Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 19, 1909, Page 11, Image 11

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Because of Tillamook
joyed at BAYOCEAN That
Think'of taking a dip in the surf or the Plunge Bath and a few minutes
later gliding lazily out across the broad bay in a sailboat!
It is Pleasure, Recreation and Health all at once.
There is plenty of room in the bay it is seven miles long and three miles
wide. For smaller craft the five rivers coming down from the forests into the
bay are all navigable.
Rowing, sailing, motor-boating you may enjoy them all on Tillamook Bay.
A Launch Harbor that will become the home port of the finest boats in the
Northwest is being provided on th'e bay side near the central pier. BAY
OCEAN, where every detail unites in appealing to the taste of the tourist and
Aquatic Sports May Be Era
Are Possible Nowhere Else
the pleasure-seeker, will see its magnificent bay dotted with craft from East
sncL West
The value of the bay to BAYOCEAN cannot be estimated in dollars. It is
- one of the peculiar Natural Advantages of BAYOCEAN one of the reasons
why there can never be another resort equal to BAYOCEAN on the Pacific Coast.
Potter-Chapin Realty Company
514 Corbett Building, Portland, Oregon
416 R. A. Long Bldg.
Kansas City, Mo.
421 Columbia Bldg.,
Spokane, Wash.
901 Monadnock Bldg.,
San Francisco, Cal.
Road Work Within Hauling Dis
tance of Crusher Almost Com
pleted Use Llnnton. Quarry.
The ub-JH at Kelly Butte will toon
he a thing of the past, according to
County Commissioner Llghtner. He
ixiys that the complaint of the Grand.
Jury that the sleeping- quarters are In
adequate and that the air space al
lowed the prisoners at night Is Insuffi
cient, is unjust and not borne out by
"The last time I -lslted the place
there were 58 prisoners at work." aald
Mr. Llghtner. ,-Of these about 35 were
county prisoners and 23 city prisoners.
If the place Is crowded It Is not the
fault of the County Court, as the Sher
iff Is not obliged to keep the city pris
oners there.
"It will be but a short time when
the county will have no place to put
the rock- from" Kelly Butte, except as It
Is reeded now and then to keep In re
pair roads already made. We hava
completed almost every road within
hauling distance of Kelly Butte. There
Is a strip 1 1-3 miles long on Section
Line Road yet to be macadamised, an
other strip between Kelly Butte and
Ints, and about t miles on the Powell
Valley Road.'
Judge Webster said It was the plan
of the County Court to put city pris
oners at work at the new Llnnton
quarry,- but that there might be
shortage of these, in which case free
I labor would be employed at first.
Detectives Say Perpetrators of Two
Hold-rps Have Left City.
Although all suspicious places were
visited and e-ery effort made to appre
hend them, the six "crooks" who perpe
trated two bold holdups In Portland ear
ly yesterday morning have not been
caught. The detectives express the be
lief that all have left the city.
The attempted cracking of the safe In
the building of -the Doernbecher Manu
facturing Company by four yeggmen
early yesterday morning. Is said by De
tectives' Mallet and Maloney to be one
of the boldest crimes yet undertaken
since the surge northward of criminals to
the A.-T.-P. Exposition at Seattle.
Fred W. Lutkmeler. proprietor of a
saloon at 49 Union avenue, who. with R.
Hartman and C. Johnson, two of his
patrons, was held up and robbed by two
masked men an hour prior to the at
tempted wrecking of the safe, were un
able to furnish the detectives with .an
accurate description of the men and little
hope Is entertained of catching them.
Leaves Marshfield Sunday.
In order to accommodate delegates to
the Oregon-Idaho Congress, the sailing
of the steamer Breakwater from Marsh
field has been changed from Saturday to
I '
The world's most successful medicine
for bowel complaints Is Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
It has relieved more pain and suffering,
and saved more lives than any other
medicine In use. Invaluable for chil
dren and adults.
Robert H. Murray Weds Miss Helena
' M. Dunckley, or Centralla,
Another unsuccessful crusade against
the plans of Cupid was recorded In Port
land Tuesday night, when Robert H.
Murray claimed Miss Helena M. Dunck
ley as his bride in the manse of the
pastor of Calvary Presbyterian Church.
The bridegroom Is the eon of W. L. Mur
ray, and is associated with hl& father
here In the manufacture of machinery.
The bride la the daughter of Colonel T.
H. Dunclfley, publisher of the News-Examiner,
of Centralla, and a niece of W.
H. Dunckley, of Ladd & Tllton's bank.
The ceremony was performed by Rev.
Mr. Walker.
The romance which culminated In Tues
day night's wedding commenoed two
years ago when young Murray, who is
25 years of age, met Miss Dunckley In
Centralla. He met with parental oppo
sition from the first, but persisted, and
went into business in Centralla. thinking
to win over Miss Dunckley's parents, but
without favorable result. Two months
ago he returned to Portland and became
associated In business with his father.
Tuesday afternoon Miss Dunckley told
her father she intended remaining over
night with a friend. She took the mid
night train for Portland, was met at
the Cnlon Depot by young Murray vand
his father, and they were married, leav
ing here early yesterday morning on their
Murray has led a rather adventurous
career since his 16th birthday, when be
went to Alaska and prospered. When
President McKlnley was assassinated,
Murray bought the finst 600 newspapers
reaching Nome, Alaska, and sold them at
32 each. He later visited various foreign
countries, returning horns three years
.Colonel Dunckley arrived in Portland
yesterday noon to find his daughter mar
fled and already on her honeymoon.
The eloping pair could not be located
In Portland last night. Up to a late hour
they had not registered at any of the
downtown hotels. It Is believed the elop
ers are In the elty, though keeping their
Identity concealed.
Elopers Evidently In Fear of Irate
Father of Bride.
OREGON CITY, Or., Aug. ' 18 Spe
cial.) Robert H. Murray and his blush
ing bride passed the afternoon In Ore
gon City. Manifesting extreme nerv
ousness over the fear that Thomas
Dunckley, father of t-he bride, would
find them and Interfere with their new
born happiness, Murray and his wife
reached the Electric Hotel early this
afternoon and engaged a room. They
registered under protest, stating to
Manager Tobln that Dunckley was after
them and they were trying to' evade
The happy pair had dinner at the ho
tel, and soon after they left they city
on an lnterurban car for Portland, de
parting from Oregon City on the 7
o'clock ear. Murray told Manager To
bln they might return, but it is thought
that the newly-married couple will put
as many miles as possible between
themselves and the pursuing parent.
The Soo-Spokane-Portland Train do
Luxe is the fast train between Portland
and St. Paul. Electric lighted, wide ves
tlbuled, buf fet-llbrary-eom partment-obser-vation
cars. The best of service.
the dates for the third annual Albany
Apple Fair. The Fair will probably be
held In the big gymnasium of the Alco
Six Concerns Make Identical Prices
of $14.40 on Articles Purchased
Last Year at $9.80.
Finding evidence that six of Port
land's printing and bookbinding con
cerns had combined to hold up the
county when it came to awarding the
contract for 100 half-bound books, the
County Court rejected all ths bids yes
terday morning, and It Is probable the
needed books will be purchased from
some firm in the East or in San Fran
cisoo. The six firms whose bids were
rejected were: Lovejoy & Lincoln,
Bushong H Company, Glass & Prud
homme, Irwin-Hodson CompanyPort
land ' Printing Company and Howe,
Davis & Kllham.
For the books used by County Clerk
Fields In recording deeds, mortgages
and like Instruments, and for which
bids were advertised. the County
Court has been paying 314-40 each. Six
months ago the oounty bought 50 of
them for 39.80 each. Every one of the
six bids opened yesterday demanded
314.40 apiece for the books.
A queer circumstance in connection
with the affair is that Bernard & Com
pany, of St. Louis, sent a certified
check with a letter saying their Port
land agent would place their bid for
the books. But the agent failed, for
some unaccountable reason, to make
the bid. -.
Apple Fair Dates Set.
ALBANY, Or., Aug. 18. (Special)
Ootober 37, 28 and 29 have been set as
He Promises to Consider Purchase
by City of Hawthorne Park.
A committee consisting of Rev. Nel
son Allen, W. R. Bishop and C. A. Blge
low appeared yesterday before Mayor
Simon and the Park Board for the pur
pose of urging them to consider favor
ably the purchase of the Hawthorne
tract for a city park. C. A. Bigelow
states the Mayor promised to consider
the subject carefully if the committee
would set a price wanted for the land.
This the committee expects to do soon.
Residents In the vicinity of Haw
thorne Park are desirous of having a
city park in the neighborhood and
are not anxious as to what particular
tract is purchased. The nearest pleasure-ground.
Holladay Park, is one mile
and a quarter from Hawthorne Park.
A mass meeting will be held next
Monday evening, probably in Haw
thorne Park, for the purpose of obtain
ing expression of the sentiment of resi
dents concerning the purchase of Haw
thorne Park by the city.
In buying a cough medicine, don't be
afraid to get Chamberlain's Cough
ana rener is sure 10 iuuuw.
reconimenueu iwr
whooping cough.
colds and
Welcome Words to Women
Women who suffer with disorders peculiar to their
ex should write to Dr. Pierce and receive free the
advice of a physician of over 40 years' experience
a skilled and successful specialist in the diseases
of women. Every letter of this sort has the most
careful consideration and is regarded as sacredly
confidential. Many sensitively modest women write
fully to Dr. Pierce what they would shrink from
telling to their local physician. The local physician
is pretty sure to say that he cannot do anything
without "an examination." Dr. Pierce holds that
these riistiMfeful examinations are generally need
less, and that no woman, except in rare cases, should submit to
Dr. Pierce's treatment will cure you right in the privacy of
your own home. His Favorite Prescription" has cured
hundreds of thousands, some of them the worst of cases.
It is the only medicine of its kind that is the product of a regularly graduated
physician. The only one good enough that its makers dare to print its every
ingredient on its outside wrapper. There's no secrecy. It will bear examina
tion. No alcohol and no habit-forming drugs are found in it. Some unscrup
ulous medicine dealers may offer you a substitute. Don't take it. Don't trifle
with your health. Write to World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. R.
V. Pierce, President, Buffalo, N. Y., take the advice received and be well.