Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 25, 1910, Page 15, Image 15

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Thomas Hopes to Make Total
Change in Political Com
plexion of Oregon.
f-tMtr and
Chairman Karh
Orl to Eliminate Other Hope
Bnllt on Cham of Yat Ap
pointments to Be Made.
Dreams. Indue"! principally by "s
irald nil'i iurrM In the contest for
Gwrnor, of turning Oregon Into a
Democratic state -ail down the line"
hv been a. tlrrly fernicntlns; In 'he
ir.lnds cf Democratic leaders durHiK
tlie past few weeks. Kvrrythlna; would
b smooth s.illtna-. they believe. If dl
rntn wlihln the ranks couM be
e:imlnated. but about that dissension
there are Tarvlns; opinions. Kach tde
wants to eliminate the other. Kach
believes that It ha a better oppor
tunity of carrying the state for the
n one side Is Oer;e If. Thomas,
chairman of the Multnomah County
Central inmriltte. ant! on the other
are Alet S.k and J. B. Kyan. chair
man and net rrtarr. respectively, of the
tate'te. whhh carried the ban
ner of owM Weet to victory. Kven
.w Thomas, pleadlna- for straight
lemorrary nf the J-fforson and Jack
son type and the elimination of one
man campaign.". Is plotting the ousting
of Sweek. e-iir In him the pemonlfl
ritln of th.-t non-partisan wins; of the
Prtr whlrh ba sen: all Democrats
serklns the "small fry" offices to the
party political aravryard for the sake
of elevating one or t o. notably George
K. Cliambrr'am and Oswald West.
Karh win of th partv Is talklnc or
entering the newspaper field, although
all seem to be mr or l-cs haiy as to
ist how this Inraslon Is to be accom
plished. The Sweek wine; sees ,th
prospect "f U'est'e belns; plven the op
portunity of uppolnt'na a Secretary of
State. it Is nerlly believed that
John R. Kyan would receive this ap
pointment should Frank W. Benson be
ohllnej to vacate the office on account
of fauiax health or for any other rea
son. VIay Slated for sludge.
If Jtidve Jl'-ninn s'tonl I retire wlth!n
a year, as son: IeinocratJ Iiope he wim.
Thomas ivt:y Is the man most spoken
of In !cmo.-ratle circles a Ms sue
rejr. There t no expectation anions;
Jt:lsre JHlhn'i frlenils. however, that
this eonlinitency will arise. K. S. J.
McAllister Is also mentioned for an ap
pointment on the Circuit bench should
a vacancy arise.
This would ills the Democrats con
trol of the state administration and
three out of the fire )ttr!res nn the Cir
cuit Court bench of Multnomah County.
Judae iljters. recently elected over
Joi n Dlt-I:ttirn. KepuMlcan. belns; the
There l small prospect of the Thomas
faction hetna given a chance to show
In the appointments, principally be
cause Thomss raw fit during the re
cent campaign tv center bis fire on
Senator George E. Chaniberlnln. CSnr-ernor-elect
West's patron saint. Kor
this rea-ion. and for others, the Sweek
faction Intimates that It does not take
Thomas serlousty. He. they say. will
not "cut much Ice" In Democratic poll
tics hereafter.
Thomas Want S week's Sea I p.
Thomas h a different view of the
situation. He declares that he Is will
In to rise or fall with his belief that
the Democratic party should be rescued
from the status of non-partisan organi
sation and compete with the Republic
ans all alone; the line from I'nlted
Ftates Senator. Governor and Congress
man to Constable. Hla enemies declare
be Is an unpractical dreamer and ac
cuse hint of trying to work a "trame"
which has for Its object his selection
as the Democratic candidate for the
Portland Mayoralty, a nomination
which he has two or three times be
fore tried unsuccessfully to land. Still
they do not deny that Thomas has
many converts, some of them with
raeney which they are willing to spend
In promoting the spread of his political
doctrine. It 1 reported that Thomas
is even now preparing to send a man
through the state for the purpose of
gauging public sentiment as to hie
ideas and reporting the names of those
who can be depended upon in the vari
ous communities to back his Ideas.
Just how he Intends to manipulate
the Information which he would train
In this way Is not clear, but the chop
ping off of the head of Sweek. and the
substitution of a man more Imbued
with the Thomas Idea as chairman of
the tate committee, la one of the ob
jects sought. The Sweek - Ryan wing
scoffs at the prediction that Thomas
may b able to -turn the trick." Their
Idea of the situation la that the mili
tant county chairman Is dead and
burled politically.
Fight for County In Prospect.
The Democratic county committee la
practically of Thomas' choosing. Ha Is
said to have interviewed practically
every man on It tn advance, and to have
been Instrumental in having them se
lected at the September primary. He la
thus In control of the committee, but
tht has not deterred a few of the
Bweek-Kyan faction adherents, who
lipped la as precinct committeemen
unawares, from plotting his downfall
tn the committee. They are seeking to
depose Thomas from the position of
county chairman and to give the sen
timent of the committee the "spiral
twist' to such an extent that It will be
come a part of the Sweek-Ryan com
bination. It Is rumored that th at
tempt to relegate Thomas will be mad
at the next meeting of th county com
mittee, but It rests with him when that
meeting ehall be called.
John B. Ryan admits that he believe
th Thomas campaign against non-par-ttsanshlp
eni Ms attacks upon Cham
berlain were Instrumental In losing
West 1S0O votes In Multnomah County
alone Thomas, on the other hand. Is
Just a certain that the "tall of the
ticket." or. rather, those Democratlo
candidate for the Legislature who so
dubbed themselves, were "knifed" by a
great many Democrat on election day
at th suggestion of th Swek-Ryan
faction. As proof of his contention he
points to the fact that John H. Stevens
son. H. W. Ston and D. M. Watson,
three candidates who took practically I
no part In the campaign against run- ,
partisanship, led the legislative ticket
In number of votes received on
rtovcraDer s. f
Bourne's Ambition Feared.
Alreadr many Democrats are appre
hensive that Jonathan Bourne, who ha
been repudiated by th Republican
leaders, may so play th gam as to
secure the DemoTatlo nomination for
t'nlted States Senator two years hence,
and are beginning so to bulid thel
fences a to guard against Bourne'
name being written in on the ballot to
Cie necessary extent- Dr. Harry Ln
and John M. Gearln are the two mos
prominently mentioned for the nrnn
Inatlon. In any event It Is probable
that th Democrats will get togeth'
snd get a fight started for the nomina
tion eo as to obviate the possibility o
Its being; captured by Bourne.
Enrollment at Vienna Institute "o
Longer 0cn.
VIEXX. Nov. 21. (fpclal Th
new Institute here for the Investigation
of radium Is already proceeding rapli
lv on Its experiments. Professor t ran
K.ner. the directing spirit of the enter
prise, has announced that for a time no
students will be received, nor win in
experiments be run with a view to un
locking the secrets of medical or prae
Ileal Importance that cling around tn
marvelous mineral. The laboratory veil
content Itself first along with a trior
ough research Into the physical and
chemlesl properties of radium and the
raloMaklng examination of rocks ana
mineral waters believed to contain It.
A lively controversy has elready
arisen In these newly christened halls
of science. Professor Exner has made
a spirited rejoinder to the announce
nient of Sir William Ramsay, the great
Kngllsh chemist and authority on ra
dium. that the best radium In the world
was being conjured from Cornwall In
Southwest Knirland. He throws cold
water on Cornish radium altogether
contending that the English pitch
blende, from which all radium is ex
tracted, is only a third as rich In t
dlum as that of Joachlmsthal where
the magic element for the Vienna lab
oratory Is mined at the rate of three
grams a year. Six grams a year Is the
record of the Cornish mines, but so
large a medical use of It Is made It
England, he affirms, that Cornwall wll
never swamp the radium tnnrket.
Professor Exner Is now engaged In
ascertaining the atomic weight of ra
dium, and is carrying on his experl
ments on such a painstaking seal of
minute accuracy as will enable hlrn to
establish this moot point to his own
satisfaction If not to that of his fellow
Continued From Klrst Pstre.
tlnued the Commissioner. "The act of
last June Is a tremendous step forward
In the building up of good morals and
the exclusion of the vicious element
of foreign countries. That young man
who la I'nlted States Attorney for Ore
gon Is evidently fearless in presenting
these rases to the courts. It Is the
jlKht course and the Immigration De
partment will give him every aid In
Its power.
Convictions Arouse Hope.
"Sine Oregon haa established th
fact that convictions can be had under
the "white slave" act, there have been
ft. tlAf I I" "ST"- - 'J
;vv j t
i ?. i: I
I ' r fy
; a ' ' !, v. h
slel J. Keefe. Immlgratloa
Commlaaloaer, W he Declares
for Klld Exclusion.
many inquiries from other states a to
the manner In which the good work
was accomplished.
"I shall sail on November !9 for
Honolulu and will return January 31.
My report will deal largely with plans
to Americanlxs the Islands. Hawaii la
using a considerable portion of her
taxes to encourage whit Immigration
to th islands, and at the recent meet
ing of the American Federation of
Labor Samuel Gompera declared that
wages were lower on the sugar plan
tations of Hawaii and the coat of liv
ing higher, 'and complained that th
product of th sugar factories was be
ing admitted to the I'nlted States free
of duty. The total population of the
Islands la 191.000. of which 105,000 are
Asiatics, 38.000 natives and only a small
proportion Caucasians.
"It is believed that the Islands can
be Americanlxed and we hope to as
certain the best way to do It."
Commissioner Keefe will leave Port
land tonight on the Shasta Limited.
Portuguese East Africa. Province of Mo
amblque. Is dsvslpptng Its rubbsr indus-
Property of Portland Stenog
rapher Sought by Boarding
house Keeper.
Landlady Said to Have Taken Pos
session of Jewel and Trunks.
Father Black AVI II Help to
Protect Relative.
With a Catholic priest at her bedalde,
endeavoring to thwart a scheme to de
spoil her of her property. Miss Marie
Murphy, a pretty Portland stenog
rapher. Ilea dying in a boardlng-houae
in Denver, under circumstances of a
mysterious character. She left Port
land six weeks ago. going direct to
Denver, where she gave her nam as
Mrs. Montell. She fell sick shortly
after arriving there, and. according to
the telegram of th Denver priest. Rev.
Hugh 1 McMlnamin, "she la surround
ed by persons striving to get possession
of her property."
"We have endeavored to protect
relatives by a will," the priest tele
graphed. The telegram was received by Father
John H. Black, of St. Francis' Church,
Portland. Tuesday, and he could re
cull no one in his parish of the name
of Marie Murphy, and made an In
vestigation. It wa developed that Miss
Murphy was horn In Portland, and that
her grandfather Daniel Cunningham, i
la an Inmate of the Old Folks' Home
that her father Is foreman of the sec
tion of the Corvallls & Eastern Rail
road at Munkers, Or., and that her
mother resided at Arlington. Or., the
father and mother having been divorced
som time ago.
(iirl Makes Two Wills.
It aW waa developed In the course of
the Investigation that Mis Murphy when
In Portland and Just before her depar
tuna had resided with Mrs. Chester
Msrtell. of TOT Johnson street. Mrs.
Martell received a letter Wednesday
night from the nurse who le attending
Mis Murphy. The letter said that the
young woman could not live much longer
and that It waa evident that the land
lady in whose house house Mis Murphy
lived was striving to pernuade th girl
to will what property she had to her
that she had possession of the girl's
Jewels and trunks and that If the girl
had any relative they eihoiild he apprised
i once of the condition of affairs.
A telegram received last night from
Denver sard that two 111 had been made
by the dying girl. One was secured by
the parish priest and th other. It la
believed, la the one in favor of th board
lng-house keeper.
Mlns Murphy haa considerable money
In th bank In Portland, and own ten
acres of land near the railway atation at
Garabaldl and several lota In the Mount
Scott district. The aged grandfather ye
terday employed J. Hnnessy Murphy to
look after his granddaughter' interest.
Father Black Will Aid.
Father Black said last night:
"I am trying to comply with the
wishes of Father McMlnamin of Denver.
So far as I can discover this poor girl
waa seised with a ratal Illness while
among strangers In a strange land and
now mercenary people are trying to take
advantage of her In her loneliness and
weakened condition. If there Is anything
hat can be done for th poor girl we
propose to do It. I never, knew her and
know nothing of the circumstances of
her going to Denver. Her grandfather
told me that ahe was a very lovely girl.
possessed of extraordinary ability tn her
chosen field."
It waa said that her father Is not
trong physically and In' the past year
received financial assistance from his
daughter. Before leaving for Denver.
Is said, she visited him and left a
sum sufficient to pay for his maintenance
for several month.
Four Team Already Forming and
Other Are In Prospect -Game
Is Training for Athletes.
Whether or not an Interscholastlc
Soccer Football League will be organ
ized this year depends upon the meet
ing to be held tonight at 6 o'clock at
the Washington High School.
P. Chapei Browne, who has been the
chief factor In getting the soccer game
Introduced In the high and public
schools of Portland, has been Invited to
appear before the directors of the In
terscholastlc Athletlo Association to
night to define soccer, and If necessary,
to outline the scope of the league. As
several athletic delegates from th
high schools and preparatory school
3S1 Washington Street
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Successors to H. B. LITT 35 1 Washington
are in favor or soccer, n
that a league will be organized.
Washington Hlgn scnooi. jrnerson
High School. Columbia university ana
Portland Academy each are forming
a soccer team. Among the schools
the game Is becoming popular because
of its excellence' in conditioning ath
letes for track work, basketball, base
ball and Intercollegiate football. At
Jefferson and Washington all the track
men. especially tne aistance runners.
have been Importuned: to practice, ana
at each Institution large squads are at
practice several nights a week.
Columbia University ana rortiana
Academy have gone Into the game with
Just as much vim as the high schools.
Columbia has several men that have
played soccer before. One of the mem
bers of the Portland Academy faculty
J. K. Mackle was a atar local soccer
man and has volunteered to coach the
lads. Jefferson has one or two more
of leas experienced men who will help
coach the younger players. P.
If You Have Symptoms
Of Something Wrong
You can well suspect that coffee is disturbing the nervous
system, as it is almost certain to do.
Serious trouble follows if the disturbance continues.
If you quit coffee absolutely and use
You can prove to yourself whether or not coffee was the
cause of the. symptoms.
It pays to be well.
"There's a Reason."
Foatum Cereal Cou, Ltd.,
Battle Creek, Mich
L KJI4IS "ayj
For one hundred thirty
years, this whisky has stood
the continual test among
men of more than ordinary
good taste.
Bottled in Bond Born vHfh t he
Kepublic "lhe Standard by
Which All Other Whisky is
Judtfed." Established 1780. .
James E.
Browne has undertaken to coach the
Washington squad.
As yet Lincoln High School haa not
organized a team, but plans to have
one In the league.
It Is the plan of the association to
have the soccer league season extend
over a period of two months, or until
the beginning of track practice.
The protest made by Columbia Uni
versity about the Lincoln High School
victory last Wednesday will probably
be decided tonight.
Pendleton High Defeats All-Stars.
PEXDLETON. Or., Nov. 24. Special.)
Pendleton Hicrh School defeated an all-
star team of former college players to
day. 12 to 0. Almost the entire town
turned out and enthusiasm displayed
has seldom been surpassed here. The
points were made on two field goals and
a touchdown.
The production of bituminous eoal during
1908 declined about 14) per cnt.
ew ion
arrive at and depart from
27, 1
-- a!
Lr.i. 'r.n.Mi .iJ
Distributers the Dng Trad
FexUaad, Or.
Pennsylvania Station
InNewlbrk City's Busiest Spot
Seventh Avenue at Thirty?second Streets One Block from Broadway
Downtown New York passengers may transfer to local trains at .Manhattan
Transfer (near Newark) and go by ..way of Jersey' City. Station, either through
the Hudson and Manhattan tubes to the Hudson Terminal; or to Pennsylvania
Stations at Cortlandt "Street and at Desbrosses Street.
Through, trains from and Jo the West connect, in Pennsylvania Station with Long Island
RsJJroad trains which include frequent service to and frdm Flatbush Avenue Station Brooklyn.
rnNsri.T AfiRvrs tor rARTictx.tits. ok TKi KPHov; on r a i.i. at
Pennsylvania's Portland. City Passenger Office, 122a Third Street.
fy 1C. KOlt-UCK' district Autfnty. Porllund. Oi.-gon.