Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 04, 1910, Page 9, Image 9

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Copper stands today as the most staple of all metals, and its uses are gro-wing greater all of the time. This country is alone
using 600,0000,000 pounds of copper every year, and while about 50 per cent of this amount is used in connection with elec
trical developments, the other half is being consumed in building materials, art work and hundreds of different articles that
were in the past made from wood, steel and iron. The copper wires alone in electric work consume 200,000,000 pounds of copper,
while some 150,000,000 pounds are used yearly by this industry in other forms than wire. Thousands of pounds of copper are being
used daily in the construction of motor cars and yachts; one Connecticut factory consumes 12,000 pounds daily making eyelets and
balls for shoes, while one American watchmaker is stamping out 100,000 brass watch dials every day, and one manufacturer of talcum
powder is using 6,000,000 brass cans a year. These figures are taken from statistics and are printed merely to show the amount of this
metal that is being used in commercial lines in the United States alone, and it must be remembered that the entire world is looking
toward America for its copper. .' ' . i
This coupon for
those living: out of the city.
No books will be mailed in Portland
Kupreanof Copper Mining
& Smelting Co.
200 Chamber of Commerce Bldg.,
Portland, Oregon.
Gentlemen: Please mail me
full information and "The Story
of Kupreanof."
Name ,
Address. ...
The great resources of the Kupreanof Copper Mine that is
uow preparing its first shipment to the smelters, are not a matter
of guesswork the value is proven. On one of the four claims
there lies ready for shipment and being transported to tidewater as
this is written, 15,000 tons of copper ore and on the same claim there
lies 100,000 tons ot Copper Ore in sight. On March 27 a new rich
strike was made on the "Buckhorn" claim, lyins: iust above, another
new distinct ore body being discovered, ah assay of this new ore show
ing it to run 15VV per cent Copper, or $43.47 a ton. These statements are
facts that will be proven when you call at the office. While we have
shown you a few figures from statistics on the use of copper in this coun
try alone, we have also shown you that the Kupreanof Mine is one of
immense proven wealth and unlimited resources. Mining has been going
on here for some time and the first smelter shipment is now being pre
pared and' will be received at the smelter on June 1. This ore is being
taken out over trail, and while it is a slow process of handling this"' first
shipment will leave a good margin after paying all the operating expenses
on the property. The Treasury Stock that is now being sold is to cover the
cost of building a tramway less than two miles in length for the transporta
tion of Kupreanof ore from mine to tidewater, the tram being guaranteed
to handle 250 tons every day and not costing more than 5 cents a tcnn
Kupreanof Treasury Stock is now offered to you at 25 cents a share,
fully paid, non-assessable, with a par value of $1. The price of this stock
will go to 50 cents a share on the 1st of June, at which time the first ship
ment will be received at the smelter. By investing at this time you make a
clear profit of 100 per cent, and this stock will doubtless go to par in six
months. When you purchase, stock in the Kupreanof you join a company of
the most responsible men in the entire Northwest, you purchase stock in a
working mine of known wealth, and one that, is covered by Patents issued
by the United States Government.
Inves'tigate fully this company, its officers, its properties, and its
methods of doing business. When you have done this jrou will agree that
this is the best opportunity for investment that you have ever had offered
to you. If you will call at the offices, 200 Chamber of Commerce building,
every detail will be shown you, and you wip be given a copy of the "The
Story of the Kupreanof," a book containing every detail concerning this
property. The number of shares to be sold are limited; you should act at once.;
reaoof Copper Mining & Smelting Co,
Mines on Kupreanof Island, Alaska
Offices, 200 Chamber of Commerce Building, Third and Stark, Portland, Oregon
Evening Appointments Made by Telephone
Main 3143 or A 1312
If You Have Been Missed,
Send Oregonian Coupon
to Supervisor.
Of 127 Districts 40 Have Been Gone
Over, and Kest Can Be Finished
Today Count Outside City Not
' to End Until May 15.
When the sun 'goes down tonight the
last opportunity to be included in t.-e
big Portland family of 1910 will have
passed. If you have an uneasy feeling
that perhaps you have not been count
ed, cut out The Oregonian coupon and
mall it with full particulars to Seneca
C. Beach. Supervisor of the Census,
dumber Exchange building. The agony
will be over for another 10 years with
the close of business hours today.
Through an order of the supervisor
the enumeration has been kept open
three extra days so that mistakes of
commission and omission may be recti
fied. With the close of the official work
tonight all Portland districts will have
been checked in the wake of the "yel
low ribbons." and every doubt officially
and effectually removed as to the cor
rect tabulation of every inhabitant of
the city, from Scow Town to Portland
Heights. Fourteen days' careful can
vass of the various districts were made
by the regulars appointed by the Cen
sus Bureau and one day by both, regu
lars and 700 volunteers. If anybody
was missed it Is believed he was dodg
ing the Fish Warden and was thus un
able to appear in public.
Last night the work of checking had
progressed far enough to close 40 of
the 127 districts, and it Is believed at
headquarters that the remainder will
be finished during the day.
The count in the rest of the Second
Congressional restrict will continue un
til May 15. except In Astoria and Baker
City. In these towns it will end Thurs
day. It will require more than a month
to secure all the data pertaining to
agriculture, mining and stock-growing
In Oregon.
It is planned by Supervisor Beach to
close the headquarters on -une 1. Be
fore then it is believed all the
will have been shipped to Washington.
Mr. Beach was yesterday In receipt
of a letter of thanks from F. P. Bod
lnaon. secretary of the Chamber of
Commerce at Baker City, In recognition
of his action In extending the time for
a proper enumeration of that Eastern
Oregon town.
Among those who have endeavored to
keep in close touch with the operation
of the Census Bureau it is still pre
dicted that the population of Portland
proper will reach 200,000. With all the
suburban towns added, divided from the
parent city by imaginary lines only.
the number of Inhabitants Is placed at
230,000. Mr. Beach refuses to be quoted
on the subject or to furnish anything
In the way of reliable information.
Chamber of Commerce Seeks Cele
bration Like "Raisin Day."
Oregon is to have an apple day If the
plans started by the Chamber of Com
merce materialize. At the regular month
ly meeting of the board of trustees yes
terday. Secretary Glltner was instructed
to commence a line of campaign cal
culated to have a day set and officially
recognized in this state to be known as
apple day.
The Idea 13 taken from raisin day in
California. In that state April 30 has
been set apart tor the payment of
homage to its principal fruit industry,
the raisin. " Every resident of the state
la asked to be sure and eat raisins on
that day at all events and every other
day of the year. If possible. Raisin festi
vals are neld in marry of the central
markets for the fruit and. instead of
using carnival confetti, fun is created by
showering raisins on each other by the
Apples being the principal fruit product
of Oregon, it is thought a like observ
ance of that fruit would add much to its
popularity and assist in spreading the
fame of Oregon apples over the country.
Secretary Oiltner will write letters, set
ting forth this plan, to the various com
mercial organizations of the state. The
full details of the plan have not as yet
Fish Warden Would Place
Proof on Defendant.
Counsel Interprets law to Mean
That Daring Closed Season Pos
session of Fish Is Evidence
of Statute's Violation.
That whenever there Is a closed season
on salmon In any part of the state any
one In any other part is liable to arrest
for having fish In his possession; and that
the burden is on any such person to prove
his fish were not caught in closed waters,
is the contention the attorney for Master
Fish Warden McAllister is seeking to es
tablish in a case now pending before Jus
tice of the Peace Olson.
The case is that against John Meehan.
president of the Portland Fish Co., and
against John Kelley, the map-- in charge
If not, or if you have any doubt, fill out this coupon and mail to S. O.
Beach, Supervisor of Census, Portland, Oregon.
t -
On 'April 15, 1910, I "was living: at the address given below, but
to the best of my knowledge I have not been enumerated there or
anywhere else.
Name.. ..... . ....................
Street and Number .
City. . . . "
been evolved. The day probably will be
set, however, during the Fall months,
when apples are being marketed generally.
Woman Well Known Throughout
Oregon Mad Been 111 Some Time.
Mrs. M. D. Wisdom died early yesterday
morning at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Samuel White, 610 Weidler- street, after
a protracted illness. She was widely
known throughout the state. She is sur
vived by two sons, Stanton and Preston
Wisdom: two step-sons. Layton and Mer
ton Wisdom, and two sisters. Mrs. Samuel
White and Miss Ella Brown.
Funeral services will be held at Trinity
Church this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Cooper's Song and Chorus
In "Boccaccio:" every night this week
at Portland Theater. Fourteenth and
of a shipment of salmon from Oregon
City, seized on Ross Island during the re
cent war up tne w mamette.
It was the contention of the defense
that the men were' protected by Judge
McBrlde's decision upholding the right of
the fishermen at Oregon City to ply
tneir iraue. j.o mis the prosecution re
Joined that even if the fish were legally
caught, they were illegally brought to
Portland and that the burden was upon
the defense to show that they were not
caught out of season.
Justice Olson expressed a strong desire
to see the fishing laws rigidly enforced,
but was In doubt as to the justice of the
prosecution's contention. He therefore set
tne case over to May 9, and the attorneys
will file briefs.
Water Conditions Not Favorable for
Trap Fishing.
ASTORIA. Or.. May S. (Special.) The
catches of salmon by the gillnetters were
excellent again last nigh.t and in soma
instances even better hauls were made
than on the previous day. It is yet too
early to tell whether there is a run of
fish entering the river or whether those
caught are salmon which have been
"loafing", about the bayx for some time
before proceeding on their way to the
spawning grounds.
However, one fisherman caught 600
pounds near the mouth of the river last
night, and this is an Indication that the
salmon are Just coming In from salt
water. The Baker's Bay traps did not
make any large catches, but this Is not
surprising, as the water conditions are
not favorable for trap fishing. Shad are
making their appearance in larger num
bers than usual for this early In the sea
son and are retailing at 4 cents a" pound.
Four Acres on Mount Tabor Put In
Potatoes by V. M. C. A.
Four acres of land east of Mount Tabor
will be used by the Young Men's Chris
tian Association this Summer in connec
tion with its open-air campaign. The use
of the land was donated by the owner,
C. F. Fisher, who Is interested in the
movement started by Educational Direc
tor French and Physical Director Orilley,
of the Y. M. C. A. The entire tract wUl
be planted to potatoes by members of
the association.
The planting of this acreage will be ad
ditional to the potato-growing contest
that is being conducted bj the Y. M.
C. A. In the contest, each member of
the association, who desires, is planting
to potatoes a single lot, in competition
for a silver cup, offered for the largest
quantity and best quality of potatoes
Groups of men will be taken out each
Saturday afternoon to the Fisher tract.
There they will prepare the land, plant
and cultivate the potatoes. . This work
will be part of a system originated by
Mr. Grllley to Induce men, employed in
offices, to spend more of their time in
the open air,
B. H. Smith and E. H. BotichAre
Acquitted in Police Court.
Acquitted by a Jury in the Municipal
Court yesterday of a charge which prac
tically amounted to river piracy, .B. H.
mith and B. H. Botich were also cleared
on a charge of violating the harbor regu
lations. The men were arrested by Harbor Mas
ter Speier for having in their possession
two piling belonging to Balfour, Guthrie
& Co.. and after an attempt to convict
them of the larceny of the piles had
failed, they were brought Into court for
violating the ordinance which requires
that all valuable articles picked up while
floating In the river must be turned over
to the harbor master.
A Jury of five men heard the evidence,
the taking of which consumed the whole
afternoon, and refused to convict the two
Change In Time Northern Pacific
On and after May 1 Tacoma6eatle Ex
press will leave "Portland at 6:45 A. M. In
stead of 7:00 A. M. m
Work to Begin on Sawmill.
ASTORIA. Or.. May 3. (Special.)
Clark & Robinson, of Portland, who re
cently purchased a tract of about 700
acres of land in the vicinity of Weatport.
will commence work next Monday with I for the sawmill, which they are to erect I understood that the plant will be ready
a large force of men clearing the site there during the coming Summer. It is for operations early in the Fall.
The Quelle
The Oregon Hotel Grille
The Imperial Hotel Grille
The Perkins Hotel Grille
Edelweis Cafe, 149 Seventh
Stutt & Howland, 6th and Wash.
Lumbermens Buffet, 5th & Stark
National Wine Co., 5th & Stark
Doyle's Cafe, 4th and Wash.(
Pantheon Saloon, 130 Third
Board of Trade Buffet, Fourth and Stark
Henry Weinhard Brewery
Main 72