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No Special Council Meeting to
Hear 0. R. & N. Matter.
;lubs indorse new deal
fcouth Tori land lVxrMer.a nd Fulton
rrk Improcnient Organli
tlon S-y C"ily Jhould Lot
Hoad llae directs.
r'.r. fr hMtna; a special meeting
? the Council tomorrow to grant the
f regna Ra!!way A- Navigation Con-
jary ti vacation of U streets, on the
t:.t file, have been abandoned owing.
I: la understood, to a lack of asaur
inr ef (nnuh votes to pass the
neaanre. Tha regular meeting of the
Council will be held Wednesday morn
ing. wnn It ! expected that the mca
ire will romt to a rota.
Mij-or Simon said lat night that no
rail for a rpeclal meeting ha. I been
Issued, and that there would bo BO
irf meeting. Councilman Beldlng.
who has been r troilatlr.g petition
idkt.i otiar Courietlmen to obtain a
call for th meeting, waa out of tha
tit yeererdar aid wl'.l return today.
The railroad company had made a
tr. tatlTe acrrement with a number of
the members of tha Coum-ll that tha
streets would be Tacated la exchana-e
fr land and other concessions tha com
pany waa prepared to present to fne
r!ty. but wcetter the agreement will
Ji. accepted by the Council la uncer
tain. It will reiulre 10 rotes to pui
the measure, and It la understood that
rlne voles favoring It have been
The members of tha South Portland
Booter and Fulton Park Improve
ment Cluba are unanimously In favor
of the City Council entering Into an
agreement with, toe company whereby
the city would vacate the atreeta to
he used aa an approach to the new
Heel bridge now in course of construc
tion and would receive In return acre
ace for park purposes and other con
cessions. At a Joint session of the two organi
zations held at St. Lawrence Hall.
Third and Sherman streets, last night
a resolution to that effect waa passed.
as follows:
B t B'-wil". That the South Portland
Jooter and the, Fuli.n park Improvement
!.it r.;iv that of sertlenmnt. as
r prfweU. I tir and JuM an4 that the.
f ire of t'ort.nsd will nnt receive property
an.1 rish's of ilttM value In return fr
treats of great Tal'je. that the pre-pertr
w t ere, .aid .treeta are located can be but
li'i'e. If any. ol by the city t"T srreet
fur"ee or o'her purpoiee mn-i the .me
eve no tanglM value u the city, whereas
tae prcpert which rallroe-l irfor' to
tarn over to the city In return for awM
streets ! an Immediate .nd lanctMe alue
to l.-.e, c.i. and is f sreeuer besefll te the
rity thaa said atresia
Bulnce Mrn i Club) Opposes Iran
i chl.e WinM Public Docks.
At the meeting of tha Eaat Side
Bu"tne.i Men's Club last night It was
C decided to undertake to secure a first
f class theater, some portion of the pub
ellc docks authorised by the recent elec-
-lon and to continue the fight against
he vacation of the streets asked for
hr the O. R. a X. Confpany on the F.aat
enne. vteorire i. Airnwi pirNwriii v.
tne club, announced that If a theater
ran be erected on tha East tilde a suc
cessful theatrical magnate stands
ready to in hand and operate a
Itork company. George Lnlwortn.
C Ball and M- O. Colllna were ap
pointed to look Into tha subject.
The secretary waa Instructed to write
the Mayor request Ins; that public docks
be established on the Kaat Hide be
tween tha new railroad brldae and
Kast Stark, street and that ha present
tha request to the dock commission
when the commissioners are appointed
Georfte B. Van Waters. Georae L.
Black and Ian Kellaher. stand In a;
committee, were Instructed to re pre
sent the club at the meetlna of the
Commercial Club today at 4 oolock
and protest against the vacation of
Kaat Side atreeta for tha O. K N,
Company. This committee, supple
mented by C A. Blrelow. O. O. Huith
on and if. O. Collins, will appear be
fore tha City Council wben the street
vacations are considered and enter pro
test on the same.
volunteers to dedicate
prvlc Snnday on Groands) for
Young- Women'! Home.
Ped'catlnn srvVes cf the Volunteers
ef America Tonne Women's Christian
llome propertr will be held Sunday at S
r M- at 11 ICaot Serenth street. Pouth.
Th services and the openlcs; of the
VtilMlrf- will be under the direction of
Jreile F. S-'arks, etaff captain, superin
tendent of all branches of work operated
la Portland.
Mavor Simon will deliver an address in
behalf of the city, while the business men
will be represented by B. Le Pas-eC
Rev. E. H. Mow re will apeak In behalf
of the churches and Mrs. Walter Dun
can, colonel, will also deliver an address.
Music will be furnished by the young
ladles of the home.
Mrs. Duncan will conduct eervlcea In
the Volunteers of America Hall. 33 Burn
side street. Saturday evening and at the
l ew borne Sunday rJuht. She will also de
liver an address at tha T. M. C. A. Mon
day. November a. at t P. M-. her aub
ct ti be "What the Volunteers of
America Are Ioln.-
Pioneer Laid to Rest With Impress
ive Funeral Ceremony.
Many friends gathered yesterday at
the residence of I W. Tberkelaen. Jr.,
iZi East Sixteenth street, to pay the
last tribute of respect to the late L.
Therkeisen. Floral offerings were
numerous and beautiful. Rev. Oswald
W. Taylor, of Orace Memorial Church,
said the Impressive service of the Epis
copal Church. "Abide with Me" and
-Nearer My God to Thee" were sung
by a selected choir. Tha body waa
'.aid to rest in Rivervlew.
The honorary pallbearers wera Don-
k aid Mackay. Johan Poulsen. R. D. In-
man. L C. Henncnsen. i nomas J.
Stronj and E. C. Johnson. Tha active
pallbearers wera W. E. Thomas. Adolph
Dekum. Colonel J. S. Rogers. L". 8. A .
8. B. Huston. J. D. Honevman. N. J.
leevtnsun. Sidney Low en berg and Don
ld Woodward.
John Gleaaon Violently Inan.
OLTMPIA. Wash.. Nov. IT. (Special.)
-John Gleaaon. of Portland, who waa
I found bejrging at Rainier Monday, was
adjudged, Insane la tha superior Court
Added to the Long List due
to This Famous Remedy.
Oronoso. Mo. " I was simply a ner
Tous wreck. I could not walk across
ine noor wiuiuui
my heart fluttering
and I could not even
receive a letter.
Every month I had
such a bearing down
sensation, as if the
lower parts would
fall out Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound has
done my nerves a
frreat deal of food
vnd has also relieved
the bearing down. I recommended it
enme f npnrl and two of them have
been irreatly benefited by it." .Mrs.
Mae Mi Knight. Omnogn. Mo.
Another OrateftU Woman.
St. Louis, ilo. "I was bothered
terribly with a female weakness and
had backache, bearing down pains and
ains in lower parts. I began taking
,ydia E. Iinkham's Vegetable Com
pound regularly and used the Sanative
wash and now I have no more troubles
that way." Mrs- Al. IIfrzoo, 6723
ITescott Ave, St. leoula. Mo.
Because your case Is a difficult on,
doctors having done you no good,
do not continue to suffer without
giving Lydi3 E. rinkham's VegeUble
Compound a triaL It surely has cured
many cases of female ills, such as in
flammation, ulceration, displacements,
fibroid tumors, irregularities, periodio
pains, backache, that bearing-down
feeling, inditrt-stion, dizziness, and ner
vous prostration- It costs but a trifle
to try it, and the result is worth mil
lions to many Buffering women.
todar and committed to the State
Asylum. Gleaaon became violent last
night and broke everything- that could
be smashed In his home. After he was
arrested he was found hanRtne; from the
le,lge of a smaU window near tha top of
his cell.
Contention Mads That Routine by
Way of Sacramento Should
Carry Lower Charges.
ROSEBLRfJ. Or, Nov. IT. (Special.)
At a well-attended and enthusiastic
meetlna; of the Roseburs; Commercial
Club the merchants of Roseburg- and
Douir'.aa County went on record favoring-
tha Incorporation of an association
with a view of employing; attorneys In
an effort to aecure reduced freight
rates on transcontinental shipments.
Accordlnr to Edward M. Cousin, a
frelirht-rate expert, and merchants who
have given the rrels, ht-rate question
considerable study, the merchants of
Roseburs; are at present paying Port
land terminal rates, plus local freight
rharsres, on all freight shipments from
the East. They contend that through
the routing of freight via Ogden and
Sacramento, the merchants of Douglas
County are entitled to a flat rata such
as was recently secured by Spokane.
Walla Walla. Baker City and Pendle
ton after yeara of delay. The business
men of Roseburg say that by routing
freight via Sacramento a reduction in
rates even less than Portland terminal
ratea should be secured for the reason
that tha haul would be materially de
To formulate grounds upon which to
base a complaint, the merchants prac
tlcally have decided to organise and
employ an attorney who will be an
thoiised to Investigate and aacertaln
the best manner In which to bring tha
Issue befora the Interstate Commerce
Commission. It la the opinion here
that tha merchanta will subscribe free
ly toward carrying on the fight with
the railroads. Inasmuch aa they have
coma 10 the conclusion that the present
rates are not only unjust, but that they
are a hindrance In tha development of
the country.
They say that It can be easily proved
that tha alleged excessive ratea are
due to manipulation and are not tha
result of economic conditions as con
tended by the railroads.
Proportionate Change In
Counties) Would Change
ported Result la Idaho.
NAMPA. Idaho. Nov. 17. (Special.)
Should other counties of Idaho show aa
large a discrepancy as did Canyon
County between the first unofficial re
turn of the general election and the
final official canvass.' the question who
will be the next Governor of Idaho might
be In doubt again.
The unofficial returns of the 33 coun
ties gave James. H. Hawley. the Demo
cratic candidate, a plurality of about
goo votes over Governor Brady, and Haw
ley' election was conceded. Canyon
County Commissioners have just finished
the canvass, of tne county s vote and the
official returns show thst Governor
Brady made a gain of 6 vote over the
unofficial returns for thia county. Brady
as said to have carried the county by
S17 votes, while the official count gives
him a plurality of &3. A record of the
vote In Fremont County, where the bal
lots are alleged to be Illegal, and a simi
lar variation- In other countira could
change toe result of the election.
Two Woodburn Men Charged With
Selling Drink to Miners.
tVOODBCRN. Or.. Nov. IT. (Special.)
The new Mayor. W. I. Jerraan. has
started In correcting alleged evils.
Charged with selling liquor to minors,
two saloonkeepers of this city. Gilbert
Aplin and L. Grosemlller. were arrested
gaJgned before Recorder Stangle. who ai
yasterday by Marshal Alia Engle and ar-
Outer Weanntr Armarel Greatest Value-Giving Event EverOffered the
VJl U11U eeee' W w m.- - - j
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1 1 11
lowed Aplln to go on his own recogni
sance and demanded a cun ovuu
from Orossmlller.
Tha trial will he held next Monday.
The boys In the case are Lester KendaU
and Kenneth Sylvester.
Nan, bjr Marriages, Avoids Worry.
VANCOUVER. Wash.. Nov. 17. (Spe
cial.) Andrew Thompson grave his con
sent to the marriage of his son. 20
years old. to a lrl. 18 years old, ana
to the marriage of a daughter. 17 years
old. to a man of legal age, yesterday.
When he signed the record, ne said
that he did so gladly, as his responsi
bility ended, and that of the young
folks wss lust beginning. J ne names
of the couples were Melvln S. Thomp
son and Julia H. Borge. ana Alexander
Kastmer and Ida A. inompson.
Cougar-Killing; His Vocation.
Hl'SCM. Wash, Nov. 17 (Special.)
J. Sheldon, who professes to be em
ployed by the Government for the ex
termination of cougars and other wild
animals In the forest reserves west of
the White Salmon River, was inter
rupted a few days ago In his search
for big game with a pack of dogs, by
John Wlnegarden. Deputy Game
Warden. -Sheldon stated his credentials
were at his cabin in the mountains,
and was allowed to proceed on his way.
Multnomah to Play All-Stars.
SOUTH BEND. Ind., Nov. 17. (Spe
cial.) Coach Longman, of Notre Dame
University Is organizing an all-star foot
ball eleven from the feadlng Western
colleges for two holiday games, one of
which will be played at St. Louis with
St. Louis University on Christmas day
and the other with the Multnomah Ath
letic Club at Portland on New Year's
Eugene Wants Cluster Lights.
EUGENE. Or,Nor. 17. (SpeclalJ-
The City Council and Commercial Club
of this city are considering plans for
a more elaborate and efficient system of
cluster street lighting for the city. It
Is proposed to erect an arch on the main
street to demonstrate the efficiency of
the new plan.
Hunters' Fines Net $1580.
FOREST GROVE. Or., Nov. 17. (Spe
cial.) Sixty-seven arrests for viola
tions of the game laws during the
months of October have so far been re
ported to the office of the State Game
Warden at Forest Grove. The receipts
from fines paid by violators aggregate
$1S0. George E. Leach, deputy game
warden in Tillamook County, reports
to State Game Warden Stevenson the
srrest and conviction of Tom John
son, William Stevens, Emmet Jenkins,
Dr P. J. Sharp. Carl Shortridge and Us
Nolan for hunting deer out ot season.
They each pleaded arullty and were I
fined $50.
"Fighting the Dental Trust"
First Bv locating on the EAST SIDE, where our expenses are very
low actually doing the highest class of dental work for much less than
the 'big West Side "Parlors. ,T We are as Painless as is possible.
Second Remember, we have no hired dentists, no so-called "specialists'
nor students, we do our own work, and guarantee it 15 years.
Third We do not charge TOU $20 and then sell the same thing to some
one else for $5. That is what we mean when we say OAK LOW PRICE,
We Cheerfully Examine and Estimate Your Work Free.
Corner Union Ave. and East Morrison. 1
Office Hours 8 A. BI. lo 8 P. M. Sundays, to t