Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, January 02, 1905, PART FOUR, Page 40, Image 40

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Russian Vessels -Take
Refuge at Chefoo,
Four Torpedo Craft Chased
by' Japanese.
Heavy Guns on 203-Meter Hill Have
Drives Out All the Czar's Ships
Ceaseless Storming by
Besiegers Reported.
CHEFOO. Jan. 2. (9:13 A- M.)-Four
Russian torpedo-boat destroyers, the
Skory, .Stratni, Vlastnl and Serdlty. ac
companied by a large launch, arrived
here this morning from Port Arthur.
Two other destroyers are reported to
have gone to Tslngtau.
The activity aboard the destroyers
seemingly indicates an intention o put
ting to sea again.
What appears to be Japanese destroyers
can be seen -with the aid of glasses in
the dim distance.
A bundle of dispatches was sent ashore
from one of the destroyers. The captain
of the Stratni says that they left Port
Arthur because Jt had been Impossible
for ships to live In the harbor since the
Japanese captured 208-Meter Hill.
The destroyers encountered no Japan
ese warships on the way to this port
For the past five days the Japanese are
reported to have been ceaselessly storm
ing Port Arthur on all sides.
Japanese- Dig Up Prisoners From the
Debris. f
"WASHINGTON. Jan. l.-Cable advices
received at the Japanese Legation today
are summarized as follows:
"The Port Arthur Admirals admit that,
as prearranged, they blew up the para
pet of Sungshu Fort at 10 A. M. Sunday,
whereupon they assaulted and securely
occupied the whole fort at 11 A. A
part of the enemy fled toward the heights
eouth of the fort, while the other part
was burled in the earth as a result of
the explosion.
"When the earth was removed, two of
ficers and 160 Russian soldiers were
picked out and made prisoners. They
stated that there still were 160 Russians
interred by the explosion. The trophies,
which consist of field and machine guns,
etc.. are still under investigation.
"Saturday evening our detachment fac
ing the cast fort .of the Panlung Moun
tain blew up a part of the old inclosure
of the forts.
"The central corps, driving the enemy
before them, occupied H fort at 7 A. M.
on January 1, and then captured the fort
of Panlung Mountain.
"Thus the whole line of Panlung Moun
tain and H forts were brought under our
occupation. The right wing commenced
a bombardment at 6 A. M. and occupied
the heights south of San Tanitaua vil
lage, despite the stubborn resistance of
the enemy."
Believed That the Fortress Will Soon
Be Capitulated.
TOKIO, Jan. 2 (10:30 A. M.). General
Yogi's telegram announcing that General
Stoessel was prepared to discuss terms of
capitulation reached Toklo early this
morning, but was not made public until
10 o'clock. Its receipt sent a thrill of
pleasure through the officials, who have
long awaited such a communication. The
news is Just reaching the general public,
and It is expected that the day will bring
ample evidences of popular Joy.
Besides the barest announcement of the
receipt of General Nogi's telegram noth
ing is known about the terms or condi
tions proposed. The fall of Wantai, pop
ularly known as Signal Hill, following
the loss of Rlhlung. Sungshu, "H" fort
and now Panlung. Is regarded here as a.
clear Indication that the Port Arthur gar
rison has lost its power of serious resis
tance. The facts do not reveal It, but It Is
probable that the back of the Russian
defense was broken when 203-Meter Hill
was captured.
The Russians desperately sought to
retako that eminence andi sent In
fantry and marines against it in a se
ries of counter attacks, fruitlessly los
ing thousands of men. Following that,
the extension of the Japanese right
compelled the Rossians to fight over
an extended line and made concentra
tion difficult.
Despite the lack of knowledge of
General Stdcssel's letter it is confi
dently believed that there will be no
hitch and that there will be a prompt
capitulation, ending one of the most
remarkable sieges In history.
Arthur Garrison Brought to Direst
CHEFOO. Jan. 2, Noon. Captain Kar
low. commanding the torpedoboat de
stroyer Vlastnl. which put into this har
bor thjs morning from Port Arthur, says
the Japanese expected to enter Port Ar
thur Tuesday, but- General Stoessel, who
was sick, will resist with the remnant
of the garrison on Llao Tla Mountain.
Captain Karlow denies the report from
Toklo that General Stoessel offered to
surrender yesterday.
The Russians blew up two of their
own forts near the railway and completed
the destruction of the cruiser Bayan.
The destroyers Smlrll and Bolki also left
Port Arthur yesterday. Their fate is
Port Arthur is described by today's
arrivals as .a living hell. The hospitals
are said to be nearly all destroyed.
Receiver Gets Trunk and Satchel.
CLEVELAND, Jan. 1. The mysterious
trunk and hand-ttchcl belonging to Mrs.
Chadwlck. which was taken from the
Holland House in New York while the
woman was stopping there prior to Tier
arrest, arrived in this city today, con
signed to Receiver Locker. Neither of
Die rccepldclcs has as yet been opened.
Receiver Ioeser left for New Tork to
night, and It may be they will not be dis
turbed until hla return. The trunk and
-satchel are supposed to contain Jewels
and bonaflde papers.
Several Programme's Have Been Ad
vanced, None Definitely Decided-
ST. PETERSBURG. JaxC 1. With refi
crenco to the' report published in the .Uni-.
ted States under a St, Petersburg date
that Emperor Nicholas has petitioned tho
expenditure of JSO.000,000 for rebuilding the
navy, the fact is that Russia's naval proi
gramme has not yet been definitely de
cided or promulgated. All that is posi
tively known-Is that the plans cover a
long period of years.
The absolute necessity of a sea power
is one of Russia's latest lessons of the
present war, and with practically the
complete detraction of the Port ,Arthur
fleet the government Is determined not
only on filling the gap but on building up
a fleet which will keep Russia fully
abreast of other first-class powers. The
press has unanimously supported the
plans for the regeneration and reorgani
zation of the navy, and to thi3 end it has
been determined to build trp great ship
yards at home.
The figures given, however, are not con
firmed. The Rusk. December 30, specu
lated upon a five-year programme with
an expenditure of 5250,000,000, and on De
cember 3 upon a 15-year programme and
$730,000,000 expenditure.
Western Railroads Are Providing to
Carry Tourists and Settlers.
CHICAGO. Jan. 1. Travel to the
Pacific Coast during- 1905 promises to
be a record-breaker, according to
Hamilton Wright special commission
er in tho East of the California pro
motion committee. Nine conventions
have already been determined upon
for California and eight fpr Oregon
this year. (
. "All the Western railroads," said
Mr. Wright tonight, "are now provld-
VavrUng Expects Succtm.
"The Multnomah team expects a far
different engine in today's rame from
the former one with Seattle. Then wc
played after a nlsht on the train and
on a slippery field. We could not with
stand their llne-plunglng a well as I
believe we can today. I believe, how
ever, wc have the hardest same before
us that we have had this year, but I
think we will win. I do not expect to
be able to play myself." E. S. Dowllng,
captain of Multnomah football team.
From the Seattle Standpoint.
"Today'n same will furnish the public
a splendid exhibition of football," said
Dr. Roller, Seattle's fullback, last
night. "The teams are equally matched,
and both have many brilliant Individual
players. The score will be very close,
whatever it Is, and 1 feel satisfied that
the came will be thoroughly clean. The
match should become an annual event.
This, the first ot the games between the
two athlKIc clubs, will prove to be In
teresting enough to make it worth while
every year."
ing not only for tho heavy tourist
travel, which will be largely augment
ed by the Lewis and Clark Exposition,
but also for the colonist travel, as
every Indication points to an unusually
large number of settlers leaving the
Middle West for the Pacific Coast this
year. Passenger officials are in re
ceipt of a larger number of inquiries
than usual for prospective settlers new
living In Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa
and other Middle West States."
Russian Torpedo-Boat at Perth' Am
boy on Mysterious Mission.
NEW YORK, Jan. L The torpedo-boat
Gregory, which, according to published
-reports, was built for the Russian gov
ernment by Louis Nixon, left Perth Am
boy, N. J., on what those in charge of
the boat said was her trial "trip. At a
late hour tonight she had not returned.
She was In commission, fully stored
and equipped and after awaiting orders
for several days she started off at 25
knots an hour.
It Is improbable that the Gregory will
be self-propelled across the Atlantic at
this season of the year. Nine consorts
of Jiers arc still at Perth Amboy, loaded
in sections on the deck of a barge.
Dowle Says Tract of a Million Acres
on the Gulf Will Be Used.
CHICAGO, Jan. L John Alexander
Dowle, in addressing his followers in
Shiloh Temple. Zlon City, today, gave
definite confirmation of the report that
he proposes to establish a second Zlon
The new Zlon City will be located in
Mexico. Dowle told his followers, and
will occupy a portion ot a tract of 1.000,
000 acres fronting on the Gulf of Mexico.
He announced that he expected to have
the modern Zlon City In full operation
before January 1, 1908.
Command Made for Skrydloff.
ST. PETERSBURG. Jan. 2. 6:30 P. M-
It is reported In naval circles that Ad
miral Skrydloff, who Is expected to arrive
at St. Petersburg about the middle of
February, will be given command of the
third Pacific squadron, which Is now be
ing prepared for sea at LJbau. It is ex
pected that the squadron will start for
the Far EastJtant the first of April. It
is bellVcd tlHl'aptaln Ciado, who was
detailed fronTAdmlral Rojestvcnsky's
squadron to give testimony before the
international commission on. the North
Sea affair, will be Skrydloff chief of
Murder Over Sheep Range.
HELENA. Mont.. Jan. 1. Jeff Llper,
a sheephcrdcr, today shot "and killed
another shecpherder. Theodore Grl
mond. near Wolf Creek, In this county.
The killing was the result of trouble
over the range.
It is said that Llper has barricaded.
the door of the cabin at the sheep
camp and defies the authorities to
take him. However, a posse is guard
ing and if he attempts to escape it is
expected there will be trouble. The
Sheriff will not reach the scene of the
trouble until morning.
Hodges Is Choice for' Speaker.
HELENA. Mont-, Jan. L W. E.
Hodges, of Fergus County. was
chosen as a candidate for Speaker by the
Republicans by a caucus vote of 36 to 11
over A. J. Bennett, of Madison County.
This Is equivalent to . -ejection, C. E.
Wright, of Great Falls, was chosen sec
retary of the Senate Republican caucus.
Squadron Held at Suda Bay.
PORT SAID, Jan. 1. The departure of
Rear-Admiral Botrovpky's third division
of the.' second Pacific squadron from Suda
Bay has been postponed.
Client This bill of "yours Is exorbitant.'
There are veralHltems In It that I don't
understand at all; Lawyer I m perfectly
wllllnc to explain It; the explanation will
coet you J 10. Nw Xorkxr.
Kaiser Expresses Friendliness
of Germany fo America.
Emperor Wishes American r!rofesir
Ccu Id Lecture in Teuton Universi
ties and German Professors
Came is United States. '
BERLIN, Jan. L Ambassador Tower
called at the palace today to present his
New Tear's congratulations to the Em
peror and Empress of Germany.
"I desire," said Emperor William, "to
send to the President and people Of the
United States my wishes for a fortunate
and happy New Year. President Roose
velt is leading the American people to an
advanced position of power and influence
In the world. -Germany looks on the In
creasing greatness .of the United States
without concern ;ln the procession, be
causq Germany has nothing but friendly
feeling toward the people ot the United
Tho Emperor alluded to the recent ra
velling of. the statue ot Frederick the
Great at Washington. "President Verloef
feld," he said, "has told me with whaj
kindness he was treated. His account of
what he saw and how he was received
gratified me very much. I appreciate It."
During the conversation, which continued
some time, the Emperor said:
"I wish that an arrangement could be
made under which American professors
could come to our universities and de
liver courses of lectures each year, and
for German professors to go to American
universities and deliver lectures there."
Mr. Tower replied- that he felt confident
that the arrangement would be welcomed
in America, and he assured the Emperor
that he would bo happy in helping to
carry it out.
Greetings Sent to President.
COPENHAGEN Jan. L King Christian
gave the New Tear reception as usual to
day to the diplomatic corps. The King
extended his cordial greetings to tho Pres
ident of the United States ana his wishes
for the prosperity of America. His Maj
esty was in excellent health and con
versed with all with animation. Crown
Prince Frederick also sent his greetings
to President Roosevelt.
Pope Advise Clerical Roman Alder
men to Go to Qulrlnal.
ROME. Jan. L For the first time in
the history of United Italy clerical Al
dermen were among the officials who
went to the Qulrlnal today to extend New
Tear's greetings to King Victor Emman
uel. It is reported that the clerical Al
dermen had consulted Pope Plus X as
to their attending the King's reception
and were advised that they should do
their duty as royal subjects.
Among the many subjects discussed at
the reception at the Qulrlnal the King
ehowed especial Interest In the war In
the Far East and the situation at Port
After the reception the officials were
received by the Dowager Queen Mar
gherita, who. conversing with Deputy
Pavla, spoke ot the St. Louis Exposition
and paid she reiterates that she had been
unable to visit the Fair, as she had
wished to do, adding:
"America Is a most interesting coun
Emperor and Empress Receive States
men, Peers and Fighting Men.
TOKIO. Jan. L-(6 P. M.)-The Em
peror and Empress held brilliant New
Tear's ceremonies at the Imperial Pal
ace today. Since early morning the Em
peror has received in audience Japanese
statesmen, peers, naval and military of
ficers, who rendered their homage in the
order ot precedence and prominent offi
cials. At 2 P. M. the Emperor received
the diplomatic corps.
Frigid Gales Sweep Europe.
LONDON, Jan. 1. The New Tear was
ushered in with a suddon falling tem
perature throughout Europe, accompanied
by gales and bllzards and much damage
vto life and property. In Switzerland a
20-hour blizzard isolated many Alpine vil
lages and Interrupted all preparations
for merrymaking.
Austria suffered from heavy gales and
snow storms. All the Continental capitals
are tending similar reports, f
Conversions by the Wholsesale.
LIVERPOOL. Jan. 1. Rev. Reuben A.
Torrey and Charles Alexander, the Chi-
A 3 ft
; longs
MUjNYON, Philadelphia.
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A Known Fact
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Tutt's Liver Pills
cago evaagfeUeta, today e eatd the. last
two weeks of YaIr revival cnfe&de here
with stirring; seeses. A wiiue observ
ance ot 2few Tear's fey whs tfce Attribu
tion broadcast in the city fey personal de
livery t paMers-fey, ia private totterfeexes
in saloons, etc.. of aw.eee white cards in
scribe ahayly la glarifi red type, "Get
rSgat Vrtta God." Wholesale conversions
have resulted from tMs plaa. d crawls
made ywbllc conf at t wight's
meeting at Tournament HH.
Four tfeausand eearerts have already
iaecrlbed their pastes; and it expected
that 890 will have made' confession before
the evangelists ga to Lbadon for a five
months' crusade, which will be on a
larger scale thaa any similar crusade undertaken.
He Mr fer Retfrifif Ambxttafer.
LONDON. Jan. L The royal family cir
cle spent New Tear's day qaletly at
Sandrlngham. The customary New
Tear's honors were omitted, but Sir L J.
Monson. the reUrifig" Ambassador at
Paris, tu given a baronetcy, and the
Kins placed a resldesce In Richard Park
At hie disposal on his retirement from
the diplomatic service.
Sir Charles. Hardlage, the Ambassador
at at Petersburg, was decorated with
the grand cross of -St. Michael and St,
George. A number of Indian officiate were
similarly honored.
Tisza Utters Reproaches
BUDAPEST, Jan. L Responding- to the
New Tear wishes of a deputation repreJ
scnting his party. Premier Tlsza warmly
reproached the Liberals, who have thrown
their powerful Influence In the obstruc
tionist scale and spoke of Count An
drassy's proposals 'for reconciliation.
He said he doubted whether the role ot
mediator was suited to a man who had
identified himself with all the opposition
Great New York Newspaper Moves
Into Specially-Constructed Quarters.
NEW TORK. Jan. L The New Tork
Times, tonight Is being moved into Its
new building In, Times Sauarc. a struc
ture which has been referred to by ex
perts as one of the notable architectural
triumphs ot the world. In recognition of
this contribution to "tho architectural
beauty of New Tork. the city govern
ment some time ago named the district
from T"orty-second street north for seven
blocks along Broadway and Seventh ave
nue. Times Square and the Subway sta
tion, in the basement of tho building,
bears the same title.
The occupancy of the new building by
the New Tork Times began at midnight
last night, and the occasion tvas cele
brated by an elaborate display ot fire
works from the observatory of the build
ing, more than 400 feet above Broadway.
The moving. Including the 30 linotype
machines, brought from Park Bow to.
the Times Square, over a distance of
three miles, began after midnight. A
force of 150 expert machinists accom
plished the work without the slightest
hitch or delay, and tonight the machines
were setting up the paper that did similar
work 15 hours earlier three miles away.
In a special edition, published today
to celebrate the occupancy of the build
ing, there Is an elaborate description of
Its construction and equipment. Among
the features mentioned in this edition is
thaVthfe building is the tallest structure,
from base to top being 31 stories, with
an extreme height of 476 feet; that a new
record In steel tonnage has been made
in Its construction, as It contains a
larger percentage of steel to cubical con
tents than any other office building, hav
ing at the same time the strongest and
sUffest steel frame structure of similar
dimensions ever erected. It contains a
20-ton girder, the largest in any office
building, and in its construction 80,000
field driven rivets were .used. A 50-foot
railway runs obliquely through its base
ment without contact at any point.
The presses aro located 55 feet below
the level of the street, while tho paper la
written and set up from the 11th to the
23th floors. The .press plant has a capacity'
Of Ht.900 16-page papers every hour. and.
provision has been made to increase this
capacity to 422,000 papers per hour.
The foundations ot the present com
pleted building were laid In June. 1902,
and since then 299 days were lost by
strikes and SS days by bad weather.
Judge Is Called as a Witness.
NEW TORK, Jan. L The January
grand Jury, which meets Tuesday, is ex
pected to set the machinery of the law
in motion in the Dodge-Morse case by
an investigation that will be thorough5.
Among tho witnesses subpenaed for
Tueaday are Judge Edgard Fursman and
his eon, James C Fursman. Judge Furs
man was a member of a law firm ot
Fursman. Little & Schwarekop, when he
acted as counsel for Mrs. Morse. He ad
mits that he was a witness before the
grand Jury last February, and that ho
appeared for Mrs. More in the annul
ment proceedings at the request of her
husband. Charles W. Morse.
Judge Fursman I? directed to produce all
the books of accounts and books used by
the firm.
Washington Fair Building Sold.
ST. LOUIS. Jan. 1. The Washington
state building at the World's Fair, re
cently offered to the City of St. Louis,
has been Bold for (1260 to a Missouri stock
raiser. The building sale does not Include
the marble staircase nor the booths of
(Spokane and Seattle. The building cost
about $33,000.
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The Largest Assortment of
Canes on the Coast. '
286 Wisfrington Street
, TOBaY our store will lie closed all day in order that
A our employes may have a holiday before starting in
on the work of the new year. Tomorrow morning we
shall commence business with a fresh vim and snap and,
as in previous years, devote all our energies to pleas
ing you in every detail. '
Senate Will Take Up State
hood Measure. .
Upper House Ccmmittee on Legisla
tive Executive and Judicial Bill
Will Complete Work Before
Adjournment Friday.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 1. It Is said that
not more than three days of the present
week "will be devoted to legislation by
the Senate. Congress assembles after
the holiday recess Wednesday, January
4. and the present Intention Is that the
Senate adjourn on Friday until Monday.
The first day there will be a contest
for place for the bill creating two states
of Oklahoma and Indian Territory and
Arizona and New Mexico and the pure
food blU. The steering committee of the
Senate decided to give preference to the
statehood bill, and the pure food bill has
been accorded time when nothing else
was under consideration.
Chairman Beveridge. of the Committee
"J on Territories, will move consideration
of the statehood bill and Chairman Hey
burn, of the Committee on Manufactures,
will antagonize it with the pure-food
measure. It Is generally understood
that the statehood bill, however, will
have the sanction ot the steering commit
tee and will be made the unfinished busi
ness. Tho legislative, executive and judicial
bill, which has been before the commit
tee during the recess, wilt be completed
during the week.
Hill Currency Bill in House.
WASHINGTON, Jan. l.-Before ad
journing for the holidays the House of
Representatives made the Hill currency
bill the continuing order until disposed
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L0Sit 10DAY
of by a vote of displaced by a privileged
matter. The bill will come up Wednes
day, Boon after the House meets, accord
ing to present programme, and possibly
a vote may be reached upon it Thurs
day. Friday will be devoted to war
claims. The Appropriations Committee
have the fortifications appropriation bill
about ready to report and it may be con
sidered in the House Saturday.
Another effort may be made to secure
consideration of the resolution allowing
tho use of the Pension Office for the in
augural ball, but objections are' likely,
and the resolution in all probability will
go. over until the following Monday.
The committee having In charge the
different appropriation bills have been
pushing them with Vigor, and this week
will see them well advanced. Especial
effort Is being "made to get the supply
bills over to the Senate at an early date.
Scotch Observe New Years.
With a full observance of the old Scotch
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customs, a Hogmanay party was tendered
to a band of the canny ones on New
Year's eve by Mr. and Mrs. A. Ga'in-at
their residence, 400 East Ninth street.
Although 7000 miles away from home, the
guests were on Scottish territory and the
occasion was one that made home seem
near. Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
J. O. Gibson. Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Baxter.. Mr. and
Mrs. D. J. Phillips. Mr. and Mrs.' R.
Mcintosh. M-. and Mrs. M. M. Picken,
Mr. and Mrs. D. Milne, the Misses Mar
garet Gibson, Daisy Gibson, Picken and
Mcintosh; Messrs. Dr. A. D. Mackenzie.
A. M. Wright. Robert Gibson, Oswald
Gibson. R. Hewitt and James Gavin. Re
freshments were served by the hostess,
and true to the old Scotch traditions lib
eral dispensations of "Auld Reekie" and
the "Auld Kirk" were given the men. In
the "wee sma " hours a merry party of
first-footers made a visit to their friends,
conveying the greetings of the season.
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