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Preacher Says Church Mem
bers Should Not Have
Over $10,000.
Plutocrats Who Teach Bible Classes
Get Xo Comfort From Rev. II. C.
fehaffpr Pator Has "o
Confidence In Them.
Can a man -worth many millions, or
even very many thousands, be. a true
follower of the meek and lowly Jesus,
who was so poor that he had no place
to lay his head? Rev. H. C. Shaffer,
pastor of the United Brethren Church,
ays not. In a sermon in the Friends'
church at Sunnyside yesterday after
noon he made the declaration boldly.
Men of wealth who are pillars of the
church and who give to charity that
they may be applauded by the multi
tude, were put on the rack by Dr.
Schaffer. He declared that to his mind
a man who accumulates more than
$10,000 to provide for his wants in old
age is not a true Christian.
Waiving the question of whether or
not Jarse fortunes can be accumulated
honestly, he said that a man who mere
ly heaps up money has neither time nor
inclination to live as a Christian should
live. That the Rockefellers. Morgans,
Goulds and other multi-millionaires
who are envied in this world, will be
ostracized in the next, is the outspoken
opinion of the United Brethren pastor.
That plutocrats can no more get past
the pearly gates than the vilest sinner
is his belief. But Dr. Shaffer drew the
line more sharply than this. He de
clared that anyone who accumulates
more than from J10.00 to $25,000 cannot
be a true Christian and cannot be an
honest follower of him whose exhorta
tion to his followers was not to lay up
treasures on earth.
He who hoards up gold finds no place
in Dr. Shaffers list of Christians. To
him. Christ's advice to the rich young
ruler to give all his wealth to the poor
and follow him. is binding today on all
who would enter the Kingdom of
That the poor shall not inherit the
earth but that, together with the meek,
they shall possess the Kingdom is the
belief of Dr. Shaffer. He doubts that
the rich can be honest church members,
and says that many wealthy men who
are rhuhch members could never get
into the church if Christ were the pas
tor. For those pious millionaires who pose
as philanthropists and lead the singing
in Sunday-schools, but sally forth to
carry on their usual sharp business
practices on Monday, Dr. Shaffer has
no use at all. "I have no confidence
whatever in these wealthy men who
teach Bible classes." said he.
The subject discussed by Dr. Shaffer
yesterday afternoon was "Temperance."
hut he gave the word a wider significance
than is usually attached to it. Instead
of the stereotyped tonguelashing that is
usually given the demon rum on such oc
casions, the speaker advocated temper
ance in all things, particularly in money
making. His words were plain. "Opinions dif
fer," said he, "as to what amount any
Christian should save for the support of
niniseir ana family, but it is my own
'pinion that $10,000 is the limit. But for
the sake of latitude, let us say that $25,
0io is the largest sum of money any Chris
tion should possess.
"The subject of temperance is a large
one." he continued. "It applies to every
mora. theme. To he temperate is to
abandon all sinful and harmful things or
practices, and to use the good with mod
eration. Many a person who declaims
against liquor is guilty of intemperate
speech and outrageous anger, and will
no more inherit the Kingdom of God
than the drunkard In the ditch.
"There are many wealthy men who give
large sums of money to deprive the
drinker of his beverage, who are wild in
their delirium of speculation and wealth
getting. The acquiring of large sums of
money is as un-Christianlike as any other
sin. 'When a rich man tried to get Into
the Kingdom by coming to Jesus. Jesus
told him to go and sell what he had and
give to the poor. He went away Ead.
Today he is Invited into the church and
offered a place as an official. We say
that the rich young ruler had his heart
set on his wealth. So has every wealthy
man. "But whoso hath this world's goods
and beholdeth his brother in need, and
shutteth up his bowels of mercy ' from
him, how doth the love of God dwell in
him?' is the question of Scripture. The
love of God does not dwell in him. The
sin of intemperate wealth is as heinous
as the sin of debauch, and It will merit
and receive the just judgment of the Al
mighty in the last day.
"So person who claims to be a disciple
of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, ought
to hoard more money than sufficient to
provide a comfortable living in case of
sickness or old age.
"Then there is a large class of so
called Christians who deprecate the idea
of the slum, and consider the outcast with
abhorrence. But at the same time these
same people give expression to the same
passions within the marriage relation and
consider themselves holy. Jesus taught
that the sin of it all consisted not in the
overt act, but in the awful surge of lust
as the basis for it. Temperance in this
century will mean a white life for two,
and the use of the procreative powers as
a holy sacrament, and the only, object
in view the propagation of the species."
Thing to Be Had. but to Be Held in
Check, He Says.
"Getting mad who of us has not had
the experience? With how few. if any,
of us is it an infrequent occurrence? Ave!
and the defeat, the mortification, the tears
it nas caused us: How we have prayed
and resolved and struggled against it!
Truly, the subject is one of the keenest
Interest to us all.
With the foregoing introduction Rev. B
E. S. Ely opened his address last night
at Calvary Presbyterian Church. He con
Not all anger is sinful. To get mad Is not
always wrong. "Be ye angry and sin not'
Implies sinless anger. Anger Is ahundred
times attributed to God in the Bible. Look
at the old prophets. Moses was culpably
angry when he beheld the Israelites worship
Ping the golden calf and broke in pieces
the tablets of stone. Elijah commanded the
destruction of the priests of Baal. "There
are times." said a wise writer, "when the
Christian Is not to blame for having the
spirit of these Psalms.
To be Incapable of anger is to be lacking
In moral fiber. Under the form of Indig
nation it flashes with a marvelous power
ngalnst wickedness, untruth and- dishonor.
It Is what makes men strike down giant
evils. It lies at the bottom of all great
reform. Anger Is not always sinful. It Is
an essential quality of our better nature. Dr.
rxAlA'a words about It at tru. "Wa are
o ail that pity is- not more naturally
awakened by the tight of suffering-, fear by
the approach of danfer, delight by the
vlaion of beauty, gratitude by deeds of gen
erous kindness, than Is anger by many kinds
of wrongdoing."
But. on the other hand. are warned
to have a, care lest being angry be sin.
Hence Its second teaching: Some anger is
sinful. There is anger that lacks Justice or
cause -when men fly Into a passion over
trifles. Much of human anger is of this
sort- Then there is anger without love.
. Our anger should be like God's. He is
angry with the vilcked every day. yet he
loves them. 'VTe can never be righteously
angry beyond the point of Christian love.
Again, there Is a v-ry mistaken Idea of love
prevalent In these days, for It has been
eulogized to such an extent that It has lost
Its Identity It Is not a mere sentiment and
does not exist wihcut moral qualities.
Anger Is a thing to be had. but to be
held In check.
Pastor of St. Mark's Says Catholics
Have Divine Authority.
"The Origin of the Catholic Church"
was the subject dealt with by Rev. J.
E. H. Simpson, at St. Mark's. Church,
last night. "Upon this rock will I
build my church, and the gates of hell
shall not prevail against it," was chosen
for the text.
Rev. Simpson said, in part:
Our subject Is, "What Is the Catholic
Tho text shows that Christ promised to
found a church: that he promised to found
it on the rock of the incarnation St. Pe
ter's admission, "thou art the Christ, the son
of the living God.' being the first explicit
acknowledgment on the part of the dis
ciples th-it Christ was God Incarnate: and
-hat he promised that the gates of hell
should not prevail against It.
The Catholic Church, therefore, must show
these marks; that it was founded by our
Lord Jesus Christ; that It has as Its cen
tral doctrine the truth that Christ Is both
God and man. and that It has continuous
and unbroken existence from the first.
The word Catholic means universal, and
the Catholic Church, embracing all who are
in union with Christ through faith and obedi
ence, cannot consist of any part or section
of the whole. It must include all who have
complied with the laws of Its membership,
and entered Its organization. No body with
in It or no sect outside it can be the Cath
olic Church. No organization founded by
man or coming into existence since the times
f our Lord and his apostles can be the
Catholic Church.
H'ly scripture and Catholic tradition
make it plain that there are three essen
tial conditions of membership in the church.
These are. repentance for sin. faith in
Christ, and baptism in the name of the holy
trlnltv. All who have complied with these
conditions are members of the Catholic
Church. hether they call themselves
Catholics. Roman Catholics. Presbyterians.
Methodists. Baptists. Congregatlonallsts or
what not. all who In penitence and faith
have been baptized with water In the holy
name are members of the Catholic Church.
This Is no narrow and sectarian doctrine. It
includes all who belong to Christ In the one
great fold.
Christ's kingdom, the Catholic Church,
shall yet embrace all. and the kingdoms of
this world shall become the kingdom of our
Lord and of his Christ; and he shall reign
Dr. Clarence True Wilson Addresses
Members at Y. M. C. A.
Dr. Clarence True Wilson was the
speaker at the Y. M. C. A. services yes
terday afternoon. His topic was. "Chris
tianity. Does it Pay?" The Auditorium
was well-filled.
"We are living in a very practical age."
said Dr. Wilson. . "and the question is
on the lips of many 'does it nav?' God
liness is profitable in all things In this
life and in its promises for the life to
come. It pays us in our physical de
velopment in our mental state: it pays
socially and politically, it sweetens our
domestic life and adds joy and vigor to
our amusements.
"But in order to be godly we must give
up all our sins; sins of hatred, of passion,
of hypocrisy and of pride. Yve must
give up ourselves and sacrifice our lives
for time and eternity. Paul saw the ad
vantage of giving up his life for Christ,
and sacrificed himself when Christianity
was at its lowest ebb.
'Godliness is defined as the worshiping
or Cjod. according to the dictates o con
science. But as to the question that I
shall try to answer, 'does godliness pay,'
the prophet David says, 'I am old, and
long have I lived, and I have never seen
the children of God forsaken: neither do
they beg for bread." Godliness helps us
in dollars and cents; it is profitable for
us financially. Many people say that the
church is always beggfng for money, but
I tell you many a man would spend more
for a single wine supper than he would
give the church in a year. And many a
young man, like the prodigal son. will go
out and give his life's blood, his vigor
and his fortune In quest for questionable
"Godliness helps a man physically. Look
out and see these men on our streets
grown old prematurely, victims of dis
eases that Inch by inch sap their vitality.
The Bible says, 'The wicked shall not
live out half their days."
"Godliness profits a man socially, and
one of the best introductions to society
is the card of righteousness. Politically
it helps a man, for the man who is not
true to God will not be true to the people.
and the man who dishonors God will dis
honor the commonwealth. ,
Elder Snyder Thinks Theory Incom
patible With Man's Antiquity.
In replying to questions concerning
man's antiquity as evidenced by geology
and evolution. G. A. Snyder said in part:
Since The Oregonian has admitted that
nothing definite can be known as to the an
tiquity of man from the various Implements
found in the various strata of the earth's
crust, there is not much left to argue about,
for that is what I have said all along. We
all believe in man's antiquity. It is only
a question of how old he is, and since we
cannot tell anything definite about his age,
we might as well agree to disagree on thls
.It is a little peculiar, however, to hear
some argue for an inconceivably great an
tiquity for man, and at the same time con
tend for the theory of evolution. The facta
are that human fosstls and implements have
been found too far down in geological strata
to agree with the evolution theory. Well
developed human remains and implements
have been found in strata which In theory
are not supposed to contain anything higher
In the scale of evolution than ape life.
It Is the moral and social aspect of the
evolution theory, however, that is most ob
jectionable. When men are constantly edu
cated to believe that all facial and individ
ual advancement Is the result of an incessant
struggle for existence, in which the strong
always survive at the expense of the weak.
it is only natural that greed and oppression
should become the ruling elements of the
age. It would seem that evolutionary com
munism and plutocracy ought not to war
with each other for carrying their theory
into practice, and yet war unto the death
of one or the other is the fundamental creed
of each. The future outlook, from the view
point of evolution, is only eternal warfare
and endless defeat of the weaker by the
ever-surviving stronger. The evolution
theory acts as a stimulant to those selfish
propensities of the human heart which are
already too highly developed.
filter serious illness Hood's Sarsaparilla
imparts the strength and vigor so much
Weak, Weary, Watery Eyes Welcome
Miu4a Ev Remedy. It soothes. It cures.
Father Thompson Says "Free
Thought" Is Fallacy.
Speaker Contends That Only the
Term Is Recommendation of New
but Impossible Belief Which
Is Merely a Snare.
Modern Freethought was the subject of
a strong address- delivered by Father
Thompson at St. Mary's Cathedral last
night. Rev. Thompson maintained that
freethought as it is today is not really
freethought. In fact there is no such
thing as freethought, according to Rev.
Thompson, who says the mind must run
in certain channels. "The present term,
freethought. is often used to cover an
evil purpose. "' said Father Thompson. The
follbwing is an abstract of his sermon.
An attractive name is a valuable placard
for many a commodity which has little else
to recommend It. The system whica calls
Itself 'F.-eethoughf has at least the ad
vantage of a prepossessing name. But If
the rame d' es nr.l correspond to the thing.
It Is a snare, and like a plausible manner,
may only serve to cloak an evil purpose.
The designation of - Freethought" Is the
combination of two incompatible Ideas.
Thought cannot in tie nature of things be
free. All rational thinkers must proceed In
ouedience to law. and the "lawless" thinker
Is a much a menace in his own sphere as
is the "lawless" citizen to the community
In which he lives. " Every ascertained fact
puts a necessary restraint upon thought, and
'ne who would deny the rotundity of the
earth would be classified, not as an inspir
ing example of Intellectual freedom, but as
a victim of invincible ignorance. Truth, the
object of thought, makes us free in the true
sense of the word, for it dispels ignorance
and error, which mean bondage for the
What Freethought'- is meant to stand
for. then, Is not the lax and lawless think
ing, which the name implies, but the pur
suit of truth without previous bias or pre
possession, along any line of reason waereby
It may be obtained. It is held that free
dom of inquiry precludes any one from be
lieving that he knows the truth before he
starts his investigation, and. moreover,
there is In fact only one sure way of arriv
ing at truth the way of physical science,
with its methods it observation, experiment
and calculation. The great commandment
of free thought, therefore, forbids any
definite convictions as to the objects of in
quiry, and with the freethinker there is no
intellectual freedom where the object of in
vestigation is viewed otherwise than as an
open question.
It is needless to say that this system is
antagonistic to the Catholic church, wnich
Is irrevocably commlttrd to a directly op
posite principle. A Catholic believes on the
authority of the church, in God, in the in
carnation and redemption. In Immortality,
In future judgment. In all supernatural
truth, not because he has found such truth
to be true on any line of independent in
vestigation, but because they are propos, 1
to him by a teacher he accepts as divine,
and without such submission, no man can
be a Catholic. Hence it is frequently
charged that no Catholic enjoys full intel
lectual freedom in the domain of eitner
science or philosophy. For the Catholic,
it is said, the results of his investigations
are predetermined, and he arbitrarily han
dles every problem so as to 'bring about the
answer which the exigencies of his position
Whatever weight this objection may ap
pear to have at first sight, a little reason
ing will show Its utter falsity as a general
principle. It assumes gratuitously the very
point that calls for -proof, viz.. that "the
convictions held at the outset by the in
quirer are erroneous, and that the knowl
edge which r.e thinks himself "to possess Is
in reality no knowledge at all. In such cir
cumstances, where knowledge and convic
tions are at fault, there is certainly no pos
sibility of right reasoning. But if we s- ,.
pose a conceivable case, where an lnquhw
knows the truth before he adopts a process
of investigation which will lead to It, cer
tainly no one will maintain that his fore
knowledge will incapacitate him for an ex
act demonstration of the truth he already
knows. True knowledge can not be a
stumbling block in the way of right rea
soning, for the truth can not be opposed to
truth. The fact that we know on the au
thority of competent acquaintance that the
coming Christmas will fall on Tuesday, no
way unfits us for the discovery of the same
fact by independent Investigation.
Sermon by Rev. Ii. F. Smith at Trin
ity Methodist Church.
Rev. Lt F. Smith, pastor of Trinity
Methodist Church, spoke last evening on
the topic, "Secret Power of the Chris
tian." His text was "Mine eyes have
seen the King, the Lord of Hosts." Rev.
Mr. Smith spoke of the longing of men
to see God. He set forth the condition
under which he may "see" God. Con
tinuing, he said:
We will not feel concerned about other
people until we see their condition. We
were aroused . to help the people of San
Francisco when we knew jpf their condition,
so we will be aroused wnen we see the
aw-ful condition of the people in their sins.
If we are aroused to help save those who
may be in danger in the burning building,
or those who are drowning, how much more
should we be aroused to help those who
are ruined, soul, body and spirit.
What shall we do? Just what Isaiah did,
cry unto God for "help, and He will send
His messenger, as He did to Isaiah. "There
flew one of the seraphim unto me, having &
live coal from off the altar; and he laid it
upon my mouth, and said. -Lo. this hath
touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken
away, and thy sin purged;' " also, "I heard
the voice of the Lord, saying: 'Whom shall
I send, and who will go for us?" Then said
I, 'Here am I; send me.' " So when God
touches our hearts and fills us with His
holy spirit, we will want God to use us in
His service, and he can use us.
Dr. Clarence True Wilson Preaches
on Christianity's Optimism.
The sermon of Dr. Clarence True Wil
son at Grace Methodist Episcopal Church
last evening was based on a prediction
of Isaiah, the prophet of promise. "These
for Those" was the pastor's topic His
text was taken from Isaiah. ix:17, "For
brass I will bring gold, and for iron I will
bring silver, and for wood, brass; and
for stones, iron." He said:
"The religion of the Bible is the only
one which has its golden age before it.
All others look to the past as the more
desirable period. But whatever the pres
ent darkness, the finger of revelation al
ways points to brighter things. We do
not look for failure, because a new gen
eration is soon to be trusted with the
conduct of the world. Because the Al
mighty wants new things done in ew
ways, he takes one generation off the
stage of action and brings another on.
The past teaches us that each succeed
ing generation has conserved the hest se
cured by the former and brought to light
improvement not before discovered. And
round about the text is the optimistic
flow of a better order and a happier out
ook, well adapted to the consecrated
and rising youth of the land.
"Young people, the terms of the- text
have to do with endowments consecrated
to God and human uplift. Whether your
endowment oe stone, wood, iron or brass,
you have no responsibility but you have
to use whatever it may be, and with it
do business for God. Have you received
a spiritual endowment? Have vou been
awakened to a sense of the awfnlness of
sin? Do you realize that disagreement
wnn -roa is no way to prosper? Have
you truly and earnestly repented of vour
sins; believed on Christ for salvation?
Fxchange this repentance and faith for
him who is made unto us wisdom, right
eousness, 6anctification and redemption.
Did ye receive the gift of the Holy Spirit
when ye believed? Then go forth with
the iron and brass and silver and cast
them into the crucible of the world's im
provement and look for the fine gold of
the kingdom in exchange for thine out
lay. Have something worthy to offer to
God. TVi Tint atremnr. to buv with the
irredeemable currency of ambitions and
resolutions, but receive from Heaven me
gifts divine. Remember that the means
of the world's unlift are not inherited but
derived: that outlay Is the price of acqui
sition; that the increase win re commen.
surate with our outlay in the things of
God; that all the divine blessings are the
result of investment; that the dividend Is
greater than the price, and finally the
more valuable the investment the greater
the compensation." .
The pastor enlarged these propositions
and showed that religion requires the
surrender and sacrifice of much but fur
nishes a margin upon the investment and
pays for the life that is now as well as
for the one that is' to come.
The musical oroeramme of the evening
was one of the best yet rendered by the
quartet and male chorus. Particularly
wrthy of mention was. Miss Edith M. Ly
tie's rendition of a Gospel solo.
Dr. Brougher Takes "A Cake Not
Turned" for Subject
The services last night at the White
Temple opened with baptism, and of the
musical features, the trio rendered by
Miss Lawler. Mrs. Reed and Mr. Belcher
was exceptionally fine. Dr. Brougher
took for his text Hosea vii:S "Ephraim
is a cake not turned." He said in part:
Ephraim stands for Israel In this passage.
The Prophet Hosea declares that Israel is
one-sided. He ts like a pancake that ha
been burnt on one side and is raw on the
other. In eastern countries it was custom
ary to heat the hearth or oven, as It was
called, sweep It clean, and put the cake
upon it. Then they - covered the cake with
ashes and embers. In a little while the
cake was turned, and the process repeated
several times until the cake was well baked.
But the prophet says that Israel is a cake
that has been neglected. He has not been
turned, therefore one side may be raw and
the other side burnt.
In this rather striking simile, Hosea
teaches the Importance of having a full
rounded life and character. There are many
representatives of ancient Israel in the
world today. They have neglected one side
or the other in the development of their
lives and have become lopsided. They have
been cooked on one side, and left raw
on the other. It Is my purpose to notice
some ways in which people become "half
baked pancakes."
The person who develops either body or
spirit alone is a "cake not turned." It is
more than commonplace to say that a man
has both a body and a soul. Everyone
recognizes the fact that a fully developed
man or woman Involves the development of
body and spirit.
Bu"t how few such men and women do we
see in the world. We are negligent of
either one or the other. We are one-sided
in our judgments. We are Influenced by
our prejudices. We are controlled by
heredity and environment. The conscience
Is developed in one direction and not an
other. It Is tender on one side and seared
on tne other. There are some church mem
bers who are too conscientious to blacken
their shoes on Sunday, who have no hesi
tancy in using their tongues to blacken
their neighbors' characters on Monday.
There are some deacons who pray to tnt.
Lord on Sunday, and then prey on the peo
ple on Monday. There are business men
who would not' shave on Sunday, but they
are willing to shave the widow's note on
Monday. There are some men who would
not drive a horse on Sunday, but they are
willing to drive their employes during the
week until they almost drop dead. Jesus
Christ came into the world to make men
whole. It should be our aim, by the help
of God. to develop an all round character
of Christ-likeness.
He who lives either for pleasure or busi
ness alone Is a "cake not turned." Busi
ness and pleasure go together. They are
the two sides of life's activities. "All work
and no play makes Jack a dull boy;" but
all play and no work makes Jack a useless,
vicious boy. It is important that we should
get the proper proportion of these two.
When one makes up his mind that the great
end of life Is simply to have a good time,
duty is neglected, sacred obligations are
ignored, business is a failure, the prospects
of life wither, and the end is utter ruin and
On the other -hand, the man who rushes
into business and makes it his "be all and
end all." has missed the mark equally with
me pleasure seeker.
Ivos Angeles Minister Tells of
Strength and Beauty of Faith.
Rev. Dr. Maclaren. of Los Angeles.
who has been invited to take tempor
ary charge of the First Presbyterian
Church, delivered a sermon yesterday
morning that attracted much attention.
The text was Psalm xcvl:6:
Strength and beauty are in his sanc
tuary" He said in part:
When I first visited London one of the ob
jects I was most anxious to see was St.
Paul's Cathedral. As I looked at Its great
dome, I was amazed by its marvelous
beauty. It was stained by ages of storms
and London fogs, but these could not ob
scure the absolute perfection of its lines and
curves. It looked light and airy as though
it mignt rise ana noat away. But associat
ed with this beauty you could not fall to aee
Its wonderful and ponderous strength. It
Is tuilt to stand until the kingdom of God
comtj in its glory.
And then I thought of the great prlnrl-
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past. Our treatment embraces the most modern and scientific princi
ples, founded on years of successful practice. .
We cure by the latest and best methods known to medical science
associate diseases and weaknesses, with their reflex complications,
Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Stricture and Weakness.
We have cured thousands If your physical condition is impaired,
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is tainted with disease in any form whatever, YOU OWE IT TO
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pie of all architecture that the llnea of the
greatest beauty are always the lines of the
greatest strength. There are some things
that are strong, but not beautiful, and there
are some things that are beautiful but not
strong, bat when you find the supreme of
beauty and the supreme of strength you will
always find them together.
Let us look for trie strength and beauty
that are in His sanctuary. The- one great
object of our gathering here is to meet with
God. and God. our Heavenly Father, is
almighty in His strength, and glorious in
His beauty.
Dr. Maclaren showed that all forms of
false religion uphold ideals of God both
weak and unlovely. "The paganism of
ancient and modern times pictures God aa
subject to all the weakening vices of the
most vicious men," said he. The countless
new religions of the day. the fads and cults
that so many are raving over. represent
that you are God and that I am God. and
we all are God together. They teach that
we cannot be sick or suffer because God
cannot be sick. But they wear out in
spite or their creed and pass away, grasp
ing at nothing.
In contrast to all this is the strength and
beauty of Jesus, our Saviour strong to bear
the sorrows of all the world and glorious in
His loving kindness.
The doctrines preached in the sanctuary
must be strong and beautiful. If anything
ts preached that seems weak or unlovely, it
is either false or imperfectly expressed. All
truth is eternally strong and beautiful.
The speaker in closing pictured the
strong and magnificent .human charac
ter that is sure to be developed if we
walk in love and loyalty with Christ
and imitate his example. God has ex
hausted the power of human language
in giving us some conception of the
strength and beauty of the eternal
city where there is room for all his
Sermon by Dr. McGlade at Mizpah
Presbyterian Church. '
"The Assize of Conscience" was the
topic of the sermon last evening at the
Mizpah Presbyterian Church, by Rev.
Jerome McGlade. His text was. "And
they said one to another, we are verily
guilty concerning our brother, in that we
saw the anguish of his soul when he be
sought us and we would not hear." Dr.
McGlade said in part:
The word assize means an assembly of
judges: also a decision pronounced by them;
a , sitting for a judicial purpose. Black
stone held that the original meaning of the
word was Jury, citing Henry the II as insti
tuting the Grand Assize, or grand jury.
We may transfer the meaning, speaking
cl the conscience ab an assize or Jury which
passes verdict upon the acts of man. With
in the breast of every person is a court, a
Ji.cge, a Jury and man is arraigned before
the bar of conscience and tried for his moral
actions, and acquitted or convicted. A
writer shows morality to be the progressive
accomplishment of an eternal purpose with
which man is in harmony, or should be:
that the moral faculty is the man himself
conscious in a1', actions of a good which he
attains or fails to attain: that it is the
voice of God in tne human breast, and at
the same time that of man's true self.
In the Scriptural incident of Jacob's ten
sons who had been implicated in a plot j
against tneir orotner, josepn. setting ntm as
a slave and falsifying their action before
their father, and after the lapse of years
having their deed present itself before them,
we have a case at hand. Meeting the
memory of their sinful act, as it was
brought before them, conscience within them
pronounced the verdict of guilty.
Had conscience slumbered ever since that
fateful day when they trafficked in a life?
Did conscience say never a word when they
returned to their father with Joseph's gar
ments stained with blood, reporting that an
tvil beast had slain him? Were they un
affected when thetr aged '.her made such
sad lamentations over lost son?
Tnrough these silent years did never the
memory of their sin haunt rhem? We
know that conscience may slumber, become
a seared and scarred thing, but yet it is
a terrible avenger of evil deeds, and roused
in the breasts of these guilty men, caused
each to pronounce himself guilty.
The speaker dwelt at length upon the
process of the trial which led to con
viction, and pointed out how such trial
processes are ever going on. He cited
celebrated passages in the Bible and the
world's l' erature and history and called
attention to the Conscience Fund of our
nation which dating from 1811, was in
creased in the last 15 months by more
than $i!700.
PORTLAND. Nov. 11 Maximum temper
ature, 56 degrees; minimum. 50. River read
ing at S A. M.. 7.4 feet; change in last 24
hours, rise 0.7-foot. Total precipitation. 5
P. M. to 5 P. M., O fi-lnch: total since Sep
tember 1. 1906. 10.71 inches: normal, 7.74
inches; excess. 2.07 inches. Total sunshine.
November 10, 1H06. 7 hours and 4S minutes;
possible, 9 hours and 42 minutes. Barometer
(reduced to sea-level) at 5 P. M., 30 14
The small high-pressure area yesterday
over the North Pacific States has increased
in magnitude and moved east to the Da
kota!. The barometer is relatively low over
Northwest Washington. Light ratn has
fallen in Northwestern Oregon. Washington
and extreme Northern Idaho, and the
weather is cloudy in Eastern Oregon and
Southwestern Idaho. The changes in tem
perature since yesterday have been small
and unimportant.
The indications are for occasional rain
todayNn Northwestern Oregon. Washington
Established 25 Years) in Portland
Consultation Free. No Pay Unless Cured
Many people do not realize that in this day
and age methods and plans of treatment have
been so greatly improved that ailments consid
ered incurable under the old forms of treatment
are now easily curable by the physician who has
kept abreast of the times. Of all diseases pecu
liar to the masculine gender, none requires more
skill, intelligent, painstaking, conscientious treat
ment than such as those who come under our ob-
and Northern Idaho, with increasing cloudi
ness in Southern Idaho.
Forecasts made at Portland for the 28
hours ending midnight, November 12:
Portland and vicinity Occasional rain;
southerly winds.
"Western Oregon Occasional rain north,
probably rain and cooler south portion;
southerly winds.
Western .Washington Rain: southerly
Eastern Oregon Cloudy and threatening
with probably rain.
Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho
Southern Idaho Increasing cloudiness,
with possibly light rain west portion.
a 3 I WIND.
Baker City
Kamloops. B. C.
North Head
Red Bluff
Salt Lake City.
San Francisco. . .
Tatoosh Island. .
Walla Walla
SiO.OO! 4.
30 0 00 4
o on! 4
6ti0.ll0 4!
500.00' 4
SOio.OOl 4
S4 0.0SI
5SIO.0O 4i
56i0.06 2
SOiO. 00' 4
6?i0 00i 4
S ICloudv
NE IClear
SE 'Cloudy
W (Clear
SW ICloudv
E IPt. Cldy
SE ;Cloudy
w .Clear
SE Cloudy
N W iPt. Cldy.
SE Clear
w IClear
NE Pain
SE Cloudy
E iCloudy
SW Pt Cldy.
I 74'0.00l 4
.1 SS 0 0O 4
. i T.siO.OO, 4
.1 4S' T 4
.i 5:o.oi! 6
. I 5fi o oo:is
. ! MlO.001 1
T. Trace.
EDWARD A FEAT.Sv Pis'rirt Forecaster.
We treat successfully all private nerv
ous and chronic diseases of men, such as
variocele, hydrocele, sores, ulcers, skin
diseases.- syphillis tblood poison), gonor
rhoea and ailments of the kidneys, blad
der, stomach, heart and liver. Also piles,
rupture and all drains and losses of men
only. We can restore the sexual vigor
of any man.
The doctors of this institute are all reg
ular graduates, have nad 23 years' experi
ence, have- been known in Portland for
many years, have a reputation to main
tain, and will undertake no case unless
certain cure can be effected.
' We guarantee a cure fn every case we
undertake or charge no fee. Consulta
tion free. Letters confidential. Instruc
tive BOOK FOR MEN mailed free in
plain wrapper.
We have such confidence in our meth
ods that we will take your case and
treat you without asking for a dollar
until ou are cured.
If you cannot call at office, write for
question blank. Home treatment suc
cessful. Office hours, 9 to 5 and 7 to 8. Sundays
and holidays, 10 to 12.
Offices in Van Noy Hotel. Third St.
Corner Pine, Portland. Or.
San Francisco G Portland
Steamship Co.
from AiDS worth Dock (Portland) at 8 P.M.
S S. "Costa Rica," November 12, 22, Decem
ber 2. 12. 22
S S "Columbia." November 17. 27: Decem
ber 7. 17. 27.
From Spear St. Dock (San Francisco) at
11 A. M.
S "Costa Rica," November S. 18. 28: De
cember. S. 18. 2S.
S S "Columbia," November 13, 2.1; Decem
ber 3. 13. 23.
Only Direct Fapseoirer Steamers Operating;
Between Portland and San Francisco.
24S Washington St. Phone Main 358.
Astoria and Columbia
River Railroad Co.
8:00 A. M
For Mayners. Rainier.
Clatskanle. Wesrport,
Clifton, Astoria, War
renton. Flavel. Ham
mond. Fort Stevens.
Gearhart Park. Sea
Fide. Astoria and Sea
shore. Express Daily.
Artoria Express.
11:55 A.M.
T:0(T P. M
9:50 P.M.
Cumm'l Agt.. 24.$ Alder st. G. F. P. A.
Phone Main 90S.
From Seattle at 0 P. M.
lor Ketcnlkan. Juneau.
Skagway. White- Horse,
Dawson and Fairbanks.
S. S. City of Seattle,
November 3. 13. 23.
S S. Humboldt. Novem
ber K. IS. 2S.
e s: i-ottare Citv (via Sitkal. Nov. 4, 18.
Fro Seattle at 9 A. M. L ma til la. No
vember 1 lfi. 31; City of Puebla. November
6. 21; Queen City. November U. 26.
Portland Ofncc. -49 tl unhlngtoa St,
Main 220.
3. M. Lee. Pass. X Ft. Agt.
C. T. DUNANN. O- P. A.. San Francises
Upper Coluiia River
Steamer Chas. R. Spencer
Leaves Oak-street dock every Monday.
Wednesday and Friday at 7 A. M. for THE
DULLES and STATE PORTAGE, connecting
COMPANY STEAMERS for points as far
east as HOVER.
Returning. arrive Portland. Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday at 3 P. M. Low
rates and excellent service.
Phone Main 2940 or Main 3201.
Colombia River Scenery
Daily service between Portland and The
Dalles, exoept Sunday, leaving Portland at
7 A. M.. arriving about 6 P. M., carrying
freight and paesengere. Splendid accommo
dations for outflts and livestock,.
Dock foot of Alder St., Portland: foot of
Court at.. The Dalles. Phone Main 914.
For Corvallls. Albany. Independence, Salem.
Steamer "POMONA" leaves 6:45 A. M..
Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday.
For Salem and way landings Steamer
"OREGONA" leaves 6:45 A. M., Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.
Toot Taylor Street.
I. .
EAST via
8:45 P. M.
7:25 A. t
for Salem Rose
bn r r. Ashland.
Sacramento. Og-
den. San Fran
cisco. Stockton.
Los Anpeles. fc-l
Paso. New Or
leans and the
8:00 A. M.
ilornlnc train
7:15 P. M
connects at
Woodburn daily
except Sunday
with Mt. Angei
and Silverton lo
cal. Cottage Grove
passenger con
nects at Wood
burn and Albany
dally except
Sunday -with
trains to and
from Albany.
Lebanon and
branch points.
Corvallls passen
ger. Shrllan passen-g-r.
Forest Grove
4:15 P. M.
11:00 A. M-
4:10 P. M.
5:50 P. M.
10:20 A. M.
5 :20 P. M.
11 .00 A. M.
52:50 P. M.
7:55 A. M.
Daliv. gDailv except Sunday.
Depot. Foot of Jefferson Street.
Leave Portland daily for Oswego at 7:40
A. M. ; 12 :50, 2 :05. 5:20. 6:25. 8:30. 10:10,
11:30 P. M. Dailv except Sunday. 5:30,
6:30. 10 25 A. M. Sunday only. 0 A M.
ReturntnR from Oswego, arrive Portland,
dailv. 8:3.". A. M.. 1:55. 3:05. S 15. 7:35. 9:55.
11.10 P M ; 12 25 A. M. Daily except Sun
day. 6:25. 7:25. 8:35. 11:45 A. M. Sunday
oniy. 10 A M.
Leave from same depot for Dallas and in
termediate points dally. 7:30 A. M. and 4:13
P M. Arrive Portland, 10 15 A. II. and
6:25 P. M.
The Independence-Monmouth Motor Line
operates daily to Monmouth and Alrlie. con
necting with S. P. Co.- trains at Dallas and
First-class fare from Portland to Sacra
mento and San Francisco. SCO, hertii. $5.
Second-class fare, $15; second-class berth,
$2 SO.
Tickets to Eastern points and Europe;
also Japan. China. Honolulu and Australia.
Washington Sts. Fhone Main 712.
City Ticket Agent. Gen. Puss. Agt.
Through Pullman standards and tourist
leeplng cars dally to Omaha. Chicago. Spo
kane; tourist sleeping car dally to Kaussa
City. Reclining cnlr cars (Keats frosj ta me
:lJo JlRl a
UNION DEPOT. Leaves. Arrives.
SPECIAL for th. East :30 A. M. 5:0O P. M-
la Huntington. Pally. Dlly.
6-15 P. iL 8:00 A. M
BPOKANE FLYER. Dally. Dally.
For Eastern Washington. Walla Walla.
Lewiaton, Coeur d'AUne and Great Norlaare.
for the ut via Hunt- Sally. .Daily,
PORTLAND . EIGGS 8:15 A.M. 6:00 P. H
LOCAL. for all local
(joints between Biggs
and Portland.
FOR ASTORIA and :oo P. M- 8:00 P. U.
fray points, connecting Dally Dally
with steamer for Ilwa- except except
eo and North Beaca Sunday. Sunday,
teamer Hassalo, Ash- Saturday
st. dock. 10:00 p. M.
FOR DAYTON. Ore- 7:00 A.M. '5:30 P. M.
gon City and Yamhill Dally Dally
River points, Asn-at. except except
Bock (water per.) Sunday. I Sunday.
For Lewlston, Idaho, and way points from
Flparla. Wash. Leave Riparla 5:40 A. M
or upon arrival train No. 4. dally except Bat.
orday. Arrive Riparla 4 P. M. dally xcepl
Ticket Office. Third and Washington.
Telephone Main 512. C. W. Stinger. City
Ticket Act.; Wm. McMurray. Gen. Pasa. Agt,
The Fast Mull
Dally. PORTLAND 1 Dally.
Leave Time Schedule. lArrlvs.
To and from Sp.-!
S.30am kane, st. Paul. iln-i' -
neapolls. DulutQ andl
11:45 pm All Points East Via :30 pm
To and from St.!
Paul. Minneapolis. ,
C:15pm Duluth an4 All 5:00
Points East Via
Grent Northern Steamship Co.
Sailing from Seattle for Japan
and China ports and Manila, carry
ing passengers and frelght
S. S. I.nkota. November 2R.
ti. S. Minnesota, January 9.
(Japan Mall Steamship Co.l
S. S TANGO MARU will sail from!
Seattle about November 13 for Japan I
and tnina pons, carrying passen
gers and freight.
For tickets, rates, berth reserva
tions, etc.. call on or address
122 Third St.. Portland, Or.
Phone Main 68a.
Xp&ri Arrlvr
Tcllowvtoae Park - JOumaa
Clty-St. Louis bpecUl fop
Chehalls. CentraUa, Olym
pltL, Gray Harbor, South
Bend. Tacoroa. St-a-ttle, po
kan. Lewlston. Butte. Bll
llnffs. Denver. Omaha.
Kacnaa City, St. Lout and
bout h west 8:30 am 4:M ?m
2orth Coat Limited, elec
tric IJchted. for Tacema.
att)e. Spokane, Butte,
Minneapolis St. Paul and
the Eat 2:00pra Tr00m
pBRft Sound Limited for
Claremont. Cneballs, Cen
tral.,. Tacoma and 8eattl
oly 4:30 pm 10 :W 7
Twin City Expreaa for Ta
coma. Seattle, Bpokane,
Helena. Butt, Et. Paul.
Minneapolis, Lincoln.
Omaha, St. JoDh, St.
Loula, Kansas City, with
at chans: ot care. Direct
connections for all points
F)at and Southeast 11:43 pm 0:V P-
A. D. Charlton. Assistant General Farae-
rer A rent. Ift6 Morriava sU, corner TUu4,
portUad Or,