Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 03, 1910, Page 8, Image 8

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Portland Team Will Begin Se
ries of Six Games Here
With Vernon.
llapplcus Has Klock of Hard Hit
ters and Some Interesting Con
tests Are Expected by Fans
During the Week.
' This afternoon, weather permitting,
Happicus Hogran and his Vernon Hooli
gans beg pardon, we should say Brew
ers in deference to Happy's request
will engage Walter McCredie and his
erstwhile league leaders in the third
home Beries of slx games, and to hear
the Portland players relate the possi
bilities, the Beaver band 13 going to
get back into first place.
In making the boast, the Portland
players say it will not be necessary to
consult Hogan's idea of the fitness of
things, for it is the intention of the
home guard to trim the Villagers, or
Brewers, as Happy wants it, to a
frazzle. However, Vernon has some
mighty good baseball talent shuffled
Into the combination headed by the ec
centric Hogan, and it may be that an
other crimp will be put into the aspira
tions of the boys who don the white
How Ioes Hogan Stand?
Then again, no one knows just how
Umpire Hildehrand stands with Hap
picus Hogan, for if the leader of the
Vernon squad is as close to the "umps"
as Mohler seemed to be, judging by
Sunday's exhibition, there is no telling
what will happen.
"When George Hildebrand was a play
er he was one of the most insistant um
pire baiters the game ever knew.
There never was a dispute over any old
kind of play in which he failed to
rush from left field. Because Buddy
Ryan did what Hildebrand did in prac
tically every game he played, the
"umps" fired Buddy out of the game.
If the same justice had been meted out
to Hildebrand when he was a player,
he would hardly have played a full
game during his career.
However, as had as were Hildebrand's
decisions Sunday, the Portland team
fell down hard whenever opportunity
knocked at the door, and unless the
home guard gets rhl of the apparent
stage fright noticeable in the San Fran
cisco series, the "Brewers" are likely
to repeat the dose.
Vernon Xo Mean Team.
Hogan has no mean team by any
means, for the new blood he lias in
jected into that Vernon band has re
juvenated the club wonderfully. From
a despised tall-end aggregation of last
season. Happicus seems to have round
ed out a club that is likely to be in the
running all the way. Hogan has a bet
ter bunch of reliable batsmen than has
any of the other clubs, but his pitching
staff does not compare in reliability
with the twirlers of the San Francisco
and Portland clubs. "When Vernon wins
it is because the Vernonites are hitting
the ball, but when Portland wins it is
because the McCredie pitchers are
working better than the other fellow,
and if Mac's twirlers are on edge this
week. Portland should take the series.
This afternoon, "Big Six" Steen or
Tom Seaton will handle the shoots for
Portland, while Vernon will depend on
Sohaefer or Willett to capture the open
ing game.
Happicus Hogan will introduce an
entirely new infield to the Portland
fans this afternoon, for his new third
sacker, Burrell, is back in the game,
and Instead of Norman Brashear at
first, Haley at second and "Truck"
Kagan at short, the men in those posi
tions are William Fisher, Roy Brash
ear and Lindsay. It is a corking good
infield, accorying to the fans who have
seen the Vernon bunch in action.
Today's game will start promptly at
3:30 o'clock, and there will be a big
crowd of fans on hand to welcome Hap
picus and his new band.
Won. Lost. Pet.
Tacoma . .
. . 5
Errorless Ball of Indians Fails to
Win 5 to 1 Score.
SPOKAXE. Wash., May 2. Though
playing errorless bail. Spokane was un
able to do anything with the Tigers to
day, losing 5 to 1. Butler, for the Tigers,
pitched a line game and held the Indians
to four scattered hits. The only tally,
made in the ninth, was made on bases
on balls given by Butler to N'ordyke,
Flood and Brooks.
Nordyke scored on a throw by the
ritchtr to first on a scratch hit by Davis.
Keener pitched a steady game, going in
after Tacoma had scored three runs in
the second.. The score:
R- H. B. R. H. E.
Tacoma ... 5 5 l5pokane ..1 4 0
Batteries Butler. Hall and Blanken
ship; Cowins, Keener and Brooks.
Seattle 2; Vancouver 1.
SEATTLE. Wash.. May 2. Seattle
won from Vancouver by a score of S
to 1 in the greatest game of the sea
eon. tretchko and Chinault had a real
pitchers' battle and were superblv sup
ported. James tied the score in the ninth
with a home run. In the last of the
Inning Seattle got the bases full and
Eennot drove in the winning run with
a terrific line hit. Chinault struck out
H men. Up to the eighth inning Van
couver got only one hit off Dretchko.
but the situations were often dramatic.
The score:
Seattle ... 2 9 ljVancouver. 15 2
Batteries Hretchko and Shea; Chi
nault and Lewis.
Won. Lost.
rti on ....
New York .
Cleveland .
Boston .....
Chicago . . .
St. Louis . .
.. 5
.. S
.. S
Beaneaters Cio Down to Defeat After
Having; Game Won.
PHILADELPHIA, May 2 Boston was
defeated here today by a ninth Inning
rally by Philadelphia, the latter scoring
five runs on five hits and an error, mak
ing the game 7 to 2. Wood, who suc
ceeded Cicotte in the ninth, pitched to
only one batsman. Collins sending In two
runs with a single. Score:
R H El R H H
Boston 2 6 3 Philadelphia.. 7 14 3
Batteries Cicotte. Wood and Carrlgan;
Plank and Thomas.
N'ew York 3; Washington 2.
NEW YORK. May 2. JlciBride's muff of
Laporte's fly in the ninth today enabled
Xew York to tie the score and in the
tenth the locals won out, 3 to 2, on Hep
hill's triple and Chase's single. Score:
R H E!New York..:.. 3 7 2
Washington.. 2 3 3 RHH
Batteries Johnson and Street; Vaughn,
Warhop, Sweeney and Mitchell.
Cleveland 2; St. Louis 1.
ST. LOUTS, May 2. Cleveland made It
three straight today by defeating St.
Louis 2 to 1 in 11 innings. A base on
balls to Lajoie Easterly's single and
Happicus Hogan. Excitable Leader of
the Vernon Team, and His Players
Hook Up With McCredie This After
noon. Lord's double brought In the winning rup.
Link allowed but three hits. Score:
St. Louis 1 3 2 Cleveland 2 9 0
Batteries Stremmell and Stephens;
Link and Easterly.
Pittsburg Champions, Watched by
Government Officials, Defeat
Chicago Cubs Easily.
Won. Lost. Pet.
New York
Pittsburg; . . .
Cincinnati ..
Brooklyn . . .
St. Louis
.. 8
.. 8
.. 5
.. 4
.. 4
.. 4
PITTSBURG, May 2. President Taft,
Secretary Knox and Count von Bern
storff, the German ambassador, were
guests of the Pittsburg Club at Forbes
Field today at a game In which the
world's champions defeated Chicago 5
to 2.
The distinguished guests kept their
eyes always on the ball and hardly
passed a remark during'the game. That
they were quick to see the fine points
was evinced by the fact they were first
to applaud a brilliant play.
Wagner, who is said to he the Presi
dent's favorite, made a brilliant show
ing, scoring two runs, making a two
bagger and a double-play.
Before the game, the President wrote
his best wishes and signature on two
baseballs and presented them to Wag
ner and Manager Clarke of the Pitts
burg club. Score:
R. H. E.
Pittsburg ..5 6 o;Chicago .
Batteries Adams. Leifield
son; Mclntyre, Pfeiffer and
Umpires, O'Day and Brennan.
R. H. E.
...2 10 4
and Gib
Cincinnati and St. Louis Players
Make Burlesque of Sport.
CINCIJTNATI. May 2. At the conclusion
of the game in which Cincinnati de
feated St. Louis here today 9 to 4, two
protests were filed with President Lynch
of the Xational League.
The first came from Manager Bresna
han, who protested the game,, alleging
Umpire McGinnis was incompetent and
his decisions were unfair and made the
game a farce. Directly following this
came a protest from President August
Herrmann of the Cincinnati team against
Manager Brcanahan's actions in making
the game the ridiculous exhibition it was.
Shortly after Cincinnati had scored five
runs in the first inning, Bresnahan
switched his team around to unaccus
tomed positions. Score:
St. Louis 4 8 lClnclnnatl 9 13 4
Batteries Konetchy. Corridon, O'Hara,
Berger, Phelps, Kelly and Bresnahan;
Kowan, McLean and Clarke. Umpire Mc
Ginnis. Philadelphia 9; Boston 8.
BOSTON. May 2. Each team used three
pitchers in the exciting game Philadel
phia won from Boston today, 9 to 8. Bos
ton tied the score in the first inning, when
Moran stole home. In the second, Col
lins hit a home run with the bases full.
Boston S 16 2 Philadelphia.. 9 12 1
Batteries (Brown, Mattern, Frock and
Graham: McQuillan, Moore, Moren and
Looin. "Umpires Johnstone and Moran.
N'ew Tork 6 ; Brooklyn 0.
BROOKLYN. May 2. Mathewson got a
near no-hit game, a scratch hit by Mc
Blven in the eighth inning spoiling an
otherwise clean pitching record. Devlin
made a one-handed stop of the ball, but
threw low while off his balance and a
hit was scored. Score:
New York 6 8 4 Brooklyn 0 13
Batteries Mathewson. Myers and Wil
son: Scanlon and Bergen. Umpires Rig
ler and iinslie.
U , ; -its
I 'i '
J. -' t
m vi !
f Vt
Ex-Champion Refrains From
Overheating Blood and
Getting Setback.
Full Day's Work at Training Camp
Accomplished Before Noon, After
Which Big Fellow Goes Boat
ingBrother Jack on Way.
KEN' LOMOND, Col.. May 2. Jeffries
started the week at his training camp
with a rush, accomplishing a full day's
work before noon. He went at the vari
ous lines of indoor stunts in a more busi
nesslike manner, showing snap and life
in every move. This was especially no
ticeable in four rounds of boxing with
Bob Armstrong. Jeffries had the negro
on the run most, of the time and gave him
quite a pummeltng with right-arm Jabs
to the neck in the third round.
More boxing was announced for the
afternoon session, Jeffries declaring he
would go a few rounds with Joe Choynskl
and: Bill Papke. When the time came to
put on the gloves, however, Jeffries had
changed his mind. The boxing was left
to Choynskl and Papke, .while Jeffries
went for a boat ride. Jeffries said he
wanted to do more, but considering the
amount of work he had gone through
earlier in the day he was afraid he would
overheat his blood and set himself back.
"I felt full of ginger this morning," said
Jeffries. "I think I could have gone on
for another hour or two without tiring. I
wired a friend of mine in New York this
morning that if I felt any better I would
not know what to do with myself. It was
all I could do to keep out of the gymna
sium this afternoon, but I will be better
off tomorrow for it."
Jeffries received a telegram today from
his brother Jack, in .which the latter said
that he would Join the camp the first of
next week. In reply Jeffries told him to
come as soon as possible. Jack always
has helped Jim train for hi? battles and
the ex-champion likes to have his brother
Negro Enjoys Life in Bay City;
Rides in Auto; Crowds Gather.
SAN FRANCISCO. May 2. Following
his sojourn in Chicago during the cold
spell of an Eastern Winter, Jack John
son, the champion heavyweight, is
spending his time becoming acclimated
and spurns anything that suggests ac
tive training.
Johnson has shunned the gymnasium
and has given notice that his appear
ance in his working togs will not be
made before the end of the week.
Johnson arose early this morning, and
after breakfast took a stroll along the'
beach, returning to camp in time for
lunch. When the meal had been fin
ished he ordered his touring car and
sped away to the downtown district
All afternoon he was a conspicuous fig
ure on the streets and wherever he
stopped his machine crowds gathered.
Confident Over Last Saturday's Vic
tory, Next Game Promises Fast.
Supremely confident because of last
Saturday's 6 to 2 victory over Cass Camp
bell's fast Multnomah Club baseball team,
"Dolly" Gray's well-drilled Columbia Uni
versity nine will try and wrest first place
in the Interscholastic League from the
Washington High School tomorrow after
noon on Multnomah Field at 3:30 o'clock.
Washington High School is just as con
fident of winning as are the university
boys, for last Saturday they defeated the
Chemawa Indian School team, 4 to 1.
Should Columbia win tomorrow's battle.
all five of the teams in the league will
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be tied for first place, each would then
have a percentage of .300.
The following players will participate
in -the game:
Washington High. "Position. Columbia Univ.
Wilson ........ ....e... MaJarkey. F "PBrklna
Houck ......P ..K.irk. Fltajerald
Moreland It-. Harris
Cornell 2b Davis
Cobb ............ .-3b .....Devera, Finnegan
Jones (Capt.) ss Gakey. Haywood
Aanusen If V. Perkins
George C. "Perkina
Stannard rf .."Fltajerald. Flnnegna
Fandom at Random
WITH Happicus Hogan a visitor at
the Vaughn-etreet lot this after
noon, the facetious bugs" will nave a
chance to get into action in earnest. Hap
picus is something of a comedian him
self, and misery loves company.
Roy Willett. the former "Portland
pitcher now doing duty as one of the
star pitchers of the Happicus tribe, may
be delegated to open the series against
the Beavers this afternoon. "Willett has
been most effective this season.
"Muggsy" McGraw'a New York Giants
have started off the National League
season In whirlwind fashion, and if their
present gait Is maintained, Pittsburg and
Chicago will be eclipsed. However, the
Giants have only beaten Brooklyn. Bos
ton and Philadelphia, none of them very
strong clubs.
If the Beavers get into the game in
earnest and don't become too anxious,
Portland may expect to regain the lead
ing position before going on the road at
the end. of this series. MoCredle's band
should take four out of six. while San
Francisco will do well to break even
with, the Angels at Los Angeles.
Wonder , what's the matter with that
Invincible Seattle World's champion team
this season? Last week the despised Ta
coma Tigers trimmed the Dugdalian crew
out of the majority of the nine games
played. Can it be that the world's cham
pions have gone back?
Count Sassey, the pudgy little out
fielder who formerly played for Port
land, but who Is now doing duty for
Tacoma, was a great factor In beating
the Seattle bunch last week. Bassey se
cured one or two or more bingles . in
almost every game, and several of the
clouts were for the circuit.
The Vernon Club, which meets Port
land here, this afternoon, has vertical
lettering on the shirt fronts of the
players, which Idea, is after the style of
the Chicago National League team. Ac
cording to Happicus Hogan, the Vernon
ites have nothing on Chicago or it is the
reverse. How about it, Hap?
(Buddy Ryan went fishing yesterday,
and according to Brother Dan, that is
all he did do. Dan says Buddy's bait
was all to the "Dutch" for the fish
absolutely refused to bite, and the "big
brudder" is mourning the loss of an
anticipated feast. Buddy spent seven
hours dallying by the festive brook to
no purpose.
George Ort was seen mounting the
streetcars at intervals of two hours yes
terday, and each time he was "loaded
to the guards" with bundles. George
recently rented a flat out Sixteenth
street way, and rumor has it that "Mrs.
George" is due from the East in the
very near future.
allies Netzel Is anxious to get Into the
game every day, and Manager McCredie
is likely to send the speedy youngster
into right field for awhile, as Big1 Mac is
not feeling in the best of health Just at
Springfield Cluh Leads.
ALBANY, Or.. May 2. (Special.) As
a result of yesterday's games the
standing of the teams in the Willamette
Valley Baseball League is now as fol
lows: Won. Lost. Pot.
3 o 1.000
1 1 .66S
1 2 .333
0 3 .000
Springfield ...
Cottage Qrove
Albany .......
Hubbard 6; St. Paul 4.
HUBBARD, Or., May 2. (Special.) The
Hubbard baseball nine defeated the St.
Paul team Sunday, 6 to 4. The feature of
the game was a one-handed catch by
Berens in center field fpr the Hubbard
team. Batteries Jones and Whitney for
Hubbard, and Coleman, Coyle and Lam
bert for St. Paul.
Steel Company Nine Wins.
The Columbia Steel Company team visit
ed Cascade Locks Sunday and defeated
the team representing that place by the
, and
W 4
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score of 7 to 4. Jerry Ryan's pitching;
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the fielding; of Evers, Carney and Cooper
of the Portland team was sensational.
Teams desiring games with the Columbia
Steel Company team should address Ed
ward Mutton, manager, care Columbia
Steel Company, Portland.
Homer in STinth Wins.
DAYTON, "Wash., May 2. Special.) In
the ninth inning in yesterday's ball game,
Smith, of Waitsburg, knocked a home run,
scoring two and winning for Waitsburg
6 to 4. Hammer hit a homer for Dayton
in the seventh with the bases empty.
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8th and Everett Sta Portland Or.
Pitchers' honors were evenly divided.
Clancy, of Dayton, striking out seven,
; - , iv'."'"; -hJ
Bateman, six. Clancy allowed four hits,
Bateman, five. '
.uiw .. ,. ii,U iliiii.,Mw.i.,iWjin ,ii i.i ,n iiu ii I,..:-. - ' .""irr A
i arar