Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 21, 1909, Page 16, Image 16

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SI 70.000 TOO LOW
Equalization Board Startled by
New Complaint on King's
Heights Holdings.
Pevcnty-two Objections to Figures on
Tax Roll Are Added to Those
Already Filed for
Seventy-two protests nt property as
Mtsments for the 1P"9 taxroll were pre
sented hefnre the County Board of
Equalization yesterday. And while 70 of
the protests were based on effort to
secure -reductions, two asked increases
' which, if allowed, will more than bal
ance all the cuts asked for to date.
Members of the hoard fairly gasped
when Increases involving $170,000 were
asked on King's Heights proptry. The
requests were presented by the King's
Helchts Realty Syndicate and by B.
GiMner and associates.
The Increase asked bv the syndicate
!s from IBr.Oot to $154,000. C.ildner and
associates want their property assessed
at a total of :o.0u0 instead of the pres
ent total of $10.0(10. The syndicate Is
controlled by Dr. J. R. Wetherbee. T.
B. Wilcox and J. C. Alnsworth and It
Is represented that the lots are worth
from $20"0 to KO.ono apiece. Gildner and
'associates represent that their lots
I should be Increased from $2?00 to $5000
Many Causes Presented.
The applications for reductions were
based on every manner of cause. Re-
! moral from the city, destruction of ef
fects by fire and denial of ownership,
were the principal causes asclfmed. The
day proved one of the busiest the board
lias yet had and the Indications now aie
that there will be a tremendous accumu
lation of complaints by the end of the
week, when the books close.
The Northwest School Furniture Com
pany disputed the possession of $20,000
In merchandise, money, notes and ac
counts. An inventory was submitted to
jihow that the. firm's worth is but $17,-
Mrs. J. R. Wyatt objected to belni?
assessed $14,150 on her home In East
Portland. She Insisted her home is no
tetter than certain neighbors have on
which they pay less. She also made the
notation "should be assessed to Wyatt,
anyway. Am married now."
Four thousand eight hundred dollars Is
the reduction In personal tax asked by
the Wiley B. Allen Company. It was
denied that any such amount as $5000
ever occupies the company tills, the sum
tisually on hand being not more than
$200, it was alleged.
As to an assessment of $1000 on the
stock of drugs of Frederick A. Bears
estate, a petition was submitted by F.
Beal asking a reduction to half the
amount. Mr. Beal alleged that he waa
about to purchase the stock lor $500 and
didn't think the assessment ought to be
more than the transfer value.
Wants Cut Under Cost.
I. E. Staples, living on Kelly avenue,
west of Milwaukie road, objected to an
assessment of $500 on household furni
ture, representing that he had removed
his effects Into' Yamhill County.
M. C. George, on behalf of Jennie R.
George, protested against an assessed
valuation of $2000 being placed on prop
erty in Carter's addition. Admitting that
the Improvements cost $2300. he sug
gested that $1400 would be a fair sum
to place on the assessment roll. Just
what process of reasoning was utilized
In arriving at that conclusion Is not ex
plained in his communication of protest.
Ernest Miller represented that his per
sonal tax was based on an assessment
about four times too large. Instead of
$4700 he should have been charged with
$1175. so he swore. W. Jaques, 260 Bast
Thirty-fifth street. Insisted that his house
hold furniture isn't worth a cent more
than $100. Instead of $20, as assessed.
6. Steiner was perturbed at being assessed
I10K) on his house, when it only cost that
amount. He thought $60 would be plenty.
B. Gildner and associates were really
Indignant at the assessment of property
Dn King's Heights at from $1100 to $2650
a lot. and demanded that the assessment
be Increased at least 100 per cent. Un
doubtedly they will be obliged. Right
after this astounding petition appeared
R. A. Proudfoot to demand that his as
sessment be reduced from $4500 to $2350.
W. Hosea Wood admitted that there
used to be a house on his property In
West Portland. The house was worth
fully $0. But since the last time the
Assessor was around the structure has
been moved to other parts, and for that
reason Mr. Wood asked to be relieved'
from paying taxes on it.
Sold f nder Assessment.
William W. Robinson said there was a
very good reason why he shouldn't pay on
an assessment of $400 for household fur
niture at his place at 49 Twentieth street.
The reason was that . he sold the whole
layout a short time ago for $175. He
asked for a reduction to that figure.
P. Sharkey. 53 Union avenue, declined
to pay on a $300 launch, explaining as his
reason that he owns no launch, never
did own one and never expects to. Henry
E. Dosch had the same kind of a com
plaint to make on an assessment of $100
for horses at his Hillsdale place. .
The Pacific Baptist Company was at a
loss to know why it should be assessed
$225 or any other sum. inasmuch as the
oftlce and headquarters are located at Mc
Mlnnville, and the only function of the
company In Portland is to receive mall
here occasionally.
P. C. Randall insisted that his assess
ment was exactly seven times too high.
He was accredited with property worth
$4Q and swore everything he has Isn't
worth more than $50.
Seeks Cut of $10,000.
Fred C. Myers thought $1100 too much
on his house In Arbor Lodge, because
there isn't any plumbing installed. He
asked a reduction to $t)0. His complaint
was followed by one from Samuel Swlr
sky, who asked a cut of $10,000 on his
old house on fractional lot W, assessed
at $1'3.0"0. Anna Rains had contracts to
show that her flats on Missouri avenue
cost only $4ooo. She was not willing that
they should be assessed at cost value.
M. J. CNell called attention to the fact
that his house in the suburbs burned
down In August, and that the insurance
was $1X0. He objected to an assessment
of $1700. Barbara A. Bailey was sure her
furniture wouldn't bring more than $50
at auction, so she wasn't willing to pay
on an assessment of $250. Because of
having sold his auto for $400. Richard
Martin. Jr.. Insisted he oughtn't to be
assessed $500 on the machine.
Cummlngs Merrill once had $500. but
he didn't think he ought to be assessed
on the sum any longer, since It is tied
up in the defunct Title, Guarantee
Trust Company. The People's Loan
Cfflce represented that it shouldn't be
r Hi k
. -
1 -9
r: isviKv.
1 r- t
, -T-T'r. -',T- - I -XoaV
- 1
r -
..-.t? :
- .-.(.-ivws,,'
I, i ------ - -jrtvr-r-t, -xt-BjSk
assessed $250 on notes, saying that notes
are held against the company but not by
the company.
Max Loewenson presented a list show
ing that numerous properties in his vi
cinity are assessed at 60 per cent of
their real value. He said his property in
block 252 cost $25.o, and that the as
sessment Is $17,000 or 68 per cent of the
Quiet Settlement of Gambling Case
Is Prevented.
Settlement out of .court of a complaint
against H. A. Hogsted. accused of con
ducting a gambling game over the War
wick saloon. Fourth and Washington
streets, was prevented yesterday morn
ing by Judge Bennett in the Municipal
Court Hogsted had been arrested upon
the complaint of Clarence Darrow, a
contractor, who alleged to District At
torney Cameron that he had been en
ticed into a poker game in Hogsted s
rooms and "fleeced" out of $100.
Upon Darrow's admission that he had
been gambling, District Attorney Cam
eron ordered Darrow under arrest and
at the same time sent an officer to take
Hogsted into custody. The case came
up on the court docket on two mornings
but was continued each time beoause the
defendants always pleaded that they
were not ready for trial.
During this period, Hogsted returned
Darrow his money. Hogsted's attorneys
appeared in court yesterday and asked to
have the case stricken off the docket be
cause the victim had been reimbursed.
This was refused "by the Judge, who set
today for hearing and announced that
both men would be brought into court
under arrest If they failed to appear.
Wrecked Steamship Towed to
Willamette Iron Works.
Steamship Fair Oaks Encounters
Gales North of Cape Blanco.
In command of Captain O. Johnson, the
steam scnooner Fair Oaks arrived up
yesterday morning from San Francisco.
The craft had a hard trip from the Bay
City. After leaving the Golden Gate the
vessel encountered fair weather to Cape
Blanco. After that southeast gales
buffeted the vessel about in no easy
manner. On the trip up the river the
wind and rain vtre so heavy that the
boat was anchored.
The Fair Oaks was formerly the Robert
Dollar. She was built for the Dollar
Company, but waa sold to the Slade
Lumber Company. She was damaged
about three months ago by striking on
tho bar at Grays Harbor..
United Wireless Stockholders Are
Warned Against Vicious Statement.
Stockholders are cautioned about plac
ing any credence In vicious and unsup
ported statements by parties whose mo
tive in discrediting United Wireless stock
la for the purpose of obtaining said stock
for personal traffic The United Wireless
Company has not authorized any ex
change of stock with Clark Wireless Tele
graph Company, either on a basis of 16
shares of Clark Wireless stock for one
share of United Wireless stock, which the
Clark Company's agents offer, or any
other basis of exchange whatever. F. 8.
Stewart. Fiscal Agent, 410 Corbett Build
ing. Portland, Or.
Stockholders are urgently requested to
Immediately communicate with us. as
we have information of the utmost Im
portance to Impart to you at once. 702
Oregonlan hldg.. Portland. Or. "
Was Sunk by Steamer Geo. W. Elder
on Morning or August 18 Off
Light at Waterford Was For
merly Lighthouse Tender.
In tow of the G. K. Went
worth, the tug Daniel Kern has arrived
at Portland and- as soon as possible she
Elder was In charge of Pilot W. H. Pat
terson, who was later suspended by the
inspector? for carelessness. The Daniel
Kern was formerly the lighthouse tender
A partial survey of the vessel as ehe
now lays shows that she Is badly bat
tered up aft and that the timbers are
opened up to well amidships. The en
gines are practically uninjured and It
will require very little work on the part
of the machinists to put her In shape
for service.
The work of raising the vessel was
done by the Columbia Contract Company,
owners. An arrangement was entered
Into between the owners and the In
surance people before any work was done
and a settlement effected.
Due to Arrive.
Name. From. Dats.
Rose City San Francisco In port
Arso Tillamook. ...In port
Sue H. Elmore. THIamooK In port
Eureka Eureka In port
, Falcon San Francisco Oct. -1
Alliance Coos Bay .... Oct. -i
Henrik Ibien. ..Honckonr Oct. 4
Geo. W. F.lder. .Pan Pedro.. .Oct.
Breakwater Coos Bay Oct. 2
Kansas City San Francisco Oct. -
Roanoke San Pedro... Oct. ol
Selja Honckonc Inaen't
Scheduled to Depart.
Name. For. Date.
Eureka Eureka Oct. 21
Argo Tillamook Oct. 21
Rose Cltr Ean Francisco Oct. -22
Alliance Coos Bay Oct.
Falcon San Francisco Oct. -4
Breakwater Coos Bay Oct 27
Kanus City. .. San Francisco Oct. 29
Geo. W. Elder. .San Ped Oct. 80
Sue H. Elmore. Tillamook. ...Oct. 80
Kenrik Ibsen. . .Hongkong. .. .Nov. 1
Selja Hongkong....
Roanoke .San Pedro Nov. 2
Entered Wednesday.
Northland. Am. steamship (Erlck
son) with- general cargo, from San
Fair Oaks, Am steamship (John
son) with general cargo, from Ban
Hoqulam. Am. steamship (Rel
nertsen) with general cargo, from
San Francisco.
Rose City. Am. steamship (Ma
son) with general cargo, from San
Catania, Am. steamehlp' (Canty)
with fuel oil from Gavlota.
Cleared Wednesday
Hoqulam, Am. steamship (Relnert
sen) with ballast, for Aberdeen.
Catania, Am. steamship (Canty),
with ballast for Port Costa.
Hebe, Ger. ship (Pertnlen) with
wheat for United Kingdom.
will be lifted on the Oregon drydock for
repairs. The Kern arrived with a barge
on either side and in a badly dilapidated
condition. 8he has been on the bottom of
the Columbia since the morning of Au
gust 18. when she was struck by the
steamship Geo. W. Elder. Preliminary
arrangements for the lifting of the vessel
will require five or six days and it will
be the first of the coming week before
the craft will be out of water.
The Daniel Kern was engaged In tow
ing rock barges between Waterford and
Fort Stevens. On the morning of August
lg she was struck In the stern by the
Geo. W. Elder off Waterford light and
went down In 10 fathoms of water." The
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Atlanta, Ga.
To Install Wireless on Catania.
Wireless will be Installed on the steam
ship Catania on the present trip to San
Francisco. With one or two exceptions
all the oil carriers operating on the Pa
cific Coast are equipped with wireless
stations. The addition of the telegraph
to the Catania is another move to the
front in maritime circles. The Catania
was formerly a transport and at present
Is In command of Ceptaln Canty. The
steady run of the oil packets makes wire
less an absolutely necessary part of the
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Marine Notes.
The steamship Catania sailed last night
for Port Costa in ballast.
With lumber for San Francisco the
steam schooner Olympic sailed yesterday
With passengers and freight for Coos
Bay ports the steamship Breakwater
sailed last evening.
The steam schooner Tamalpals sailed
for San Francisco yesterday afternoon
with a full cargo of lumber.
Commander J. M. Ellicott, V. S. N..
Inspector of the Thirteenth Lighthouse
District, left yesterday lor a tour
Inspection of lights on Puget Sound.
Hercules Takes Flour at Tacoma.
J. Walter Ransom. local agent of the
Portland & Asiatic Steamship Company,
left yesterday afternoon for Tacoma,
where he will look after the loading of
the Norwegian" steamship Hercules,
which" will carry flour from that port
to Vladivostok for Kunz & Albers. For
merly all flour for that firm was
dispatched frcm Portland by Henry Mett,
but the recent fire which destroyed the
Portland Flouring Mills plant forced the
Hercules to take cargo at Tacoma. (
Xotlce to Mariners.
Commander W. G. Miller, Commander,
U. S. N.. has issued the following notice
to mariners. It affects all sailors en
tering the bay of 8an Francisco from
the north:
'Notice is hereby given that Duxbury
Reef whistling buoy is reported missing.
Arrivals and Departures.
PORTLAND, Oct. 20. Arrived Steam
ship Fair Oaks, from San Francisco. Sailed
Steamship Catania, for San Francisco;
steamship Breakwater, for Coos Bay; steam
ship Olympic, for San Francisco; steamship
Tamalpals, for JSan Francisco.
Astoria. Or.. Oct. 20. Condition at the
mouth of the river at 5 P. M. Rough; wind
southeast. 36 miles; weather, cloudy. Ar
rived down during the night steamers
Roanoke. Johan Poulsen. Arrived down at
9 A M. Ship St. Nicholas and schooner C.
S. Holmes. Left up at 12 noon British bark
A Hair. Arrived down at 1 P. M. Steamer
W. S. Porter. i
San Francisco, Oct. 20. Arrived Steam
er ASTincion. from Portland; steamer J.
MarhofTer. from coos Bay: steamer Hyades.
from Kahulul; steamer Dakotah, from Ma
nila; steamer Admiral Sampson, from Seat
tle; steamer Chehalls. from Grays Harbor.
Sailed Steamer Camphill. for v'omox:
steamer Cowrie, for- Hongkong; steamer
Hilonlan. for Honolulu; steamer Buckman,
for Seattle.
Tacoma, Oct. 20. Arrived Steamer Gour
ernor. from Seattle. Departed British
steamer Carlton, for Europe; steamer
Seward, for Cordova. Ala-ska, via Seattle;
steamer Tallac, for San FranciBco.
Yokohama. Oct. 20. Arrived previously
Kumeric, from Seattle, for Manila: Oanfa. I
from Liverpool, via Singapore, juanuK, oil.,
for Tacoma.
Seattle. Oct. 20. Sailed Steamer Bertha,
for Valdes.
8:00 A.
5:02 P.
Tides at Astoria Thursday.
High. low.
M 60 feet ll:10 A.
M 7.4 feet
M 4.3 feet
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