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Dalrymple Throws Wet Blank
et on Public Ownership.
Glasgow Man Tells What Ho Thinks
of Chicago Mayor's Pet Scheme,
but It' Is Received Coolly.
Cause of Coolness.
CHICAGO. July 10. (Special.) Mayor
.Dunne has heard from James Dalrymple.
The Glasgow traction manager, who came
to Chicago a month ago at the request
of the city executive to advise iirregard
to the municipalization of traction lines,
has sent a preliminary report, and his
views as to the compatibility of municipal
ownership with politics in Chicago are
said to be depressing to Chicago's
municipal-ownership Mayor. In fact, it
Is admitted, that the report is in the
nature of a "wet blanket."
Mr. Dunne does not call it a "report."
He styles it a "communication," and
shows no enthusiasm over Its receipt.
In view of the parting remarks of the
Glasgow man, in which there was so
little solace to the immediate municipal
ownership advocate, the Mayor has de
cided to be cautious in making public
any letter from him. "While he himself
has abandoned the immediate municipal
operation plan for one of municipal con
trol through a private corporation, he de
clines to take any chances on handing
out a letter which might prove a boom
erang until he has carefully studied Its
The unobtrusive entrance of Mr. Dal
rymple's "communication" into Chicago
and the Mayor's office had an exact par
allel in the equally unobtrusive exit of
Mr. Dalrymple himself out' of Chicago
arfd the Mayor's office.. The Mayor wel
comed Mr. Dalrymple to Chicago with a
loud fanfare of trumpets. He went to the
depot to meet him, he personally con
ducted his guest to the Auditorium
Hotel and he placed the Glasgow expert
on bis -right hand at a banquet the night
after that much-advertised man's arrival.
Afterward Mr. Dalrymple became well
acquainted with T. E. Mitten, superin
tendent of the Chicago City Railway
Company; with Marshal Field and with
other magnates closely connected with
the traction companies. The Mayor then
developed a .sudden frigidity toward his
guest, and, when Mr. Dalrymple cut his
three weeks' visit short and went home
at the end of ten days, there was such an
enormous amount of pressing business at
the City Hall about 6 o'clock in the after
noon, when Mr. Dalrymple's train was
due to leave for the East, that the Mayor
was unable to go to the depot to bid him
farweli. Mr. Mitten, as It happened, was
on his way to Buffalo, and he supplied
the Mayor's place in speeding the parting
here, whose awakening from the sleep of
fancied security is the Imperative need
of the hour."
Hedin's description of the apathy of the
people seems only slightly overdrawn. The
King and the Crown Prince are said to
have succeeded in inspiring the aristo
cratic and military personages who have
hitherto made up the war party with the
conviction that there must be no war,
except in the event of a wanton a'ttack by
Norway. Surprisingly little Interest is
manifested in the forthcoming report of
the Riksdag commission, on which hinges
the question of war or peace. The report
is expected this week.
Norway Offers to Make Prince
Charles Her King.
LONDON. July 11. The Standard's
Chrlstiania correspondent says that
the Norwegian throne has been offered
to Prince Charles of Denmark, second
son of Crown Prince Frederick. Prince
Charles is the husband of Princess
Maud Alexandra, of Great Britain.
Denver Offices Handed Over, but
Treasurer Holds On.
DENVER. July 10. The Supremo
Court today denied the petitions for
a. rehearing in the cases of the Demo
cratic county officials ousted by a re
cent decision of the court and moJI
fia.lits original order so as tt ullow
judgment to issue from the Supreme
Court at once in all the cases.
Later Bailiff Watson, accompanied
by the successful Republican contest
antr for the county offices, appeared
at the Courthouse and demanded that
the Democrats vacate. All complied
without protest with the exception of
City and County Treasurer Elder, who
sail he could not. In justice to his
bondsmen, surrender his office and
possession of the books and funds
until the court order was made by the
Supreme Court separating the city
funds from the county funds, as he
maintains that he is still City Treas
urer. Tomorrow, contempt proceedings
will be Instituted against him for the
purpose of securing a guiding order
from the court.
Governor Hoch Seeks Way of Re
moving State Treasurer.
TOPEKA. Kan., July 10. After an
all-day conference with his advisers.
Governor Hoch has not yet decided
what to Jo about requiring State Treas
urer Kelley to vacate his office. The
Governor's legal advisers told him
there was no law under which he
could require the Treasurer to give a
bond of 5500.000 to repay the old bond.
Tlie conference then considered means
of relieving Kelley of hie office.
Governor Hoch may bring action in
the courts, but this would be a. long
process. There is some talk of calling
a special session of the Legislature to
bring impeachment proceedings.
Statehood Convention in Oklahoma.
OKLAHOMA City, July 10. A gen
eral statehood convention will be held
in Oklahoma City on July 12, which
will be attended by 200 delegates. Con
gress will be asked tojrrant both ter
ritories Immediate statehood on terms
of absolute equality without regard to
the claims of New Mexico and Arizona.
Sven Hedln Says Norway Is Prepar
ing to Attack Her.
CHICAGO. 111.. July 10. (Special.) The
Daily News' correspondent at Stockholm
cables as follows:
War between Sweden and Norway, with
the Norwegians as the aggressors, is de
clared to be an imminent danger by Dr.
Sven Hedin. the well-known explorer, who
has addressed a strong appeal to Swedes
in America to come to the rescue of the
fatherland by raising a naval-defense fund
of $5,000,000. Hedln asserts that the peo
ple of Sweden have fallen into unbearable
apathy with regard to the union crisis,
and require urgently to have aggressive
patriotism preached to them by Sweden's
sons and daughters across the sea.
Norway, according to Hedin. is realizing
Sweden's indifference and unpreparedness,
and is preparing for attack. It has made
all Its plans for falling upon Sweden when
it deems the psychological moment has
"Fellow-countrymen In America," says
Hedin's appeal, "Incredible as It may
sound, received my solemn assurance that
Norway at the present moment is our
country's single enemy. It is armed to
the teeth by lana and sea with borrowed
foreign capital, secured on the pretense
that it was wanted for railway construc
tion. An alliance with you, an alliance of
sympathy and substantial support. Is the
only alliance Sweden needs. No matter
how light your financial contributions,
your -vigorous initiative would have a
powerful effect on your drowsy kinsmen
Three Saloons at Iola Blown Up by
Explosion Which Is Heard,
for Miles Around.
IOLA, Kan.,Jjily 10. Three saloons in
West street were wrecked with dynamite
early today. Much damage was done to
other business property in the vicinity,
and the loss is conservatively estimated
at 5100,000. J. E. Thorpe, the owner of
one of the saloons, was injured, but not
seriously. The dynamite was exploded
apparently by some temperance reformer.
No arrests have been made.
The wrecked saloons were known as the
Red Light, the Blue Front and the Eagle.
There were two distinct explosions, each
of terrific force. Besides demolishing the
three saloons, the explosions damaged the
Palace shoe store, the drugstores of Camp
bell & Burrell and Cowan & Ausherman,
across the alley in the rear, and shat
tered dozens of plate glass windows- in
the business section. The explosions were
heard at Humboldt, nine miles distant.
The Mayor has offered a reward for
the perpetrator, and called a special meet
ing of the City Council to consider the
situation. There has been much agitation
in Iola recently to close the saloonB.
which have run openly in violation of the
prohibition law, and Governor Hoch had
been appealed to to aid In closing the
He AVrltes to Newspaper Betraying
That He Is Dynamiter.
IOLA. Kan.. July 10. Iola Is quiet
again tdfflght after a day of the most
intense excitement as the result of
the blowing up of three saloons here
last night. Conservative estimates' of
the damage resulting from the explo
sion place it at $100,000.
The Mayor has sworn In a largo
number of deputies, wno xne patr tiling
the streets tonight.
That the outrage was committed by
an irresponsible person wis maJo
clear tonight, when a number of Iot
ters were received by a local newspa
per from a man' signing the name C
L. Mclvln. who is in hiding in this vi
cinity.; The tenor of the letter indicates
that the writer is Insane, and that he
blew up the saloons here last night.
Accused of Inflammatory Utter
ances, He Fights Policeman.
IOLA, Kan.. Jul 10. E. H. Funston.
ex-Congressman and father of Brigadier-General
Fred Funston. was ar
rested here tonight charged with In
flammatory utterances. Mr. Funston,
in talking or the explosion which blew
up three saloons here last night, said
the occurrence would have been avoid
ed if the officers of the law had done
their duty in enforcing the laws.
Funston resisted the policeman who
attempted to arrest him and a fight
resulted, in which the policeman
struck Funston, strapped him to his
buggy and took him to Jail. Later
Funston was released and he swore out
a warrant for the policeman.
The policeman charged that Funston
came to town with a Winchester and a
revolver, that he bought some cart
ridges and had them in his buggy
when arrested. Funston is a radical
au enforcement man. His hearing was
set for next Saturday.
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Scott Special Reducing Record
Time to Chicago.
State Law'Off leers Confer on Mode of
NEW YORK. July 10. Attorney-General
Mayer. District Attorney Jerome,
Assistant District Attorney Gans, Sam
uel Untermeyer and Edward Lauderbach
held a conference today and discussed af
fairs of the Equitable Life Assurance So
ciety. Mr. Jerome said, after the meet
ing, that the matter was taken up only
in an informal way, and that no definite
conclusion was reached.
Mr. Tntermeyer, chief counsel for James
H. Hyde, will sail for Burope tomorrow
for a two months vacation. It was stat
ed tonight on good authority that the
suits to be brought by the Attorney-General
would be against all the directors
collectively and not as individuals. From
present indications, even if the suits arc
started within the next two weeks, and it
is expected that it will take that length
of time to prepare them, they v.ill not
come to trial before Fall.
Mr. Jerome said today that he had not
yet received a copy of the testimony from
State Superintendent of Insurance Hen
dricks. Ex-President Cleveland, James O'Brien
and George Westlnghouse. the Equitable
trustees, met in this city for several
hours this afternoon, but had nothing to
make public of their proceedings. There
will be another conference tomorrow.
Acting In Hitchcock's Place.
WASHINGTON, July 10. In the ab
sence of Secretary Hitchcock and As
sistant Secretary Ryan. Frank L.
Campbell, Assistant Attorney-General
for the Interior Department, has been
designated by the President Acting
Root's Appointment Announced.
WASHINGTON. July 10. The formal
announcement was made at the State
Department today that Ellnu Root, of
Now York, has been appointed Sec
retary of State.
Santa Fe Has Already Beaten Cal
culations by Nearly Two Hours.
Train Will Reach Chicago
Six Hours to Good.
DENVER. July.10.-J. P. Hall, passen
ger agent of the Santa Fe railroad, to
night announced the progress of the
Fcnit focial since It left Trinidad. Colo.,
at 3:43 o'clock this afternoon. From Trin
idad tu La Junta, a distance of S2 miles,
over a. heavy grade, the time consumed
was one hour and 27 minutes. The 203
miles between La Junta, and Dodge City,
Knn., was made in 194 minutes. Deduct
ing a three-minutes' steu at Syracuse, a
division point, makes actual running time
between these two points 191 minutes. The
train left Dodge City at S:29 tonight.
Mr. Hnll states that the special left
Dodge City one hour and 45 minutes ahead
of the schedule, and that he felt assured
of further cutting of the schedule by rea
son of the fact that the train, after leav
ing Dodge City, almost Immediately en
countered the best roadbed the Santa Fe
has In this section of the country.
Up "With Schedule at Albuquerque.
TOPEKA. Kan., July 10. The Walter
Scott special, on the Atchison. Topeka &
Santa. Fe railway, reached Albuquerque at
9:2; this morning and left at 93?. Santa
Fe officers here report the train practi
cally on the estimated schedule at Albuquerque.
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official to advite the Secretary whether.
In his opinion, a criminal action would lie
against any of the parties named In the
evidence or In the report. I carried out
the instructions of the Secretary and fur
ther told him that the Secretary desired
to have his opinion on the matter as soon
as possible, and asked whether that would
handicap him in Ms efforts to maintain a
prosecution If the Secretary gave a report
of the Investigation to the newspaper men I
jv.1I f T - n. I I - 0 . 1 I
matter. .
"Mr. Beach replied that ho did not want
one word to be made public until he had
time to go over the matter and satisfy
himself as to whether or not an offense :
had been committed and a prosecution
could be maintained.
"Upon my suggestion. Mr. Beach called
up the Secretary of Agriculture by tele
phone and advised him of the fact that
he did not want publicity at that time,
and that hu would communicate with the
Secretary as soon as possible. On Friday
.af tern oca. between 2 and -Z o'clock. Mr.
Beach called upon the Secretary In person
and returned all the papers and stated
that a prosecution would not He. The
whole question was presented to Mr.
Beach, whether an offense against the law
had been committed, and whether. In his
opinion, a criminal prosecution could be
Mr. Beach, when shown the statement
of Mr. McCabe, declined to add anything
to the statement heretofore given out by
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Reach Chicago Soon After Xoon.
LAS VEGAS. X. M.. July 10. The Scott
special arrived here at 12:3S and left at
12:42 P. M. A schedule has been arranged
east of this point under which the train
will readi Chicatro at 12:23 tomorrow aft-
1 crnoon. in 45 hours and 35 minutes "from
Los Angeles, Instead of 4S hours, as called
for by the original schedule.
Still Gaining Time.
TOPEKA. Kan.. July 11. The Scott spe
cial left Emporia at 1 o'clock this morn
ing, two hours and 45 minutes ahead of
schedule time. Less than a minute was
used In changing the engine.- Xo more
stops will be made until Topeka is
reached. The. track is clear between Em
porla and Topeka.
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Two and a Half Hours Ahead.
NEWTON". Kan.. July 10. The Scott
special on the Santa Fe Is running two
hours and 30 minutes ahead of the sched
ule time.
Law May Not Cover Case of Cotton
Statistic Fixers.
"WASHINGTON. July 10. In view of the
discussion regarding the circumstances at
tending the reference by Secretary Wilson
to the United States District Attorney of
the cotton-leak report for advice as to
whether or not criminal action against
Assistant Statistician Holmes would He
Solicitor McCabe. of the Department of
Agriculture, gave out the following state
, "About 1C A. M., Friday. July 7. under
instructions from the Secretary of Agri
culture. I called upon Mr. Beach. United
States Attorney for the District of Colum
bia, taking wlth me the Secret Service
operative who had made the investigation
of the reported leakage on the cotton-
crop report. The Secretary Instructed me
to place al the evidence in the possession
of the department and the original report
of the secret service operative in the
jhands of Mr. Beach, and to request that
Attorney-General Inquiring Into
Cotton Statistics Scandal.
OYSTER BAY,- July 10. It Is re
garded here as not unlikely that crim
inal prosecution ma result from tho
Investigation of the cotton report leak
age in the Department of Agriculture.
While no decision to institute criminal
proceedings has been reached, the sub
ject is being considered by Attorney
General Moody, who later will take the
matter up with the President.
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Greatest Assortment Bathing Suits Special Prices
been filed leading up to the dismissal
of Mr. Holmes "
The, Secretary added that he had
given 'consideration to Mr. Price's re
quest, as presented through his attor
ney. William M. Ivlns, of New York,
"to withdraw the unjust, offensive and
unsustained charges and Implications."
and had reached the determination to
take no further action In the matter.
He said he would not communicate
with Mr. Price or his attorney in any
Deadlock Over Hooker Case.
ALBANY. N. Y.. July 10. The pro
ceedings of the two houses of the State
Legislature today in their extra, session
to act upon the charges against Supreme
Court Judge Warren B. Hooker not only
wa? almost without practical result, so
far as actual progress In settlement of
the case Is concerned, but the possibility
of a deadlock developed over a technical
AVIIson Says Ho Will ot Be Bluffed
by Price.
WASHINGTON, July 10. That Sec
retary Wilson Intends to take no step
backward in his report of the cotton
leak Investigation, was evidenced to
day by his statement that he was not
afraid of any libel suit which might bo
filed against him by Mr. Price or oth
ers mentioned In the report. In fact,
he said, he would welcome such action,
because It might be the means of de
veloping some facts not already uncov
ered and which it was desirable to
'This Is a quarrel among- gamblers."
he said, "brought about by the dissat
isfaction of some of them in not get
ting what they thought was due. I
have nothing to take back. As the
head of an executive department of
the Government, It was my duty and
my right to give the public the result
of the investigation by the Secret Serv
ice agents into the charges which had
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Fourth aad YawhHI Y.M.C.A. Bid
of graft from the ranks of organized
labor win be found In annual trade affr""
ment. Sympathetic strikes can. find no
suitable apology for their existence during
the life ot any trade agreement or con
tract. Mr. Keefe congratulated the delegates
on the encouraging prospect of the asso
ciation, which has reported a: membership
of nearly 100.000.
Russell Appointed Minister.
WASHINGTON. July 10. Formal an
nouncement was made at the State .
Department today of the appointment i
of AVilllam IV. Russell, of Maryland. !
as Minister to Venezuela, where he J
succeeds Mr. Bowen. Mr. Russell was
formerly secretary of Legation at Ca- j
racas and was sent from there to i
Bogota as Minister to Colombia, where j
he has been relieved by Mr. Barrett. .
President of Union Advocates Fed
eral Control of Insurance and
Annual Trade Agreements.
DETROIT. July 10. In his annual ad
dress delivered at the convention of the
International Longshoremen. Marine and
Transport "Workers' Association, which
opened hero today. President D. J. Keefe
characterised the Chinese exclusion law
as a farce In so far as the protection of
American labor Is concerned. He said:
The United States census will demonstrate
that any Chinaman who wishes cannot be
excluded when he desires to enter the United
States. Let us ask Congress for a law
that l honestly Intended to protect Ameri
can labor rather than a patchwork that
means nothing but an endless expense to the
Mr. Keefe argued that the convention
should recommend Government control
of the life Insurance business. He de
clared that a system of Insurance could
be 'profitably conducted on a basis of J10
per $1000 of Insurance. Regarding "graft"
he said:
The great weapon for the extermination
Action of Chicago Expressmen Stirs
Up New Trouble.
CHICAGO, July 10. Five hundred addi
tional teamsters will go on strike Wednes
day morning if the Chicago Cartage Com
pany, organized by the city express com
panies, attempts tomorrow to deliver
goods to the boycotted houses with non
union men. This was decided tonight at
a meeting of the Teamsters Joint Coun
cil, after the Department Store Drivers
Union had threatened to abandon tho
strike unless the united drivers employed
by the city express companies quit work
If their employers made an attempt to
work with nonunion men.
Ice Spoils Labrador Fishery.
ST. JOHNS. N. F.. July 10. The Lab
rador fishery Is reported to be a complete
allure, owing to Immense Ice-floes block
ading the coast fleet of over 200 schoon
ers, which are unable to get north of
Hamilton Inlet.
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