Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 19, 1911, Page 15, Image 15

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    KAirnm. . . rr Bale-Farm..
. t a Is to. I - -
$4?VX New and modern Ioun. rl
and i.Kpml p.,roh. cajnent 1ab
mant. f-irr. ;c and fl.rep.ara, al K.
rj:a and wid.r -; very iy
l ar n
i.Arr.T.LHr rstj
f a-at) --r6ora b' and mo!n horn:
aek flonri downstairs; entrance aji-t
hal.'iroo-ta tld. ft mni! eorapiet
k.ijin oa Haae.fe.-a p r. within
I b.ork from E. C um st. earlln;
blah and " rht v. Knu
a? v 7 - roe. ti modern house. hsMia
lnri snd every convenience;
fteee east etl F-. ltth at.; garage;
n"r"ri vER-joNEs co..
::: :!! Cuiiaiin:: c:ui Prig.
pbr.-e Mln '... A
1 ha ft good 1 I -r.vom BiMii. no corner
tot saitoo fe-t. two blocks from at
I'ntvera.'v. to Kocke from blhle school
ii-artaltan denomination!, on block from
g-s1 a-hoot. ore Mock from electn,. car
'. one b o--k from store aa.t meat mar
u g:raia are credew and graveled,
new rment wa.ics oa both etreet. neal.r
parked and planted la roe. Hue '
wired for electr Irlt v. hat flnft prorelairt
hath. Inatn mum. ewr. connection.
ht water uk with elty water end aol
well I-ot hae larg fruit "nil orna:notal
tea aad kerrla. with rocm It kit.-hea
rdt or ani:r ttil Ir.f. Prlc
ar tinnrf far land In Oregon.
Fager.e. Or-. Si
ARB Te iok!n for f- new J-story ti
ro horn - Lot &:: walks IB an4
anxmw house, trick reta.nlr wall, lata
pnrrn with rower hot- n.vd with r
omma In b"o!n. Ia:( !!Ytn-rooTi .-ria
front of Hon,-. i:! MpM . kH
anS hr4wM rt'xjra. r-rptinn ha'.l. Itn
lo rcwvtn. IniNt kllchrn. tul! ccrnrnt
ttwmrr, 9 irorti. wirh c oata. tattt
aaft a ftna laraa a .j'rf porch; tuw;
frw at aaU tha prKa la on f f iT.v. oa
aa t.nia. If . c" V-t or A
J. V. flulhr'o. .TJ H-ark.
ih i.suros.
fir.w riy with bft'an-a at T pr ort.
wti ai--ta an rtiiti- hm- of rfi.
n 'aa-lnc!oa.) i-inraim an1 a -pln-
Chj raa two fippia-. fMrraca an
li'ljon a'": a-rfrni acil ahjcJ--. raxma,
w.lh riBrrt ilrlakT; loca'rd in bat
part f lrltton. on full let. ail Irn-p-r.mpt
In arj paid f-r Appy to
"i-r. 11-4 Hoard of Trad. I'noaa A
llt r K r. b. if " r w t u L. v u r
rm. tt:o' Toi r rROTEcnoN. ir
I R. ttAlt.KT en.. I.M-. TT"i'-r-TV.
STfT r"f evi'r.ii. iere . tors
APiKTaiiMl 111.1. f -NvrB IT AT A
rt KNivitu rr.KB. it will pat tuu
7 roorn ball and a'cpir.K iw-r-h. tare
!!lut-T'vn. cv rHina. h'lck rrpia--o
r-n.t-in bA.kcfta. olc:: .llntn-rom pan
a . o'om-! rrtllry. bulil-ln bufTai. oak
flAra. Pul-'h kltchort; forUaura bar
aal. M lak ! or ctf to !"".
fca.aaca l.kft rant. Ur. rtJtt Raat Pth
v'wI.t'MAI. IHV.Ni;T"N Ili'MK
1 1 .rorn homo ono block frotn Proarl.
war rarilrta ta beat part of lrrtoicton;
ailanad In oak aarl niahoatny: iTot Im
provma!a ail In anU pa.j. biiliard-room
fwap.kca, fcrtt warar h-ii fi-a aaat.
IT P. PAI xtn-j.iscs.
Jll :i3 Comn.rrl.i Cub Ml.
Pbonra Main "JV. A Iii.-i.
T-room uixliro bwura on rornar B. lth
and Hrbuyirr a:a.: facra raat. oft pavad
airoa'a. 1 block from droftdway rarilric;
rlcrpiaca, Iftra raraad and alcrpiac
rc" 'k. r. PAi.vKn-Jorrs c" .
tlJ SlS Comrtirrrial CiuU Tl Mf..
l'bonr Main ula. A IG.YJ.
rlrtir t'd''rn 6-rooin hntjaa tj'.!f Mn
tahird; 2 addl'ional roonia can ba Qntahcd
upataalr, f lil-elia lot. tirrl'.nl niah
btrhood: will all for $2 ft month,
which Inciudoa lut-ral. or will taka
realty in lot aa r)rt ptyrnrnt A. N.
tcaria. 7h and I".. M-V cart.
c'oirfortao.o n-rooni houaa oi flna rnr
wr thro hiocaa to r': beat barrain
m Portland f"r th m'ny; lha wr-.':a
kuair o for !f. ".t down And -
a .notilk. be to:a at onp. A. N.
l-ar.c. cor. tilth and K. Unaan. llf-V.
FIC and aix-r'"orn homaa, f hard
wood fiaora. furMoa. wtik all bul.l-ln,
.madora coavaniaitcaa. nar tarltna; ail
atrool Imrrovam-n'a paid, monlhiy pay
mirl TrovMrnt Investment w rv. jn. S-2. X'1 Bard of Irada
bidj. Thooa Uaranftil 471. A 1x33.
aI'pehn miiit
A hem that wtil p ou: bancaloar.
7 rooma . Itnaat rcw In city; rooiiarq In
rtrry drtaii. air'c y biith-claaa raidnc
tllatrict; prlca IVhai t rma.
C. H 1.1'CA.
R!I -orhtt Hit
I P,VT.'r;TC'.V d'ir..-t. modern a-room houao.
Ana nn, a'iruhbrry. frmt trora. una or
In lota, wlil tak- ci-'-ln acraaaa part
fharlt-. T lT'lrU.
Al' K'K.-A oomprla; dandy Hlch
mond b'inaaii.w. Ill Kn airrct. I I'i'W;
cah lirl. halan montS'Ti r!'t Drlgb
tKrhoo.i; Invca rata Intmrdlatoiy.
ti t'arh' a:i I r Wfnlhl
Prlca V aa $':
Fir rooma and l:h. two full loa,
n!--y Improved. TOp'-.o-.r TaV-vr 1.11 A
1 KU"1H .
Now f irrlturr. nrw buildinf. lon
;a month; avrry room full and ciaftrlnf
h e n-on-v. M Tc.u h b,.l.
VTvSr valkiN' 1'inrANiii.
.. rrnr hiaa; (rrplaca; 1 1200;
orma. 4'. railing hidk.
. W Jl r""i modern b-uaa f-r aa.a by
owner. IU- tail), baianc trrnia to suit.
AM Vl. rreff.tilan.
'K .aLIT 7 -room bitniralow. In Irvira
ton. by . wr. I hona kaat 4'- 4-.J K.
1 I IS at S .
H fl a i. W. ali riH. $W p-r montti,
mdorn. 4-roomed. I bioek to car. a anap,
411 Hamilton bl-la.
I R IN1T'N harwatn; brrora buyina. oca thig
rrarmtrl. mortem homo, near T"Tnpfoa
.rft; .IflT temia. fltooa r.Nt
To I l.L r'K.LL m naw tno.i. rn 3 rwm horn.
ur trrm. Thr
" f ar jr lualaraa Froprrty.
A FPt.ENPirV B L V7 "
.irn caah buy a th beat bu!rie prop,
arty on tdo katay bon'ev.vrd rariine. ri-a
In. new. mHt-rn bu.idlntf; Irirotno $td
). jr. pars over pr cnt nr-. lmprot-tt-rnta
a I In and paid: prlca !-..
T. J liKI-iVR. 4 i hambar of t'ornmerco.
ao FEET tra.-kage factory aita or ?r In
vraimant: prl.a can loan n)0 at
7 par rem to puirha,; p.?Pat ta to dou
b'a In 1 yrara. I'ariock MuadnaupU
loiJ Chamber Commerce.
'l'lo. flat., i.vusie it'ifo rr.n
li.TH. PRI'B I4"". ZIMil t-KMAN.
ilo '.R l-F TKAHK.
i;i 4'ald; altracllva '.faniily flat.
waat s.-le. H block to car. $;.". nwnlhly in
come. Phono owner. Fvt a't'.t.
AN opportunity to at In on th (round
floor, near aub-dtvla'.on on tti
I nitad hallway; land eloarad. ovary tract
an running atream. now warohouaa and
atora to ba arreted Immad lately ; can of
fer von an aleaant proposition with lermi
to ault. Fmeat Vaiia. iS Couch bldr.
Mftrahall 1417.
14. aeraa. corner. f'r d-room houaa.
food, rut h'lild'.naa. chlcken-honsa and run.
with Trt Bn chickrna. 40 fruit trees and
ail kmda of email fruit; S nilnutca' wa.k
ta Oresoa City lariioti prlca ouiy l.'ti1-;
r. TV UT. Ill Corhrtt P'4.
lO A BK F"'U A27.
Fna level loam aoit. within 23 Tnl'ea
from Portland, near the main atito road;
think of It! Only t-' SO per acre; firat
coma, ftrat aarvad. F.aar te-ma; dlacotint
for ca.h. P. 8. Wait. 4t Ry. Ex. bidg.
1375 Dl"T3 Id acre deep red-ahnt aoll
adapted ta frmt and; all
emoota and tillable; no rw. wood and
water; rloae to echool. poatoffica and
atore; within eay roach of l'ortiAnd, and
th rheapat Irnd on th rnarkeL &L3
' oach b'ci.. TOO 4th et.
JO ACRES of (in land near Hearertin;
houeo and barn; ail f'net; 5 acree In
rlovar and potatoee. Thiemnd la within
1' tollee from Portland, and la offered
hr a aonrealdent at the low firure of
farir-A. rull particulars at 414 bpatdlnc
h dg .
TXN acra beaverdam land, under Irriga
tion and ready for crop; best for onions,
reiery. cauliflower, potato . etc.; rlrer
and ran lrnatKrtaton ; nothlna; better
anywbera; low prlca aad easy payments.
Inrsetifaia. I2 Couch bld.. 1P 4th at.
an arraa. on Paeeilna road, near Mem a;
Ilea f"a for cuttlnat up into tracts; rich
eoii; 3')0 per acre, termav. A. K. Poulsen.
41 Railway F.irhanga.
WHT hT Tl ?:n A niPPXt 1VTO
in'uks rK'iftiiTT! rr tou own a
Lor. R fl Itvls.-I TUC !' KT
v r i:'iff t' v -i r ri' tE jfl rLATH
And fefora oa buy aa aera home,
rail and (at p'.ata knd prices of
Arra tracta fa'lnc tha O. tP. T. aleo-
Mc llnea. JOM"H Creek and th Foeter
rad fr lha prlca of a suburban lot.
la 4 mintrtea from tha cttr b lha .
w P. eicrtrtc Una and In th beat por
tion of Multnomah county.
Tsks the C.rerhard or Caxadem car
from let aad Aider. Cam leav 13 mln
utea t. tua hour. Oal off at Sycamora
Th riiht party tt opan .ansral mer
ehandls and teed star at
No better oppnrtoBlty ever oltrred. Call
and sc ua.
- W. If. r-.RIXrraTAFF.
Main 7 11 To Hldr- A 7311.
cro. o. citi-K.
Mala a!S tit "trk ft. A J3M.
10 aeraa f.f U" beat land la Orenn. In
lha renter one of the beat new fruit
dietrlrts In th ." miles Sou'hv.oat
of Portland near Shrldsn. In Yamhill
County, b'tutiful f!r and oak treej, sjoio
r'eared land, for S I r acra: our farms
:e raah. tin e,er rronth: yon Tatra tmme
d at poas-aalon: par mora If you like;
don"t ro-Tf'iae ottr offer; remember, you
See BUtlnf the Verv bent on better trm
t-'Sfl tin wonld thirk of asklnc It will
not cat yoq o-l cent to lnveat!raa If
evervthirf ts not found represented.
True i.nd la espcc!'y adapted to arrow -Inc
all klnoa of farm cropa and la (ml
fru t lard. Wl'l mak a tlandr chicken
ranch, fee vja at your earliest cohte-nrenee.
If you wih to see ua rvenlnaa. phon
Xa'n lo-'.J, or A 4770 and tna n ap
pointment. CHAPfS HKRteTIW. of the Portland Realty Roard,
a .J-.t.ta I hSmber of Commerce.
Iim pf.r
Rich, ack loam aoll. on
ma.n maca.lamlxert ronnty roa.1.
onlv a ehorl rid from port
land on electrtc car; leaa than
one mlla from ateam line; sd
Jolnlnk land selllna at from Jrt
to $ per aero. Ottr price.
I4i to ITt per acra. atnail
down payment, very easy lerma
aa balance.
401 Couch Rldf.
tin Teon P!d tlh and Aider.
it ACRB A.
tt arrs. all In cultivation and
level; lies Juat like a sarden and
the very beet of roll; Just H mlies
from Portland; faces on yood mac
ailamtaed road. 1 block from elec
tric station and country town, I
mile from church and blsh school;
tt. F. I. and tlerhon aervlca;
prlc $ir7f. $4e caah. balanc on
lonir terms.
flrourd Floor l-e i P!1t.. 5Tt
Oak lilt.. Farm Dept.
fiPt.FNPTrt ; ArflE.a
4 u acres. In cholc apples: house, barn,
irelli. team, vryt,hln included, ready to
(o oa to anak ft Uvtna.
Onlv 4H miles from llva town, railroad
and water transportation. 3 bourn from
PRICE fnnnn,
HALF Cash. Ha lasts KAST.
R Z.d. Oiltlil'MA.V.
TVa hava arma aoraaja dorn-n lha waa
'da of tha Wll'.amaita where tha soil la
unurpsra d ; adjalalna hew townslt of
Faikenherc; streets, sidewalks and Wa
ter statem bow belna Installed. henA for
booklet. J. W. Merrcrltn Really Co., Jul
Corb-t t bid C
Prautiful a.Vncre farn, eui acrea under
cultivation, frontina on main coubty road;
fin tu!:d!neB and th beat of, soil, no rock
or travel; price only per acr. worth
$:io, terms- mar take soma good unin
cumbered city property ss part payment
and soma cash. For further particulars
call on '". F. rfluker A fa., suites 12 and
14. Mulhey b!ds., cor. Tid and Morrison.
t'HIi'KK.v and frull ranclie near psrtlandl
walking distanca to good town; runttlaff
water, est soil, fre wood, splendid fruit
dtatrlct; view nf Columbia River and snow
peaks; t acres. :s: t acres, (too; 14
acres, gltf; 14 per cent ch. easy pay
mnts; other tracts near railway station.
t-S to $4d per acra
I Teon Bids., Portland. Or.
Cloe to Portland. Rich walnut, fruit
and garden land; only email caah payment,
balanc para for Itaelf IB producta bow
on th land, which wa accept same as
caah. Wa own tha properties and era tha
only making this liberal offer.
a.' a apaidlna Mil.
In tracts of g acrea each, only few
left, close In on electric rellwav. fin
garden soil running water; only 17t per
acre, easy terma. ritcli is about half
prlc adjoining land. Lon't pay mora for
your auburhan bom where you ran
ralae evervthing you eat I until you se
this anhdlvlalon. Vanduyn A Walton. 013
Chamber of Commerce.
JKNN'INCil I.olcilK.
R acres. 4 blocks front etatlon. on lele
phona Una. vlectrle IlKlita, etc; good
soil, suitable f.r garden Ituck. poultry and
cow; price l. acre, easy lerma. Nallonat
Really A Trust Co.. ?"3 Cbaitiker of Com
merce Mdir. Main M -H.
10U ACRES. llS'in caeh. Am leaving the
city; must rea;tr at once; railroad run
ning through the place: C acre cleared;
g.Hd family or. hard; aeveral other im
provements ; considerable aaw timber on
place: sawmill on corner; tlmbsr alone
will mor thsn par for the li). Thayer
ruitnn. 141 Vj 3d it.. Room 4. Main
iort HL Y3 5 ACKEjI OF Al LAND.
minutes out; well located: good trans
portation: thla Is out Of th ordinary and
la appreciated bv all who se It; very
liltl left, and If you will call I will Con
vince -vou. Owner, O. A. Nichols. IHH1
' Sa-otland bldg.
1 acre, best soil, good T-room hortsa. YS
fruit trees, small fruit. I or 4 tone hay.
good cow, lot of cbickc&s. all for ..900. 4
C" C T4. LVCAB. 11 Corbet t Bldg.
2l ACHKS biack sandy loam, located back
- of Vancouver: partlully Improved and has
about 10 acrae cared; 14 acre la In
orchard. Price Jitnoo on verv easy terms.
WHITMIB-KEXLr CO 7 4th ft.
Vain 100. A I0fl.
II- ACREH near Multnomah StaUon. only
20 minute from th canter of Portland.
I.and la all cleared and In high slat of
cultivation. Nothing Ilk It at tba flgur
around Portland. Prl $2300. Ask for
H. R.. 414 fpnimng o rg.
TO $ il AN ACRK.
ta acres or more rich, wall waterad
farm and fru't land. 3 miles from llv
town on It. 11. and river, near rortlana.
Kssy lermp. Neuhausen A t.'o.. owoera,
7a Lewis bldg.. 4th snd Oak sts.
am EL running creek. Shad trees, oa graded
eoe.A near elACtrtc car; only 34 minutes
out at Kusa Ftatlon: prlca MOO; easy
lerma 14 foucn oing.
aiRsAU and farma. from llil.M par aora
SC. large and small trscta- Call Klaaay
a Rftmphtr all-; Lvmre- rtrhtat tdg.
ONE to flv acras on Oregon City carllna.
J. Metflrum. Maidrum station.
NAP Half ac-es. c;oa In: 110 down. 1
w.-ea.y. AP 0"it (treenn'an.
For 8ALE 3 acres, claared, on carllna, aa
country road. Owner. Fhoaa t- .ir.i.
UOI.AI.LA Rlf.K lALI.ll r.".i.e.-u
1H aorea, riosc to new clr "trie line ur
vy. and Improved with good house. 3
barns and other outbul.llngs. HO acrv un
der rultlvatlun; li a:r"s l.eaverdam land;
prlca j' par acre on trrnia.
h" acres. Improved wllh good 7 -room
bouse.- barn and orhcr outbuildings; good
well- land all fenced, and 10 acres cleared,
fcaiancs good timber. This Is well locat
ed on good county road. Prlca $ P'
C'n! i'r'" of rich land. alth S acres
cleared: no Impi-n etm-nts. There Is a
beautiful little stream on land. Land Is
located onlv a mlla from Needy. Tbl la
a epecial bargniu at 100 per acre; easy
4-. acres of rich, beautiful lying land,
v-lth oa, and one-half hiilea of Wli'.ametta
Itlver frontage. Thla la a aplcnd'd Plat
ting property. Locntcd In milts from
Portland. Prlc 1J0 per acr on rca
aoaahl terms. . . .
Kit acres of first-els-s orchard land,
nler-.y rolling and located only St miles
from Portland. Trie it per acra. rca
Soitalde terms. , .
1.1H7 acres or rich, gently rolling land,
well lmrrnvs.1 and over k'0 acrea cleared.
Ideated n-ar Corvalus. This I a aplcn
dld property for auh-dvllon. Prlc .0
irr acre on very rrasona.Me lerma
wo acres of neb. beautiful lying Una,
with TO acres under high state, of J""';
vat'on: located on county road, onlv J
miles from Canhr. Or. Tlie Improvemema
alone CJ-l over . Tba T-rpom ""
low la atrlrtiy modem and would serve tha
r-uuirrments of the mo.t fasildlou. Prlc
Jl9.-Vr.: will take a r.r.oO house and lot in
Portland. mo0 In cash and h,ol"m.
rn rnn ft long time at per cent. This
la a firsl-clasa propoaitlon and well Worth
Vl HTVER-KELLT CO.. T0 4th Ft.
oov A T'O"-
ron .Uae-tn Fnat or Wcat etoe acreage.
' mrrovad "r otherwtse. dol l fall c.lj
1" ',. F pfiuger A Co.. 'Ht 1. Mu'.kay
J",.'" eoV and Mor. (K.tah. I0.t
For Bale
IliVASTACES of Oregon; ino-psg book
givVa tt.e amount of c.ovrmment land open
to Inah county In '""'"
"aahlngton And fali'nrnla rd rlcrip
tlon of same; give, bomertead. desert,
, ,her. stone, coa! and mineral laws; two
,.r, of Oregon Iti colore.
showing R. n. in operation and one ahow
tnr n R. prnpered and nnder construe
"ncludirg Karn anrt Ojtrsl ore-rnn-
boog r.r: mapa r'c each, or th
fhree. .ic: map of California in rolora.
tT2. iic. Mmmo, Runey A Co.. Ham
liton fr!dk
itEI.INviriSHMKNT. ' tnl!ca from Port
land, considerable Improvement. A a4i.
lor ftalr r anna.
Too can rontract yopr olive at $ld
a ton for ten y'ara In advance. A !"-'-old
orrbard will produce from 4 to tori
to tha arrs a yar. The alfalfa mea mill
near Los Molina will contract in ad vane
all th alfalfa you can ratsa at 7 ft ton,
1.mi. Market for other products qtt.iy
good Thla wonderful dlatrlct with It
rich river bottom anil, great ftbundftnc
rrf water for Irrigation and absence of
Winter Is not onlv free from drouth, frost
or crop failure, not the market Is aa de
pendable as the crop; six cuttings alfaira.
i.'il an acre annually dairying and hog
raislng: rows at cost without rash or in
terest for half your monthly cream check.
I.and limited In area. Belling fast; turnn
Los Mollnos, California
31 arras fin deep loam oll: all Fall
crops In; fin nous and two fin barns;
all necessary outbuildings; flna horses,
roars, chickens, all klniis new farming
machinery, wagons, harnesses and tools;
plenty hay and grain In barn; Just Ilka
living In city. I'lnce. Is -'0 mllea from
Portland, V mil from electrtc station,
with 3 feet board walk all the way; 5
blocks to good schools and town; H mil
to Willamette River: fine open country;
this Is the flneet farm of th slsa In th
Willamette Vallev and will he sold to tha
first nisn who sees It; everything goes nn
this Ideal place for -". easy terms.
Mr. Ca'. B2n Railway Exchange bldg.. 4th
and Stark sts.
WE IIAVB 4fl acrea of Irrigated land, 4
miles from main line of o. K. N. Ry.t
at Hermlston; every foot of land can b
watered: Irrigation dlteh through tha land;
no better land In the stAts; $do per acre,
lerma to suit.
S32 Chamber of Commerce.
in ta 3H acres, all cleared, near Inde
pendence or. ; prices from $7.'i to gioo per
acr; aa average yield of one ton nf hop
per acr. Call Main 1400. 82ft Teon bldg.
Th best ranch In Sherman County;
a,eres of elegant wheat land, nearly
aorcs of bottom land; suitable for
fnlfa; ft eUgant springs oa lite place;
farm Implements In good condition
with piace; 6'l B'-ree Hummer fal
Just Seeded to wheat; price ail. per I
reasonable payment down and term.
141H First St.. Room 4.
M. 71 12. -
FOR PALE On hundred acres, with new
buildings, R0 ricks of wood In shed. 10
tons of hay In barn; six acres cleared,
balance good timber, soma beaverdnm,
seven miles from Oregon City, on mli
from Clackamas southern Hallway, on
good gravel road; will tHka city property
aa part payment; price 970 per acre- Ad
dress P. F. Moehnke. H. No. 4, Oregon
flty, or. creek phone.
FOR fiALU or rent. well-Improved 20-acra
frrn, adjoining town, lots of all kind
of fruit, good team, wagons, g rows, hay,
chickens, farm toide, etc.; everything
ready fur business and goes at .H4ih, liia.o
dowa; will sell stock. Implements, etc.,
with year's rent for $o7& ca.vh. If you
mean bualnacs and want a nl.-e home at ft
bargain price, writ me ftt Falls City, Or.
Cy Vermaas.
Ion ACRES In Polk County, on a county
road; 10 acre In cultivation: one tars
barn, on medium amsll house, chlcken-
- houses: 40 acres easily cleared, baiatn-4
In timber: will pay for clearing; good
running watr; owner levlnir county, mut
ell at ft sacrlrtce; grjoti; for a snap buy
vou rannot beat this. R. A. Crantlella,
7U1 Yeon bldg.
40 acre, highly Improved, excellent
buildings, water riped Into same, young
orchard, moat desirable surrounding: very
close to Portland nn electrln line. Heeing
It will show it to b a bargain at $3..0
per acre. J. E. Smith. 313 Chamber of
FARM of 2rt acrea. with good 10-mom home,
fin rhlcken-houee and runways; goud
barn and other outbuildings. Tliera ar
berries and orchard; good creek flows
through center of farm. Lend la nearly
all In high state of cultivation. Owned
bv nonresident, and offered for 3Mko. Th
Western rtecurltles Co.. 414 PpsUling blilg.
Fftrm IdO acres. mil from Port'and,
on Harnes road; three springs on plnce;
suitable for dairy or good pluttlng propo
sition; price aoo per acre, easy term.
National Healty at Trust Co.. 7:.M Cham.
ber of Commerce bldg. Main 51g.
, 40-ARB FARM.
44 acres, hlanly Improved, good build
Ings, fin roads, close to schools and
churches, on mile to R. R. and good
town. Th prlr Is only M.V10 and time
nn part. This Is a positive bargain; In
vertlgatlon Invited. J. E. bmitll. Bit
I'hamber of t'ommarce.
TWO acres, all lu bearing orchard of mixed
vristlea, good A-room house and barn.
Dear ft good town; Dayton, Wash.: prlc
32O4I0, H caen. osianva to Run. as. vv.
M.Donald. B7H East Hurnld St. f
KF.NNEWICK highlands. Fin 10-scr or
chard tract; forced to sll; I300U down
will handle this. For prlc and terms ad
dress Owner, Hog 114. Kennewlck. Wash.
HAVK some very fine berry farms for sale lu
t-o.Va County. Call In and aea ua Key
ton Realty Bldg. Co.. SOS Dskum
VVEATERX Washington farm land for s.i.e
at ift to 25 per acre; for further Informa
tlon. addresa AY 579. Oregonlan.
A few hundred dollar will start roil In
bualnsss. 41KailwayExchang.
MI'ST sell my farm at one. Call $17 Ham
ilton bids. Owner will remain In city to
close dcsV S 10. Oregonlan.
RANCH 60 acrea. with buildings. 18 miles
from Portland, near alactrlc line: bargain
for ail cbao, by owner. 1S2 Morrison St.
4.1 acros: ;.-. acres rich river bnttnrn
land In cultivation: never overflows; loo
aero bnnch land In cultivation; no acres
flr.t-class ssvr limber; .18 acres oak ana
mill fir timber; not an acre tough: or
wasie land: good farm buildings; on two
main county rouds: place fenced arm
rrojs-fenced; rallmad within 0 r"ds ot
bind. This plum Is one of th best gen
eral farma that we know of; no better nj
In the state. .As a sut dU llon and quick
seller no better proposition can be founa.
A larg fai tory employing I'om to "
-men la within SO rods ol farm, and buyers
of tracts out of this farm can be aaeurea
of steady work at all times at wages rang
ing from 2.i.". to i.1.00 per day 1?' "
this choice properly Is only $00.00 per
acre: 15.h0 cash, good terms on nu
ance A lane mountain lr"m,,''0,K
along the eastern boundary. Wa win uo
nrvlde this farm at our own expenre ana
not sell. an acre for less than 1'P"
rr. and up to 200. Vou have been
looking for something good. Our l ''P"'
tlon as land judges backs up "je Jjcscrip
tlon of this property. See us at once ana
arrange to personally Investigate. Our
auto will tk you out. Ask for A.
Members of Portland . Realty Roard.
s:t2-a:: Chamber of commerce.
rjo IT TO I.TI.K
TrPDV O" ft'NDV.
then -r.r. the im.e:-Tiii
Illustratrd flrculHra on lieiitiesl
Id Floor -hnmler of Commerce Bldg.
21 ACRES. $780 CAF,I.
This Is a verv- choice 20 acres,
all In a lush state of cultivation:
very best of land: one-haif of this
tract eel to choice fruit; the owner
of this tract desires to sell thla
choice 20 acres to a reliable patty .
and will par 111 party buying rama
good saiaty for taking rare of tin
adjoining 411 acres; will alao give
free tire of good house, barn and
good equipment to the party buy
ing this no acres: the prlc of tnla
2" acres Is only $ t per acre. $7oO
h. balance aK. Owner will
visit (his property In a few days
and will take any party interested
-Ith him to look property over.
IS! Nnrlh nth t.. cor. nth and Ollsan.
Main 43S. A B-TIt.
Tea acre, nil In cultivation and
level;. f!K on good gravel foad.
new fj-roorn hoUfe. fair barn, hew
wood shed, large ehlcken-housa
and runs: one-half acre assorted
fruit i all kinds of berrlea and small
fruits. Tha property Is located
11 mile from 2d and Stark st. 1
mile from lctrlc station, t, mile
from high school and ctiurrh. Thla
Is In a very thickly settled locality
and on of tha mnt beautiful val
levs In th Northwest; prlca $3imh),
ttntin rash, balance thrrn year ftt T
per ctnt.
26 Hi Oak ft.
oround Floor Lewi Bldg.
trnr aat or trade bv owner: 19 miles from
Portland; a hlirhly Improved farm with
44 aero In cnltlvatlon, l acres beavrr
dam. good new house and barn and other
buildings, 45 bogs ana pigs, team ana an
eoeoblneiv. hiv and straw loose and haled.
spring and three welis, il. F. D. and tele
phone. 1 hi miles from good town and boat
landing, 1609 will handle this; good
terms. Rico. 808 Merchant Trust Bldg..
200 acres on bauvtes Island, Il mile
from Postotflc In Portland, with stock
and Implements; only $100 per acr, vary
assy teiraa,
Rnnm It. 145"4 1st t.. Portland. Or.
WILL exchange rooming-house. clearing
tooo nae month, for farm land: must be
good and under cultivation, within IS
mile or portiann; value .i.Miir. Aoureaa,
giving particulars, N 4H". oregonlan.
DANDY rooming-house, near Morrison, clear-
it - . I . ti-.iin
in UIK 1 I .ww...-. ' ------
clear of Incumbrances; trad for lots or
houe and lot to same value; must go ftt
once. M loth L, near atark.
IdO OR 820 acres, good fruit land on line
Mt. Hood Railway survey, some good
timber, fine creek, only f-O per acre, easy
terms, or mlcht trade. Vanduyn at Wal
ton, .".in fliaintier ot commerce.
flu Sort E'iVlTY to exchange for anything
of equal value. In one of th best-platted
eithurhan Iratts to Portland; It will pay
you to investigate. Adores u an, ore
goniart. HOI 8E In Vancouver. Washington; lot .lOx
10" valued at (12-Mi: mil. ;o0; will ex euultr $700 for grocery or confee-
tlonety stock. W. W. Jordan, BIO Lum-
barmen' Bldg. Main 7hb.
Kt E OR TRADE. modern bungalow: alectrl
liehta aaa. bath, basement: -lot ROxlOO;
wi sell or trad for unimproved city
lots. AC 47T. oregonlan
nif.-r -rnu sz IV PKNTRAl. OREOON.
Will sell or trade for real estate. Call
and see owner.
3r'l BUCHANAN Bl.Pn.
MY ao-scre Income Hood River orchard
for trade for downtown properly. Income
neefernh'r; ctan. price sj-..;i4mi; give i-iu
particular first lettr. P. O. box 417,
CltV; .
irrtnt' Ti I Vf n fort i . unlninroverl. east Side.
good neighborhood : $!Km.ii; hns murtpaca
of axioit; will trade equity for any Port
land or Willamette Valley ranch property.
AV 17. Oregonlan.
VALUARLE socurltlea for hour knd lot:
houae must be modern and not too out:
stale pile of property In reply. E 42S,
I8.0 EQUITY In East Fid view lot; will
trade for diamonds or good 4 per cent
b.mtls. hal. $200 payable $10 monthly. A3
$y. Oregonlan.
FINE building lot. tV'glon, Orand ave.. b
twean ykldmore and PrescotL $1,130. fo?
anv kind of acreage.
Owner, B.M 10th.
A OT33.
IsOu Fl'RNlTI'RE good condition, trade for
automobile, diamonds or sellers eutiltles.
Ernest Well, - Couch bldg. Marshall
w vi-it'R r.OfITT A BURDEN?
VT..e unincumbered lots to trado for lt-
Fr.-d W. German, 329 Burnslde M or A
tL-tt t. aeii or trade fin nome. on Oregon
ritv EeT-ctrlc, also fin acreage on sam
Una; in and ea ua .Trowbrldg
Stephens. iQd noara i raoa.
I OWN 40 acre of land near Riverside.
California, fre of incumbrance; will ex
change lor auiomoniio or .iuetuiia "
value here. AN 610. Oregonlan.
QOOD auto, $2000 machine, a good as new
will trad for good vacant lota, Call 124
Hawthorn ave.
FOR farm exchangea, business chances or
roomlng-houses. call on us. Northwest
Realty Co.. 61T Board of Trad bldg.
WANTED To exchang Tacoma property
for Portland. Improved or unimproved.
AH 503. Oregonlan.
EUiJEN'E property; 2 "favorably located res
idence lots for exchange or sale. I'hon
A. H. Larry, East VSi.
SMALL mortgage and good lot In restricted
district to trad for West Rid aoreag
or good bonda A8 a09, Oregonlan.
WILL trade praotlcally new t-paeeenger
Pope-Hartford fttito for good real stato.
AN 50. Oregonlan.
SO ACRES, North Yakima; valu $1000 per
acre, for city property. Call owner, 6u
Corbett bldg.
TRADE your property anywhere; send for
lint. Northwest Exchange. 22$ Henry
BEST East bide grocry business In Port
land; will take some city property In x
cbftCE. AL Bui, Oregonlan.
10 acres. 6 teres of Spltxenberg
and Newtown Pippins. B years old
and in good condition; 5 acre of
Italian prune 10 year old; new
6-room hous with bath; good well;
thl tract is all fenced and ""
on main county road. Just 4 block
'from good live country town and
. electric tatlon. 12 miles from Port
land; the price Is $4500; my equity
Is $;100o, the balance runs 2 years.
Will exchange for house and lot.
but will not assume much encum
brance. BRONG-STEEt.E CO.,
Ground Floor Lewis Bide., 26T'4
Oak St. Farm Dept.
.-ROOM modern house, $;r,00, for room-Ing-hous
and some caah. acrea near Jefferson, all In culti
vation, for vacant lots or Income property.
160 acres. Improved. Benton County, for
0 to 40 acres, close, in.
5 acres for rooming-house.
Hit acres. Improved. Lincoln county,
grbek and implements, for city property.
Grocery store for farm or residence
Several rooming-houses for city prop
erty. Choice vacant lots for rooming-houses.
Income city property. $10,000. for farm.
Phones A 1.-21. Main S774. .
rjAP.LAN-D BAKSXKS, 131 4th St.
I WANT to exchange nil the following prop
erty for a nice bungalow, lota or acrenga
near Portland: inn chickens. 100 bushels
eats. li.O sacks turnips, one fine 4-year-old
jersev cow. in tons hay. 2 nice hogs, one
buggy, 10 cords wood, potatoes, kale, eab
bacc. aqnaeh; also nice furniture of 7
r.umi bungalow; this Is all on a fine ranch
which J wlil rent for 3 . years; 411 Im
proved with -room bnngalow. barns,
, chicken-houses and granary, garnee. hog
pens; one mile from town, on main road,
n-ar Salem. see my agent. F. Fuchs,
420 Chamber ot Commerce. .
Hielilv Improved 10-cre ranch, Valu
fS.-iiiO; located H mile Irom carllnB sta
tion, to exchange fur house and lot In
' Portland.
A tew good stocks of merchandise to
exchange for good land, fthd a f"W cholc
pleres of land to exchange for small stock
Of merchandise. We must mttrh up soma
of the properties, w have on our list.
Will TMISft-KELLY CO.. 70 4th PL
Main 1" A inn.
14a ACKER. ?" PER At Kr..
miles west of North Yamhill and near
Hn of new rallrnltd; T3 acres In cultiva
tion, balance mostly timber; good T-room
fiouae and new barn; well watered: trad
for unincumbered Income city, property.
B. !. COOK ft CO.,
fyvj Corbett Uldg. .
Will Sell of trade tor Portland prop
erty or acreage, ft small hfd of Shetland
pcnles: have two black stalliona and
number of mares; this Is a good oppor
tnnltv for anyone who wishes to go Into
hnlne of raising these animals. P
Ho.v OraEonian.
KldHTT acres. Upper Hood River valley;
Itj cleared, balance light brusn; possibly
13-acres too steep to cultivate, readily:
under ditch; $7.1 per acre; equity $3in0:
price is hot, padded for trade and you
will have to show value; will exchang
for anything In Portland or for grain and
stack farm. AY Bi'd, Oregpnlan,
T ACRES, upper Hood River Valley, choice
fruit landi running water, some fine tim
ber, some Improvements: only 5000, easy
lardis: also io acres, close to town White
Palmon. best fruit soil, fine view. ill
trade either or both for Sortland prop
erty. Vanduyn A Walton. Ills Chamber
Of Commerce.
fHAVEoh of the finest halt acres In
Portland, highly Improved, excellent -room
residence, barn, fruit, flowers, ber
ries, etc. A most sightly place and close
In. I will trad this for ft good farm $4000
to $000 value. J. E. Smith, 513 Chamber
or commerce.
TEN acres. 4 Vi mile from '.he Hood River
City Postofflce; fair building; 800 stand
ard trees, are A-year. are 5-year,
balance 4. 8. 5 and 1-yrar: ros to stor.
school and church; price $10,000: will ex
change equity of i'liuo for Willamette
Valley ranch. AV 54T, Oretronian.
THREE choice in-acre tracts mar Vancou
ver, one mlla from cnrllne. partly cleared;
$1.10 per acre, terms! mipht trade "for
logged-off land: prefer Clark Co.; could
, pay cash difference. Chas. v.. Budl.
THE Hood River District Land Company.
Hood Kiver. Oregon, has a list of Im
proved and unimproved Hood ulver
ranches, all sizes and prices, to exchange
for Portland and wlliametta Valley prop
erty. ' .
Two lflo-acre farms, Al wheat and corn
land; partlv Improved! So mile r,m
state capital In Mouth Dakota, In trade.
What have you a a bulness proposition?
Owners onlv. Address H. C. Fredrlcksen.
Box 273. Hood F.lver. or.
HAVE property In Denver. Colo., consists 3
lots. 4-room brick housa and barn, shade
trees; value $12.10; rents for 10 per
montn; would like to trade for fnme amall
business In Portland, Or. AT 30 1. Orego
nlan. .
BY onr new B-room bungalow with very
raw Teature; full lot. t, block from Rose
City car- "4 block from LaurelhurJt: will
taka unincumbered lot nr smaller house
as part paymenL Phou mornings, fa.
443. B 1340.
NO MONEY SO acres to exchange on resi
dence property; Ss acres, highly improved
HO0O cords of wood and $.'"" of personal
nropertv Included; mortgage for difference
. miles out. 114 from R. U. station. 3.1.
Lumber Exchange.
TEN acres of 1-vesr-old standard aoples on
the Lyle-G-Jldendale branch of the North
Bank R. R.. $300 per acre. AV S4. Ore
gonlan. ,
110 acres, about 40 acres under cultivation-
good 3-room house and barn; 4 Vi
miles from Oregon City; rent $300 per
5e?tA acres. Improved with ' good house,
barn; in the city limit of Portland; all
under cultivation; feut $25 per month;
good orchards on toth places.
1A3 First st. .
160-ACRB farm for rent for term of yr":
P0 acres Jn cultivation, good buildings,
plenty of water and pasture; implements
and tock for ale; located near Eagle
Creek on O. W. P. Ry- Apply to L. E.
Elliott, owner, Eagle Creek. Or.
".onon-oon a-tV.lTlE-11
16S acre. 8 mllea to Courthouse, aver
age 125 cords par acre; close to Estacada
carllna; call and u for further par-
lilts Flil St., Room 4. Main TN42.
timber lands
bouuht and 8olp.
. C J M'CRACKEN. 304 McKay Bldg.
FOR fi.-'.l.E n.nopTooo feet timber Id South
ern Oregon at Government price; terma.
f: ."01. oregonlan.
WELL experienced man -wants stocked farm
or dairy on shares, or will pay cash rent.
AV SI54. OVegonlan.
WILL PAY' cash for farm on good county
road, near Portland: give your lowest
. price, also improvements, well or spring
water. AN 811, Oregonlan. -
WANTED IO to 20 acres raw land on
water; give location, prlca. J. 8. Benson,
a 1 ....... ...
A PARTLY Improved farm for ft term of
years, with or without stock, r will buy
stock. AF B't3. Oregonlan.
A GENERAL farm of medium site, on
shares, with stock or will buy stock. Lee
Arm, r-oriiHMu, v.. r - - - ' j
11.300 ACRES In 82n-acrcSomesleaas. E.
post, Locator, xeiiu, vji.
.room house, not over $4500. west of
East lth at., between Hawthorne and
Holladay aves.. for cash customer.
143 Stark St.
o.jod-POL'ND team and harness, complete;
10 year old, have no more use for tame.
Mr. Boyd' team; pair sorrel horses. 2-mo
pounds; ftlo oheap orrl gelding. 3ol
Second si.
- . . vT-T-t-, c. ?rtrnr ttnfSK
First pavment '$jr.oO equity, rich, level
go. near electric; timber pay for clear
ing: mill ClOBe. V'wuci. e..-. ,w.-e.
WANTED Fractional lot or old ho-.ifte and
lot I ndlatrict oounuou i.i no u
Jefferson and Lincoln t., W'et Side. C
822. Oregonlan.
WANT to buy from S to 10 acres on Ore
gon City line; no Improvement required.
V 40T. Oregonlan.
WANTED Experienced dellveryroan for
dept. store; answer, giving reference and
phone number. AO 630, Oregonlan,
ONE 2d00-pound team of mare. $lrW: or
'will exchange for amaller team. Cattl.
14 Union ave,
WANTED Lot In Vernon or Irvlngton Park
district for rash: state price and location.
AM 403. Oregonlan.
WANTED Half or one acre, river front, not
over 8 mllea from city. AH SOS, Oragonlan,
WANT a six or seven-room thoroughly
modern house in high-class locality, for
about $a0f" to .VKMI. andi a cash pay
ment of must have a large lot.
F 4:S. Oregonlan. . - - ' ' .
Horse. Vehicle. Etc
WILL sell !S head of my grading stock,
which has Just arrived from camp; among
this lot are several welt-matched teams
or mares and horses averaging In weight
from 1100 to 1400 lbs.: this stock Is sound,
true workers and in good order, also tew
light horses. 1 buggy, several-sets of har
ness and wagons. 247 East 13th,cor.
Madleon: lltt le cottage In Hawthorne Park.
HORSES pastured for Winter. Individual
raddocks, plenty good feed and care 11
desired. Fred T. Merrill, Rose lata
Farms. 6 miles from city. Phone, long
, distance, 12-Mlle.
FOR SALE One full blooded black Per
cheron mare. 8 years old. weight 146d. tru
and not a uieuii&o. o.i , JUUUO
-I nl V.i.uill wt
ONE new 8V Mitchell wagon, with gravel
l.j. - .1 n. laiino-t-v waaon: two
good express wagons; will exchange for
horses and cows 14 Union ave. cor. Ash.
TOU.VO, sound horse, suitable express or de
. ..1. eHn Portland Riding
Acaaemy. jonnaou ..w. .... ...
HORSE and wagon with harness for sale,
good for laundry or cleaning wagon. 94
North Hth. .
WB BUY. ell or rent horses, vehicle, har
ness. HtlDvrt ec nan, "
Pierce 4 H. P.. 4-door, good as new;
w ill accept your old car as part payment.
You will have to act quick if you want
this one.
Cadillac. 30 H. P., 5-pass.. only $000.
Hupmoblle. 20 H. P., 2-pasa., $450.
Cadillac, 30 H. P., S-pass., lata model.
E. M. K., 4-pa., SO H. P., $300.
Oakland, .B-pass.. 30 II, P.. $1100.
Bdlck, 22 H. P.. B-par., $400.
We are headquarters for second-hand
Rapid, fine condition, 1 ton only. $073.
c.rabowsky, new, cost $2900; our price
Jackson. 1R00 lb., only $S00.
Bulck. good as new. 1300 lbs., cheap at
Orient, lb.. Just the car for gro
cer; bargain; foW.
Manv others. . Call and see them. Larg
est .slock In Northwest. You take no
chances when buying from us, as we guar
antee every car sold, regardless of price
or make. w
Remember, every car guaranteed.
21st and Washington sts.
5TApPENf7Ett automobile, loir), run less
than 4.100 miles; good as new car; full
equipment, windshield, top. speedometer,
skid chains, etc.; cost $21.10; price JT.O
cash. For this bargain see owner, G17
Railway Exchange.
FOR SALE A one-ton truck. In first-class
condition, with a Id-passenger body; also
a new stake freight body; a big bargain
if taken at once. See Mr. King at 208
11th St.. from 4:30 to 8 P. M.
FOR SALE Automobile, high-grade, latest
model. r-paKenger car. Best buy In
Portland. Might exchange for real estate.
L ."eJ7. Oresonian.
AI'TOMOHILF. tires for sale; 2 new. :iSx..
Goodwlch, and - new 30x31.v Diamonds, at
a bargain. Address 435 Ctark SL
SACRIFICED for cash. T-pUFSengor car In
good condition. Woodlawn SlloT or C
A I "TO MOBILE tires. $.1.00 to fl.'.nn each.
We are the cheapest place in Portland for
automobile supplles.l 2:13 Main st.
N'FW carac Just completed. Live and dead
storage. Speedwell Motor Co.. 29. 31. 33.
Hi 14i b at- cor. Couch.
iioO MORTGAGE, also $Tiu0 noto to ex
change for Columbia River Orchurd bonda
on cash basis. 81T Railway Exchange.
1-TON auto truck In good condition; bar
gain if taken at once. 266 5th st. Main
70X9. A 47:14.
BRUSH runabout with top. lato model. A-l
condition. i73. 1S2 Morrison st.
40 II p. runabout, l&fn. run 2000 mile. Mr.
Pi-own. White Garase.
WINTON SIX, good condition, for cash and
nrfhrird bonds; snap. AN flop. Oregonlan.
Dogs. Birds, pet Slock. l
40 CHICKENriT41-eE Incubator, Tlanet, Jr.,
half price; take Mt. Scott car to Lents,
3 hlocks south aad 2 east. 33 Maytitld
ave. .
FOR SALEA registered Maltese terrier
bitch. 3 months old, worth $.0; will ell
, . ,0 1 D K11A n en ann I H rt
lor tl-' o i. ,,--t, v . o-... '
GUINEA pigs make nice, harmless Pets for
children: see Maurice .Mann, 300 &. loth
st. Norih. East il'.", c 2 Lie-
AIREDALE TERRIERS "for pals, sport and
guards. Ijdtlix Kennels. Estacada, Or.
POINTER for sale cheap; owner leaving
town. 75S Front st. A 4744. Marshall 2412.
Machines and tools for machine shop,
$3,100- also 0 11. P.. 2-cyIindcr gasoline
traction engine, cheap at $1800, or will
trade all for 2 heavy auto trucks. Ad
dress P. T., 01120, 40th ave- S. E., Port
Cordurovs, serges, tweeds and worsteds,
$-..(10; pants. $3.50, ,$4.00; pants, $2.50.
Jimmy Dunn, room "315 Oreg-onlan bldg.
Take elevator.
FOR EXCEPTIONAL bargain In Underwood
L. C. Smith Remington typewriters, see
The Northwest Typewriter Co., No. U0
Sth St.
SAFES New and 2d-hand; low prices: easy
terms- safes opened, repaired and painted.
SFE CO.. Si ,1th St. Main 630M. A 4118.
If your stove doesn't bake, there is
something wrong. I can fix It. 3t)8 East
Morrison. 1'none r.ast 10...
TWO-HORSE Hawkey stump machine; this
I no toy; weight 28"0 lbs.: the best made;
cost $2io: a bareain. Phone Main 7315.
.. nor l Tl-.-K kt t'OCtlnOft
w eeger, o. 71 p.... - - -
CHEAP set of brown furs, same aa new,
and also long llk plush coat. 36 bust;
worn two months; cost $40. 6.15 Yamhill,
basement entrance.
DAVENPORT or settee, mahogany frame,
cost $123, full size, little used, cheap.
P. O. Box g?3. city. '
p motorcvcle. flat belt, Adler, 1011
model, magneto; very easy terms. 208 yi
4th St.
SO H. P. MOTOR, 220-volt alternating cur
rent, at ft snap. J. Simon Bro., Front
and Grant sts. .
GOOD furniture of all kinds for sale cheap.
Phone woodlawn 1T2.1.
Contractor equipment by United Englneer-
Ing tv construction v-o.. in'tr i.g-.e p.q.
FOR SALE Black bear rug. mounted. Tel.
Marshall 22T.3.
TWO JOU.N'U cow with ca!v. . part Jersey.
323 Chapman st. Phone Main 2027.
ONE candy case, $ tables and IT chairs; a
snap. 22T First et.
MANURE for sale. E. 17T5.
If your place, la good and the prlca Is
right, it's sold. Give full Information.
Phone Marshall 3273.
sn.1 Lumbermens Hidfr., Bth and Stark.
Highest price paid for men's and ladier
cast-off clothing, shoes, furniture, tools,
mechanic, logging. Call Main S080. 280
First st. The Jllobe.
DONKEY engine wanted Must be good con
dition, double cylinder, double drum, about
7j:i. Call East 322 or write D .118, Ore
gon ian.
TO share car household goods shipment to
Texas. Room for 13.000 lbs. E. II. White,
care Lewis Investment Company, 908
Lewis bldg.. city '
WANTED Immediately. heavy lOO-Joot
drilling machine complete: Star or Key
stone preferred. Apply AV tk2. Orego-
TOOLS Highest prices paid for all kinds of
second-hand mechanic, logging tools. Le
vin Hdwr. Co., 2 FronL Main $078.
To c -Uoeelaon. ThOn R 102
Pay highest cash prlc for furniture.
WANTED TH and 13 H. P. motor. J. Simon
Bro.. Front and Grant sts.
WANTED Second-hand alectrle. vibrator In
good condition. Phone C 2.130.
FORD Auction Co. pays most cash for any
kind of furniture. Alain 81151, A -445.
WE pay the highest cash price tor
hind furniture, feater Martin.
East 3134. 318 Hawthorn ve.
WANTED Used bicycle for
AO Bo. Oresonian.
-vear-old boy.
fOne of Many.)
Office Secretary Employment Departmenx,
Y. M. C. A. .-,
Tonne man. stranger, out of work t
his total cash asset) If I pay T0U.5Ji
special employment membership I wiia
have only $15 left betweea me and tr
vation. , .
Secretary If you pay $5 -", ,,-P"1"
employment membership you will nay
the Y. M. C. A., with Its resource, be
tween you and starvation. .
Result: Young man Joined Aaaoclatlon,
In less than a week had satisfactory em
ployment. Record for $ month ending Sept. $
Calls for men J'S?
Positions tilled "idol
New member
Employment membership guarantee
employment or refund of membersn p
fee; gives two rronth- full membership
privileges. 10 mon ills' oclal Prlvl,le5J
and undertakes to keep party P'0);11
during the full term of membership wtiu
out further charge. vi.u.
We hav constant demand for n'?p-
frade, experienced men. AT u fitted,
or a better position f ' .
See secretary employment depftrtment,
Y. M. C. A.
ABLE-BODIED men wanted for the TJ -Marin
Corps, between th age of IB ana
83. Must be native born or .hav first
papers. Monthly pay $15 to $. Addt
tlonal compensation possible. Food, clotn
Ing. quarters and medical attendance free.
After 30 years' service can retire witn i
per cent of pay and allowance. Service)
on board ship and ashore In all paf" x
the world. Apply to U. S. Marine Corp
recruiting office, Breeden bldg. Sd aiia
Washington sts.. or room 7 Winchester
House, 13"i 8d t., Portland, awr.
WANTED Specialty salesmen; good per
manent positions for the right kind ot
man. Goods are handled through whole
sale grocers and we have agents in all
prominent Jobbing centers. In applying
give experience, age and ail Information,
having anv bearing on subject. Richard
son Lubricating Company. Quincy, 111.
sales department.
CRUITING STATION at 218 Railway Ex
change building, Portland, where Infor
mation will be gladly given about Navy
opportunities to young men over 1 1. "1 na
MaVIng of a Man o' Warsman." a book
tcliing all about the Navy, will be sent
fre to anyone who wants it.
WANTED for U. s. Army, able-bodied un
married men. between ages of IS and 35.
cit!2ens of United States, of good charac
ter and temperate habits, who can speak,
read and write the English language For
Information apply to Recruiting Officer,
Worcester block, 3d and Oak sts., Purt
land. Or.
nr.- wo uicii.nmriE tiTOf-lC SALES
MEN. don't accept any kind of employ
ment until you hear from us; make T
per (lav selling new article; new plan,
costs 6c. sells for 2.1 cent; l.ln.oOO sold.
In Minneapolis; send r.c for two samples.
Dnmerttn Mfg. Co.. .112 Wash. ave. N.a
Minneapolis. Minn.
WANTED By an old established house a,
local representative to handle 10 spec at
leaders of shirtwaist on a strict commis
sion basis; good proposition for an ener
getic man. Address with reference. J,
ir u 1 rta 1 1 loiore. aid.
Do you want good positions, big salary,
easy work? Tall ,tnd register your name,
obs v asninKion. "e.n ......
BRIGHT, clean-cut young man, IS years of
age. to work 6 hours a day in cigar store,
salarv S per week: must live at home and
furnish best of references: give phone
number. A tt as, oreKuumn.
WANTED Wholesale lumber yard planning-
... 1 . .. . 1 .., U4h IBlir.
mill BuprriiiiBimrni. woa -Invest
$30l0 to 5000 In Block of cor
poration. Address. Citizens. 614 Consoli
dated Realty blvg.. Los Angeles, CaliL
WANTED Men of executive ability and
good appearance 10 .ti.... ..
fern; permanent position and
chance for advancement. Address M out.
EXPERIENCED window trimmer wanted;
permanent position, salary $1.10 per mo.,
with advancements: give full particular
In first letter. Address Stone-I isher Co.,
Seattle, wnen.
WANTED a young man as shoyv card
writer In clothing store at Astoria. In
quire mom 425 Oregon Hotel, between
p:;so to io:ir ocmefv.
W ANTED Cashier and bookkeeper for
wholesale house: etate experience and sal
ary expected; trustworthy man; reference
required. AO 508, Oregontan.
WELlTeducated boy's as bellboys: boys who
live with parents preferred; references re
quired. Apply between a and 10 at totc-
room, Z"it runt .
BOY wanted. Powers & E.tes. 129 th
Oregoninn bldg; must have wheel.
887'i fcast jjurnsioe.
CASUALTY Insurance agents If you ara
not making more than $2,. a week. ee
Agency Director. 418 Mohawk bldg., 9 to
jo; steaoy posmou. bq"v.
M AN to take restaurant (nearly furnished)
"in hotel: sleeping room; board one. for
rent. ;i4 North 2ilth. S car north on
;id to 2-ith. block soutlt
nay m to 10 years old, to deliver sleeve
protectors in office buildings for K c.
Plcove Supply Co., d Board of Trada
WANTED Saddlemakers on siock
steady employment, good wages. Apply
Los Angeles Saddlery & Finding Co., Loa
Angeles, Cal. .
MAN to take charge of advertising proposi
tion: 40 per cent commission UN V to
0:30 only, room 513 Rothchild bldg. Mr.,
SALESMEN wanted to sell our line of Pa
cllic Coast-grown nursery aloe: cash pal d
Facinc isuraery v.o.. j.u. - -
SALESMAN, first-class, for ladles' taiiornih.
Apply House of Balr, 3d floor N. W. cor.
0th and Washington sta
WANTED Competent advertising solicitors)
for newspaper printed in foreign ianguasu;
liberal commission. 324 Henry bldg.
FOUR for city, eight for small town: solic
itors with ability5; make $4 to $20 per day.
Boom 8, 380 Vj E- Morrison. 5 P. M.
WANTED Ladles' tailors; none but expe
rienced. J. K. Sterns, Ladies' Tailor, 4t.
Alder. , ,
WANTED Experienced man In shipping
room at Log Cabin Bakery. T34 Vancou
ver av
WANTED Boy of 16 to 1 as apprentice
in foundry. Hesse-Martin Iron Works.
East 7th and Belmont.
WANTED First-class cabinetmakers by N-
Welter Co.. Centralis. Wash.; only good
ones need apply. Good wages.
COMPOSITOR, experience on newspaper not
ne-'eisary; state In full experience and
.lane what lines. F 506. Oregontan.
VI ASTERKR wanted to figure on plastering
aad chimney work on three storerooms.
8. Johnson. 418 RailwayJExuhang
MAN to solicit for cleaning and preaslng
oomnanv: experience unnecessary. l'
company ;
Tenth st.
W4NTFD First-clasa commercial sign
writers. Apply Foater ft Klelser. East
Tth and cvereii bi
WANTED Picture play writers; big pay;
weYl teach you. Picture Play Associa
tion, san r rancmw
MAN of good appearano and good talker
to solicit for large corporation- In Port
la n d .ApplyftoljLlJ2
WANT unincumbered house, good district,
about $4000; can pay $.100 cash, balance,
In 7 per cent bonds. AH 510. Oregonlan.
GOOD all-around tailor, also good coaf
.o.t.c wanted. Room .VI I Merchant
Trust Bhlg. I.ehmann Son.
FIRE Insurance solicitors to work on com
mission. The Denier & Denier Realty Co.,
inn ' na io v. -
BOY to work In store and deliver parcels.
Apply 171 Third at.
PERMANENT income for salesmen. Ask for
Mr. Bryant. 1118 Yeon bidg
ALL-AROUND experienced paper box man.
Washington Paper Pox Co.. Seattle, Wash.
PHOTOGRAPH coupon and portrait agents.
new offor. Cutberth Studio. Dekum bltlg.
WAN TED Bushelman and coatmaker. 3..S
Stark St. .
FRAMEMAKF.HS wanted at Oregon Planing;
Mill?. 111th and Vaughn.
WANTED Porter for heavy work. Apply
2ii2 Oak ft.
WANTED Solicitor for cleaning and press-
i n g business: bi g commission. 311 Davis st.
SOLICITORS for coal. Apply at once 304
Ankeny st.
WANTED Boys over 10. with wheels. 7d
3d st.
WANTED Man to put up metallic batter
signs. 21 Roard of. Trade
BUSHELMAN wanted at once. T13 W. Park.
WANTED Veatmaker. 355 Stark.