 123.JO; new brew
ing. 125; rolled, 26.4ui7.iO car ton.
HA i- Fancy Idabo tlmotby. li18; flu
ey Ktrrn Oregon timothy, K. li; timo
thy and clovw. I11: tlmotby and al
fa;fa. 13SH; aUalfa. 12.30; elover. .60
4,10; oat and vetch. ISll; cbeau 110 Oil;
Valley grain hay. 1UKH1.
Dairy and Country Praduea.
Local Jobbing quotation,:
POULTRY Hen MfcUtjc: Springs 169
17c- turkeys, live. lS'oiuc; drtsied. choice.
24620c;- aucka. 11&12l; i;ete. oun. lli-.
tuGS Oreion ranch, cut count, 22c per
dozen: freah rauth. candled. 2SSf29c
CHEfc.Sti Oregon tnpi.ta. iuac; Dalslea,
17c- Young Am.rloaa, lSc
BUTTEH Oregon creamery butter cobea,
t2c per pound; butter fat, delivered, 32a
per pound.
PORK Fancy. HftUVjC per pound.
VEAL Fancy, 14 10c per pound.
Frulta and' Tecetablaa,
Local jobbing- quotatlona: y
iROPlCAL, FKclTS Crangea. (4.300
6 per box; lemona, 3&.2l$9.00 per box; pine
apples, 6 Q la per pound; bananaa. HJ3a
per pound.
O.NluNa Walla Walla, tl.OO per aack.
VOETABLS Beans. 3iif4c Per pound;
caiioage, 22Sio pur pounu: cauiiltow.r, S2
per crate; corn, lOlOc doscn: cucumbera.
20&4UC per box; eggplant. Base pound;
head jettuce, 8340c per dosen; peas. 57e
per pound; pappera, SulOc per pound; rad
laaoa. 10O12O per doscn: rhubarb. ly2o pr
pound; tomatoes, 5Uc6l per box; garlic,
10c per pound.
POTATOES New. 75ca$1.25 per hun
dred; sweet potatoes, J'j'aJc per pound.
GREEN FRUIT Apples, new, 90C&I2.25
per box; aprlcota. 7oc 'it ( 1.20 per box; can
taloupes, S1.232 per crate; peaches, 23
90c per box; watermelons. $1.25 per cwt.:
plums, 70c6tl.2O per box; raspberries, $1.00
per crata; loganberries, $1 per crate; peara,
12. 2.2j per box; grapes, L23 per crate;
casabaa, $2.25 pu dosen.
btartle Grocarlea,
Local Jobbing quotatlona;
SALMON Columbia l;lver. ons-pound
tails. $2.25 pr doaen; half-pound flats,
$1.40; on. -pound flats, $2.43; Alaaka, pink,
on.-pound talla, 3c; sUversldes, one-pound
tails. $1.26.
HONEY Choice, ',3.25 3.73 per caaa.
NUTb) Walnuts, ISo per pound; Brastl
cut a, 12H016C; filberts, 13016te; almonds,
18c; peanuts, 60otac; oocoanuta, Buc0$l
per desen; cnestnuts, lie per pound ; nica
orynuts. sluc; pecana, 17c; pine, 17 W 200.
BEANS Small wblu. oc; large wblt
5.06tfc; Lima, 6.3UC; pina, .13c; Mexican.
0c; bayou, 4 10c
SUUAR Fruit and berry. $0.05; Honolulu
plantation, $5.0u; beet. $0.35; extra C, $0.u0.
powdered, barrels, $0.o0; cubea, barrels,
COFFEG Roasted. In drums, lS4JX2o per
bALT Granulated, $14 per ton; half
ground 100s. $10 prr ton; 30a, $10.75 per to;
dairy, $12.30 per ton.
RICK No. 1 Japan, EQ3tto; cheaper
gradea, 4 toe: 6outbern head, fittllfcc.
DRIED FP.UiTd Applea, 10c per pound;
aprico'a, 12 8 14c; peaches, telle; prune.
Italians. bolDc; ailvar, lec: li.a, whit, and
black. bHtfTc; currants, ttHc: ralalna, looae
Muscatel. t!aC7l!tc; bleached, Tbompaon.
1194c; unbleached. Sultanaa. le: seeded,
78c; dates, Persian, 7iatJ8o par pouaA;
fard. $1.63 per box.
FIGS Twelve lu-ounce, 85c; 30 6-ounc.,
1.S5; 70 4-ounce, $2.50; JO 10-ounce. $2.25.
looa., 60-pound boxea, 07c; Smyrna,
boxes, $1.1091.23: candled. $ per box.
Local Jobbing quotations:
HAMS 10 to 12 pounds. 22023c; IX to
14 pounds, 22023c; picnics, 13c; cottag.
rcll. IiHc
BACON Fancy. SOftSlc; standard. 234)
2c; English, Il(ric
LARD In uercea, cholcav I4)ae; com
pound, 10c
VAX SALT MEATS Rezular short clears
UljSflOo; ahort clear backs, 13 to It lbs.,
lOiHObo; short clear backs, IS to 25 lbs.,
isolate; exports. 150lTc
BAilKELLl BEEF Kxtra mess beef.
$20: mess beef, ,'2U: plate beef. $22: rolled
Hope, Wool and Hides.
HOPS 1812 crop. 130 loo per pound; 101$
contracts, 20c per pound.
i'ELTS Lry. 10c; Uuuba, salt shearling.
10 035c.
WOOL Eastern Oregon, HO 16c; vat
lay, IS&lBo per pound.
GRAIN BAGS selling price. 100 Port
laud. HIDES Salted hides, 11V4012C par lb.:
salt kip. 12 lie; salted rsir. lrlc: greea
hides. lOVsBUc; dry hldu, 120 230; dr
calf No. 1, 20c; No. S, ZOc; salted buua. ac
MOUAIR 181 clip. 31c per pound.
TAnaeed CHI. Gasoline, Etc.
LINSEED Oil Raw, barrels, 62c; boiled,
barrels, 64c; raw, cases, tiic; boiled, cases,
OIL MKAL P. o. b. Portland works: car
lota. $35; 5 and 10-ton lota, $34; ton lotj.
TURPENTINE Bsrrcla 624c: cases. 85a
COAL OIL Cases, 17H02OVic: drum!
and barrels. lO013toc.
GASOLINE Cases. 23c; bulk. 16c.
Daily Lectnres Will Be Given by Ex
perts and Vse of Building Ma
chinery Demonstrated.
EUGENE. Or.. Aug. 20. (Ppecial.T
A good roads institute for the benefit
of the farmer, is art innovation which
Judge Thompson and the Lane County
Court proposes to bold on the Fair
Grounds at the Lane County Fair in
September. The fairgrounds commit
tee proposes to make this Institute,
perhaps the first of its kind In the
Btate, a leading; feature of the educa
tional part of the fair.
Tne plan is to hold dally lecture?,
with prominent road authorities as
speakers, and day demonstrations of
the proper use of road-making machin
ery. State Highway Engineer Bowlby
has indorsed the project and will be
present. Among the speakers secured
ara W. B. Fountains, assistant engi
neer of the Southern Pacific in Ore
gon, formerly a prominent highway en
gineer; County Judge Thompson. Clyde
R. Seltx. Cascade Forester, and others.
The lectures will be held September
18. 19 and 20, at 10:30 A. M. An hour
each morning will he devoted to ac
tual demonstration of the use of grad
ing machinery. In one tent will be a
series of models showing steps in road-
construction, and methods of handling
various types of ground. These mod
els are furnished by the department of
Agriculture at Washington.
Recently the County Court held a
road institute among Its County Su
pervisors, which was largely attended
and which was entirely educational.
The county officers war more than
pleased with its success and now pro
pose to hold a road Institute for the
benefit of all the farmers In the
Aplrant for Troutdale Office to Be
Examined September 2 7.
cial.) With tha approach of the end
of the four years' term of Fred Har
low as postmaster of this place there
will be a vacancy. The office pays
S10 a year. Troutdale is a fourth-
class postoffice and will be filled un
der the civil service rules.
The United States Civil Service Com
mission will hold an examination In
Portland September 27 for selection of
a postmaster for Troutdale. Accord
ing to tne rules applicants must reside
in tlfe district in which the postoffice
is located. i
Stocks Regain Ground With
Better Mexican News.
Entire List Is Stronger but Cncer
tain Air Causes Unsteadiness.
Steel and National Biscuit
Advance Pew Points.
NEW YORK, Aug. 20. Conditions in tha
stock market were mora propitious today
and tha list responded by regaining the
ground lost yesterday, although It did not
hold Its advantage throughout the session.
Kelief from alarm over affairs In Mexico
was tbe most definite fore, in formulating
sentiment. Another important Influence was
cessation of heavy Belling by Kurope.
titocka wer. not in abundant supply, aa
bear traders discovered when they attempt
ed to cover. The most pronounced move
ment was In the first hour of trading, whan
many of the favorltea advanced from one
to two points. The copper stocks showed
strength, smelting meeting with especial
favor because of tha improvement In Mex
ican news. Some of tha specialties were
strong. National Biscuit rose five points.
The upturn aroused little speculative in
terest. Trading became listless and prices
eased off.
Steel, one of tha strong features of tha
early trading, relinquished mpst of Its gain,
but later stiffened again. New business
for August was reported showing improve
ment over July.
Bonds were steady, with little trading In
Important Issues. Total sales, par value.
IU17.000. United States 4s coupon advanced
i and the registered declined on call.
Reported by J. C Wilson acCo., Lewis
building, Fortlaud.
Open. High. Low. Bid.
Amal Copper... 10,W0 74 73 73
Ame Beet Susar 2'0 2ii 2 2rt
Am Can 2.0W 34 33, 33 s,
do preferred.. 200 i)3 9 3i. i4
Am Car t Ftiy ,3
Am Cotton Oil. goo 44 44 43
Am Km It & Kfg 3,40 6S 07
do prefrrred.. 200 10OH loot, loo"
Am Sugar 1od
do preferred ill
Am Tel & Tel.. 100 130 130 130
Am Tobacco 23
Auaconda 20O 30H 36V. SH1
At Coast Line.. 2u 121 4 121 121 li
AT Santa Fa 1.200 tfttb VH Pu
do preferred 6ta
Bait oc Ohio... 204 07 9314 (tot,
Brook Rap Traa S.10U iV fcS oS
Canadian Pac. 2,100 210 210
C At O t00 67 5T 57
C & Gt W " 13
C & S W 12U
C M ofc St P 1,100 107 lOtHi lvS
Central Leather. 300 23 23 23
Cent of N. J 2i
Chino 1,400 40 3V 3D
Colo Fua it Iron 31
Consoluated Gas i.... lwl
D & it G 20
Llstlllng Sec... 200 14 14 13
trio 2,200 2V 2414 2d
do 2d Pfd 37 It
General Electric 700 145 144 145 "4
Gt North Ore.. 8oJ 35 35 35
do preferred.. 300 127 127 127
Illinois Central.. 100 10S 10S 107
Interboro-.Metro. 8.00 10 15 11
do preferred.. o.ouO 2 60 61
Kansas City So. - 100 25s 25 25
Lehigh Valley.. 600 153 153 153
Louis 4 Nash.. 185
Mexican Central 30O 14 14 13
M St V B S M. 400 134 133 188
Mo Kan & Texas 23
Missouri Pacific 1,000 81 SI $1
National Lead 48
National Biscuit S00 127 123 12i
do preferred.. 116
X y- Central... SOO OS US fs
N V Ont ac W... 100 30 30 80
Norfolk at West. 400 H 1 lot)
North America. 200 72 71 Ti 71
Northern Pacific 2,000 112 111 ki lll'i
Pacific Vail 21
pacific T Jt T.. 200 27 27 27
do preferred vo
Pe:.n K H 1.000 113 112 112
Peoples Gas 113
iteadlng 24.1X0 101 10 lei
Republic Sal.. IN -4:4 24 24
ICock Island ... 100 17 17 17
Southern Pac... 14.3'JO Si VI 1
Southern Rail... 2UO 25 25 24
Txas Oil 100 12.1 123 123',
Union Pac 10,51)0 154 153 153
do preferred.. 300 S3 S3 Ml
Un Rds of S P 23
U S Steel Cor. 4S.4O0 B4 83 03 H
do preferred.. out 107 107 lu7
Utah Copper ... 3.400 51 50 51
Wabash 40O 5 4 4
West Union Tel 66
Westing Elec... 1.200 72 71 71
Wisconsin Cent 47
Total shares, 180.000: bonds, par value,
8395,500; call money. 2 pr cent.
Reported bv Overbeck Cook Co., Board
of Trade building, Portland.
Bid. Asked.
Atrhiaon general 4s 04 v5
Atlantic roast Lin. 1st 4s ll VI
B O gold 4S 1 til M,
B R T Is OS oo
Chesapeake It Ohio 4s 3 l
C M 4 t P gen 4s l-io loo
i- R I col 4s Jm ', 5S
ral Gas ! 03 fc4
C B W Joint 4S 01 04
Erie eneial 4s 75 70
lilt Met 4s 75 75
Louisville Nashville uni 4s.. t)3 D.I
Missouri Pacific 4s 07 t
N Y C gen 3s 81 M
N A W 1st con 4S t"3 4
Northern pacific 4 4 4
Oregon Short i.nnee ref 4S fro 10
Orrson Rv Nav 4s I1 WJ
Pacific Tel 5s IH5 97
Penna con 4s 'J
Reading general 4s 04 15
St I, i St F ref 4s 70 71
southern Psclflo ref 4s no tl .
Southern Pacific col 4a 0
Southern Railway 4s 75 75
I'nlted Pacific 1st and ref 4s.. 12 03
I nited States Steel 5s 10u lOO
West Short 4s OS ....
Wubash 4s 53 43
Weftlnxhouse El'C conv 5s !' M
Wisconsin Central 4s M
Tnited States 2s registered !"8 100
I'nlted States 2s coupon PS Iim)
Unlt-d States ::s registered 102 o:s
I'nlted states 3s coupon 102 103
I'nlted states 4s rectstered 110 112
United States 4s coupon 110 112
Stocks at Beaton. -
BOSTON. Aug. 20.-
Aliuui-x 35
AmalK Copper.. 73
-Closing quotations:
Nvada Con ....
jNipifsing Mines.
A . 1. A: s-m 1
Arixona Com . . 2
.-orin fciuite.....
I.N'orth Lake....
Old Dominion...
Siin A Bos Mln..
U S 8 R A M . . .
do preferred...
itb Con
i.'tah Copper Co.
B&CCftSM. 1
ra! Arisona.. tvl
i.'al a Hecla 425
Centennial 14
Cop Ran Con Co 3i
E Butte Cop M. 11
Franklin 4
Granby Con ... Gl
Grene Cananea. n
1 Koyalls tCopl lii't
Kerr Lake 3'i
Lake Copper. ... o
La Salla Copper 3
Miami Copper... 22
Money, Exchange, Etc.
NbW YORK. Aug. 20. Money on call
steady. 2&2; ruling rate. 2; closing, 2tf
Time loans tinner; SO days. 3 : 90 daya,
4; six months. 5 51 5 per cenu
I'rime mercantile papfr. oo per cent.
Sterling exchange - steady. I4.S.1S for So
day bills. 84.060 for demand.
Commercial bills. 84.82-.
Bar silver. 3u.
M-xican dollars. 48c
Ciovenmient bonds. Irregular; railroad
bonds, steady.
6 AN FRANCISCO. Aug. 20. Sterling ex
change. SO days. 84.82: do sight. 84.88; do
doc.. 84.81. Transfers, telegraph. 4 per
cent premium; do sight. 1 per cent premium.
LONDON. Aug. 20. Bar silver steady.
27 5-14d per cunce; bond rate. 4 per
cant; consols, 73-
New York Metal Markets.
NEW YORK, Aug. 20. Lead steady. 4.70;
in London, 20 7s 6d- '
Spelter Steads. 6.75d5.80; lu London.
20 12s Sd.
Copper Firm: standard spot and Au
gust. 14.75 bid; September. 11.75 15.82;
October. 14.77318.60: electrolytic, ls87jr
18.00; lake. 18 00; casting. 15.82 S 13.75.
Tin quiet.: spot and August, 41.2094160;
September, 41.006 4LS7; October, 40.80 v
Antimony Dull; Cookson'a, S. 40 Q 8.50.
Iron Steady and unchanged.
London markets closed aa foll.wa:
Copper Firm:, spot, 89 2a sd ; futures.
(80 3s d.
Tin Strong: spot, 158 5s: futures, 1188
Iron Cleveland warrants. S3 M.
Cotton Quotatlona at New York.
NEW YORK, Aug. 20. Spot cotton stesdy,
middling uplands, 12.15: sales, 1240.
Futures close-! very steady; closing bids:
Ansust 11.81. September 11.84. October 11.58,
November 1L4U, lievember 11.51, January
11.43. February 1L45, March 1LS0, May
Following la the rang, of contract prices
prcviuiitg iiubi on Hie .rw j.jik ..vt.uu
Exchange, as reported by th. Ov.rbeck at
Cook. Company, of tbl city:
January ...... .11
High. Low. Close.
11.44 11 27 11.43
11.51 lt2 1150
11.54 11.81 11.53
11 M 11. 7J 11.81
11. S 11.41 ll.iit
11.54 11.S5 11.58
11.53 11.29 1L51
NEW YORK. Aug. 10. Cotton closed
steady at 11 to 30 points net advance.
Prices Quoted at the Bay City for Vege
tables, iruit. Etc,
SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 20. The follow
ing produce prices were current here today:
Fruit Apples, California Newtown Pip
pins, $1.75t2: Gravenstelna. 81.3591.85;
other varieties. 5octt 81.75: Mexican limes.
8101.25: California lemons. 8tr7.50; pine
apples, 81.2Cfi2.25.
Cheese New, lc: Young Amerlcaa, 17c
Uay Wheat. 82S.005.O0; wheat and
oats, 821.50 22.00: alfalfa, 813.00 8 15.00.
Butter Fancy creamery. 32 c; aeconda.
Egga Fancy ranch. 33c; store. 27c
Vegetables Cucumbers. 200 40c; greea
peas. Hf;5c: string beans, 25c; egg
plant, 35 75c.
Onions New. yellow, 00ei 81.50 per sack.
Potatoes New river whiles. 0cS 81.10;
Merced sweets, l2c.
Receipts Flour. S4 quarters: barley,
48.0OO centals; potatoes. 71SO sacks; hay.
VB7 tons.
Naval Store Market.
SAVANNAH. Ga.. Aug. 20. Turpentine
firm, 370 to 3Sc. Sales, SB: receipts.
72t; shipments, 103; stocks, 3ft.074. m
Rosin firm. Sales. 21oP; receipts, 171o;
shipments, 148T; stocks. 717.083. Quote: A.
B. 3.80: C. D. 83.95; E, 83.95: F, 83.00 to
84: G. H. 83.03 to 84.05: I. 8405; K. 84.10;
M. 84.40 to 84.45; N, 85.10; WG. 80: WW.
Prodnee Market at Chicago.
CHICAGO, Aug. 20. Butter Steady, un-
Eggs Firm, unchanged; receipts, 0009
"cheese Firmer. Daisies. 14 15c: twins.
14414c; Young Americas, 15c; long
horns, i c
New York 6ngar Market.
NEW YORK. Aug. 20. Raw sugar firm.
Muscovado. 8.23c; centrifugal, 8.73c; mo
lasses. 2.88c Refined firm.
Poultry Prices In Saa Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 20. Hens, 84.00
812; roosters, old 84 35. young 87 8; ducks
old .14.50. young 858: broilers, large
81.50,5. small 3 4; gaese. 82 6 2.50 ; squab
81.25 2: pigeons. 81-5: fryers. 5ti7.
Hope, Hides, Etc, at New York.
NEW YORK. Aug. 20. Hops, steady.
Hides, steady.
Petroleum, steady.
Wool, steady.
Dried Frnlt at New York.
NEW YORK, Aug. 20. Evaportad apples,
quiet, but firm.
Prunes, firm. '
Peaches, quiet.
Saa Francisco Closing Barley.
SAN FRANCISCO. Aiif. 20. Afternoon
session: Barley December. 81.40: Au
gust. 81.34 w. asked; September, 8134
asked: May. 81-44 H.
Good Steers Selling at $8.35 With
Indications That Prices Soon
May Be Even Higher.
Improvement in tha bog; market and a
slight advance In tha price of cattle were
noticeable developments of tb. day's trading
at tha Portland Union Stockyards y.sterday.
First-class hogs now ara selling, at 8S.85,
which Is an advance of 5J cents within
tha last weak. One lot of porkers want at
that figur. y.sterday and the firm under
tone in the market Indicates that the price
will remain around that position.
Beef also Is going up. Two lota of ateera
went vast.rdav at 8S.35. Both bunches
averaged well under lloo pounds. Heavier
steers brought Sf.OO ana poorer eiuv i
varying .lower figures.
in spite of an avalanche of sheep and
lambs, tha mutton market la holding up
fairly well. Choice lamba ara bringing 85.
Heavier animals are celling at. lesser values.
Another large shipment of sheep was re
ceived vesterday 1-135 head In all. Other
receipts wore 400 cattle, 135 calves, 183 hogs
and one horse.
Stock growers who sent their products to
the local yards yesterday were:
Baker City Packing Company. Halnea. 1
car of calves and 1 horse; E. E. Willard.
Baker, 1 car of calves: E. Cochran. Baker,
2 cars of sheep: L. B. Swlck. Baker. 1 cars
of sheep: G. Hepton. Great Falls. Mont.. 4
cars of cattle: J. R. Pally. Stevensville.
Mont, 1 car of hOKS; C. F. Nichols. Riddles,
1 car of cattle; F. B. Decker. Halsey. 1 car
of hogs; J. R. Wilson, Modesto, Cel.. 1 car
of cattle and calves; C. N. Clark. Modesto,
1 ear of cattle: George McKay. Condon. 4
cars of cattle; J. M- Williams. Redmont. 2
cars of sheep, and T. tv. tiowitt, lerre
bonne. 1 car of cattle.
Following la a list of yesterday's sales:
Weight. Price.
28 steers 1093 '
28 steers - 1075 8.35
2S steers H"! T.25
25 steers 1171 7.M
2i steers H09 T.90
1 cow H0 8.50
1I lambs S O.l'O
50 lambs ' 4..-0
23 lambs 8 3.U0
258 lambs 07 6.00
129 ewes "5 3. i5
1 ewe 80 S-T-l
18 calvea 218 7.15
:t calvea 214 S.2S
2'.S lambs 13
2:18 lambs 7 4.11
24 ewes 90 8.73
25 steers 73 7.0
32 steers 924 7.23
27 steers H" 7-0
2S steers 12M 6-33
2 cows 970 H.73
21 cows 1048 7.00
1 stsg 1310 8 00
2 bulls 0 S.O0
1 bull ln'" 5S"
t bull ias 5.0
.".5 lambs 6 4.30
'.'.-. lambs W S-73
loo hos nil S .75
r. hoga 158 8.75
74 hoSs' 229 8.85
51 hogs 141 S:13
3 boss 258 7.13
Tbe range of prices at the yards was aa
choice steers 87.73 SS.33
Medium ateera ... 7.00' 7.50
Choice cows 8.78 7.00
Medium cows 8.231 8.1J
Medium calves 8.04)ti 8.. 5
iootl. hesvv calves 7.5on 8.50
Bulls 4.00 S.54
uVh'T. S-T5W 9.08
Hesvv 8.00 -yi 8.80
Sheep , ...
Wethers S.i.-. 4.-'S
pw., 2.50r 3.30
Lambs-;!! 20W 5.30
Chicago Llvertork Market.
CHICAGO. Aug. SO. Cattle Receipts,
1.000; market, steady to a shade lower.
Beeves. ": Texas steers, J8 75i7.70:
Western steers, 86.249 7.70; stockera and
feders. 85.43j70: cows and helfen, 85.80
to S.20: calves. 818 11-23.
Hogs Receipts. 21.000: market. 5c to 10c
higher for best. Light, S 309 05; mixed.
87.H5t9: heavy. 87.20'S 8.75; rough, J7 206
7.50; pigs. 84.25 1 8.15; bulk of sales. 87.b0
Sheep Reeelpts. 21,000; market, strong to
10c hlKher. Native. $:l.T59 4.8o; Western,
84C4S0; vearlings. I4.f!5t9.'i3; Iambs, na
tive, 5.45tr7.75; Western. 85.736 7.S0.
Omaha Livestock Market.
SOUTH OMAHA. Nb., Aug. 20. Cattl
Receipts, 8o0; market. steady. Native
steers, 87 20 s 9: cows and heifers. JO.fot
8: western steers, 8.25a7.90: Texas steers,
8697.40: range cows and heifers, $5.50ty
7; calves, 4.
Hogs Recelpta. T200: market. higher.
Heavv, 87.00 37.85: light, Tt.,a8.50; pigs,
17 4 8"; bulk of sales. 17.75'a 7.85.
Sheep Receipts. 9000: market, steady.
Yearlings I5'3 5"3: wethers. 84.20S4.90;
lambs, 86 .7" 7 80.
Abhland Considers Invitation.
ASHLAND. Or.. Ausi. 20. (Special.)
A telegrram received today from local
representatives at the (rood roads con
vention at Eureka, advances a propo
sition for holding the trl-state good
roads gathering; next year at Ashland.
Such an offer would be contingent upon
the' city's assuming; certain financial
obligations, a matter which the Com
mercial Ciub now has under advise
ment, 1
Bull Element Dominates Day's
Trading at Chicago.
Heavy Buying. However, Holds
Prices at Former Level Total
Corn Crop Ks-tlmuted at Only
82,500,000,000 Bushels.
CHICAGO. Aug. 20 Wheat today was
dominated largely by the foreign situation,
bullish cables Imparting strength that lasted
throughout the aession until the final hour.
when the market weakened aomewhat on
profit-taking aales. At tha end, prices
H to He net higher. Oats declined s8
Provisions were 2M to 17V4C higher.
The cables brought news of wheat shorts
covering at Liverpool, told of rather unfav
orable crop conditions in Germany, France
and Hungary and carried predictions of ex
perts that for some time yet Europe would
depend on America for most of ber cnoice,
dry wheat. To this bullish news i
added opinions that damage was to be
feared from further rains in the Canadian
Northwest. Good milling demand, espe
cially from th. Southwest, and large ex
port clearances also served to stiffen prices.
Some of th. recent bull snap waa out of
th. corn market today, aa traders believe
that a turn is due. . However, there was a
firm tone and Influential buying cauaed
price recoveries after each dip. one sua
taininr factor waa tha prediction Of an au
thority that the total corn crop, because of
the recent drouth damage tn the soumwest.
would be only 2.25O.00O.OO0 bushels.
Oats eased off In late trading after a
firm start. Selling by leading commission
houses for Southwest account waa the fea
ture of tha market.
Higher prices at the yards, reflecting In
some degree losses caused, by tne nog
cholera in certain sections of the surplus
corn states, stiffened provision prices, though
at tn. Close more were reactiona on iioora-i
The leading futurea ranged as follows:
Open Hleh. Low. Close.
Sept 8 .8 714 8 -S7V4 8 .S64
Dec "' .ito'i .K0H .0(a
May 60S -05 .U5H .Mitt
Sept. 73 .73 '4 .74 .7314
Dec. S .Oil .OS .69 4
May 70 .7o
Sept- 42V4 .421, .421a. .42
Dec 45 4a .45 Vs .44 H -45
May 4SS. .40 .47 .47
Jan. .21.00
. 10.85
Oct. .
11. SO
Sept 11.47 11.82 1L45 11.82
Oct 11.35 11.40 11.32 11.37
Jan 10.15 10.87 10.80 10.35
Closing quotations:
Cash: Corn, No. 2. 7777e: No. 2
white, 77&7&o; No. 2 ye. low. 77 78c;
No. 3. 777c; No. 3 white, 77S7Sc;
No. 8 yellow, 77 6 77 0.
Oata No. 2, 41c; No. 2 white, 4S844c;
No. 3 white, 42 43c: standard, 4343c.
Bye. No. 2. 7!8sc.
Barley, 55 If 75c.
Timothy, 84.50 ? 8.40.
Clover, $18614.
European Grain Markets.
LIVERPOOL. Aug. 20. Wheat Spot
steady, futures, steady; October, 7s SaA:
Ueceutber, 7a 2d-
Graia at Minneapolis.
MINNEAPOLIS. Aug. 20. Close: wheat.
No. 1 hard, WOc; .1o. 1 Northern. SS&bSlsc;
No. 2 Northern. SOU 97 "Ac: No. 2 hard Mon
tana, 88c; No. 8 wheat. 64!4t?b8c: Septem
ber, sic; Liecemocr, auc; aiay, vase
Nan Franrlaca Graia Market.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 20. Spot Quota
tions: Wal'.a Walla, 81-47 J 1.50-. red Rus
sian. 81.47 H; 1.5o; Turkey red. S1.55&1. Ou;
blucstem, 81.551.00; feed barley. $1.27
1.30; brewing, nomlnsl; whit, oats, 81-3u0
1.52; bran. 824.5025; middlings, $30081;
shorts. $28.504 27.
Grain Markets of the Northwest,
SEATTLE, Wash.. Aug. 20. Wheat Blue,
stem, 83c: fortyfold. 79c: club, 70c; Fife,
7sc; red Russian, 77c Yesterday'a car re
celpta: Wheat 14. hay 15, Hour 4. oats L
TACOMA. Aug. 20. Wheat: Blueatem,
S.'.c; fortyfold. sic: club, sue; red Fife,
eoc Receipts, wheat 27, barley 1 corn 1, hay
11 aara.
Coffee Futures at New York.
NEW YORK, Aug. 20. Higher cables, ru
mors of unfavorable Brasillan crop and
steadiness In th. cost and freight market
caused a further advance In coffee today.
The opening waa ateady at 8 to 13 points up.
Prices worked gradually higher. cloalng
steady at a gain of 11 to 18 points.
August, S.0c: September, 8.01c; Octo
ber, 0.01c; December. 9.17c; January, 9.25c;
March. 0.42c: May, 9.53c: July. S.83c.
Spot, steady: Rio, 7s. 9c; Santos. 4s,
12012c Mild, dun; Cordova, 13i8c;
Cleveland and Washington had no
g;ame scheduled yesterday.
Linseed Market at Dnlnth.
DT'LUTH, Minn., Aug. 20. Close: Linseed,1
fl.50; September, $L4V bid; October,
$1.30 bid.
Crew Starts Construction Work on
. Valley & Sileti Line.
INDEPENDENCE. Or., Aug;. 20.
(Special.) A special train was run
over the Independence & Monmouth
Railway to Airlie yesterday, carrying;
a trainload of laborers for work on
the Valley A Silets Railway. The rail
way company secured the rifrht of way
over the old Southern Pacific tracks,
at Airlie, to Hoskins. in condemnation
proceedings in the Circuit Court last
Work started today on the actual
construction work. The right-of-way
agent will begin immediately buying
up the rifrht of way beyond Hoskins, as
It is the plan of tbe company to build
Into the Spauldina; camp this year, com
pleting; the road to the fciiletx Basin
next year.
The sawmill at Hoskins; which was
purchased by the Cobb & Mitchell In
terests to saw out railway timbers,
started to work last Thuraday at saw
lng ties and bridge timbers for the
road, and as fast as the grading is
done these will be distributed alone;
the right of way. Machinery for the
work is now on the ground.
Ashland Camp Begins Willi SO
Charter Members.
ASHLAND, Or., Aug:. 20. (Special.)
Ashland Camp No. 7, t-ons cf Veterans,
was instituted here last' night with a
charter membership of about JO.
Colonel C 8. Scott, director of the
movement on the Pacific Coast, per
fected the organization and will visit
the northern towns for th same pur
pose preliminary to the formation of a
division encampment for the state. In
order that Oregon may be represented
at the National s-atherlng; of the order
at Chattanoogra. Tenn.
Of'icers of Ashland Camp are as fol
lows: Commander, B. W. Talcott;
senior vice-commander, Bert Thomas;
Junior vice-commander, tf, C. Eddinir
ton; treasurer. V. O. N. Smith; secre
tary. Donald Spencer.
A board of trustees will also assist
In the msnanement of the camp. The
new organization will meet in the
Grand Army Hall i
First National Bank
Capital $1,500,000
Surplus $1,000,000
Oldest National Bank West of the Rocky
EsUMiihcfl 2859.
Capital $ 1,000.000X0
Surplus . 1,000,000.00
Deposit. 14,000,000.00
Commercial and Savings Accounts
W M. Led d, President, Rohert B. Howard. Asst. Caehle
Kd ward Cooklngbam. VlcPraa. J. w Ladd. Asst. Cashier.
W. H. Dun.aUey, Cashier. Walter . Cook, Aest. Cashier.
Corner WacUnstoo-ud Thirl Street.
iB II J i iUt WZM
m . i m & kes
till 1 w-
FRANCE (new) Hevt.
El 1
LA EiAVOlfc; Sept. 17 'LA LOKKAINE Oct. 8
LA 1'BOViiXt'E Sept. Z LA SAVOLE Oct, 15
Twiu-screw steamer. rQuadrupie-screw steamer.
ONE CLASS C1.N (II) and THIRD-CLASS Passenaera Only.
I. W. hunter. SO Sth at. I A. D. Cnarlton. 333 Morrison St.: K. M. Taylor. C.
M. St. P. Br. Usner B. Smith.
Uteaaoaw 12Z Sd mt. I Aorta ssana tto.
Volunteer Fire Association Will Hold
Annual Picnic August SI Bert
Gould's Funeral Held.
ST. JOHNS, Or Aus. 20. (Special)
At the reg-ular meeting: of the City
Council Tuesday a remonstrance was
filed by a number of property owners
against the assessment for the cost of
hard-surfacing Fessenden street, the
remonstrance belnar based ' on the
ground that the assessment exceeded
the SO per cent bonding limit required
by law.
Twenty property owners petitioned
the Council to improve Willamette
boulevard by hard-surfacing and put
ting down cement sidewalks from Bur
lington street to St. Johns avenue, and
a resolution was ordered drawn to start
proceedings for the improvement re
quested. A complaint signed by several prop
erty owners regarding the plank side
walks on North Jersey street, between
Fessenden and Catiln streets, was re
ferred to the street committee and City
An acknowledgment was received
from O.-W. R. & N. officials to the re
ceipt of orders regarding draining
Bradford street and assuring the Coun
cil the matter would receive due at
tention. The matter of this company
planking Bradford street between
Richmond and Charleston streets was
referred to in this communication, and
the company declared that it was too
expensive and Impractical owing to the
numerous switches and frogs. After
some discussion the City Clerk was In
structed to order the space described
to be filled with cinders by the railway
Members of the Women's Christian
Temperance Union filed a remonstrance
against the wearing of X-ray skirts
within the city limits, and requested
the Council to adopt a resolution mak
ing it a misdemeanor. The matter waa
referred to Chief of Police Allan for
When the matter of purchasing sev
eral small tracts of land for city parka
came up for consideration. Mayor
Bredeson suggested that sealed offers
be tendered by those having suitable
properties to offer, giving a price and
complete description of the property
offered. 'This suggestion waa adopted
by the CounciL
' The Council voted to discontinue the
cutting of weeds for the remainder of
this season.
Tbe ordinance governing the use of
intoxicants In pool halls, dance halls,
etc, reached the third reading and was
passed, with the penalty ranging from
5 to $50 for violation.
An ordinance providing for financial
protection for members of the volun
teer fire department who happen to be
Injured going to or from a fire was
referred back to city Attorney uatz
meyer to insert a clause calling for a
certificate of a regular physician De
fore any money could be paid. and. in
no case shall the amount exceed $300.
The question of hard-surfacing Wil
lamette boulevard from Richmond to
Burlington streets came up. but the
City Attorney recommended that no ac
tion be taken until after a deal now
pending be consummated whereby the
city acquires the title to a 20-foot strip
for street purposes from J. E. Kirk.
The funeral of little Bert Gould,
who died Tuesday night ss a result of
being run over by a sand-wagon loaded
with two yards of sand, took place to
day from the undertaking parlors of
A. H. Blackburn, with interment at the
Rose City Cemetery.
The little fellow's father works for
the Jackson Sand & Gravel Company
and Bert was hanging to one of the
company's wagons when he fell off and
a rear wheel of the load passed over
him. The accident happened Monday
and the child lived until Tuesday night.
The St. Johns Volunteer Fire Asso
ciation will hold its annual picnic at
"Mud Flats," SL Johns. August 3U This
will be an invitation affair and an en
joyable time is promised. Games, con
tests, speaking and lunch will be fea
tures of the day. A kangaroo court
wll be held.
The Free Methodists are holding
camp meetings on the Caples property
on Dawson street and a large number
are attending.
Flower 'Show Feature Planned.
ABERDEEN. Wish, Aur. 50. (Spe
cial.) An old-fashioned garden, cor
rect and complete In every detail from
bleeding; hearts and rosemary to holly
hooks and four o'clocks and larkspur,
will be the feature of the annual flower
show to be given Auirust SO by the Ab.
erdeen Civic Improvement Association.
Tbe earfen he Indoors, but planted
In sand and sodded over. Pretty youna;
women of the city have been secured
to tend tha garden in the costume of
SO years ago.
Comptvnle ,
Generale Transatlantkjue
Dlrees Line ta Hstt s-Parts ass
from New York every Wednesday. 10 A. 34.
PROVENCE, Wed. Sept. 3
IS FRANCE (new) - Oct. 1
t.. TOl'RAINB Sept.
9 Mb St.; A. C febeldon. 100 3d St. ; M.
H. I
biu matt htark sta.. arents. Portlaa
Lewis Building, 269 Oak Street.
Phones Marshall 4120. A 41S7..
50 Pine Street New York
The 8. S. C.EVfcKA'l A'D
CINCINNATI ir ships of unusu-X
tonnage, providing sp clous cabins
staterooms, and deck sp&ce.
Tne teecond Cabin accommodation
compare favorably In comfort and
luxury with the first CfcOins ot ves
sels of leas tonnase.
From BOSTON to
Cleveland brptrmber 11
Ciaciaaatl.. ......... ..September tS
Cleveland October 17
Ciaciaaatl October ZS
Hamburg-American Line
169 Powell st., San Francisco, ral.: South
ern Pacific Co.. SO (tb at.. O.-W. R. A N
Co., Nor. Pacific. D. A R- O. R. R.. Burlinc
toa Route, afilwaukie ac Pusst Sound R. R..
Great Northern Kailway Co.. Doraey B.
Smith. ( 6th St.. Portland. Or.
Round Trip Rates: 1st class to Tahiti S1SS.
to Wellinatoa S267.S0, to Srdner S3O0.
Special Pacific Ocean Tear (Including
South Sea Isles) to Sydney via Tahiti. Rara
tonsa and Near Zealand and retarnins to
San Francisco (or Vancouver) via Auckland.
FIJI or Samoa and Honolulu, 9325. 1st clasa,
Stop-ovara any point, sood ona year. Sail
Inga from San Franciaco Ausust 20, Sept. 17,
Oct. 15, etc
Cnloa Steamship Co. of New Zealand. Ltd.
Office: Market Street. Saa Franclacav
Large, Hew and Fast Pawnrwr StFamrrs from
New York ererr alternate Saturday.
For rates, etcapi'ly local ticket agf-ntt,or
rot inntLS, On Afx: m tirkor ,
baa 1 ranrtM-o and la A nicies
S. S. BEAK Sails A. M., Auirust Z0.
b. b. ROSE CITY, Ana. 5.
CO. Ticket Office, 8i and H UfUUja--ton,
with O.-W. K. Jt H. Co.
Phone Marshall 4500, A SI21
San Francisco, Los Angelej
and San Diego Direct
S. S. Eoanoke and S. S. Yucatan.
bail Svery Wednesday Alternately al
P. Ss.
USA Third St Pnoaea Mans 1314. A Hit.
sails from Alnsworth Dock. Portland, 8 A.
M . August 8, 11. 18. 23. 28. Sept. 2. T, 12.
17, 2, 2. Freight received nntll S P. aC
sxcapt day previous to sailing; previous day
j p. k. . passenger fare: Flrat-ciass, 110;
second-class. $7, Including berth and meais.
Ticket oftiee Lower Alnsworth Dock.
H. KCAI1NO. A eat. raoue Xaia MOO.
A tiai.
Bailroad or any stsamer to San Frncisr
the Expo City. Largest, fastest snd tha
ONLY strictly first-claas pisser.ter snips on
tha Coasl. Average speed 2S par
oour: cost IJ.Ooy.OOO each-
S. S. t-O.
28. Prank Bol'am, Agent. A 150.
124 Third btroek
. -x,s --"'im nw ijifh-i