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Three Home Runs and Double
Garnered at Expense of 3
Portland Pitchers.
Williams Uses Toimeson, Bloomfleld
and Doty to Jfo Avail as Tie
Score Is Broken In Xinth
by Homer. '
North-western League Stanrilna-s.
! W. Lb Pel W. L. Pc
' DMkuiL. . B Hi .B76 Portland... 40 4S .471
Buttle 49 87 . 570 Victoria.... S8 47 .447
Vancouver. 47 40 .&41j Tacoma... 83 63 .366
Testerdays Results.
At Seattle Seattle 7. Portland 6. '
At Spokane Spokane 10. Victoria 2.
At Vancouver1 Vancouver flu Tacoma 4.
SEATTLE. Wash-. July 11. (Special.)
Mann's terrific hitting won the game
1 for Seattle today. In five times up he
made three homo runsv and a two
bagger. His last hit over the fence
In the ninth counted for the deciding:
run. Schneider was wild, and none of
, Portland's three pitchers" was effectives
; The score was. Seattle 7, Portland 6.
Seattle got the lead In the first
inning- when Shaw and Mann hit for
Schneider Has Trouble.
Schneider disposed of Portland in the
first two periods. His star faded In
the third when he walked three. Chick
and ghaw fumbled grounders. The
combined mlsplays gave Portland two
tallies and tied the score.
Tonneeon was taken out and Bloom
Held tried his luck. In the last of
the third Seattle got back their lead
of two on singles by Shaw and Strait
and Mann's double.
In the next three innings, Seattle
got one hit and no runs off Bloom-
field. Schneider went from the third
to the eighth without allowing a run
and Fries' hit was the only mark
against him.
After two wero out in the seventh.
Strait hit for two sacks and Mann
scored bim with his second" homer.
Trouble bunched on Schneider in the
eighth. One man out, McDowell drove
a liner past Schneiders ear. Then
Pete walked Moore and Coltrln. filling
the bases. Crulkshank batted for
Bloomfleld. He grounded to Raymond,
who had a double play in front of him,
but Shaw did not get over to second.
Raymond had to take the out at first
and this let McDowell score. Kibble
hit for a clean homer sending two runs
over ahead of him and tieing the
James Escape Lncklly.
In the emergency, big Bill James was
hustled to the mound. Fries uncorked
a drive between left and center, which
Strait turned into an out by- a one
handed running catch, his second of
the day.
In the sixth he robbed Portland of
the game by a running back-hand stab
that cnt off two runs. Seattle got the
first three men on in the eighth but
could not score.- x - ...
In the ninth, James mowed Portland
down as he has been doing all other
Having disposed of Seattle in the
eighth with three on. Doty looKea
good for a long' run. but ' in the last
-of the ninth, with one out, Mann drove
the ball out of the lot for his third
homer, winning the game. Score
Seattle I Portland
AD.H.PO.A.E. Ab.H.PcA.E.
Shaw. 2b.
1 - , " t
J A - i Wa J'r, '
lb1' -" '-: ) nf -hl I
k 7 ' ;fi $-'fy w4 1
11 I 4"r- ' J ! J . f '
1. ja
0 6
Straitlf. 5 3 2 5 4 1
Moran.rf. 3 0 1
Chlck.Sb. 4 11
J' 8 1 12
Wally.c. 2 0 8
Mciflln 110
W allng.c 0 0 1
Celder.p. 3 0 0
Jajnea.p. 10 0
1 Kibble. 3b.
0 Frlea.rf . .
0 Spea.lf
1 McD'lI.2b.
O.Moore.c. .
O B'fleld.p.
OlDoty.p :
2 1
0 2
0 -1
0 12
1 4
0 8
0 1
0 0
0 0
0 o
o o
0 0
Totalj.,85 12 2711 2 Totals. .81 4f25 IS
Batted for Wally In the eighth.
Batted for Bloomfleld In the eighth,
tone out when winning- run scored.
Seattle 2 0200020 1-
Portland 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 4
Runs Shaw. Raymond, Strait 2. Mann 3,
Kibble. ITiea. MrDowell. Moore. Coltrln,
Tonneeon. Two-baae hits Strait. Mann.
Home runs Mann 3. Shaw. Kibble. Stolen
bases Jackson (2). Rpeas. Pitchers sum'
mtry Six runs and four hits off Schneider
In 7 2-3 innina-s: no bits, no runs off James
in 1 1-3 Innings: two runs ana tnree bits
off Tonneson in 2 Innings; four runs and six
hits off Bloomfleld in 5 Innings: one run
and three hits oft Doty in 1 1-3 innings.
Struck out By Schneider 2, by James 1,
bv Hloomfleld 1. bv Doty 1. Bases on
balls Off Schneider 9. oft Tonneson 1. off
Bloomfleld 2. off Doty 1. Hit by pitched
ball McDowell, by Schneider: Moran, by
Mloonifleld. Time 1:55. Umpire Toman.
Kraft Holds Bees Safe but Xarveson
Grants 18 Hits.
SPOKANE. July 12. Kraft again was
sent in against Victoria today after
Leonard had filled the bases in the first
inning, allowed one run and had only
one out. Kraft retired the side with
out a run and held the visitors safe
until' he was relieved in the ninth to
give Laird a chance. Xarveson was
easy for Spokane, who got 18 safe hits.
Altman played shortstop for the
home team and besides good work
there, got four hits In as many trips
to the plate. Score:
R- H. EL I R. H. E.
Victoria...,. 3 8 SISpokane... 10 18 2
Batteries Narveson and Meek;
Leonard. Kraft and Ostdiek.
Victory Slakes Fifteenth of Season
for Clarke.
By defeating Tacoma today, Jimmy
Clarke registered his 15th victory of
the season. Scharnweber won the game
for Vancouver with a home run in the
10th inning. Score:
R. H. E. , R. H. E.
Tacoma.... 4 4 0Vancouver.. 5 14 7
Batteries Meikle and LaLongc;
Clarke and Lewis. 10 innings.
Vancouver Team Outclassed " by
Idaho Horsemen.
July 12. (Special.) In a dashing polo
game, in which fasf ponies ran circles
around the local animals, the mixed
team from Boise City and Boise Bar
racks defeated the Second Field Artil
lery team here today by a score of
5 to 1. The game was an exciting
one, but the speed of the Boise ponies
was too great. It is said the Idaho
team and the Waverly team would be
evenly matched.
The Boise team was composed of
Captain Charles O. Thomas, Jr., Lieu
tenants C M. Haverkamp, Claude K.
Rhlnehart. of the First Cavalry, and
Mr. Chapman, of Boise.
Hurdles and Running Broad
Are Captured. ;
In 1 1 0-Meter Hurdle Contest Martin
Hawkins, of Slultnomah Club of
Portland, Is Third Kelley,
of Los Angeles, First.
(Continued from First Page.)
Two of the United States team, H. L.
Byrd and James H. Duncan, were sec
ond and third, respectively.
Dlacna Record Broken.
The 3000-meter team race, also run
in heats; .the final of the 110-meter
hurdle race, the running long Jump
and the 4000-meter cross-country run,
starting and finishing in the stadium,
which is the concluding event of .the
modern pentathlon, gave a great va
riety to the programme.
The morning started with a line per
formance by the Finn, A. R, Taipale, in
the discus throwing, best hand, final.
He beat, with bis throw of 45 meters,
21 centimeters (148 feet. Hi inches)
not only the Olympic record of 136 feet.
1-8 inch, made by the American, Sanerl-
dan. In Athens, in 1908, but also the
world's record of 145 feet. 9 Inches,
established by James H. Duncan at Cel
tic Park, New York, on June 2, this
year. R. L. Byrd's throw of 42 meters,
32 centimeters (13S feet, 9 5-8 inches),
and James H. Duncans throw of 43
meters, 28 centimeters (138 feet, 8
inches) also surpasses the standing
Olympic record.
Summary ,
Discus throwing, best hand,' final
A. R. Taipale, Finland, first. 45 meters,
21 centimeters; R. L. Byrd. Adrian
College, second, 43 meters. 82 centi
meters: James H. Duncan, mew York
City, unattached, third, 42 meters, 28
400-meters. flat race, f IrBt heat
James M. Rosenberger, I. A. A. C, first;
C. A. C. Poulenard, France, second; G.
R. L. Anderson, England, third. Time,
55 3-5 seconds.
Second heat Melvln w. Sheppard. I.
A. A. C and E. w. Haley, England,
dead heat. Time, 6S 3-6 seconds.
Third heat F. Zorling, Sweden, first;
Tahiko Mishima, second. Time, 65 3-5
Fourth heat Hans Braun, Germany,
first: James E. Meredith, Mercersburg
Academy, second. Time, not given.
Fifth heat C. I. Lelong. trance.
first: Donald B. Toung. Boston A. A.,
second. Time, 60 1-5 seconds.
Sixth heat K. Stenberg. Sweden,
walkover (unopposed).
Seventh heat Harold B. Haff, Uni
versity of Michigan, first; E. Lunght.
Italy, second; Mr Hermann, Germany,
third. Time, 60 2-5 seconds.
Eighth heat Frigyes Mezei, Hun
gary, first; J. Dahlin, Sweden, second
G. D. Malfalt, France, third. Time,
60 2-6 seconds.
Ninth heat E. LIndholm. Sweden,
first; J. Pederson. Norway, second; H.
Burkowits, Germany, third. Time, 61 2-6
Tenth heat Edward F. Llndberg,
Chicago A. A., first; J. C. Soutter, Eng
land, second; P. Glongo, Italy, third.
Time, 60 3-5 seconds. -
Eleventh heat Clarence S. Edmund-
son. Seattle A. A., first; E. J. Henley.
England, second; G. M. Brock, Canada,
third. Time, 50 1-5 seconds.
Twelfth heat G. Nicol, England,
first; Ira N. Davenport, University of
Chicago, second; T. H. Gallon, Canada,
third. Time, AO seconds.
Thirteenth heat T, Persson, Sweden,
aBasjssssssBBSjv j.v..s:.j .
first; R. A. Lindsey, England, second.
Time, 55 2-5 seconds.
Fourteenth heat C. N. Zedhouse,
England, first; A. Pedersen, Norway,
second; Ervln S. Zerclomehgyi, Hun
srarv third. Time. 61 1-5 seconds.
. Fifteenth heat G. H. Patching, South
Africa, first; Charles D. Reldpath, Syr
acuse University, second; H. Wenseler,
Germany, third; A. Patterson, England,
fourth. Time. 1 51 1-10 seconds.
Semi-finals, first heat Charles D.
Reldpath, Syracuse University, first; J.
Dahlen, Sweden, second; Clarence S.
Edmundson, Seattle A. A., third. Time,
48 7-10 seconds (new Olympic recoro).
Semi-finals, second heat Edward F.
Llndberg. Chicago A. A., first; E. Lind
holm, Sweden,, second; C. L. Lelong,
France, third. Time, 48 9-10 seconds.
Semi-finals, third heat James B.
Meredith, Mercersburg Academy first;
Melvln w. Sheppard, I. A. A. C, sec
ond; J. Pedersen, Norway, third. In
his beat Meredith still further Improved
the record by covering the distance in
48 seconds. ,
Semi-finals, fourth heat Harold B.
Haff, University of Michigan, first; E.
Lunghl, Italy, second; James M. Rosen
berger. I.-A. A. C, third. Time, 49 7-10
Semi-finals, fifth heat Hans Braun,
Germany, first; Donald B. Young, Bea
ton A. A., disqualified; Ira N. Daven
port, University of Chicago, third.
Time, 49 1-5 seconds.
Running broad jump, final Albert
L. Gutterson, University of Vermont,
first, 7 meters 60 centimeters (record);
C. D. Bricker, Canada, second, seven
meters 21 centimeters; G. Aberg, Swe
den, third, seven meters IS centimeters.
Team race, 3000 meters, five run,
three count First heat United States,
first; Finland, second.
Second heat Germany, first; Sweden,
Third, heat Great Britain, first
110-meter hurdles, final Fred W.
Kelly, University of Southern Califor
nia, Los Angeles, first; James Wendell.
New York A. C. second ; Martin W.
Hawkins, Multnomah A, C third. Time,
15 1-10 seconds.
Modern pentathlon, duel shootinr,
swimming 300 meters, fencing, riding,
cross-country running 4000 meters. Re
sult: Lllliehook, Sweden, first, 27 points;
Asbrlnk, Sweden, second, 28 points; De
la val, Sweden, third, 30 points; Gron
hagen, Sweden, fourth, 35 points; Lieu
tenant George S. Patton, Jr., U. S. A,
fifth. 41 points.
400-meter swim, breast stroke The
final was won by Bathe, of Germany, In
6 minutes, 20 8-5 seconds. Hennlng, of
Sweden, was second, in 6 minutes,' 85
2-6 seconds, and Courtman. of England,
third, a yard or two behind. .Bathe led
100-meters swim, free style The
final heat was won by Miss Fanny Da
rach, of Australia, in 1 minute. 22 1-6
seconds; Miss Wilhelmlna Wylle, Aus
tralia, second. In 1 minute, 25 2-5 sec
onds, and Miss Fletcher, of England,
800-meters swimming for teams The
first was won by the United States in
10 minutes, - 26 2-6 seconds; Hungary
was second, in 10 minutes, 34 sec
onds, and England third in 10 minutes,
39 2-5 seconds. America's victory was
due largely to the lead gained by the I-
Hawaiian, Kahanamoku. , ,
Higginbotham's Work Stellar.
: Delhi and Toner Wobble
at Fatal Moments.
Two Times With Men on Bases He
Smashes Ball Effectively San
Francisco 3Ien Unable to '
. Score After Fifth.
Pacific Coast League Standings.
W. L.P.C.1 W. L. P.C.
Vernon . . .67 38 .HOOIPortland . . 30 47.453
Oakland . . .63 41 .E64ISan Fran... 39 05 .413
Los Ang 51 42 .W9,Sacramento. 37 S3 .111
Yesterday's Results.
At Portland Portland 7. San Francisco 2.
At San Francisco Sacramento 1, Oak
land O.
At Los Angeles Von Angeles 11. Vernon 4.
Bright-eyed fortune perched on the
San Francisco bench yesterday long
enough to give the Seals a running
start of two runs in the- first of the
fifth Inning. Then the conspirator in
the orchestra pit turned on the cym
bals, the thunder, the claxon, the
lightning and other noise effects, and
nine hits in the" remaining four inn
ings gave Portland three straight vic
tories. Score, 7 to 2.
Tuesday Miller stinted the locals to
two hits, but if you think they haven't
been getting revenge since then inter
view the Reidy fllngers. Ten hits
Wednesday, 11 hits Thursday and 12
hits Friday Is the record.
Delhi, the big flame who was a star
last season with Los Angeles, lasted
Just Blx innings and then gave way
to Toner, of no-hit fame. Toner be
gun with a couple on tne oags ana
that dldn t seem to improve nis equan-
anlmlty, for five hits sent five runs
scampering across the plate in the last
two inning, and, as Higginbotham was
twirling a wonderful brand of ball the
while. It takes no three-shell artist
to fathom the result.
Seals Get Only Six Hits.
Higginbotham allowed six hits and
chalked up his fifth consecutive vie
torv. incidentally making good hii
boast when last here, "that he would
show the fans he was not the 'curve
less, nerveless, armless' wonder some
of them imagined." He fanned six
and walked only one.
If there Is anyone worthy of spe
oial mention abong the four terrific
sluggers. Doane, Butler, Lindsay and
Fisher, that one is the fleet-footed
Doane. Walter came up twice with
men on the bases and both times de
llvered hits, sending Higginbotham
across with the tying run. in the fifth
lnnina:. and later counting the two
winning tallies, Butler and Rapps, by
two-base smash to the left rieia
Butler and Lindsay also hit at psy
chological times, each galivanting up
the batting list with three hits in four
attempts. Lindsay went to .318 for tne
season ana Butler to .309.
" Shea Makea Debut.
The game was not a perfect exempli
fication of the National pastime, for
each side butted Into the error column
on divers occasions, two errors, in
fact, were directly responsible foe- the
two Seal tallies in Inning five, lie
deon started the fun by a double to
right and scored when Higgingbotham
fell down on Shea's infield tap. Shea
ambled to second when the ball car
omed off his back and a moment later
scored when a throw by Krueger
poked him on the other side of the
anatomy as he was headed for third
after a catch. -
Shea caught for San Francisco, don
ningaSeal wlndpad for the first time
since 1904. Danny has been idle for
six weeks and unravelled a couple of
wild heaves that proved costly, but he
did cut down such stellar base pur
loiners as Doane. Lindsay and Rodgers
when thoroughly warmed up. In the
Northwestern League he has always
been an accurate pegger, so had the
fans pulling for him.
Butler registered rortiana 8 nrsi
tally in the fifth inning on a single
to center, a stolen base and wild
heaves by Shea and Corhan. Doane
drove Higgingbotham in with the tying
tally. The three runs In the seventn
resulted from Butler's double to left.
Rapps' walk, a double into left by
Doane and a single through second by
Lindsay, Delhi retiring after walking
Hits by Fisher, uutier ana .tiapps,
following a walk to Butcher, were re
sponsible for the three in tne eigntn.
The score:
8an Francisco Portland
AD.Il.rO.A-Cj-l AD.n.r.A.n.
hit the ball to every corner of the lot
today and beat Vernon, 11 to 4. Tozer
was hit hard, but kept the hits scat
tered. Score:
. - R. H. E.1 R. H.E.
Los Ang. .. 11 17 2 Vernon...., 4 9
Batteries Tozer and Smith r Stewart,
Raleigh and -Agnew.
Banm Allows Only Six Hits In 1
Contest at San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO. July 12. Sacra
mento evened up by defeating Oakland,
1 to 0. Baum allowed only six scat
tered hits. Abies started for Oakland
but was relieved in the eighth by
Pernoll. Score:
R. H. E.l R. H. E.
Saer' 1 6 0Oakland... 0 6
Batteries Baum and Creitz; Abies,
Pernoll and Mitze. . .
Washington 3, Cleveland 1.
WASHINGTON, July 12. Washing
ton made it four out of five by defeat
ing Cleveland. Vaughn was effective
with men on bases. McBrlde's fieldin
and Shank's hitting were . features,
R.-H. E.l R. H. E.
.Wash'ton ..2 6 lCleveland ,.1 7
Batteries Vaughn and Henry; Will-
lams, Kahler and ONeil.
Boston 4-1, Detroit 1-0.
BOSTON, July 11, Boston won both
games of a double-header from Detroit.
The second game, a pitchers' battle
between Wood and Wallet, went 11 in
nines. Boston making the only run,
when SDeaker. whose single -wen
through Delehanty for three bases
scored on Lewis' single. In the first
game Boston spoiled a fine exhibition
by Lake by bunching nits in tne sisin.
First- game
R H. E. '
Boston ...4 13 1 Detroit
Batteries Collins and
Lake and Stanage.
Second game
R. H. E.
Boston' ...1 7 1 Detroit
R. H. E.
,...1 4
R.H. E
.0 5
Chicago 0-1, Philadelphia 2-4.
PHILADELPHIA. July 12. Chicago
was unable to do anything with the
deliveries - of Bender and Brown and
lost both games of a double-header,
Baker made a home run. Scores:
First game
R. H. E.l
Phila 2 6 llChicago
Batteries Bender and
Benz, White and Kuhn.
Second game
R. H. E.l
Phila 4 11 lCh!cago
Batteries Brown and Lapp; Walsh
and Sullivan.
R.H. E.
..0 6
R. H. E
.1 6
Mund'f.rf 4
Mo'ler.2b 8
How' d. lb 3
Hartl' 4
lorn 4
Wuff !.3o 4
Ged'on,lf 4
Shea, c S
Delhi, p 1
Toner, p -x
0 0 0
15 4
18 1
12 0
OS) 5
o o o
2 4 1
14 8
0 18
0 0 0
0 Doane.rf 3
0Llnds'y.8b 4
OiRo'gers.b 4
OJKru' 4
1 Butch'r.lf 2
OlFlsher.c. 4 4
2 Rapps. lb 3
O'Hig'b'm.p 4
27 9 3
81 6 24 17 STotal. . . 32 12
c rA..,f 00002000
it ; h wjuajvvu v
Portland 0 0 0 0 2 0 3 ? -7
Hits ijuwoif
T..n r,An. Shea. Doane. Butcher.
Fisher, Butler 2. Kapps. HigginDoinam.
Struck ou-By Demi 1. By Toner t. -oy
Hiainbotham tt. oases on oana uu
nff Toner 1. off HlKglnbotham 1. Two-
-. hi, a nedonn. Butler. Rsdps. Sacrifice
hits Howard. Delhi. Butcher. Stolen bases
Butler. Rapps. wna piicnss
botham. Toner. Innings pitched ey ueini
na 7 hits in 6V innings; loner o runs
hits In 3 inning's.
Time or Eam
China defeat to Delhi.
-1:83. Umpires Cssey and
Notes of the Game.
ck.H,i,n Rutler seems to be playing a
greatly improved brand of ball since the
, hniriM ula v. xesternay ine ioieap
saved two scores in tne tourrn imuiis uj
scooping up a liner oaca oi secona ana
shooting on tne ao run .
IX,, hv inches. It was one of the most
spectacular Plays of the- season.
Suter may get his chance today opposing
unrrv the Seals' Detroit recruit
Southpaw jess mw 'ukj
the Seals norinwaru, -lams
wing. ; . . . ,
Corhan and Rapps negotiated star plays
during the melee.
T,in Fitzzerald. a California recruit.
Joined the Beaver squad yesterday. Hal
Chase took the college youth back East
with him last year and he was with the
New York Americans for a time.
Between ovov ana wvv . luib w rwi-
'TiiiiWT?rn?ava return - to hitting form
seems to have given him complete confi
dence in himseir. fie maneuvers tne most
difficult plays with delicate finesse.
Portland put nve Deals out id m, tiiav
Inning, through a peculiar mlxup. witn
Mohler on nrsi ana one out, nuwwu iuuu
Lindsay, who aouoiea nonier at nrt
base. Casey refused to allow either put
out, on the ground that he had called time
before Higginbotham threw to the plate.
- .
ernon Villagers Are Trounced to
Tune of 11 to '4.
LOS ANGELES, July 12. Los Angeles
New ytlc 4, St. Louis 1.
NEW YORK, July 12. After losing
eight straight games, New York da
feated St. Louis. St. Louis bunched fou
singles on Warhop in the third Inning
for its only run and In the second half
New York made four runs on nve sin
gles Score: .
R. H. E.l R. H. E
New York 4 0 lSt. Louis ..1 9
Batteries Warhop and Sweeney
Hamilton and Krichell.
Chicago 4, Boston 3.
CHICAGO, July 12. Opportune hit
ting, coupled with Boston's errors,
gave Chicago the opening game of the
series. Score:
R. H. E.l R. H. E
Chicago ...4 7 lBoston ....2 12
Batteries Cheney and Archer Don
nelly and .Rariden.
Philadelphia 6, Cincinnati 4.
CINCINNATI, July 12. Philadelphia,
by better fielding and more opportune
hitting, won a closely contested game
from Cincinnati. PasKert and Looert
hit well. Alexander struck out ten
men. Score:
R.H. E.l . R.H. E.
Cincinnati .4 11 SlPhlla 6 13 2
Batteries Suggs, Davis and McLean
Clark; Alexander and Killifer.
New York at St.
Louis, postponed,
Pittsburg 8, Brooklyn 2 .
. PITTSBURG, July 12. Pittsburg had
little trouble defeating Brooklyn,
Three visiting pitchers were hit hard
while Hendrix was steady throughout
Score: .
R.H. E.l R. H.E.
Pittsburg ..5 15 OjBrooklyn ..2 6
Batteries Camnltz and Simon: Bar
ger, Knetzer, Allen and Miller.
Pendleton Player Stumbles, Letting
In Two When Score Is Tied.
With the leading pitchers, Mclvor
and . Osborne, of each team working
fine and the score tied, 3 to 3, up until
the seventh, luck broke in favor of
La Grande at Pendleton yesterday,
when with two on and two down Wil
son stumbled and fell just as he was
about to catch Harmon's long high fly
to left. Two runners scored and La
American League.
W. L. Pel
Boston.... 55 25 .688 Cleveland
Washlng'n 49 32 .605 Detroit....
Philadel... 44 S3 .571 St. Louis...
Chicago... 43 34 .OSS.New York.
National League.
New York. 57 16 .781!PhlIadel...
rhlcaeo. .. 44 28 .611!St. Louis..
Pittsburg.. 42 30 .5S3 Brooklyn. .
Cincinnati..' 40 37 -519!Boston. .. ..
American Association.
Columbus.. 58 31 .e52'Milwaukee.
Mlnneap... M 32 .ksisl raui...
Toledo.,.. 54 33 .62t!Loulsvtlle. .
Kan. City. 44 45 .4U4Indianap...
Union Association.
Salt Lake., 52 27 .658!Butte. . . .,
W. L. Pc
40 40 .500
39 41 .4SS
21 54 .280
20 52 .278
33 38 .478
31 48 .392
28 4t) .378
22 sa .Za2
40 61 .440
39 53 .424
31 51 .378
33 5S .375
33 66 .418
vrlniila. ' 47 25 .653!OKden 30 48 .385
Great Kalis 38 37 .SOJjtieiena .a l .do
Western League.
St Joseph. 46 36 .561'Des Moines 39 41 .488
Sioux City 44 37 .643lWichita... 41 43 .488
Omaha.... 44 3T .543 Lincoln. . .. 35 47 .427
Denver.... 43 41 .612iTopeka 33 49 .402
Yesterday's Results.
a mot-Iran Association Milwaukee T. In
dianapolis 2: Toledo 6, St. Paul 3; Kansas-I
City b, 1.OU1FV1110 , uiumuutt-AiuuoavuiiD,
games off, rain.
Western League St. Joseph 1, Denver 6; 8. Toneka 7: Lincoln 9. Sioux City 3:
Des Moines 8, Wichita 7.
Union Association Great Falls 9-14, Salt
Lake 2 -10.
Portland Batting Averages.
Krueger. .
Lindsay. .
Butler.. . .
Doane. . . .
Fisher. . .
Rodgers. .
Rapps. . . .
Burch. . . .
Gregg.. . .
Howley. . .
Steiger. ..
Butcher. .
AB. H. Av
198 84 .324
340 94 .276
32 80 .273
79 21 .268
51 13 .254
299 75 .251
97 28 .257
AB. H. AV.
307 99 .323'Cruiksh'k.
242 77 .318:Fries
181 56 .309Speas
211 81 .289:Bastley. ..
104 30 .288 Tonneson.
S:i3 94 .263KlbbIe. .:.
327 84 .257 McDowell.
323 81 .251iWllllams.., 280 69 .246
248 57 .2S0;Coltrin.. .. 295 70 .237
80 17 .213 Moore 79 18 .228
49 10 .204 Mahonej-.. 9 2 .222
1.1 3 . 2(0! Harris.. . . 250 61 .204
81 12 .197iDoty 49 10 .204
li-4 30 .lP4;Bloomrd. 43 6 .138
34 rt i78 Girot 11 1 .091
37 6 .178jVeazey.... 36 2 .056
18 . 2 .1251
17 2 .116; - -
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"Where SS
5 mlrAm
Grande carried off the day, 8 to 3. The
R.H.E.I - R.H.E.
Pendleton... 3 7 2La Grande.. 5 12 3
Batteries Osborne and Pembrook;
Mclvor and Kingr
, Walla Walla tried out a new re
cruit In the box and lost to Boise by
a score of 5 to 2.
Boise really won the game In the
first inning;, when two l&ases on balls
were Issued and then Scott landed one
over the center field fence for a round
trip. Again in the second and sixth
Boise scored, but when once warmed
up, Shader worked satisfactorily. In
the seventh and eighth Walla Walla
made desperate attempts to overcome
Boise's lead, but could only score twice.
Manager Joe Cohn, of Spokane, last
night wired transportation to Paul
Strand, farmed out to Walla Walla by
the Spokane club. Strand is a pitcher.
but has recently developed a great
batting eye. The score:
R. H. E. R. H. E.
W'lla W'lla.2 6 2;Bolse 5 4 2
Batteries Shader and Brown; Pope
and Kelly.
Only Break in Third Heat Prevents
Victory in Straight Heats.
GRAND RAPIDS. Mich., July 12.
Only a bad break in the third heat pre
vented Chimes Hal from taking the
Northrup purse. $2000, for 2:17 pacers
In straight heats today. The event was
the feature of the final day of the
grand circuit meet here.
Wy-Drad gave the Murphy horse a
neck and neck finish in the second
heat. In the third heat Chimes Hal
broke' so badly that Murphy had to
drive hard to escape the distance flag.
In the fourth heat Chimes Hal won
handily, though pushed in the stretch
by Princess Patch and Denver Jay.
Queen Worthy won the 2:16 class
trotting In straight heats. Echomore
pushed the winner around the track
neck and neck in two heats.
Mary G. had things pretty much her
own way in the 2:23 trot, winning in
straight heats. Helen H. Conner made
her cut the time of the last heat
down to 2:12.
Country Jane went a mile to beat
2:12, trotting under the saddle, and
made it in 2:11 1-4. Reamey Macy was
the rider.
E "Tiiden's Kit Crawford, of' Salem,
and T. Howltt's Sago, of Gresham.
The programme for today, with tha
entries, is as follows:
Free-for-all pace Bonnie Antrim, C. W.
Todd: Aldlne. C. V. Todd; LlKhtfoot. J. W.l
Merrill: King Seal, K. C. Kej't; Mack N..
Mrs. Todd; Kit Crawford, B. B. Tllden.
2:30 trot Saco. T. Howitt; Sweet Geneve,
J. Merrill; Tomnetta. G. A. Smith; Lady
2:30 pace for club members only HaH f
Red Hal, F. T. Merrill; Llllie Hal, Henry
Wise; Chico, F. M. Anderson; Rocket, Ben
Wing: Jim Hill. G. K. Howitt.
Special trot Jerry Zombed. J. J. Ki
derly; Corneco. G. K. Howitt; Effle M..
Myers: Whitlock. John Edwards: Paul W.,
C. W. Todd; General B., Fred Brooker.
8:30 trot Oeraldlne, Fred T. Booker;
Zonetta. Dr. A. O. Smith: Klllsrney, H.
Rutherford: Cantatrlce, C. F. Flanders.
Special trot Caurucco. G. K. Howitt; T.t
fle M B. J. Myers; Winlock, C. M. Ed
wards. Programme for Sunday events:
Free for all'; trot, 2:30 class; pacing: spe
cial race for named pacers for club mem
bers only.
The officials of the meet will be: John
Consldlne and J. D. Huston, starters; George
L. Baker, introducer and announcer; C. C.
Bradley. W. W. Robinson. K. K, Kubli. Clay
ton Fallaa and M. C. Dickinson, Judges and
timers. J -
Fancy Animals From Outside Port
land Will Be in Contest.
Besides a number of fast Portland
horses, five entries from other cities of
Oregon and Washington are at the pad
docks, and the race committee of the
Riverside Driving Club has arranged an
attractive programme for Elks and
other horse lovers. The meet will
start at 2 o'clock this afternoon at
the Country Club and will continue to
General B., Fred Brooker's fast
trotter, will make its first appearance
in competition with Portland horses
today, and the outcome is somewhat in
doubt, as the Vancouver horse Is de
clared to be "some goer."
I. Howltt's Hallie C. is expected to
be one of the principal performers in
the 2:30 trot. This horse has been
seen In the matinees of the Riverside
Driving Club this Summer, and each
time has handled herself with credit.
J. W. Merrill, of Cottage Grove, will
have Llghtfoot on the course, while
other outside entries are: E. C.
Keyt's King Seal, of McMlnnvIHe: E.
Miss May Sutton Defeats National..
Champion at Louisville.
LOUISVILLE, Ky, July 12. Miss
May Sutton, of Los Angeles, won the
bl-state championship in women's sin
gles today by defeating Miss Mary
Browne, also of Los Angeles, ; in the
finals, 6-2, -2.
Roche Lands Job Paying $150. (
CENTRA LIA, Wash., July 12. (Spe
cial.) Jack Roche, the big catcher
with Centralia during the 1911 and
part of the 1912 season and who was
recently released by Portland, has been
signed by the Calgary, Alberta, Canada,
club at a salary of $150 a month. Roche
stopped off in Centralia last night on
his way to Join his cluo.
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