Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 18, 1911, Page 15, Image 15

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T2M above picture shows the present completed condition of Laurelhurst, which is alive with the activity of the builders of beautiful homes. ,The picture below was taken two years ago from exactly the
iuo uuy r gpot ag the Qther one and ghowg the remarkable transformation which has taken place during that period.
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The Addition with Character '
Stand ont today in its completed state as the premier residence
park of Portland. Every municipal improvement requisite for the .
health, comfort and happinet-s of those people v.ho appreciate and
demand the best home nurroundinps, has been made in Laurelhurst
by the City of Pui-tUnd, at a cost cxceclinir 1.500,0"n.
When the expression "completed" is used in describing the state
of Laurelhurst 's improvements it should be taken literally; every
street. 25 miles'in all, ha an asphalt pavement; the entire 52 mile
of cement sidewalk have been laid, perfect pas. sewer and ter
systems have ben put in throughout the property, the addition is
brilliantly lighted with a superb system of cluster lights and the side
walks are lined with carefully selecte.t shade trees, embracinp all of
the best known varieties. Two double track earlines bisect Laurel
hurst, one near the north line and the other near the center.
You must not jrt the idea that the streets of Laurelhurst are torn
op as they were three or four months aro and that piles of sand,
Travel and cement are scattered here and there; such is not the case.
Two years aprv, when laurelhurst came under the control of the
present owners, the promise was made that within two years every
municipal improvement would He made thronphmit the entire addition.
That promie has V-cn faithfully kept to the minutest detail.
fm'mii - j 1 , 'latin liiimniii n in--i " .......
Prirrs in Iiinolhurst arc more reasonable than those de
manded in much less desirable locations further from the center
of the citv and -where street improvements are only promised.
Laurelhurst Is No Longer a Speculative Proposition It Is a High
Grade Investment. Sales During the Past Week in Laurelhurst Have
Been Astonishing, and Prove That the People of Portland Appreciate
the Value of a Really High-Grade Finished Residence Addition .
Get the best. See Laurelhurst first. Don't go further out and
pay more for property not nearly so desirable as Laurelhurst.
We will help-you finance the building of your home m this ele-
The Addition with Character
Now that it is a perfectly improved residence addition, is one
of the show places of Portland." The natural beauty and attractive
ness of Laurelhurst, enhanced by the costly public improvements, just
completed, and the scores of elegant homes built there during tTie
past year, has made it the highest-grade residence property in Port
land and stamps it as the choicest and most desirable home-building
area in the city.
It would be worth your while to spend an hour or two walking, or
motoring; through Laurelhurst. There is nothing else like it in Port
land. It is distinctly in a class of its own. Laurelhurst can be
reached from the center of the city over hard-surfaced streets, as
the district between the shopping center 'and the addition is prac
tically all paved.
Less than two years ago Laurelhurst was the finest dairy farm
in Oregon. Today it is the only finished residence addition of any
size in Portland and is by far the most beautiful home-building dis
trict on the entire Pacific Coast.
Take an hour off and go to see Laurelhurst. The wonderful work
that has been accomplished there in the past 18 months will be a
revelation to you.
Laurelhurst may be reached by three earlines the Laurelhurst car,
Moutavilla and the Rose City Park car.
gant addition. Come in and let us tell you the plan. Lot prices
$850 and up, 10 per cent down and 2 per cent a month.
MEAD & MURPHY, Sale A?enU. Offices 522-526 Corbett Bldg. Phones
Forgeries Amounting to $400
Detected by City Bank.
fnmttlm Kalnankepern fali Order
Again Company AVhlrh Are
Pound to Be Bomi Skill I
ld br Imitator.
ClrlT forrM paychnrks of th O.
TV R- N. Company, ranhad by Fret tlx
alooakprs on Monday, ymterdar
mad their appearance In Portland
banks, arbrra thry wr Immediately
R. BlalidelL auditor for the railroad
company, baatened to curo report
irora varioua nanaa In the rlty. and
lat night had report of eight forged
check. representing an acareaare
value of 1400. It te believed that the
forger hare profited to the extent of
everal thousand dollar.
That th perpetrator of the oheme
contemplated operating on an eztrn
lve arale I evidenced by tn elab
orate methods adopted to bring about
their forgeries.
Paper Flaw rtlereverea
The pay check used br the forgers
la an excellent Imitation of the orlg
Inal uaed by the railroad and to a per
son not accustomed to handling them
trer veuld be accepted without ques
tion. The O.-W. R. aV N. Company's
paycheck are prepared on a special
brand of "safety" paper and are en
graved the. same as a banknote. It I
evident that the persons who conceived
the plan secured one of the original
checks and photographed It. thereafter
erasing the dates, names, figures, nnm
t'er and all wrltfng that differenti
ates one check from another. A plat
then was made and the blank checks
lithographed on a paper of appearance
'mtisr to that of the original. The
forged taper, however. I of a lighter
blue and cot a heavy as the original.
The name of J. p. Dee gun. chief pay
clerk, who signs every check Issued
br the eomnany. appears In the lower
left hand corner In excellent imitation
of his real signature.
Twe Xasaea I eed.
All checks that have been discov
ered are made payable either to Wil
liam 8'evens or to John Common and
vary In amount from 131. SO to 143 SO.
They were cashed In various Seattle
saloons yesterday and deposited In
banks of that city. The Seattle bank
nt them to their correspondents In
Portland to be sent through the Port
land clearing-hou to Wie ('tilted
"rates National bank, the depository
for the 0.-W. R. V .V. Company. Two
ef these checks came to the United
States National bank In the early
morning mall and were detected at
onra They had been cashed by Harry
Levin, a saloon keeper In Feattle. One
called for ls.54 and the other for
$J S.
All th checks that have been cashed
beer fie same serial numbers 717 J
and 7471.
Th serial numbers on the real
checks sect ent tbis month do not run
higher than 7200. The company Issues
iter 7000 check each month and sent
those covering the Seattle payroll to
that city last week. These forgeries
made their appearance simultaneously
wl'h those of the company and. It la
believed, were accepted by saloonkeep
era and other firms that make a prsc
fee ot cashing them without question.
"rHibrir Saya Hunger Prompted
The ft of Two Saltcaeea,
Applying stove polish and elbow
grease to a heater In ona of the rooms
t the City Jail bulldlns yesterday,
Tutch Charley." former circus clown
and trusty, kept up a running fire of
reminiscence, and incidentally told
how he came to steal, two suitcase
Just before his arrest.
"Pe cheap guy, stead of hiring a
wagon, come to me and me pal and
aays: Here, youse guys, carry these
kicks for me.
"Sure," says we, and we started off.
"Hungry? Say, me stomach felt like
ie back was broke, and aays I to me
pal. Tell with the grips; let's eat.'
They was locked, but we got around
that all right with a good, acarp knife,
and y'ougbt to see the rags we pulled
out. Gee. but they was warm. Ma
pal and me dressed tip better'n ever we
had In our live and went out among
em.. We bought Ice cream and beer.
and all sorts of stuff.
"After that me pal shipped out and
I got me bit. and then the sucker and
his wife hunts me up In Jail, and they
ws sure sore; the dame In particular.
"That's all right, lady." says I. "when
I get our I'll come around and cut your
gmsM to square It.
"Ton star away." says she. Trs got
some more suitcases out at home."
"Dutch." said a listening officer.
"when you get out I am going to pinch
you again.
"Xlx. on that." replied Dutch, a he
finished furbishing the stove and gath
ered up his equipment. wnen I get
out of here I'm going where you can't
get me. among the aristocrats. I'm
goln' nut to cut grass for Mr. Beutgen,
the clerk of the court."
Experiment on Guinea Pig Con
vince Pootors of Theory.
fpAni evnerlmentfl wttlH K . 4. . -
Been made by E. C Calloway, City
Chemist. It has been found that th
berry of the plant known as the Vir
ginia creeper was the cause of the re
cent deaths of the Infant son of Dr.
Allan .Welch Pmith and the 1-year-old
baby of George Hansen, of Montavllla.
Mr. Galloway performed experiments
on a guinea pig. and after eating sev
eral of the berries on Sunday th ani
mal went Into a stupor, resulting In
death th next day.
Th symptoms were the same as
those observed In the case of th two
Infanta Dr. George A. Cathey and Dr.
Frank W. Wood, who examined the
content of th stomachs, discovered
th particles of th plant, which wr
found also In th guinea pig.
Government Builds Hospital.
ASTORIA. Or, Oct. 17. (Special.)
Th construction of the new hospital
building at th Columbia River Federal
Quarantine Station has been completed
and th structur accepted by Dr. Holt,
th officer In charge. The building I
40 by 100 feet and Is divided Into four
dieting units, so that should the oc- 1
caalon arise, patients afflicted with
four different contagious disease can
be treated at the same time. The
structure cost about $3500 and waa a
badly needed Improvement for whl!
the equipment there was sufficient to
handle almost any emergency that
might arise, there was no special hos
pital building.
active operations the first of next
week. Th new company will over
haul the plant and Install modern Im
provements. The opening of the mill
will be important to Kelso's business
prosperity, as It means steady employ-
ment for a large force of men. J. B.
Beck will be superintendent of the
Northern Pacific Says Commercial
Clnb Shonld Par $11.
A bill of $11 has created a dispute
between officers of the Portland Com
mercial Club and the passenger depart
ment of the Northern Pacific Railway.
The Item waa charged by the ra'l
road for transporting the members
of the First Infantry Band from Van
couver to Portland on the special train
that brought President Tuft to the
city last "week..
Commercial Club officials declare
that Inasmuch as the President' train
was contracted for In advance and
that the President was required to pay ,
a iinea rate covering transportation
for 100 person whether they traveled
or not. the band should have been car-
they are loosing to tn commercial
Club, which had the arrangements for
President Taft's reception in charge, ;
ror tne money.
rled free under the provisions of that
contract. They point to the fact that
an extra roach Is attached to the train
for the purpose of accommodating such
extra persons as the President may
have as his guests.
Northern Pacific officials declare
that the interstate Commerce Commis
sion requires that the transportation
of the band be paid by some one and
Kelso Mill to Reopen.
CENTR ALIA. Wash.. Oct. 17. (Spe
cial.) The transfer of the James E.
Page lumber mill. In Kelso, was made
yesterday, and the plant will reauma
Why Don't You
Drink Beer?
Disagrees with you, does It makes you
ions and seems to upset you generally. But
you haven 't been getting the right beer. Now
we want you to try a well aged, mild beer
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we want you to phone in an order for a
case of
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m Mai A r AseTeant?
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new hair and restores gray and faded
hair to Its natural youthtui color.
Pwmseo stops baldness, bald spots,
fa. ling hair, scabby scalp, sore scalp.
brittle hair or any hair or scalp
To Drove that our claims are true we
win send you a large trial bottle free
If you will end 10c in silver or stamps
to nsip pay coai 01 postage ana pacn
inr to 8wlssco Hslr Remedy Co- 3844
P. O. ruare. Clnclnatl, O.
Pw'ifcco win be found on sal at all
druKg!-tr and drug departmenta every
where at K0c and ll.OO a bottle.
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and at
Then you'll see why a beer made from the
best of malt, the finest of American and im
ported hops and the purest of water is the
favorite beverage of so many of your friends.
Phone us direct well see that you're
quickly supplied.
1 ww I I 'll
Phones East 46, B 1146.
Star Brewery
(Northern Brewing Company)
Portland, Or. Vancouver, Wash.
SAVE A $100
If you're economical and really
want to save a clean $100 to $225
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"We save you the dealer's profit.
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rect from factory to home. No
middleman's profits to pay here.
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3SSsMniwnJ fault
Grows Hair
on Bald Heads
A Remedy That Costs
Nothing if It Fails to
Do as Claimed.
Resorcin Is one of the latest and
most effective germ-Kiiiers aisiTuvn-u
hv enipnre. and In connection with Beta
Nanhthnl. also a powerful antiseptic, a
combination is formed which destroys
the germs which rob the nair or its
nutriment, and thus creates a clean
and healthy condition of the scalp,
which prevents the development of new
Pilocarpine Is a well-known ag-ent
for restoring the hair to Its natural
color, where the loss of color has been
due to a disease. Yet It Is not a col
oring; matter or dye.
The famous Kexall - 3 tiair ionic
s chiefly composed of Kesorcin, Beta
Naphthol and Pilocarpine, combined
with pure alcohol because of its cleans
ing and antiseptic riuallties. It makes
the scalp healthy, nourishes the hair.
revitalizes the roots, supplies hair
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We want you to try a few bottles
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grow hair on bald heads, except of
course where baldness has been of such
long duration that the roots ;of the
hair are entirely dead, the follicles
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s glazed.
kmember, we are basing our state-
nrnts upon what has already been ac
complished by the use of Rexall "93"
rlnir Tonic, and we have the right to
assume that what it has done for hun
dreds of others it will do for you. In
any event yon cannot lose anything by
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antee. "Two sizes, 50 cents and $1.00.
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