Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 03, 1905, Page 9, Image 9

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Cooatlnr-Eoom ..i Mala 66T
Manadnp Editor. Main 63
Buadaj- Bdltor Main 6225
City Editor Main 1W
Eoelety Editor. Main 8235
Composiar-Rooia .....Mala 6&5
8uprlateadent Bulldln Rd 2S2
Eat Side Otflce E"1 61
EMPIRE THEATER (12th and MorrltoiO
Jtatlnee at 2:15 and evening at 8:15. Tfte
Marble Htart."
STAR THEATER (Park and "Washington)
Contlnuoui vaudeville, 2:30, 7:30 and 8
P. M.
GRAND THEATER (Park and TTaahlnBton)
Continuous vaudevlllt, 2:30 to 10:30
T. M..
BAKER THEATER (3d and Yamhill) Con
tinuous vaudeville, 2:30, X:S0 and ft P. M.
Medals Presented. The Industrial
School for Girls, under the auspices o
the Portland Woman's Union, conducted
by Mrs- June Ordway, held the closing
exercises of the year at 510 Flanders
street last Monday. Medala for neatness,
excellence of work and faithful attend
ance were presented by Mlsa Helen F.
Spauldlng, chairman of the educational
committee of the "Woman's Union. Miss
Spauldlng also gave each pupil a motto
as a reminder of a pleasant year's work.
The usefulness of this branch of the work
of the "Woman's Union cannot be over
estimated. The work is carried on with
patience and self-sacrifice on the part of
Mrs. Ordway, and the beneficial results
are due In a special degree to her pains
taking labor.
"Will Be Paved "With Crushed Rock.
Property owners along East "Water
street, between Madison and Pine streets,
have made a contract with the Oregon
Water Power & Railway Company to
pave the street with crushed rock from
Estacada. Surface of the newly-completed
embankment will be covered six Inches
deep at the curb and ten Inches deep in
the center, the whole to be rolled to a
compact roadway. The railway company
will lay a permanent track in the center
of the street. Proceedings for the ulti
mate widening of East Water, between
Morrison and Madison bridges, are mov
ing forward without encountering any
opposition, but it will take about a year
to finally finish the widening.
Will Pat Off Some Bonds. Monta
vllla School District will this year en
deavor to reduce its indebtedness by pay
ing off some portion of its $12,500 out
standing bond?. The district is small in
territory, but has a large school popula
tion, the attendance exceeding 400 pupils.
The taxable property amounts to about
31S0.000. Iso part of the bonds issued to
build the present schoolhouse have ever
been paid, but the present board of dl
rectors feels that a start toward liquida
tion should be made very soon.
Forbidden To Blast STtriirs. J. B
Tandram. who had been granted permls
yion to blast out stumps in the Holbrook
Tract, In St. Johns, has been deprived
of that privilege because of the danger
attending the process. Pieces of a stump
were blown close to the 'home of Wil
liam Edmonson, which Is 200 feet from
the tract. Land ram was asked to give
warning when he was going to blow
out a stump, but he refused, and on com
plaint of Edmonson his permit to blast
out the stumps was revoked.
Explains New Assessment Plan. At a
joint session of Eureka. No. 125, and
Orescent, No. 10, of Albina, held In the
"hall on Williams avenue and Russell
street. Past Grand Master Ralph Fecncy
explained at length the practical workings
of the new assessment plan adopted at
the ppecial meeting of the Grand Lodge
of the A. O. C. W. lie undertook to
show from the new rates that the order
had been placed on a safe footing, and
was equally Inviting to the young and
oia members.
Pedestrians Cross At 7 A. M. Burn
fide bridge will be open this morning to
peaesinans at 7 o'clock. Delay in cot
ting some lumber prevented opening
nooner. The gearing of the draw has
Just been overhauled and practically
maae. .engineer Harry Stutsman savs
that the gearing was found in very bad
condition, after having been operated con
tinuously for 11 years without repairs.
, One Siqnaturb Is Lacking. One sic
nature only is lacking to the agreement
on the part of property owners on Grand
avenue to pay one-half of the cost of an
elevated roadway between East Stark and
Pine streets, the city paying the other
hair. It is expected to get this signature
in a tew aays. when it will bo left with
the Executive Board to carry out its
Twenty Volumes of Educational Ex
itiBiT. Professor Hadlcy, principal of the
nowaday School, which has 19 classroom?,
reports that 20 volumes of educational
exhibits had been prepared for the gen
eral Fair display. It Includes industrial
displays of local factories. Professor
Hadley said that the preparation of the
rxniDit was a heavy task on all the
Two Cottages Burned. Two cottages
in Mansfield addition to Montavilla, near
me nase line road, owned by H. Erickson
ana j. uisen, were destroyed bv fire ves
tcrday, with most of their contents. The
loss is about 52000, partly covered by in
surance. Fire started in the basement
oi tne .nckson house and spread to the
oincr. several cottages were cadangercd,
Important Notice!
Important Notice!
AH parties having bills against the Elks'
Fair held at the Armory are requested to
man me same at once to Mr. Han-ev
O.'Bryan, McKay building, for settlement-
John F. Cordray, Chairman, Elks County
x- air.
Bot Disappears. August Martin, aced
IS years. living at Arleta. on the Mount
Scott branch of the Oregon Water Power
nne. disappeared Sunday from his home,
and has not been seen slnrp. "U'tti him
$60 also disappeared, which his father
thinks the boy took. The police have
iouna no trace of the missing boy.
Luckt for Oregon, when Wooster came
See the Sea next Sunday at Seaside
Only ji.50 for round trip. Excursion
train leaves Union Depot 8 At M.. return
ing leaves Seaside 5 P. M. Tickets, 245
Alder street, any day during the week. A
Ecai lor every passenger.
Latino Double Curve. Double curves
are being laid on the intersection of
Grand avenue and East Morrison street
lor tne south and north branches and
the Mount Tabor cars. Heavy iron is
being used. .About fifty men have been
at work at this Intersection.
St. John's New Building. M. L. Hoi
brook is erecting a two-story frame
building on Jersey and PhiladclDhla
streets. On this corner also ground has
been broken for a two-story brick. Cost
or tnese improvements will run above
Has Monet For Furniture. Proceeds
oi tne entertainment given by the Teach
crs and Mothers' Club of Brooklyn School
arc J45.70. which will be usedvto supply
the assembly hall with chairs, pictures
ana some oincr neeaed articles.
Wesletan Conference. The Weslev
an Conference of the Methodists will con.
vne this morning at 10 o'clock In the
Wter Addition Church. The church
may be reached by the North Mount
xaoor electric line.
Doc Show opens 10 A. M. today. Exoosi
tion Building, Nineteenth and Washing-
ion streets, judging begins 2:30 P. M.
Finest classes of dogs In the United States
are on exhibition. Admission. 25 cents;
children, 15 cents.
KOrND-TRiP to Cascade Locks by
steamer every Monday, Wednesday and
t naay. Leaves 7 A. M.: return 6 P. M.
Landing foot of Alder street. Fare JL30.
Phone Main 914.
A Social Tea and the annual sale of
the woraanjs Guild will be held this
afternooa from 3 to 5 P. M., at the
Hobart-CurtlB. Mrs. George W. McBrlde
will be keetess.
Acme Oil Co. sell the best safety ooal
Unitarian Alliance Meeting. At the
literary meeting ef the Woman's Alliance
this afternoon, la the Unitarian Chapei,
Miss L- E. White, for a long time secre
tary of the Camera Club of Portland, and
still one of its most skilled members, will
talk upon "Outdoor Photography." The
talk will be freely illustrated. All inter
ested in this attractive subject, as well
as students desiring better knowledge
upon it, are requested to attend this meet
ing. The ladles of the alliance extend a
cordial invitation to any and all who may
wish to attend. The business meeting
will be called at 2 o'clock, while the lec
ture will begin at 2:30 P. M.
Charitable Social. Many of the In
vitations to the card party to be given
at Parsons HalL Nineteenth and Wash
ington streets. In aid of the Mercy Home,
Sixteenth street, will be received today or
within the next few days. Wednesday
next, May 10, Is the appointed day, and
the party will take place In the afternoon
at 2 o'clock. The patronesses on this oc
casion are: Mrs. J. B. Montgomery. Mrs.
H. E. Edwards. Mrs. Solomon Hlrsch,
Mrs. H. C. Bowers. Miss Falling. Mrs.
J. Monks, Mrs. J. Wesley Ladd, Mrs. J.
P. Sharkey. Mrs. Slgmund Frank, ;Mia
Wilson. Mrs. P. E. Sullivan, Mrs. Ralph
Five Free Trips to Fair. The Sugar
Pine store of Grant's Pass will send five
of Its customers to the Lewis and Clark
Fair this Summer, paying carfare and
providing free admissions. The Sugar
Pine store Is one of the most popular
stores in Southern Oregon, ana the larg
est, covering 12,000 square feet of ground
space. An exceptionally attractive book
let, illustrated with halftone cuts of the
Exposition buildings, has Just been Issued
by the managers of the store, Messrs
Kinney and Truax, Grant's Pass, Or.
Hold Evangelistic Services. At the
Epworth M. E. Church. Twenty-third and
Irving streets, evangelistic services will
begin tonight and will continue every
evening except Saturday. The meetings
will be conducted by J. L. McComb, the
openalr evangelist of the Chapman party.
who is to assist Rev. Henry T. Atkinson,
the pastor. Mr. McComb will be accom
panied by Mrs. J. S. Hamilton, the
singer, who will organize a chorus choir.
To the Voters of the Seventh Ward.
Owing to a -confusion of dates with the
owners of Blanck's Hall, no meeting will
be held tonight. Tou and your friends
are cordially requested to attend the
grand rally of the W. B. Glafke Club
at Arion Hall Thursday evening. Can
didate W. B. Glafke and other prominent
business men will be present. Miss Ed-
wina Mastlck, the charming soprano, will
sing. Ladies Invited.
Suffers Fracture of Leg. Ernest
HHIsberg. employed at the brick yards
near East Thirty-fifth and Division
streets, fell off a hed yesterday after
noon and suffered a compound fracture of
his right leg. He fell a distance of 20
feet- He was taken to the Good Samar
itan Hospital.
North Pacific Steamship Company's
steamship Roanoke, 2400 tons, sails for
San Francisco and Los Angeles, calling
at Coos Bay and Eureka, Thursday. May
4. S P. M.. from Columbia Dock No. 1.
Ticket office, 251 Washington street. H.
loung, agent. Phone Main 6SS.
Stricken With Apoplext. Fred Neck-
elbaugh, who lives near Twenty-third and
Thurman streets, was stricken with apo
plexy last night about 10 o clock and is
in a serious condition. He was taken to
St. Vincent's Hospital.
Bots and Girls' Aid Societt. The
20th annual meeting of the members of tho
Boys' and Girls AM Society of Oregon
will be held at the parlors of the City
Board of Charities, Tuesday evening.
May 1G, 1905.
Steamer Rkdondo sails Thursday direct
for San Francisco. Cabin, J12; steerage.
S. Meals and berth included. C. II.
Thompson, agent. 128 Third street.
F. E. Beach & Co.. the Pioneer Paint
Co., arc rapidly selling off their stock of
damaged paints and arc getting in new
goods. 133 First, corner Alder.
Str. Toledo sails for Gray's Harbor,
Friday. 6 P.M., from Oak-st. dock. Tickets
54. A 20-hour ride. Phone Main 2060.
The Calumet Restaurant. 149 Seventh,
Fine luncheon. 5c; dinner 50c.
Lad of Eight Rushes Into
Back-Yard and Sud
denly Dies.
A prune seed, swallowed one week ago
by Sidney Segal, aged S years, is believed
to have caused his death. He died sud
denly, after a violent coughing spell in
the yard of his parents home, 731 Water
street, at 10:30 A. M. yesterday.
Three physicians were called in Inune
dlately after the death of the lad, but
not one will state positively the exact
cause of his sudden demise. They ad
mlt the possibility of death being
brought on by the seed, and state the
coughing may have been caused by this.
The boy was apparently in good health
yesterday morning, having only a slight
cough, thought at the time to be trivial.
At a few moments before 10:30 o'clock ho
was seated In the kitchen of his home,
talking to Miss Anna Segal, his eldest
sister. Suddenly he rushed Into the back
yard, began coughing violently and then
fell to the ground. He cried out, as if
in great pain. Dr. W. I. Cottel was sum
moned Immediately, and quickly arrived,
but the boy was dead. Drs. J. H. Bris
tow and W. F. Hubbard reached the
scene later.
"I prescribed for the boy recently," said
Dr. Hubbard, "and I thought at the time
that whooping cough was coming on. I
was told about the boy having swal
lowed a prune seed, and gave him an
examination by the X ray. I could not
determine whether the seed had caused
any Injury- Death was due. I think, to
the bursting of a blood vessel in the
brain, but whether the cough was caused
by the swallowing of the seed, I cannot
Neither Dr. Cottel nor Dr. Brtstow
could make positive declarations regard
ing the exact cause of death, although
they agreed with Dr. Hubbard.
Funeral services will occur at the fam
ily residence today at 2 P. M. Class
mates from Failing School will be the
Deputy Coroner A. L. Finley was noti
fied regarding the death of the boy.
After brief Investigation he satisfied him
self that there was nothing that called
for an inquest and he paid no further at
tention to it.
Sidney was the only son of ' Mr. and
Mrs. M. Segal. There are six sisters in
the family.
Pawnbroker Surrenders Jewelry.
Nathan Wolff, a pawnbroker, whose
business sign reads, "Unci Franklin."
yesterday surrendered to Sheriff Word
several diamond rings valued at $470, of
which Mrs. G. A.. Mcintosh claimed own
ership. Mrs. Mcintosh needed money
and borrowed $163 from Wolff, pledging
her diamonds as security. Recently she
went to the pawnbroker's to redeem the
property and "Uncle Franklin" refused
to accept the money offered and to restore
the Jewels because he alleged she had
not lived up to the contract entered into
between them. Mrs. Mcintosh brought
suit to recover the rings and the Sheriff
was instructed to make a legal demand
for them, which ho did. Wolff turned over
the property and the dispute will probably
be adjusted.
Several sets of "Our Islands" for sale
cheap. A few damaged sets at your owa
price. Address or call at Oregonlaa busi
ness office.
All the delicacies ml tke mbm at ti
Partiaaa Reetaurast la petraU aar
seat fer parties. MS "Wast, uu Ka
KhtbcU's "Extract e VrbHU
He Is Herman Diehm Who
Robbed Hotel Angelus
He Will Be Sent to 3Uhvaakee to
Stand Trial for Bank Robbery
In the "Wisconsin
Herman Diehm Is believed to be the ral
name of G. IT. Hanlon, and completes the
Identification of the celebrated trio of
criminals now under lock and key in the
City Jail here. William Barrett and Frlt
zle Dhcin are the others. They are bank
and diamond sneak, thieves of Interna-
Herman Diehm. 1m t to be Identified la
tho trio et croeki.
tlonal repute. Barrett is to be taken to
Milwaukee, Wis., where he will be placed
on trial for the robbery of a bank. Dcfl
nlte instructions reached Chief of Police
Hunt to this effect yesterday.
Barrett. Diehm and Dheln, as the trio
are best known in the criminal world.
are to be arraigned this morning in the
Municipal Court on charges of the larceny
or ?13a from the Hotel Portland Rath
skcller. It is believed they will be Iield
to the grand Jury.
William A. Pinkerton. head of the de
tcctlve agency bearing his name, tele
graphed to Superintendent Nevlns, in
charge of the Portland office, yesterday.
saying that there could be no doubt as to
the Identity of the third member of the
trio. That he is Herman Diehm. a young
but very dangerous criminal; is said to
be a certainty.
Diehm. whllt ha is but 27 years old, is
regarded as a daring and clever criminal,
else he would not be associated with such
characters as William Barrott and Frit
ale Dheln, of world-wide notoriety as
bank and diamond robbers.
Diehm was recently released from the
Workhouse at Ionia. Mich., where he
served three years for the larceny of a
tray of diamonds. He Is believed to have
gone Immediately to Los Angeles, where
he is credited with the daring robbery of
300 from the Hotel Angelus. He made
good his escape.
William Barrett, it was learned yester
day, is the man who, last September.
attempted to steal a sack containing $10,-
too in gold from a San Francisco bank.
He did not secure the money, but made
his escape.
The celebrated trio are being watched
closely at the City Jail. Special atten
tion is being given them, as their im
portance demands that they be given no
opportunity to break jail.-
"I regard these captures as of great
importance, said .Chief Hunt last night.
"It is a great thing to be able to catch
such men before they turn a big trick
and if the officials at Milwaukee can put
Barrett away for a long term, it will be
a fine thing."
"I consider the arrests-very important.'
said Superintendent Ncvins. of the Pink
erton agency. "With such a trio at large,
no bank or Jewelry store in the country
was safe.
"Parsifal" Presented by a Special
Animated Picture Machine.
Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock, tne
advance sale of eats will open for
Richard Wagner's grand opera of
"Parsifal," which J. Alex Hanna will
produce at the Marquam Grand The
ater next Friday night. May , at S:30
o'clock, with the aid of one of the
largest picture machines ever exhibit
ed. Mr. Hanna will give a full descrip
tion of the drama as the scenes are
shown on the canvas. Mrs. Walter Reed
will aesist, singing several Wagnerian
1TI11 Take CoHnty Census.
County Assessor Slgler has prepared to
take the. census of Multnomah County as
required by law, and has appointed IS
enumerators to work in Portland. Ten
others will be selected to take the census
In tho outside precincts and towns, each
to be a resident of the place in which he
will work. The enumerators for Port
land are: F. C. MlddleXon. C. N. Tuttle F.
Carty. J. P. Lombard, a M. Gellert, W.
H. Tatge, H. J. Kavanaugh. L. L. Thorn
ton. J. Ettelson, H. J. Young. W. C.
Bolton. C. D. Starr. D. E. Smith. F. E.
Swope and F. E. Forbes.
Three Divorce Suits Begun.
Cruel treatment rendering her life
burdensome, and falsely accusing her of
unchastlty. is the grounds stated by Mar
guarette Hossfleld In her complaint ask
ing for a'dlvorce from Charles Hossfleld,
filed in the State Circuit Court yesterday.
Hossfleld is a bartender and she says he
drinks to excess. They were married In
Portland in 3885 and" have one child. The
court is requested to enter a decree re-
bbssssssssssVs' JStHbbbsS
ROTHCH1LD BROS., Portland, Or.
Otto J. Kraemer, a native son of Portland, and staunch Republican,
was elected Justice for Portland District In 1SSS. and was rc-clcctcd In .the
year 1900, by one of the largest majorities on the ticket. Ills services as
judge in this responsible position were so able and conscientious that 137
Portland lawyers, practically the entire bar, regardless of party affiliation,
have urged him to stand as a candidate for Municipal Judge, and strongly
commend him to the voters of Portland for election.
The Oregonian has heretofore printed a list of the members of the bar
endorsing Mr. Kraemer, and at the time said editorially. "Mr. Kracmer's
endorsement Is fine. It Is something indeed to have the approval
of uch a list."
We are offering great inducements
just now to Piano purchasers, and it
will pay you to investigate our Pianos,
prices, and our easy payment system.
If you have an old Piano, not in keep
ing with the rest of your furnishings,
we will allow you its full value in ex
change for a new one. We also have
several good used Pianos at about one
half their actual values. We cordially
Invite you to come and sec what we
have one of the largest stores in
Portland full of splendid instruments.
Steinway and many other fine Pianos.
Corner Morrison and "West Park Sts.
Park aad Washington, Portland, Oregon
"The School of Quality"
Opes all tli year. Catalogue free
quiring the- father to contribute $10 a
month for the support of .the child.
Suit for a dissolution of the matrimonial
bonds was begun yesterday by William
L. Dalton against Myrtle Dalton because
of desertion beginning In February, 1304.
They were married In January. 1903.
David I. Gee has sued Lizzie Gee for a
divorce on account of desertion beginning
in 1895. They were married in 1SS4 and
have three children.
Rumelln Files Demurrer. .
A demurrer to the information which
charges Charles E. Rumelln, Councilman,
with attempting to bribe William C.
Elliott when the latter was city engineer
of the City of Portland, was filed in the
State Circuit Court yesterday by C. E. S.
Wood, attorney fijr the accused.
The grounds of the demurrer are that
the information is not direct and certain
as to the particular circumstances of the
crime charged: that the District Attorney
had no legal authority to file the infor
mation, and that the facts stated therein
do not constitute a crime.
The information against Rumclia re
cites that he offered Elliott a bribe of
$5000, telling him there was $5000 In it if
he would report against the bid of the
Pacific Construction Company of Everett,
Wash., so that the next highest bidder,
the Pacific Construction Company of San
Francisco, could obtain the contract to
build the Front-street bridge.
Sajs It Is His Twin Brother.
"It was not I, but my twin brother,"
eald James Ward, a- Kanaka, who was
sentenced yesterday to serve a term of
five years in the penitentiary by Judge
Fraxer. Ward several days ago pleaded
guilty U having 'entered a house at 294
Froat street, and stealing a revolver, a
razor and other articles. He pEevIously
served two county Jail sentences, and the
officers had his record 'showing that he
was once a prisoner in the Walla Walla
Penitentiary. A photograph of Ward
was displayed, and it was then that he
announced that It was not his picture, but
that of a twin brother. The likenss was
identical, and his statement was not be
lieved. Appeals From Decision.
Helen Cynthia Jennings, who was the
defendant some months ago in a sensa
tional divorce suit prosecuted by Orvllle
O. Jennings, in which John S. Seed, a
well-kaowa contractor, was correspond
ent, .has filad notice of appeal to the Su
preme Osurt ef a case in which valuable
W. B.
Cor. 2d and Oak Sts.
Thursday Evening
May 4
Candidate AV. B. Glafke and
many other prominent business
men, will give short addresses.
, Miss Edwina Mastick, the
charming soprano will sing a
number of solos. The Glafke
Quartet will attend.
property In King's second addition is in
volvcd. Jennings deeded this property
to his wife several years ago. At the
lime Jennings obtained a divorce from his
wife. Judge Frazer decided that he was
entitled to recover the property, because
Sirs. Jennings had no legal right to it
From this decision she appeals.
Sues tp foreclose Mortgage.
Anna C. Band has sued P. O. Lundin
et al., in the State Circuit Court to fore
close a mortgage for $550) on lots 1, 2, ?
and S. block 2S6 Bast Portland.
L. O. RALSTOX. President.
ALBERT T. SMITH. Director.
W. H. COFELAND. Director.
WALTER H. MOORE, Director.
Prudence is a virtue
that but few command.
In their zeal to be in
style, to obtain luxuries,
the majority of people
spend their entire in
come, and often go in
debt. A savings pass
book will regulate your
prudential economy.
We Pay Per Cent
$99999999999999 W9 999999999?y99999999999999999
We do crown and bride, work with
out pain. Our IS years experience in
plate work enables us to fit jour mouth
Dr. Yv A. Wlan has found a safe
way to extract teeth, absolutely with
out pain. Dr. T. P. "Wise Is an ex
pert at gold Ailing and crown and bridge
work. Extracting free when plates or
bridges are ordered.
WISE BROS., Dentists
Falllnsr bldjt cor. 3d and Wash. sts.
Open evenlnss till 0 P. M. Sundays
from 0 to 12. Or Main 2020.
343 vTashlBKtc.n, rortland. Or.
It makes the toilet tometWng to bt
tnjoyed. It removes all stains an!
roughness, prevents prickly heat and
chafing ana leaves the sklc, whits,
Mft, healthy. In the hath it brings
a glow asd'exhflaration which no com
snoa soap can equal, imparting ths
vifor and life sensation of amHdTcrs
fakW&. All Grocers ndDrodtta-
Tot sodsrs deatal work.
Worla-rtnowaad Bpcillit.
brMt irlcM eescUtaat vl& flrstela
Go to ta
X 412.60 FULL SET
FOR S6.0&
Evenings, ilondax
aa4 Thursday, until 8.
Xrcrf Frafcs. D. D. S.
ierclopfng "fhll iftlSif 4aMStejJargtorTCflnap
kata. rfevelepe4 m day. Sabfe4 prists the
ext. rbtr fer st aciltr- Geerc
A big carpenter's hill later on may make
you regret your not painting when the
wood and metal needed " it most likely
you'll find it -false economy. When you
want something first-class In the paint
line, see our stock, and ask people who
have bought of us their opinion.
Fisher, Thorsen & Co.
Front and Morrison Sts.
We are headquarters for
French ranges, portable
and brick set; cabinet bake
ovens, retlnned and copper
restaurant utensils, steel
ranges and cook stoves.
Don't Leave Your
Wife Alone
Without some sort of protection against
burglars. We furnish and Install a num
ber of electrical devices, such as alarm
bells. polW rails and the like, which pay
for themselves in the sense of security
they afford. We do all kinds of electrical
wiring on short notice.
Western Electric Works
o. 61 Sixth Street, Corner Plae,
Phone Main 1606. Portlarj? Or.
Pleasure and prosperity depend upon clear
vision. Eye strain wrecks the entire nervous
system and renders success impossible. Have
your eyes fitted by the house that knows how..
-Tr- r i sm m w Ar list t irv 1
Hi- Al HI I- i 11- I V UV
in eating Is attained 'at Kruse's. Every
thing cooked here has that delicious
flavor that only a genius can give It. Our
meats, poultry and fish are ch&ssn f ram
the choicest In the market Our cffM z
teas and wines are best When
want to enjoy a good meal go t Kriwe', '
Fourth and Stark Streets
Qoxlltr considered, than r oVum
Needles, OH, Repairs
S Tras&laeiSB.
SS4 Merrlso Street. (
SM WUlfauaa Avease (East SM.j
Fsxtlud. Otcsm.
The Portland
Do you lave good music? Tou
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