Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 04, 1904, Page 3, Image 3

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Baldwin's Arrow Lands
in Cornfield.4
Vessel Is Unharmed Save Two
Small Rents in Gas Bag.
California Inventor Expects to Have
, the Craft In Readiness for An
other Flight by Tomorrow
ST. LOUTS, Nov. 2. The airship of Cap
tain T. 8. Baldwin, of Ban Francisco,
which suddenly slipped away last night
as it was belne towed In from the coun
try to the aeronautic concourse, was found
today IB miles west of St. Louis. It was
unharmed by its wild night flight, save
Sot two small rents. In the gas bag, which
Captain Baldwin stated could be repaired
In half an hour.
When the Arrow escaped, there was
Just enough gas to lift the craft well off
the CTOund. Inventor Baldwin expressed
his belief at the time that the cold night
air would condense the as rapidly, and
cause- the airship to come down In the
vicinity of St. Louis. After floating in
the wind for 16 miles, the airship came
down to within a short distance of the
ground, and her anchor rope became en
tangled in the dead limb of a tree. This
served as an anchor, and the airship
was found so moored in a cornfield by
Word reached Baldwin late In the day
that his airship had been found. He and
Aeronaut Knabenshue hurried to the scene
In an automobile, and were repolced to
find the aerial craft uninjured, with the
exceDtion of two slight rents in the bal
loon. The balloon was deflated, and after
negotiations had been completed with a
farmer, the collapsed airship was loaded
en to a haywagon and brought back to
the Exposition aerodrome. Captain Bald
win stated tonight that he expected to
have the airship in readiness for a flight
by Saturday afternoon.
New York Tellers Engage Jn an Ex
citing Contest.
NEW. YORK, Nov. 3. A money-counting
and, adding contesUhas been held at the-'
First National Bank under the auspices
of the American Institute of Bank Clerks.
Twelve packages of mixed bank bills of
5, 110 and $20 denominations and aggre
gating $6000 each were carried into a cage
Tinder the guard of 12 policemen. Twelve
representatives from as many Chicago
banks sorted the money, "proved it,"
counted it into $500 packages, strapped It
up, and initialed it under tho critical gaze
of 500 of thel? fellow clerks.
The first prize of $25 was won by Le
rooyne S. Hatch, of the First National
Bank, in 21 minutes 6 4-5 seconds. Neat
ness, accuracy and speed were the essen-
. tlal points.
Two contestants were placed in each
cage under the guard of two Judges and
two timekeepers. The contestants were
principally tellers. Hatch finished one
minute ahead of Frank E. Loomls, of the
Merchants Loan & Trust Bank, whose
time was 22 minutes 1 1-5 seconds. Mun
roe R. Venables, of the Corn Exchange
National Bank, was third, with 25 minutes
10 seconds flat. The second and third
prizes were $10 and $5.
Before the counting contest men from
the different banks added up 500 checks on
the machines.
The first prize of $25 was won by Fred
Robyn, of the First National, In the time
of 11 minutes, 29 4-5 seconds. The second
prize of $10 was taken by Charles Novak,
of the Corn Exchange, in 12:15 2-5. and
the third of $5 by Edwin D. McCullough, of
the National Bank of North America, now
Jnerged In the Continental in 12:15 8-5.
The checks ran from 90 cents to $250,000
snd aggregated $1,500,003. '
Mine Operators Break the Strike.
CHICAGO, Nov. 3. Forty-live hundred
tnlneworkers have returned to work in
the soft-coal mines at MInonk, Rutland
and Marquette, engineers having been se
cured to take the places of the hoisting
engineers on strike at those points.
Three thousand men at Spring Valley
also are reported to have been given em
ployment. The engineers are said to have
-been recruited from the ranks of the
United Mineworkera.
At Springfield today the state executive
board of the United Mineworkera of
America, together with district and sub
district presidents of unions, met to devise
means, if possible, to settle the strike.
Indicted for Wrong Use of Mails.
BOSTON, Nov. 3. Three officers of the
Preferred Mercantile Company, of Boston,
the business of which was to issue con
tracts for diamonds on periodical Install
ments and mature them in numerical
order, were indicted by the Federal
Grand Jury today on the charge of de
positing in tho mails letters concerning
a lottery. Those indicted include George
E. Stllllngs, the president of the company.
G. C. Stllllngs, the secretary and treas
urer, and John F. Knisely, the Massachu
setts agent.
Partially Approved by France.
PARIS, Nov. 3. The suggestion that an
American Admiral be requested to be a
member of the Anglo-Russian interna
tional arbitration commission is partially
approved In French official quarters. Al
though no definite information nas been
received, the officials here are Inclined to
believe that the commission will hold its
sessions In Paris, but the Russian authori
ties expect the meetings will take place at
The Hague.
Fined for Bringing In Consumptive
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. s.-&vrta r
Victor H. Metcalf. of the Department of
Commerce and Labor, today Imposed a
fine of $100 upon the Pacific Coast Steam
ship Company for bringing to this port,
on September 2S, as a passenger on the
steamer umauua, rrom victoria, B. C
a consumptive.
V Fairbanks Has a Busy Day.
TERRE HAUTE. Ind.. Nov. 3. Nearly
20 speeches were made today by Senator
Fairbanks- in "Western Indiana, beginning
at. Blooaaington in the morning-and con
cluding with & large meeting at TacraJ
Haute in the evening. ' College demon
strations were notable-feature -of the
"day's tour, students turning out in large
numbers at Bloomlngton, Greencastle and
Ambassador Likely to Go to London,
and Later to Paris.
"WASHINGTON, Nov. 3. State Depart
ment officials consider it quite probable
that Count Casslnl, the Russian Ambas
sador, will be transferred first to London
and later to Paris before the war with
Japan ends. This opinion prevails, despite
the denials of information reaching Lon
don from St. Petersburg that Count Cas
slni will be made Ambassador to Great
Britain within two months. Count Cas
slnl's great ambition is to conclude his
diplomatic career at Paris, the best post
In the Russian service. He has long
sought this place, and might accept the
British mission with the promise of Paris
in the near future. There is believed to
be some truth in the St. Petersburg ad
Lower House of Hungarian Diet Re
fuses to Support Their Move.
BUDAPEST, Nov. -3. The lower house
of the Hungarian Diet has declined, to
approve the resolution of Francis Kos
suth, president of the Independent
party, calling on the Premier to "urge
the Austro-Hungarlan Foreign Minister
to support any diplomatic attempt on
the part of the United States, tending
to put on end to the bloodshed In the
Far East. Supporting his motion, Kos
suth today declared that Russia, de
spite her defeats, had brilliantly main
tained the reputation for gallantry of
her army, so hat she can accept inter
vention without feeling that her honor
is affected.
Premier Tlszonla, however, -while de
claring he fully appreciated Kossuth's
noble intentions, pointed out that ac
tion by a neutral power could only be
effective if the belligerents desired. At
the Premier's request, the motion was
German Sailors Declare the Russians
Fired on Their Own Ships. .
BERLIN, Nov. 4. Despite a semi-official
denial from St. Petersburg, it appears to
be the almost universal impression that,
during the bombardment of the English
fishing fleet off the Dogger bank, and per
haps also during other stages of the
extraordinary voyage, the Russians
shelled their own ships. The belief Is
manifestly cherished in all sincerity in St.
Petersburg and Moscow that there were
actually Japanese torpedo-boats lying in
wait for the Baltic fleet In the North Sea.
The evidence of the crew of the German
trawler Sonntag makes It appear that
shortly after leaving the Skaggerak, the
Russians actually began to make the fatal
mistake of firing-upon their own ships.
No Agreement With Spain.
BERLIN, Nov. 3. The Foreign Office
here authorizes the Associated Press to
say that Germany has no agreement with
Spain whatever respecting Joint protec
tion of their interests in Santo Domingo.
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Neither has Germany protested against
the arbitration decision in the case of the
claims of the Santo Iomingo Improve
ment Company, of New York, nor does
the Foreign Office know anything regard
ing the action taken by the Spanish Con
sul at Santo Domingo in behalf of Ger
man. Outbreaks in Albania.
"VIENNA, Nov. 4. Reports have been
received here of renewed outbreaks on-the
pant of the Comltadjls in Albania. In one
instance the Greek village of Gulrtxlchta,
near Gevheli, was surrounded and large
quantities of petroleum were poured on
the roofs of the houses and In the streets.
Four Greek houses were fired in this man
ner and seven of their occupants burned
to death. Three others were killed In the
scrimmage that followed.
American Refuses to Fire Salute.
CHEFOO, Nov. 3. The Japanese Consul
here, on the Mikado's birthday, requested
Rear-Admiral Folger, commanding the
cruiser division of tho "American Asiatic
fleet, and the Captain of a Chinese cruiser
to Are a salute. Rear-Admiral Folger de
clined to accede to the request on the
ground that he was not In Japanese
waters. -The Chinese Captain, however,
complied. The incident has aroused much
Italians and Germans in Fight.
INNESBRUCK. Austria, Nov. 3. The
opening of the Italian faculty at the uni
versity uere today led to a terrible affray
between German and Italian students.
Italian students flred upon the others with
revolvers, and six were wounded, one of
them fatally.
Russian Ships Cleared for Action.
GIBRALTAR, Nov. (.It Is stated here
that, when the commanders of the Rus
sian ships of the Baltic squadron per
ceived that they were followed by a Bri
tish cruiser, they had their vessels cleared
for action. No shots, however, were flred.
New York Policemen, With Great Dif
ficulty, Arrest the Murderer.
NEW YORK, Nov. 3. A shooting af
fray with many features resembling the
highbinder outrages of the San Francisco
Chinese quarter, which occurred in China
town today, may result In the death of
Mock Duck, one of tho most prominent
members of the reform element In the
local Chinese colony. Mock was -waylaid
as he was passing through Pell street,
and one of two bullets fired at him lodged
in his abdomen, making an extremely
dangerous wound.
When his assailant, who was captured
as he was running away, was being taken
to the patrol-box by a policeman, the
couple were surrounded by three other
Chinamen, with drawn revolvers, de
manding the" release of the prisoner. The
situation was becoming serious, when a
dozen reserves arrived. The reserves
found the policeman and his prisoner
backed up in a doorway, the officer hold
ing back three armed Chinamen. The
would-be rescuers fled when the rein
forcements arrived. The man under ar
rest is Lee Sing, a laundryman.
Mock Duck was tried for the murder
of a fellow Chinaman about two years
ago, but was acquitted. Immediately after
his release from prison he became ac
tive in reform circles In tho Chinese quar-
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Pestiferous Insect Is Fed Upon by
SALEM, Or.. Nov. 3. (Special.) If the
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sect Is perfect In form, according to the
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under the microscope, this minute insect
appears to have immense claws which en
able blm to cling firmly to the body of
his victim, while he plunges a sharp,
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sucks the life-blood, which constitutes his
The fly feels tho drain upon his system
and shows it In his appearance. Instead
of being plump. active and healthy, the
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Professor Boyer did not conduct the In
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Cruiser Buffalo AfalA at Bay City.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. X The United
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Time Coming When Fighters Will Be
MARSHFIELD.Or.. Oct. SI. (To the Editor.)
In The Ore gon Ian of October 23 you give
acme conclusions In regard to war, and de
cide that It Is one of the necessary adjuncts
which follow la the natural course of National
affairs, and that nations will continue to ar
bitrate their differences with sword and run
till perhaps the end of time.
Of course. It Is simply a matter of opinion,
and that is all any of us can have so .tar as
the future Is concerned. That Xlnd of arbitra
tion Is based upon the premises that "might
makes right."
Should Japan whip Russia out of Manchuria,
and establish all her claims, the world would
look upon Japan as being In the right; but, on
the other hand, should Russia drive Japan
back, and so far as the nation of Jacan is
concerned, drive, her Into the sea, then
Russia would stand out boldly and proclaim
to the world that she wae In the right. Let
two men have some difficulty and start In to
settle It according to their physical, strength,
and It Is the law of our land that other par
ties standing1 near must interfere to stop the
fight. Why a rule that Is claimed to be the
correct thing between individuals should not
have & similar interpretation am one nations
is something- X cannot understand.
If we stand with our outlook backwards to
ward the past wo naturally would come to the
conclusion that matters In regard to warfare
would always continue as they are now and
have been In the past; but, are we Justified in
those conclusions T
Had our forefathers .been looking backwards
Instead of forward toward f. new and Inde
pendent nation there never would have been a
nation known as the "United States of America.
Thcrs are many people now who are looking
ahead toward the time when the same law
that now applies between Individuals will be
made to apply between nations; and we be
lieve the time .will come when It will be
looked upon, as Just the same fcr a nation, on
account of her superior strength, to overrun
and crcsh down & smaller and weaker nation
as It Is for a large and powerful man. on ac
count of his strength, to hammer Into subjec
tion 3inal!er and weaker men. It would come
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Just as near establishing the matter of right
and wrong between the men as It does between
There is no one who attempts to say that
General Sherman's Interpretation of war Is
perfectly correct: and why nations need be
supposed always to continue In the expression
of that feature of human manifestation, while
the Individual Is expected to step to a plane
above It, la" a problem a little hard to solve.
And where nations are allowed and expected
to manufacture "hell" by the wholesale, how
can the individual climb much above the
seething: pot that his nation heats up for him?
I look forward to the time, and believe it
will come, when The Hague, or some other
point, will be the courthouse of the world,
where national differences can be settled as
individual differences are now settled by the
courts of our land. "Why one course should
be expected of the man, and another from an
aggregation of men known as a nation, Is not
right clear; but I suppose you will argue that
all thereia to It Is that a nation Is expected
to fight, while the Individual can be made to
keep the peace. There Is no right or wrong
to be considered in the case; it Is only what
Is liable to occur that we have to figure from.
"When Individuals differ so that they get into
the courts the right and wrong of the trouble
Is supposed to be- considered and the decision
rendered accordingly, so why need nations
object to having theelr differences adjusted
In the same manner? I know you will say
they feel oo big they simply will not do It
and that Is all there la to it. But that does
not answer the question as to what the fu
ture may bring forth.
I know If we reason from the past, and
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much from the present, the conclusion is that
nations will always fight; but do they always
need to fight? That Is the question. It Is one
that a great many people are asking In their
hearts, and they feel the answer throbbing to
ward the side of peace; and I believe It will
continue to grow until in due time It will
bear fruit. THOMAS BUCKMAN.
Russian Ships Sail From Tangier.
TANGIER, Nov. 3. The Russian battle
ships SIssoi Veliki,. Oslabya, Admiral Nak
hlmoff and Dmitri Donskoi, commanded
by Admiral Voelmersam, have sailed for
Suda Bay.
For Portland