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    16 , TIIE MCfflXiyO OREOayiAX. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1909.
Board of Equalization Meets to
Scan Fixed Values of
Western Cnion Telegraph Company
Asserts Worth in County Is $26,-
908, Instead or $43.395 Ir-
vlngton CInb Iemur.
The Multnomah County Board of
Equalization convened from 6 A. M. to
4 P. M. yesterday, and will he in session
every" day until October IS. Yesterday
43 persona presented objections to the
assessments upon their property. ' The
Western Union Telegraph Company was
the most Important complainant. As
sessor Sigler's deputies fixed the value
bf the Western Union property at W3.395.
but the company makes the assertion
' that !t is worth only KS.W. or 116.397 less
than the assessment. Company officials
assert the corporation's poles and wires
In this county are worth $10,45.
Mrs. V. Llnd objects to an assessment
of :5S0 on lot 13, block 20. First Addition
to Holladay Park, although she admitted
yesterday that she paid -o0 for the
property two years ago.
Carrie Clark objects to the "large In
terests" being assessed on a lower sched
ule than the small home owners. "The
Interests are not assessed at anywhere
near the market value of their holdings.
she complains. Her assessment of $6775
on property and Improvements in King's
Addition she regards as excessive.
The Merchants Savings & Trust Com
pany gives a long Uet of lots in Irving-
ton, mostly old race-track property. The
'.assessments range from J.oO to HOCiO a lot.
The bank makes tha statement that this
'Is 1250 a lot too high, except on East
Eleventh and East Fourteenth streets.
where It ! alleged the assessments are
$150 too high.
Walter A. Goss. W. M. Cook and W. F.
, Woodward, trustees of the Irvlngton
Club, want the taxes paid In former
'years Upon the clubhouse remitted, as
I they say It should have been exempt.
"They say the club Is about to reorganize
fwith 150 life members, and will maintain
children's playgrounds. The club will
(then be under the "church and fraternal
: society act," they say, which will ex
empt It from taxation.
Dr. S. E. Josephl was assessed t2X) for
lev horse and wagon. Ha says he did not
own them March 1.
The Columbia Chair Company wants its
'assessment of merchandise, money, notes
land accounts reduced from JWO to $1200.
J. B. Ztegler. who owns property on
Holladay avenue, makes a complaint
against the local streetcar company. The
(Portland Railway. Light & Power Com
fpany derives all the benefit from the lm
provement of Holladay avenue, he says,
while the abutting property owners pay
ft or It, and are then taxed for Increased
jproperty valuations. He says his quar
ter block is assessed at liOO, 1XK more
Hhan last year. He thinks It should be
only SW.
W. F. Shumway makes the objection
that his assessment la not high enough.
LHls personal property assessment Is '.).
He says he has two horses worth 100,
which should be added to this figure.
"Pair Captured at Kalama Now Se
cure With Bail and Chain.
E. L. Blddle and Fred Sledow, the
-trusties who walked away from the Coun
rty Jail last Wednesday when after
rempty garbage cans, are at Kelly Butte,
jpsecured with ball and chain, and as
sisting other criminals in breaking rock.
'The two men were captured at Kalama
hast Friday morning by Sheriff Camlne
iaipon information furnished by Sheriff
Stevens. Immediately after the escape,
Sheriff Etevens sent circulars and photo
Tgraphs to important neighboring points.
When Sledow and Blddle were ar
rested, they said they were not ac
quainted, Sledow saying he was from
Tacoma, and that his name was Otto
Jlhine. Blddle was thereupon released,
.but upon communicating with Sheriff
Stevens, Sheriff Carnlne became satisfied
Hie had released the escaped prisoner,
-and recaptured him. Deputy 8herlffs
.Leonard and Phillips brought the men
back to Portland,
Man Acquitted of Theft of CO Hogs
Sues for Damages.
Because he was arrested in Oregon
City last March, and charged with steal
ing 20 hogs belonging to John Rometsch.
(Augustus Walker has brought suit
against Rometsch in the Circuit Court to
recover $20,000 damages.
Walker alleges that he was taken be
fore Justice of the Peace Sampson and
charged with the offense, afterward be
ing brought to Portland. He was obliged
to furnish Jii'O bonds to secure his re
lease from jail, the prosecution being
Afterward abandoned. This part of the
transaction he thinks worth $10,000.
In April, Walker's case was investi
gated by the grand Jury, and an indict
ment against him was returned, but he
was acquitted of the charge in Septem
ber. His false indictment he considers
worth another $10,000, making $20,000 in
Man Hit by Mail Wagon Alleges
Carelessness by Driver.
Jacob Kilthau brought a $21,626 dam
age suit In the Circuit Court yesterday
morning againsts Peter Schulderman.
Kilthau complaining that he was knocked
down by a mail wagon at Third and
Washington streets on April 2. Kilthau
alleges that Schulderman was driving
westerly at a reckless speed along the
left side of the street.
At the time of the accident, which oc
curred between 6 and 8 P. M., Kilthau
was waiting for the steps of a streetcar
to be cleared that he might board the
car. He failed to see the approaching
wagon, which, he says, bowled him over
by hitting him on the right chest and
shoulder, breaking his hip bone. His loss
In wages was $1620, he asserts.
Judge Morrow Holds Attorney
Parshley Gave Lease Illegally.
Deciding that when A. W. Parshley, a
local attorney, conveyed to Mrs. Rose
Cady a lease to the Griffin rooming-house
without the consent of the owner, he
committed fraud under the law, Ctroult
Judge Morrow decided against Parshley
last night In tha suit which Mra. Cady
had brought against the lawyer.
In hln opening statement of the case
yesterday morning Attorney John F. Lo
gan mid the court that when Parshley
leased the house to Mra. Cady he took
all her money but 8 cents. 8ae had 1419.08,
which she had earned by working aa a
cook in an Idaho railroad camp. Attor
ney 'Logan (aid he discovered later that
Parshley took even the 8 cent. J100 being
for the lease, and the tlS.tfl to apply on
the first month's rent.
Mra. Cadv's suit was brought to re
cover the money she had invested. She
alleged that after Parahlay gave her the
lease H. D. Griffin, owner of the house,
objected to the transfer on the ground
that Parshley right to make It
The house Is located at lio Sixth street.
This is the case over an argument of
which Attorney I-ogan and Attorney
Harry Yanckwlch created a stir in the
courtroom when Yanckwlch made a re
mark und-r his breath and Logan re
sented It.
Jury Deems Suits of Mrs. S. It,
Adams Over t'unines a Faree.
A verdlc". in favor of Palrolman W. V.
Teevli was returned iast night by the
Jury In Judge Gnntenbein's department
of the Circuit Court wliich has been
trying the $7000 damage suit 1-rought by
Mrs. S. B. Adams, proprietor of the King
Hill Kennels, at 630 Washington Plreet.
Th? Jurors regarded the suit as a farce,
and noted the sudden change in the
nature of the cases from the Collins'
murd?r trial, on trial a few days before
In the same courtroom, to the suit over
Injured dogs and Injured feelings.
Henry J. Ottenhelmer and W. E. Tobln
were originally parties defendant to the
suit, but a nonsuit wap allowed regard
Ing them. Mrs. Adams said the trio
broke into her establishment in searching
for a Scotch collie dog. that they kicked
a black cocker spaniel dog to death, and
that she fainted during the performance.
Th publication of the story In the news
papers, she said, greatly damaged her
business. Judge Gantenbeln could not re
fraln from smiling when one of the wit
nesses shed tears In telling of the death
of the black dog.
John Robertson Indicted for Killing
Dolly Ferrera Holland Freed.'
A manslaughter charge was lodged
against John Robertson yesterday after
noon by the county grand Jury. At the
same time this Indictment was returned,
a not-true bill was returned to Presiding
Circuit Judge Bronaugh against Harry
Holland, who was with the automobile
party on the fatal Joy ride of September
19. when Mrs. Dolly Ferrera was Kinea.
The Robertson indictment charges him
with having involuntarily killed Mary
Alice De Martini Ferrera by driving an
automobile along the county road at such
an excessive and reckless rate of speed
that in trying to round a curve the ma
chine was overturned upon the young
woman's body, suffocating her. The wit
nesses examined by the grand Jury were:
Anna Meyer, Eva Meyer and G. B. Con
stable. Husband Charges Desertion.
Alleging that Minnie Jones deserted
him although he always provided her
with a good home and ah the necessi
ties of life, James O. Jones has brought
suit for divorce. He asks the court to
give him the custody of his two chil
dren, and to annul his wife's dower in
terest in his property. He says she left
him a year ago last month. They were
married September 21, 1904.
Beer Bill Bases Suit:
That Charles Downing bought beer and
other liquors of Welnhard's BTewery.
and failed to pay a balance of $397.18, is
alleged in a complaint filed by the
brewery company in the Circuit Court
yesterday. The original bill for June and
July was $2316. It is alleged that only
$1919 was paid.
Mrs. Eva L. Simmons Accuses Spouse
and Railroad Man of Conniv
ing to Get Her Land.
That her husband connived with an O.
R. & N. right-of-way agent to defraud
her of her property by preferring an In
sanity charge against her, la the allega
tion mod-e by Eva L. Simmons In a peti
tion on file in the County Court. She asks
the court to declare her sane, as she
says she is well able to attend to her
own business affairs. She also prays tha
court to restore to her the property to
which she says her husband has wrong
fully secured title.
In December, 1906, asserts Mrs. Sim
mons, while she was sick abed. S. W.
Simmons, her husband, and J. B. Eddy,
a railway right-of-way agent, started
proceedings by which H. S. Simmons was
appointed on December 30, to act as her
guardian. At that time, she alleges, the
railway corporation was desirous of
securing a right of way across her prop
erty. Further Mra Simmons complains that
her husband later falsely represented to
the County Court that her property was
of less value than it really is, thereby
making It possible for the guardian to
act under a small bond. A complete in
ventory of her estate was never sub
mitted to the court, she asserts a part of
It being sequestered. In the following
year the husband brought suit in the
Circuit Court to secure half his wife's
property, and she complains that al
though notice of this suit was served
upon her guardian, he did not appear
with an attorney to defend it, but al
lowed to gj by default. The woman says
she did not know of the suit having been
H. S. Simmons, Mrs. Simmons' guar
dian, filed with Judge Webeter yester
day a report In which he says he has on
hand $579 belonging to her estate. She
has been maintained by the sale of her
real estate, he says, the money having
been collected by her relatives, and used
without passing through his hands. He
asserts he has no expenditures to report.
Timepiece at Xorth Pole.
PORTLAND. Oct. IS. (To the Editor.)
In yesterday's Oregonlan. George 8. Shep
herd Is absolutely correct in saying- that
either explorer could sit in his cabin In any
part of the world and prepare figures to
Drove he had nailed the Stars and Stripes
to the Pole. But Mr. Shepherd is some-
whet In error .when he remarks, "as the
question of longitude Is eliminated, the
chronometer Is dispensed with." and In the
next sentence the word "noon" Is used.
This term presupposes a watch, and only
on the locfltude of that "time" Is it
noon." the apparent altitude of the sun
Increasing every minute of time from Its
first .appearance above tne norison in Aiarcn
till June 21. when the spiral turns down
ward. An explorer without a watch with a
S4-hour face would find difficulty In getting
o(t at the North Pole. D. w.
"Can be depended upon" Is an expres
on we ail like to hear, and when it is
j ... Mv,af.ttAn with Chamberlain's
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French Ship Clears With Full
Cargo for Europe.
Export of Wheat in Excess of One
Million Iluohels for First 1 8 Days
of October Shipments for
Month Will lie Heavy.
With 1"9,"0S bushels of wheat, valued at
$109,708. the French ship Hoohe. Captain
Auffray. cleared yesterday for the United
Kingdom for orders. The vessel carried
the second cargo of grain, the value of
which has been placed at $1 a bushel, to
clear during the present season from
Portland. The Nederland opened up with
dollar shipments last Friday, when she
cleared with a cargo valued at $210,043.
Wheat shipments (exclusive of flour)
now amount to 1.078.2io bushels. Adding
the barley and flour, the exports to for
eign countries for the first 18 days of the
present month amount to 1.365.432 bushels.
Before the end of the month the figures
will be nearly doubled.
Within a few days the Norwegian
steamship Hercules, operating for the
Portland & Asiatic Steamship Company,
will be due at this port from British
Columbia. The vessel has been discharg
ing railroad Iron at Prince Rupert and Is
now on drydock at Esquimau. The Her
cules will take out. a large quantity of
flour which will help to swell the export
figures for the present month. She will
be followed by the steamship Sella.
Grain shipments for October will run
well in excess of 2,500,000 bushels. As
compared with the district of Puget
Sound, Portland is far in advance in the
foreign shipments of foodstuffs for the
season of 1909-10.
Concert is Planned.
The regular conceit Tuesday night at
the Siamon'9 Institute. Front and Fland
ers streets, will be glveri this week by
Miss Madeline Bernaye, teacher of music
at St. Helen's Hall. A number of the
staff at the hall will assist and Fred
Croutha will render two solos. 3. Parks,
of the ship Xeotpfleld, who has an ex
cellent voice of great power, will also
sing. R. 'W. Hastings, treasurer of the
Institute, will -preside. The concert begins
at 8:15 P. M., and all are Invited.
Daniel Kern Does Sol Iteach Port.
The steamer Daniel Kern, sunk by be
ing struck by the steamship Geo. W.
Elder on the morning of August 18, and
recently raised by the owners, has not
yet reached the drydock. It was anj
nounced Saturday that she would be
placed on the dock yeBterday, but the
work proceeds slower than was anticipat
ed at that time. The Daniel Kern was
formerly the old lighthouse tender Man
ranlta. She was sunk in 10 fathoms of
water off Waterford light.
Knglneers Back From Copper River
H. Hoffman and Sam Shaver, two
Columbia River engineers who have been
running on the Upper Copper River dur
ing the Summer, have returned to Fort
land for the Winter. Mr. Hoffman was
chief of the Bteamer T. J. Potter for
many years. He left the service of the
O. , R. & N. Company to go with the
Guggenheim interests. Sam Shaver was
formerly with the Open River Transporta
tion Company.
Annual Survey of Willamette Begins.
Assistant Engineer Schubert will begin
the annual survey of the Willamette
River between the mouth and the lower
end of Ross Island this morning. The
tug Arago arrived up yesterday from a
survey trip on the Lower Columbia. 8he
will be used to make the soundings on
the Willamette.
Coos Bay Is Lively Port.
MARSHFIELD, Or, Oct. 18. (Spe
cial.) One day last week was a record-
breaker for the number of vessels In
Coos Bay harbor. The steamers Alli
ance and Breakwater were both in
from Portland, the M. F. Plant and
Eureka, were in from San Francisco,
the steam schooner Redondo was load-
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ing M (. jruner nuu . t,i,ww,w. -.
was loading- at the Simpson mill at
North Bend. The steam schooners
Carmel, J. Marhoffer and Excelsior were
loading; at the Smith mill and the
schooners Esther Buhne and Bertie
Minor were loading lumber at the rail
road wharf in Marshfleld. The gasoline
schooner Wllhelmina was in the bay
from nearby ports and the new gaso
line Schooner Oshkosh was taken out
for her trial trip the same day.-
' Astoria Shipping News.
ASTORIA. Or., Oct. 18. (Special.) The
British steamer Hazel Dollar cleared at
the Custom-Housa today for Tslng Tau.
China. She carries 150.000 feet of lumber
loaded at Tacoma. S.221.0S9 feet loaded
at Llnnton, 69.156 feet loaded at Goble.
and 235.440 feet loaded at Astoria. She
also took on as fuel the coal that was
recently discharged here by the schooner
The steamer Yellowstone, which sailed
Sunday for San Francisco, carried a
cargo of 120.000 feet of lumber loaded at
Rainier. 375,00) feet loaded at St. Helens
and 305.000 feet loaded at Oak Point.
The steamer J. B. Stetson, which sailed
Saturday evening for San Pedro, carried
l!8.0OO feet of lumber loaded at St. Helens,
306.432 feet loaded a Goble and 279,858 feet
loaded at Rainier.
Marine Notes.
With fuel oil from San Francisco, the
Associated OH tank steamships V . 3. Por
ter and Catania arrived up at Llnnton
last evening.
The steam schooner Wasp, with general
cargo from San Francisco, arrived last
evening. .
The Tillamook steamship Argo, with
passengers and freight, reached port yes
terday. From Alsea Bay and Taqulna. the sloop
Condor Is due to arrive today. ,
With plglron, coke and firebricks, the
British bark Altalr, from Tyne June 11,
arrived at Astoria yesterday. She Is In
to Meyer. Wilson & Co.
The steamship Tltanla shifted from Irv
ing dock to Montgomery No. $ yesterday
The French bark La Roche Jacquelin,
from Cherbourg May 19 with general
cargo, arrived at Astoria yesterday. She
Is under charter for grain.
Captain George Tyler, formerly running
out of Portland in the coasting trade, and
now in business at Newport, Or.. Is visit
ing friends in Portland.
Harry M. Montgomery. Deputy Col
lector of Customs, has returned to Port
land after a short vacation at Seattle
and Puget Sound ports.
Arrivals and Departures.
PORTLAND, Oct. IS. Arrived Steam
ship ltoe Cltv. from San Francisco; steam
ship W. S. Porter, from San Francisco;
steamship Arfro. from Tillamook; steamship
Wasp, from San Francisco; steamship Cat
ania, from San Francisco.
Astoria. Or.. Oct. 18. Condition at the
mouth of the river at 6 P. smooth; wind,
east. 1(1 miles; weather. raining. Ar
rived in and left up during the night
Steamer Argo. from lllianiouK. .srrivi-ii
:13 and left up at 0:30 A. M. Steamer Rose
Citv. Irora San Francisco. Arrived at C:ao
nnd left up at 8:30 A. M. Steamer W S.
Porter, from San Francisco. Sailed at i:.10
A. M. Steamer Wellesley. for Redondo. Ar
rived at :20 and loft up at A. M.
Steameer Wasp', from San Franci?co. Ar
rived at 111:30 P. M. British bark Altalr.
from Newcastle. England. Arrived at 1 P.
M. French bark La Roche Jaiueleln. from
Hull. Arrived at 2:25 P. M. German ship
Parnassos. from Santa Rosalia. Arrived at
11:80 A. M. and left up at 12 noon Steamer
Catania, from San Francisco. Arrived down
at 3:43 P. M. Steamer Whittler.
San Francisco. Oct. 18. Arrived at 6 A.
M. Steamer Kansas City', from Portland.
Sailed at 1 P. M. Steamer Geo. "W. Fen-n-lnk
for l"nhimhl River. Sailed at 2 P.
M. Steamer Yosemite, for Columbia River.
Arrived at 4 P. M. Steamer Falcon, from
Portland. Arrived at B P. M. Steamer Yel
lowstone, from Columbia River.
Victoria. Oct. IS. Arrived Dutch steamer
Kederland, from Portland, for St. Vincent.
Tacoma. Oct. 18. Arrived Steamer Tal
lae. from San Francisco and Portland.
Coos Bay, Oct. 18. Sailed Steamer Eu
reka, for Portland.
Hankow. Oct. 18. Arrived Oct. 14. Brit
ish steamer M. S. Dollar, from Portland
San Francisco, Oct. 18. Arrived Steamer
Tiverton, from Ludlow: steamer Col. E. L.
Drake, from Soattle; barge 8, from Seattle;
Bteamer Quinault. from Grays Harbor;
steamer Kansas City, from Portland; Bteamer
Redondo, from Coos Bay; steamer G. C.
Llndauer, from GrayB Harbor; Bteamer Eliza
beth, from Bandon; steamer Hornet, from
Grays Harbor; steamer Daisy Mltcholl. from
Willapa; steamer Falcon, from Portland.
Sailed Barkentlne Arago, for Honolulu;
Bteamer Geo. W. Fenwick. for Astoria;
steamer Yosenttte, for Astoria; steamer Nor
wood, for Grays Harbor; Bteamer F. S.
Loop, for Portland. '
Tides at Astoria Tuesday.
High. v Low.
4:00 A. M 6.5 feet 9:20 A. M 3.0 feet
8:20 P. M S.2 feet10:20 p. M 0.4 foot
Probate Court Notes.
The fourth semi-annual account of the
George Myers estate, over which a
will contest Is pending before Circuit
Judge Bronaugh, was approved by Coun
ty Judge Webster yesterday. George T.
Meyers. Jr., the executor, reports the
receipts since his last report to have been
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$5821.52, and the disbursements. J1913.SO.
At the last report he had on hand $12,
934.59. He now has $17,842.31.
The estate of Harry T. Butterworth,
the St. John jeweler who was shot and
robbed, was closed by order of Judge
Webster yesterday, and Mabel Butter
worth, the widow and administratrix,
was discharged from ' further responsi
bility. Judge Webster signed an order yester
day admitting to probate the will of Kilts
Q. Hughes, who died August 27. The
Judge appointed Maria L. Hughes, the
widow, administratrix, to act aftr filing
a $5000 bond. The personal property of
the estate Is valued at $20,000, and the
real estate at $5000.
Ten Relatives of Woman Get SI 00
Each, Her Jewelry to Sisters.
Husband Main Devisee.
The estate of Carrie Rosenblatt Beck,
worth over $60,000, was admitted to pro
bate In the County Court yesterday morn
ing by Judge Webster. The will names
Emanuel Beck and Samuel Rosenblatt
as executors, to act without giving
bonds. Their appointment was confirmed
by the court, and Gus Rosenblatt, Frank
Rotbohlld and Bam Beck -were appointed
Mrs. Beck died October 2. Her prop
erty consists of an Interest In the Rosen
blatt estate. She bequeaths $100 each to
the following relatives: Ella Elsenbach,
Flora Rosenblatt, Millard Rosenblatt,
Martin B. Bichel, Stanley R. Blumauer,
Jean L. Rosenblatt, Bertram Levy, So
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Our Xew Svem Treatment forces out the impurities and soon all
signs and symptoms disappear completely, the blood, the tissues, the
flesh, the pores and the whole system is cleansed and purified-
VARICOSE (or knotted) Veins is always a serious condition. The
imperfect circulation causes reflex complications, steadily lowers the
vital and nerve forces. Our New System Treatment has cured many suf
ferers. Patients notice improvement from the very beginning. No cut
ting or detention from work.
DON'T LOSE YOUR GRIP ON LIFE. Many men are now suf
fering from sedentarv habits and dissipation. Their strength and vital
ity are falling and will soon be gone. Debility and weakness soon de
stroy your happiness and your future life will be misery, distress and
failure. Our Km Svatein Treatment restores to perfect health as nature
intended. Associate ailments of men quickly cured by our new Oscil
lator Treatment.
Men make no mistake when they come to us. We give you the re
sults of long experience, honest, conscientious work, and the best serv
ice than money can buv. If vou are ailing, consult us. Medicines fur
nished in our private laboratories from 11.50 to to a course.
If you cannot call, write for self-examination blank. Hours, 9 A. M.
to 8 P. M. daily. Sundays, 9 to 12 only.
291 H Morrison St., Between Fourth and fifth, Portland, Or.
. ,
Different doctors have different
regard to .cures, some can a
svinptoms a cure. iney uuo
fects and claim that nothing more
Rut tin, ral ailment remains,
bring the real svmptoms back again, per
haps the same as before, but very likely leave
the patient, in a much worse condition. I
claim that nothing less than complete eradi
cation of the ailment cau be a real cure. 1
treat to remove the ailment, and not merely
the svmptoms. I search out every root and
fiber of an ailment, and I cure to stay cured.
Pay When Cured
Varicose Veins
Absolutelv painless treatment that cures
completely in one week. Investigate my
,method. It is the only thoroughly scientific
treatment for this disease being employed.
My treatment is absolutely 'painless, and
perfect results can be depended upon In
every Instance. I do no cutting or dilating
Specific Blood Poison
Xn dangerous minerals to drive the virus
tn the interior, but harmless blood-cleansing
remedies that remove the last poisonous
Contracted Disorders
Be sure vour cure is thorough. Not
one of my patients has ever had a relapse
after being alscharged as cured, and I cure
In less time than the ordinary forms of
treatment requile.
I offer not only Free Consultation and Advice, but of every case that
comes to'me I will make a careful examination and diagnosis without
charge! No ailing man should neglect this opportunity to get expert
opinion about his trouble.
if vrm cannot call, write for Diagnosis Chart. My offices are open
all day from 8 A. M. to 9 P.
M., and
234V2 Morrison St., Cor. Second, Portland, Oregon
her husband, to be held by him until
he dies, when It is to go to her brothers
and sisters. Samuel Rosenblatt, Louis
Rosenblatt. Hannah R. Blumauer and
Lillle R. Sichel. Besides the real es
tate Mrs. Beck gives her husband all
her silverware, her engagement ring and
the household furniture. Beach & Simon
and Beck & Roecker, local attorneys,
probated the .will.
Stockholders are ' urgently ruquested to
immediately communicate with us. as
we have information of the utmost Im
portance to impart to you at once. 702
Oregonlan bldg., Portland, Or.
vNot a minute should be lost when a
child shows bymptoms of croup. Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy given as soon
as the child becomes hoarse, or even
after the croupy cough appears, will
prevent the attack.
Every woman covets a
shapely, pretty figbre, and
many of them deplore the
loss of their girlish forms
after marriage. The bear
ing of children is often
destructive to the mother's
relief derived from the use of this
a. .i.c..... . - -- , ; vj
ideas in
can be
and will
The Leading Specialist.
A 10,000 EDUCA
Sundays from 10 to 1.
I See All My Patients THE DOCTOR
Personally. THAT CURES.
I hire no substitute and have no meii
cat euinpojuy.
FEE FOR A CURE Is lower than any
specialists In the city, half that others
charge you and no exorbitant price for
I am an expert specialist, have had
80 years' practice in the treatment of
diseases of men. My offices are the best
equipped In Portland. My methods are
moderir and up-to-date. My cures are
quick and positive. I do not treat symp
toms and patch up, I tnoroughly examine
each case, find the cause, remove it and
thus cure the disease.
I C17RE Varicose Veins, t'ontrneted
Ailments, Piles and Specific Blood Poi
son and All Ailment of Men.
CUHK OR 0 PAY I mm the only
specialist In Portland who ninkes no
charge unlrss the patient Is entirely
satisfied with the results accomplished,
and who gives a written guarantee to
refund every dollnr pnld for nervier
If fi complete and pcrmnnent cure la
not effected.
iiT7T Visit Dr. Lindsay's private
V1E1I Museum of Anatomy and
know thyself, in health and disease. Ad
mission free. Consultation free. If un
able to cail, write for list of questions.
Office hours 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. ; Sun
days 10 A. M. to 1 P. M.
I28Vs Oecond St., Cor. of Aider,
Portland, Oregon.
Sickly Smile
Wipe it off your otherwise
good looking -face put on that
good health smile that CAS
CARETS will give you as
a result from the curt of
Constipation or a torpid liver.
It's so easy do it youH see.
CASCARETS 10c a box for a week's
treatment, all druggists. Biggest seller
in the world. Jduiiou boxes a month.
For Dyspepsia
Indigestion and all Stomach Troubles, digest
what you eat. and diifets it completely. It Is
guaranteed to relieve you. and if H fails, your
money will at once be refunded by your dealer
from whom you purchased it. Any drutrgist ID
sell Kodol to you on our guarantee. Kvery table
spoonful of Kodol digests pounds of food.
Dr. Sanderson's Compound
Bavin and Cotton Root Pills,
and best onlv reliable rem
Cure the most obstinate cases
in t in in riavs. Price 2 per box. or
3 for $5; mailed in plain wrapper. Ad
dress T. J. PIERCE. 311 Allsky bldg.
Krum herbs and roots, oure
cancer, nervousness, ca
tarrh, asthma, coughs, la
grippe, lung", liver, throat,
kidney and stomach trou
bles: also all private dis
eases. No operations. Wa
cure when others fail.
ConjHiltation - free. Young
Ming Chinese Medicine Co.,
JIT Taylor St., bet. 2d A 3d
- h gj lp s