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VOI . - NO. '13.89.1.
Penned BehindCounter
Young Women Burn.
Twelve Men Escape Unharmed
by Scorching Heat.
flames Make Bodies Vnreeognls
ble to Nearest Relatives Ex
plosion Absent and Mys
tery Tells Origin.
OIEHALIS. Wash, Nov. L (8pe
riaLl rer1htng as they stood at their
workbench which penned them In be
hind a Ion counter with not a chance)
for escape. seven young women wers
horned to death today and an eta-nth.
till breathing whea she was removed
by reamers, died lata tonight In agony,
ss the result of a sadden flash of un
covered prwder In the mixing rooms of
t lie Imperial Powder Company.
Am the death shrieks of the (Iris rang
through the building. IS men who had
1 n working In other parts of the
plant escaped with hardly a scorch.
Meveral of them wers blown through
tie exits to safety.
The dead:
Stan ef the Dead.
Ml.s Vera Mtlford.
Miss Sadls. Weetfall. oti!y daughter
cf Samuel weetfalL
Mts Eva Gttmore.
Mies Bertha Mac!.
Mr. Mary White, la a
whose mother,
Miss Ethel Tharp.
A.lse Tll!le Rashbaek.
Mrs. Ethel Henry.
Miss Bertha Crown, who was so ter
rlb:y burned that shs died tn ths hos
pital. Only Oae la Identified.
Chehslls tonight la a city In mourn
Ins;. At the morgue, where the bodies
f the dead srirls are lying, their
rharred corpses mercifully hidden tin
ier sheets, hundreds of persona waited
utald all eenlnc. as relatives
trove to Identify their dead. But even
this sad comfort was dsnled most of
Only one of the bodies, that of Miss
ttfcel Tr-arp. has been Identified. Her
rather, B. F. Tharp. Identtned It by
reans of a Mac discolored and half
jisltsd by the terrible beat, which shs
a-ors on her finger.
Of ths ethers, nana will probably ever
Identified for certain.
rtrw Caaws la DosM.
The disaster befell with appalling
suddenness. An early report tonlrht.
a-hloh has sines been denied, was to ths
iffeet that a careless workman In ths
mixtng-roora let a pot of paraffins boll
ovsr. and that part of It ran Into soma
powder material near by. limiting It
There Is bo svtdenca to support this
theory, and the real origin of ths fire
mar never bs known.
Ths feeling la however, that ths ac
cident was dus to carelessness. Ths
employes had been cautioned repeatedly
to use ths utmost ears In their work
st ths plant, and especially that part
where tha firs started.
Whatever ths eauss. there was a sud.
ten flash, and tn an Instant tha whols
.ntertor of tha factory waa In a blaze.
Thsrs was no explosion, ona of ths
properties of the Imperial Towder
product betnc that It will not explods
unless confined. The powder simply
stent up In a flash, and thosa who were
not near exits had no chance to eacapo
tVe-SUa H addled Tocvtber.
Tb young women, who were all em
ployed as packers, were working at-a
),int counter next to a wall- Wheal
found, their bodies wers huddled to
gether, as If they bad been blown thers
br ths force of ths Igniting powdsr. or
bad died trying to escape. Their work
bench was tn their way and completely
eut off their road to safety, oven had
there been time.
Pome of the men who escaped wejca
thrown several feet by tha blaat of air
created by the sudden Ignition of tha
Krraad Oevn Ctrl.
Just before) the fire. Victor L. Bedler.
superintendent of ths plant, ths ehera
lit who invented the process for mak
ing the Imperial powder, called Miss
Beasts Cochran from her m-ork at ths
bench Into another part of ths build
In. To this fact she owes her Ufa
Miss Eva Zavaloaek. tha only other
girl employe who escaped, was tn an
other part of the building and was
blown out. shs knows not how.
Whea she escaped from ths building
M'.ts Cochran ran toward the rompanys
track, while ths Zavalosek girl rushed
madly up the Coal Creek Valley, where
It was necessary to overtake her with
an automobile later, so baJ'.y was shs
frightened. Her hair had been badly
Hiersits nrtveej flack.
Word or the disaster first cams to
Chehslls from the power plant of ths
traction company nearby, and tha news
spread feat. (Scores of persons hastened
to ths scene to lend aid to ths Injured
and If possible to help save ths prop
erty In dancer. Reeeua work was tm
iOwaeluued ea face !
mited Stales Marshal Find J- I.
Morgan and John P. Rocke
feller Equally .raclons.
NEW YORK. Nov. lCnltsd States
Marshal Henkel was In a cheerful mood
tonight after a round of subpena-serv-Ing
today upon prominent financiers
and men of affairs named as defendants
In ths Government's suit against ths
United Elates 6teei Corporation. Ths
marshal seemed especially pleased as
ha exhibited a trophy in tha ehapa of
an autographed photogTaph. It bora
ths words: "Compliments of Andrew
Carnegie." ,
-Yes. sir." said ths marshal. "Mr.
Carnegie gave me that today. I went
to bis house to serve him with ths sub
pena. When my card was sent In Mr.
Carnegie sent word right back for mi
to sit down. He showed me this picture
and asked ma If I would Ilka one. I
told him I would If he would sign It.
and hs did."
Ths marshal bad communicated wita
J. p. Morgan and had Informed blra
that ho would bs around to see him be
fore Mr. Morgan left for his business.
Tbs financier was waiting for the mar
shal tn his library. He took ths sub
pena after a cheery -good mornlng."
Ths marshal telephoned to John D.
Rockefeller that hs would be up to see
him In a day or so with the subpena.
And what do you think hs saldT"
ssked the marshal. "He said. 'I wlllje
glad to see you. and thafe a fact."
Subpena havs been served also upon
Charles Steele. James Gayley. Edmund
C. Converse. Daniel O. Bold. Norman B.
Ream. John D. Rockefeller. Jr. J. N.
Hill. E. H. Gary, the United Statea
Steel Corporation, the Fedsral Btsel
Company, the Lake Superior Consoli
dated Iron Mines and ths Union Steel
Spokane Miller Knna on Treasure
During Sunday D'nner.
BrOKANE. wash, Nov. lpeclal.
Twelve pearls, beautifully colored. In
a rough condition were found In an
oystsr by L. O. Radlsy. head miller at
the Bpokane Flour Mills. Mr. Badley
was preparing to eat one of the big
Eastsra rarlsty at a Sunday dinner at
bis reeldsncs when bis fork struck a
bard substance that proved to bs a
whols nestfui of Jewels.
-I haven't ths slightest Idea where
tbs oysters cams from." said Radiey
this morning. "The cook bought them
and I Just happened to run onto ths
pearls. If I knew where that speci
men cams from I would be tempted to
look for mora"
The pearls range In else from ths
thickness of a garden pea to small bird
Anaconda Night Watchman Rescue
Deer Prom Band of Marauders.
ANACONDA. Nov. JL Drlvsn from
tha hills by the deep snows and des
perate with hunger, bands of timber
wolves ars prowling on the outaklrts
of the city.
A band of Ave wolves pursued a deer
Into the heart of ths city early this
morning, but wore put to flight by a
nlgbt watchman. Ths deer escaped.
The wolves apparently have taken
shslter In the abandoned stables of ths
racetrack on the outaklrts of ths town.
CHINA'S new premier, whose appointment indicates
i ' ' s- :? . v
J - '.'m v.
i - v r--V - - t
'-c - VV.: ' i ' '-: j
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t L.-..J,L-,r--- V.. . us. i,-- - ..--..1.,-;.,. -.i.jnr.mi I
i tax SHI KsL . t
. , , . . . - . i l l - - t l i -
Review Off Los Ange
, les Is Success.
Guests Observe Submarines
From Deck of Oregon.
Senator of Committee) on Naval Af
fairs Hopes Western Coast Is
Soon to Bo Recognised
With Better Protection.
1. In perfect fighting trim, the Pa
ciflo fleet underwent, off this port to
day, the first naval review in South
ern California waters and passed It
to the satisfaction of Rear-Admiral
Thomas, who was In command, and
to ths pleasure of National lawmakers,
who Intimated that the mobilisation
might remit In increasing the number
of American men-of-war on the Pa
cific Ocean.
After arriving here early today, the
vessels Immediately assumed the
formation charted out for them a
solid rectangle with four columns and
six rows, making It vessels, whlls ths
other two In the fleet served as re
viewing ship and tender, respectively.
Gams Saints Admiral.
The review waa conducted In ths
afternoon. Admiral Thomas receiving
Federal and city officials on board
ths Vlcksburg. to which bs temporar
ily transferred his flag from ths Cali
fornia. Then ths Vlcksburg passed
down ths columns of vessels, which
fired the Rear-Admiral's ssluts of II
Admiral Thomas ssrved luncheon
board the California and later es
corted his guests to ths battleship
Oregon, over whloh they wera con
ducted and from the deck of which
they witnessed a diving exhibition by
Happy Taooaat," Sara Senator.
United States Senator Smith of
Michigan, a member of the Senate
committee on naval affairs, described
the naval review as a "happy
"Such an event." said Senator
Smith. "Is of special interest to ths Pa
cific Coast, which Is favored with
visits from naval ships altogether too
seldom. It should prove a valuable
lesson to the Navy Department. I
hope the time is not remote when the
Government will conclude It Is to Its
advantage to maintain a formidable
fleet on this coast."
President to Review Armada Today
as It Passes to Sea.
NEW TORK. Nov. 1. "The fleet has
"(Concluded on Pae Flee.).
Man's Rockplle Sentence Drives
Family to Star-ration, Hunger
Gannt Girl of 1 1 Explains.
Dressed In rags and tatters, their
shoes worn out and their faces pale and
pinched from starvation, six small chil
dren filed Into the offlce of Mayor
Rushlight yesterday to appeal for the
release of their father. John Dick, a
cement worker who Is serving a $-00
fine and a 90-day sentence at the Linn
ton rockplle for drunkenness. ,
At ths head of ths party of young
sters was their mother, a German, un
able to speak any English and com
pletely exhausted In her attempts ts
keep the family In food since her hus
band was sent to jail the first of last
Summer. They live in East Fourteenth
street between Shaver and Falling.
The elder of the children, a girl 11
years old. acted as spokesman for the
family. Shs said that since her father
has been taken away from them they
have had but little to eat, have worn
clothes made out of their father's old
ones, and have worn out their shoes
and have been cold. She said they now
have no wood or food left In their little
-Won't you please let papa go homs
with ns tonig-htT" pleaded the child at
the end of her story of suffering, told
to George K. McCord". secretary to the
Mayor. -The baby Is sick and wants
to see him. and we are all hungry and
McCord has prepared an ordinance to
be presented to the Council, which will
not meet until next week.
Miss Krnttschnltt to Live on Ranch
After Becoming Mrs. Woodhonso.
NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 1. Mlsa Re
becca Kruttschnltt. daughter of Julius
Kruttschnltt, vice-president of the
Southern Paclfio llnea. will become the
bride tomorrow night of Clifford Wood
house, an English traveler and soldier.
The ceremony will take place In this
city, at tn. home of the bride's uncle,
3. P. Blali. They will ga to the Orient
to remain until Spring and will make
their permanent residence on a ranch
In Klamath and Lake counties. 1n
Husband Lette to Wife's Birthday
Party, Alleged Cans of Tiff.
Because J. A. Webb, a real estate
man. did not arrive at bis rooms In
ths Camar Apartments. 704 Hoyt street,
last night. In time for his wife's birth
day dlnnsr. Mrs. Webb is alleged to
have set upon him with a slipper, se
verely beating him.
Patrolmen Gouldstone and Welch
were called to quiet the disturbance.
The Weather.
TESTZRDiTS Maximum temperature, S
decrees; minimum. 45 desreea.
TODAI'8 Fair; northerly wlnda.
Pektn war office bears that lmperlalleta
have massacred population of Hankow.
Pace L
Loe Antelee Naval review may result In In
ereaaloc slae of Paclflo fleet. Pace 1.
Oreat financier greet eubpena server with
miles. Pase 1-
Suff rare leader attend hearing- by Monetary
CommliilOD aub-commutee. Page o.
Mildred Bherman. fiancee of Lord Camoya,
cheate City Hall serma. Page S.
Boclallets mwt try again to win in Los An
geles. Page 3.
Guided by prieonefe map. secret service
men dig up It of eerlea ot counterfeit
notes. Page 0.
George Bandolrh Cheeter weds artist befors
first wife'e divorce la mda final. Page
Hotel men threaten to discharge waiter
who cut off plc:ureque queue. Page 1.
George W. Perklne decrle haralng of cap
ital. Pag 1.
Btate'e attorney .ay It will take two months
more to complete McNamara Jury. Page a.
Nine death under widow roof point ac
cusingly at her. Page v.
. 'ports.
Ooteh easily throws Roeber In two straight
tall. Page 8.
Paclfle Northwest.
Blackfoot. Idaho, banker arrested, charged
with embezzlement of J30.0O0. Page 7.
Seven girls' burn to death, another die. In
powder factory fire. Chehalls. Wash.
Pag 1. M '
Tormer yeoman of Navy ay mn of dual
personality enll.ted under real name.
lle -X
Agricultural demonstration train weleomea
by Sherman County reeidenl. Page 7.
Game preserve guard found murdered In
cabin near St. Helena. Pag 8.
Commercial and Marine.
Contract for 191 bop crop open at SO oents.
Chlrng wheat market, after falling S oents,
more than regains lo.a Page 10.
Bharp rl.e In Mock, led by Steel's gain of
nearly 4 points. Pag 0.
Canal Communion .cans data on proposed
uregon City lock. Page l.
Portland and Vicinity.
Aesor Slgler I angered by Eaet ; Side plaint
that he discriminate. Pag 1
81 hungry children bg Mayor to free fatter
. from JaU that tuey may not .tarve.
Page 1.
an oleas for additional parks turned down,
- - - i..w f mnca Pare 12.
I Police comm11nner Coffey to ak grand
1 jury to I"1 - -v.- . -
nlrlpal Judge Cohen, whom woman ae
1 t. ii
Prospective ealoon-keeper lo.e, I21S0 to two
tranger In atchel wlndle. Page 1.
Portland poetal bank beet In United Statee
In proportion to population of city.
Pag 12.
Portland bulnes men return from Arling
ton development meeting and The Dsllea.
Pag 13.
New People- Theater I opened. Page 4.
I Child welfare exhibit I opened at Armory.
Page lb.
Proposed oil tank ordinance will be consid
ered rrlday. Page 12.
John M. Fcott appointed general passenger
agent of Southern Paollle Una. Oregon
distils. Pas .
City Reported Taken
by Imperialists.
Early Indications Were That
Peace Had Been Made.
Appointment Believed to Be Fore
runner of Order Negotiations
for War Loan. Had Been
Suspended Temporarily.
PEKIN, Nov. X. The War Office has
received a report that the Imperialists
have captured Hankow and massacred
the population.
News officially promulgated today in
dicated that the appointment of Yuan
6hi Kal as Premier would be followed
by a oessatlon of hostilities on' the part
of the Imperialists and the opening of
negotiations with General LI Tuen
Hi;, leader of the revolutlonlsU at
The Imperial edict providing for Im
portant administrative changes also ac
cepts the resignations of the Ministers,
but until Yuan Shi Kal returns to Pe
kln. Prince Chlng will continue to per
form the duties of Premier, and the
present Cabinet will remain In office.
All- the Ministers attended a secret
esslon of the National Assembly to
day, which. It Is understood, virtually
agreed to the demands of the Hanchou
troops. A member of the war board
was appointed to confer with the troops
and express the Assembly's views.
Lou Once Thought TJaaeceasaxy.
The Assembly also discussed the re
cent loan, for which arrangements had
been made with a Belgian and French
syndicate. The Ministers explained that
the :oan was needed for carrying on
field operations. The Assembly thought
there was a good prospect of the ter
mination of hostilities, and In that
case the fund would not be necessary.
It was finally decided to refer the sub
ject by telegraph to Yuan Shi Kal.
A member brought up the Question
of the Shanghai Taotal s failure to pay
the Installment of the boxer Indemnity,
and a Minister explained that two
months' grace with 4 per cent interest
hsd been allowed.
The panic among the people of Pekln.
which ensued after the issuance of the
first imperial edict, had been largely
dispelled until tonlght's'report caused a
revival of fears, and the newspapers
haa begun to sum up the results of
the IT days' rebellion.
Frees Predicts New Era.
The Dally News considers that the
appointment of Yuan Shi Kal will
change the entire political complexion,
restore peace, inspire the people with
confidence, command the respect of
foreign countries and place the empire
on a sound basis.
Reports received here say that Yun-
(Concluded on Page 2.)
f ;
. ...
4 S..' Uk;
'L -!?
- . , K
- ' t
' V- vV
Waiters, Willing to Furnish Plctur
- esqne Atmosphere, Offer to
Compromise by Symbol.
patriotism was tempered with economic
determination here today, when the
Chinese members of a "pink paama"
brigade, employed as servants at a ho
tel, were told they would be dismissed
if they cut off their queues. The Chi
nese boys in their flowered pajamas and
long queues glistening with cocoanut
oil have been regarded by the man
ager of the fashionable hostelry as one
of his chief attractions. "When a com
mittee waited on him yesterday and in
formed him of the revolutionary edict,
ordering the sacrifice of the queues, he
"If you cut them off, all lose your
Job." he said. "Pajamas don't make a
Chinese any more than a Persian prayer
rug makes a Turk."
The boys Informed their countrymen
in Chinatown of their predicament and
an indignation mee'Jng was held, in
whloh the hotel manager was de
nounced. It was decided to propose
that the queues be cut and attached to
the caps in such a way as to conceal
the severing process. This plan will be
auggestsd to the hotel management.
Hunter Kills Two, Wounds Third, In
Gloom of Early Dawn.
Eager to have a shot at a deer which
he supposed was comlng-iflown an un
used road In the gloom of the early
dawn today. Charles Norcrosa, of
Ionia. N. J-, fired Into a party of four
other hunters, killing- two and seri
ously wounding a third.
The dead are Conrad Bteelman, 28
years old, of Pleasantville, N. J.. and
John Yost. 83. of Pleasantville. William
Jarvts. of Pleasantville. Is the wounded
man. Norcross is in Jail here, await
ing the action of the Coroner.
According to Norcross' statement,
he was standing behind some under
brush by the side of the road, when he
heard a noise. Believing the sound
came from a deer walking down the
road, he fired" one barrel of buckshot.
Befors he could lower his gun there
was a shriek, and. Jumping out of the
underbrush, he was horrified to see
three men lying in the road.
Cold Wave Promises to Extend to
Nearly All Gnlf Coast.
CHICAGO, Nov. L (Special.) Medi
cine Hat, where fierce blizzards origin
ate, got back on the map with a ven
geance today, when a blizzard began to
envelop all of the Northwest and many
of the Western and Middle Western
states. , Zero weather prevailed in the
Dakotas, Montana and portions of Min
nesota and Wisconsin, and the tempera
ture fell below the freezing point In
several other statea
In Chicago the temperature dropped
to 28 above, with indications that It
would fall to 20 before morning.
The cold wave hit the Missouri Val
ley early In the day. bringing snow
and freezing temperatures. It is said
that freezing weather will extend
throughout all the Southeastern Gulf
Coast country, with the exception of
the extreme lower portion of Florida.
, -1
Harassing of Capital
Is Decried.
Competitive Individualism to
Be Thing of Past.
Banking Partner of J. P. Morgan
Believes Fair Regulation Can
Be Attained New Age Makes
New Powers Useful.
(Flnanoler and partner in banking firm of
J. P. Morgan A Co.)
(Published by arrangement with the Chlcaro
The people of the United States are
confronted today by the problem of
business. It is a problem so vital to
the National life, so Important to the
welfare of the individual that It over
shadows any other phase of our exist
ence. We have In business a situation com
parable with that which preceded the
Civil War, a situation alive with peril
to the progress of the Nation, and
pregnant with disastrous consequences
unless a satisfactory solution be ob
tained. It does not take the seventh son of
a seventh son to foresee the outcome
of the campaign which is being direct
ed against legitimate business opera
tions a campaign based In large pari
upon Ignorance of the history of our
development and of the forces which
have shaped It. and to a lesser degree
upon misconception of the operation ol .
these forces, and finally upon the fail
ure of our Governmental representa
tives to know and to deal adequately
with modern conditions, or their re
fusal, when Informed, boldly to advo
cate measures which would meet them.
IndidlvnaUsm Becomes Oo-operatlve.
This Is no. longer an age of Inde
pendent and competitive individualism;
it Is an age of co-operative individ
ualism; and by the latter I mean the
concentration of lndMduallstlo efforts.
Time has passed the field of human
endeavor where every man fought for
himself and. cared not a whit as to the
effect of his operations upon or the
ultimate fate of his neighbor. The
acts of the modern man influence the
four corners of our Nation, as the
ripples from a thrown stone wash the
shores of a quiet lake.
What has brought about this
changed condition? It is the great
agents of modern life steam and elec
tricity. They have created intercom
munication enabled minds to ex
change instantaneous thought. They
have displaced the ox team, with Its
small radius of operation, with the
fast railroad and steamship, which
gird the world, the slow mall by the
lightning-like wireless or telephone.
They have annihilated distance. A
mighty aid in this great transforma
tion has been education.
In this wonderful metamorphosis.
Inventions, the handmaids of business,
have played their part. The oppor
tunities of inventors have expanded,
and a wise and far-seeing govern
mental policy has Increased them.
New Power Made Useful.
How different has been the attitude
observed with respect to business. Its
operations have been hindered by our
lawmakers Instead of facilitated. What
it has accomplished has been In spite
of rather than because of their actions.
It has grown and developed in conse
quence of the conditions which the
harnessing of steam and electricity and
myriad inventions have produced. It
is the evolution of the natural law.
From these conditions have sprung
the modern corporation. It Is truly the
child of steam and electricity. We
know the power, the dangers of these
great agents. But have their power and
the danger inseparable from their use
deterred us in employing themT Have
we not utilized them and thereby
brought to humanity greater blessings
and greater happiness than It has ever
We have enjoyed these results
through their regulation and control.
In doing so we have probed the secrets
of nature, though with respect to elec
tricity we are still ignorant of whal
it is.
The corporation, on the other hand.
Is not mysterious. It is a creature
fashioned by man, every part of which
is visible to the eye.. It has been a
tremendous factor for good, though
there have been glaring abuses which
properly have been condemned.
Magnitude Is no Ofease.
It has been claimed that these abuse
were the direct consequence of the
glanthood some of these enterprises
have attained. Nothing could be more
fallacious. Size Is nothing to the
American, with his native eagerness to
increase his responsibilities and his
ability to handle them.
Moreover, the Supreme Court has held
that because a company Is large It It
not necessarily illegal. What ths think
ing man objects to is not slse. It if
(Concluded en Pase Ski