Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 03, 1912, Page 21, Image 21

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MT.nvriv I'-nm . -I- AHV ft 1AI9.
TIT I 'J ilKIK.MMr iinxsa, -
tttf mot.ning oregoxiax, rniiiAi,
Cunha Crop 100,000 Pounds
Brings 153-4 Cents.
'orflainl MilU OrM'roilns t'rrcl In
i:jlrn On'gon and WMnj
ton shearing 1 lclel
hx Kaln.
U .M: I.imii- i r. nitf urrl-l n fm'Wy
in th fUstrn Or-con rouulira ami th
umi of trai ts oriy rtrut.d tjr the six"
of th frf-rlnri. which ar nfr-ntri!y small.
a wsrir eonrfitlns hav delayed shar
lr. Whenever a rr has bta wv.t raiy
f market It Is quickly taken up hann
Aprtinn. hwT. havo boon hli back
a n-ra:!y tfcjt tf is vtrtnt a vry lar
Prt f the c: ip b mrkctd at the
rmM.r sa'ed bid al-a. th Drat of which
w h h:d t Fi ho on l W
Th larrnt transaction in the paat -. h
was ths sle of th Cunha clip of IOOOOO
pounds at Echo. It brouchi 5V cents
and th parrhs-rs wers J. Koshland Co.
Th Portland mills have bn operating
fr;y In th vicinity of Arlington. Coldn
dal snd Roossvelt. maklnir selections of th
Xleartnc continues In Vtah and Nevada
nr-d ts fettln un-Vr way asaln In Arizona,
w hT It Is tlmstd by the Bon Corn-m-rrial
Bulletin that about J.' pound
h-.a up to d-t bfra moved, out of total
clip of about 3. pound. Some llttla
bii;nMi has ten don In Utah ut prh es
pr-vstllna during ths lst two w k. Ths
saon is backward throughout thr enttra
i. umrjr. Som Middl iounty California
wwis sr rrport-d sold during the w--k In
tiie- ran of rent. In the vicinity
r-f Rawlins, Wy.. a clip is fporifd to hsvs
bn a d on th clean lnndcd Boston baals
of rK cents. Tvas Is bnclnninK to shear,
hut n- sals of any moment as yet reported.
.Von tuna appears to bo still quiescent.
In the flcsce sections llttio new la report
ed, one smIs of two or thr cars direct
to a mill of mdlum woo! re
jections out t reported on the baaia of 23 S
rents f. o. b. cars. OnVra of average Michi
gan w oo:s arw rt ported from growers to
dealers at 23 cents for mrdiutn rejections
out and 1 cents f"r d lainr. fine unwashed
snd rejections. In Ohio snd Pennsylvania
iviere haa b-n little done as yet. growers
snd draiers b- tns quits a distance spsrt on
price, the former In a-me inatan.s de
manding 'ZZ, cents fr medium wools. whH
the latt.r aro willing to pay 2 cents for
medium wools and 1 cents fr tine rlecces.
M RaniP sf Prtce Quoted la aco of
Shipping; Hfmaoil.
Th'-rs was no change yeetrday In the Io
cs! butter situation. The battle was at HI
i-n between th bulls and the bears snd both
id'S are waiting to which gives up the
sooner. The bta,rs hv th advantage In
making city salts, but the bulls are encour
aed hy the demand for butter from out
std po-.nts snd the statiatlcal airengtb of
ths market. Thers was Inquiry from both
attls and T.icoma for cubes. The Califor
nia market was firm, but there wss no
si on of the San Francisco exchange, as It
was build iy. Front -street commission
ni'-n. with outside creamery butter on band,
w-ould not ae:i under cents and regard
ed the market as strong, based on the good
local and shipping demknd.
Th cheese market was Urm and there will
be no change UX price this week.
Eggs, poultry and dreaecd meats wers
quirt and rather easv in tunc.
!.!. LOT OF Xi II CAT ARK M-1. 1. IN 4.
Hmg la mt PrWs I ader Ttao
It is not essier t buy wheat from farmers
than it was a week or two a so. when ths
market was active, hut :hr holders are not
so ha":n and a f-w small lots are selling
st prices a cvnt or o nnd-r those lately cur
rent. Ths sr ere gat volume of trade Is
rot aatensive.
Ths oats market Is also quiet and prices
r fairly atsady. What buying ts bing dons
In the country is on the basis of 9.19.
Ioc receipts. In cars, were reported by
the Merchants Kichange as fallows:
Wheat Barley Flour Oats Hi ..... 11 ." !
Tuedar .... t T
Aineaday ... li 6 I 5
Thursday .... I I 3
mr a so 1 I 1 II
hea a to dale 1? V I T.rtl T2X I
Tar as . .11.14 Ml 2a-S 4 '.t;i
Otcc Threw MUIIosi Acs Kold la tho Cmmt
SVI.KM. Dr.. May 3- Special. With ths
s'e of over l.ono.OOA hop roots In Caltfornia.
Oregon and Washington. C. A. Endlcott. ths
leading dealer In hop eonts here, declares
tat la Crrgan th ia ar there Is an In
creased hop acreage of from &0 to ?
Ri-rn He estimates the Increase In Cali
fornia as nearly the sams and an Increase;
-f fnm -0 to 40tfO acres In Washington.
"This has been s banner year for ths
es of hop roots." ststed Mr. Kndloott.
"Hesry orders hsvs come In recently, but
t he season on roots is practically closed
snd they cannot be 'filled, although yestsr
riav I male a shipment of s.00O roots to
California. Ths new acreage along ths
ei'Sst will be large. Last ear ths new
scresgs hardly balanced up to ths ) ards
that were abandoned.
" allfornia ts sitll ordering roots, but
there are none left. Indications this year,
with a normal se-awon. point to at least IftO.
ss balea. and with a season above the nor
mal, from HO.Owu to IZO.sua bales. California
will probably gv ahead of last ear In ths
sue of Its crop, owing to the heavy rains.
IHpeew Is Buy Only at Lawer Quota! lows
The mohair season Is ove-r. so far as pool
ui'i are concerned, but ther la still a con
s.derable quantity unsold In ths country.
It Is estlmsted that about a third of ths
clip is still In farmers' hands.
The local dealers and th mills sesm to
bo well stocked with high-priced mohair,
and as a consequence ars disposed to buy
now only ml lower figures. Ths pries of
fered in the country yesterday was 31 cants,
t; rowers ars not responding to the laser
b:ds snd bu Ing Is. therefor, on a small
st-ale Nominal quotations In Boston on
Oregon mohair are 5& U 3 cents, and dealers
f icuro it takes S rents to handle ths busW
ms snd pay a'i freight ami other charges.
Piicew eihwvr AdvasH-lasr Tendency ! Ens;
laskd ass Oermsusy.
Improvement la apparent In ths foreign
hop markets. Th following cabl was re
ceived from London yesterday:
"Market firm. Growers ars not sellers.
Brewers show mors disposition to buy."
A irman cable said ths Continental mar
,ta wers firm at ths advance.
There was no business doing In any of
the Cosat market. No osders Wars rs
ported by local dealers.
Mraigltt i ar ef I lnriaa Tomstart Is Alss
K.iM uii of bauaiiaa arrived Iat night.
.io a strairlt car of Florida tomato a.
Becetpts rarlter la Ihs day wers a car each
of 1&a onion nd a. cr of rabbit- Th I
onions rr quoted at on browof and
S on whliM.
lUinot hothoua tomato war on ala
at 3S renia a pounds
Florida straw brrjr receipts vm liberal,
but aJa woro stow becauae of coot weathar
and the condition of tha fruit. Jetsles wra
quoted ai 1 1 and Dollars at f-.O a crate.
Hank lew ring.
Pink clearings of the Northwestern cities
yesterdsy were a folios s t
Clearing. Ilaiancea. J
Portland $2.2.M.! f J" .'H I
utiu i T-o ois :to-. 1
J':::::::::::::::: ii
Crala. Hoar. td. Kl..
V H K AT Truck r'r-: Hlnt-a'm. 1 n":
r'ut. 1"1; rwi Ku.lan. $1; Vallc). Il.ol:
4-r!d. ri i.;
Mil. I Tl' 1"F ".'4 per Ion; ihort.
''!. m'dttanita. H.
Kl.(iru Pbiadil 1.10 nrr barr.1;
pnlthti, M 7'l; .ipnrt. H I; V.M.jr. i
nlthti, t4.7"; .ipnrt. H ID; V.M.jr. 1
rah.m. A1I: wh .'. arhrat. $10.
;OHN Whole. 3!. critknl. ii) prr ft
MAI limi'inr, riiwii. ........ ..'-w
11. clover. V: rata anil vetch. $iaiu 1 1 ;
OATS .No. white. per ion.
VrrrtalNffa and Fmtra.
TltWAt. FRI-ITS Oranm na-'
?"rl.;S: Callfornl. rrpefn't. fSSOft.
Klorid. araperrult. S.TiTnO: lemena. (19
6 r oo; pircappl.a. 6 pr pound.
FIlESH KKl'IT Sirherrlea. :mMr
crate; crant.-rrtea. I'vtflO per barrel; applea.
II 1 it box.
ToTAT'tKS Johbtnc prleea. Purbanka.
old. II j 1 j per hundred; n.w California.
6c per pourd.
iiMONM Her-nuda. ?.V1S per rrate.
cliKT OiLK.S Ar:l. h .kea. ,.1tr"- P-e
doBeo; aaparairua. ia!lfornla. $ 1 2 fl 2 rer
cralr. beana. ::se: cabt-aee. 33e pound;
eauliflo.rr. I-Ti per cralc; . elerT.
per rrate; cucumber., $ll.V doxen; er
p.ant 2.c p"r pound; bead lettuce. 11.75 pr
, . . . ,.t h i .i t nr. 74-eill Dr boa:
peaa, Be pound; pep perm. ISe pound; rad
lahea. lSti?oe per dosen; rhubarb. .i03e
per puiJ; aplnach. 5? per pound; to
matora. IM per box; carlic. Stfloc per
.Ai.K VEOETABI.E9 TurBlpa. 11W
per Mck- beeta. I1.6U. rutabacaa.
carrota. 1.
Dairy and Coantr- Producer
Butter Oreron creamery bJtter; solid
park, ll'ilil'k per pound.
Kt;rjr Kr-ah cr'gn ranch, candled. 21c
per riixen: caae count. ZoVc.
CIliut-aE Urtoi (lata. lo par poand.
pi'l'.K Karcy. liS1llc per pound.
VEAL Fano. 1111SC per pound.
POlLTKV-Hri, l.V; Sprlnsa. 15c;
broliera. l'At30c; ducke. SOc: Seeaa,
11c; turkaja. Uva. JOc. drraaed. aa
Btacl. Crarcrlaa.
CALMON Columbia Rler. l-ponud taJI.
Itri p.r dozen, a-pouod lalla. 1M; 1
pound r.ata. i0. Aiuu pink. 1-paaad
COrt"KK Roaatad, In drum a. lOe
per paund. '
NCTH Walnuts. leOKHo per Mnl;
nraall nuta. 14lc; illberta. 14Uc; al
tnonda. i;ilc. pecana. lac; cocoanula. SOop
(1 per dosen; chcalnuia. 12 c par sound,
hickory nuta. Ctflue per pound.
HoNEY Cboico. par aaa; atralne
honey, loc per round.
SALT ilranulatrd. 1 par tan: fcalf
ruuud. luta. a-i0 par ton: 60 par toat
TiKANS Small white. Sc. iarra whlta.
e.c; Urn, line: plnB. tike; ataxic an. a:
bayou, ac
RICE No. 1 Japan. tke: cheaper rada.
ttavftc; SouUiara bead. B7a.
bL'UAR tiry craculated. U.'S: fruit and
berry. (0.05; Honolulu plantation. 0: beet.
$.'. SJ. extra C. po(drad. barTa.a.
.30; cubea. barre.a. I9.4. .
DRIED FRUITS Applet 14a par .
aprlcota. llsSc; peachaa. lOJi
prune Italian. lu H a 10c: allear. lo:
ni.a .bite and blak. (Si)o. aurrT?lt
100 11c; ralaina. looaa. atuscataL
IVkc: bleached .Tbompaon. lie:.
b eached -Bullanaa. lac, aeedad. T O J
dates. Persian. I tic par pound: ard. !.
Fro visions.
HAMS All sixes. 1718c: sklnnsd. 17
d l.v. picnics, lie; boiled. 8jt lt
Bacon fancy. 2 is e ioiac. tholca, 20
DRY AI.T HEATS Bs-ka. dry salt. 11H
(ilc; batka. amoked. I.i i H'i bellies, dry
sa.t. U',c; bellies, smoked, lie
LAKIl Tierce basis, choice. lS.c: com
pound c: leaf. 3-lb. jalis. .SO per case.
KISi'Ei.LANEOl'S P.its I eel, kits. Jl.SS:
ailed beef, uieidss. t23 per case; dried beef.
Inaidea 2c per pound: Summer aauaase.
3Ac: bologna, canvas back, loc; minced
bam. lc
Uopa. fAaoi and Hides.
Hops llt crop. Sm39e; old, nomi
nal: 1 1 2 contracts. 2ki'C-
MOHAIll Choice. Per pound.
WOOL. Eastern Oreion. ll)l"i P'
pound. according to sbrlnkaae: Valksy.
Is -I 11M per pound.
PKLT9 Dry. lie; lambe. salted. TSO0s;
shori-aool pelts. o4yS:c. butcher balta. Jan.
take-off icJl.Ui; rah. taks-off. 1 lli
HIDES Salted bldaa. lOOlOHa per
pound: salted calf, Ju21e. sa.ted ko. 110
12c; (reea hides. Sc. dry ca.f. Zlc; Jry
hides. It, 13c; salted staa. ToTHt; trees
etas a. ddvac
cascaKa Per pound. 8 Ode
UKA1.V BAUd In car lota. s.OtS.Se.
Prlc i Qaotrd at the Bay Cllr far Vaco
tablea. rrnlta.
AN FRANCISCO. May S. The follow
ing paoducs prleea wars currant her. to
day: Fruit Apples, choice, fl.OO; common. 5c;
.exicaa limes. (.s.t: California lemons,
choice. $4; common.; naval oraaxoa.
lg:.:o. plneapplea. Ililslit.
liultei Fancy creamery. 4c
begs Ktore lvc: fancy ranch. 2iSc
Ch.eee lav USe.
Vegetables Cucumbers. Selfl0: green
peas. Sti .'c; string beans. ls I.V: as
psragus. 11 tt 1.3". tomatoes, nominal; egg
plant, nominal.
Potatoes River Rurbanka. $1 5O0 1.H.1;
aaeeta. $i.75t2: Oregon Kurbanka. fl.75ts
Hit Wheat. 15k;: wusat and oata.
Illu 1: alfalfa. .12114
Receipts Flour. tJH quarter sacks:
wheat. Ibs3 centals; barley. ;.ni centals:
osts. 44t centals: potatoes. 4.".tt. sacka: mid
dlings. S" sacks; hay. 375 tons; wool. 181
Metal Markets.
NK1V TOr.K, Mar 2. Standard copper
weak. toot. May. June and July. IV4't
1.1.rtic; August, 13..tu 16-7i-: beptemtier.
l.',.,'vll.j;vic- lndon quiet: spot 1 7s
d; futures. t7t 2s Hd. Arrivals reortrd at
New York today. 27 tons. Custom house
returns show exports of tons so far this
month. Lake ropper HllK'tf; electro
lrttl.;c: mating. 15 Hi !" Tc. Local
aalea. llei tuna Ser-iember at 1.1.45c; r.i tone
beptember. at lVOiSc.
Tin weak; spot. 43. .1 9 IfLOOc: May, 4J.0(r
4"..7nc; June. 43.3oi 4 i.IV:: July. it.We
44 lec: August. 44.50; 4 4.. 3c: September.
44.tMr 44.4HC London weak; spot i20 10a;
futures. Jlti la. Local sales, five tons
May at 45.75; five tone May at 4S.70c: five
tons Mav at 45.'JSc; five tons July at
4tc: five tons August at 44.Mc: 25 tons
July at 44.75c; 50 tons August at 44.50c.
Lead steady; 4.1i 4.2c New Terk: 4.009
4.1oc Lest St. Louis. London, ild 10s.
Iron. Cleveland warrants. 54s lSd In Lon
don. Locally Iron was steady. No. 1 foun
dry Northern. 115. U5l 15.75: No. 2, 15f
13.50; No. 1 Southern and No. 1 Southern
soft. M3.2J u IS.73.
. Antimony quiet: rooktoo'i. 8.0.
fpeltsr quiet; ft.W'1 .l'c New York: 615
gr 0.75c rlxat St, Louis. London. J5 15s.
Coffee and Sugar.
NEW YORK. May 2. Coffee futures
rinsed steady net unchanged to two points
loner. Msy. 13.VK: June.; July.
in.7c: August. i:i.7'c; S.-ptember. lU.Nic:
Oi-tober and November, l.T.!:ic; January.
1 ; vie; February. 13.71'c; March and April,
Spot quiet; Rio No. 7. 14 He: Santos No. 4.
l'lc. Mild quiet: Cordova, log lbic- nom
inal. Raw sugar stead v. Muscovado, s test.
3.55c. eentrlfugsl. I test. 4i5c: molasses
sugar, M lest. J.30C. Refined quiet.
Natal Ktorea.
SAVANNAH. Ga.. May S. Turpentine,
fine. 4StMic. Salea. 4t; receipts. 99;
sntprnrnta. K2; storks. 114.
Knetn firm. Sales, lio-d. receipts. 1790:
shipments, i'l : stocks. 4.4t.. Quote; B.
D. Il-ui; &. rJ.M; F. O. H. 1. K. M.
7 oO. N. ?.U2S: WO. 7.0i; WW. (7.07H.
lndoa Wool Hales.
LONDON. May 2. Tha wool auctions were
continued today with offerings of 14.. If!
I alee. Merinos were firm and especially
ct Austral. An and South Australian and
cro.abreda were steady excc'it quslltlea ault
alle for America, which were easy owing
lo tha slackened demand.
Undertone of Stock Market
Good, but Trade Is Dull.
Slcrl Itct-ovprs From Uio Bml F.rfcc-t
PrwluceU by Ihc Qumrtcrly Ito
port KcadiiiaT Continues
lis Climb.
NEW TORK. Msy 5 The stock market
today was dull and uninteresting. The un
dertone was firm and In places strong, but
speculative Interest was light, with an ab
sence of public participation. Active deal
ings were restricted to speculative favorites.
Reading rose to 177 with a aympathetlo
rise In Lehigh Valley.
Steel seemed to have recovered from tn
chill produced by Its unfavorable report and
resumed flrat plao. la the Hal. Specialties
were conspicuous, soma advancing two, three
and even four points.
Stagnation overtook the list In the rT'
afternoon, after another rise in Reading and
American Can.
('renter strength and activity In Steel was
the feature of the last hoar. Advices from
trade centers said another advance In fin
ished products was contemplated. Prices
shaded In the final dealings, but tha clos
ing was steady.
Tha recent light demand for money con
tinued, although the cash movement to In
terior ports was unabated. Today's outflow
Included another telegraphic transfer of
tiou.out to the Pacific Coast,
Honda manifested a better tone, but price
changes were unimportant, aside from the
Wsbash refunding 4s. which mads a mod
erate advance. Total sales, par value. $J.4;t.
tto. L'nited States Government bonds were
unchanged on calL
Sales. High. lxiw. 111.1.
AMIS ChKl pf
Amal Copper .. !.' C3S f'-s a
Aiu Aitntult .. ls l "1 "":
Am Uvel Sugar. 4.7"H) 7o ' '-
American Can.. to.Oi'O 41 S1 4"'.
Am Car Fdy. ' -s
Am Cotton Oil. S'.tloo S5 04
Am Hd 4t Lt pf - .-''.
Am lie SerurL. 10.00O 23 H 23 ! "i l
Am Llusetrd ... 3'W 15 14 14-.
Am Locomotive "!,0il 44 44 S 44a
Am Smcl Hof ll.-'- . " M
do preferred.. i K'S lOi liw
Am Stoel Fdy
Am Sugar Rcf.. 3.2-k( 13i'1 l-'K'i "J-
Am Tl & Tel.. :n 14'i't, 14ik ll'l
Am Tobacco pf S liH W l;,1 'a
Am Wooltn 25
An-Lconda M Co. 1.2 42-. 42k 4-'H
At. hi.on 2.::. 107V 1. U J"', a
do preferred.. 1" lo;;. KKl lo..'.
Atl Coast Un... list 141 141 14N
L..!t A Ohio .. 3.' lllls 1"
Helhlehem St ml iWMI Z S'-'s -Is,
Hrook H Tran.. 4.M' M 3 4
Cann.llan I'aclllc 3.3" 25'A 254" J;'''"
Central L.ather 7 2. 2J - J
do preferred.. loo 1'4'i u4 4 M U
Central of N J "J,,,
Ches V Ohio ... .loo 7P 79'4 i.IH
ftoTO Alton - 7'
Clil tit IIVil ... HK Ill's " .V',-
do preferred
Chicago A N W 50.I 142 141 14J
C. M Ar St PauL l.rlisj ll'l'i 11 lolll.
r. c, c 61 u ...
Col Fuel ar Iron -"
Col Southern ,?.
Consol lias 12.110 14.V1. 144V. 14J ,
Corn Products.. 700 Irt 'w 10S. 2 ,
rl Hutison I.'-,,
D R C.rultde - --"
do preferred.. .!' 41 '4 41 Vt 41'.
Dlrtlllers' Secur :! --;'e J-j .
Erie 3.4' 3ti 3 J .
do Ut Pf 21-0 r.:.' 53
O. n" Electric' iio" i"4 1"
Ol North pf ... l." I".'-'". j:S2'i l..Ll
tit North Ore .. '- 4. 40 4.1
ll!!n.. I. Central. 2' l-"., l-'H'j 12 S
Interbor Met .. ' 1' 1 Jf J'"
do preferred.. 1. ."' 5SS, ... S ..7 -4
Inter Harvester. 117 llHS 11'IS
Inter Marine pf ""3 JL'
Int Paper 3.2'"' lVn ! '
Int Pump S.tK-0 315, SO', M
Iowa Central ; .' -
K C Southern.. 25W MS 2.. H
do pr.r rred.. l' i4
I..!ede Oaa ... 4' 1"7 llt4 VMM
Louie Nash.. 1.4"0 1'loV, lo'-- l.'l'
Minn at St 1. . . 23 22 a 2.1
M S P 4t S S M 3 141 140 li
Mo. Kan Tex 2
do preferred
Mo Pucllic .41 43 42S 42,
Nut ll.scult ... 7' 15-1 a, 13.'. l..h
Nstlonsl l-ad . 2.70O M ..H IJ-
N llv Mux 3 Pf M
N Y Central ... 7V 12JS "S llt-S
N Y Ont Sr. Wes 111 a
Norfolk Ar West l..V 1 U 113 1I3J.
Norm American 7'" V. k ;Vi .'J''
Northern Pac .. !. 121S 121 121
Pcll1c Mall ... 3" 334 H.IH .U
Pennsylvania ... 13.'i-0 125' J-'-'bs -
Peoples lias .. 4- 111, 110 a 111
P C C St U. l.l' 10" 1"TH l"""a
l-ittahtirg Cowl.. 7"- 22 S Si's 21
PreaseJ S Car.. IOO 3 3.1 jji
K v" Steel' Spring "' i'-0 ' 'viH Mi
R.a.llna 9.4'Ki I.,-, 1...S li4
Republic Steel.. J 24 S -4 .4
do pref.rred.. 2" w4 K"
R.h k Co 2.4'- -H ', 21'
do preferred.. 57 V, .. . 'a
St L & S V a P' 3' 3B
St L Southwest i'i
do preferred i't
Sloea-Sheffleld .. I.OOfl R 1 V, 0 J2
Southern Pacific 2.1o 112S 112 112V.
Southern Ry .. - Hn ;
do preferred.. " 74"v, 74V. .4Vj
Tnn Copper .. 1.50O 45 44 44 v,
Texas A Pacific "4 V,
Tol. St L Wea l" "S l"a 14V,
do preferred.. 4.i 34', S4S 3.1
Union Psrltlc. 1,3. 173V. 172 1.2s
do preferred.. 2" "IV. "t' PI
t? Realty .... loo 73 10 75
V 8 Huboer ... nl"i 'si
U S Steel 101.4"O 72 704. ,1 V,
do preferred.. 1 !' 1131 ji'.-s, jijx.
I'tah t'opper .." l.ioo :tS -H 3
Va-Caro Chem 2.50O 62 'a 61 ' 51 '
do preferred.. 4s 21 2S 2
Western Md .. "" M
Wealing Kc. iim 7; 7rtV, ,H
Western Union. 3oo MS s::
Wheel A 1. R '
Lehigh Vallev.. 11. .'." 17'. ln !!,
Chino Copper.. 1.300 20-, 21S 20S1
R:.r Consois ... P.oi 14 1v, 1S
Am Tobaco ... 1.3O0 24? 245 24SH
Total talis for the day. 51S.TOO shsres.
NEW YORK, Mav 2. Closlnr quotations:
U S Uef 2s reg.10"4:v r C gen 3V,S b',
do coupon ..look. Nor psc 3s ... 6!S
f s 3s reg ....10214 Nor Pac 4s !!'s
do coupon ...102'. Union Psc 4s . ..InWj
r new 4S reg.114 "Wis Cent 4a .... 2S
do coupon, . ..MtVilJapanese 4s .... !$
D R O 4 ...
stock, a
t Boston,
HUSTON'. May 2.
A I lone a 43
Amal Cop MS
Am 7. L st S. . 21".
Arix Com 5
Cal 4k Arix 72Vs
Cal at Hec MM
Centennial .... 24
Cop H Con Co. ni'H
-Closing quotations:
Miami Cop 23
'Mohawk 1:2
Nev Con 22'4
Nlplsslui: Mines. 7
North Butte
North Lake
Old Dom . .
'Osceola . . . .
Qulrury ....
Shaimon ...
. 21'
. 7W
. 33
. SV4
. 14 1.
F Rulte CM..
13 V,
C.lroux Con . .
Oranby Con ..
Greene Can ..
lole Roy Cop .
Kerr Lake
Lake Copper..
37 H
27 v,
'Sup Boa Mln 2H
Tamarack 42
U S S R M. . 37
j do pfd 4SS
1 ian v. on j.its
iWinona t4
44 4
Condition of the Treasury .
WASHINGTON. May 2. At the beginning
of business today ths condition of tha Uni
ted States Treasury was:
Working balance In Treasury offices. 63.
R.2u: In banks and Philippine Treasury.
132.4so.3ot: total balance In general fund,
1 125.237.95 7.
Ordinary receipts. 11.PS7.58S, with ordinary
disbursements. S2.lVl.Vb9.
Deficit to date this fiscal year Is S12.
7S4.5nl. as against a surplus of I2,21 at
this time last year.
These figures exclude Panama Canal and
public debt transactions.
Moneor. Exchange. Etc.
NEW YORK. May 2. Money on call
steady, 2V,t2 per cent; ruling rata. 2H:
Closing uiu. ' '
Time loans easier: til) days. 3V.; 90 day.
SVti:iVk; six months. S'itjS.
prime mercantile paper. 48 4V, per cent.
Sterling exchange steady, with actual busi
ness In bankers' bills at S4.8423 for 60-day
bllla and at S4.4ft0 for demand.
Commercial bllia. S4.8S6.
Mexican dollars. 4Sc.
Government snd rsllroad bonds, steady.
Bar silver. 61c.
LONDON, May 2. Bar silver, steady. 2SHd
per ounce; money. 2 V 4) 24 per cent: rate
of discount on short bills. 3'o3 1-1 per cent;
do. three months' bills. 3e3 1-18 per cent.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 2. Sterling on
London. 1 days. I4.M W : no. sight. 1
Silver bars, ele. Xnlnn dollars, nom- :
lnal: drafts, sight, par; do. telegraph. 2 per
Dried Fruit at New York.
NEW VOHK, May 2. Evaporated apples
quiet. Prices steady for prompt delivery.
Fti'rrcs market wn easier, spot fancy. BVj
jiov-c: choice. s,i!lo: prime, 7v,WSc.
Prunes steady. Peiier demand. Quotations:
4 to v.c for CalKornlas up to 3O-40J and
7 to lo Vac for Oreffons.
Peaches firm. Improved Jobbing demand.
Choice, JO v. i lo,c; extra choice, ll'oll'vc;
fancy. ll'iS12c.
New York Cotlon Market.
NEW TORK. Mny 2. Cotton futures
closed firm, liidr: May and June 11.06. July
11. 1. August ll.H'. September 11.14. Oc
tober 11.2.'l. No. ember 11.24. lieccmbT
1I.K2. January 11.87. February 11.27, March
Spot clcaed quiet and unchanged. Mid-uplands
11.4": d- gulf. 11.05. Salts (delivered
on contract! i2.:'.0O bales.
I hlcasjo Produce. Market.
rmcAlo. May 2. Butler, steady. Cream
eries. 2Ki3lr: dairies. 24'2Sc.
Kin. weak: receipts, .".1,72 cases: at
mailt, esses Ircluded. 17 toe; ordinary firsts.
16 firsts. 17'3l lxc.
Cheeae. atcady. Daisies. 1 rt h) 1 1 c : Twins.
10 ' I l.l, c ; Younff Amertcus. l1Ql'c:
Long lioinr. I;1, w 1HV.C.
ftuytng 1 Ohicfly In the Sheep and
Hog Divisions Ibices Are
Veil Maintained.
Tha livestock supply at the yards yes
i.eri.. th. heat of the week, sggre-
gating over 1300 head, but a good part of
the arrlvala came too late to do inuiuoeu
In the day s trading. Except for a load
each of steers and calves, the buying was
atl In the hog and sheep divisions.
Hogs In large and small lots were dis
posed of at S.25 to SS-40 for light and 17
to $7.60 for heavy weights.
The bulk of th mutton stock handled
was shorn, yearlings beinKlng 16.25 to 15.50
and ewes H ill and 14.75. A few wool year
lings sold at SB.25. Spring lambs brought
For steers 6.0 was paid. Calves had a
range In the day salos of 7 to $S.S.
Receipts yesterday were 317 cattle. 40
rslves. 47 hogs. l.".4 sheep and 24 horses.
Among the shippers were J. E. Cherry.
Caldwell. 1 car of horses: J. A. Martin,
Shelley, t cars of hogs; C. S. Walker. Jo
seph. 2 cars of cattle; D. T. Ketchum tc
Son. Slmonax. 2 cars of sheep; V. E. Reed.
Killings, 1 car of hogs; F. I. Hibbs. Mt
Mlnvllle. 1 car of sheep and hojrs: A. R.
Ford. Sheridan. 1 car of cattle and hogs:
A. R. Gale. Amity. 1 car of sheep, and C. B.
Lurke. Canby. 1 car of cattle.
The day's sales were as follows:
WeiKht. Price.
X calves .............
2fi calves
2 calves
4 calves
25 hogs
7 hogs
10 hoss
I hog .'
3 cows
ISO sheared sheep
12 Spring lambs
wool yearlings
24 sheared yearlings . .
1 sheared yearlings ..
82 sheared ewes ......
25 steers
11 sheared ewes
21 wool 'yearlings
37 sheared yearlings . .
10 hogs -
Z hogs
0 hogs
1 hog
6 hops
7 hogs
. .. ISO 17.00
... 144 S.6.1
. . . 1 5 11 7 "0
... Hi a S..".l
... 2 t S.30
. .. 3.17 7.5
317 7.:.'l
. ... 250 X.30
.... 110 tin
. ... ;o 5.00
8S 4.75
5S 7.25
.... S3 S.23
.... MS 5..-.
S9 .". .".
. ..." Ml 4.7,7
....1132 ri.i.0
.... 114 " 4.50
111 s.:s
1..0 6.2n
.... 16 8.20
.... lt5 S. 25
.... 8.4.1
. ... r.fio 7.o
298 7.2.1
. 2"0 8.2S
. ... 170 S.L'.
7 hone
70 hogs
The rsnge of prices at the yards was as
c"!o7ce steer.
Good steers -''f !
Medium steer i ' ) --'
Choice rows ; ' ?
000,1 cows
Medium cows J-5"' 00
Choice calves
Good heavy calve. "
Bulls J ; '!?
Stsgs 3''
I Irht5- 8 00 8 r,
Heiiy too 7 75
: ::::::::::::: IZZ
Lamba .! 4 3o.n B.oo
Spring lambe".'.'.'.. 6.00 S 7.50
t'hicaifo I.lvewtiM-k Market.
CHICAGO.' May 2. Cattle llrcelpts.
60"0: market. slow. Beeves. ."..H0'f 9.00;
Texas steers, S5.35'il 7.35; Western steers.
S5 5 'o 7.70: Blockers and feeders. 14.23 Uil. i.;
cows and heifers. 'i 7.05; calves. ."..30'
Hogs Receipts. C2.O00; market, weak to
5c lower. Light. 17.25 . 7.70; mixed. S7.SOW
7.77S; heavy, 7 3otl70' rough. ..3.'(l
7.. "el; pigs. 14.73k tLba; bulk 'of sales, S7..
heep Receipts. 1S.OOO; murkot, slow.
Native. 5tif.25. Western. I.,.2.. i Iv jo; year- (
11 P X 1. S'l.aO'O V. "V. lU.lToe. . " '
V.b5; Western. S-30g 10. Bo.
Omaha Llvrwtork -Market.
SOUTH OMAHA. Neb., May 2. Cattle
Receipts. 25oo; market. srendy. Native
steers. d.30i S.30: cows snd heifers. S3.30O
7.3: Western steers. S4.S0& 7.75; Texas
steers. S4.30ft.25; rang., cows and heifers.
s.ttm.25; canntrs. $2. 75 4.2f. : s'.ockers and
ted. rs. S4.2513 7.25: calves, 4'7.5o; buils.
stuns, etc.. S4.40W400.
Hogs Receipts. 11.H0O: market, steady to
5c higher. Heavy. ST..i3j 7.75; mixed. 7.40-
7.53; light. 7.25ti 7.UO: pigs, S"M-'-3; bulk
of sales. 7.45i 7.0.
Sheep Receipts. 7000: msrket, slow and
steady. Yearlings. S7.73toS.75: wethers.
S7.25'o8: ewes. Stt'7.50; lambs. 5tlo.50.
Wool at bt. Inls.
ST. LOUIS. May 2. Wool Steady. Ter
ritory and Western mediums. 10'lbc; fine
mediums. II "S 17c: fine. V(ctl5c.
flops at New York.
NEW YORK. May 2. Hops steady.
Free Methodists Want Religious
Dress Stopped in Indian Schools.
Resolutions were adopted at the
mc-etlntr of the Oregon Conference of
the Free Methodist Church, in session
in fhe Central Church. Kast Fifty
fifth and Kast Flanders streets, yes
terday, demanding that the Federal
Government require teachers to discon
tinue the use of the garbs of their
religion while teaching in the Gov
ernment Indian schools. The action
of President Taft In ordering the re
calling of the order of Commissioner
Valentine that -the teachers employed
in these schools lo not wear the prarb
of their religion called out the resolu
tion. It was the sense of the confer
ence that the order of Commissioner
Valentine should stand and that the
President be requested to withdrayj his
order. The resolution will be trans
mitted to the President.
Division of the Oretron Conference
into Northern and Southern Oregon
conferences was made effective yester
day by the election of Rev. W. N. Cof
fee, presiding elder of the Northern
Conference. Mr. Coffee has been serv
ing as presiding elder of the whole
conference for the past year. The
newly-formed Southern Oregon Con
ference will meet at Medford next
Bishop Hogue, presiding, delivered
an address at the conference yester
day morning. Rev. S. H. Upton, of
Minnesota, preached yesterday after
noon, and Rev. M. A. Clark, of Kver
ett. Wash., missionary from India,
spoke last night. President Alexan
der Beers, of the Seattle Seminary,
and Rev. W. F. Matthewson. mission
ary from Japan, are attending the
A large cheese, weighing more than 12.O00
pounds, recently was made In Wisconsin fur
cxbibltloa purposes.
Wheat Prices Sag for Lack of
Government . Report, Estimating
Wheat Crop at 72,000,000. Bush
els Less Than Last Year,
IHes Xot Check Decline. v
CHICAGO. May 2. Despite a private fore
cast that the Government report would sug
gest a Winter crop 72.000.OO0 bushels leas
than a year ago, the wheat market today
sagged because of lack of buyers. Closing
prices ranged from last night's level to .
G Ta o below.
Something of a selling flurry started In
the wheat pit, owlrflr to an official state
ment Implying that. tha Kansas crop would
amount to 3. 000. 000 bushels, notwithstand
ing recent advices that damage has been
severe. The m.ld. fine growing weather
which prevailed over the entire Winter wheat
belt also counted against the bulls.
There was a sharp rally In quotations
when an authoritative estimate appeared,
putting the Winter crop at 158,000.000 bush
els, but the market gradually slipped back
after tha fact became clear that support
depended wholly on professional traders.
Feeling was nervous and unsettled at the
Corn ruled a little firmer early on ac
count of rain In Illinois, but relapsed when
country sales from Iowa Increased. Be
sides Eastern demand was poor and there
was word that Argentine shipments for
the week would be 1,700.000 bushels, com
pared with sero the corresponding; time last
A little weakness characterised oata as a
result of unloading by pit longs. The Texas
crop was figured at double that of last
Provisions averaged lower because of large
receipts of hogs and In consequence of lib
eral stocks of products in store. Buying;
at the decline, however, was active.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Open. High. Low. Close.
May $1.13 $1.14 $1.13 $1.14
July 1.103, l.lin, l.Orti, l.loVj
Sepu 1.07 1.07 V. 1.0SH 1.07
Mav 7!"t .N0(4 .7i ' .7!4
July 77X .7H .77V. "7Vi
Sept 73 .7tt .75 V. .75(4
Dec G4 .CH, .04 .04 4,
Mav Si'.", .57'i .5, .5
Julv SI .54, .5:i" .34
Sept. ...... .45 .45 4, .44 V-a -4 IS
Mav 1H.75 IS. 93
Julv Kilo Kl.:t2i .1I.10 19.27 44
Sept IV. 33 Jli.52'... 111.33 1V.40
Mav 1..S7'i 1U.92U 10.S5 10.87
Julv 11.1.2V, 11.12V, 11.02'i 11.07'i
Sept 11.22 'a 11.33 11.22',x 11.27 Va
O." 11. .'I.". 11.40 11.32'i 11.35
Julv 10.4(1 10.47'i 10..".7vi 1O.40
Sept lo.r.2 4 10.72 'x 10.02 'a lo.rjo
Cash quotations were &s follows:
Flour Firm.
Rye No. 2. 94 'tc. ,4
Barley Feed or mixing. 80cf(f$l; fair to
choice malting. $1.20S 1.32.
Timothy seed $7.5012.
Clover seed $143i20.
Pork .Mess. SIS'O 19.12V,.
Lard In tierces. $19.87 V,.
Short ribs Loose. S10.25.
Grain statistics:
Total clearances of wheat and flour were
equal to 198,000 bushels. Primary receipts
were 44. 0U0 bushels, compared with 328,
000 bushels the corresponding day a year
ago. Estimated receipts for tomorrow:
Wheat, 10 cars; corn, 152 cars; oats, 83 cars;
hogs, 21.000 head.
;rainn In San Krancisro.
S.W FRANCISCO. May 2. Spot quota
tions Walla Walla, $1.8V4 ig l.7Vk : red
Russian. $1.874, 4 1.V0: Turkey red. 1.9u&.
1.H2V,. lilucstem $1.10 1.V2V, ; feed barley,
l.o'.t 1.K2V. : hrewlnir barley, $l.n2.00;
w hite oat. 12.07 ', u 2.10; bran, $20.50; mld
d Units. $32iii:i3: shorts. $211.50030.50.
Call board sales Wheal, December, $1.64
b 1.07 V,. . i
Barley. December. 3c: May. $1.86.
Miuneupolis Wheat Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. May 2. Close: Wheat
May. Si. 11 V,; July. $1,124.; September.
l.o5V, a 1.05,. cash No. 1 hard, $1.14'.;
No. 1 Northern, $1.13", ; No. 2 Northern,
$1.U; No. S wheat. $1.08s-
Flax. $2,1449 2.1544.
Barley. 70c4i$1.30.
Corn No. 1. yellow. 77ft?78V,c.
Oata No. 3, white. 55c.
Rye No. 1. 00c.
ilran In 100-pound acks, $24&24.5o ton.
puget Sound Grain Market.
TACOMA. Wash., May 2. Wheat Blue
stem. $1.07: 40-fold. $1.03; club, $1.023' 1.03;
red Russian. $1. Car receipts Wheat 21.
onts 2. hay 3.
SEATTLE. Wash., May 2. Wheat Blue
stem. $I.0; 40-fold. $1,004: club. 89c; fife,
99c; red Russian, V8c. Yesterday's car re
ceipts Wheat 21, oats 4. hay 3. flour 4,
barley 1.
Kuroean Grain Markets.
LONDON, May 2. Cargoes, firm. Walla
Walla for shipment at 39s 9.1. English
country markets, easier; French country
markets, tirm.
LIVERPOOL, May 2. Close: Wheat
May. 7s 10d; July, 7s fed; October,' 7s 4,d.
Weuther, cloudy.
Duluth Flax Market.
Dl'Ll'TH, Minn., May 2: CloFe: Linseed,
in store and on track. $2.17Vt; May. $2,16V4
bid: July, $'2.12'4 bid.
'Cool Lager"' and "Old Oaken Buck
et" Figure In Divorce Review.
SALEM, Or.. May 2. (Special.)
"Cool lager beer" versus the "con
tents of the "old oaken bucket" with its
accompanying possibilities of bacteria
and noxious germs" proved to be the
burden of a Supreme Court decision to
day in which Justice McBride discussed
some marital woes and modified a di
vorce decree granted to Charles E.
Short from Maggie E. Short, the case
being appealed from Josephine County.
The lower court decided for the
plaintiff, but as to settlement some of
the lower court's findings were modi
fled. In the course of his opinion Jus
tice McBride says:
We gather from the testimony that both
parties were disposed to be tenacious of
their opinions and that defendant was dis
posed to magnify Innocent pleasantries Into
gross Indignities. Thus, when a few days
after the marriage, ho said. Jokingly, to
a friend. "I paid $8 for this thing- (mean
ing defendant). $5 to the minister and $3
for the license," she now assumes that a
deadly Insult was Intended. Another "in
dignity" was perpetrated the day after the
wedding. The bridal party with relatives
were on their way to Crater Lake. The day
was hot, the road dusty, and tha bride
thirsty. Prefering cool lager, right off the
Ice, to the contents of the old oaken bucket,
with Its accompanying possibilities of bac
teria and noxious germs, somebody sug
gested that a case of beer be procured at
a wayside saloon. The groom made decided
objectlona, and altfiough the beverage was
procured and presumably consumed, the pro
cess was not accompanied by the hilarity
and good cheer usual on such occasions.
The husband gives a fair and plausible
reason for his opposition, namely, that ho
objected to beer being drunk In the presence
of the children. The wife should have re
spected his scruples and tried to worry
along on well water, or at least not have
taken the objection to heart as an inten
tional cruelty.
Woodbnrn Plans Improvements.
WOODBL'RN, Or May 2. (Special.)
I I 1 1
We Maintain a Savings Department and Pay
Interest on Savings Deposits
National Bank
Established 1859.
Capital Stock $1,000,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits 800,000.00
Commercial and Savings Accounts
Letters of credit, drafts and travelers' checks issued, avail
abl in all parts of the world.
W. M. I. add. President. Robert . Howard, Asst. Caahlec
Edward Cooklsiham, Vice-Pre a. J. AV. Larlrl, Asst. Ceshler.
W. H. DunckJey, Caablex. Walter M. Cook, Aat. Cashier.
First National Bank
Capita! $1,500,000
Surplus 850,000
Oldest National Bank West of the
Rocky Mountains
The first shipments of water mains
for the municipal water system have
arrived and work has begun in earnest
on the installation. The steel for a
new 100-foot water tower and 60,000
gallon tank is expected to arrive any
day. At the. last meeting of the City
Council bonds to the amount of $15,000
were sold for the purpose of building a
City Hall.
lealers Without Licenses to li Ar
rested After May 22.
City Auditor Barbur said yesterday
that all realty dealers who have not
taken out licenses by May 22 will be
rounded up by the police and charged
with operating contrary to the new city
At a meeting of the license commit
tee a large stack of applications were
on hand. The Council, at the request
of the Realty Board, passed a license
ordinance two months ago, so that deal
ers may be checked up and the bad ones
weeded out.
A petrol motor road roller has recently
be-n imported by the Durban municipality
this being the first of Its kind to be used by
n South African local authority.
"At the end of
six years we find
bitulithic the
cheapest and best
p a ving." Ex
tract from in
dorsement of
bitulithic by ex
Mayor of Boise,
Idaho. The ap
preciation of bitu
lithic paving in
creases with the
kiuiaa, ltONla. OltAlX It COIIO.1
bAN hUA.SC 1st O.
Main Office Mills Bide;., Ban a'ranclssa,
Branch Offices Vancouver, Seattle.
Portland, Los Angeles, ban Dlege. Cm
enado Beaeb. .
Main Floor Lurnbermens Bank B nil die
5th and Stark.
Phones Marshall 4120. A 411.
ban Francisco and Los Angeles
S. 8. BEAVEB Sails at 0 A. M.. May 7.
Ticket Office 142 Third bt-eet.
Phone: Main 260o. A UOi.
sails from Alnsworth Dock. Portland. 9 A.
H. May 1, 6. 13. 18. 23 and 2b; June 3, 7.
l' 17, 22 and 27. Freight received at
Alnsworth Dock dally up to 5 P. M. Pas
senger fare, flrst-claas. 10.O0; second-class.
$7 00 Including berth and meals. Ticket
office' Alnsworth Dock. Phone. Main 3600.
A 2332. .
8eventy Spring and Bummer tours, com
prising Tours da Luxe and Motor-car Tours,
and also Vacation Tours at Popular Prices.
Frequent sailings. All routes. Including
Programme of Tov-a da Luxe Arouua the
World now ready.
68 klarket St.. ban Francisco.
Railroad or any steamer to San Fran
cisco, the Expo City. Largest, fastest,
and the ONLY strictly first-class pas
senger ship on the Coast. Average speed
28 miles per hour; cost $2,000,000 each.
S. S. CO,
Main 628. Frank Bollam, Aareat. A 4uS(.
Us Third Street.
Fifth and Stark
Largest S.S. Co.
in the World
8-IJaliivia. May U. 1 P'"
Antenna. .y ".
V t.raiil. May 1, 10 am
'Penu., May 23, 1 1 a
' "Second cabin only.
Hamburg direct.
SWill call at Boulogne
8. B. Moltke May 2, 10 A. M.
S. S. Moltke July 6, 10 A. M.
IThe Hamburg-American Lina orig
inated Ocean Cruising 113 years ago
Nov. is, ,i
From New Kork From ban Ir'lsco
By virmRiA IlilSR
IJVIVIUI- .wiwawa- IUUB7
11U tr
including all necessary expense,
aboard and ashore, railway, hotel,
shore excursions, carriages, guides.
To the Land of the Midnight Sun
F-leht delightful cruises during June.
July and August, from Hamburg
to Norway. North Cape, t?pltzber
en Iceland, etc. Duration 14
to 26 davs. Cost, W2.50 and np.
tolendld service, large steamships
Victoria luise.- "KRO.nprin-
Write for booklet of any cruise
Hamburg-American Line
10 Powell St.. San Francisco. CaL;
n -W R. & N. Co., Nor. Pacific. D.
r" G.. Burlington Route, Mil
waukee & Puget Sound R. R..
H. LMCKSOn, . r. a.
Great Northern Ry Co.
Dorsey ki. &mun. ow om
bt., X'orxiaiiu, v..
Copyright. 1V12.
Canadian Pacific
1000 MILES
-Pirrt Cabin 82.50 and np
Knd Cabin . -. "nd
OnCUs. Cabin 2aCclas.)....50.00 and np
Third-Class Lowest rates on request.
Canadan Pacific Office, corner Third and
Pine (Multnomah Hotel bidg). Portland,
and all local agents. ,
The most delightful spot on entire world
tour for your vacation. Delightful sea bath
ing at the famous beach of Waikikl. The
splendid S S. Sierra (10.000 tons displace
ment) makes the round trip In 17 days. One
can visit on a side trip the living volcano
of Kilauea. which is tremendously active
and see for himself the process of world
creation. No other trip compares with tnis
for the marvelous and wonderful in nature.
visit tne isianus o. j - - - -
, so easily and quickly, and while the volcano
I i. ciia Prnmnt attention to telegrams
for berths. Sailings May 11 and June 1.
67S Market Street. San Francisco.
Low Rates. bcnedule Vims,
Z13 Railway Kxcbanite Bltls
Fertlsadi Or.
Mala K3T- A StTCX
San Francisco, Los Angeles
and San Diego Direct
S. S. Roanoke and S. S. Elder
Sail Every Wednesday Alternately at (i P. M
132 Third St. Phones Main 1314, A ISIS