Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 25, 1908, Page 14, Image 14

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    XlilS JlUlLMMi OKEGUMAN, iiuDAY, bill' i i Jii-LxC 1 Ocj.
A weil modern 7 -room houf; cement
walks and basement: lot SoxloO; all Im
proved with lawn. ro-s and fruit: 1 block
to carline. In Piedmont Add. Will ex
change for small, well-lmpri ved farm
near carllne. Price $3200.
09-10 Buchanan BMj .,
2$H Washington St.
Phone, Main b00.
NO. 13 400 acres of good land only 1
miles from E"tacada carline, on the
Clackamas River: all fine land; nearly
half low bottom; RO acres under cultiva
tion; balance timber; over 2o acres of
good piling timber on the place; good
fnce; fair house and barn; 2 acres or
chard; good country mad: price $45 per
acre and will take In $mhp or more or
city property. Any part of this farm can
be sold or traded. Ralph Ackley, 603 Cor
bett bldg.
10 ACRES. 4 acre at raw berries, 1 acre mixed
orrhard. balance vegetables and hay; b
room plastered house, cement cellar, water
In houae; also 7-room bunaalow and good
bsm; ail fenced; clow to Milwaukie; Jvmft,
J.WP down or will take ranch up to $40u
first payment. 323 Lumber Exchange.
Grocery store on corner lot :oi72 feet
In a high class refinance district of Port
land. Price for stock, building and lot
H-"pO0: for stock alone $25" m. On easy
terms. Ralph Ackley. H Corbett bldg.
WILL PELL or exchange for choice realty.
In good location, or lease for term of
Tars, up-to-date apartment-house, with
all modern Improvements. In center of
city. Correspondence solicited. Principals
only. T 250, Oregontan.
HAVE beautiful home; hfuse strictly mod
em. In desirable part of the city, valued
at 5SO0; to exchange for residence, bus
iness lots, grocery store or some other
profitable business. tJ( coroeir omg
CONFECTIONERY, cigar and notion store,
clone to school, with 5 living rooms, rent
$22. 50; receipts $15 find more; win es
char a-e for cii v property and part cash.
31." Lumber Exchange.
WA NTED Stock of merchandise for a
good 3K-acre farm in Clat kamai Lounij
worth $1".5"0
F. FUCHS. 221 i Morrison St.
JF COURSE! CERTAINLY! If you want to
buv, sell or trade business or property ioi
low the crowd to Stevenson & Taylor,
room 310 and 311 Buchanan bldg.
DO jou want fruit land? If so. I will sell
or trade you my 20 acres south of Port
land; nrice $15oo; I want a no me. ij .t.t.
EXCHANGE income city property and acre
age do- to citv. value $22.O00. Incumb
rance $25041. for good stock of general mer
chandise. L 2H6, oregonian.
a 112 oi Klickitat -hill fruit and farm
tract to trade toward Portland home or
business property. Frank .Le
Front st.
Taken In ex-han;e for real estate.
FRED H. STRONG. 6 Concord bldg.
t-inno EQUITY in flne residence for sale or
trade for smaller modern house. Call 613
Chamber Commerce.
i t VP l.niivs lots, farms, storm, rooming-
houses Mid other businesses for sale or for
trade. Call 513 Chamber commerce.
WHAT have von to trade for inside lot In
Chehalls. Wah.. a city of 5inM people? In
vestigate. M 2l. Oregonian.
IK ou want to buy. eI! or trade anything,
see KaufTmann Moore. 325 Lumber Ex-
.nnriM house t acres lard, family or
i hard, barn, chicken ard. 2 minutes out
t-lty; trade or terms. 2 Hamuion Diug.
WILL trade mining stock for vacant lots.
Thone Mnin 3251.
WILL trade for what you have. Gua Smith.
404 Buc hanan bMg.
S2 ACRHS vellow pine and flr timber, cruise
2 to.iMM feet. 4 nules to town and railroad.
rtar Elgin. Or.. $10 per acre, and will ex
change for Portland residence.
PINB TREK LAND COMPANY. Buchanan Bldg. Phone HSfi.
FOR SALE A relinquishment of timber on
the Silciz: nine or ten million fet. with
trnA ImnrnvpmnH' .'i0Ot If taken Quick.
An opportunity to make $50"0 or Irtnftrt
in the next 14 months. a duress dox -,
Cor va His, Oregon.
Chicago. New Orleans. Seattle.
82V Chamber of Commerce.
Port Lin 0.
FIXE homestead, only tf miles out from the
town of Silets. rislit In the great timber
party that haa this claim cannot possibly
live on it and will relinquish very cheap
at once for $KM. L 274. Oregonian.
A GREAT opportunity Wanted, five men
with S.vHMi each or one man wiin
to float a bis timber and milling enter
prise, easy to l"g and handy to railroad.
For further particulars inquire of Jas. G.
Horning. Philomath, Or.
Have several patented timber claims, well
situated. 3.00. 000 to 6.000.000 feet each,
at $1000 per claim. Western Investment
Co.. ,Hl-m'2 Corbet l Diog.
3 933 OOP HEMLOCK, spruce and celar, only
I7.667.00O feet on drlvable stream, only
WE are in the market for from
to 1 AO. 000. 000 feet of principally yellow
fir; accessible to the Columbia River or
near Portland; rrom owners omj. ti
Corbett bldg.
TWO A-l railroad logging shows on Colum
bia River; one 12. other 40 million; $15,
000 cash will handle small show; $30.
00 large one. balance us logged off. B
2rtt. Oregonian.
California. Oregon. Washington.
Government locations a specialty.
1119 Board of Trade Bldg.
WE are constantly acquiring fine tracts of
timber for sale and are headquarters for
lumber enterprises of all kinds, phinn
Main 440 Kinney Stampher, 531-32
Lumber Exchange bldg.
WANTED Practical mill man; one-half ln
terejn In IO years' cut; water and rail trans
portation Portland markets; $S.H to $lU,OO0
cash reaulred. Box 7. city.
WOOD stumpage or lumber, about 5'KM)
cord original fir. 9 miles from Portland.
1? mile to station. Apply 75 East Couch.
FOR SALK 1HO acres good timber; good lo
cation, on river; for quick sale jour price
takes it. L 2H8. Oregonian.
WANTF1D Partner; best logging proposition
on Columbia River: 2oo.oo,uw; $.Mou re
quired. C 271. Oresontan.
TWO timber relinquishment: cellar and flr;
timter and atone act. Call Immediately.
327 Worcester block.
Government location. 327 Worcester bik.
TWENTY railroad claims, guaranteed atx to
IS million feet. Hoban. VII AHsky blk.
RELIABLE coup'.e wishes to purchase lot
in North Albiua or vicinity; $00 down, $10
per month. 7 per cent interest. Address
AD 2-"Ar Oregonian.
WANTED A or 7-room house. good
neighborhood; state particulars. L 270,
iVIIL glre cash and very Ine timber for new
modern house up to friOtiO; must be good
locatien. Call 613 Chamber Commerce.
W A NTBD Houses. lots. rooming-houses,
owners please list with Howard Bros., 619
Pwetland. Main 1669.
CHOICE residence lot; want bargain for cah;
sra: location and price. K 271. Ore
goaian. WANTED Acre or more, suitable for plat
ting Main 92. Angeles. 242 5th and
WANTED Cheap house and lot. on install
ment plan. Main V2, Angeles, 242 6th
at.d Main.
GOOD !2i-acre farm in Washington County,
on North Prairie, with 6-room house, Har
den, orchard, barn and other outhouses,
rent $; per acre. Apply to Wm. Kane.
Forest Grove, or.
WILL lease for years 10 acres. 6 acre
bearing orchard, 4 acres clover. 1H27
Peninsular ave.. city.
FARM fsr rent. J. N. El Hot. Oregon City,
feouio a.
024-427-02 Corbett I Idg.
WE want timber lani. single claims or
tracts. Murdoch & Young, 407 Buchanan
TIMBER lands wanted. C. J. McCracken.
304 McKay bldg.
DAIRY farm to work on shares by man
who understands the business; long leasa
desired A D 2".. Oregonian
Hones, Vehicle and Harness.
FOR SALE New light two-horse express
wagon with canvas top over seat; ca
pacity 1000 pounds; also new double har
ness and robe, all in good condition; price
$100 Inquire at room 2uO Oregonian bldg.
or of A. P. Langenberg, Clackamas, Or.
Ml "ST sacrifice our family driving mare. bay.
9 vears old. city broke, gentle, for any
ladv. with new top. steel-tire buggy and
new' hand-made harnew; only $125; no
dealers need answer. A 13t9. Dr. Charlton.
26 HORSES, farm and grocery wagons, ho
tel bus. euddies, harness, cheap to close
out. Hubert & IaU. 204 4th st.
F ANCY driving mare, city broke. 6 years
olcfT standard bred. C. F. Frey. Milwau
kie. Or.
HORSES, mares, rigs and harness of all
kir.ds for sale. 2i4 Montgomery.
FOR SALE Young team draft horses. Ap
ply SOS Davis st.
HORSE, buggy and harness for sale cheap.
Inquire 3.". North lih t.
NICE bay mare, weight 107.0; good driver;
lady or child can handle. 2S7 Morrison.
HORSES, buggies and harness for sale or
hire 12 East 34th st. Phone Tabor 1112.
AL'TOMOBILES. touring cars and run
abouts. 250 to $1200. for sale or trade.
W G. Hartman. 40 2d a:. Main 162.
TOCRING car. 4-cylinder. glass front, top.
new tires; fully equipped; $750. N 235,
WANTED Runabout, new
Address, stating condition
H 94. Oregonian.
tr second-hand,
and best price,
g;,0o Cadillac; seats 5;
2."2. Oregonian.
Al condition. J
WANTED An'eleetrlc piano for cash; one
slightly used preferred. Address 638
Worcester bldg.
FOR SALE New piano. $2O0; $100 cash,
balance long time as desired. AD 251,
We are purely the pipe kings. Any amount
of any size and all good pipe, too. Every
foot guaranteed, all dipped in coal tar free,
whl.-b makes the same as good as galvanized.
2- inch pipe, be foot.
2H -Inch pipe. 12c foot.
3- l'nch pipe, lflc foot.
4- lneh pipe. 23c foot.
We also have on hand:
50.000 ft. u and 9n-incn galvanized pipe.
2"0O ft. 12-inch new pipe-21H-0
ft. 10-Inch new pipe.
3000 ft. 3-inch new plje.
2ton ft. 4-lnch new pij?.
lotto ft. 9-lnch galvanized, riveted.
AH pipe guaranteed; if not satisfactory
your money retunded.
The store with the money-back policy.
J. SIMON & BKO., ,
244 -246- 2.V Fron t St.
Posltlvely New Roofing Material.
TOttO squares rubber roofing
Our prices. Others charees.
1- plv.... $1.2.1 1-ply....$2.00
2- plv 17 2-pl' 2.50
3- pl"y 2 25 3-ply 3 00
We have 5oo squares positively new cor
rugated lion that we are selling at $2.25 per
square. .
Also 20W squares galvanized corrugated
iron. ,
tie mire and see us before buying roofing,
as we have the right stock at the right price.
244-240-2.1O Front St.
MOVING picture films for rent; the best
selected stock In the West; all reels 1000
feet: no damaged films; everything that s
good. Send for eataloeue and terms.
Theater Film Service Co. Inc.. 1042 Golden
Gate ave.. San Francisco. Cal.
MOVING picture machines; any make;
films, tildes and supplies; talking ma
chines, records; opera and folding chairs;
Fosters, tickets, etc. 5QJ page catalogue
ree. New York Motion Picture Co., 104
Golden Gate ave., San Francisco, Cal.
FOR SALE New and second-hand billiard
and pool tables; easy payments; we rent
tables with privilege of buying; modern
bar fixtures; cheap prices. Brunswlck-Balke-Collender.
49 Third st.
IN LOTS OK FROM $100 TO S:oo0.
Partus Interested call Maglnnis St Son,
403-4 McKay bldg.
On account of removal Mr. James McCraken
offers his launch, Locblnvar. for sale at
a bargain. Applv to- Frank Masters, Ore
gon Launch Co., foot of East Madison st.
OLD VIOLINS bought and sold. Choice old
Instruments always on hand. Fine repairing
a specialty. Call or address L. Winters,
318 Tilford bldg.. loth and Morrison sts.
FOR SALE OR RENT, logging and holst
lne engines, rails, cars. etc. Railway
Equipment Co.. 74 1st. A 2363, Main 2363.
FOR SALE Office furniture; 2 roll top desks,
2 rugs and other furniture; weathered oak.
.122 Mohawk bldg.
FOR SALE Handsome houseboat, complete
equipment, cables. pontoon mooring
rights etc. Address AF 248, Oregonian.
FOR SALE Office fixture and safe. Phone
Main BS54 from 10 to 4. 420 Lumber Kx-
change bldg.
FOR SALE Thoroughbred Scotch collie
puppies; registered stock. 264 Alberta st.
y car.
FOR SALE Pest dry 4-ft. fir and oak wood
at lowest market prices. Hoover, 313 Water
st. Phone Main 7451.
FOR PALE 90 head of angora goats cheap.
Address T. J- Ripley. Oregon City. R. F.
D. No. 2.
supplies, slides, films for rent. lOM-j 4th st.
BOOKS bought, sold and exchanged. Old
Book Store, 211 2d. near Salmon.
SNAP $:C0 diamond ring for $275. A 270.
TWO shares In a fine duck lake. Inquire
C. C. Cott.L'0 Corbett bldg.
FOR S LE Two safes, letter-pres. desks
and office furniture. Chlopeck Fteh Co.
WANTED Young man between the age
of 17 and 21 to begin mechanical train
ing. Apply Tuesday. 8 A. M., 14th and
WANTED S flrst-class sash and door cut
ters; good wages. Apry at once. Supt.
National Lbr. c Hox Co, Hoquiam. Wash.
12 North 2d st. Both phones.
For Men 250 Burnsifle Street.
Phone Main 54.
WANTED A good house-to-house can
vasser, with references. Apply room 39.
Hamilton bldg.
Headquarters cooks, helpers. California Wine
Depot. P. Lorati, 14S 4th. Main 550.
JAPANESE and Chinese employment
'agency. 810 Davis st. Main 8309.
WANTED Three coat makers.
Curtiss. Seattle, vtasn.
WANTED Coatmaker. $9 tip; railroad fare
advanced. D- J- reiers. ana w ana, asn.
BOYS WANTED AH day or after school.
Apply 74 Third et
WANTED A glazier. Geo. Ainsley Co., 650
Pettygrove st.
WANTED Roy with wheel for delivery.
Case A Reed Co.. 5th and Oak sie.
WANTED A good, young, reliable meat
cutter. Box 30L Eugene. Or.
WANTED Coatmaker. Address A. Dyno,
Unnnlim TVnxh
COATMAKERS wanted. Apply Columbia
Woolen Mills Co.. 7th and Stark sts.
ELRVAT"R hoy; must be over 14 years old.
Butler. Schutze Co.. 4-1 3tn si.
WANTED A helper for the kitchen at
Winter's restaurant. 230 1st st.
WANTED 3 boys, steady work. 829 Everett J
For graduates last year; men and
women to learn barber trade in eight
weeK; help to secure positions; graduates
earn from $15 to $25 weekly; expert In
structor; tools free; write for catalogue.
Moler System of Colleges, 35 N. 4th St.,
Portland, Or.
WANTED Honest man to sselst In employ
ment and real estate business; references
and 930O required; 25 weekly salary guar
anteed, also commissions.
So3 Washington St., Suite 4.
MEN to learn electricity, plumbing, brick
laying, plastering, day and night classes,
so books, positions secured, free cata
logue. Coyne National Trade School. 230
240 6th st., San Francisco.
Employment Office Men's Department.
20 North Second St.
Phones Main and A 1526.
Help Free to employers.
MOVING picture operators make $35 week
ly. Easy work, short hours. Learn the
business in short time. Terms reasonable.
Particulars Newman Motion Picture Co.,
293 Burnstde st.
WANTED A flrst-class tresser. gentleman
or lady, who can cut either ladles' or
gentlemen's wear in dye w rke; best
wages paid. Artistic Dye Works, 821
Williams ave.
BOOKKEEPER wanted, must be familiar
with real estate business ana aoie i so
bond or security; one that will take inter
est in the firm preferred. Address, with
references, s 202. uregonian.
SALESMEN wanted to sell our high-grade
trees, shrubs, etc.; outfit furnished; cash
advanced weekly; good territory. Write
us If interested. Albany Nurseries, Al
bany. Or.
WANTED Young, industrious man to eel!
butter churn in country, $1 a day. ex
penses; must know how to arive warn .
also Invest $.0 as security; references,
("all 531 Lumber Exchange bldg-
postal rUrki nnrt -rrir call In re
gard to preparing at once for November
Kxam. uooa salary to start; sieauy em
pioyment to ambitious young men. Pa
clflc States Schools.
SOLICITORS wanted at once for steam
cleaning and dye works. Good commis
sion. Call 864 East Burnside. B 1U20,
East 526.
l.RARV wrrhml;!n(r en craving and op
tics; easy terms; positions secured; money
j Ikn. 1, i uaffhtnnWInr TCn-
gravlng School, cor. 4th and Pike, Seattle.
SALESMAN, splendid line postcards and
novelties; very liberal compensation; es
tablished trade; finest possible side line.
Columbia Card t o.. 20.; uooonougn oiur.
WANTED Boys from seventh and eighth
grades at Hassalo Congregational Church
Sunday morning at U o'clock. Carfare
WANTED The assistance of two ladies and
ffonfiemen to introduce a fine business in
Portland and Washington. Call after tt
P. M., 13 W. Park. Mr. Castellow.
TWO flrst-class clothing salesmen, one for
steady position in this store, the other for
new store we are openinK m r,usenc, ur.
Call Brownsville Woolen Mills Store.
wivTKti liood upholsterer and carpet man
end mattress-maker; steady situation and
good wages. Addrfss P. 0. box 1U5, Eu
gene. tr.
HAVE flne opening for young, energetic
man who if detirous of advancement;
amount required. $100. 85 5th st.. near
wanted Two cabinetmakers for show
case and fixture work, experienced men
only. Address Willamette Showcase CO.,
Tacoma, Wash.
WANTED A canvasser and collector for a
position that WM1 pay --ov per momn;
only hustlers need apply. 425 Washington
GERMAIN'S high-ciass information bureau,
none but flrst-class employes registered and
pent out. 2 and 3 Benson bldg., 5th and
Morrison. A 2145.
suf.ictTOR wanted at once; must be we
acquainted with local business houses;
high commission. permanent position ;
state references, j o-, uienuumu.
SPLENDID opening for young man. share
profits whtie learning iuim-b,
capital required. Call 411 Commonwealth
bldg., Cth and Ankeny.
term October 1. Two yearn course with
ri' Kiee. 630 Worcester block. Phone Main
PHOTOGRAPH coupon portrait or book
agents; winning offer. Cutberth Studio,
Dfkum bldg.
WANTED 3 flrst-class general agents for
accident Insurance company. . rx
Weston, room 1 Commercial Club bldg.
FOR SALE Vt Interest in real estate busi
ness. Can show profit of $300 monthly.
B 273 Oregonian.
WANTED Salrsmen. all lines, bookkeepers
and stenographer. Commercial Abstract
Co., suite 4o8 Commercial Club bldg.
m- v t ! 1 1 -f .siunsAr Vini- vrwwl hsnic for
promotion. Pacific Telephone & Telegraph
Co., 2"2 coiumDia oiaie. .
SALESMAN wanted for real estate and se
curity, for the Montana and Nevada; good
contract. 20t weiis-i-argo Diag.
CLOTHING salesman who can write cards
and trim windows. P. A. A C. Co., 323 i-j
Washington at
SUBSCRIPTION solicitor, new paper, good
field, money Tor, rustier. iveney joe,
Camas. Wash.
WA NTED 'First -class all-around plumber;
steady work, un-ion scale. $5 per day of
8 hours. Charles Hann, iewision, jaa.
WANTED Boy with wheel; must be
steady; good wages. Inquire 3ul Wash
ington st.
WANTED A-cisiaiu i
arocerv business. Apply between 8 and 0
. f. 1 -t anit lnknv
A. M. v. --" J
wiVTF.n A flrst-class furniture flnlher.
Apply L Gevurtx & Son, between 7 and 9
A. M.
WANTED Bright boy to run elevator. Ap
ply J. G. Mack & Co., 5th and Stark sts.
WANTED 4 mattress makers. Peters A
Roberts Furniture Co., ta -ortn rroni.
LADY violinist, good reader and some ex
perience; give phone number. E 270, Ore
gonian. COMPETENT girl for general housework
and cooking. 233 North 24th st. phone
Main 2717.
GOOD helper on skirts, alteration depart
ment. Drake & Swan Co., 415 Washing
ton st.
WANTED At once, experienced and relia
ble waitress wttb flrst-class references. Call
mornings. S.irgent Hotel.
GOOD, reliable girl to assist with general
housework and taking care of children; good
mages. Phone East 1511.
GIRL for general housework; family of two;
muM be good cook. Apply 210 North 25th.
WANTED Girl for general housework; good
wages. Apply 770 Flanders st.
Nl'RSB girl wanted for care of child 3 years
old. 304 Park.
GIRL for general housework in a small
family: must be neat. 107 North lth st.
"OMPETENT girl for general housework,
" family 3 adults. Main 12'.. A 1721.
WANTED Experienced cook. 3 In family;
wages $30. 245 King St.
WANTED Second girl, experienced. 245
King st.
GIRL wanted to assist In housework. 747
Glisan st.
COMPETENT girl for general housework.
Apply 1S6 East 16th St. Phone East 2007.
3 COOKS, city; 3 flrst-class waitresses, city;
best salery. Germalns. 5th and Benson.
WANTED Girl for general housework. Call
mornings. 412 Burnside St.
EXPERIENCED second girl, call at 321
North 24th St., after II o'clock mornings.
WANTED Competent girl for general house
work. Apply 22S N. lath.
WANTED Girl for general housework. 15 IE.
17th st.. cor. E. Ah.
BOOKKEEPING, private lessons. 4 nights In
week, $4 per mo. Main 7S62, A 4048.
WANTED Experienced saleslady. Heller's
Millinery. 30 Washington st.
WANTED Experienced arm waitress. 363
FIRST-CLASS waitress. Palace Restaurant,
128 4th st.
COOK wanted at 670 Hoyt St.; good wages.
First-class restaurant cook. $li.50 per
week; restaurant cook, small country
place, $12 a week.
Two boarding-house cooks. $45.
5 waitresses. $30-$25 and $20, and 4
at $! and $S a week.
Camp waitress, sawmill camp, 3v.
Camp waitress in boarding cars, f-5;
free fare.
House girls, cooks, second girls, nurse
5 cannery women and girls, .3c day,
room and board.
2 factory girls, etc.
34Si Washington st., cor. 7th, upstairs.
9 COOKS. 1 hotel, out of town. $30-$45.
2 2d girls, 1 out town. S20-S25.
6 waitresses. 2 out town. $22.50-$25.
2 kitchen helpers. $20-$25.
2 child nurses. $15--S.
St Louis Ladies' Employment Agency.
20H 4th st. Main 2o3, A 224.
WANTED Neat girl or woman as houee
matd and waitress: do Ironing; no washing;
three in family, husband, wife, daughter 4
years. Lieut. Campbell, Vancouver Bar
racks. WANTED Thoroughly competent girl for
general housework. 5-room house, small
familv. good wages; no washing. Phone
B 1186, Tabor 541, or call 111b East
GERMAIN'S high-class Information bureau;
none but flrst-class employes registered and
sent out. 2 and 3 Benson bldg., 5th and
Morrison. A 2145.
WANTED Good canvassers, neatly dressed
women, city and state; good money. Call
room 508 Merchants Trust bidg., 0th and
Washington at--
843 Wash, st., cor. 7th, upstairs.
Phones Main and A 2692.
Help Supplied Free to Employers.
A GIRL wanted to do cooking and house
work In family of three. Call between
9 A. M. and 3 P. M-. at 471 Main St.,
between 13th and 14th.
WAITRESSES, city; 2 springs, $25. Cooks,
city. Vancouver, Independence ($40 Do
mestics, etc. "Drake's," 203 Washing
ton. HATS remodeled like new. half price. We
dve. clean, curl, remake plumes. Model
Millinery, 204 Merchants Trust bldg., ttth
and Washington.
WANTED Man and wife; wife must be
good cook; man to assist and take care
of lawn; small family. Address AD 254,
843 Washington St.. cor. 7th. upstairs.
Phone Main 2692.
Ladies' Department. 205 Morrison st.
Phones Main 1062. A 2064.
WANTED Refined, capable woman for re
sponsible position. Vlavi Co.. 609 Roth
child bldg., 4th and Washington.
326 Washington St., room 307.
Main bh-tf or A 3266.
WOMAN, for cooking and housework part
of day; email family. 747 E. Madison;
Hawthorne car.
WANTED A girl to do general house
work. Apfcly morning and evening, 684
Everett et.
GIRL for general housework In family of
3; good wages to willing girl. 346 Clifton,
corner 7th. Phone Main 5016 and A 4155.
A COMPETENT girl for general housework;
good wages. 383 North 32d St., Willam
ette Heights.
MILLINERY lessons given at 475 Morrison
st.. 25 cents an hour; hats trimmed for
WANTED Stenographer and office assist
ant, light work ; state experience and
salary required. AF 200, Oregonian.
LADIES to make pillow tops at home; good
pay; instruction free. Call 452 Washing
ton. WANTED A woman to do washing Satur
d u y for family of 3 ; good pay. Phone
Woodlawn 2296.
WANTED Competent girl for general
housework and to assist with cooking.
Apply 93 E. 35th. Phone B 16.S2.
WANTED Competent woman for house
work and cooking; good wages. Apply 357
12th St., cor. Mill.
A COMPETENT woman for general house
work; three In family; good wages. 620
East Ankeny.
WANTED A neat girl to assist In general
housework. Call mornings 71 North 16th
WANTED Two young girls to travel with
show; $6 week and all expenses. Call at
Imperial Hotel, room 402, bet. 2 and 3.
SCHOOL officers and teachers call at Flsk
Teachers' Agency. 202 Swetland bldg.
Phone Main 2410; res., M. 6425.
WE SECl'RB POSITIONS for our students);
anv svstem of shorthand. Business Uni
versity. Phone Main 4504.
226 MorriPon. M . 3022. W e are white.
Bookkeepers and Clerks.
GERMAN and English public speaker and
teacher, bookkeeper and German sten
ographer is looking for a better position;
can give good references. 662 Gantenbeln
ave. Phone 3. 4210.
BOOKKEEPER wants position with build
ing contractor or construction company,
quick and accurate figuring estimated;
good typewriter operator. A-l referencea
K 209, Oregonian.
YOUNG man, 24 years of age. Is open for
clerical position of any kind; wages no
object if there Is chance for advance
ment; references and bond. B 272. Ore
gonian. AMBITIOUS young man of good habits de
sires position as assistant bookkeeper, hotel
clerk or similar position; have experience in
feed business. C 260. Oreconlan.
WANTED Position as assistant bookkeep
er; several years' experience; also under
stand shorthand. Address box 56A, B. F.
D. No. 1. Milwaukie, Or.
POSITION as bookkeeper or assistant by
man of 7 years' experience. Best of ref
erences. B 271. Oregonian.
CONTRACT work wanted, clearing land,
contouring, treeplanting, gardening.
Sondre Romtvedt. Jr., 594 Glenwood ave.
JAPANESE boy wants position day work
or housework, porter. Japanese Mission.
Phone Main 93RL '
MAN and wife want steady position as jan
itor in hotel or work on farm milking
cows. X 241, Oregonian.
WANTED by printer few days' work dis
tributing or helping in job office. Ad
dress B 270, Oregonian.
JAPANESE wishes position to do any kind of
work morning or evening. L 273, Ore
gonian. YOUNG Japanese boy wifhea a situation,
school boy or housework. L 272. Ore
ing, waiting, cooking, washing by hour.
M. TAKA. Phone B 2075.
SITUATION wanted in warehouse by young
man. used to heavy work ; abstainer. J
261, Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED gardener and general man
WOUla lIKe flT-O'i lAi"111"" 1-a.rvc vq ui
gentleman's place. K 2H7, Oregonian.
CAPABLE voung man desires position as
salesman or manufacturers' agent. K 268,
vnt " man wants to leam stationary on
gineering; knows little about firing. Ad-
aress so. o, cbuuioh.
SITUATION by young man with experience
In gent's furnishings. J 264, Oregonian.
CHEF, good city reference. H 208, Ore
gonian. TWO carpenters want work by the day or
YOUNG man, 19, strong and willing, wants
to become a butcher. J 260, Oregonian.
Japanese employment office; furnishes all
kinds of help. 249 Couch st. Phone M. 6521.
JAPANESE boy wants position to work as
cook, housework. Ophlra. 3R5 E. Pine.
JAPANESE Employment Co.. Main 4659,
A 4073. 26S Everett.
FIRST-CLASS engineer wishes position. W.
A. Smith, Hotel Hoyt, 142 N. 10th.
JAPANESE boy wants steady position to
M tecell aneooa.
YOUNG man. age 82, who has been with
one of the largest mining companies of
the Northwest for the past two years as
chief electrician. Is open for a position
in a similar capacity with a mining,
power or lighting company. Have highest
references as to ability and character.
Persona interview solicited. Address R.
H., Eaton Hotel.
YOUNG man. experienced in opening and
managing retail tea and coffee stores, ateo
handling agents, desires to secure position
with good house with opportunity itr fur
ther advancement. L 265. Oregonian.
MAN who has practical experience In can
ning all kinds of fruit and vegetables,
make Jams, preserves and pickles, Is open
for an engagement ; will guarantee my
work, p 25k), Oregonian.
FIRST-CLASS dry goods. clothing, gents'
furnishings, all-around salesman, with best
references' wants position in country or
city. IJ- 272, Oregonian.
JAPANESE want contract farm, about 10
or 15 acres, within 10 miles from Port
land. L 243. Oregonian.
JAPANESE want contract to cut wood, over
1000 cords. 249 Couch st. Phone Main
GOOD, experienced, all around harness
maker wishes position In city or country.
3 MS N. 20th st.
YOUNG, good Japanese boy wants position
as schoolboy. Address Japanese M. E.
Mission. 121 15th st.. North, or Main 9361.
WANTED by a reliable collector a few
houses to collect for, on either salary or
commission. A 267. Oregonian
EXPERIENCED accountant wants your
books to post and letters to write; work
called for and delivered. Phone Tabor 9&.
AMERICAN wants work In city or country;
handy with tools; no bad habits. A 269,
POSITION wanted by first-class circular
sawyer or flier; references. Address box
S05, centralia. Wash.
DEPENDABLE voung man. 26. wants steady
work of any kind in city, teamster, knows
city. F. Klein. 135 N. 10th.
PRINTER An A-l all around printer seeks
employment; union. Apply to G 2!6, Ore
gonian. YOUNG man attending business college
wants place to work for room and board.
AD 229. Oregonian.
Bookkeepers and Stenographers,
COMPETENT stenographer, general office
experience, wishes position; will accept
moderate salary. East 4246.
CAREFUL, accurate stenographer, owning
machine, wishes typewriting to do; work
called for and delivered. Phone B 1744.
STENOGRAPHER, experienced and com
petent, wants permanent position- after
noons; $5 per week. E 267. Oregonian.
REFINED, capable young widow. Under
wood operator, must have work. Main
4155. Room 6.
IF vr.u wish a good stenographer, phone
Clerical Office, Main 4504. Carefully test
ed and certified.
COMPETENT stenographer desires position.
Phone East 2079.
YOUNG lady wants position as office girl.
G 217, Oregonian.
COMPETENT stenographer desires position,
good references. Phone Sellwood 725.
SITUATION wanted as assistant bookkeeper
and office help. Phone Main 2990.
THE famous Kelster'a Ladies' Tailoring
College Ladles, save dressmakers bills,
make your own gowns here. We teach
Keister's drafting system. 306 Stearns big.
PLAIN shirtwaists and shirtwaist suits
made at lowest possible prices. G 265,
EXPERIENCED nurse, wants work by day
or week. Phone Main 1528.
WOMAN, competent, wishes general house
work in Council Crest or the country, $25
to $30; two in family. H 271, Oregonian.
WANTED Housekeeping position by cap
able woman in young men's club, bachelor
or wealthy orivate home to take full
charge. E 274 Oregonian.
LADY with 6-year-old girl would like posi
tion In refined private family as com
panion and to assist with housework for
sm-all remuneration; best references. Y.
W. C. A.
SCHOOL teacher, four years' experience Bos
ton end New York schools; can teach vio
lin and piano; would accept governess posi
tion or private tutoring. K 274, Ore
gonian. LACE CURTAINS, shirtwaists and children's
flne washing beautifully laundered; fine cun
drylng and grass bleaching facilities. Phone
Tabor 1530.
TWO girls would like to have position as
chambermaids In a hotel; have to go
home nights. 671 Quimby, bet. 17th and
EUROPEAN lady desires position as gov
erness; elementary music, languages,
painting; references. G 244. Oregonian.
FOR companionship, by contralto singer, with
piano, likes to cook; salary no object. Miss
C. Main 6S65.
NEAT appearing lady, willing worker, wants
position in small restaurant or boarding-house;
has own room. Main 43S6.
FRENCH. German, Italian, oil painting,
lady teacher; terms reasonable. G 243,
YOUNG woman wants work in exchange for
housekeeping rnonu. A 1206. Main 9100.
WANTED To rent a modern 10 or 12-room
house, furnished or unfurnished; two baths;
King Heights or Nob Hill.
S. E. cor. 3d and Oak.
WANTED To rent houses, cottages, flats,
stores, offices, rooming-houses, etc. Land
lords will do well to call on Portland
Trust Company of Oregon, S. E. cor. 3d
and Oak. Phone Exchange 72.
3 ADULTS, employed during the day, want
2 or 3 clean furnished housekeeping room
with private family; references exchanged.
Address, stating price, K 272. Oregonian.
WANT to rent -as soon as possible, by a man
and wife without children, a small fur
nished cottage; can furnish high referenc;
state price. K 270, Oregonian.
WANTED Furnished room, with board
wanted by young man, with Catholic fam
ily references' furnished ; West Side pre
ferred. G 271. Oregonian.
WANTED By musical gentleman of refine
ment, furnished room or en suite, without
board ; desirable location ; must take all
or part music lessons. S 261, Oregonian.
WANTED, unfurnished, immediately, by re
sponsible party, 15 to 20 rooms, strictly
modern in every respect. Phones Main
4632 or A 18a6.
GENTLEMAN wishes board and room in
private family. West Side, modern, 2
meals. Phone Main 6560, afternoon or
WANTED Nicely furnished -room, with bath
preferred. In vicinity 17th North and Flan
ders, by man and wife. L 269, Ore
gonian. MODERN 6 or 7-room house, within walking
distance of East End high school ; state
price. Address M. E. Schouweller, genl. del.
EUS1NESS young lady wishes room, cen
trally located, breakfast and dinner. A
271, Oregonian.
WANTED To lease residence close in; must
he flrst-class; would buy furniture if suit
ed. A 273. Oregonian.
WANTED To rent small furnished house
or cottage. East Side, walking distance.
B 267. Oregonian.
4 OR 5-room furnished cottage, modern ;
piano, machine, walking distance; adults.
1 271, Oregonian.
WANTED Part of furnished office by re
sponsible party. J 2.".8. Oregonian.
YOUNG gentleman requires board and
room in private family. G 26S. Oregonian.
"Pays the price" for second-hand furni
ture. East 988, B 2311.
And anvthing else you have to sell.
Main 5655. 4l21-
COMPLETE outflt for butcher shop; also
al kind of second-hand furniture; high
est prices paid for the same. Phone
Main 6188. 219 Worcester bldg
WANTED Men's cast-off clothing and
shoes; we also buy household furnishings,
highest price paid- Call at the "Fair
Deal," 62 3d at. North. Phone Main 92X
CLOTHING, dress suits. Prince Alberts
bought, ladles" evening and street dresses.
Phone Main 8744.
WANTED To buy a diamond; must be a
snap. Mr. Ruby. Barnes Msrket.
TENTS Two rather small tente-. Phones A
1109 and Main 7180.
WANT0D Gas plate and wood heater; no
dealers. Main 4490.
CLOTHING Phone M. 1S51 83 N. 3d.
Hlghe." price paid; prompt attention.
Furnished Rooms,
Portland's Best Family Hotel.
American or European Plan.
Only ten minutes' walk from business
center, cor. Grand and Hawthorne aves.
Car passes hotel every minute; very rea
sonable rates; largest, coolest and most
comfortable rooms to be found anywhere,
with every modern convenience; large,
well-kept lawn.
DO you realize that you can get an outside
steam-heated, electric-lighted room at the
.Barton, cor. 13th and Alder sts., for $10
up per month? This house Is being re
painted, repapered and put In first-class
condition by the new owners; nice large
parlor In connection; suites, with running
water. $22.50 to $35.
Nicely furnished rooms, $2 per week up;
steam heat, hot and cold water, free baths
and phone; transients 50c, 75c and $1 per
day. Open all night; office and reading
room ground floor. 48S-492 Washington st.
HOTEL FRANKLIN, cor. 13th and Wash
ington sts. Newly furnished throughout;
uew buildings, suites with baths, hot and
cold water In every room. Phone Main
7195. Long-distance phones In all rooms.
THE WESTMINSTER. 6th and Madison sts.,
has a few bacneior rooms reaay , tor oc
cupancy; these rooms are the handsomest
furnished In the city and have every mod
ern convenience; terms moderate; rent
begins Oct. 1st.
THE GOODNOUGH, cor. 6th and Yamhill,
opp. P. .O.; rooms by day, week or month;
elevator " service, steam heat, etc. ; singles
and suites; $3 weekly up. Mrs. Allison
A Snyder.
First and Morrison; steam heat, electric
lights, hot and cold water, baths free; $3
per week up; transients solicited. Phones
A 440S, Main
THE ALPHA Beautiful front bay-window
and other outside rooms; electric lights.
baths, etc., $2.50 week up; transients.
269H .Washington.
Hotel Bushmar, Wash, and 17th, first-class
furnished rooms, single or en fulte ; ail
modern conveniences, $3 weekly up; daily,
75o up; special monthly rates. Main 6647.
293 10TH ST. Newly furnished rooms; hot
and cold water In rooms, furnace heat;
rooms $10 per month and up. Phone Mala
HOTEL KENTON, 18th and Washington
Modern rooms, single and en suite; also
housekeeping; running water, private and
free baths; rates reasonable. Pacific 4U&
NEWLY furnished front room, suitable for
two gentlemen, $5 per week. Inquire 427
Washington st.
LARGE, light, well-heated bay-window
room, residence district, walking distance.
TWO neatly furnished rooms, one block from
S carline, $2 and $2.50 per week; gas. bath
and free phone. "424 1st st. Main 8076.
NEW furnished room in new, modern pri
vate home; flne neighborhood; references.
Home phone B 1487.
TWO nicely furnished rooms, one large room,
2 beds, $15 per month; 1 for $2 per week.
827 West Park. Phone Main 7959.
NICELY furnished and unfurnished rooms,
heat, bath and light; rent very reason
able. 447 Main.
NEWLY furnished room, private famfly. at
65 Mason st. ; $4.50 per month; gentleman
THE ANGELUS, cor. 6th and Jefferson sts.,
modern front suites, also single rooms,
bath and both phone.
THE ESTES Good rooms, reasonable; new
furniture, telephone and baths free. 327
Stark, corner 6th. Mrs. Maud J. Eetes.
THE TEMPLE, 343 Yamhlllst., opposite
Hotel Portland; nicely furnished rooms; rent
$2.50 week; transient.
NICELY furnished front room; steam-heated;
walking distance. The Newcastle, 3d and
THE RANDOLPH. 3d and Columbia, rooms;
heat, bath; 50c to $1 day. $2 to $4 week.
135 14TH ST.. corner Alder Choice fur
nished rooms, open fire.
6 ROOMS on ground floor, furnished, furnace,
yard. 200 12th st.
HOTEL ROYAL, 108 4th st.; steam-heated;
rooms $1.50 to $5 per wk.. 50c to$l per day.
THE GRAND, 387 Yamhill, nice light
rooms, $3 and up; walking distance.
THE ELW'OOD Newly furnished; $2 to $5
wk.; also transient rooms. 343 Morrison.
FURNISHED front room, suitable for two,
$3 week; also rooms $1 50. 51 N. 9th st.
Rooms With Board.
BLAKELY HALL, 300 Jefferson, one of the
nicest private boarding-houses in city;
large, airy rooms, running water; beauti
ful grounds, finely located for tourists,
transient or permanent guests. A 5345.
THE GLENDORA HOTEL, 19th and Couch,
room and board, $25 per month, large
grounds, baths, pool and billiard tables;
large parlor with piano all free; easy
walking distance.
PORTLAND Women's Union, 20th year; rooms
with board, use of sewing-room and li
brary; Women's Exchange, Mrs. Ella Kaw
llngs, Supt., 510 Flanders at.
FOR RENT Two nicely furnished front
rooms, one single, one double; breakfast
If desired. West Side; walking distance.
201 16th st.. cor Taylor.
BOARD and room in private family for 8 or
4 congenial people; large, sunny rooms;
everything new; walking distance. West
Side. G 269, Oregonian.
WIDOW lady, all alone, with very pleasant
home, would take lady and gentleman to
room and board; no objection to invalid.
Main 6727. 821 Corbett.
WHOLESOME, palatable home cooked
meals in private home. By week or tran
sient. Closo to Washington, 26 -N. 10th. M
NICELY furnished rooms, flrst-class table
board, strictly home cooking; modern; $0
week; easy walking distance. The Lin
dell, 2QJ Market.
FOR RENT One nicely furnished room
with board, use of parlor in day time. 2
gentlemen, good home. 801 First, corner
BEAUTIFULLY furnished room for two in
small private family; fine home, modern.
212 llth st.
BOA RD and room, with home privileges,
within walking distance; reasonable. 388
Columbia St., near 9th.
BACHELORS' CLUB, well equipped, can
accommodate one or two gentlemen, rea
sonable; references. W 252, Oregonian.
THE THORNDYKE, 655 Washington ot.. ele
gantly furnished rooms, with board, choice
location; walking distance.
LARGE room for two; also single room
with board; modern conveniences. 452
Morrison, cor. ISth.
THE MARLTN, Washington and 17th, well
furnished rooms, hot and cold water,
home cooking, permanent or transient.
THE COLONIAL Corner 10th and Morri
son. A home hotel; large rooms, good
board, low rates.
FURNISHED rooms with board. The Ozark,
225 llth st.
41 ELLA ST. Rooms with board, suitable
for one or two; home cooking, furnace heat.
GOOD table board. $4 per week, strictly
home cooking. Phone East 722-
THE MANITOU. 261 I3th St., rooms largo
and light, rates reasonable.
BEAUTIFUL 5-room a part me st for rent,
12th and Columbia, "The Bralntree."
IONIAN COURT Elegant 3 and 4-roois res
ldence upartments, each having pit vats
vestibule and bath, steam heat, hot and
cold water, gas range, refrigerators, vln
dow shades and screens, telephone ni
janitor service. Apply janitor, 18th and
THE WESTMINSTER, th and Madison sts.
Is now ready to receive guests; a few only
of those beautiful 4 -room apartments left;
everything flrst-class in every respect with
every modern convenience at moderate
terms; rent begins Oct. 1st.
BEAUTIFUL unfurnished A-room apart
ment, with bath and all modern conven
iences, including team heat, hot and
cold water, telephone, gas and electrlo
light without further cost. 11 113. Ore
gontan. THE SHEFFIELD, 7th and Jefferson sts., un
furnished 4 -room apartment with bath; new,
modern and fully equipped for convenience;
rent reasonable; location saves carfare. Ap
ply to janitor.
Flanders; 5-room unfurnished apartments,
new. high-class; reasonable rates. See
and 14th sts., now anil up-to-date 4-room.
apartments; private phone, baih; auto
matic elevator ; steam heat, etc.
SIX and 7-room, heated apartments, wlthj
everv modern convenience. 715 J oh n son
A 1678.
THE CHETOPA, 18 Flanders l 4-room un
furnished apartment, modern. Apply to
5-ROOM lower apartment, steam heat and
janitor service. Call Fat, E 401 10th.
1 lata.
UPSTAIRS flat in desirable E:ist Silo neigh
borhood; rent $30, including water and
heat. Apply W. N. Carter, 712 William
ave. Phone East 4983.
MODERN flats, all sizes, for rent. East and'
West Sldr-s. Fortland Trust Company ot
Oregon. S. E. cor. 3d and Oak Phone.
Exchange 72. :
A STRICTLY modern 6-room flat tn rent)'
new, in a flne locality on the Vent Sid:
$35 per month. W. II. Lang. 340 Chamber'
of Commerce.
THOROUGHLY modern 4-room flit, walk
ing distance, $J5. Mrs. A. Larry room tifli
Washington bldg. Phone Main 169. ,
MODERN lower. 5-room flat, choir location,,
walking distance, close In. 406 Park st.ti
bet. Harrison & Hall. Key at 219 1st St.-
MODERN 4-room flat. 8 extra bed-ooms up-
stairs. 179' Green ave., near 23d ind Wash
ington. Call forenoon or evening. Jain SPH. I
FLAT, 5 rooms, for rent. ant carpets,
shades and range for sal. S4 10th,
near Burnside.
TO lease Two new steam-h eat 3 5-room!
flats, ready for occupancy October L,
Apply Silverfield Co., 4th and Mrrison.
j20 6-ROOM flat; all modern conveniences;
nice lawn. 429 Rodney ave:; pi one East
807. -
MODERN 4-room flat; shades, .basemenV
wood lift, lawn; near car. 7it William'
ave. . Woodlawn 426.
MODERN 5 and -room flars on Stout at.,j
near Madison, $1S. $30. $22. I. quire 260
Stout st. Phone Main 5S53.
ern. eteam-heatfd. 525
Morgan. 322 Falling bldg.
.50, 5 -00m mod-1
Everet. W. L.
FOUR new 5-room flats, $35. $37.J and $40;
Everett, near 22d. Vanduyn t Walton.
515 Chamber Commerce.
MODERN fi-room flat, steel and as range,
window shades. 207H Halsey, near Steel
MODERN 6-room flat, one hlnck lorth Steel
bridge, fronting river. 292-i Jargin. .
4-ROOM flat, unfurnished. 340V William,
4-ROOM complete furnished flat. 623
Marshall st. Phone A 40-0. I
MODERN flat, 194 "McMillen st. Inquire at;
1S8 McMillen. near east, ena seat onagje, ;
7-ROOM flat for rent. 625 Mir shall at
Phone A 4030.
NEW 5-room upper flat. 4245 Tillamook,
bet. Union ave. and 7th. Phon C 2058.
Housekeeping Roon
Washington, cor. 20th Nicely furnished
housekeeping rooms; gas rnges, i Tra;c ,
free bath, free phone, both flora; nice
suites from $12 up.
THE ONEONTA, 187 17th St., neaiYamhllL
thoroughly furnished, gas range hot and
cold water in each auartment, oth tele-
phones and baths free; terms rtsonable;
no children.
8S6 CORBETT ST. 3 nicely lurnlshed
housekeeping rooms, very warmind com
fortable, with private family.; as. bath
and phone; take S car south; lositively
no children wanted.
THE MONTGOMERY", cor. East 8th and
Morrison, nicely furnished hou?keeping
suites, electric lights, bath?, rnsonable.
rates, temporary entrance on 8th,betweeu
Alder and Morrison.
"WAYNE WOOD, 109 ISth North nicely ;
furnished housekeeping suites: hot andi
cold water; furnace heat; pleasjit loca-:
tion; reasonable rates.
THREE completely furnished lomelika
rooms, clean, cheerful; good jdghbor-)
hood, walking distance: private family;!
references. 695 Front, cor. Meal.
DESIRABLE unfurnished rooms, 3-room,!
suite, suitable for tailor or other worker; .
brick building. 211V, Second Salmon
Save carfare. j
wtvTFT) Deslrahie voune lady ti shara
3 modern housekeeping rooms; walking j
distance; very reasonable. Photo East w
5073 I
487 CLAY, near 14th. newly furnished'
TWO light, clean housekeeolng suites, $1 5l
and $20; furniture almost new ; 1 moaerni
corner house; adults only. A 141
TWO and three furnished hnustkeeplna
rooms, gas range, snuc, suuaoie jor iour
4o;t 2d.
TH R NEWCASTLE Furnished hnusrkcep
inn rooms, heated, walking distance. 3d
and Harrison.
FOR RENT Two nicely furnished housekeepj
ing rooms, also one houneekeeping toornl 1
close in. Inquire 163 West Park st. !.
BEAUTIFULLY located bay-wlprtow. unfur-, '
nished 2-room suite In centrally, lot 1
apartment-house, 305 U Jefferson, cor. 5th. )
TWO large rooms completely furnished,1
light and water, $20 month. 301 Holladay (;
ave., Pennington.
2 FRONT rooms, furnished for housekeeping; ,
gas. furnace heat; no children. 262 14 th
205 11TH ST.- First floor for rent, perma-.
nent tenants; desirHhle. convenient to
graded or high schools.
THE SARGENT Washington and Trinity,
bet. 19th and 20th. newly furnished house
keeping suites; private baths.
FURNISHED room with closet for cooking ,
verv reasonable. See janitor. Tourny
PLEASANT furnished housekeeping rooms,
single or en suite; prices reasonable; walk,
Ing distance. 553 Morrison.
FRONT, downstairs, heated, furnished room
with housekeeping privileges to a lady
555 Yamhill.
THE ELMS Furnished housekeeping and
single rooms; transient. 191 14th st.
205 11TH ST. Furnished
rooms, walking distance.
TWO nice front housekeeping rooms, with ga
and wood stove. 461 Va Glisan st. Main 6263,
THREE furnished housekeeping rooms, $1
per month. 358 San Rafael st.
TWO pleasant furnished rooms for house
keeping. 355 5th st. $12 a month. 1
TWO and 3-room suites, housekeeping, mot
ern. $9 up. 245V N. 17th. Main 1181. f
HOUSEKEEPING and sleeping rooms. H
llth St., near Washington.
Furnished housekeeping and single rooms k ,
rent; prices reasonable. 189-193 W, Park i
4-ROOM flat, good location; rent reasons H.
126 Gaines st. S. car. Phone Main 64.
NICE, large modern housekeeping roi,
only $3 per week. 209 Vi 4th st. Main 20.
CLEAN furnished housekeeping room, fit-
able fur two, $hi. I'arK.
THREE well furnished housekeeping rods.
no children. 2s 3d sc.
HOUBEKBBPINO room, elon In. 800& to.