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    21, 1911. 1
o moo xi ax ruxrHOra.
v em Trr A ei
Manaslna EdlloT!"""'MiB TOTO A '
"' tditor Mai a T'TO A jowj
Composing -room Mala T: A
upu 1U1 A
MEII.tO THEATER (Iimlb ill TeTlr
Katie fatnam la Juloe fVkert Uooa
ma a play. Mother." Toolgnt at 1-
Bakkh THCATCH .. ma and Jiorrt.
aoa Aint lay In "When Knlghinood
was la riow.r." Tonight at 14.
OHPHKIM THEATEA Otorrtaoa. between
fiaia and s.v.mhi Vaudeville. Tola aft
ernoon at I IS and toaignt al site.
Vantages theater (.seventh ana At.
der Vaudevii.e. Thie afternoon at S:l;
tonlj-bt at 7 so and .
SHrKiSI TIIKATER (Park and Washing
ton Vaodevii.e. Tnl. afternoon at 1:13
and toni.tit at T:0 and a.
LTRIC THBATEK (Fourth and "tarh
siuslrai comedy The Jol.y widow." Th!
aftrnoon at 2 10 and tonight at T:
and a. la.
rirat-run pictures. 11 A. at. 11 P. at.
MtXTXCMAH Cmitsi TO Mcet. The
re.ldenta and property owners of Mult
nomah, a alation on the Oregon Elec
tric, will meet Thursday evening at S
o'clock. In ttie Bungalow grocery at
the station. The territory at and ad
jacent to Multnomah has been Plllnic
up with people so rapidly that a con
centrated effort for citIc Improvement
must be made. A new water syMom
has been established for the benefit of
the Immediate residents. A united
effort will now be made to obtain
electric light serrlce. telephone service
and a postoITlre at the station. A
new school also Is a necessity. An Im
provement club w!U be formed at this
Crawford, manager of the Tortland
office of Charles C Moore at Co.. left
yesterday for Kan Francisco, where
he will attend a conference of the
heads of all the ofTlres In the organl
xttion. Charles C Moore, president of
the company, recently was elected
president of the Panama-I'aelflo Kx
po.ition. and Is arranging his affairs
that he may retire from active con
nection with the concern and devote
his entire time to directing the work
of the great event that will mark
the completion of the i'anama Canal
In 111.
TnorrTOALX Pariuti' AssortATiojt
Elx'TTS. The Troutdale Parent-Teach
era' Association has elected the follow
ing offlrera for the ensuing year: Presi
dent. Mrs. Aaron Fox: vice-president.
Mrs. A. H. Kendall; secretary-treasurer.
Mrs. John lfeslln; corresponding secre
tary. Mrs. James Knarr. The associa
tion will meet In the schoolhouse next
Friday afiernoon. when a special pro
gramme will be given by the pupils.
Tea will be served. The receipts will
be used to defray the expense Incurred
by engaging special speakers to ad
dress the association In the Winter.
Wooduaww Ccnrcw Ri.toa Children
of Woodlawn felt for the first time
. at t o'clock last night the bitterness
of minority, when the curfew algnal
made 11 known to all dwellers In that
district that henceforth those under
axe must be off the streets at that
hour. Agitation for the establishment
of a curfew system In Woodlawn was
berun some time ago. An active cam -pa;sn
on the part of the Parents" and
Teachers' Association finally resulted
in the establishment of the desired
heck, and last night the new ruling
went Into effect.
Bora Sum T Can. Playing In
the street on their way home from
school, two small boys were struck by
a St. Johns car at Union avenue and
Halsey street, yesterday, and were
knocked down, sustaining painful, but
not severe Injuries. Chief Hover hap
pened to be passing at the time and
took charge of the rase. The boys
were BoyJ Gilbert. 241 McMMlen atreet.
and Kaymond Rulgrr. 141 Ross street.
Toey were taken to their homes, where
It was found that neither had suffered
more than bruises and abrasions.
Mayor Kuahllght yesterday signed an
ordinance authorising the purchase by
the city of the Woodstock water worka
In the Woodstock district. The pur
chase Involves t:o.TllJS. which will be
paid by the city to L. R. Fleck for the
entire plant, exclusive of the pumps and
supply springs. The city will connect
as soon as possible with the Wood
stock mains and supply the residents
with Bull Run water, doing away with
the spring water which has been fur
nished by the Fleck plant.
The United Mates Civil Service Com
mission announces that an examination
will be held December . for the posi
tion of unskilled laborer at Portland.
This examination requires no educa
tional teat and applicants are rated
merely on physical condition. Appli
cation blanks and full Information may
be obtained from Z. A. Leigh, local
secretary. Board of Labor Employ
ment, at the Portland Poatoffice. or
from the secretary. 11th CV"ll Service
district. Seattle. Wash.
J. Polxvka A Co. Our stock la en
tirely too large. We desire to reduce
same one-half. To accomplish this we
shall give on suitings and overcoats
made to order a rebate of 10 per cent,
for cash payments until further notice.
Our cutter. Mr. Joseph liana, gives
entire satisfaction, and It ahall be our
pride to keep our reputation for work
manship and excellency In material,
itoon 20 Corbett blag.. Fifth and Mor
rison streets.
FaaaaJt Reastxo Room. I4( Tuniu.
Ton are Invited to come to the li
brary and reading-room, at Seventh
and TamhllL every afternoon and eve
ning and enjoy the magaslnea and new
books. This la a publte reading room
and la In no sense denominational. The
latest periodicals from Life to the
Atlantto Monthly are here In a please ot
room awaiting your attention. Visitors
to the city are especially weloome.
W. H. Bard, of 40 Washington street
and the Baochua. 14 Seventh street,
wishes to express his appreciation to
h!s friends for past patronage and take
this opportunity to announce that on
Wednesday. November J J. he will give
away to his friends and patrons 1000
elegant purses at the Bacchus. 14
Seventh street. Remember the number.
Only one given to each guest. First
come first served until gone.
Portola Umnts Rgrt-TABUL In an
Interview with J. E. Frnton printed
yesterday morning an error made him
say that Mrs. Cleta Pearl Allsky went
to the Portola Louvre, one of the most
repulsive places of San Francisco. Mr.
Fenton referred to the Portola Louvre
as one of the most reputable and high
class grillrooms la San Francisco.
Wr Havb ISO. 000 placed In our handa
by a client to loan on first mortgage,
Kast or West Side Improved property.
Will divide but nothing less than
$14,000. Current rates of Interest. No
phone Information. Jackson Deer
ing. S4t Stark street.
Trctk-Skxiczr Msrnxos Caujcd.
Truth-seeker meetings will be held
Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at
1 o'clock, at 3)1 Fifth street, and In
the evenings, at 41 Alder street.
To ship a new wheel the steamer
Sa.-ajawea was hauled out on the ways
of the St. Johns Shipbuilding Company
yesterday. A fluke waa lost from the
old propeller last week.
Hioh Pricr or Lm.xa. Butter costs
money, but Royal Table Queen Bread
Is so rich In butter fat It's delicious
all by Itself. Best grocers.
Caroo or B cater rtiux. Coau Just ar
rived, special price during mild weather,
phone Main Sol. A .
CKiQfR Baxaar at St- Patrlck'a
Church Is open- Nothing above 10c.
Dm. Brows, rectal apec'lat. Corbett Ik
. - . 1 1
1 1
RgrrRUCAX Clcb tcj Ubet. A meet
ing of the Republican club will be
held next Friday evening, at I o'clock,
at the ball of the City and County
Medical Society, in the Medical build
ing, at the corner of Alder and Park
streets. The subject for discussion will
be: -Why President Taft Should be
Renominated and Re-elected.' Short
remarks will be made by Ben SeUlng.
president of the Oregon Senate: Dr.
Andrew'C Smith, and others. In the
absence of President George In the
Kast. Professor Hugh J. Boyd, vice
president, will preside. The committee
on arrangements for the meeting con
sists of O. A. Neal. McKlnley Mitchell
and Albert U. Rldgway.
Mrs. Emma Oatxs Hopkins to Sfzak.
A meeting will be held In the lecture
room of the First Baptist Church
White Temple) this afternoon at S
o'clock. Mrs. Emma Gatea Hopkins
will speak on "Heathen Invasion." Mra.
Hopkins Is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. 11. D. Gates, of this city, and a
long residence In the Orient enables her
to speak from personal observation of
Buddhism and other Oriental faiths
now sending their representatives to
this country.
social science department of the Port
land Woman' Club will meet this
afternoon at J o'clock, at the home
of Mrs. Thomas Hawkes. at MS Fourth
street- The first half hour of the ses
sion will be devoted to study of Ross
Social Psychology, and the second
half hour to study of sociological cur
rent events, followed by a lecture and
WaVTRLI - RlCBMOKO Wahts) Paw.
The Waverly-Rlehmond. Improvement
Club filed a petition with the City
Auditor yesterday asking that Waverly
and Richmond districts be favored with
a park or playground of some kind in
the park plana proposed for the city.
Wholesome Excrcism. Skating. Oaka
Rink. '
Mayor Details Three Councllmen to
Ascertain If City Department
Employ Too Many Hands.
To ascertain whether excessive
salaries are paid city employes and to
determine If too many persons are
employed In departments of the munic
ipality. Mayor Kuahllght haa appointed
Councllmen Burgard. Wallace and Joy
to make a thorough investigation of
city affairs, part of the committee's
task Is to establish a comparative
salary acale that no department will re
ceive more money than actually re
quired. The Investigation la the result of
complaints of employes, heads of de
partments and others that some de
partments have too many employes,
others too few and that many em
ployee who do the same class of work
In separate departments receive dif
ferent salarlea
MayoY Rushlight says the Investiga
tion also waa prompted by reports thst
city employes loitered and apparently
had nothing to do.
Orrr Eight ThonMuid near Htm at
New York Hippodrome.
Kubeltk. the great Bohemian violin
ist, will be heard for the sole and last
time in Portland Wednesday. Novem
ber 13. at the Heillg under the direc
tion of Lois Eteers-Wynn Coman. Kube
llk's farewell American tour is Just
now the occasion of a series of most
sensational ovatlona. such as have not
been accorded a violinist since the time
of PagantnL In Paris the Grand Op-era-llouse
waa the scene of unparal
leled enthusiasm. In London he played
to an audlenee of 000 mualc-wlld
Brttona, who clamored for more so
wildly that a second concert had to be
given, which drew an even larger and
more rapturously demonstrative audi
ence. In New Tork the great hippodrome
waa crowded to capacity Ootober 16,
with 6100 enthusiasts, the bos office re
ceipts breaking the record at t176.25.
And other cities are following suit
The sale ot seats opens In Portland
Monday, November 17. at the Helllg.
Llrenae Committee Would Bar Jew
elry Sale nouses.
Permanent Jewelry auction houaes
will be barred soon unless efforts of
members of the license committee of
the City Council to pass an ordinance
against them fall short. Bad feeling
was caused yesterday between the com
mittee and the auction houses when,
after an opinion given by Acting City
Attorney Tomllnson, a license was
granted to R. M. Harding to conduct
a Jewelry auction house at 19 Morri
son street. The license waa granted
only after three requests had been
made and then only because the com
mittee could not tarn down the re
quest legally.
It Is probable that within a short
time an ordinance will be Introduced
by one of the members of the license
committee forbidding such auction
houses on the ground that the Jewelry
sold Is usually Inferior and misrepre
sented by the auctioneers,
City Attorney Out of Recall Fight
Appeal SncceT9 Predicted.
Ctty Attorney Orant la not a can
didate for District Attorney In the pro
posed recall election against EUstrlct
Attorney Cameron. Such la his decla
ration In a letter written In Chicago
received from him yesterday. He de
clares' also that he believes the Broad
maT Bridge bond case and the Initi
ative case will both be affirmed in
Washington by the Supremo Court.
When you see people coming from all
over the city, passing by other grilles,
to dine at a certain place, you may
rest assured that Is a good place to
patronise. Such a place Is the Oregon
Grille, with Its par excellent orchestra
under the direction of Pletro Marcno,
reinforced by a corps of singers un
equalled in Portland.
The Canadian Pacific Is now making
reservations for passengers desiring to
reach the old country before Christmas.
C. P. R. service la the best. Ticket of
fice 141 Third street.
Representative A. W. Lafferty will
speak at I o'clock tonight at Woodstock
Hall. Woodstock: Wednesday night.
Alcazar Hall. Lents: Thursday night, j
Strahlmnn's Hall. Sell wood: Saturday
night. Hill's Hail, Williams avenue and i
KusseU street. . i
New Bills Open at the
Vaudeville Houses
THE saving presence of Mr. and
Mrs. Jack McOreevy nd they are
not newcomers here relieve the
Orpheum bill from positive mediocrity.
Mr. McOreevy. In the guise of the old
fiddler from the village, and the very
plump Mrs. Jack as a country maid,
gossip In truly rural spirit about their
acquaintances. As a finale they spring
their always laughable duet pathetlo
Jlr tunes wailed out by the meek
fiddler and wild tooting on a battered
horn by the. bucollo girl. This act
cornered all the big applause yesterday
An act that started well but wound
up with horse-play la the Raya, Johnny
and Emma. Their aklt. "The Band
master." Is full of bright lines of the
Mrs. Malaprop variety, and many plays
on words that bring laughs. Emma
Kay, gorgeously gowned, haa the role
of a MraNoveau Rlche, Just breaking
Into society, and Mr. Ray la Mike
Donovan, the leader of Donovan'a Full
blooded Hungarian Band, engaged to
play at the social climber's musicale.
Ray has two or three bits of comedy
business tucked up his sleeve that he
brings out at Just the psychological
moment. One of these la a loud guffaw
that Invites company. John Gray, as
a funereal-looking butler, and Arnold
Newman, who elta In a cleverly-arranged
chair and plays a violin In
such a manner that It appears as If
the bandmaster were doing It. adds
hilarity to the Rays number.
An athletto novelty Is put over by
the Seebacka. Mr. and Mra. The stsge
is dotted with all sorts of contrivances
and looks nke a small gymnasium.
Harry Seeback. who is the world's
champion bag-puncher, proves It to the
eminent satisfaction of everybody. As
a piece de resistance he punches four
bags with his legs, while four are
kept In motion with bla arms, and two
others rapidly bounce across his head.
An unhappy number la Les Fraed
nad. a French ventriloquist, who has
absolutely not one new feature in his
act. unless It's the Introduction of a be
spangled assistant (?) who yodels
Knute Krtckson. a character come
dian, haa one or two pleasing spectal
tles and one miserable one about an
Ellis Island Immigrant. Folk forgive
Erlckson, however, when he flashes his
last number. In a really nice voice he
sings about his "Ideal glrL" and the
motion-picture film shoots her picture
on to the screen, depleting her charms
totally at variance with anything
Miss Lancton. Mr. Lucler and Jess
White, the last a the Inevitable "mes
senger boy," are responsible for a dull
10 minutes, relieved occasionally by
bright bits that stand out by reaaon of
the stupidity of the other parts. Mr.
Lucler sings Indifferently, Mlsa Lancton
screeches and takes up space, and Jess
White does a floor-clean-up dance.
Last on the bill Is Mile, de Fallleres
with about the poorest "animal" act
ever seen here. Bhe has a lot of good
looking little dogs, but their tricks are
neither unusual nor even Interesting.
Seymour are the chief laugh
brlngers this week at the Empress In
their absurd sketch called "Qo Vadls
Upside Down." An Impoverished tra
gedian. In the course of his walk along
the railroad, comes upon a small tank
town and Induces the simple-minded
freight-handler to Join him in repre
senting the arena scene from "Quo
Vadls." His efforts to train his as
sistant and the final performance fur
nish funny situations of which the two
are quite able to make the most.
The Basque Quartet easily wins ap
plause with its singing of selections
from "Faust." "Lucia dl Lammermoor."
"The Chocolate Soldier" and popular
selections. Individually and collec
tively their singing is a treat.
The three Bannana give a picturesque
Juggling act with colored Indian clubs.
Tom Smith sings two or three witty
songs and his dances are filled with a
lot of weird steps that apparently have
never been given here before.
Dunbar and Turner are entertaining
In their song-and-dance act. The Fal-
cons, eccentric gymnasts, give a whirl
wind act ot amazing antic.
A scries of Interesting moving pic
tures concludes the programme.
Y. M. O. A. Aquatic Contest to Be
Held In Tank Friday.
Something new in tho way of aquatto
events Is to be introduced by the
Portland Toung Men's Christian As
sociation next Friday night in a swim
ming meet to be held In the Y. M- C
A. tank. The Innovation Is known as
a medley swim. Sixty yards must be
covered In this swim and four different
strokes used, the distance being divided
into 16-yard laps for the breast stroke,
crawl stroke, side stroke and swim
ming on back.
Besides this event the meet will In
clude a 20-yard swim that must be'
done In IS seconds, and a 100-yard
swim that must be done In one minute
and 35 seconds, as well as front and
back diving. All who complete these
tests successfully will be presented
with a Y. M. C A. emblem.
The association Is also arranging a
series of swimming events for records.
The best performer In each event this
year and each subsequent year will
have his name and record Inscribed on
a panel which will be hung In the tank
room at the association.
Notices have been sent out that the
business men's noon class will meet
tonight at t:16 for dinner at the Y. M.
C A, at which time two gymnasium
teams will be organized.
Dr. Slary Spauldlng, of Boise, Says
Women Elect Good Officials.
Dr. Mary Spauldlng. a retired physi
cian of Boise. Idaho, who has been vle
ltlng Mrs. Abigail Soott Dunlway. loft
last night, with her husband, for Los
Angeles, where they will pass the Win
ter. Mrs. Spauldlne. In speaking yester
day of tho suffrage movement in Idaho,
declares that Governor Hawley believes
that should the woman suffrage law
coma up for repeal now. fully 5 per
cent of tho mon voters of the state
would cast their ballots to keep it on
tho statute books.
Mrs. Spauldlng gives her own sex
the credit for the good officials which
Idaho now haa and declares that the
men will not nominate) Incapable men
for offices, saying if they did, the vote
of the fair sex would prove too costly,
regardless of party, sect or creed.
Christmas Suggestions.
Fascinating and charming features In
photography. Aune. Columbia bldg.
Player pianos, IJ25 and upward, easy
terms. In our bargain and exchange
room. Kohler & Chase. 176 Washing
ton street.
A Duty Dodger
Is our factory In Tampa, Fla.
The finest tobacco grown Vuel'a
Abajo tobacco we ship from
Cuba In the leaf, thereby saving
cigar duty which fully equals the
tobacco's cost. This saving is not
ours H goes Into the cigar, -into
expert Cuban workmanship into
fragrance ond flavor and Is
yours In
Van Dyck
"Quality" Cigars
3 - for -25c and Upward
L A CUNST CO. Tbi Burnt if Staples"
IrisiwiiiiJL " ' r;ni'rw.Swln..!i E. ;:u'-nn
f,itUiiii r i" iiiii'-it"' -1
Tub Portland Kealty Board invites the homeowners of Portland
and vicinity to enter an essay contest for the best articles on the
general topic, "How We Won Our Home," and offers the following '
prizes each week:
The articles should deal with actual, concrete personal experiences
of home-winning and home-building, setting forth, step by 6tep, the
prepress toward the achievement, from the time of making the first
payment on a lot or acreage to the realization of the ambition. It
is not necessary that homes be entirely paid for. Articles will appear
in The Sunday Oregonian. Photographs are deeirable, but will not
be considered in awarding prizes. The right is reserved of running
in The Sunday Oregonian stories not awarded prizes. The following
simple directions should be observed:
1. Articles should not be more than 500 words In length.
2. The writer should be a bona fide homeowner, or the member of
a homeowner's family.
3. Write on one side of paper only.
4. Sign writer's correct name and address.
5. Mail articles to City Editor of The Oregonian.
Coal $5.50 a Ton at Yards
Fancy Screened Lump Keeps the Pot Boiling.
No Soot, No Clinkers, Little Ash.
Delivered within the one-mile circle at $6.50 per ton, or within
the two-mile circle at $7.00 per ton, this week only. Two tons to each
customer. Orders must be accompanied by cash or check.
Diamond Crest Coal Co., City:
Gentlemen: Have used Diamond Crest Coal for some time, and
find it entirely satisfactory. Expect to use it continually. Sincerely,
J. A. LEAS, 2S7 West Park.
Wholesale trade in carload lots solicited.
Miners and shippers of high-grade coal.
No C. 0. D. orders or credit given at this price.
Diamond Crest Coal Co.
333 Railway Exrhaaae Bldar. Psoas Marshall 3ST4. Portland, Or.
Excel No. 3
TIIJ may have the whole
a b s t r a ct examined,
from the Government
down to date; and yet
if an omission or error was
committed by an abstractor
early in the history of the
title, no liability whatever
could be imputed to the firm
that made the last continua
tion. The liability is fixed
in a Certificate of Title we
take the risk assuming re
sponsibility for the whole
title. Investigate. Call for
Lewis Bldg., 4th and Oak
We have them at
low prices, and very
easy terms. For full
particulars, apply
to the
The Union Bank
Victoria, B. 0.
Brass Work
Kept Bright
Door Knob and
Brass Signs
Brass Railings
Show Cases
Harness Trim
mings Copper Kettles
Band Instruments
All can be kept
bright and shiny
by occasionally
using a little
the wonderfnl
liquid metal
p o 1 1 s n
Look for name and
portrait of E. VV. Ben
nett on each can.
X. w. Bennett G Co.
San Francisco
No Cigar Is
Good for You
unless It leaves you with the
desire to smoke another. Be
ware of the smoke that leaves
you satiated. But each light,
domestic cigar tastes better
than the othor. Try the mellow
Gen! Arthur
Mild 10c Cigar
A-Gun st CSi, Co.. Distributors
The Home Doctor
The Eaar War
To Take a Raw En
Most people find a (Treat deal of
trouble in (wallowing raw egg. When
prepared In the following eimple man
ner It will be a pleasure.
Put one teaspoonful of any fruit
syrup into a thin glass. Carefully drop
a raw egg: In on this. Being particular
not to break the yolk. Over the egg
nnnp a tnhlnnnnflll of DuffV'S DUre
i malt whiskey; drink. The taste of the
en; will not be noticed, ana latins n.
this way makes It doubly nourishing
and beneficial.
National Apple Show
November 23-30, 1911
Round Trip
On Sale Nov.
' A fare-and-a-third rate for round trip tickets will prevail from all
stations on the O.-W. E. & N.
Take the splendid Soo-Spokane Train de Luxe from Union Depot,
Portland, 9 P.M. daily.
Make reservations at the City Ticket Office, Third and Wash
ington streets.
WM. McMTJRRAY, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Or.
I t
31 Million WlOa J
Mantles sold last year j
BECAUSE They satisfied. They
proved our claim that stands
for gas mantle service.
' They lasted longer. They gave a p
brighter light than it is possible to- get
from an imitation mantle. i
The genuine Otkltc& is sold in a box
bearing this" Shield of Quality."
Buy the 7&fac& it makes good.
Sold by all Gat Companies
and Dependable Dealers.
AJt wor iaakr of tar frm booiH.
The right soup gives zest to
the simplest meal.
It is nourishing. It aids digestion.
And it creates that variety which is
"the spice of life".
See what a wide choice you have in
Clear and delicate soups; thick and hearty
soups; strong meat soups, and purely vegetable
kinds 21 kinds in all; and every one pure
wholesome and tempting.
You can't afford to put off learning how good
they are.
21 kinds 10c a can
Mutton Broth
Ox Tail
Pepper Pot
mCtMft Somt where'er
it foe
la ai fraaranl ai a roaa.
I will trace It
Where yon placa It
JaatbyfollowincmynoM .
Chicken Gumbo (Okra) Printanler
Clam Bouillon tomato
Clam Chowder Tomato-Okra
Consomme Vegetable
iulianne Vermicelli-Tomato
lock Tartla
Just add hot water,
bring to a boil, and serve.
Joseph Campbell Company
Camden N J
Look for the red-and-white label
At Fountains & Elsewhere
Ask for
The Original and Genuine
Th9 Food-drink for All Ages.
At restaurants, hotels, and fountains.
Delicious, invigorating and sustaining.
Keep it on your sideboard at home.
Don't travel without it
A quick lunch prepared in a minute.
Take no imitation. Just say "HORLICK'S.
Not In Any Milk Trust
Foster & Kleiser
Hlak Grade Commercial and Electrle
East Seventh and Bant Everett Streets.
Phones Uant 1111. B 2Zi
The old eminent Chlneaa
doctor cures any disease
aucceiafully. auch as weak
nerves, constipation, asthma,
catarrh, cancer, piles, nerv- rh.nnmtlltn. blood
A fl poison, lung, liver, kidney
'S and stomach trouble; also
J ailments ot men and women.
3 No matter who has tailed.
'VV"i3 I guarantee a cure It cur-
atudr of. herb, and i5radua,.d I from several
universities ana v- ---
In China. I have thousands of testimonials
from my grateful patients. I use only the
mo harmless Chines, herb. gardle.. of
the high price. So I can help yon. Call
or write for symptom blank and circular.
142V First. 8. K. Cor. Alder. Portland, Or.
trlcted diet. Physlo-nutrltive Sal-Sano re
moves all symptom, of the disease, produces
gain In weight, muscle and nerve power ana
energy. At leading druggists.
SsV4 W. Broadway. Write for booklet. N. t.
fh keystone;
Anything In Printing DDCCO
Front and 6tark Bts. -0