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New York Police Commissioner
Declared to Be "Incompe
tent and Unfit." .
Kxisting Evils of Department Traced
to His Inefficiency, Is Finding
of Investigators Waldo Says
He Will Not Ecuisn.
NEW VOBK, June 2. The removal
of Rhinelander "Waldo us Police Com
missioner, an appointive post lie has
held for two years under Mayor Gay
nor. 1b recommended in a majority re
port adopted today by the Aldermanio
committee that investigated the police
department after Herman Rosenthal,
the gambler, was slain last July by
gunmen hired by ex-Police lieutenant
Charles Becker. The report was in
tended to go to Governor Sulzer, but
at the last minute an amendment was
adopted directing the recommendation
for removal to the Mayor. The Board
of Aldermen as a whole must pass on
the report before It can reach Mayor
Commissioner "Waldo is characterised
In the report as "incompetent and un
lit" and incapable of administering his
"Many of the existing- evils of the
department can be directly traced, to
his Inefficiency and administrative
blunders," the report charges. It setB
forth in lengrthy detail the commit
tee's reasons for recommending his re
moval. Alleged failure to prevent "a
widespread system of blackmail and
extortion by certain of his subordi
nates" is one of the dozen reasons
After a conference with Mayor Gay
nor Commissioner "Waldo said he at
tributed the action of the committee
to politics. The Mayor, he added, had
not removed him and he had no in
tention of resigning-.
Columbia at 2 2 Feet 2 Inches, but
No Serious Damage Done.
VANCOUVER. Wash.. June 2. (Spe
cial.) The Columbia. River Is yet
and has reached 22 feet 2 Inches.
With weather continued, -warm it Is
probable that the river "Will continue
to rise for several days.
The water is over several feet of
'pavement at the foot of Washington
.street. No serious damage has been
done Trere.
THE DALLES, Or. June 2. (Special.)
At 6 o'clock this evening the stagre of
.the Columbia River here was 37.8 feet
Hbove low water mark, the highest the
biff stream has been in several years.
iThn river baa been slowly, though
steadily, rising all day a.nd it is ex
Inected to go still higher during the
night. It came up a. foot during the last
24 hours.
, UMATILLA, Or.,"juno 2. (Special.)
Water at 6 P. M. was at 23 feet 3
inches. 2 feet below flood, stage. The
river rose S inches in the last 24 hours.
During the Intense heat of the Inland
Kmpiro the river will continue to rise,
probably reaching flood, stage.
LTCWISTON, Tdah June 2. S"pe
oinl.) The 5 nuke River registers to
xitgfiT a stage of 19 feet, the Clearwatei
U 1:5. Both rivers have been rising
steadily since morning and are only a
foot lower than the high water mark
set lust week. With present weather
conditions maintaining for the rest of
the week, a. repetition of the high water
of 1894 is expected. Tonight both rivers
are stationary, but are expected, to reg
ister over a foot rise tomorrow, which
will bring them, to the danger point.
00 Dclesntos at Brotherhood Con
icnt ion Begin Work.
WASHINGTON, "June 2. The con
vention of the Brotherhood of Locomo
1 1ve Firemen and Knginemen organ
ized today and more than 900 dele
gates got down to work. Three im
portant questions are to come up, be
sides election of a new set of officers.
The convention will be in ueasion 28
Selection of a city for permanent
headquarters and convention place
probably will be the first important
Another subject to come before 'the
convention is the question of consol
idating the brotherhood with the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.
Changes In the constitution and by
laws probably also will be made with
the selection of a city for the 1916 con
vention. So far Denver. Oakland and
Houston are the only cities in the field.
Suffragette Leader Recover-in s; From
Effects of Hunger Strike.
lXXDON, June 2. Mrs. Kmmalina
I-ankhurst. the militant suffragette
leader, whose "license" expires on June
. ia recovering: from the Illness aris
ing: from her "hunger strike." She
was too weak today, however, to at
tend the usual Monday meeting of the
Woman's Social and Political Union,
the militant suffragette organization.
In a letter from Mrs. Pan It. hurst,
read at the meeting, she expressed the
hop. that she would be able to be
present next week. The letter breathed
continued defiance of the government.
Jtrs. Pankhurst declared that her spirit
vas unbroken.
"Wilson Frees Man When Patent
Proves to Be Success.
WASHINGTON, June 2. President
"Wilson today pardoned dr. Theodore
Khiras, of Elmira, N. Y., sentenced at
Omaha, Neb., to four months in Jail
and to pay a fine of $300 for alleged
misuse of the mails, in connection with
ihe selling of the stock of a company
promoting an invention.
Since his couviotion the Invention ia
eaid to have proved successful.
lSeeord for Prompt Divorces Set.
ABERDEEN. Wash.. June 1. (Spe
cial.) A record for prompt divorces
nas been set in Ohehalis County by
Judge "Mason Irwin, who Saturday
granted .Mrs. Wary P. Sutherland a writ
cf separation before breakfast. Mrs,
Sutherland Is prominent in educational
work aid was a candidate at the Re
publican primaries last rail for County
111 'ill
Much of California in Grip of
Destructive Pests.
From San. Iiego on South to Shasta
County at Xorth End Golden State
Is Invaded by Hungry Horde.
Warning Is Issued.
SACRAMENTO. CaL. June 2. Califor
nia from San Diego on the south to
fehasta County on the north at various
sections is In tha otIt nf th ot-,,.-
hopper" and unless an Immediate and
unetramea campaign against the In
sect Is prosecuted by farmers and
fruitgrowers, possibly total destruction
to some crops may result, according
to State Horticulturist Cook.
Reports were received today which
tell of an invasion of Fresno and
Kings counties, while practically ail
the big agricultural sections of the
Sacramento Valley are being attacked
by the pests.
The 'hnnnorji a r-m noptlminvln t
...... ii. i j nuiij, i y
and are climbing up the trunks of fruit
.oco uu mere is some evidence that
they are completely denuding the tree
of bark and foliage.
Dr. Cook advises whitewashing and
tin discs about the trunks of the trees
-- tveep nil ine pest.
Railroad -Magnate Makes No Prom
ises but Assures Burns Ootmrry
It Will See Road Soon.
BURNS. Or., June 2. (Special.)
The party of Great Northern officials
arrived Sunday night and were guests
at the William Hanley residence, near
this city. They consist of Louis W. Hill.
chairman of the board of directors of
the threat Northern and director of the
First National Bank of St. Paul; Joseph
H. Young, president of the Hill lines in
Oregon: W. P. Davidson, president of
the Oregon-W estjern Colonization Com
pany; Edward o. Rice, controller of the
First National Bank of St. Paul: A. M.
Lutser, chief engineer of the Hill lines
In Oregon; C. E. Leedy, general Immi
gration agent or the Great Northern:
6. W. Graham, Western industrial and
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immigration agent of the Great North
ern; John R. Stanson, agent of the
Oregon & "Western Colonization Com
pany. .They were met several miles west of
town by President Donnegan. of the
Commercial Club, and escorted to the
city. Today they were taken to the
Harney County Agricultural Experi
ment Station and around the Harney
Valley. This evening the Commercial
Club -gave them a reception and lunch
eon, and good boosting talks were made
by Mr. Donuegin, Mr. Hill. Frank
,. - --- - A
f ' V '
I t : sys vv:'- . 7 t '.-- t
I p t ' " ""-f I
v;- Y
Davey, Mr. Young, Mr. Hanley and
Charles H. Leonard. The efforts of the
local speakers were to Impress on the
railroad men the necessity of trans
portation and the reason that war
rants It.
Mr. Hill and Mr. Young gave no def
inite promises, but earnest assurance
was given that this section will get .
railroad in the near future as a part of
the Hill system.
The party leaves here tomorrow for
Vale and Ontario and then to Boise,
where they will separate, Mr. Hill and
Mr. Young scroing to Butte.
This was the birthday of Mr. Hill's
little daughter and there Is a girl here
with, the same birthday, Annette Leon
ard, dauffhter of Attorney Leonard,
whom Mr. Hill met on previous visits,
so he insisted on having a birthday
party with her and her girl friend, and
the little girls had a glorious time.
PIES ceiliIj rv jaiihere.
George C. Schall, About to Retire
From Army, Now Must Answer
to Accusation as Slaver.
Tearfully denying any knowledge of
the killing of his wife and three sons
at the Presidio at San Francisco last
April, George C. Schall yesterday sub
mitted to arrest by Deputy United
States Marshal Talley and is now in
a cell In the Multnomah County JaiL
He is charged in a San Francisco in
dictment with the murder of his fam
ily, the members of which were found
in a burning house, with their beads
cut open.
Schall for many years has been hos
pital steward at the Government mili
tary reservation. He declared in th
marshal's office yesterday on arrival
from Vancouver, Wash., where he was
located, that he arrived on the scene
of the fire to find his home so nearly
destroyed that any action on his part
was Impossible. He said he was first
informed that his wife and children
ad escaped and later that they were
still in the ruins- He said he had
passed many weeks In the hospital suf
fering from nervous shock. He did not
explain why he suddenly left the Pre
sidio after leaving the hospital.
Schall will be taken back to San
Francisco by a deputy from the Port
land office probably some time this
His arrest was made by a deputy
United States marshal and John csecrlst,
chief of police of Vancouver. Schall
married a sister of the wife of George
B. Stoner, Councilman of the Vancouver
City Council, and part owner of a bar
ber shop there. Mr. Stoner had never
seen his brother-in-law, Schall. until
he arrived a few, weeks ago and se
cured a position In a local drug store
as a pharmacist. Schall was steward
of the Government hospital and is due
to retire after SO years' service. In
August. He secured a four months'
leave of absence to be retired at the
end of that time.
Mr. Stoner took Schall into his own
home when he reached Vancouver, and
that night he had a long talk with
him. He said that Schall got badly
tangled in his stories about the death
of his family. The wife and children
of Schall were- insured and Schall col
lected 1403 on their policies. Mr. Stoner
said Schall did not even attend the
funeral of his family, feigning sick
ness, but that he found men there who
said he was playing cards the follow
ing day.
Mrs. Stoner accused Schall openly of
having killed her sister and ordered
him from her home, as she could not
bear to see him. After talking over
the matter for some time, and holding
many conversations with him. Stoner
finally decided to go to San Francisco
and demand a grand jury investigation.
He made an affidavit there and it was
on his request that the Investigation
began, and has resulted in Schall s arrest-
Mrs. Stoner said that she be
lieved that as her sister had become
paralyzed and that as she was a bur
den to him. and he was so soon to re
tire, he took this rash method of get
ting rid of her.
Launch Runs Down Two Lads in
Canoe, tout Both Are Saved.
Robert Wright, aged years, son
of C "W. "Wright, of 101 Morris street,
was drowned at 9 o'clock last night
ia Threo-Cornered Lake, at the back
of the O.-W. B, JT. carshops In Lower
Alblna. The child had removed his
clothes and gone In wading when he
grot beyond his depth. His clothes lying
on tne Dank attracted the attention
of Frank Loomis and Holbert Burd and
they went in the water to Investigate
ana soon discovered the boy s body.
The harbor police arrived prepared
Ears Swelled Up and Got Raw.
Scratched In Sleep and Made
Sores. Used Cuticura Soap and
.Ointment. Now Well.
413 B. "W. Boulevard. Roeedala. TTnnsi
Mr trouble commenced km sir ears about
fifteen years ago. My ears waned up and
got raw and raa a dick yet
low jnucos. There were
small pimple that bad a
thin yellow fluid m them.
rThen tiiey broke tha fluid
ran down en ay faca and
neck which poisoned tbe
pi ace a Sametunea tins
would all dry up and the
flpsh -wotrli! U sti-i, - 4 V -
and crack open in place. Then tt would all
break out again. It itobed and burned
dreadfully. I would lie awoke meats for
hours. I scratched In zay sleep and made
sores. Then that yellow fluid would come
out of the cores. I suffered a great deal wlta
my head Itching and burning and It broke
out in pimples around the edge of my hair
on the bade of my bead.
" I used everything I beard of but got no
relief. Intact got worse. My ears sweUod
two or three times their own stae and turned
almost black and I was in despair. A Mead
asked me if I bad tried Onxleura Soap and
Ointment, so I went and go a box of Cutt
oura Ointment and cake at Coctcura Soap
and commenced. By the thne I had used
one box of Cutloura Oiatmant and oaa -i-fr
of Cuttoura Boap I waawcu." (Signed) Mr.
Mary Conidlng, Apr. S5, WIS.
CuUiuiu 9 cap 35c. and OutSeura Ointment
eon. an sold ewy whore. Liberal sample of
each mailed free, with 33-p. Skin Book. Ad
dreoa post-card "Ou&cura, Dept. T, Boston.
av TtJuder-fBced men should use Cuttcura
Soap Shavmg Stick, 36a. Sampta free.
to drajr the lake, but thai-- inxvi. w..
not needed.
While the harhor Tnlin n-oro An
errand thn launch v- j
two boys in a canoe on the "Willamette.
"" were rescuea out refused to give
their names. ,
Seattle Ordinance Puts Limit on
Length of Fasteners.
SEATTLE. Juna Th "t,m.i,..
pin" ordinance introduced intv th
City Council at the request of the Fed
eration or women's Club was passed
unanimously ty the Council today.
The ordinance provides that the
point Of a hatnl-i shall
mitted to BTfoni mn tt... -
, . . ... " " vuc-ijiuiriar
inch beyond the crown of the hot and
-o. ueyuuu me orim. violation
of the ordinance will be punished by a
fine of not more than $100 or imprison
ment for not more than 80 days.
Roseburg Grand Jury Probes First
National Records.
ROSE BURG, Or., June 2. SpecIal.)
Alter n. -amolr'a a.aoa;i nv- a j
-"-"j"-v.a tn-c (uiu jury
filed Its final report late tonight and
" " " wviili isu iur me term.
The past two days of tbe term were
snent almost e-ccinRtv,iv in
gating certain transactions involving T.
R. Sheridan during the time he was
president of the First National Bank.
Other than oral testimony, many of the
bank books were introduced before the
Jury. A report that the Jury was in
vestigating the affairs of the Rosebnrg
National Bank was erroneous.
Aberdeen Commencement On.
ABERDEEN, Wash., June 2. (Spe
cial.) Commencement work ooened
here yesterday when the baccalaureate
sermon was delivered at the high
school auditorium by Rev. R. E. Coop
er, of the First Presbyterian Church.
A musical programme was made a part
i"e service, commencement exer
cises will be held Friday night, when
Maynard Lee Daggy, of tbe State Uni
versity, will speak.
High School Graduates First Boys.
CENTRALIA, Wash., June 2. (Spe
cial) The baccalaureate services of the
1913 graduating class of the Kelso
High School were held in the Presby
terian Church in Kelso tonight. The
Rev. C. B. Latimer delivered the bac
calaureate sermon. The 1913 class,
which Is the fifth graduated from the
school, is the first class to have boys
In its membership.
Man and Woman Arrested.
Albert H. Mitlehner. brewer master
of the Portland Brewing Co.. and
Mrs. Katherine Sherrill, a trained
nurse who resides at 704 Lovejoy
street, were arrested last night on
complaint of Mltlehner's wife by Of
ficers Moe and Martin .n na..
with a statutory offense. Both were
reieaseu on nan xo appear this morn
ing. 40-0 Killed In Mexican Battle.
EL PASO. Tex., June 2. Four hun
dred are reported killed Saturday In a
ThattlA between Phlhnolina r-'- 1
-- - -w.vj uu
Santa Rosalia, Chihuahua State. Both
reoeis ana ieaer&is witnarew alter thi
day's fighting with the losses divided
Campbell Heads Court of Claims.
WASHINGTON. June 2. Edward M.
Campbell, of Birmingham, Ala., was
sworn in today as Chief Justice of the
United States Court of Claims.
lggp Delicious 'S j
SP Layer Cake
Your cake will be uniformiv even in texture,
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it melt m your mouth W Rumiord Baking
Powder is used
Rumtord makes all cakes to 'digestible, light
4nd nourishing that it makes perfect cake.
1 ' S
YOU can never realize the
"comfy" and all-to-ourselves
feel ing of home without the
Packard interpreter as a mem
ber of the family. It is always
ready to delightfully entertain.
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'Royal Oaks" Due to Reach
Portland June 9.
Drill: Team to Be In Excellent Con
dition to Take Part In Hose Fes
tival Fun Alameda County
to Bring Along Exhibit.
OAKLAND, Cal.. June 2. (Special.)
The "Royal Oaks" will leave Oakland
on the morning of June 7 in two or
more sections to repay the "visit of the
Rosarians last December, and to show
to Portland and the other cities of
the Northwest , that Central California
and particularly Oakland are sincere
in their enthusiasm for the "Hands Up
and Down the Pacific Slope" senti
ment. Reservations pouring in to the
Oakland Commercial Club Indicate that
practically every city in Northern and
Central California will be represented
in the party.
Daily meetings of the committee are
being held and the drill team Is meet
ing three times a week to perfect
itself In evolutions that will have Army
precision. The marchers are to wear
white serge suits and in "various places
about the costume will be the Oakland
thought of blue and white.
The assurances, which have been re
ceived from C. C. Craig and other mem
bers of the Rose Festival committee.
of. special entertainments being"
planned and provisions being made
for every minute being a pleasure
Ailed minute, has awakened curiosity
in the heart and mind of every Oak
lander. Crowd Comes Prepared.
"Whatever you have planned for us,
we'll be there on the moment," said
Fred E. Reed, chairman of the Rose
Festival committee of the Oakland
Commercial Club, and a Rosarian. Mr.
Reed was the first Calif ornian 'to be
initiated Into Portland Royal Honor,
and is. by appointment. Special Am
bassador to round up and take to the
Northern Carnival City California's
"I know the Portland, crowd. I can
conceive what Is meant when they In
form us that every moment of our
time Is to be occupied. We are going
to have the time of our lives, enloy
the Carnival spirit and at the same
time meet the community builders of
the Northwest. We axe not losing track
of that thought here that we are to
meet the men who are having part In
the development of the cities and sec
tions of the entire Pacific slope. We
want to know them. Their problems
are our problems. Their task Is our
task. And their success and our suc
cess are so linked by the common cause
of the Pacific Coast that we should be
one compact organization.
KxhJblt to Be Bronx-ht.
The Oakland Commercial Club guar
ters in the Portland Commercial Club
building will house a comprehensive
exniDit or. Alamada Countv rjrorfuctx.
Particularly will attention be given to
the exhibit of California roses without
Oetraclng in any measure from the
-Kose city" fame of Portland.
The Royal Oaks will reach Portland
the morning of June 9 and will go from
me train to the steamer "Rose Cltv1
and accompany Rex Oregonus and his
retinue, an escort of honor, in the mag
nllicent entrance pageant to the city.
ine oaklandcrs headquarters will be
at the Hotel Oregon, where a reserva-
1011 ot iuu rooms has been made.
Bryant Assault Trial On.
" CHJSHALIS. TVash., June 2, (Spe
cial.) The June term of the Lewis
County Superior Court convened here
this morning. A. 13. Rice presiding.
There are but a few criminal cases to
be tried, the most important being the
--.aiR against wiinam .Bryant, of Cen
trana. The latter attemted to shoot
ins wife some months ago, and. when
Ben Scars, a well-known business man
of that city, lntrfered, Bryant shot
Sears, inflicting a dangeroirS wound in
" ies. ryan will ce tried lor the as
sault. Most of the cases to be heard
are dam-tee suits.
Freshet Closes Shiuple Mill.
CENTRALIA. Wash., June 2. (Spe
cial.) After operating only three days
the Rhincla mill of the Washington
Cedar Shingle Company in Kelso
closed down again Friday because of
the rising backwater from the annual
Columbia River freshet The rapid
rise of the Columbia was unexpected
and is likely to result in considerable
F. 0. B. Voledo
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the difference in price, and this difference is due to
factory and facilities.
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economical. It is merely the Overland method a
95 per cent efficient factory system making 40,000
cars yearly.
The Overland costs 30 per cent less than any
other similar car made.
-The Overland has a powerful silent, smooth-running
thirty-horsepower motor, seats five large pas
sengers comfortably. The bodv is finished in the
famous dark Overland blue and the wheels in battle
ship gray. Every Overland owner is proud of his
car and you will find them no matter where you go,
in the country as well as the city.
Overland is a.great favorite with the farmer, and
he is used to buying machinery, and his choice is the
Let us show you this wonderful car today.
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Fatlier-in-Law Tortured, Is Charpe.
FORT SMITH. Ark.. June 2. Charged,
with tying his father-in-law, P. w.
Adams, to a tree and torturing him.
Harry Copeland. a schoolteacher of Red
Oak, Okla.. was arrested here todny.
He was taken to Wllburton, Okla., for
F. 0. B. Toledo