Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 04, 1911, Page 21, Image 21

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First Shipment of Potatoes to
San Francisco.
(rrcn C rop i at I arrc SH nl
11m Qualltjf IValrr F.xpert
CooU Prk-r to Prertall
Tbla Season.
H.v.r.1 cars of potatoes r,a hlPP"1
t Ca.lfornla In past -w daya. the rt
go Sonth tale aa..n. Trt U a "al
lied demaad lor atnctiy faaey Onfm tock
la tha tea Franctaco market, put It muat
b uch aa will aell aloncelde of 'h 61
Patinas potato rof lw atoc shlppera
n paying 1 t4Dt a pound at country ship
em g point. When digging la fails' nnder
way. the narkil mar raced slightly.
Tha larger potato haari:er consider th
oatlaoa farorabl f-w fair price thla a
ao. ant tas aol 'o tnT xm
prl- that anm f tba grower aipact.
Th arty crop in Orti la turning out
of good quality and fair yield. Aa far aa
can a en. ther will ha a ana crop of
lata potatoeo. which ara at III ran and
growing What th farmer want now M
a good bard froat. Than. In 10 day or
tw weaaa tha crop woud ba ready lo dig
and put away. It la etlrolJ by dealer
wko bara Investigated tba anbjact that tha
rrnp mt Onion and Waahlngtoa thla raar
will bo twlco aa Imrga aa laat year.
Tha California crop la about tha iimi In
la aa laat year, but In tha Mtsalaalppl
Vi7 tb awtpot la ronaMarably reduced.
Thta la not preventing th avctlona. how
ever, from . .hipping Into tha Soathweat.
and tha movement from California to Art
Bon a and New M-ilco ha been considerably
rdacd la th paat few week.
Talry-0ve Cwt OtIrd far aa Oplkna.
aittj r-r ral KngHoa t'raa Hold.
Thr la a better inquiry In th bop mar
et aa-J a llrmr ton to price. A number
of m I wer rportd yeaterday at 13 cnta
and a fraction bitr and aa optional bid
of &3 eenta wa made on a -art crop.
Among tha tranan.-tlona In thin Mat waa
th purchase of 71 ba!a from Jam Haya.
..f irr..K. by Klaber. Wolf a Netter. at
3.1 rent. WUIiim Brown ft Co. bought
two or lhr amall lota around Hllvrton at
th m prlc. Mc-Nrtr Broa. bought ahont
"0 hair.
! fral hundred bale of Taklmaj a'.ao
rhaated nanda. amocg th crop blng that
of Bvnaa.g.r. 1M bate, wnlrh Grafton Be
ared at XI ' oat. Th Hrk crop of
l"x ba!s waa ao:d at tha aa) prlc. K.a-tH-r.
w:f a Nxt.r bought In that aortloa
11 ba:. from Itchott and 0 bala from
r:'ia a: S.'S and S3 canta.
Tht fniiowtng cabl waa raclvd yoator
l.y nornlnc from London, which con
nrin.d h.turdyo cabl:
"li'aiy par cnt of Kng!lh crop gold. Ad-aa.-
of IS hllllnaa In fugglaa. I ba a
fM.1 itr.on of market.
Anthr cabl aald tb liodoa market
waa atrang. tb Narwmburg mark! dull
nd lelinlng and the ItelgUa market
trona and advaaclng.
Mew aaxl t-pclaa-a Mill etl at I-w rrtrvw
-Ilium Meat firm.
Tha puttry markt continue alow, al
though receipt ara not brary. and
fprtnga wera offered yatrday at 14MS
ran'a. with bujrr (King bena tba prefer
ence. larae young ducka wr la dmattd
at tadlia't. canta. but amall and old ducka
war dtalL (. tf young, could ha moved
at llU cm a. Tnr waa a Iittl inquiry
tor fat. llv tarhrye, buywrg offering
- cne for young and 1 fil cnla for
old bird.
Tha egg markt continue qntat. but with
a atady nodrton.
Putter waa firm at tb new advanced
naotatkon that went lata ffct yesterday.
cb. waa firm and unchanged.
There waa a g-Hd market for fancy top
! at 1S)tfl4 cent Poor, ordinary and
large eld wall, but at lower prl-. There
waa a ataady demand fr choice country
dred pork at lotfll cnt.
M'nemt la M-aity a ad Owlet at All r4at
tra Macthwrat.
Tlia wheat market waa quiet In Portland,
aa th found and la the count re yatrday.
Ifeprtera quoted Club at o centa, but
mll'wi paid a tittle more. The etrlka attu
atloa la being cloaaly walchad by all la
tb tra.1.
Oat wre In gol demand and firm,
wtth bolder Baking and -T .
Barley waa quiet her but higher In tha
Local receipta. In car, atere reported by
II Merchant Ki-harge aa follow.:
Wheat llarley riour Oat IlnT
Monday ...... l' I 1 J.
Tueeday W 1 l.l 4 1
Tear ag . . TT B m
rMi. to date ail- laT 74- S.'t 7i4
Tear ago ....! 1 -IT liu .v9
riRT raj or Krr.Rv (RtvnnntiF.s
e rwda af Fajary Qwajlly mt aw Hal
at M -3 lee Hmrret.
Tba flit car of cranberrtea of th aea
eon -e-rrlved yeelerdav and waa dletrtbutrd
along the .t et. They war Cape t
and were of fin quality. The prtc-a. n
a barrel. c l.aer than crannerrlea have
opened at In tht. market for eevernl yearn
(trap were plentiful but moved trail.
RaJna la l"alfrnla have glxen the mar
ket firmer t"n.
A car ef Lata Crawford and Klherta
pearhe arrived from Yakima. They wera
quoted at a. i and centa A car of
"taklma cantaloupe alao ca-ne la and wera
affared at 11 fl.l -Pr crate for fan.-v.
Another c.r of Caltfmt f:g. i. ,is
the latter rart of tha week.
tvagjth, ( lewrtng.
Blank riarir.g. of tha Vorth weetern cttlea
tie.-rdv a e-a aa olloi.
l'larnt H.'.-tce-.
r-e-'.4 .. I 'M tt g.-TT
setn.e mj t: : i : -i;
T.'-'ira ITl-i t"'-l
!.aa: . .:..i4 l.-. rii
rojtrLAi MtKkKn.
teraua. rtwur. Peed.
HK T Kvp-r ha.l.: H.U'.tenv.
run "it: red Huaalaa, Tev . Yl.e,
M. I l; -'-i'tt'1 MW rr barrel:
.ti-lg-it t"-. itii t.l 0. alley, glad;
gr.h.rii -i-' ahe.t 14 SJ.
Mll.l..Tl f - H .n ll-.u.j pay ton:
r-.l.llii. t '.. . i.-tti, I.Jkc'M-). rolled
ba-l-e. f-i-t 34
OTV- h le era t. 134 per ton
PHLKt N-a :l. 11 .1: per ton.
brew'--c. 17 tr ta
iT Nw r t. I 7 im ".O per ton.
HAT No I. K. O. uniwthv. glgrflTSa.
No 1 Va.ley I'.'. fl'-oi ;.;fa, liiu.
c.vr. . grala ka. Ilaia.ia.
Dairy aad Ce-anlry rredwe
l-OII.TRT-H-ni llnlli, :.rtnc 1 tc
luck, y.uac. l.t.MS'-. eee. Ugllic.
lur.ev". 1 w JCC
ril TTEK Trg..n creamery butter, aolld
pa fc. l.W pr;lt -lira
l l li-rtrah Oregon ranch, can rl lad. 12a
per 4 'in
fNl.l.'-T.liil tr-plet and dalalaa I
IMt per pmnJ. Y 'un Amen.-. l4Sa
fchK Paacv. l'w!lc per fHrund.
TKaL fran.v. Its Via- Per pund.
egefhlea aad rrarta.
Tftorfi-AL rr (Verge. jf
.ta par boa: California grape frtit. J ;(,
banana 3S't-t Per pouro: ptnaapnlaa. c
per pound: leroor.. .J0 nr box;
- It v e knt
KREtM rul'IT- -ant.loupe. tl tffl pa
per crnte: pe..-h.a Sf i'-it pr b . water
m.lor.e. ;i . 1 -i p-r lor.l; plum
7io per c.-.te. prune. Itl We V" Pouad .
pan-. li par boa. grapea Wcll par
. app.ea. Ilwl-o. hacal.b.rr..-. o)
Iv,c per pound, cranberrle". - per barrel.
VMETlULtt Art'choke. 7".c per down:
beam lill- rabUll Svl"c per pound:
cau.lflower. 7 !..' per dn.n: corn.
per d.wett. cucumber.. II tl.Il per -a.-k:
-p.AOt. gaao par puund. garlic Idol Jo
per p-.un't: lettuce. " -j j'K- per uoaen: not-
lettuce. H.timl'i per boa. pepper.
Sc per pound: ra.ll.hea. 12v,e par ) ien;
.projta. a Pr pound ; tomato. .
J K. VriJETABI-FS Carrot. 11-5 per
each, turn n. . II: bte. $1 74.
COTATOM Oregm. Ikt per pound;
gwret p.t:!oe ;i, uJe per pound.
0. NIONa California, tl. Vl par bundrad.
Btwpta Orwrerlea.
PALblOX Columbia River. 1-pound taila.
f - - per doarn: S-pound tall, li 5: l
pund (leta. li-to. Alaaka pink. 1-pound
ta: a. I: J5.
I'uCfti-Roaatad, la drum. 14Sc per
pound .
Jio.vET Choir. iSTi pax eaaa: Kralned
boae. loc per pound,
SAl.T Granulated. 1111 per ton: half
ground, liew. u per ton: 60a. I par tow.
KITH nilauii. ILIW per pound,
Praall nuia. 1I.1M: filbarta 10c: almonda,
Iwllc. pecan. Jc; mkmiuih ciil Pr
doava: che.tnuta. lio par pound: hickory
nut, f it luc par pound.
DEAN- fmall wnua. large white.
4',c: l ima. I'm, pink. iVc Mexican. It.
bayou. He
K1 T No. t Japan. 4.: cheeper grudee.
I1U4IU; Boumern head. tt"l 1m-
rrte.l Imp rial. c: imported extra Mu.
7 o H- . ,
ailtJAK Dry granulated. IT SS: fratt na
berry. I7.S4. beet. etm C.;
powdered, barrel. 17 u. cubaa. aaxrala,
"3 . .
I'HIKD rRfTT Apple. 1o par pound .
apricot. ln-llaVtc; pcha. i-tpMc.
prune. It. .an. lie: ilvr. Ic
white and black. eTSe: currnnl. lo 4
11c; ral.lna. looea bluctl. "To.
bleached Thompcoo. Use: unblaatbad u-
tanaa. IS; Beaded. -
llopa. M'aol aad Hide.
TlOPfj 1911 crop. UUIi; oWa. nom
inal .
MOHAIR Choice. ssfS7e pr pound.
V. OOLr tU.tern Orrion. ,fZ
round, according to ahr.chag: Taller. lf
7c per pound.
PF.I.tS Pry. lOHc: lamb. 40ff0e anch;
haarinc. -L U lc each.
Hint- belted hldea. KwlOe par pound:
aalted calf. l5Blf: aalted kip, 1"V:
green, unaalted. lo leas: dry calf. 1U ioe:
dry atafP. lio 13Sc
CAHLAKA-lar pound. Be.
LINSEED OIL Pure raw. In barrel. 7c;
boiled. In barrel. c. raw. la caaee. IL02;
b.illed. In cae. II U4. ,
TlKPrlNTINE Caea. Tto; wood barrels.
T1V.C Iron barrel. 4c; ln-caae lota. 70c
taAaoi.INfc; Motor gseollne. Iron barrale.
17c; ca..a. 24o. gaaollna. Iron barrela
Die; caaea. 3ac
COAL OIL Ordinary teat, caaea. loo;
bulk, ta tank. I've.
u uit 10 to IS pounds. lMHe: 12 to
14 pound.. 1Swi1c: 14 to la pound. 1st
luTc 1 to 1 pounds, lltc: .kinnei
lac: plcnlca. 11 He: cottage roll. S.
EMOKKLI MEATS Be.f tonguoa. To:
dried beef aeta. none; outaide. none; Insldea.
2-lc; knucklea. Sic
1. AKD biettl rendered, tlercee. 13 :
tut... lc; standard, tierces. 14i,c: tuba.
IJc: hortenlng. tleroe. ga: ruba. Pc
BACON Fancy. 27o: standard. JSc;
eholc Jic: k:ngllh. 111C ,.
DRT SALT CVRKD Regular short eleara.
dry aalt. lte: amoked. is se; backa. Tight
eaiv. use; smoked. 14S-; kacka. heavy
alt. Use: amoked. lc; axparta, salt,
14c; am o. el. Isc
Good Supply of Cattle at lf Yrd
and btoady Trior
inert w " . - . -
usual at th toekyarda yerterday. bul
there were no new development la th way
of Arlce.
Tb moot Important aaie in
two load, of .iter, at J . Only one
load of cow. waa moved aad they brought
14 4ii There were a number of traneactlou
... ..we iiehtwetahte bringing
d.o and T.JO. nnd baavlea going at I4.0
to 1.SS. ,
Two bunches of good lambs wore sold at
.... ateadr at 13 and
a large lot of culla want at $1.15. Cull
wethers sold at IS.IO.
There wr no hog on th mrkt. Ot
. i . the variia In th
Boa m.raei - .
paat week th. Llvotoek Reporter - Baya
. . - -. inae.l rullv t
"raruaau a ". - - '
rente hlgner man u.u v,. --------
Nebraska quotatlona for baai light awlna
wa. o.J". meao.
weeu A tnree car. iwe . --- -
day. the eupremacy of thla hog market la
eaetly lamiaiiiawii '
along ana inipmmw 1 -
mot, con.plcuuue by their tardlnee. the
market ahowea anna o '""" - -It
did. However. It la on anything but a
Arm baaia ana le ii.ow w m-.,v- "
down at the slightest provocation. Nebrae
ka did not send any at.-k In all week, and
II te a fact worth mentioning that Oregon
boaa brought the beat price of any offered."
Kecelpt. ye.terday r 411 cattle, 2t4
calvea and 3K sheep.
snippers war r. H. Barger. Mitchell. 2
care of sheep; J. E- Reynolds. Condon. 9
car of cttl nnd calvea: tl. J. Park. Du
boia Idaho, a car of cattle and calve;
K Pavi. 3 care of cattle; Schaeler A Co..
Twin raila. Idaho, I car of calve; TV. H.
Harrl Op.l Oliv. S ear of rattle, and E
E. Wood. Slleerton. I car of catll and
The day. le were aa follow:
Weight. Prlc.
33 rale. "
4 calvea I1 woo
42 .teera ' J
1 steer lusrt l" I:" '-n
l:. cull wethere "-T -l
...7 ..J. 3.00
4 eleers
4 steer.
1 bull .
1.V.0 ft-00
141H 3 -V
33 cow.
.M 4.4
Jo steers
4. SO
x ;o
7 M
3 calvo ................
.1 cales -M
la calves I
37 cull wa -
IMt l.mhi ............. Ot
-Ct lentil T
.1 lamha "
I'rlces quoted at in ran'ang i nion
Ft... k mule for th varloua claaara of stock
Choice steers
Cood to choice steer
Klr to god .leers.
Medium sreers
. . .$5 33 0I.M3
... ."Ou 5
.. . 4 70 3.iK
... IMj 4.73
3 T.'.ti 4 ..'
.'-Moire cows"!
Ki'r to gooi cows 4.o.t 4.1T
t .-onion rott 2 5" J
Fi'ii rhoia payed blfrg.... 4o 4-e
. n .. heifer 4.-"5r 4-4i
Choi -e rii'la 3 3 .'o
Clo .-1 to choice bull 2 7.Nff 3."0
o r mon !u 1 1
.-h..'. e..w
.1 to chol,- rlv TWJ 7.13
t ommon r;e 4 oo i 3 .t
l-h-.lce tc 4 r" a 4."i
Good to c.'iolc stftgs 4.23(9' 4..0
Chol.e llrht hoc. Tin T TO
i;.d to rhiU-e hogs ........... T."7 723
Fair to good hog. .7oOJ T.0
Common ht Couig JC
Ph. ep
Choice jeartlhg wether, coare
wool .I.1T S 40
Chon-e v.arllng wethera. ea.t of
mountain. 3. It'll 3.23
Choice twoa and three INltf SOi
Choi. lamb. I ;:.; IW
t hole yearling 4. lit 4.13
.od to choice lamb 4 0.1 ay 4.13
Cel.. X.3o(y 3.UU
(hkraara Livestock Market.
CHlCAtTO. Oct. .H-Bttle Receipts eatl
maied at 11 an; market, steadv to Uc
:er Peeves. 94-7." tl ft 13: Teas steers.
34 -3 u- ; W:rn steers. 34.TtiOT. stoekers
snd feeders. .l.J04r3 M. cows and hclfera.
I. ulli. cala. 15 T5l.
lloge Receipts estimated at ll.: rrar
ket stady to shade higher. Light. fa-Of.
as: mixed. I le.tM hary. lt(lU;
rought. IVUtllA fe te choice hvy.
4.gll, pig. 14 3" 8 43. bulk of ealce.
34 .-e 0 4.: 3
1 v p p. ece : ; t a t1matd at eo.oon; mar
ket steady. Native. I: 2ltl: Weetern.
IJ734 r.arl.r.e H.v4.S": lamb, na
tlv. I4T: Weetern. 4I0ia
Downward Tendency Develops
in Stock Market.
SiratlY rre-Ktirts Again.! St. Paul
Doe In Part lo London fVelllnj.
Stre-I and Amaljaniatcd
Copper Alao Weak.
NEW TORK. Oct. 1 Umltd dmand for
terka at th prent rang of prlcs wss
shown clearly by the course of today s trad
ing. Th market developed a downward
tendency sufficiently definite to Indicate
that, for the present at lau th reeorery
of la week waa not to be carried Turther.
Th disappointingly small inTstmnt buy
ing la attributed to unanswered questions,
chief among which to the Intention of the
Government In regard la the enforcement
of the antt-truet law.
Selling of Hi. Paul Jn th Brst hour,
that stock approached It recent low record,
wa a factor which seemed to determine
the market' course during the remainder of
the day. Pressure agalnat thla lasua was
steady throughout the session and oemed
lo be du In no small measure to London
r""1'- . .. ,.
St. Paul. Amalgamated Copper and Unit
ed fl.iea Steel war th three prominent
stock to end th day with of a
Th aknas of United State 8teI wa.
perhaps due In part to further poor trade
report. .New orders of the United State.
Steal Corporation ar placed at lightly be
low 30,40 ton a day.
Tb speculative community waa taken
back by the opposition to ths American
Tobacco reorganisation plan, revealed In a
petition submitted to the court by one
of the constituent companies. This wag re
flected In the beavlnea of securities ot th
Bonds wsre steady. Total sales, par value.
Il.lliyio. United States bond wera un
changed on call.
81.. High. Low. Did.
AIM Chal pf ..- - 1
Amal Copp.r .. 1T.600 61 44 4S
Am AurUull
Am sugar. 1.0X ij SI "4 Ha
Amerl-an Can .. fx KS V tS
Am ..-ax A Kdy. lull M S 45 S
Am Cotton Oil. oW M
Am Hd A Lt Pf
Am Ice SecurL. 100 17 l.Ji IT
Am Lln.eed IOO SS IS ?H
Am Locomotive -- 3;t
Am bni.l A Kef 9.H 4e K3Va US
do pieterred.. TM 1UI 11 llxi
Am fieri r-fly.. 2K) 3u SO
Am .ugar Kef.. -- HI
Am Tel A Tel.. 7lH 133 S 133 S 1H314
Am Tobacco pf l.OoOO 7 S bSk
Am Woolen j1
Anaconda M Co. 20O 32 S -'S
Atcnu.n S.4UO 1U2 1 102 102J
do preferred. 1"-?.
Atl Coast Line 100 121 121 121
Bait A Ohio .. 4.100 ".lis 113 83 Vs
Ilethlahem nteel loo 2S 2 2S
Brook K Tran.. SH) 74V, 73i 734
Cana.llan I'ac .. .4 27 Hi 22.1 S
Central Leather ZOO 214 21 S 21 S
do preferred.. 3
Central of N J 2'i
( lira a Cm. ... TOO 71V IIS T1V
Chicago A Alton 20
Chi Gt West 18
do preferred.. 4'K I1H S7 S 3714
Chicago A N W. Itt) 1411i 141S HIS
C, M A St Paul. 1S.4UU luu lot.1 S 1U7 It,
C. C. C A bl U B
Col Fuel A Iron 3"0 2T 2H -Oa
Col A aoutbsrn. 1"0 44 44 43
Con.ol Oaa .f" 13tll 134. 133H
Corn Producta . Sut 114 lit. IIS
Del A Hudson HI
DAK Grand 214
do preferred.. 300 4T 4r)S 4u
Plstlllers' Becurl la Sit, IU 30
trl. 8.T1W S"V tO 0H
do 1st pf l.IUO 48 Ti 4"V
do 2d pf o
Oenaral Elee ... 100 149 14 S 147
tit North pf ... l.W 124 123 123H
Ot North Or .. TfO 47s 47 4S
lilmjia Central. U 13S 133 S 133
laterbor Met ... .0O l.TS 14Ta 14'
do preferred.. 2i 44 43 S 43 S
Inter Harveater bvt lu2Vi 11 lulS
Inter Marine pf 14 S
Int Paper
lnt Pump 100 28 39 2!
low Central ......... ..... ..... In
K C Southern .. ...... ..... ..... 2"Vi
do preferred.. ...... ..... 2
lclede Use 102V.
Lou la A Nash.. O00 141 140 Hi'S
Minn ft It L 32
II. t P 4 I I V 1K 12tl 12tl 12d
Ma. Kan A Tex. 00 23 S' 27
do preferred.. H2
Mo Pacinc 2. 1UU tH 7 31
Nat Blacult 124 S
National Lead .. 100 4S 46 S 43 S
M.x N By 2 Pf 2
N V Central ... 2.WO 104 103W 104
ff T. tint A Wee 3SS
Norfolk A W est TOO 102 H2 S lul T
North Am I"0 K HAS. 63
North-rn Pac .. 2.ih 114S 113S 11S
Parine Mall ... 2u0 SIS IU 30 S
Pennsylvania ... .4 1I(S 1JOS 12S
Peoples U.s ... l'r j.s iojs
P. 0 C A r-t L.. 3iH M 3
Pittsburg Coal e... 17
Pre.a-,1 S Car 2"
Reading Tl.OOO 140 LTSVi J3
Republic Steel 22 S
4I0 preferred. M
Ro. I l.l.nd Co. .H 23S -'.IS 2.1
do preferred.. 200 43S 4Ai ' 44
ft L A S F 2 Pf pa
St L Southwest. ..... ..... 112
do pref.-rred ..... ns
Floea Sheffield
pout hern Pac .. 4.i0 17S 10rt ltw
bouth.-rn By ... 1.7IHI 2 2 2i
do preferred.. 300 03 63
Tenn Copper 82
Texaa A Paclflc .UK) 2S 24 :t'
Tol. St I. A Waa 2i lit 1S 18
do rf'f erred.. 4t0 41 S 41 40
Union perine .. 86.2H0 161 13k. 1
do preferred.. 100 10 KS C"
tl 8 Belty 6
IT 8 Rubber ... 1.1.0 44 42 44
V 8 Steel 162.0"CI H2 (Ml Ki
do preferred.. S.7-0 11 K" 10H
Vlah Copper ... il'" 41 4"S 40tj
Va-Caro Chera .. l..VM " 47 4
TVabush 11
do preferred.. lo 22 22 22.
We.tern Md ... SlHl 5l 81 PI
TVe.tlng Klec 6'-
TVe.tern Union. 100 77 TT 77
TVhe.l ALE 2
Lehlglt Valley .. 300 169 15TH 13a
Total aalea for the day. 440.2UO abarea
NEW" YORK, Oct. 3. Closing quotations:
11. S. ret 1 tag 10VN. T. C. gn 3. 87
do couron ...llelS No. Paclflc Sa... s
lT. S 3. reg 11 S, No. Pacific 4a.. .l.0
do coupon . . . 101 .Cnlon Pacfllc 4s.lOO
V. new 4 reg.H3;Wls. Central 4s. "3
do rrapon . ..113 Japanese 4 ... 86 B
V. A R. O. 4. .. l 'a
Ktorke at Boatoa.
BOSTON. Oct. 8. Closing quotations:
Allou. 3 i Miami copper
Amalg. Copper
If S Mohawk
Z. L. A Sm.. 21 S Nevada con. ..
23 V
Arizona com. .. 63 .North Butte ...
H C C A 8 M. 4's North Lake ...
flutte Coalition. 14 did tomlnlon
i ll. A Ar son. 1 4 ' .ceola
Cal A Hec'a 33 Parrott 18. A C
Centennial 8 Wulncy
Cop Ran. f. Co. ft .hannon
r. Butte Cu M. Superior
Franklin at,'u.P. A Poa. M . .
C.lroux con. ... 3 Tamarack
.-Irant.y Con. .. " S , V. R. S. R. A M.
.Ireene Cnanea 3 do prefarrrd..
I. Rni.l ICop..) 12 I'tah Con
Kerr I-ake .... 3-j.t tah CoVpsr Co.
I ske t'opper.... 23 Winona
La Salle Cop.. 8 Wolverine
Money. Kxrhaag. Ktc.
NEW TORK. Oct. 8. Money on call
atsady. 2t2 per cent: ruling rate-2; clos
ing bid 1 : offered at 1.
Time loans easy. Sixty days JS per
cent; B0 daya 3; am montha 84-
Prtma mercantile paper 4,, Pr ewnt.
Pterllng exchange ateady with ctua!
business In bankerr Mi's at 84 2V for
dav btl-a nd at 84.V,i'i for demand.
Commercial bills. 34.81.
Par allver. 82 S.
Mexican dollars. 43.
government aad railroad bonda ataady.
' LONDON, Oct- 8. Bar silver quiet, 24 d
per tunc -
Money. P" cenL
The rate of discount In tbe open mar
ket for ahort bill 1 3 per cent, do.
three month bills. 4 per cent.
SAM FRANCISCO. Oct- 8. sterling on
London. nay. 84 2: do. sight. 84.86.
Draft lght. Sc; telegraph, 8c
CHICAGO. Oct- 8. Exchange oa New
Tor, par.
reeiaTtloa f tb Treavswry.
WA8UINOTON. Oet- 8. At tb begia-
nine of bualaaaa today the condition of
United State Treasury was:
Working- balance in Treasury of
fices - I
In banks and Philippine Treasury
Totsl of tbe general fund 14?'I?'
Receipts yesterday -- J it'
Liiabursements 1.5S1
L'.flcit to date thla fiscal year. ';;
Deficit at thla time laat year... 1..2J.
These figures exclude Panama Canal
public debt transactions.
Price Quoted at' the Bay City for Vega
table. Fralte, Etc
AN FRANCISCO. Oct. 3. Tbe follow
ing produce price arex current here to
day :
Vegetable Cucumber. B0tj63c; garlic.
8tySc; tomatoes, 15 6 40c; egitplant, S5t0c.
Butter Fancy creamery, 37 Sc.
Eggs Store. ( So; fancy ranch. 42c-
Cheese Toung America. 136 16c.
Fruit Apple, choice. 1; common. T3c;
Mexican llmea, f33.b0: California lemon,
choice, J. SO; common. 81.W; pineapple. 32
0 3.
Potatoes Oregon Burbanka, fl. 306 1-40:
Salinas Burbanka, ll.aotyl.eJ: Bweeta, 81.73
tt 1KJ.
Mlllstuffa Bran. 28tJ2K; middlings. 332
Hay Wheat. IIS 9 20; wheat and oats. 12
017: alfalfa. It12.
Onlona It J 80c.
Receipt. Flour. 2318 quarter sacks;
wheat, cental; barley. 7030 centals;
oats. 1870 centals; potatoes, 33S0 sacks:
bran. 123 sacks; middlings, 803 sack; hay,
SV3 tone.
Two Million Pounds of Clothing
Wool Change Hands at 50
Cents Scoured.'
BOSTON. Oet. Th. wool market ghowg
a alight revival with a fair demond for ter
ritory stock, although price, remain low.
Approximately 2.000.000 of clothing wool,
e . - n..M t- ta have
r changed hand, recently at ROo. cleaned.
bale, ot xieece wooi save "r " o... -
there was some trading In California 12
months stock.
Tex, nn 6 to 8 month., 4neJ46c; Una 12
months. B3u-B."c; fine fall, 43 43c.
California Northern. 8tJMc; middle
counties. 46947c; Southern, 4Sfl46c; Fall
free. 406 42c.
Oregon Eastern No. 1 staple, 5StT36c:
Eastern clothing, 80c: valley No. 1. 46S4TC
Territory Fine. 5t60c: nne medium sta
ple. 8Tc; fine clothing. 60tySlc: tine medium
clothing. 47fM8c; half blood combing, 35c:
three-eighths blood combing. GlC52c; quar
ter blood combing. 44c.
Pulled Extra, 806 82c; fin, 49 50c; A
supers, 45 46c
Metal Market.
NEW TORK. Oct. 3. Standard copper
dulL Spot. October, November and Decem
ber, 11.80 11. too. London steadv. Spot.
154 lis d: futures. fr8 18s. Arrivals r
ported at New York today 40S ton. Cu-tom-house
returns show exports of 199 tons
so fr thl month. Lake copper. 12.60
11.C3SC: electrolytic 12.18 612.17 c; cast
ing. 1217.2ic.
Tin firm. Spot. 40.2848.Se: October.
40.1544.. 45c; November. 40.05 tT 40. 40c: De
camber. 4e40.40e; January, 39.73 3 to 2Hc
London, ateady. Spot. 1184; futre. 181 6a
Lead gteady. 4.4.",t 4.55c New York; 4.23HC
East St. Louis; London. 15 2 6d.
Spelter steady. 6.80c New York: 8.88
C0c Eaat 8L Louis; London. 23 1.1s.
Antimony dull: Cookson-, 8.IB e 8.87 c.
Iron Cleveland warrants. 48. 7d In Lon
don. Locally Iron waa 'quiet. No. 1 foun
dry Northern. 315.25trl5.50: No. 1. 15.15
18.16; No. 1 Southern and do, soft, 818 0
Chang ea la Available Supply.
NEW YORK, Oct. 8. Following cable and
telegraphic communications received by
Frarlstreet's show th. following change. In
available supplies a compared with pre
vious accounts. Bushels
Wheat. U. S. East Rockies. Ino 1. 341.000
Canada. Increased 1.P2R.0.H)
Total i:. 8. and Canada lnccreaaed. .3,loU.O0
Afloat for and In Europe. Inc &O0.OO0
Total American and Europe supply
Increased -. 4 .038.000
Corn. U. S. and Canada, decreased 640.0O0
Oats. V. 8. and Canada, Incrsaaed. .2.888.000
CofTee aad Sugar.
NEW YORK. Oct. 8. CofTee closed
steady. 8 points higher to 4 points lower.
October. 12.83c: November, 12.86c; Decem
ber. 12.80c; January. 12.61c; February,
12.46c: March. 12.84c; April. 12SSc; May
knd June. 12 SOc; July. 12.29c: August,
12.29c; September. 12.28c
Spot cofTee Steady. RIo No. T. 14 0
14Sc; Santos No. 4. 18SC Mild codes,
quiet: Cordova. lnt)17e nominal.
Raw augar Quiet. Muscovado !n test,
8 86c: centrtrugal b6 teat, 5.6uc; molaaaea
augar. 88 test, 8.11c: refined, gteady.
drain at Baa Francisco.
FRANCISCO. Oct. . 3 Wheat
Barley Firm.
Spot quotation: Wheat -61.47
Farley Feed. .81.67 01. TO;
Oat Red. 81.880 1. TO; black, 81.TO0LT3.
Call board Bales: Wbsat No trading.
Barley December. 81.71; May, 81.81.
Dried) Fruit at New York
NEW YORK. Oct. 8. Evaporated apples
steady.twlth fancy quoted at llo; choice,
8 010c: prime. 908c.
prunes Firm; V to 16e for California
fruit to 36-40S. Oregon prunes are nomi
nal. Peaches Continued dull, firmly held.
Choice. 11011c; extra choice. 12S12c
and fancy, 12 a.
New York Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. Oct. 3. Cotton futures
closed stsady. Net unchenged to 8 point
October, 9.88c; November, 8. 86c; Decem
ber. .lc: January. 9.R6c: February, 9.U2c:
March. 999c: April. 10.05c; May, 10.12c;
June and July. 10.15c
Spot closed quiet. Middling upland.
10.2vc; do. gulf. 10.45c No aulaa.
Paget Monad Urala Market.
SEATTLE. Oct. X Wheal, M;
fortyfold 79; club 79; fife 79; red Rus
sian 77.
Oate, $28.80 per ton. Barley $30 per ton.
Yellow corn $31 per ton; mixed corn $30
per ton.
Yesterday car receipts, wheat Bl;
wheat 51; oat 11; barley 8; flour 1.
TACOM A. Oct. 8. Wheat, bkicstcm $3;
Club Rl ; fortyfold 81: red Ruaslon 79.
Wheat 1M) cars: barley two cars: corn
two cars; oats three cars; hay 81 cars;
rye one car.
European Grata .Market.
LONDON. Oct. 3. Cargoes dull. Walla
Walls for shipment at 3 He to 81 3d.
F.ngllsh country tnrket easy i to 2d
lower. French Country shrd hrd! hrdludl
lower. French county markets steady.
LIVERPOOL. Oct. I. Wheat October. 7.
4d: December. .7e 6d: March. 7s, 7d.
Weather cloudy.
Naval More. -
SAVANNAH. Oct. 8. Turpentine Firm.
80c Sales, 337: receipts, tio; shipment.
361; stock. 31.034.
Rosin Firm. Sales. 2130; receipts, 2978:
shlpmente. 17: stocks. 76.095. Quote: B.
IH25V6.27S: D. 36 32: E. 3S7: F. O.
H I. K. M. $640; N, I6.T0; WG. IT; WW.
T.2.V '
London Waul Sale.
LONDON Oct. 8. Th offering of th
wool auction sales today amounted to 12.
jS balea There waa a good demand from
all sections, and th btter grade wr
firm. aapeclally greaay Merlnoa. Heavy
scoured were withdrawn. Americans pur
chased crossbred occasionally.
- - ('bicag-e Produce Market.
CHICAGO. Oct. 8. Butter eteady. cream
eries 22S02TS. dairies. 2e2.V eggs
steady, recctpta 6915 case, at mark, cases
Included 13-1-. firsts 111: prim firsts 20.
Cbses tedy. dai.l 14. twins 1S0.
Young America 14. long horn 14.
MlaaemawUB Wheat Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. Oct. 8. Wheat Decem
ber. l-0a: May. $1.11 t(L12: No. 1
hard. $!.: No. 1 Northern. 8197
1IIL; No. t Northern. IL048rL0l No.
8 wheat. IWctJl.J.
Chicago Wheat Speculators
Reverse Their Position.
Better Weather In Canada, Increase
In World's Visible and Slowness -of
Flour Trade Are tbe
Weakening Factors.
CHICAGO. Oct. 3. Promise of bright
weather In the .Northwest had much to do
wltn making the wheat market today swing
to a lower level. Tha close showed a
decline of c from last night. The
nd of th day left corn rc down,
oat off o to c. and hog product, either
unaltered or 15c below.
Wheat .peculator, generally reversed their
position In the last half of the day. so that
a price bulge, due to wet and cold weather
at the harvest fields along the Canadian
Una, gave place to a material depression
of values.
The selling movement had a further cause
In th liberal Increase exhibited by the to
tal of the world's available supply. Slow
ness of flour business and demand for
cash wheat counted, too, against the bulls.
Altogether the bears bad things much their
own way as the session drew to a close, ex
cept that the final tone was steady. Ex
treme prices reached for December deliv
ery wer 97 c and 95 c. with last sales
c off at 97&U7c.
Corn weakened under profit taking and as
a result of a fair weather forecast. De
cember fluctuated from 64fctS4c to
5c. closing steady. c net lower at
the bottom figures reached. Cash grade,
were In fair demand. No. 2 yellow was
quoted at 70j7tc
Free realizing on the part of a leading
long In the oats crowd started a number
of others' to unload. High and low points
touched in December proved to be 48
48c and 47c. with the close c down, at
Heavy deliveries of lard had a bearish er
fect on the whole market for hog products.
At the last gong pork was 2 He to Be lower,
lard off 2c to ISc, and rlba unchanged
to 12fcc lower.
The leading futures ranged a. follow:
Open. High. Low. Close.
Dec $ . I $ .17 $ -'3
May 1.04 1.04 1.03 -li 1.03
July L0O 1.01 1.0014 I'M
Dec. 5 .45 .14 .84
May 6 . -5
Dec 48 .48 .47 .47
May 50 .50". .60 .50
Jan. 14.15 15.02 14.82 14.82
Opt. 8.00 - 8 00 8.85 8.85
Jan 8.85 8.80 8.82 S-82
Jan 7.80 7.81 7.85 7.8T
May T.5 7 87 T.5 7.9a
Cash quotations were a. follows:
Flour Steady.
Rye No. I. 88c
Barley Feed or mixing. 80 $ ISc; fair to
choice malting, $1.10 01-:..
Timothy seed 313 14.75.
Clover 814 tl 18 2.1.
Park Mesa, per barrel. 314.75rl5.
Lard Per loo pounds. 8S.S."'
Fhort ribs Sides tloose). 8868-75.
elides Short, clear (boxed). 8.758.87 V4.
Grain statistics:
Total clearancea of wheat and flour wer
equal to 251.00.) ushels. Primary receipts
were 1,884.000 bu.hels. compared ..u 1.
1S5.000 bushels the corresponding day a
year ao. The world's visible supply, a.
shown by Bradstreet's. Increased 4,068.000
bushels. Estimated receipts for tomorrow:
Wheat. 22 car: corn. 215 cars; oats, 230
cara; hogs, 26.000 head.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels 18.6O0 30.800
Wheat, bushels 70.800 9.200
Corn, bushel 373.500 , 329.300
Oats, bu.hels 466.200 220.900
Rye. bu.hels 21.00(1 S.60O
Barley, bushel. 156,000 49,100
Duloth Flax Market.
DITLCTH. Oct. 3. Flax on track. $2.43;
In store. 12.43: to arrive. 83.88: October.
13 39- November. $2.37 bid; December, 12.81
M, a a t r o a e avenue resldenta
hive bad a brand new bltu
llthle paremeat but a week
or so. Already tbe mo
torists aeeaa to have
dlaeoverrd that oa
tbe bltulllhlc
' a a v e m e-nt
the w heels
of their ma
chines do e t
skid, ern la wet
weather, aad they
opea up tvben they are
traveling; from Arthur to
Celleare, or vice versa."
. From Toronto, Oat., Daily Star.
Aug. 11, 1011.
Constructs Asphalt and other Bitu
minous Pavements. 805-60S Electrio
bldg., .Portland. Or. Oskar Huber,
Manager. -
The most delightful spot on entire world
tour for your vacation. Delightful sei bath
ing at the famous beach of Waikikl. The
.plendld PS. Blerra (10.000 tons displace
ment) makes the round trip In Id days, and
one can nn a side trip the living vol
cano ot Kllauea; which Is tremendously ac
tive and eee for himself the process of world
creation- No other trip compares with this
for the marvelous and wonderful in nature.
Visit the Islands now. while you can do It
so eslly and quickly and while the volcano
la active. Prompt attention to telegrams for
berths. Sailings: Oct. 24. Nov. 4. Nov. 25,
Dec 16. etc. Book now.
678 Market Btreet. plan Francisco.
San Prancisco and Los Angeles
. 8. Beaver Salla 4 I M. October .
BAN IKA.N'.lst'O at PORTLAND aa. CCk
Ticket Office, 148 Third St.
phone Main 408 and A 1408.
Salts from Atnsworth Dock. Portland. 8
p M every Tuesday. Freight received st
Alnsworth Dock daily up to 5 P. M. Pas
senger fare, flr.t-class. 110; second-class. 87.
Including meals and berth. Ticket office
ain.worth Dock. Phones Main 288. Mala
(170. A 1834.
Low Katea. Schedule Tim. '
21 Kail way Eiratsgt Bid,
PwrtlaaeV Or.
Mala 8378.
National Bank
CAPITAL $1,000,000
4 per cent
on savings
Capital - - - $1,000,000.00
Surplus Profits $900,000.00
J. C AINS WORTH. President. R. W. SCHMEEB, Cashier.
R. LEA BARXE8, Vice-President.
A. Bl. WRIGHT, Assistant Cashier. W. A. HOLT, Aaalataat CaahlfaN
First National Bank
Capital $1,500,000
' Surplus 750,000
Oldest National Bank West of the
Rocky Mountains
Every man and woman should make a will, and the advan
tages of a Trust Company acting as Executor or Trustee will be
generally conceded. WILLS may be drawn and riled with this
company, which is authorized under the 6tate banking law to
act as Administrator.
Security Savings & Trust Company
Portland, Oregon.
CapitaLt$l,000I000. Surplus, $400,000
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office Toronto, Canada. New York 16 Exchange Place.
London 2 Lombard Street.
Over two hundred other branches in the United States and Canada.
Every care taken of collections. Drafts on all foreign countries and prin
cipal cities in United States and Canada bought and Bold, and a general
banking business transacted.
Interest allowed orj Time and Special Deposits.
F. C. MAI.PAS, Manager.
ijy ine " f"--"- "
S. S. VICTORIA LUlSfc (tons)
RANEAN ana ine uiumi.
78 DAYS $325
Alo cruise" to Weil Indies. South
America. Around the World. Italy
and Egygt, etc.
Write for Booklets of All Cruises.
HAMBURG-AMERICAN LINE, 160 Powell St San Francisco, Cal.
Northern Pacific J O. McMullen. Azent; O.-W. R. & N.; Burlington; Chicago,
Milwaukee Puget Sound R. R. and oa'her R. R. offices In Portland.
The Tourist Highway
and Scenic Route to Europe,
Tha St. Lawrence River.
The Shortest Ocean Passage.
Leaa than Four Daya at tjea.
by the
Weekly sailings Montreal. Quebec, to Liver
pool. First cabin. 12-ii0; second cabin
.)( one-claaa cabin, (called second
cabin) sn; third cabin. .1T and 31 25. Ask
local agents. F. R. Johnson. G. A.. 142 Third
SijL or i. J. Foratar. T. P. A., 71S Second
aveN Seattle.
General Bteajnh!p Agenta -
S fifth Street Port lead. Or.
rboaee Marshall l7t. A 1J.
Corner Fifth
and Stark
PRKS. GRANT Oct. 10, 11 A. M.
tAMERIKA Oct. 14, 10 A. M.
1I'E-SVLVANIA Oct. 21, 9 A. M.
1 1 PATRICIA Oct. 28, 10 A. M.
tUnexcelled Ritz-Carlton a la Carte Res
taurant. Gymnasium, Electric Hatha. Ele
vator, Palm Garden. 'Will call at Plym
outh and Cherbourg. JSecond cabin only.
Hamburg direct.
Gibraltar, Algiers, Naples, Genoa
S. S, MOI.TKE Oct. 12, 2 P. M.
18. 8. CI.KVKLANT (World Cruiae) Oct. 21
S. 8. CINCINNATI Oct. 26
fWlll have accommodations for Umitcd
number of passengera to MADEIRA. GIB
RALTAR and VIl-LEFRAN'OE (Riviera).
Freight received
daily at'Oak-at. dock
for The Dalle a.
Hood River. Whitt
Salmon, I'ma t i I 1 a,
K;nnewiek, P a c o.
Richland, Hanford,
White Blurts, and
intermediate points.
Steamer leaves Portland Sunday. Tuesday,
Thursrtav, 7 A. M. Returning leaves The
Dalles Monday. Wednesday. Friday. 7 A. M-.
arriving at Portland about 5 P. M. same day.
W. 8. Buchanan, Supt.; W. S. Smallwood,
Gen'l Mgr. phone Ma'.n 2ri0. A 3527.
San Francicso, Los Angeles
and San Pedro Direct.
North Pacific S. S. Co.'s S. S. Roanoke
and S 8. Elder sail every Wednesday alter
nately at 6 P. M. Ticket office 132 Third
t., near Alder.
MARTIN 4. HI C, LEY, Paaeenrer Agent. -W.
E. SLIShEK. Freight Agent.
Phones M. 1311, A 1311.