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Negro Is Sentenced to Twelve
Months and One Day and to
Pay Fine of $1000.
Judge Announces -decision Hard to
Make In View of Prominence of
Prisoner Among His Race and
His Life of Immorality.
CHICAGO. Juno 4. Jack Johnson,
the negro heavyweight champion, was
sentenced today to one year and one
day In the State Penitentiary at Jolfet
and fined $1000 for violation of the
Mann white slave act.
Sentence was pronounced on Johnson
after Federal Judge Carpenter had de
nied a motion for a new trial made by
counsel for the negro. Johnson ob
tained two weeks- tlmo In which to
prepare a writ of error, and the bond
for 130,000 on which he has been at
liberty since his conviction was allowed
to stand.
Negrro Not to filve I p.
Half a dozen Deputy United States
Marshals who had grouped themselves
about Johnson in anticipation of re
sistance when the prison sentence was
Blven, left the room when Judge Car
penter announced that the fighter could
continue temporarily at liberty.
The sentence to the State Peniten
tiary Is the result of an order sent
from Washington that all persons con
victed In the Federal Court in this dis
trict should be sent to the State Prison,
owing to the crowded condition of the
Federal penitentiary at Leavenworth.
Johnson left the courtroom declaring
that he would not give up his fight for
liberty, and that if the writ of error
were denied, he would make further
The arguments for a new trial came
up as a surprise late this afternoon.
The case had not been set previously
nd the proceedings began with the
unexpected appearance In the court
room of Johnson and his lawyer.
Johnson Prefer City Jail.
"It has been hard to determine what
punishment should be meted out In this
rase." said Judge Carpenter In passing
sentence. "We have had many cases
where violations of the Mann act have
been punished with a fine only. We
have had other cases where defendants
have been sentenced to one or two
years In the penitentiary.
"The circumstances in this case have
neen aggravated. The life of the de
fendant, by his own admissions, has
not been a moral one. The defendant
Is one of the best-known men of his
race, and his example has been far
reaching. "The sentence shall be that the de
fendant shall be confined ,a year and a
day in the Joliet penitentiary and that
he shall be fined $1000."
The court denied a request of coun
sel for Johnson that the negro be al
lowed to- serve the term in the city
Bridewell Instead of state's prison.
("Continued From Firt Paffe.)
trips to California In the last year ac
quire new and added importance In
view of the recent developments In
San Francisco.
Hope of Road Uvea.
The HUT Interests have not given
ur hope of driving a rail line into
Oregon from the East. When they
gave up their rights in Malheur can
yon a few years ago so the O.-W.
H. & X. Company might use it for
tlieir new line, now being built. It
was with the understanding that It
was to be used jointly by the two
roads whenever the Hill system con
nected at either end. The costlv ex
perience of building two railroads
through the reschutes- canyon, where
mere never will be enough business
for one. will not be duplicated at Mal
heur. One set of tracks will suffice
tor both roads.
The Hill plans for utilizing Malheur
any on nave not been developed. Con
nection will be made with the Hill
, nystem east of the Oregon-Idaho line.
It may be with the Burlington in Wy
oming, as suggested from San Fran
Hsoo. but unless all previous plans
have been abandoned, the route will
be through Oregon to a. connection
with the Oregon Trunk and not across
the desert land of Utah and Nevada
as Pan Franofsco advices indicate.
As it will require years of effort
to get the rail links connected, the
Mill Interests will improve the time
meanwhile by building up a California
business through the steamship line
between: Portland and tSan Francisco.
Attempt to Burn Association Home
Laid to ex-General Secretary.
COTJNC1I.. BLTTFFS. Ia-. June 4. A
warrant was Issued In Justice court
liere today for Warren E. Cottrell. x
creneral secretary of the Young Men's
Christian Association of Council Bluffs,
charging him with attempting to burn
the Y. M. C. A. building here. Five
attempts to destroy the building were
Cottrell was accused of the crime and
is said to have confessed his guilt. He
was declared Insane by the County San
ity Board and sent to the State Insane
Asylum at Clarlnda.
Superintendent Witt of the institu
tion notified the state authorities last
Saturday that in his opinion Cottrell
was sane and the warrant was issued.
Cottage Grove to Be Host to Xeigh-
boring Fanners Friday.
Special.) Everything is in readiness
for the big picnic which will be given
to the farmers by the Commercial Club
and business men of this city.
An address of welcome will be given
by Mayor Chambers, responded to by
a member of the Grange. Speeches will
be made by I P. Harrington, Indus
trial field worker of the State Depart
ment of Education, and Morris J. Dur
vea, promotion manager of the Eurene
Commercial Club.
A ball. game between the Ixirane and
Toitage Grove teams will be a feature
of the programme.
Flood Stage Due Today.
CMATILLA. Or.. June 4. (Special.)
The river at S P. M. registered 24.4 feet.
The county bridge here is completely
rovered by bacK water from the Colum
bia. The flood stage will be reached
MVprijB Mghy
1 V.5v"rV.
SSoS -5fNe- 5 ,
.,il -.jtfjtf..:-v
, i"- Am:Vm$1:
I CI ' 1 VH V f "i I fl 1 1
1 ' ' f t !
p . IfL " I'
Mrs. Sheridan Defends Non
Resistance to Divorce.
Artist Says She Could Xot Bring
Charge of Xon-Snpport Against
Man, and Any Other Would Be
Absurd for Woman.
NEW YORK, June 3. (Special.)
Mrs. Sarah Macdonald Sheridan, ar
tist and teacher of singing, and a great
friend of the "Wilsons, whom she only
recently visited at the White House,
defended today her position in permit
ting her husband to obtain a divorce
from her in the West on the ground
of desertion. Her husband, who Is
Charles Oscar Sheridan, went West four
years ago because his sight was fail
ing, Mrs. Sheridan remaining In New
York to earn her living.
"Whatever I might say in defense
of the position I have taken in per
mitting my husband to get a divorce
from me," said Mrs. Sheridan, "would
be absolutely valueless as lustincation
for the attitude of non-resistance did
1 not consecrate my future life to
larger service to what seems to me
very disordered world. I have always
faced the strain of economics and I
feel very keen sympathy for every
man, woman or child who wakens in
the morning and wonders If he may
have strength to earn his bread that
one more day. I want to live In such
a way as to cast some light on the
difficult problems of living for all of
us. From the time that I was a lit
tle child, born durinpr the terrible
years of poverty Just after the war In
the South, I have in one way or an
other earned my own wav. lust as anv
other woman would who found herself
In the midst of difficult situations.
using my ingenuity and the little cour
age I had born to me of a proud
courageous race to sustain my husband
in making a home and rearing two
children in an environment most trying
to tne career or a young artist.
I.tfe Dedicated to Other.
"So through nearly 30 years of vicis
situde. having the children educated
in scnool where the genius of their
lives could expand, following them into
their maturity -with my right eye
HJiile my left was of necessity turned
toward my own art and consequently
and unavoidably becoming, more and
more sympathetic with all the phe
nomena of struggle and sorrow of the
world outside, I find myself prepared
for a more serious pursuit of trying
to make conditions easier for others.
I believe there is a solution of it and
a redemption from It somewhere in
the minds of men and women. I have
a large plan laid in my own mind for
this work and I believe It will be real
ized. "My husband had no Intention of do
ing me an Injury. I am certain. We
have al-w ays been friends. Just what
his future will be I do not know, but
presumably something where being
married to me would hinder him. I
want his happiness. A divorce could
have been of no service to me In my
work. If It frees him for any spe
cial purpose he may have in view,
then I must permit him to have it.
Any Other Charge Absurd.
"I could never have brought a charge
of nonsupport against a man, when
I believe the woman should share the
struggle .with a man if it is neces
sary. Any other charges are absurd
for a woman to make before a court.
If a woman fails to keep a man's
love or his chivalry, certainly no court
judgment could console her. From the
little I have observed in such trials,
I would prefer misjudgment of the out
side world rather than bare my heart
to the lawyers and judges of the aver
age divorce court. There ls a splendid
majority Just God and one's Belt No
other decision can count."
First Train to Vaqulna on New
Schedule Brings 135 Passengers.
Sunday passenger service over the
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad between
Albany and Yaquina was inaugurated
June 1, and the first train under the
new arrangement brought In 135 peo
ple, who passed the day at the beach
here. As in former - years the train
probably will be maintained until No
vember 1.
The schedule that was In effect last
Summer was followed Sunday, but one
of the company s dispatchers who came
over on the train for the purpose of
cnecicmg up running conditions said
he would Tecommend a material short
ening of .-the time.
X As it ia aoir, tha train leaves Albany.
at 7:30 A. M. and arrives atYaqulna
at 12:10 P. M. There it is met by the
ferry-boat Newport which get the
passengers here at about 12:45 P. M.
The new time table will probably go
into effect In two weeks, and will
mean that the excursionists will be
given more time- at the ocean. The
noon weekday train, which is another
regular feature of the Summer service
on this line will, it is reported, 'be
put on about July 1.
Kentucky Threatened With Renewal
of Reign of Terror.
HENDERSON, Ky.. June 4. A reign
of terror more serious than similar
depredations of recent years is threat
ened by "night riders" against the to
bacco growers of this district. In the
last week there have been minor dep
reciations Dy organized bands and to
day threatening communications from
the "riders" were received by William
Elliott, president of the Stemming
District Tobacco Association, and
Leigh Harris, editor of the Henderson
Daily Journal.
In the letter to Harris the "night
riders" assert they are thoroughly or
ganized and will prevent the produc
tion of a single pound of tobacco In
this district this season. They an
nounce that they plan to destroy beds,
plants and tobacco in barns.
Farmers in this section are arming.
Adventist Elder Fears for Safety of
WASHINGTON, June 4. Conditions
in Hayti have become chaotic since the
death recently of President Tancrede
Auguste. resulting in the Imprisonment
of several missionaries without charges
preferred against them, according to a
statement by Elder Bender, of King
ston. Jamaica, In his report of the West
Indian union conference at today's ses
sion of the Seventh Day Adventists of
the World at Takoma Park. Md.'
"One who Is familiar with Haytian
prisons and methods of discipline," de
clared Elder Bender, "must be greatly
concerned for the safety of the mis
sionarie." -
Elder R. C. Porter, of Cape Town.
South Africa, was elected president of
the Asiatic division conference with
headquarters at Shanghai.
Fere Marquette Men Demand In
crease in Wages.
DETROIT. June 4. Twelve hundred
shop employes of the Pere Marquette
Railroad are on strike as a result of
ine companys retusal to'grant an in
crease in wages. Freight service is
delayed and in some cases passenger
traffic has been delayed.
The road being in the hands of re
ceivers appointed by the Government.
United States officers are guarding
the property Strikebreakers are be
ing sent from Chicago and Detroit.
Expedition of Tariff Legislation De
clared Essential.
KANSAS CITT. June 4 Rolutlnn
favoring a permanent tariff commis
sion and memorializing- Congress to ex
pedite the pending tariff legislation
to the limit of consistency; "in order
that business shall not - remain un
settled longer 'than necessary," were
adopted unanimously by the National
iumner aianutacturers Association in
session there today.
. Preliminary steps were taken for a
forest products exhibit at the Panama
Pacific Exposition.
W. C. Mackey. of Portland. Or., was
elected one of the vlce-presidenta. The
convention adjourned tonight.
Sulphur Tips Swallowed
End in Death.
BOVILL. Idaho. June 4. (Special.)
Frances, the 2-year-old daughter of E
I. Rockwell, assistant forester of the
Idaho division, of Missoula, Mont, swal
lowed the heads of 20 matches In the
camp of the Foresters, about six miles
from Kovm and died yesterday after
noon while she was biing brought to
the hospital cere.
Mr. Rockwell had been doing re
search work for the Government, and
was studying the forests In and around
Bovlll. and his wife and baby bad
accompanied him on he trip.
Lumber Phmt Is Destroyed.
TACOMA. June 4. Fire destroyed the
saw mill and planing mill of the Kirby
Lumber Company, at Kirby, on the line
of the Tacoma Eastern Railroad. 12
miles from Tacoma, yesterday, to
gether with 1.200.000 feet of lumber
and six loaded cars. Loss, $35,000, with
insurance oX Jii.000.
Factory Girls Boycott Park
Their Young Men Friends
Hold in Disfavor.
Department Store Witness in Mis
souri Wage Inquiry Says Some
or Salespeople Earn From
$40 to $4 5 a Week.
ST. TjOITTS. June 4. That some for
eigners who are employed in factories
oppose suggestions regarding the bet
terment of their health was testified to
to-day by George F. Pltfman, general
manager of the St. Louis Cordage Mills,
who was a witness before the Missouri i
Senate wage investigation committee, j
He told of the establishment by the
company of an outing place on the
Meramec River, where the girl em
ployes could spend Sunday, the only
charge being 25 cents for railroad fare.
The plan was a failure, he said, be
cause the girls said their men friends
would not go. as only "soft drinks"
were served there.
Company Pajn Physicians.
The company pays a physician to
treat the girls when they are ill, he
said, and if they are injured in the
factory, the company sends them to a
hospital. He said the average wage
paid women by the company was $6. SI.
D. T. Nolan, superintendent of the
Tower Grove factory of the Liggett &
Meyers Tobacco Company, said the
wage paid to the women workers there
was ?9 or 10 a week.
Robert F. Wilcox, general manager
of the Grand Leader, a department
store here, employing nearly 1300 wom
en and girls, said the salesgirls in
his store, in addition to their salary,
got commissions on their sales, and
that the salaries and commissions to
gether average $9.25 a week.
"Some of our girls," he continued,
"earn as high as $45 a month in com
missions, and. we have some sales peo
ple who earn $40 and $45 a week.
Wedding; Prnenta Given. -
Air. Wilcox testified, that the store
employed a woman to look after the
wenare or tne girls in their homes
and boarding-houses; that wedding
presents were given to all girls who
got married, and that there was a fi
nancial benefit of $50 for those who
More than 800 employes who have
worked for the store three years re-
i-v j weeas- vacation with pay.
' who nave worked less than
three years receive a week's vacation
and also additional time off if they
wu 1 L uiier i n e merit system.
If Snow Does Not Interfere Survey
ors Will Go as Far as Crest
of Cascades.
EUGENE, Or.. June 4. (,!!
Advices from Oakridge, railhead of the
Natron extension, are to the effect that
H. L Randall, engineer in charge, ac
companied by J. A- Martin nnH 17- T
Risley, left that place yesterday on a
scouting expedition up Kitson Creek,
looking for a more feasible route for
me JNatron-ltlamath cutoff than given
by the present survey.
Mr. Randall and his party expect to
bo as iar as tne crest or the Cascades
if the snow does not interfere. While
railway officials will not make definite
statements, it Is known they are di
s&usnea witn tne Salt Creek pass by
mo uurvey now. crosses the
mountains, as tnere are a score of
rocky ridges running down to the creek
in as many miles, necessitating far too
many tunnels.
Should Mr. Randall find a more feas
ible route for the line, and it Is adnnted
it would mean the abandonment f ih
six miles ol heavy gradinsr hevnnri
oakridge, which bas been under con
struction for the past 18 months, and
... . . . vvni i. u . Home six
weeKS yet.
vvuen tnn construction work was
started five years ago this coming
August, the Southern Pacific comoanv
had already had surveyors in the field
three years locating the line. Shortly
after work was under way. Chief Engi
neer Hood came down over the line
and disapproved of the survey. Since
then 'Acre have been topographers in
the field constantly and there have been
minor changes In the survey through
the mountains. Grades and curvatures
are all that is desired, but'the building
ia too nara aiong tne present survey.
Attorneys Give TJp Effort to Find
. Absolutely Qualified Panel.'
SAN FRANCISCO. June 4. (Special.)
a panel ot zo possiDie jurors was
examined by Judge Hunt today In
vain attempt to find 12 men who did
not own automobiles. The case on
trial was the complaint of Joseph
Rinaudo, brought by his father, C.
Rinaudo, against Abe Friedman.
Joseph, who is 10 years old, was In
jured by an automobile as he was try
ing to cross a street. Me suffered
broken leg and possibly was made
lame for life. His father Is suing
Friedman for $50,000 on the theory
that the automobile which did the
damage was being driven at the time
by Friedman In a careless manner.
Rlnaudo's lawyers thought that it
would be better' to have a Jury from
which automobile owners were elim
inated, and proceeded to challenge man
after man for having interests likely
to engender sympathy lor the defend
ant. But when It became evident that
12 men of the machineless class could
not be found in the whole panel, the
attorneys gave it up and the trial pro
ceeded with a Jury only a part of
whom have to ride In the- streetcars
when they go out of an evening.
College Forestry VTM11 Reported.
WASHINGTON. June 4. The Senate
public lands commitee reported favor
ably today the Chamberlain bill to per
mit the State of Oregon to acquire
50,000 acres of land in one tract In
Santiam forest in exchange for an
equal acreage of school and indemnity
lands scattered through other National
forests lands. The land acquired Is to
be used by the .Oregon Agricultural
College to develop the study of for
e4r' .
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Land Board Urges Circuit Judge to
Decide Unfavorable So Appeal
Slay Follow.
SALEM. Or.. June 4. (Special.) As
tbe result of the suit for an Injunction
against the Secretary ot State and the
State Treasurer to prevent them from
snendinK $450,000. appropriated by the
legislature for work on the Columbia
southern irrigation project, niea oy l-
H. McMahon, the Desert Land Board
today telegraphed Olaf Laurgaard, In
charge of the Improvement, to come
to Salem at once. It is probable that
he will be - Instructed to discontinue
work until the suit Is decided. About
$1400 is owed by the state for work
on tho project.
The Board decided to urge Circuit
Judge Galloway, to hear the case to
morrow and render an opinion in favor
of the plaintiff, so an appeal may be
taken within 10 days. If the decision
were In favor of the state the plaintiff
would have six months in which to
appeal and the work, would be delayed
that long. It was the unanimous
opinion of the Board that expenses
should be kept at a minimum until a decision Is reached.
Attorney-General Crawford, who will
represent the state, said h4 believed
the state would win. He said the Leg
islature not only had the right to 1
prove public lands, as contemplted In
the Columbia Southern project, but
could condemn large sections of arid
glands iwned by Individuals, pay a lair
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Clark County Sued for $1847.
VANCOUVER, Wash., June 4 (Spe
cial.) Dr. J. T. Guerin has sued Clark
County for $1847, alleged to be due for
medical attendance given persons in
jured on the rightofway of railroads in
the county, and county paupers. The
complaint was filed today and proper
service taken on the County Commis
sioners, wno promptly rererred the
matter to the County Attorney.
Albany Knights of Pythias Elect.
ALBANY, Or.. June 4. (Special.)
Milton IT. McGulre was elected chan
COR centuries 't has been known
X . ine- aeenU for tbe cure of disease are found Sn our American forests.
Over forty yesn ago Dr. R. V. Pierce,
Hotel and Surgical Institute at Buffalo. N.Y.. used the powdered extracts as well as
the liquid extracts of native medicinal plants, such as Blood root and Queen's root.
Golden Seal and Stone root, Cherry bark and Mandrake, for thm cure of blood
diseases. This prescription as put up in liquid form was called
Golden Medical Discovery
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i0c Charcoal Tablets;- -j
spccial 2 forXlC
10c pound Epsom Salts; -fl -
special 2 for III;
20c pint Denatured Alco
25c pint Witch
2 forZi 1 1:
25c box Siedlitz Powder;
edhtz Powder; Cf
2 for Zb C
; 10c pound Sodium Bicar
Bicar- -fl -fl
2 for llC
10c pound Powdered (Sul
d tSul-- -fl
2 for llC
oc Sulphur Candles; spe- f
cial.. ..2 forOC
25e Root Beer Extract ; C "
special 2J forOC
25c Mmiyon's Remedies ; C
special 2 forOC
35c Blaud's Iron Pills; Q?
special 2 forOOC
50c Wyeth's Lithia Tab- -fl
lets... 2 for O JLC
25c Glad Pheet Corn 4")iC?
Cure... 2 forOC
35c bottle Aromatic Cas- f f
eara .2 forOOC
35c bottle Extract of Cas- 3 f
cars....: .2 for OOC
25c bottle Violet Am- g f
monia JJ forOC
. 20e package Manclrake " -fl
Liver Pills 2 for I C
20c Package Little Liver 0 1
Sf;- .;;f::21c
jOc bottle Lffervieix-insr T"
Sodium Phosphate; 2 for OXC
10c Soda Mint Tablets; -fl -fl
special 2i for XXC
10c package C a s c a r a
2 for llC
10c package Sassafras -fl -fl
Bark ...2 tor XXC
10c package MoUi Balls; -fl -fl
special.., 2 for XXC
25c bottle Rose Water; C
special 2 fort)C
10c Senna Leaves; spe- -fl -fl
cial 2 for XXC
10c Powdered Borax; -fl -fl
special :2 for X X C
10c Powdered Boracic -fl -fl
Acid 2 for XXC
20c Crystal Boracic Acid; -J
special 2 forXC
25c Hydrogen Peroxide ; O
special 2 forOOC
5c Cough Drops ; special,
at 2 for onlyOC
5c Throat Lozensres ; spe- f
cial 2 for only OC
5c French Hair Shampoo ;
special 2 for only)C
10c Castor Oil; special, -fl -fl
at 2 for XXC
25c Bromo Quinine ; spe- " f
cial..: 2 for ZriP
2oc Lister's Solution;
special. 2 for
10n Bromo Seltzer; spe- -fl -fl.
cial 2 for XXC
25c Orangiene Headache- C f
Powders 2 for ZD C
50c pkg. Florentine Orris P -fl
Root 2 for DXC
T F bpecui . j -
at ' " 2
in. at., l. . i
10c Jsew Skin; special -fl -fl
at 2 for L JLC
First floor.
cellor commander of Laurel Lodge, No.
7, Knights of Pythias, of this city, in
the semiannual election of officers laut
evening and other officers were chosen
as follows: Albert L. Kullander, vice
chancellor; Leland R. Gilbert, prelate;
Charles B. Reynolds, master of the
work: Carl F. Coe, master-at-arms; H.
Fredericks, Inner guard; Clarence 'W.
Tebault. Jr.. outer guard.
"Arson Trust" Leader Sentenced.
NEW YORK, June 14. Robert J.
Ruben, convicted recently as head of
the "arson trust," was sentenced by
Justice Golf today to serve from bIx
to ten years In Sing Sing prison.
The turtle depoalts from 150, to 200 esc
during the geason.
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