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W. F. E. J. L
Episcopal Bishop Coadjutor
Elect Recalls Letter of
Telegram Is Sent to Rev. George B.
Van Waters That He Will
, Not Accept the High
Position. -
June 17 Convention of Protestant
Episcopal Church. d!ocee of Oregon.
In annual session elected Frederick
E. J. Lloyd. D. D.. bishop coadjutor.
July 2 Protest against confirmation
of election by the diocesan standing
committees filed by live rectors, al
leging that the election had been the
result of serious mlsreprebentatlon of
July 3 Counter protest signed by
majority of members of convention
sustained election. Bishop Morris
certified regularity of election and
Dr. Lloyd formally accepted.
July 151 Dr. Lloyd advises leading
pastors of the diocese of Oregon that
letter has been mailed cancelling acceptance.
Rev. . Frederic E. J. Lloyd, recer jy
elected bishop coadjutor of the diocese
of Oregon, after having visited Portland,
accompanied by Mrs. Lloyd, formally
duns' a letter of acceptance of the place
to which he had been chosen, and the
highest within the gift of the Protestant
Episcopal Church of the state, has wired
to -Portland pastors the information that
a letter is on the way canceling his
acceptance. Dr. George B. Van Waters,
chairman of the standing committee of
the diocese, received a telegram Monday,
the exact language of which has not been
made public because the message was
of a private character, but Its purport
Is known to be as above stated. Tes
terday another pastor received a second
message conveying the same Information
and the news that another assistant for
the aged Right Rev. B. WIsar Morris.
Bishop of Oregon, will have to be elected
by a future convention soon gained cir
culation among leading members of the
Dr. Van Waters stated, in response to
inquiry of The Oregonlan. that he did
not feel at liberty to make any state
ment until the letter Is received, as the
matter is in statu quo.
There Is a movement among leading
members to allow the selection of a
bishop coadjutor to wait until assembling
of the next annual convention, though
it is possible a special session will be
sailed for the purpose.
July 2 five rectors of churches In the
Jlocese signed a protest against con
Jrmatlon of the bishop coadjutor-elect
. an grounds that his election had been
nade without a proper understanding of
als position in the church and alleging
:hat he Is a ritualist, while the large ma
lorlty of members of the church In Ore
ton are low churchmen.
Protest Against election.
The following day a counter protest
was made public, bearing signatures of
l majority of those who composed the
:onvention at which he was elected. In
'hlch the allegations of the first pro
rest were denied most emphatically. At
.he same time Bishop B. "Wister Morris
:crtifled to the regularity of the election
tnd Dr. Lloyd formally accepted the
jlace. He was cordially welcomed to
Oregon at a reception tendered In his
lonor at the residence of the bishop and
as greeted by clergy and laity in a
nanner that left no reason to doubt
.hat in the new work he would have
united support and assistance. Imme
liately thereafter the protestors with
Irew their appeal to the standing com
nlttces to withhold confirmation and the
ncldent was thought to have been closed,
K'lth no doubt that the diocese would
save the labors of a bishop coadjutor
,o reliovo Bishop Morris of the arduous
lutles-Incumbent upon him.
Would Accept at Sacrifice.
It has been known generally among
cading churchmen that Dr. Lloyd would
tccept the bishop coadjutorshlp of the
llocese at considerable personal sacrl
Ice. He is regarded as one of the forc
nost clergymen of the Episcopal Church
n this country, -is to whether or not
Dr. Lloyd Ls a ritualist or a low church
nan, those who sustained his election
lid not say In meeting the protest against
lis choice. They deemed It a question
lot worthy of consideration, further than
o express their confidence in the Chris
tianity, ability and worth of the bishop
Shows Present Amusements of the
Highest Merit.
Affidavits in the suits of concession
tires at the Exposition who desire the
Trail kept open on Sundays' were filed
'esterday in the State Circuit Court.
One affidavit is signed by J. A. Gor
nan. who affirms that he has been
amiliar with expositions for many
'ears. He alleges that the managers of
lie Lewis and Clark Fair In granting
tonccsslons for amusements on the
Trail used the utmost caution: and the
tntertainments are of the highest and
est class, with nothing to offend any
erson. and not objectionable on Sun
lay. Mr. Gorman further says that the
tuccess of the Exposition will be ma
terially Increased if the Trail Is open
in Sunday, and also states that because
f the notoriety attached to this dis
usslon.'Kome persons have begun to
ook down upon the Trail attractions
vflhout cause, as they are all good and
An affidavit signed by Homer Daven
lort, calling- attention to the high
haracter of his farm exhibit of Ara
lan steeds, birds, etc, has also been
(led. He states that such a creditable
3i0w of the kind has never been gath
ered together and placed upon public
ixhibition before, and never -will be
gain, and there is no harm for people
o see It on Sunday.
Settle oh Flfty-Per-Ccnt Basis.
ABERDEEN. Wash.. July 19. (Special.)
-At the last meeting of the County Com
aissloners. County Treasurer Taylor was
nstructed to accept from several large
andowners In the county.SO per cent of
ho face value of their taxes In the town
f Westport fronting on the Pacific
Vv8. In ese instance & tax of J15E2
had Increased to 5236 by penalty and ln-1
terest and a compromise was suggested
by the commissioner at (776. Rebates on
taxes have been allowed in the past, but
the bondholders at Westport school dis
trict protest against the proposed reduc
tion or rebate in taxes and declare their
intention If a settlement Is made accord
ing to the Instructions of the commis
sioners, they will begin suit against the
County Treasurer to compel him to pay
the balance out of his own pocket.
The Westport school district was formed
out of the Ocosta district and had to as
sume Jts share of the old district debt.
More obligations were contracted to build
a fine schoolhouse during the boom days.
Since thett property has greatly depre
dated on account of the collapse o real
estate values and so small an amount of
school tax has been paid that no .inter
est on the bonds has been permissible
for flx-e years. The bonds amount to
58003. The tax levy in Westport in 1S33
was 66 mills and in 1M 5S& mills, the
highest In the county. The County Treas
urer has appealed to the County Attor
ney for an opinion In the case.
Charged With Forging Vouchers on
Utah Commission at St. Louis.
SALT LAKE CITT. July 19.-Chlef of
Police Lynch has been notified of the ar
rest at Lethbrldge. Canada, of John Q.
Cannon, ex-secretary of the Utah Lou
isiana Purchase Fair Commission, on the
charge of forgers'" and uttering fraudulent
Cannon is a son of the late George Q.
Cannon, for many years one of the first
presidents of the Mormon Church, and
the brother-in-law of ex-Governor,
Heber M. Wells. When serving as secre
tary of the Fair Commission, Cannon
obtained several thousand dollars by
fraudulent x'ouchers. The matter was In
vestigated by the Legislature, and Cannon
left the state. Warrants were issued for
his arrest on March 17. and he was arrest
ed last Sunday by the territorial police
of Alberta.
.It is probable that Governor Cutler will
decline to Issue a request for the extra
dition of Cannon. In reply to a ques- j
tlon tonight, the Governor refused to
state what action he would take.
Railroads Say They Obeyed Decision
of Commission.
' CHICAGO, July 19. Western railroad
officials are said to be somewhat at a
relative to the announcement that the
Government is about to bring suit for
violation of the Elkins law by paying
rebates to terminal railroads here. It is
stated that the Interstate Commerce
Commission heard the case last Fall and
decided that, while the allowance to the
International Harvester Company's Rail
road, the Pullman Company's llnei and
the Steel Company terminals were not
unlawful, the divisions in effect were
excessive and the commission recommend
ed a switching charge ofJrom 51 to 5XS0
a car. The railroads -accepted the deci
sion, took out their divisions and put' In
a switching charge of 53.50 por car.
Chamber of Commerce Has Charge
for Merchants' Day.
Merchants' day will be celebrated at the
Exposition today. At 1 o'clock luncheon
will be served at the American Inn to
about 200 Invited guests of President W.
D. Wheelwright, of the Chamber of Com
merce. Following the hour in the dining
room there will be a programme of ad
dresses. President Goode welcoming the
business men of Portland to the Fair.
Responses will be made by Hon. George
H. Williams, and various others. Presi
dent Wheelwright acting as toastmaster.
At the conclusion of the programme ar
ranged the guests wHl devote some time
to seeing several leading attractions of
the Trail.
End or Bennett Will Case.
NEW HAVEN". Conn., July 19. The ac
count of the Phllo S. Bennett case, as
filed by W. J. Bryan as executor, was
accepted by Judge Cleveland, notwith
standing objections made to certain Items
by counsel for the residuary legatee.
With the acceptance of Mr. Bryan's ac
count the estate Is now practically set
tled, the only thing that remains being
the payment of the Connecticut Inheri
tance tax amounting to 56132.
Illinois Society Meeting.
There was an Interesting meeting of the
Illinois Society of Oregon at the Chamber
of Commerce Auditorium last night. A
special musical programme was listened,
to. short talks heard and light refresh
ments served at the close of the programme.
Leaves This Morning and Every
Morning This Week 8:30 A. M.t
Arrives Back at 5:30 P. M.
The Regulator Line splendid steamer
"Bailey Gatzert" makes dally trip up
the Columbia to the celebrated Cascade
Locks, passing en route the grandest
scenery in creation. This Is a trip no vis
itor should miss. Leaves- Alder-street
dock S:30 A. M.. returns 6:30 P. M. Meals
on board. Round trip, 51-50. Phone Main
Connections for Ocean Beaches.
Iktah pee Salt chuck wawa
Ats Kopet Konaway Sun.
The above lines were mng by an In
dian brave to his sweetheart long ago,
and translated signify:
What are the wild waves saying
Sister the -whole day long.
It was the same old story- Tourists,
travelers and lovesick couples are you
curious to know what old Ocean is say
ing? Take the steamer Lurllno dally,
except Sunday, at 7 A. M. from Taylor
street dock, enjoy the most delightful
boat ride to be had. and If your curiosity
Is not satisfied on reaching Astoria you
are within easy reach of all the ocean
At the Brownsville Woolen Mill Store
We have gone through our entire stock
and have taken every odd -pants out
which we have put on a separate table,
and for a pants leader we will sell the
pick of the lot for only 5250. They are
fully worth from 53.E0 to 55.00. This Is a
chance to get a good pair of pants for
a little money. Brownsville Woolen Mill
Store, Third and Stark streets.
. K
For an enjoyable short ride on the
Columbia River to Vancouver, take steam
er Undine at Taylor-street dock, leaving
as follows": Leave Portland at S A. 35.
and 1:30 P. M. Leave Vancouver, 10 A.
M. And :45 P. M. Fare. 35 cents each way.
Harris Treat Co. fer tntaks u4 bars.
Largest Display
of. Souvenirs
in the City
The Meier Frank Store
Portland's Largest and Best- Store
Custom Shade and Drapery Work Oar Specialty Best Materials Used Lowest Prices
Trunks and Traveling Bags Every Good Style and Size All GradesThird Floor
Principal Agents
Butterick Patterns
We Place on Sale Tomorrow .
$3 All-Over Embroideries 89c Yd.
Another one of oar sensational
All-Over Embroidery Bargains
is announced for tomorrow
Just as good values as any prev
ious offering; the only complaint
we have to make is that we can't
say 5000 yards instead of 650
yards Swiss and Nainsooks in
- beautiful assortment for waists,
dresses, trimming, etc. Latest
designs of English and French-
Large and small patterns Values up to $3 the ftA
yard Your choice tomorrow at the low price C rC
Better plan to be here early.
NaVQlO RllffS The attention of Tourists is called to
J iXQJ an unusual bargain in genuine Navaio
Blankets, suitable for Rugs or Couch
Covers. Magnificent specimens in all
sizes. Values, $6.50 to $30.00. Your
choice at ONE-THIRD OFF reg. prices.
at Off
Third Floor.
$ 1 1 Covert Jackets for $5.85 Each
New $1.50 Shirtwaists for 98c Each
Two great special offerings in Portland's Leadine Cloak and Suit
pStore comprise this week's Surprise Sale Bargains A fortunate
purchase made by the garment buyer in New York Citv Lot I con.
sists of 150 handsome Tan Covert Jackets, fancy cloth strapped.
satin lined, collar! ess, finished at the neck with
stitched band Leg- o'-Mntton sleeve with cuff
A coat every woman can make good nse of,
Spring, Summer or Fall All sires Every gar
ment in the lot $11 .OO value C G C
Your choice tomorrow at, each $ JsUJ
Lot 2 consists of 2000 New White Lawn Shirt
waists in a big variety of stylesRound yoke of
lace and embroidery, solid tncking and row of
embroidery and lace below voke. souore voke
of lace insertion and tucks, button in back Also black and white polka
dot waists, front of six large tucks and clusters of small tucks qq
Button in front All sizes Every waist regular $1.50 value ZfOC
See Fifth-Street Window Displays Today
Clearance Sale Men's Outing Suits
Today we commence our Annual Midsummer Clearance of Men's Outing Suits
itntire stocK is included Every well-known maker is represented Stein-BIoch Outing
Suits; Hart, Shaffner &. Marx Outing Suits; The Washington Outing Suits; Etc.
Newest fashions and materials Single Round-Cut Sacks. Double-Breasted Sacks, Fancy
Tweeds, Fancy Homespuns, Fancy Cheviots, Fancy Flannels and Worsteds Splendid
$ 7.50 Outing Suits $ 5.89
$10.00 Outing Suits $ 7.65
$13.50 Outing Suits $10.15
$16.50 Outing Suits $13.45
$2Q.Q0 Outing Suits $15.40
$ 8.50 Outing Suits $ 6.10
$12.50 Outing Suits $ 9.35
$15,00 Outing Suits $12.35
$17.50- Outing Suits $13.85
$22:50 Outing Suits $16.85
Men's "White Duck and Flannel Trousers, $1.00 to $5.50 pair; all sizes.
Complete stock of Men's Linen and Mohair Dusters; $1.00 up to, each $10.00
Boys' Clothing
Boys' Percale "Waists and Blouses, in
light and dark colorings; ages 4" to
13 years; great values at 18
"Mothers' Friend" "Waists, in dark
blue percales, detachable "waist
hands; ages 6 to 12 years 50c
values for 39
Boys' All-Wool Knee Pants, in serv
iceable materials, dark and light
mixtures, extension waistbands ; 75c
values for, per pair.... 59
Young Men's Outing Suits, in newest
and best styles of fancy cheviots,
fancy homespuns and flannels ; ages
14 to 20 years;' great values at
$ 7.50 Outing Suits $ 6.10 Ea.
$10.00 Outing Suits $ 8.35 Ea.
$ 1 2.50 Outing Suits $ 1 0.65 Ea.
$ 1 3.50 Outing Suits $ 1 1 .40 Ea.
$15.00 Outing Suits $12.65 Ea.
$ 1 7.50 Outing Suits $ 13.20 Ea.
Second Floor
Misses' and Children's Shoes
Misses' Tan or Black Kid Blucher Oxfords, all new, desirable
footwear; great special values 5 to 8, 92 pair; 9 to U,
$1.02 pair; 12 to 2, $1.12 pair.
Misses' Patent Leather, One-Strap Sandals: 5 to S, 796 pair;
9 to 11, 89 pair; 12 to 2, 99 pair.
Little Gents' Tan or Black Lace or Low Shoes; in sizes 9 to 13;
best value ever offered at, per pair $1.22
Hot Weather Toilet Articles
Fine hard milled Bath Soaps; popular brands; great a
special value today at, per cake , tpC
Toilet and Bath Soaps, suitable for guests' rooms, hotels i)p
and boarding-houses; extra special at, dozen cakes 4$DC
"Bathasweet" Powder, sweet and refreshing, for use after 1 j
the Oath, toilet, etc.; regular 25c value for, box 1
2-lb. bars of Barnaldo Castile Soap; special at, per bar Q6
Chamois Skins, all sizes, for toilet, polishing, etc., 15 to $1 each
Bath Brushes, with detachable handles; special, each 436
Eastman's Toilet "Water; popular odors; large bottle 39p
Tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock we will place on sale our entire
stock of "Wash Goods Remnants Organdies, Dimities Lawns,
Swisses, Nets, Ginghams, Percales, Voiles, etc In all' lengths.
This season s best styles and materials in immense varietv;
Friday only, remember; your choice at ONE-HALF PRICE.
$2 Ruffled Swiss Curtains at $1.29
100 pairs of new Ruffled Swiss Curtains go on' sale todav at a
price far below real value-Stripes, dots and figures; best qual
ity Swiss with good, full ruffles; every pair in the
lot regular $2 value; buy all you want at, pair ?
2000 yards of Oriental Stripe Tapestries, suitable for portieres,
couch covers, mantel-bed curtains and porch, pillows; immense
showing of patterns and colorings; every yard is a regular
40c quality; your choice at the remarkably low r
pnee of, per yard CriC
36-inch Scotch Lappett for sash curtains'; washeV better o
than Swiss; many styles; great special value, yard OC
The Great July Sale of Fine Shoes
for Women Continues All the Week
$3.50 Oxfords $2.45 Pair
Women's welt Oxfords and Blu
cher Oxfords, patent leather and
vici kid, all sizes and widths,
this seasons leading AJL
models; $3.50 vaL..'lrJ
Women's vici kid, patent tip and
patent leather Oxfords, light and
heavy soles; also chocolate Blu
cher Oxfords, all sizes and
widths; every pair Johnson
Bros.1 best $3 values, choice
during July sale at, J 89
$4 Button Shoes $2.10
J. & T. Cousins' $3.50 and $4 hut
ton Shorn for women, patent
leathers pnd. vici kid, kid and
patent tip, turns and welt soles;
all sizes; great special values for
this sale at low 1 f
price of 1VJ
Cousins' $4 Shoes $2.25
J. & T. Cousins' famous Shoes for
Women, vici kid with kid or
patent tip, hand-tamed lace
shoes; $3.50 and $4 y
values, for, pair... VO
Women's Low Shoes, patent leath
er, vici kid and box calf, very
best lasts; $20 and $3.00
values on sale for J 1 C
the low price of...r I
$3 to $5 Oxfords $ 1 .95 Pr.
Women's Low Shoes, broken lines
of pateat leathers and "vici kid
Oxfords, light and heavy soles;
Cuban, French and Military
keels, nearly all sizes; regular
$3, $3.50, S4, and Q
.$5 valiKS for, pair. '
One-Half-Price Sale of Children's Apparel
Phenomenal bargains in children's ready-to-wear apparel
cleaning up stock in a thorough manner Very decided re-
ductions on opt best garments Every mother having a
young lady to attire should investigate these special offerings
Children's Buster Brown Dresses, made in pink and blue, striped
Galateas and Ginghams, white linen collar, tie and c Oft
belt; ages 4 to 14 years; regular $6 values for pif O
Chidren's Dresses, made in striped ginghams and dotted percales;
A t l 1 - I
jancy cape enecis, racKea yoKe, xnmmea in wnite on
Soutache braid, all colors; ages 4 to 14 years; 75c value 27C
Children's Dresses made in white pique, linen, madras, and lawn
materials; Buster Brown and French styles; tucks po
and embroidery trimmings; 1 to 4 yrs.; $3.50 val ? I C O
NOVELTY Choose from our entire stock of
Children s High-Grade Noyel
ty Goats .made in light tans,
blue, green, brown broadcloths; blue and brown cheviots; mag
nificent high-class garments for children of all lllf Dsa
ages; values from $8.50 to $30.00, at nolI-lTICe
35c Basket Telescopes 25
45c Basket Telescopes 35j
Japanese Parasols, 15c and.25
German Flags at low prices.
$4.50 Folding Go-Carts. .$3.95
$5.50 Folding Go-Carts...$4.25
Kodaks and Kodak Supplies on
the Third Floor.
Best $4.50 values, each. .$3.39
Best $2.50 values, each.. $1.65
Best $2.75 values, each.. $2.23
Trunks and Bags on Third Floor.
Full bleached Satin Damask Ta
ble Linen, in a big assortment of
new patterns; our best $1.50
values, on sale for a few clays at,
per yard -.$1.28
Half-bleached Satin Damask, 72
inches wide, best patterns; regu
lar $1.25 quality, on sale for this
low price, yard 92
Full bleached double Satin Dam
ask Table Linen, handsome de
signs, the regular $2.00 quality
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All our fine Satin Damask Table
Napkins, regular $2.50 quality,
during this sale at the low price
of, per dozen $1.96
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Damask Table Napkins on sale
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price of, per dozen $2;68
Special Values in Wash Goods
SO) yards of fins quatitr breach siagbfuss
and striped Madras, venr fet designs
mad celorlags: regular 3c valse.
on sale tor this low price, yard... 1 OC
4069 yards or Galatea cloth, best qual
ity, la aU tbe ladtg shades,
yard....................................... 1 4C
Heft yards of beaattfai fljrared nets. detteJ
Swlsaea, flowvred Organdy ; this, se&sen's
ost attractive materials for hat
vreatKer and mate? emKitmea; rslar
3tc 41c asd Mc vaJe. on sale
at tar prtee T. yard...... st.TC:
Men's Hot Weather Underwear
Special purchases from prominent Eastern mills enable
us to offer the following extraordinary bargains in men's
underwear Best styles, weight, all sizes; shirts, drawers
Men's Mercerized Lisle Thread Underwear;
shirts and drawers in pink, blue and tan;
fine finished underwear; every OQ
garment regular $1.25 value, for Oif C
Men's lisle thread Underwear; fine form-fitting
garments; shirts and drawers made with
satin waistband; iuii lasmonea rt.
$1.25 value, for 'JC
Men's .Derby Bibbed Underwear in pretty
shades of brown and blue; nne Summer
Underwear; all sizes m smrts and 5Q
drawers ; best 50c value for .......
Men's fine soft Summer Underwear? white
and blue stripe; all sizes; shirts and draw
ers; our best $1.25 underwear 95d
Men's fine French Balbriggan Underwear; the best hot-weather
underwear on the market; all sizes, shirts and draw
ers; great values at 7. - "TsSyC
u y
Women's Swiss Ribbed Vests: low neck, no sleeves: plnlc, blue and
witte: all sizes; best 35c values &DC
Women's "Swan Brandrlow neck, no sleeves. Tcnee-lensth. Union SUlj;
white Swiss ribbed: all sizes; regular JI.50 value on sale today at.. SKIS'
Women's Neckwear. Sale
IatrodnriBg the best bargains in the
most "seasonable and stylish neck
pieces Every woman is interested
White silk Automobile Ties: large and snaall polka
dots la all colors; with Persian ends; . .
65c-75c values 490
Venise and Net Top Lace Turnovers: black, white,
cream and ecn. In point and square dlvid-
ed effects: regular 25c and 35c values for.. 1C
Sarah Silk Windsor Ties; white, block, cardinal,
garnet, royal and navy; plain colored grounds,
with the Lewis aad Clark flag erabroid- 0
ered on pointed ends; great special value.. I "C
All-over Embroidery and blind .embroidered lawn.
Shirtwaist Caff and Turnover Sets; large A
varietv of oatteras: rea-ul&r 35c values for.4C
White Batcher Linen Stole Stocks, embroidered, in sky-blue and white;
I fancy eyelet uesfgHs; also cuS and collar sets or same smteriai;
great -value .....,.i.C
.Tmth Embroidered Armenian, asd Real Lace. Stock and CuS Sets; great
" variety at ?!- tip te yixM. N