Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 26, 1906, Page 19, Image 19

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California Yield Only Half What
Was Expected.
I'rices of Other Xuts Will Mso Hule
llisli This Season Plan or So
noma llopsrowors to Kle
valc the "ont Market.
WALNUTS California crop one-half
Short. J
HOPS On'y rxfrtrns buying.
W H K A T Ii--uni -t ion or tt h ipping
BL'TTEK City crramny grades J
EGGS Quality of ranch stock Im
prove.. POULTRY Chickens in pwd de
mand. As staled some time ago. the opening price
on California walnuts, announced by tho
"Walnut (irowera' Association, was regarded
as very low in view of tho, probable short
age In tho crop. It now develops that only
about half a crop has been produced and
dull verb s will be correspondingly tight.
The local trade has received the following
circular from Arlss, Campbell & Ciault, rep
resentatives of -the association, which ex
plains the situation:
"We are just In receipt of letters from
t he various walnut associations which we
represent and the general tone of all these
letters would Indicate that the crop would
fall very much short of first estimates, in
tact lai st estimates put the crop at only
about 00 per cent of what was first esti
mated. They find, after beginning to pick,
t hat the crop is all on the outside of the
tree, which, of course, uccounts for their
misjudging the sizo of the crop originally.
"From all appearances now the deliveries
will be made pro rata and possibly as
low as 0t per cent deliveries will be made on
orders, our principals, however, express tho
hope that tin y will be able to do better
than tills.
YWe, of course, n grit to adviso you of
this condition, but we feel It is our duty
to do go In order tli;i you can advise the
retailer that .you will not be able to make
full delierks on your orders, providing you
have sold futures to cover your purchases."
Nut only are walnuts going to be high,
but stilt prices are looked for all through
the nut list this season. Almonds, the
first car of which ha- arrivod, aro quoted
II to 4 cents higher than at the opening
of last Mt'Ufct'ii. I'eeans are also higher and
the optMitrg prieo on extra large will be
37' cents. Brazils are ulmost out of the
market and w hat can be secured will bring
3 0 cents. Arrivals of new walnuts will be
gin in about two weeks.
IMun of SoiHiiiui (irmverh to Take Advantage
of tho London .Market.
All tho hop buying done yesterday was
on export account, so far as could be learn
ed. Particulars were withheld, but it was
I'fpirtrd that for one lot In the Dallas sec
tion, Iti'.-j ci'iits was puivl. TIim dealers who
depend on Last in n orders for business aro
In ginning to feci blur.
A brief tel. 'graphic outline was given in
this paper Wcdncsd;i y of the plan of So
noma growers to ship a blm-k of hops to
London. The Santa liosa Republican of
etoher 22 gives further details of the
scheme, as follow s:
Secretary Sidney Gibbons, of the Sonoma
County Jlop Growers' Exchange, is inter
viewing the growers on a business propo
sition that may mean considerable to those
who aVc interested.
A plan is propose! by which it is hoped
to secure a pool of" on-"--third of the hops m
this vicinity and ship them at once tn Eng
land. Hops are polling there for I15 to -in
fMits per pound mid hero thty are only
bilnmng about 15 rents at present.
An English firm has made the proposition
to tho hop giovorn and will guarantee It
and 15 cents per pound right here, will
ay the expensesTif a man rhoscii by Hie
Imp growers to Mnd from England, mid will
ause the hops to be shipped to England
at once. This representative of the hop
growers ts to have absolute control of .the
bops, will be turnislo'ii with inside infor
mation there by the English firm, amf w ill
g i v his p( rson;i 1 a 1 1 en: I'm to t he market .
None f (he hops will be fold until this
l e present all ve says the wot d and orders
them placed on the market, In this manner
it is expected that :'. cents per pound rim
bo secured for th hops s nl across the
water. The English firm will charge only
one per rent commission and out of this
will pay the tare of the Sonoma County rep
resentative across the ocean aud return, and
will pay bis expenses while he is thej-s
watting the s.ile of the hops. Tho grow
ers will pHy tun freight and Insurance on
their hops.
Secretary Gibbons is enthusiastic over thr
proposition, and is meeting with great pii-
tura fioment Not otic hop grow t a p
proaehreS with the proposition bus failed
to accept i lie sa me. and in the near future
It is b"iieed there will b- heavy ship
ments from Santa Kosa to Knglatid. Sec
retary Gibbons declares thnt the single
per cent is an alhn tn: lntuic as compared
with past experiences. v hen prow ors have
paid one per cent he re a art a not her in New
S'ork, and auotlvr in England. H" says
the grower usually pays out obout . cents
In commissions before his hnpq rench the
consumer, and that in New York as high us
3 sad 4 cents is demanded t times.
At the meet i ng el the hop P rowers Sat ur
day afternoon it was deeided to take the
tep: which the secretary endeavoring
to rut ry out ;if present. N- xt Suturdny a
general meeting of the hop growers will be
held, in order to have a general discussion
of the matter. The hanging of the by
laws will nlso come up for consideration
next Satiirda .
Much Wheat to He Moved.
settlement of t h w a tor front strike,
i good thing a'! around, is nut likely
w hl
ause unu h increase in t lie activity of
wheat mai'Ket at present. During the
w ere
thsi tfie .strike wa on tiie exporters
hu ing steadily in tho country, though
as Viecly as before tho trouble began.
c mi pp lies are now to be disposed of
the hiors of the shippers, in the 1m
iate future, will be directed toward nwk
dehxeries. rather t'-an taking on fresh
dies The tone of the market whs steady
e ; .
t it j Creamery Butter Steady.
Although the butter market is very weak
on Front street, the city creameries- report
steady tone owing to the good local ni
mend Country store butter is selling well
at quotations, but receipts are still light.
Arrivals of poultry were liberal yester
day, but the demand w as strong and sup
plies cleaned up at full prices.
The Oregon egss now arriving are gen
erally of good quality and the market is
Vresh Produce Quiet.
There was only a fair movement in fresh
produce yesterday and supplies were rather
scarce. Among the day's receipts was a
car of sweet pot a toes.
Grain, Flour. Feed. Etc.
FLOUR Patents. $3.'y 4. 10 " per barrel;
iraiFMa, $3.10;t; clears. $3.10.23; Val
W. $t 40fj:'. u; Dakota and hard wheat, pat
ents, $;J5.tii; clears, $4. lu4.25; grab no,
$J.60, vhole wheat, $3.75; rye flour, locAl, $5;
Eastern. S5S5.25; corn meal, per bale, SI. 900
WHEAT Club, 64c; bluestera, tiSc; Valley.
tj7c; red. (He
OATS No. 1 white. $24& 24.50; gray, $23
BARLEY FsM. J 20. 50 per torn: brewing.
S21.Su: rolled. ?23.
RYE $1.'.'7,q 1.40 per cwt.
CORN Whole, $25 50; cracked, $26.50 per ,
MTLLSTUFfS Bran. city. $14 50: country,
$?5 00 per ton; middlings. $24; norw. city,
$10; country. $17 per ton; chop. U. S. Mills.
$15.30; linseed dairy food, $18; acaiia. meal,
$18 per ton.
CEREAL FOODS Rolled oata. cream. 00
pound sacks. $7: lower grades. 5.&if?6-75:
oatmeal, steel cut. 50-pound aacke, $3 per
barrel; 10-pound sacks. $4.25 per bale: oat
meal (ground). 5"-pound sacks. $7.50 per
barrel; 10-pound sacks. $4 per bale: apilt
teas, $3 per loo-nound sacks; 25-pound boxes,
S1.40; .pearl barlev, $4.25 per 100 pounds; 25
pound boxes. $: .25 per box; pa try flour.
pound sack. $2.00 per bale.
H A Y ValLey timoth. No. 1. 910011 pr
ton; Eastern Oregon timothy, $14rlt; clo
ver, 96.50 & 7; cheat. $737.50; rrain hay. $7;
alfalfa. $11.30: vetch hay. 977.50.
Vegetables, Fruits, Etc.
DOMESTIC FRUITS Apples, common to
choice, 25&75c per box; choice to fancy, 75o
xl.i!"; ai-ape, $i'ul.50 per crate; Concords,
Oregon, 27Hc half basket. Eastern, 3013 35c per
basket; peaches. TociiSl: pears. 75c& 91.25;
craniierries. S.."0 'q y.."it per barrel; Quinces,
$1 ' 1 2.i pr box. v
Tin PH A L FRT'ITS Lemons. $rf.50i 7 per
box; or-inges. Vlemdas, SO'fo.u'; grape
fruit. $4'y0; pineapples,. $o '.a 4 per doxen; ba
nanas. 5c per pound.
Ijo pound ; cauliflower, $1.25 per dozen;
celery. 75'n&.c per dozen, egg plant, $1.50
per crate; lettuce. M-ad, 2'c per dozen;
onions,. I03i 12 -2c pcrozen; bell peppers, 5c;
pumpkins, lc per pound, spinach. 4 3y5c
per pound; tomatoes, J0 1501; per box; pars
ley, io iTi. 15c; Miuash, 1 per pound; hot
house lettuce. 25cper dozen.
pe- sack; carrots. 9uca$l per sack: beets,
$1.25&1.50 per sack, garlic. 71--"10c per
pound; horseradish. 010c per pound; Bweet
potatoes, 2''21-irc per pound.
ONIONS Oregon, iuc t S 1 per hundred.
POTATOES Buying prices: Oregon Bor
banks, fancy. $1'j1.1u; common. 75 itUOc.
IjRTED FRITTS Apples. G fn 7c pound;
apricot. 15's 1Vjc; peaches. 12&fcl3c; pears,
lll'5;tl4c; Italian prunes. 4 'a 5c , California
flg5, white, in sacks. Sijiiu per pound: lack.
4'-ji.V.-; hrirks. 70 S2 25 per box, Smyrna,
20c pound; dates. Ter-dan. (-7 pound.
RA IS INS Seeded. l-ounce packages. &9
SV-c: lij-oLince. 0' 1: loo-e muscatels. 2
crewn. fiM;'i7e; 3-crown. G (ii7c; 4-crown,
7(77V.-c; unbleached, seedlca3 Sultanas, fu7c;
Thompson's fancy bleached. 10'llc; London
layers, 3-crown, whole boxes of 20 pound. $2;
2 -crown. $1.75.
Buffer, Eggs, Poultry. Etc.
BUTTE K City creameries: Extra cream
ery, 30 o2Vi;c per pound. State creameries:
Fancy Creamery, 25 i( 27,,c; store butter, 16
a 17c.
EGGS Oregon ranch, 32?32Hc dozen;
best Eastern, 2tl'ft 27c; ordinary Eastern, 24
li 25c.
CH EESH Oregon full cream twine, 14'
ll-c; Young America. ISalSi-c. .
1'Ol'LTUY Average old hens. 12 filSc:
mixed chickens. 12 i 12 Vjc; Spring, 12 bp
lllc; old roosters, Ji'fi 30c; dressed chickens,
i:r 14e; turkeys live. l7rfjl7M;c; turkeys,
dressed, choice, 21'u221ie; geese, live, pr
pound. Ktfi'io; ducks. 14U'15c; pigeons, $1
4j. I.oO; squabs, $21 3.
Dressed Meats.
VEAL Dressed, 75 to 125 pounds, 7 4
8c; 125 to 150 pounds, 7c; 150 td 200 pounds,
tic; 2oo pounds and up, Stic.
ItEEF Dressed bulls, 2 2 c per pound;
cow s. 4 5c ; country steers, 5 5 c.
M I'TTON Dressed, fancy, 7c per pound;
ordinary. 5 ffi. tic : lambs, fancy. 8c.
PORK. Pressed. UK to 130 pounds. 8c; 150
to 2"0 pounds, 77 Vjc; 200 pounds and up, 6
Groceries, Nuts, Etc.
RICE Imperial Japan No. 1, fitc; South
ern Jai'an, fi.40c; head. .75c.
COFFEE Mocha, 22s.c; Java, ordinary. IS
22c; Cota Rica, fancy, lb&uc; gooa. 10(tf
lbc; ordinary, Ib4j22c Per pound; Columbia
roast tats, loO, $15; 50S, $15.25; ArbuuUltt.
$17. L5; Lion, $15.75.
SALMON Cplumbia River. 1-pounl tall,
$1.75 per dozen; 2-pound tails, $2.40; 1-pound
flats. $1.10; Aiaska pink, l-pound tails, toc;
red, 1 -pound talis, $1.25; sockeye. 1 -pound
talis. $1 ;o.
SUGAR Sack basis, H?0 pounds: Cub.
$5.:;i; powdered, $"5; dry granulated. $5.45;
extra C, $4.1R; golden C, $4.S5; fruit sugar,
$5.45; P. C. $5.35; C. C $5.5. Advance sales
over sack basis as follows: Barrels. 10c; half
barrels, 25c; boxes. 5nc p?r 100 pounds. Terms:
On remittances within 15 davs deduct per
pound- if later than 15 days and within 30
day, deduct e Heet Jtnear. $5.5 per 100
pounds; maple sugar, 15 a 1 he per pouna.
.NUTS WALNUTS. 14 15c per pound by
sack; Uracil nuts, Uic; filberts, ltic ; pecans,
jumbos, !. exti a large, 17 '-jc; almonds, lii
2K-; chestnuts, 1 talian. 12 H J tic.; Ohio,
20o; peanuts, raw. 7c per pound; roasted.
0c; pim-mus, 1 iki 1 2r; hickory nuts, 7
So; cocoanuts. U.'f'i'.ior per doz-n.
SALT California dairy, S13 ton; Imita
tion Liverpool. $ l ;t per ton ; hal-ground.
lOt's, $11; 50s. $'.K50. lumb Liverpool. $lu.50.
KF.ANS small white. 4e: laree wnite.
3 Li c; pink. 2 c; bayou, 3 :c; Lima, 4 9c;
Mexicans, red, 4 VsC,
HONEY Fancy. $3.25 'fr 3.50 per box.
Provisions and Canned Meats.
tiACOX Fancy breakfast. 22c per pound;
staii'iurd breaktoiit. l&c; choice, loc; LngiUsh,
11 tn 14 pound. 10c; peach, llbjc
HAMS Hi to 14 pounds, lO'-c per pound;
14 to Hi pounds, lOu; 18 to 2o pounds, titc;
t.'.tlirornia iiirtnlc. lpilc; cottage, i;tc; shoul
ders, none; boiled. 24c; boiled picnic. boneie,
PICKLED GOODS Pork, barrels. $21;
half-barrels, $11: beef, barrels. $11; half
harrels, $i.
SAUSAGE ITam, 13c per pound: minced
ham. 10c; bummer, choice dry, l7c; bo
loKi.a, l-n;g. b " . weinerwurst, lOc; liver,
pork, ltc; headcheese, tic; blood, 0c; bologna
link, r.ic.
DRY is ALT CURED Regular short clears,
drv salt. 12c, snnUe,l l ; clear hacks, dry
fr ait. J2e. f.niokcd. 13e; clear belll,
14 to 17 pounds average, dry salt none,
smoked noae; Oregon export?. 20 to 25
pounds average, dry salt 13 V c, smoked
14l-jc: Union bellies, 10 to IS pounds aver
age, nunc.
l.ALP --Kettle rendered: ierces, 12'.'.r;
tubs. 12:-Lc: fn's. 12"ic; 20s. . 1 2 e : 10S. Ki(.;
Tn-. U-.e. St nnd rd pure: Tierces, 1 1 i..e; tuK-
1 1 r; ,'s. 1 1 , : 2Us. 11 "8c: lt)S, llic; :,s
12-kc. ('ompiiund: Tierces. 7Vjo;tube, 7"ic;
5i'c 7:,ic; lus, S1 ( c; 5s. 8ir.
Hops, Wool, Hides. Etc.
HOPS i:'oi;. choice. 15 j 17c; prime, V.ty
14-; medium. 1-y 1-ac per pound; ords,
V00L EUstern Oregon average beat, lofflSc
per pound, according to shrinkage; Valley,
"Off 21c. accord! lii: tu iineness.
MO II A 1 U--Choice. 2i'u 2c.
H1LES lrj ; No. 1. Hi -pounds and up,r
pound. lS'ii2; dry kip. No. 1, a to 15
pounds. lb21c p-t pound; dry salted bulis
and stags, one-thiid Itss than dry flint; cullta,
moth-eaten, bad i cut. adored, murrain, hair
cped. weather-beaten or grubby, 2c to 3c
per pound lest. Salted hides: btevrs. sound, 00
pounos and over, per pound, lu&iic; atecrg,
sound, 50 to 00 pounds, lujllc per pound;
suens, sound, under 50 pounds, and cows,
Wfi luc per puund; fctags and buUs. sound, 7c
per paund; kip, sound, 15 to ao -xiunds, 10c
per poimd; veal, siund, U 14 pounds, lie
per pound; call, sound, un ier lo pounds. 11
12c per pound; green unsdlied. lc pt-r pound
hss; veals, lc per pound leas. Shttpiklus:
Sfiearllnjv, No. 1. butchers' stock. ach, 2.V.J
30c; short wool. No. 1, butchers stock, each,
fnVOOc; medium wool. No. 1 butchers' ttock.
each, $1.25i:t; murrain pelts, from 10 to 20
per cent less, or lStflOc per pound. Horse
hides: Salted, each, according to size, $1
1 .On; colt hides, each. 25tf5oc. Goatskin. Com
mon, each, I525c; Angora, with wool on,
each, "tu i? 1.50.
FURP No. 1 eklns: Renrskins. an to slis
each. $-":i2b, ubs. each, $!ji;i; badger, pri:n
each, 25550c; cat, wild, with head perfect,
o0.i50c; house cat, 5'ji20c; fox. common gray,
large prime, encb.. 501 70c; red. each, $3i.v
cros, each. $5i 15: silver and black, each,
each. $4.5Wifi; mink, strictly No. 1, eaeh, ac
cording to size, $lij3: marten, dark. Northern,
according to size and color, each, $1$ 15;
pale iine. according to size and color, each,
$2.f0'fl4: muskrst, large, each. 12 15c; skunk,
each, 40v;itioc; xdvet or polecat, each, 5 15c;
otter, large, prime skin, each, $jgl0; pant.'ier.
with head and claws periect, each. $2go;
raccoon, prime, large, each. 50tr75c;
wolf, with head perfect, each. $3.50??5; prairie
(covote). OocwSl. wolverine. each. J'ijS;
beaver per kin. lare. $5Jtl; medium, $t7;
mail, S1&1.50; kits. 5-'5iT5c.
BEESWAX Good, clean and pure. 223'25c
per pound.
TALLOW Prime, per pound, 44i&c; No.
2 and j; reuse, 2 If 3c.
CASCARA SAGRADA (chlttam bark
New. 4c per pound; 10-04 and 1905, cariota,
6c; less th;in carlots, P'T5V,c.
TURPENTINE Cases, Sic .per gallon.
COAL Cased, 19c per gallon; tanks. 12H0
per itauon.
GASOLINE Sfov. cases, 24!ic; $6 test.
32c: iron tanks. 20c.
WHITE LEAD Ton lots. 74c; 500-pound
lots. s. i.os than 500-pound lots, 8Hc tin
25-pound tin pails, lc above keg price; 1 to
5-pound tin cans, loo pounds per case. 2a
per pnn r.d above keg price. )
LINSEED Raw. in barrels, 47c: In cases.
5:V ; boiled. In barrels, 50c i In cases, 55c;
250-palh n lots, lc less.
BENZINE Cases. 10C per gallon; tacks,
12c per gallon.
Bank Clearing.
Hank rlearancts of tiie leading cities of
the Northwest yesterday were
Clearimss. Balances.
PortiMiid $ 07:;.4: $14!1.770
tettl J..:iS.12L J4tt.27S
Taconia 7.1.5,t 56.574
Spokane V! 2,053 fc2,;ilH
Stock Speculation Restrained
by Banking Interests.
Progress of London Settlement Is
Watched With Interest Call
Money Again Easier Clos
ing Is Weak.
NEW YORK, Oct. 23. It would b dif
ficult to extract a meaning from the action
of today's stock market, beyond the nega
tive inference of the determined abstention
of all operators of any importance. The
total tales for the day expanded slightly
over those of yesterday, but the increase
was dona during the first hour. For most
of the day the market had a more stagnant
appearance than for a long time past.
The dullness was partly attributed to the
understanding that banking interests
frowned upon trie idea of any present spec
ulative activity. Such essays as are made
by traders to initiate a price movement
bring to light the fact that the matter is
in a suspended state A rise In prices
brings out stocks tn sufficient volume to
check it, while a drive against prices will
me.-t support In the shape of buying or
ders. The present political campaign Is
conceded to have some influence in de
pressing the speculation and in suspending
financial plans which were supposed to be
working out, and were relied on to stimu
late speculation.
Some udditional attention was again given
to friction of workmen on railroads both
East and West. Denials were offered on
behalf of some of the roads affected that
any serious consequences were expected
from the demands being made, but the re
ports by telegraph of the Intended demands
persisted. The Increasing shortage of
freight cars was said to be reaching a
stage where some of the receivers were re
Iorted to be refusing grain offered for
The progress of the London settlement
was watched with much interest. Tomor
row is the day for payments on the stock
market settlement, and any financial diffi
culties would be disclosed at that time. Call
money was again easier in this market,
notwithstanding further remittances from
here to London and to the South for cotton-moving
purposes. The Government re
port on cotton ginned was regarded as sat
isfactory, but made no Impression on stocks.
Trading was heavy during the last and the
closing was ea..y.
Bonds were irregular. Total sales, par
value, l,4ts4.000. United States bonds were
unchanged on call.
Sales. High Low. Close.
AdaniA Express
Amalgam. Coi.per.. Wt.OOO 113 HO 11014
Am. Car & Foundry i,"00 4:1 4S,, 4:)'4
do preferred 3UO lWHt luu-j, jooi,
Aiuer. Cotton OH j1
do preferred ..... ..... o-'l-j
American Expre.. 21o
Am. Hd. & Lt. p ! --""i
Am. K-e Securities.. 4,300 90 8914 Ml 14
Am. Linseed Oil ls
do prfcf erred 3.8
Amer. Locomotive 74
do preferred HO1
Am. Smelt. & Refln 12.300 154 15314 10314
do preferred 3u0 11714 117. 116
Am. Sujrar Refining . 9u0 13314 133 132
Amer. Tobacco ifd 99
Anaconda Min. Co. 14,000 2li8-Vi 2I6 2ti69i
Atchison 8,30 1004 100 14
do preferred...'.. 400 10C14 10014 1""!4
Atlantic Coast Line 130
Baltimore & Ohio 3.000 11814 117i 11714
do preferred 92
Rronk. 1 Rap Tran. 7.S0O 7!li 7814 7814
Canadian Pacific 17314
C"Ut- of New Jersey 122
Chesapeak"- & Ohio 57 "4
Oil. 3t. Western.. 700 1714 174 17
Chi. A- Northwest. 200 20:j 2"2 2"2
Chi.. Mil. . St. P. 9.3U0 171 17014 17U14
Chi. Term. S: Tran . . . . It
do preferred 24
('.. C C. & St. L !'
Colo. Fuel X- Iron.. 4.7O0 52 51 'A 51 '4
Coin. & Southern.. IX.J) :iS 38 3014
do 1st preferred 6S
do 2l preferred., l.loo 58 57 5714
Consolidated Gas... Son 138 13714 137'4
Corn rrortuoti- 200 20 1914 194
do preferred ..... 7414
Delaw. & Hudson 217
Del.. Lark." & West. 525
Den. & Rio Grande 400 40 39:H 39H
ilo preferred 83 14
DlMUkns'. Securtt. 4110 . SU, B8 6S
Eric IS, l' ' 4314 4314
do 1st preferred. . 1.OO0 73 75
do 2d preferred 07
Gepernl Electric 17414
Ho. king Valley 115
Tllinoi. Central 600 17414 173'4 1734
International Paper 1714
do preferred 81
International Pump w .- 43
do preferred '
Iowa Central 28
do preferred 57
Kansas City South 27
do preferred Hon 5f 59 59
T-ouis. Nashville -too 14314 143'4 14314
M. xican 'Central . . . 1.500 20 20 2"
Minn. & St. Loui.i ll
M.. St. P. - S.S.M 14Wj
do preferrrd 107
Missouri Pacific 5,100 94 03 4 9314
Mo.. Kan. & Texas 000 3314 3314 3314
.lo preferred HR
National Lead 74
M.x. Xt. R. R. pf M
New York Central 2.100 12914 128 12854
V Y.. Dnt & West. 8i 4.". 45 45
Norfolk & Western 1.500 94--4 944 II4V1
do preferred 9014
North American... 600 90 SS SS14
I-a-lfi- Mai! 34
Pennsylvania 28.700 144 13914 139
People's Ga 400 89 87 ' 89
P.. C. C. : St. L 83
Tressed Steel Cur.. 2.70O 54 0314 531.',
d- preferred 9814
Pullman Palace Car 2.19
Reading 15.9110 143'4 140 14014
do ls-t preferred 89
do 2-1 preferred 95
Republic Steel". 7n0 3014 .35 3.V4
do preferred 300 97 97 97
R.h l.lnd Co 2.O0O 27 2'4 2t
do preferred R4"4
St. I.. St S. F. 2 pf, 200 40 4 4
St, L. & Southwes.' 24
do preferred 57
Southern Pacific 2. BOO 91 9o 90
do preferred 20O I18ti; 1S HR
Southern Railway.. 2.i"0 .1:154 33 "4 3.H4
do preferred 2nO 95 95 94 14
Tern. Coal & Iron l.",i
Txa A Pacific 4oO 3K54 r.C'i 3'iV,
Tol., St. L. & West. 2lK 3B . .". 35
do preferred 52
L'nion Paoilic. 8.400 1S2 181 1SI
do preferred 92tj
I. S. Kxnress 120
lr S. Roilty RR
r. S Ruhher 5O0 49 49 48
do preferred l' 107 1073J lo
IT. S. Steel lS.'.fra) 40 54 45 45'4
do p-eferred 3.0oi lottii 105 10514
VI-i:.-Caro. Cbem.. 2"0 37 37 35
do r-referred 1"9
Wabash '"O 19t; 19U 1914
ilo rre'erred 5"0 44ti 4414 44
WelM'alRO Fxpr. l'lO 3oo .".Oil 298
-w.-tineho.v--e Klec 150
Western l:nlon.... 200 RB fut 85 -4
Wheel, if- L Erie) - 17
Wlscoi'Sin Central 251J
do preferred 100 52 52 51
Northern Pacific... 8.100 2Ht4 21014 21"14
Cent-al Leather 100 36 3 36
. d. pre'er-ed 101
S,. 1,1ns.. Sheffield .. lOO 71 71 7114
Great Northern 4,50o 321 II 31814 318
Int. J.! 900 .17. 37 3fi
.10 preferred 2,000 77 76 "6-4
Total sales for the lay. 7tt5,400 shares,
NEW YORK, Oct. 23. Closing quotations:
U. S. ref. 2s reg.104 iAtch. Adj. 4s... 95"4
do coupon 104 ID. & R. G. 4s.. 9954
V. S. 3s re 102-A'N. T. C. gn. 3US 9514
do coupon. .. . 1031 'North. Pacific 3sT54
I. S. new 4s rg.l:;o do 4s IO314
do coupon. ... 131 iSouth. Pacific 4s 91 14
V. S. old 4s rg.1"2 'Prion Pacific 4sl03
do .coupon. .. .102 !wis. Central 4s. 8914
Stocks at -London.
LONDON. Oct. 25. Consols for money.
S5 13-lSd. do for account. 85 15-164.
Anaconda 13'N. Y. Central .. 137 14
Atchison 103-S iNorfolk & West. 9714
do preferred. . 104 "r i do preferred... 93
Bait. & Ohio. .121 1. Ont. & Western. 404
Can. Pacific. 179 Pennsylvania-... 72 '4
cnes. Ohio. .IOS-4 Rand Mines ; 5
Chi. Gt. West.. IS Reading 13
c. M. & St. P..1715 iSouthern Ry.... 34
De Beers 20 I do preferred . . 99 u
D. & R- Grande 41'4:South. Pacific... 93 -4
do preferred.. 80S';I"nton Pacific ..1R"4
Erie 4f" do preferred.. t;
(Irt- 1st pfd... 77;TJ. S. Steel 474
do 2d pfd ... 9 . do preferred .. 1ifl
Illinois Central. 178 Wabash 2014
Touis. & Nashv.l47l4f do preferred.. 4ft
Mo., Kan. & T. 34si Spanish 4s 9
Money Exchange, Etc
NEW YORK. Oct. 25. jlloney on call,
firm. 34: ruling rate, 44; offered, 3 per
cent; time loans, very dull and strong; 60
days. 6& 84 per cent; ao days, 6 per cent
bid; six months, 8 per cent. Prime mercan
tile paper, e&C1 per cent.
Sterling exchange, steady, with actuaj
business In bankers' bills at .S.".OS 4.S5U5
for demand, and at $4.S0$G& 4. SOTO for 60
day bills: posted rates, $4.804.81 and
$i.8Sfe4.St5:.-; commercial bills, $-1.80
Ear silvei- 69C
Mexican dollars. 54c. '
Government bonds, Bteady; railroad bonds
irregular. '
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 25. Silver bars.
69fcc; Mexican dollars. 54sc. Drafts, sight.
.6iic; teleerraph, .OOc. bterllng, bo aays.
.SIM; sight, 4,S6i-
LONDON. Oct. 25. Bar silver, steady,
3214d per ounce; money, 5H per cent.
The rate of discount in the open market
for short bills is 5a'6 per cent.
The rate of discount in the open market
for three months bills is 5T&66 per cent.
Daily Treasury Statement.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 25. Today's state
ment of the Treasury balance shows: Avail
able cash balances. S22t.31.R32; gold coin
and bullion, $109,016,843; gold certificates,
Improvement on Paris Bourse.
PARIS, Oct. 25. There was a slight Im
provement In prices on the Bourse today
when it was announced that the Bank of
France had not raised its discount rate.
Bank Bate Unchanged.
LONDON, Oct. 25. The Bank of England's
rate of discount was unchanged today at 6
per cent.
Sales and Prices Bid and Asked on the Local
Sales on the stock exchange yesterday were
40 shares Alaska Packers, 1000 shares Interna
tional Coal and 2000 snares Rambler Cariboo.
Official prices follow:
Bank Stocks Bid. Asked.
Bank of California 304
Merchants National 14'
Oregon Trust & Savings ...
Portland Trust Co..
Eankers' St Lumbermen s
United States National
Equitable Savings & Loan
Miscellaneous Stocks
Campbell's Gas Burner
Union OH
Associated Oil
Alaska Packers
Pacific States Tel
Home Tel
Puget Sound Tel...
Oregon Life Ins
Cement Products
J. C. Lee Co
O. R. & N. Ry. 4s
Yaquina Bay Telephone
Oregon City Mill & Lumber Co.
Mining Stock
Nicola Coat
Eritish Columbia Amal
19814 206
39 40
loO lol
41i B14
4 5
66 60
14 1714
2-)4 5
290 350
75 . . . . '
114 a
11 12'i
5 3
Pacific Metal Kxtractlon. .
Alaska Petroleum
Alaska Pioneer
Standard Con
Oregon Securities ,
Iee'a Creek Gold ,
Tacoma Steel
Galiee Con
Golden Rule Con
Bullfrog Terrible
Golcor.da ,
North Fa.rview
Le Roy ,
Lucky Boy
Rambler Cariboo
Dixie Meadow
Great Northern ,
Mountain View
lilue River Gold
Garvin Cyanide
Alameda Con
t 4
Ruth Con
Pales 40 shares Alaska Packers at
imjO shares International Coal at DS1 ;
shares Rambler Cariboo at '62,
Prices Taitl for Products in the Bay City
. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. "5. The following
prices were quoted In the produce market
FRUIT Apples, choice, 51; common. .;.n;
bananas, 7uii$:i; Mexican limes, $3.iu(1'
4.50; California lemons, choice. com
mon, $4.50: oranges, navels $U4.50; pine
apples, nominal.
VEGETABLES Cucumbers, nnfrfluc; gar
lic, tfj Ac; green peas, '.'.'a, 5c; string beans.
Zft'tc; tomatoes, -o ax Oc; egg plant, due
okra. 50&' 05c.
EGGS Store, 30fg 47c; farfcy ranch, 50c
Eastern, Wfo- 25c.
POTATOES River Burbanks. S5cfl.20;
River Reds, nominal; Salinas Burbanks, ?:
sweets. 3 1 c.
BUTTER Fancy creamery. !Uc; creamery
seconds, U3c; fancy dairy, Sc; dairy sec
onds, nominal: pickled, 'J0'2lc.
WOOIj Fall Humboldt and Mendocino,
10(&.14c; South Plains and San Joaquin, 7
8c f lambs. 8i & i:tc.
HOPS 12tlc. e
CHEESE Young America, 15Ac; Eastern,
17c: "Western, loc.
MILLSTUFFS Bran, f 18.50f$ 2ft; mid
dlings. f'Jrtb9.
HAY Wheat, ?lo-!2 2ft; wheat and oats,
$10 Si 15; barleyt nominal, airaira, $s3 .1 1
stocks. SSfrft: straw, 55 Si 65c per bale.
FLOUR California family extras,
5.10; bakers' extras. $4.o0 (jj 4.G0; Oregoji and
Washington. $;i.7ioh 4.2n.
RECEIPTS Flour, 21.7K2 quarter sacks
wheat, 4!:J6 centals: barley Vo54 centals
oats. 2070 centals: beans. :24S sacks; corn
976 centals; potatoes. 2070 sacks; bran. 25!C
sacks; middlings, 40 sacks; hay, '.IH0 tons;
wool, 05 bales.
Mining Stocks.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oc. 25. The official
closing quotations for mining stocks today
were as follows;
AUa $ -4 JJulia .
. . .$ .07
. . . .04
Alpha Con
Andes . . .
.21 !Ky. Con 04
Belcher 25 i Mexican
Best. & Bel.. .92 Occidental Con. .76'
Bullion 25 iOphir 2.50
Caledonia 'Overman 09
Challenge Con. .16 iSavage 95
Chollar 12 IScorpion 06
Confidence ... .70 ISew. Belcher ... .ns ,
iron. Cal. & V. .76 ISierra Nevada. .47
Con. Imperial. .01 (Silver Hill 72
Crown Point.. .14 U'nion Con 37
Exchequer ... .5ft JUtah Con 05
Gould & Currie .17 Yellow Jacket. .59
Hale & Norc. .96 J
NEW TORK. Oct. 25. Closing quotations:
Adams Con. .$ .20 (Little Chief. ..f .05
Alice 4X1 JOntRrio 3.25
Breece 35 Ophir 2.80
Bruns. Con.. .65 jPotosi 10
Comstock Tun. .18 jSavagc .90
Con. Cal. & V. .75 (Sierra Nevada. .50
Horn Silver.y . 1.80 'Small Hopes... .:ift
Iron Silver 4.50 Standard 2.50
I.eadville Con. .03 t
Adventure. $ 6
Allouez .... 3S,
25. Closing quotations:
25 (Shannon . . . $ 16.62
50 (Tamarack1.. 104.00
Amalgamatd 110-
Trinity 9.75
Bingham . - .
Cal. & Hecla
Centennial .
Cop. Range.
Dalv West..
Franklin . ..
Granby ....
Isle Royale.
Mats. Sling
Michigan -.
Mohawk . . .
Men. C. & C.
Old Domln..
Osceola ....
15.50 ll'ntted Cop.. 63.25
72 . 1 '. o. milium
S55.00 't:. S. Oil...
28.25 I Utah .
79.75 Victoria ....
17.25 W'inona
20.87 V Wolverine
Butte. 111.23
25.00 (Butte Coalit.
800 Nevada
17.25 (Mitchell
67.25 Cal. & Ariz.
2.37 Vt ;Tecumseh . ..
63.50 fAris. Com....
124.00 jGreen Con...
27.00 j
Report on Cotton Ginned.
"WASHINGTON, Oct. 25. According to a
bulletin issued today by the Census Bureau,
there had been ginned up to October 18,
4.910,290 bales of cotton of the growth of
1906, counting round bales as half bales.
For the same period last year 4,990,306
bales were ginned.
NEW TORK, Oct. 25. There was a
'Sharp break iife. the cotton market today,
with December selling down to 10.50c and
January to 10.60c, or 40 to 42 points under
the closing prices of last night and 70 to
80 points under the recent high level. Cot
ton futures closed steady, October, l0.5Sc;
November, 10.54c; January, 10.60c; March,
10.79c; April. 10.79c; May, 10.86c; June,
10.S7c, July, 10.90c
Dairy Produce in the Hast.
CHICAGO, Oct. 25. On the Produce Ex
change today the butter market was steady,
creameries. 19 25c; dairies, 18 (g 23c
Eggs, firm; at mark cases Included. 20A
22c; firsts, 23c ; prime firsts, 24 c ; extras,
27c. Cheese, steady, 12&134c.
Chicago Prices Strong Despite
Lower Cables.
volume or Trade large
Report From Kansas City of Wheat
Damaged by Wind and Rain. ,
Smaller Arrivals in
the Northwest.
CHICAGO, Oct. 25. Despite lower prices
at Liverpool the wheat market here held
firrrf all day. There was an active demand
and the volum of trading was much heavier
than for some time past. A few leading
bulls bought heavily and there was frea
covering by shorts. Arrivals at Minneapolis
and Duluth. today were more than ilOO cars
less than for the corresponding ay on
yar ago. Another bullish factor was a re
port from Kansas City that wheat had been
damaeed by wind and rain. Late In the day
prices yielded somewhat, out .ne ciose wns
firm. December opened unchanged to ho
higher at T272;c. advanced to i.f4
714hc and closed at tli.c.
steady cables and small local receipts
caused moderate strength In corn. There
was an active demand by pit traders and
commission houses, but offerings were not
large. The recent unfavorable weather has
had considerable effect on the movement oi
the new crop The close was firm, w ith De
cember M to c higher, at 4242c.
Trad nff in oats was QUiet DUt llic tone
of the market was firm. December ciosea
frt c hi h her at 3!i i?to.;c.
Provisions were firm early In the day on
the advance in hoes and a good demand
for lard. Selling by packers and local longs
caused a moderate reaction late in the ses-
ion. At the close January pork was on
5c: lard was unchanged and ribs were up
a shade.
Leading futures ranged as rouows:
Open. High. Low.
.$ .T2 $ .711 I .72
. .77 -TS
.. .45 .45
.. .42 .4:5
. .43',, A2
. .:nf4
. ..4 -to
.-i:i.7n l't-75
.13.75 13.77
October . .
January .
October .
13.65 13. Or
13.72 13.72
. 9.K5 9.SS
. P. 20 9. SO
. 8.32 8-37
. 8.30 8.35 -.
7.45 7.50
. 7.00 7.62 7.j
Cash quotations were as follows
Wheat No. 2 Spring. 74S79c; No. 3, 71
77c; No. 2 red, 711i72Vic.
Corn No. 2, 45c; No. 2 yellow, 40Uc.
OaU? No. 2, 33Vic; No. 2 white, :i4Vi&35c;
No. 3 white. 32(&34c; No. 2 rye, 612c.
Barley Fair to choice malting, 4651c.
Flaxseed No. 1, $1.06 ; No. 1 Northwest
ern. 91.13.
Timothy seed Prime, $4.104.25.
Clover Coatract grades, $13.
Short RibI Sides loofe), $8.508.73.
Mees Pork Per bbl., $16.50.
Lard Per loo lbs., JD.jjo.
Sides Short clear boxed), $8.50f?f8.62.
Whisky, basis of high wines, 91.20.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels .
Wheat, bushels
Corn, bushels . .
Oate, bushels . .
Rye, bushels ..
Barley, bushels
45,nuo 17,0 M
77,im) 10,0i0
231, it 10 4Hi,J00
.X-fJ.WM 31K.UOO
lO,f)i0 8.0'M)
150,000 23,000
(ruin and Produce at New York.
NEW YORK. Oct. 25. Flour Receipts.
17.000 barrels; exports. 0000 barrels. Mar-
aet, steauy.
Wheat Receipts, 314.900 bushels; ex
ports, 345.000 bushels: sales. " 1 Ouil htixh.
els. Spot, barely steady, No. 2 red, 79c
tivH.ior and BUftc t. o. b. afloat: No. 1
ortlreru, SS f. o. b. afloat; No. 2 hard
Winter, 81 Tie f. o. b. afloat. During the
forenoon wheat was firm and c higher on
small Nortr. f est receipts, bull support and
covering. Later it yielded to realizing
and closed 'ic net lower. No. 2 red closed
Ot-?&c, uecemoer closed 81c.
Hops Firm.
Hides, wool and petroleum Steady.
(rain at San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 25. Wheat, firm
barley, strong. Spot quotations Wheat,
sntppinp, l.UHiwi.L'f,; milling. S1.251.32
Barley Feed, 00 ; brewing, Si.12''
1.17. .
Oats Red, $1.17f1.42; white, 1.32
!!-'; mack, tj.mjq -j.. in.
Call Board sales Wheat, October, $1.27
Barley. October, $1.14; May. $1.16.
Corn, largo yellow, $1.351.40.
W heat at Liverpool.
LIVERPOOL, Oct. 25. The following were
tne ciosmg grain quotations: Wheat De
cember, bs 4T4d; March, 6s 5d.
Tho -weather in England today was fine.
Minneapolis Wheat Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. Oct. 25. Wheat Decern
her 72 74 c : May 70 c; No. 1 hard, 764 c,
No. 1 Northern, 7irsc; No. J Northern, 74c
No. 3 Northern, 71 ;i & 72c.
TVfwmt at Tacoma.
TACOMA. Wash., Oct. 25. Wheat, un
changed; bluesteni, 68c; club, 6flc; red, 64c.
Prices Current - Locally on Cattle, Sheep
and Hogs.
The following livestock prices were quoted
in the local market yesterday:
CATTLE Best steers. $3.50 3.75: me
dium, $3 3.25; cows, $2.ol)& 2.65; second
grade cows. $2U2.2o; bulls, $1.50(&2; calves,
$4& 4.50.
SHEEP Best, $4.504.75; lambs, $4.75
HOGS Best, $6.50)6.75; lightweight, $6
Fa tern Livehtock.
KANSAS CITY. Oct. 25. Cattle Receipt
7000; market, steaay. .Native steers. $4
6.75, cows and heifers. $24.75; stockers arid
feeders, $ 4.7.; bulls, $2. 10 3.50
ralvex. $5.75 fu-6.50; Western steers, $3.50&
0.00; western cows. ?.2un.f.
Hogs Receipts. 6OO0; market stronger to
c hight-r: bulk of sates. $6.20u ti.27 : heavy.
$6.20 tft 6.30: packers, $6.15(6.30; pigs and
lights. $.j.7i$i 6.3j.
Sheep Receipts, 5000; steady; muttons,
$4-u0tt o.50; lambs, $0. io 7.3.: range weth
ers, $4.25r8. o. to; fed ewes, $3.5(0'5.15.
OMAHA, Oct. 25. Cattle Receipts, 2700
steady, stronger; native steers. $4. 256.40
cows and heifers. $2.50(fr 4.50; Western steers,
$3.255t 5.50; . canners, $1.302.40; stackers
feeders. $2.7.Vtr4.50; calves, $36; bulls and
stags, $2(i S.75.
Hogs Receipts. 2800; steady to stronger
heavy, S6.05ffi 6.15; mixed. $6.10S-6.15; light.
$6.156.25; pigs, $5&6; bulk of sales, $6.10
fix 6.1;;.
Sheep Receipts, 6500: stronger "to 10c
higher; yearlings. $o.0 6.10; wethers, $5
5.60; ewes, $4.505.30; lambs, $6.757.40.
Dried Fruit at New York.
NEW TORK, Oct. 25. The market for
evaporated apples was steady. High choice,
88c; choice. 7ti c; prime, 6(a 6c
Prunes aro in light supply, with quota
tions ranging from 3c to 8c for Cali
fornia fruit. Oregon 40s to 20s at quote
9 (&10c
Apricots unchanged, choice, 16c; extn
choice, 17c, and fancy, lbni'W.
Peaches, firm, old choice 11c; extra chaice.
12 Li c, and fancy to extra fancy 1 2 4 c.
Raisins are steady, loose muscatels, 6
it 7c: seeded raisins, 68c; London lay
ers, $1.45 !.:.
Big Week in Boston Wool Market.
BOSTOX. Oct. 25. The volume of buI
ness concluded in the Boston wool market
Bought and sold for cash and on margin.
Private Wires ROOM 4, CHAMBER
the past week, which aeereeated fully 25.-
000.000 pounds, is the largest of any week
of the year. There have been several weeks
during tae year when the aggregate of
wool transfers has been between 10.iHiO.000
nd 15.OO0.OOO pounds, but the only previous
transaction of 25.000.000, so ftir as known.
in lttoi. In this week's dealings the
bulk of the business was in territory aud
fleece wools.
Metal Market.
NEW TORK, Oct. 25- There was a de
cline of ,10s 15d in the London tin mar
ket with spot closing at 107 13s and futures
t 19i ins. Locally the market was quiet
and lower at 42.S5H? 43.25c.
Copper was unchanged tn tho Jncal mar
ket with lake ouotated at 21.75c; casting,
21 25 rv 22.75c. TVe English market w as
lower, with spot quoted at 9 1 s and fu
tures at 97 lOx
Lead was 2s lower, at 19 7s d In Lon
don. Locally the market was unchanged at
5.751? 5.95c.
Snelter was 5s lower at 28 In London.
Locally the market was quiet at 6. 20 tr 6.30c.
Iron was lower in the English market
with standard foundry quoted at 57s 2d. Lo
cally the market was nm ana nigner. rso.
1 foundry $24.25rg$25; No. 2 foundry, $23.75;
No. 1 foundry southern, $24 tl 24.50; No.
2 southern. 24S 24.5ft.
Coffee and hugar.
NEW TORK, Oct. 25. Coffee Futures
closed steady al a net advance of 5 fir 10
points. Sales. 8000 bags, Including Decem
ber at 6.20 1f 8.25c; March, 6.40 tg 6.50c;
April. 6.45c; May, 6.55 w :0.-.iC : June. 0. 0c ;
July, 6.70&6.8OC; August. tf.SOc; September,
Spot Rio, steady; Cordova, SilSc
Sugar Raw, quiet; fair refining, 3c;
centrifugal, 96 test, 4c; molasses sugar,
3fic. Refined, steady; crushed, $5.0O; pow
dered, $5; granulated, $4.90.
Wool at St. Louis.
ct t rTTTi f -: 'W.'rtnl tfnrlv medi
um grades combing and clothing, 24(25c;
lignt, line, J.ra'ic; neavy uiie, liwuti
tub washed, 32 37c. 1
M6st Remarkable College Youngster
Just Doles on Philosophy.
Boston Despatch.
Albert Wiener. 11 years old, is the
youngest college student in the United
States, if not in the world. He will be
graduated three years before the average
boy thinks of entering college.
This lad, who is considered the most
remargable youngster in the country, is
a son of Professor Ljeo Wiener, of Har.
vard, and he was entered In Tufts Col
lege with an ease that surprised the fac
ulty of that institution.
I don't see why any one is interested
In me just because I am young," he re
marked to a reporter. "I don't see any
thing wonderful in being fond of study.
Philosophy la more Interesting to me than
fairy tales. In fact philosophy is fairy
land to me.
'Do I play? Of course I do. Swim
ming is my forte. When I have partici
pated in the boys' games, I like to rest,
and then I turn to my Huxley or my
Professor Wiener thinks his son is so
far advanced by reason of his tremend
ous memory. He said:
"At first we didn't think he was so
bright, though he could say his alphabet
at 18 months. Ho could read, write and
spell at 3 years, and began Latin at 5.
At 8 he was fitted for college in mathe
matics, philosophy, Latin, German and
the sciences. Now he is ahead of his
"For instance, his certificate from the
Ayer High School admitted him to Tufts
in some studies, but not In all. So he
took examinations in physiology, botany
and triKonometry, which are not required
for entrance in any college. He demon
strated that in mathematics he was far
ahead of the freshman class, and so he
is doing npper-class worlt in the theory
of equations and determinates. He is so
well versed in philosophy that he has
been placed in a class by himself.
"Comparative philosophy, of course, he
has done, and many of the sciences.
Mathematics is an open book to him.
Geometry and trigonometry are simple,
and he has mastered analytics. He knows
more about higher mathematics than the
average graduate who has made a spe
cialty of them.
"Zoology, botany, chemistry, physics
he has them all. But it is always to
philosophy that he trims. For instance,
when you come to chemistry, it is the
philosophy of chemistry that interests
him the most.
"The classics? Oh. they are simple
enough. He has done his Caesar, Cicero,
Ovid and Virgil, and now he is taking up
Greek. He knows German. He is taking
it up at Tufts for the literary side. But
don't let any one think we are forcing
him. We are not. He is lazy and doesn't
study as much as the average boy of his
age. He learns by reading, reasoning and
At the moment this youngster is tack
ling Latin. Knglish, mathematics, phys
ics, chemistry, biology, mental and moral
science, philosophy, Greek and German.
He will be a post-graduate B. A. at Har
vard before hfi is 15.
CAMPBELL At 513 Umatilla avenue,
October 21, lo the wife of Frank U. Camp
bell, a daughter.
"jRAHAMj-At Hawthorne avenue, October
25, to the wife of Horton N. Graham, a
NATLOR At 611 Fourth street, October
22. to the wife of Arthur "W Naylor, a son.
PALMER At 713 East Couch street, Oc
tober 17, to the wife of Harry P. Palmer,
a daughter.
WILDE At Portland Maternity Hospital,
October 22, to the wife of Lewis J. Wilde,
a son.
Marriage Licent-s.
Retta McClPllan.- 21.
OBERG-JOHNSON H. W. Obers, 05;
Amanda. C. .Tohnson. 2i.
BRUNO-DE GENNORO Ralph Bruno, 23;
Ida De Gennoro, 21.
24; Lena F- McNamee. 17.
BRL'CK At 520 Lovejoy street, October
24, Mrs. Katherine Bructe, a native of Ger
many, aged 5 years.
COFFIN At St. Vincent's Hospital, Oc
tober 23, Isaac Coffin, a native of New
York, aged 83 years.
DOCKARTT At 580 Second street, Octo
ber 23, Arthur J. Dockarty, native of
Kew York, aged 47 years.
HILL At Baby Home, October 24, Flor
ence Hill, an infant.
JOHNSON At Phoenix, Ariz., October 20,
George G. Johnson, a native of Oregon, aged
2S years! 3 months and 14 days. Remains
brought here for interment.
RUSSELL At Woodstock, October 21,
Mrs. Diademona B. Russell, a native of New
York, aged 70 years, 11 months and 4 days.
SIMPSON At Good Samaritan Hospital,
October 24, Victor C. Simpson, a native of
Washington, aged 17 years, 10 months and
24 days. Remains taken to Albany for in
terment. SLOAN At 909 East Ninth street North,
October 22, infant daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. S. Sloan.
SPRINGER At 83 Minnesota avenue,
October 24, Oelera E. Springer, an infant.
WEIR At Portland Sanitarium, October
23. Mrs. Anna R. Weir, a native of Indiana,
aged 50 years, 11 months and 25 days.
WILSON At Salem. October 24, Charles
Wilson, a native of Missouri, aged 6tf years
OF COMMERCE Phons Main 37
and 15 days. Remains brought here for
WILSON At Ljnnton, October 2-, Ed
ward Wilson, aged t3 years.
Buildinr Permits.
F. V. SPEAR One-story frame shop.
Roselawn; S7.
W. M. STANTON One-story frame dwell
ing. East Twenty-sixth street, between V'y-
gant and Ooinp; 2"0.
G. W. DOTSON One-story frame dwell
ing, Lexington, street, between East Sev
enth and East Ninth; ?10l0.
J. R. GP.EGN One and one-half story
frame dwelling. Lexington street, between
East Seventh and East Nintii: $VJ0O.
A. .1. t'HOFTON- one-stiTT frame dwell
ing. East Twenty-first street, Vetween alar-
ion anil l.rr.n; ?:;oiv
CAilll.K APACH One and one-half storr
frame dwelling, Mt-Ann street, near Willam
ette boulevard; $1000.
c. u. WILLIAMS One-story frame shed.
Sumner .treet, between Michigan and Al
bina, $100.
HANNAH M. PILVET One-sto"v frame
dwelling. East Eleventh street, between
Springtield and Wygant; $900.
W. J. LANDER Two-story frame dwell
ing. East Third street, between Wasco and
Clackamas; $-000.
half story frame dwelling, Carpenter street,
between Mississippi and Missouri; $1250.
R. F. HALL, -Two-story frame dwelling,
Hoyt street, between North Twenty-Uilrd
aud Nortli Twenty-fourth; $5000.
K. A. KEXNEY Two-story frame dwell
ing. Willamette boulevard, between Mon
telth and Van Houten; $1250.
STANTON SYREK One and one-half
story frame dwelling, Prescott street, near
Penn; $ofr0.
J. B. LISTLER R.pair dwelling. St.
Louis street, between Hubbard and Ander
son; G. A. DOl'GLAS One and one-half story
frame dwelling, Belmont street, between
East Thirty-seventh and East Thirty-eighth;
S. D. TAYLOR Two-story frame dwell
ing Rodney avenue, between Delium and
Portland; $1700,
CHANCE GILLAND Three one-story
frame dwellings, Riverview avenue, near
Patton road;. $1600 each.
Real E.tat Transfers.
Em 11 A. Johnson and Olivia Johnson to
Malinda Carat hers, east of lot 6,
block .52, Tibbett's Add 1700.
J. H. and Mary M. Amiss to C. Jr Well
man, lot 5 exc. north loO feet and
west 8.6 feet of lot 4 exc. the north
loo feet, block 2. John lrving's lt
Add. to East Portland; also lot 5 an!
wet 8. a feet of lot 4. block 10, Hol
laday Park Add 67M)
Chaa. M. and Ivy Maud Whitcomb to
P. H, Shuck, lot Mi. block 2. Eden... 125
P. A, and M. A. Mann to Alex Luras
den, lots 1 and 2, block 1, Williams
Ave. Add. No. 2 1
Wh. M. and Dora Klllingsworth. Frank
M. and Anna S. Waxren to Lucy A.
Lunisdcn, lot 0, block TJ, Walnut Park 1000
Martha A. Cool edge to The Public, last
will of Martha Cooled ge, willing to
Lucy A. and Sarah Cooledge Ely 77
feet of lot 3, block 11, Caruther's Add.
Ellen J. Newell and husband to Harriet
S. Calhoun, 1-10 acre in Sec. 1. T.
1 S., R. 1 E 1
Edw. H. Fitzglbbon and wife to Mllon
K. Blackford, lot 7 and 8, block 1.
in west 14 of lot "L," In M. Patton
tract 1000
Jno. A. Beard and w ife to Geo. E.
Man gas, lots 1 and 2, block 1, North
Ivanhoe Add 450
C. U. Gantenbeln and wife to Otto A.
Anderson, lot 3 in east 6 of Trace "L"
of M. Patton Tract 300
James V. Shaver, trustee, et al. to Ma
lena Johnaon, S. W. H of lots 2 end 3,
block 1. Shaver's 2d Add , 1000
M. B. Thompson and wife to Theodore
W. and Maggie F. Metca, lots 15 and
ltt, block 2), North Irvlngton 325
M. C. Bantield and wife to Kmily O.
San ford, lota 20, 21 and 22, block 1,
Lent's Add 4000
Union Trust & Inv. Co. to G. G. Gam
mans, undivided 1-12 of, beginning at
point iny. sec. line running north and
south through Sec. 21. 1502.3 feet north
along said line from center of said
Fee. 21 1500
J. C. and Alic'j H. Ainsworth to G. G.
Gammans, undivided 1-12 of bame
property irs above 1750
J. P. Nowfell to Ellen J. Newell, 1 14
acre tract in Sec. 1, T. 1 R. 1 K. - 1
Alice Russell Brown and husband to A.
, D. Marshall, lot 4 and east ' let
3. block 7, John Irving'd First Add. to
East Portland 6500
IsabiHle J. Sellwood to John P. Miller,
lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7, block 4, Sell
wond 1350
BmrfJtt. V. Sell wood to John P. Miller, lot
8. block 4 . Sell wood 270
Joseph A. Sellwood and wife to John P.
Miller, lots 1, 2, S, 4, 7 and 8, block 4,
Sellwood 1
Annie V. Holland to F. N. Pendleton et
al.. lota 5 and 6, block 135, Citv 17,000
J. C. and E. L. McGrew to Ray H.
Groves, lot 6, block 11, Kern Pa.k..T. 150
Mary H. Couch to Kate Binghnm. lot 9
and west 40 feet of lot 8, block 286,
Couch Add 6500
R. W. and F Klrkham to Mrs. J. T.
Mackey, south of lot 3, block 22,
Smith's Subdivision and Add. to East
Portland 40O
May E. Swigert to Jm, A. Longhead,
lots 17 and 18. block 2. Subd. of Tract
"K" In M. Patton Tract 5H3
pean W. and Alice L. Park to trusters
of Park M. FJ. Church, lots 23 and 24,
block 18, Norwood 420
Hurlflirt Ingalls and wife to Andrew M
Oall, lot 30, block 2. Arleta Park
No. 3 i8oft
C. M. Keep and wife to John H. Dewitt,
lots 3 and 4, Mock 25; Tots 1, 2, 3, 4
and 5, block 25, Council Crest 10
L. G. Peterson and wife to Wllheim
Olson and wife, lot 8, block 17, Mult
nomah 1
Chas. O. Brown and wife to W. FA Bou
lette. lots 7 and 8. block 2, Orchard
Homes x
Joan Ruddy to Catherine E. Norrie, lot
t. Mock 13. King's 2d Add 1
Tl.e Peninsula Bank to Mvron A. and
Mary A. Ritgood. each yA of lot 4,
Oak Park Add. to St. Johns I
Amos L. Miner and 'wife to Chas. T.
Miner, lot 6. block 1, Davis Highland
School Houte Add t
Win. M. Iadd et al. to Chas. Baren-
steeher. lot 5. block 2. Strong's Add. 3500
M. E. Smith, trustee, to Fred A. Rout
ledge and wife, north of lot 3, and
east 45 feet of lots 9 and IO and part
of lot S, block 10, North Mt. Tabor. 125
Ira O. Shattuck et al. to R. B. and Car
rie Keenan, lot" 1 to 16, inclusive,
block 2. N. E. Portlnnd 200
John and Elizabeth Staehil to Chas.
Grunlg. east 434 feet of lot 1, block
10, Elizabeth Irving' Add. to East
Portland 2S50,
Isaac Dove tn Theresa M. Dove, lot 3,
block 2.".rt. East Portlnnd Add 1
M. A . and G. W. Webber to James
Blanc, lot 37. Hazelwood 1
H. r. Allen. tru-te. et al to H. M.
Owen, trustee. Subd. 2 in lot 10, New
hurst Pnrk. containing 1 acre 350
John H. Shepherd and wife to Bethanv
Baptist Church, lots IO and 11, block
BO. Sellwood 1
Jamej A. I.autrhead anil wife to .T. H.
Knit a. lots 17 and S. block 2. Subd.
of Tract "K . M. Patton Tract So)
C. V. Gantenbein and wife to J. II.
' Nolta, lot 17 "d 1R li eaft of
Tract 'L." M. Patton Tract flOO
CIvde .T. SeorTIns to J. F. Healev. capt
2't 2-3 feet of lot 34. block 14. Al
bina 1000
Hazel D. Fulton and husband to H. Fall
man, lot " and north of lot 13,
Mock 1. Miriam 1
Same to H, Fal'man, lot 13, block 23,
Mt. Tnbor Villa I
Harry Falimnn to Em i lie Fa It man. lot
13. Voe: 23. Mt.' Tnbor Villa 1
Inceborg John.nn to Peter Johnson, lot
12 and 14. block 52. Sunnyside 1
Amos and Annie Burg to Amelia Davis.
lot T. bloek 3. Piedmont Park 2O0
A. S. and Rom A. Ellis to Amon H. and
Fusan M. Roberts, lot 4 and north
10 feet of lot 5. block 1, Williams Ave.
Add. No. 2 3500
H. H. Jnnest and wife to W. H. Gind
staff et al., lot 3, block 1S3. Couch
Add 4500
Annie T. and F. Lt Lent to Wm. p.
Affh. lot 6, block 1, Bernhardt Park.. 850
Total $01,303
Have your abractf made r th Security
Abstract tt Trust Co.. 7 Chamber of Com mere.
Seven Injured by Car Collision.
CHICAGO, Oct. 25. A defective rail was
responsible last night for a street car col
lision in which even persons were seri
ously injured. The crash occurred on the
Ashland Avenue line at Thirty-ninth
street. .The bad rail was on the south
bound track, causing; the car on that
track to collide with a car going in th
opposite direction. Charles Stadtman and"
Mrs. Ethel McDowell may not recover.