Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, February 07, 1910, Page 9, Image 9

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Arnold's Knit Goods and Arnold's Infants' Wear Merode Underwear We Are Agents for Ladies' Home Journal Patterns
We Are Agents for LHjfaey Ctxt Glass Richardson Linens Custom Shade and Drapery Work at Lowest Possible Prices
tore SSio-p
ts, Millinery,' "Waists, "Waslr& Goods,
65c Values Now 39c
Watch us shorten prices during
this short month. Faney Ribbons
in plaids, Persians, plain taffetas
and moires ; a meritorious show
ing of many novel patterns. Profit
by this short-price offer O
of vals. to 65c, sp'l., yd. 3 7 C
Women's Umbrellas
$5.00 Values $2.98
In lowering this price we make it
easier for you to raise the umbrel
la. Ladies' lisle Union Taffeta Um
brellas, also Silk Umbrellas, black
and colors, fitted with fancy han
dles; values to $5, aq
on special sale, ea. P a J 0
Correct Styles in
Women's Shoes g:S3
Correct styles in women's footwear for Spring. Dame Fashion's
mandate is that tan shoes, button or lace, are much in vogue for
early Spring wear. Following are a few of the styles and prices:
STYLE XB150 Women's tan Russian calf, 14-button Boot, espe
cially suited for short skirts ; royal tops, short vamps tf pj f.
and new European lasts. Excellent values, at, pair j) 3 J
STYLE X154 Women's tan Russia colt lace, blucher, tuxedo pat
tern, welt-sewed, medium extension soles and short rt A f
vamps. Very good values, at this price, the pair x V7 J
STYLE X155 Women's dark brown kid blucher, welt-sewed exten
sion soles, medium toe and heel; a very sensible d- A ff
Walking Show, which we place on sale for, the pair iPT"JJ
STYLE XB400 'Women's tan Russia colt Button Shoe, with a low
military heel, over the new Turk last ; splendid street O C
3hoe and a great favorite with young ladies. The pair )3 3U
Wo m e r's Combinations
Reg. $2.5Q Values $1.49
$2.25 Petticoats at $1.29
An unrivaled exhibit of pure white Undermuslins is now at your
disposal, at prices much lower than you will expect. Ladies' com
bination Suits, lace-trimmed Corset Covers, Drawers, cut full, and
made np like home-made garments. Regular values tf 1 yf Q
up to $2.50, on special sale at this low price, the suit A
Women 's Cambric Petticoats, nicely made, with underf lounces, etc. ;
neatly trimmed in laces or embroidery. Regular val- J Ofi
ues up to $2.25, on special sale at this low price, ea. X CmiJ
Ladies ' Cambric Gowns, high or low-cut necks, Hub- rf A
bard or chemise styles; stock. values to $2.50, special JL
Women's Drawers, cut extra full, trimmed in lace or embroidery.
Made with circular or plain flounces. The White Store's Q '
best offering of values to $1.35 pair; rummage price, pr. O C
Government to Adjust Umatilla
Water Rights.
.Department of Justice Orders Suit
Under Recent Oregon LawHear
ings to Be Held at Several
Different Points.
In an effort to determine the amount
of water which may be available for the
Umatilla project, the I'ntted States has
begun action for the adjudication of eoo.or
more water rights which are known to
exist along the Umatilla (liver and Its
tributaries. Many extend as fftr back
as 30 years, and in securing their recog
nition before the State Board of Control
it will be necesKary to Rather the testi
mony of many of the pioneers of East
ern Oreson. Much of the testimony as
to the earlier appropriations and their
priority riRhts to water for irrigation
purposes will depend upon the dates of
the application of the flow of the stream
for beneficial purposes.
The Department of- Justice lias ordered
the proceedings begun xinder the laws of
the State of Oregon ,an net haling been
passed by the last legislature making
provision for such adjudication. United
States. District Attorney McCourt will
be assisted by Special Assistant Oliver P.
Morton of the Reclamation Service in, the
litigation. The suit will be given prompt
hearing, for the reason that It was the
Jirst one llled under the new act. The
Oregon statute provides that upon peti
tion being presented the water rights riled
on any stream system may be determined.
All Flow Appropriated.
The entire flow of the Umatilla River
and the streams which empty into it
above the location of the Reclamation
Service dam at Kcho. which water is
available for diversion to that project,
was long since appropriated through fil
ings in the proper state offices, leaving
nothing for the use of the Reclamation
Service except by purchase. It Is be
lieved to be true, "however, that the In
dividual tilings for water rights are for
a. much larger number of cubic feet of
water than the Individual actually make
a beneficial application of. and that tha
Furplus water cannot be retained by such
claimants. Such surplus water would he
available for the Umatilla project res
ervoir, as well as a large percentage of
the flood waters which run from the
Umatilla watershed.
In many instances it is believed that
actual users of water have neglected to
t'tle their claims, in the state offioa and
will depend upon proof they may be able
to produce as to the date when they
nctually turned the water into their
Attorneys Glean Evidence.
That the proceeding is considered to
be of unusual Importance is Indicated by
the fact that Attorneys J. H. Raley and
O. W. Phelps are engaged in securing
Mocha Gloves
Great rummage and inventory
clearings in our Glove Dept. To
make this sale more effective we
offer standard quality 2-clasp
Arabian mocha Gloves in colors,
stock vals. to $2, rtv -m AO
special price, pr. tp A,
75c Cashmerette
Gloves Now at 19c
We will start this week with a
greater determination than ever
to close out all short lines. The
Glove Store offers Ladies' Cash
merette Gloves, blacks and col
ors; about 00 pairs; Q
vals. to 75c, sp'l., pr. i 1 C
evidence for clients who are involved in
a water right controversy. The suit in
question is between the Swift Packing
Company, purchasers of the famous Hunt
ranch, and other users in Umatilla Coun
ty. Attorneys Raley and Phelps passed
through the city yesterday en route to
San Francisco, where they will take de
positions. .
In beginning the suit. District Attorney
McCourt will not concede that the Gov
ernment right to appropriate water be
comes subservient to the state laws, and
will avoid injecting that question into
the controversy. The Department of Jus
tice is the complainant for economical
reasons. It is believed to be less ex
pensive to bave the various rights de
termined and the flow of the Umatilla ap
portioned by action of the State Board of
Control than to proceed under the Fed
eral statutes.
Evidence will be taken before Commis
sioner Saxton. the Eastern Oregon mem
ber of the State Board of Control, and
hearings will be held at Pendleton, Echo
and other points. The sum of $5000 was
appropriated by the Legislature for ex-
penses of the adjudication work. The
money is now available.
Services to Re Held Today by
Foreign Missionary Society.
The Columbia River Branch of the
Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of
the Methodist Church will observe its
annual day of prayer in Grace Metho
dist Church today. The women will as
semble at the church at 1:30 o'clock
this afternoon. Corea, Japan, Malaysia
and Gugarat are the foreign ' mission
fields to be discussed.
The programme will be as follows:
Devotionals. Mrs. Benjamin Young;
"Our Thank Offering," Mrs. "V. B. Say
ler; prayer, Mrs. W. B. Hollingshead:
solo, Mrs. Nettie Greer Taylor; "L41a
vatl Singh, the Story of an Indian Girl,"
Mrs. L. C. Dickey; prayer, Mrs. Rich
mond Kelley: "Corea," Mrs. C. A. Mor
den; "Japan," Airs. Frank G. Wooley:
prayer. Mrs. William Parker; "Malay
sia."' Mrs. John O. Goltra; prayer. Mrs.
John J. Hall; solo, "Gugarat," Mrs. A.
E. Ayers. of India; prayer and conse
cration by the president; Mrs. J. B.
Candlish, secretary.
J. M. Kennedy, Washtucna, Wash.,
Makes Hope for Fortune.
SPOKAXE. Wash.. Feb. 8. (Special.)
J. M. Kennedy has sold his ranch, 12
miles east of Washtucna. Wash., to E.
A. Hooper, son of the late A. J. Hooper
and a member of the Hooper Land &
Livestock Company. The ranch com
prises MOO acres and brought $55,000
cash. The transfer includes 400 cattle,
20 tous of hay, horses and farm ma
chinery. Mr. Kennedy Is one of the oldest set
tlers in Adams County. He came West
to make his fortune in 1819. during- the
itold rush Into California, and located
on Cow Creek, in Adams County, in
lSi3, and raised cattle and sheep. At
one time he and his partner, Lewis
Nelce. owned several thousand head of
cattle, but in the Winter of 1881-2 lost
practically all. Mr. Xeice then moved
to WaitsburK. Wash., purchased land
and stock and is now reputed to be
worth ll.000.000.
far the slcnatur of B. W. GROVE. Csed tha
Werl4 avu to Cora a Cold in On lm.T- 2do.
China for Decorati'g
Plates Now 23c
We quote short prices on all odd
lines of white China for decorating.
45c Cake Plates, special, ea..25
75c Cake Plates, special, ea..50
90c Salad Bowls, special at . .50
$3.50 Salad Bowls, special. $2.35
$4.50 dozen Plates, special. 53. OO
t '
Great RummageSale
Brass Ware Goods
Here a few specials in Brass Goods.
Ink Stands, $2.00 values. .1.33
$3.00 Ink Stands, special. .2.10
Ink Stands, $6.00 values. .$3.95
50c brass Vase 35c ; $1.25 vaL 85
75c Paper Knife, special at.. 50
$1.40 Tea Caddy, special at.. 90
Pioneer of 1853 Had Seen
Busy Public Service.
As Presidential Elector He Made
Noteworthy Campaign of State
for Grant "Was Grand1-
Master of Masons in 18 71.
HIIJSBORO, Or., Feb. 6. (Special.)
William Davenport Hare, pioneer of
1853, and for many years a noted ora
tor of the Northwest, died at the fam
ily home this morning from pneumonia.
Mr. Hare was born in Wheeling, W.
Va., September 1. 1834, the oldest son
of Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Hare, de-,
Bcendants of old English families. His
mother, Frances Ellen Hare, lives in
Astoria and is 99 years old. In com
pany with Jesse Edwards, of Benton
County, Mr. Hare came to Oregon in
1853, over the Council Bluffs route. Arriving-
at Portland, he secured" a po
sition as purser on the steamboat
Fashion, and served three years, act
ing at times as pilot and captain.
In 1857 he was delegated to copy the
records of that part of Washington
County, which had been annexed to
Multnomah by legislative enactment.
At the conclusion of this work he was
appointed auditor of Washington Coun
ty vice William Caldwell resigned.
In 1858 he was elected County Clerk.
W. M. Hare, Pioneer ( 1853 and
Well - lv Down Orator of ICarljr
Daj-a, Made Cajnpaig-n for Grant
as Nominee for Klector.
Rummage Prices
on Renaissance
Lace Curtains
The Fourth Floor Carpet and Drapery Store
offers 800 pairs of Renaissance Lace Curtains
at greatly reduced prices; 39 different styles
to choose from; all hand-made, lace-trimmed
and best quality of French net. We place
them on sale at the following special prices:
$ 4.00 vals. 2.65? 5.00 vals;' S 3.25
$ 5.50 vals. $ 3.65$ 6.00 vals. $ 3.95
$ 6.50 vals. 3 4.15$ 7.50 vals. S 4.95
$ 9.00 vals. S 5.95 $10.00 vals. $ 6.50
$11.00 vals. 7.25 $12.00 vals. $ 7.85
$15.00 vals. $ 9.85 $16.50 vals. $10.85
$17.50 vals. 811.65520.00 vals. S12.95
$21.00 vals. $13.85 $23.0 'vals. $15.35
$9 Waists $
Waists $2.95 i
In the garment store, second floor, will be shown a notable
gathering of Women's Waists, many of which are this sea
son's newest and best designs They come in both fancy
and tailored effects Match less array of style and value
For today's selling we offer 25Q lingerie and tailored
waists grouped in one lot for easy choosing Lingeries are
of sheer lawn and batiste, embroidered and lace trimmed
effects Tailored waists are made of high-grade, guaran
teed linen; some are hand-embroidered, others are neatly
styled in tucRs and pleats In this lot is a line of new and
exclusive styles just received from our buyer who is in
New YorK, searching that great fountain of supply for bet-
ter and more attractive values than we've ever
shown before Values to $9; special for today at
L,ot No. 2. A showing of equal merit 3QO fancy waists in
this assortment Fabrics are chiffons, nets and colored
silKs, in a large assortment of this season's best styles; all
sizes and all wanted shades Your special attention is di
rected to the fact that these waists are made over correct
models, which insure perfect fit These values
up to $7.5Q are offered for today's selling, each
TT From now on every express will faring xis
JlH CW v7Ulla waist, skirts, dresses, etc Visit this c
often, it will really be a delight to I00K a.t them Season's most fetching
styles will be shown in bl pleasing -variety Most modish garments that
fashion has designed, are being picKed up and forwarded byourbuyers
and served six years. In 1864 he was
admitted to the bar and opened a law
office in Hillsboro. In 1859 he wedded
Henrietta Schofield, a sister of Ben
jamin Schoneld, of Cornelius, Or., and
a sister of Supreme Judge Schofield, of
Illinois. There were six children: Jo
seph Coulson Hare. Fourth and Carru
thers streets, Portland; Mrs. Frances
Ellen O'Connor, Hillsboro; Mrs. Martha
Mann, wife of Grant Mann, Cornelius;
Mrs. Henrietta Morgan, widow of the
late County Clerk, George Hogan, Hills
boro; .Mrs. Ruth Pruyn (deceased),
Hillsboro; Thomas (deceased) and Wil
liam G. Hare, of the law- Arm of Bag
ley & Hare, this city. Mrs. Hare died
in 1890. !
In 1893 he married Miss Mary A.
Anthony, a cousin of Susan B. An
thony. His second wife died two years
In 1870 Mr. Hare was elected to the
State Legislature and in 1872 he was
named as one of the Grant electors and
made an active campaign over the
state. He was a brilliant orator and
one of the best extemporaneous speak
ers in the Northwest. He was ap
pointed Collector of Customs at As
toria, and Berved eight years in this
office. From 1882 to 1886 he was State
Senator from Washington County.
Well Known as Mason.
He was made a Mason in Tuality
Lodge, of Masons, in this city in 1862 and
in 1871 was chosen grand master of Ore
gon. He was prominently connected
with the Ancient Order of United Work
men in the days of the great strength of
that order, and was several times the
state executive of the organization and
was also supreme representative.
Judge Hare's conception of life and
death is summed np in a. memorial he
delivered in the State Senate in 18SS,
when, in paying a tribute to the late
Henry Warren, Senator from Yamhill, he
"The Stoics tell us that death is ob
livion, that human affection only bids us
o er the tomb of our departed friends.
plant the sprig of acacia and blooming
flowers; the moderns, however, tell life to
do all this, and also build monuments of
marble to their memory and upon these
monuments write epitaphs: but the best
epitaph that can or will be written will
be the deeds and acts of a life. Death
is not oblivion; 'tis only the opening of a
better and higher life. Men in tbis life
build their own characters, and the high
est aim of every man should be so to
order his own life, that when the end
comes, it can truly be said of him. "He
lived a life void of offense towards God
and man.' "
Church Cornerstone Laid.
VANCOUVER, Wash.. Feb. 6. (Spe
cial.) Impressive ceremonies marked
the laying of the cornerstone of the
Second Presbyterian Church of Van
couver this afternoon. Rev. Henry
Marcott, pastor of the Westminster
Presbyterian church, of Portland, de
livered the sermon, in which he main
tained that industry on the part of
church members and ministers was a
prime factor in the upbuilding of an
ernclent church. Dr. Calvin S. White,
of Portland, delivered the oration at
the laying of the cornerstone. - Rev. D.
O. Gormely. of Tacoma, synodical mis
sionary for the State of Washington,
gave a historical review of the estab
lishing of the new mission church.
The city council of Easton. Me., vot.d bv
a large majority to ash the legislature to
amend the city charter so as to give tne
munlclpa.1 suffrage to women owning 9500
worth of property.
Morgan & Robb, 250 Stark St., will
writ your Firs Insuranco for you.
iSale of Women's Handbag's
Regular $7.5Q Values at $4.39
Now don't hang onto that old Handbag any longer.
If you are tired of it, take advantage of this chance
to get a new one at nearly half price. These are
made of seal, walrus and patent leather, with single
or double strap handles. A splendid assortment jf
small, medium and large sizes, fitted with fine coin
purses. Regular values to $7.50 ea., A O Qk
on sale at this special rummage price ipTC.O
Final Sale Belts and NecKwear
Regular $1.00 Values at 36c
Fancy collars, jabots, venise lace, Dutch collars;
also fancy. elastic belts; some are jet-trimmed. You
will find many surprises' in store here, as the values
and styles are much better than
the price. Former prices up to $1.00, on O ty
special sale at this very low price, each J Q C
new suits.
A. L. Mills Denounces Delay in
Building Crematory.
Pettiness of Ward Politics" Is
Blamed Complaints Against Milk -Supply
Not Unfounded, Is the
Speaker's Firm Belief.
A. Li. Mills, president of the First
National Bank, emphasized Portland'-s
need of a garbage crematory in his ad
dress on the "Public Health" at the
Unitarian Church last night, by re
ferring to the fill at Guild s Lake as
a "five-acre garbage park, maintained
by the "City Beautiful." " - He declared
this a menace to the public health
to agree upon a site," aa the reason
no crematory has been built.
The speaker maintained that Guild's
Lake is a poor site for the new crema
who have a dish of delicious
with cream or milk, for their
morning meal, study better
and do not get faint and hun
gry before noon.
This food is made of whole
wheat and barley, and is
scientifically baked for many
It is easily digested by
children and adults, has a
delicious flavor and makes
strong, healthy bodies and
"There's a Reason"
, Find "The Road to Well
ville," in pkgs. It's worth
reading carefully.
Battle Creek, Mich.
Sale Trimmings, Appliques
nands and Tassels at Half Price
At the Lace Counter there will be acfive selling of
Trimmings. A big showing of black jet and spang
led trimmings, garnitures, appliques, bands and tas
sels. In this assortment will be found the most de
sirable patterns and colors; in fact, shades that will
harmonize with almost any color fabric. To effect
a speedy clearance, we offer them at half the ly
regular selling prices take advantage of sale
$2.QO Embroideries Now 98c
Regular $1.75 Flouncings 79c
Fine swiss Edges and Insertions, also batiste, cam
bric and nainsook, 12 and 18-in. corset cover embroid
eries, fine batiste flouncing, etc.; stock f Q
values to $2.00 a yard, special price, yd. 5 O C
Also 27-inch Flouncings, elaborate designs, AX
in fine swiss; values to $1.75, special, yard C
you will expect for
New Phippsand Qage Mats
$1Q to $15
An early showing of new Spring Hats
Phipps and Gage models, in turbans and
Colonial effects, both imported and domes
tic patterns, in Milans, Tuscans, etc., and
trimmed in velvets, wings and new, novel
ideas, only to be understood or appreciated
by seeing. The milliners have surpassed
our fondest expectations in the production
of these hats. "We invite your inspection
and criticism. See window display. They
are priced at from $10.00 to $15.00 each.
SPECIAL In order to make room for the
incoming stocji, we will offer for a grand
final clean-up, a lot of trimmed Hats, worth
up to $5 and $15 each, at 40 and OS
Electric and Gas
at Rummage Clearance Sale Prices
$4.50 Lamps at $2.5Q
Here is an opportunity to let
your light so shine that you, as
well as your associates, will en
joy it. Priced at short prices
for this short month's selling:
$ 4.50 Electric Lamps S.50
$11.00 Electric Lamps $ 6.15
$13.50 Electric Lamps $ 7.75
$17.50 Electric" Lamps SIO.35
$19.50 Electric Lamps $10.35
Gas Lamps, complete, priced at:
$ 7.70 values, special at $4.85
$10.20 values, special at 6.45
$14.90 values, special at 8.00
Don't put off owning a. nice
Reading Lamp. Take advantage.
tory, because of the long haul neces
sary, and that Sellwood, South Portland,
and Albina garbage will continue to be
dumped into vacant sloughs. He criti
cized the City Council for "carefully
draining the llfeblood of a site from
the crematory measure before submit
ting it to the voters." He also spoke
of the unsanitary carts now in use.
Advanced Programme Favored.
Mr. Mills declared himself in favor
of flushing the streets, of more hard
surface pavements, of enforcement of
the anti-spitting ordinance", of contin
ued market, inspection and medical ex
amination o'f public school children and
of pure milk for the city. He eulogized
the Visiting Nurse Association, the
Consumers' League, the Council of Jew
ish Women, the Portland Women's Club
and the Fruit and Flower Mission, be
sides saying that the Board of Health
is giving Portland more protection than
the fire or police departments. Port
land's Board of Health expenditure of
the bread,
make' if his
Tn ooenTn-nlisTi successful
sults vou must use a pure,
and nutritious flour such as
made- from plumpest, hardest grains
carefully selected by experts from the
entire Northwestern wneat
"There Isn't any Just as good.
Its better than
Lamps, Andirons
$8 Andirons at $0.50
Half "the comfort, of a nice fire
place is gazing at an artistic set
of andirons. They give a rich,
attractive appearance. Hun
dreds of kinds for your selection.
$ 4.50 Andirons, pair, S 3.50
$ 5.50 -Andirons, pair, S 4.25
$ 7.90 Andirons, pair, $ 6.25
$ 9.50 Andirons, pair, , 7.50
$10.00 Andirons, pair, S 7.75
$11.50 Andirons, pair, $ 9.20
$12.00 Andirons, pair, $ 9.50
$16.00 Andirons, pair, $12.50
Take advantage of saving oppor
tunities in the Crockery Store.
$19,843 in 1908 was compared with Seat,
tie's $116,000.
The speaker spoke of the fact that
until two years ago Portland had no
ambulance, remarking that "the unfor
tunate victim of an accident was jolted
and tortured in the police patrol to the
hospital, while persons with contagious
disease were conveyed in an express
wagon. This barbaric treatment is un
heard of in Eastern cities of the size of
Portland." he continued. "Today thera
is an ambulance service, but no at
tendant physician to render first aid
to the injured."
Milk Supply Impure.
Regarding the milk supply, the)
speaker said the complaints were not
unfounded; that 287 cases of typhoid
fever last Fall preceded in the Sum
mer by the deaths of 94 infants, in
spite of a pure water supply, pointed
almost conclusively to impure milk.
Morgan & Robb, 250 Stark St.,
write your Burglary Insurance.
"A young wife
should not feel hurt
her husband reters to
'like mother used o
mother used
bakinar re
ll oi.vm Pir