Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, April 21, 1905, Page 16, Image 16

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William Edelman Twice Snaps
Trigger of Revolver, at
Herman Carlson.
Patrolman Knocks Him Down "With
His iClub and Angry Crowd
Surges About, Threatening
Carlson for His Act.
"When "William Edelman drew a revol
ver from his hip picket, pressed the muz
zle against Patrolman. Carlson's abdo
men and pulled the trigger, scores of
spectators In the Plaza block thought they
were about to witness a murder. Twice
was the weapon snapped. Then the police
man laid his assailant low by a powerful
blow from a club.
Edelman dropped his revolver. It was
seized by R. H. Price, an expressman,
just as Sheriff "Word rushed up. An ex
amination of the weapon proved it to be
Edelman soon regained his feet. There
was a closing-ln of the eye-witnesses to
Patrolman Herman X.. Carlson.
the struggle, and some of the crowd that
surged about cried out against Patrolman
Carlson, charging him with cruelty.
Slieriff "Word and Air. Price turned to
the crowd, explaining that the policeman
had been attacked by Edelman with a
revolver, and most of the people quieted
down. There were some, however, who
made a demonstration, following the po
liceman and his prisoner to police head
quarters, where they complained to Cap
tain Gritzroacher, commanding the day
patrol. They charged tKat Carlson used
undue force, but when the patrolman
made his statement he was upheld In the
action by the Captain and ordered back
to his beat.
There may bo further trouble, it is
said, as some of Edelmcn's friends de
clare ho was mistreated. A charge of
disorderly conduct was lodged against the
prisoner and he was placed in a cell of
the City Jail. He will be arraigned today
before Municipal Judge Hogue.
"I found Edelman sleeping off a drunk
on the grass in the Plaza block," said
Patrolman Carlson. "I tapped him on
the soles of his shoes and he leaped up.
applying many vile eplthots to roe, and
making ready to fight. I cautioned him
to move on and avoid trouble, as I thought
he was merely intoxicated. To my sur
prise he drew out a -revolver and pressed
the muzzle to my abdomen. I beard him
snap the trigger and. tried to take the
weapon from nlm. I thought if he snapped
it again I would be killed. I then re
sorted to my plub to knoc,k him down.
I thought, of course, the revolver was
loaded, and I think if I had drawn my
revolver and shot him I would have been
George "Wickland, who rooms at 32 St
George Hotel, was an eye-witness of the
affair. He declares that Carlson treated
Edelman so roughly that he -was justi
fied in using any means to protect him
self. He states that Edelman was asleep
on the grass and the policeman tapped
him on the feet to awaken him. This
not bringing immediate effect, the po
liceman grasped Edelman by the collar
and threw him violently backwards.
Edelman, ' still only half a.wake and
stunned, swore at Carlson slightly and
at that Carlson began to beat him with
his billy over the head. "Wickland called
on him to desist, but Carlson continued,
and Edelman drew a revolver from his
pocket and attempted to shoot. The po
liceman escaping began even harder to
belay his victim till the bystanders "were
afraid he would break his head.
In the scuffle one of Carlson's fingers
was badly hurt. Edelman was- uninjured,
although he claims to have been beaten
into insensibility. He is a waiter in a
North End restaurant.
J. R. Havely Sued for Carrying Off
70,000 Feet of Immber.
J. K. Havely, of Brooklyn, finds him
self defendant in a lawsuit in Justice
"Walderaar Seton's court for the sum of
$250, alleged to be due in a complaint filed
by J. C. Burke, charging him with ap
propriating 70,000 feet of lumber. It is
set forth in tho complaint that Mr. Have
ly did "unlawfully take and appropriate
to his own use 70,000 feet of lumber stored
on vacant ground between East Tenth
and Eleventh streets, in November, 1904."
Mr. Havely in his answer contents him
self with a sweeping denial of every alle
gation in the complaint, and demands that
the case against him be dismissed, with
costs and disbursements of the suit. The
case will bo tried out today.
It seems that Plaintiff Burke stored a
quantity of second-hand lumber from
some old buildings on grounds owned by
J. A. Strowbridge, Jr., and the latter in
an act of charity and goodness of heart,
similar to that displayed by Artemus
"Ward when he said he was willing to
sacrifice ail his wife's relatives to save
the Union, posted a notice on this pile of
lumber, "Free wood." Inasmuch as wood
costs money, this notice appealed very
strongly to the attention of Mr. Havely
and possibly many others, and the lum
ber slowly disappeared, and hence Mr.
Burke wants damages.
If Baby la ChWbe Teeth.
Be sore ana use tn&t old and well-tried rexnedr,
Mrs. "Wlnslow'B Soothing , Syrup, for children
t re thine. It soothes the child. eoft3 the sum,
dll&ys all ruin, core wind oollo and diarrhoea.
350 Beautiful Silk Waists
Values to $14 for $4.85
Today the greatest Silk Waist bargain Portland women
have ever shared in A Surprise Sale offering that will
attract a throng of eager buyers bright and early this morn
ing 350 of the newest and prettiest Taffeta Silk, Lace Net
and Crepe de Chine Waists Values up to $14.00 each for
$4.85 Of course yon want one The lot inclndes tailored
and fancy dress waists in dork shades and light evening
shades An immense assortment of attractive styles including
silk embroidered, English eyelet, deep fancy yokes, lace and
shirred trimmed, fagotting yokes, etc, etc. All have the
very latest style sleeves Colors include pink, light blue,
myrtle, red, white, black, navy, brown, helio, terra cotta,
etc. These waists pnrchesed from the largest and best silk
waist manufacturer in New York City, whose product is
famed for style and quality Fifth-street window display
gives you the best idea of what extraordi
nary bargains they are You'll have to
come early if you .want one 2d Floor
Tne Meier Frank Store's Easter Sale
of Men's Furnishing Goods
Today and tomorrow men can supply their Easter needs here very economically Stylish
and seasonable furnishings of every description marked at prices that will make hundreds of
new friends for our Men's Wear Depts. Every item worthy your 'careful consideration
New lisle and web Suspenders, real kid ends ; big assortment
of the very best patterns and color ; 50c values
Men's white plaited Golf Shirts, this season's very best styles, Qr
in all sizes; regular $1.00 values ;
50 dozen new Ties, large English Squares and Four-in-Hands,
. best patterns in light and dark colors ; regular 1.00 values JUv
Men's pure linen white hemstitched Handkerchiefs, our very sy
best 25c values, on sale today and tomorrow 1 C C
Xew styles in Men's fancy Half-Hose, plain and fancy lisle, q
very latest in clocked and woven effects, 50c values
Men s heavy twilled muslin Night Shirts, made large in bofly Cfs
and extra long, all sizes: greatest Night Shirt bargain at OOC
Men's white honeycombed mesh Underwear, shirts and draw-
ers, all sizes, best 50c values, for & irC
Men's Mercerized lisle Underwear, Spring weight, form-fitting, AO
blue, pink and tan; best $1.25 value, for JrGG
Boys' 50c colored Golf Shirts, each 39
Women's Mannish Shirts of Pongee Silk, all sizes, great value. Sjsl. 69
Pen-ins' $3,25 Kid Gloves $1.59 Pr.
All our $2.00 and $125 grade of "Perrins " Teal French Kid Gloves, glaco
and suedes, overseam and piques for dress and street wear; two and
three-clasp styles in pearl or metal fasteners; sizes 5 to 7; black, -white,
mode, tan, grays, reds and opera shades; the greatest Easter i cq
slove bargain In town at this low price, pair I.JTy
16-button-Iength glace Kid Gloves. In light opera shades, 5 Q
to 6. best $2.00 values, pair v
Perrins fancy-cuff Gloves. Royal Scotts, Van Dyke, Manchettes, fancy em
broidered backs and cuffs lined to match embroidery: attractive com
binations In blacks, tans, red and white, 5 to 6; $3.30 e o
values, on sale for, pair ya,Cr
Women's Neckwear Bargains Today
White linen Sailor Collars. English
eyelet embroiderj't assorted de
signs; best $2.00 and c j An
$2.50 values I.y
Florodora Scarf Ties. In plain taf
feta and Persian colorings: all the
very newest effects; $1 and fl
$1.25 values for tfVC
Tucked mull and sheer lawn Cuff
and Collar Sets; trimmed In Val
enciennes lace and Insertion; great
special Easter value at 24c
f Deep Silk Turnovers, embroidered
in colors, also white linen slot
turnovers of mercerized cotton,
embroidered: regular $1.00. in
$1.25 and $1.50 values for....4-VC
Xew "Rajah" Scarf Ties, with silk
embroidered flowers, brown,
champagne, light blue, red and
green; great special at 40c
Fancy "Set Top Lace Stocks, pleated
Jabots; white, light blue jfl
and pink; 75c values for. ...r"C
Misses' and Children's Shoes
Great Easter Bargains Today and Tomorrow.
Misses' $3.00 hand-sewed patent colt lace Shoes, J.
& T. Cousins' famous make, in sizes 12 to 2, pair. '. .
Misses' $2.50 hand-sewed kid lace Shoes, best makes,
in sizes 12 to 2, great value, pair ..
Misses' $2.00 kid and box calf Shoes in the very best
lasts, sizes 12 to 2, great values at, pair
Children's Shoes in patent colt, lace, 9 to 11; the
best $2.50 values, on sale today and tomorrow, pr
Children's kid lace Shoes, 9 to 11, $2.25 values, pair $1.90
Children's kid and box calf Shoes, 9 to 11, $1.50 values, pr.$1.05
Children 's Shoes in vici kid and patent leather, blue kid and red
kid ; also fancy styles ; sizes 2 to 5 and 5 to S ;. $1.25
and $1.50 values, for, pair &C
Little Gents' vici kid, box calf and satin calf lace Shoes, 10 to
lZy2, $1.18 pair; 1 to 2, $1.38 pr.: 2y2 to 5, pair. .. .$1.48
Women's and Misses' Oxfords in patent leather, vici Q LQ
kid and tans, all sizes, $2.50 values, pair V 00
Housekeeping Helps Basement
Everything jn warm weather Housekeeping Necessities and at
the very lowest prices Basement.
Lawn Mowers in all sizes, each. $2.60 up to
Refrigerators, 25 models, all sizes, each, $8.25 to
Ice Cream Freezers, all sizes, best kinds, $1.50 to
"Window Screens at 20c, 25c, 30c, 35c, 40c
Screen Doors, complete, all sizes, $1.10 to. .
Gas Plates, most improved models, $1.00 to
Blue-Flame Oil Stoves, none better, each, $3.00 to
Garden Hose in 25-ft. and 50-ft. lengths : all crrades.
Meat Safes, $1.35. Floor Paints, 40c, 75c $1.10
Garden Rakes, Shovels, Spades, Hoes, etc., etc.
In the Basement Grocery Store w& are selling today and tomorrow
great, large California Navel Oranges, the size the grower calls 96s,
meaning eight dozen to a crate; the quality fruit that sells at 40c
dozen at grocery stores and fruit-stands; buy all you
want Phone Private Exchange 4 at, dozen
Book Dept.
Specials for today and tomorrow.
History of the World, 3 vols., half
morocco binding; beautifully
illustrated, set $3.50
History of the V. S., 2 vols., half
morocco, profusely illustrated,
great value, set $2.50
American Encyclopedia Britan
nica, 10 vols., half-morocco, pub
lished at $25 ; great val.$15.00
Painting Plays for Rainy Days,
entertains children 29p
"Turk," Opie Read's latest.19
Picture Dept.
Water Colors, framed in -wide
black frames with gilt orna
ments, 6x11, great spe- qq
cial at -rC
Choose from all our Oil Paintings,
any size, at $2.50
8x10 Passepartouts and frame,
reg. 35c values, for 19
Great variety of short-length
Moldings, made up in odd-size
frames, are on sale at exactly one
half price. Second floor.
Great Easter Sale of Women's Apparel
The busiest Easter week our Cloak Department ever experienced, tells the story of fascinating garments
and matchless values being offered in Portland's Leading Cloak and Suit StoreWomen's Suits, Covert Coats,
Waists, Silk Shirtwaist Suits and Silk Petticoat bargains that cannot fail to delight those having apparel needs
to supply Sale continues today and tomorrow Extra salespeople employed to serve you promptly
$28, $30 Tailored Suits $21.45
Women's $28.00 and $30.00 Tailored Suits for $21.45; the
season's most attractive styles in blouses, jacket and Eton
effects; plaited or flounce skirts; fancy gimp and button
trimmed ; materials are Voiles, Sicilians and Panama Cloths ;
colors navy, brown, tans, gray, green and checks; great
Easter Sale today and tomorrow at this if
low price , ciw
$45 Silk Shirtwaist Suits $29.85
Great Easter Sale of high-class Silk Shirtwaist Suits, made of
fine quality-Silks, solid colors with fancy polka-dot yoke and
piping to match; tucked and flounce skirts; brown, black,
navy ; rich, exclusive suits ; beautifully made
up; regular $45.00 values, for this sale at
The greatest display of popular-priced Silk Shirtwaist
Suits in the city; every new style and pattern; the greatest
values at $12.50 to $50.00.
Mohair and Wool Shirtwaist Suits; all prices.
$9.00 Silk Petticoats for $5.25
Easter Sale of Silk Petticoats, the best values in the city;
made of superior quality Taffeta Silk; black and all the
leading shades; made up with deep plaiting, ruffles and
double ruching; values up to $9.00 each; on sale today
and tomorrow at the exceptionally low price tf e
of, each
$16.50 Covert Jackets $11.85
Hundreds of Tan Covert Jackets, values up to $16.50 each;
for this great Easter Sale at $11.85; three lots, the most
desirable styles; strapped seams, collarless ejects; fly
front, re.d and green Broadcloth-trimmed novelties, half
fitting backs, buttons and strap-trimmed; $14.00, $15.00,
$16.50 values, on sale today and tomorrow f i i
at this low price V 03
Covert Coats in almost endless variety; thousands of
them in all this season's effective styles, at prices ranging
from $7.50 up to" $40.00.
Easter Millinery Sale
25 Off on Tailored Hats
"Gage," "Burgesser," "Phipps & Atchinson,"
"Bendel," Etc., Etc.
Choose from our entire stock of new tailored Hats and Sailors at 25
per cent, off regular prices. All the above popular lines are included.
This season's handsomest shapes in great assortment, 25 per cent off.
Trimmed Hate, Portland's greatest showing at prices ranging from
$3.00 to $35.00.
Annual Easter sale of flowers. Entire stock of roses, violets, berries,
cherries, foliage, wreaths, etc., at one-fourth off regular prices.
Easter Hats for Misses and Children Second floor.
Women's Knit Underwear
Extra Special Values for Easter.
"Harvard Mills" Union Suits, in
high-neck, long-sleeve, ankle
length styles, or low-neck, sleeve
less, knee-length styles; also low
neck, quarter-sleeve, knee-length,
Itand-firnshed garments; all sizes;
very best $1.00 values, 7
on sale for 5C
Special lot of sleeveless Vests; silk
and lisle; mixed Richelieu ribbed;
all sizes; best 60c gar
ments, on sale for
Women's' Hosiery
50 dozen women's plain black lisle
Hose, with embroidered ankle, neat
patterns; red, blue, white and yel
low embroidery; all sizes; extra
special value for the re
mainder of the week, pair.
25c Ribbons for l-5c Yard
3000 yards of four-inch Taffeta and Satin Taffeta Ribbons; great variety
of the leading shades; splendid quality; the best 25c value,
on 'sale todav and tomorrow, vard
New Maliries; full line of colors y regular 25c value. Great
Easter sale prices, yard
Sheet Music
Sheet Music Department now locat
ed on the third floor. These grand
special values on sale for today and
500 copies of popular songs, waltzes,
marches, etc; pieces sold regularly
at 25e each, we place on sale to get
you acquainted with the new loca
tion at the ridiculously low price of
The Victor Dance Folio, containing
10 late popular selections. Special,
copy 15
Smart Set Dance Folio, containing
23 popular selections; 75c value
for 23
All the .latest vocal and instru
mental music sold here at the very
lowest prices. Third floor.
Great Linen Sale
Bleached'Satin Damask Table Linen;
big variety of patterns ; regular 50c
grade on sale for, yard 39
Bleached Satin Damask Table Linen,
the 65c grade; big assortment, best
patterns; on sale, yard 54
Bleached Satin Damask Table Linen,
the 75c grade, in new designs; on
sale at low price of, yard. . . .63
Bleached Satin Damask Table Linen,
the 90c quality; beautiful designs;
matchless value at, yard....74i
Bleached Satin Damask Table Linen,
fine patterns, in big variety; best
$1.50 grades, yard $1.21
All our $3.75 and $4 Bleached Satin
Damask Table Napkins, handsome
patterns; great value, doz.. $2.89
Special lot of Swiss Embroidered
Handkerchiefs; hemstitched and
scalloped edges; 40c and '1 Qs
50c value, each
"Women's and Children's Fine Mer
cerized Fancy Hemstitched Un
laundered Handkerchiefs; also
hand-embroidered styles; 1 5
best 20c value for Jv
Easter Sale Men's Clothing
Men who wont new spring suits at a saving of about one-third on
what equal styles and grades cost at the exclusive clothing store had
better plan to take advantage of our great Easter sale now in pro
gress The well-known makes of Adler Bros. & Co., Hart, Schaffner
& Marx and Stein-BIoch Co. are included in these splendid values
Regular $20 Suits $ 1 5.35
Five lines of our regular $20.00 Suits, consisting of fine grade fancy worsteds,
fancy tweeds and cheviots; splendid tailor-made suits; hand-worked button
holes, hand-felled collars, best linings and trimmings; suits the F T
exclusive clothier asks $22.50 and $25; our Easter sale price P J3J
Men's $22.50 Suits $17.15
Men's Fine Suits, in this season's very newest fashions and materials; worsteds,
fancy unfinished worsteds, cheviots, tweeds, beautifully tailored, perfect fitting;
suits the exclusive clothier asks $22.50 for. Easter sale price is $17.15
Special lot or black and navy blue unfinished worsted and Thibet
Suits, $18 and $20 values, at the very low price of
Men's $25 Suits $19.65
Our "Men's $25 Suits, finest make and quality, equal to custom-made; finest ma
terials and fashions; worsteds and tweeds. Exclusive clothiers CIA L
ask $3Q and $35 for equal grades. Choice of two lots $25 suits for. .P 'vJ
sale iJXjyo imu i uutig iticii 5 iuiiiin&
Little boys' washable Russian Blouse
Suits, In crash, colored cheviots, lin
ens and chambrays; pinks, tans and
blues. This season's 52.25 and 52.53
values are on sale for $l.8S
Little boys Reefers, In navy blue
worsteds and tan coverts; very best
styles: age3 3 to 10 years. This sea
son's 56.00 values are on Ct oc
sale at the low price of. . . .."-
Boys all-wool Norfolk and two-piece
Suits, in dark blue cheviots, light
mixed tweeds and cassimeres. This
Spring's very best 55.00 values on
sale at the low price of &L2
Boys all-wool two-piece double-breast-
cu ouns, in uiuc serge ana Drown j
plaids and mixtures, ages S to 16.
This season's 56.00 and 56.50 &a nc
values on sale for
Young men's all-wool Cassimere Suits.
In browns and gfays; 14 to 20 years.
Our best 510.00 suits on sale for.$S.l5
Young men's Suits. This season's best
styles In blue serges, tweeds, chev
iots and homespuns, in grays and
browns; 15 to 20 years. cm tic
Regular 513.50 values lU.OD
Young men's Suits, in fancy worsteds
and cheviots, dark gray plaids and
mixtures: 15 to 20 years ci qc
516.50 value 14.0D
Young men's fancy tweeds and unfin
ished worsted Suits; pretty gray mix
tures. Regular 518.30 values for. $14.85